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Northern Lights - Southern Cross

[cover art]

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The first studio album of Band originals in four years, in many respects Northern Lights - Southern Cross was viewed as a comeback. It also can be seen as a swan song. The album was the Band's finest since their self-titled sophomore effort. Totaling eight songs in all, on this album the Band explores new timbres, utilizing for the first time 24 tracks and what was (then) new synthesizer technology. "Acadian Driftwood" stands out as one of Robertson's finest compositions, the equal to anything else the Band ever recorded.
--Rob Bowman, All-Music Guide

A limited edition Japanese CD, with very nice artwork and covers, but horrible lyrics transcriptions, came in 1998. The 2001 remastered re-issue of Northern Lights... from Capitol Records, mixed from the original, first-generation master tapes, contains two bonus tracks, an early, alternate version of ``Twilight,'' and an alternate version of ``Christmas Must Be Tonight,'' which would later appear on Islands. The release feature an expanded booklet with rare photos and liner notes by Grammy award-winner Rob Bowman.


(*: bonus tracks on 2001 CD re-issue)

1. Forbidden Fruit AU file (225K)
2. Hobo Jungle AU file (246K)
3. Ophelia AU file (166K) MPEG-2 file (121K)
4. Acadian Driftwood AU file (206K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
5. Ring Your Bell
6. It Makes No Difference AU file (285K) MPEG-2 file (120K)
7. Jupiter Hollow AU file (250K)
8. Rags And Bones
9.* Twilight
(early alternate version)
10.* Christmas Must Be Tonight
(alternate version)


  • The Band , Producer
  • Robbie Robertson , Guitar (Acoustic) / Guitar / Piano / Guitar (Electric) / Keyboards / Vocals / Clavinet / Melodica / Producer / Guitar (Acoustic) / Mixing
  • Rick Danko , Bass / Harmonica / Violin / Guitar (Electric) / Vocals / Producer / Mixing
  • Edward Anderson , Engineer
  • Byron Berline , Fiddle / Violin
  • Rob Fraboni , Engineer / Mixing
  • Levon Helm , Guitar / Drums / Vocals / Producer
  • Garth Hudson , Organ / Synthesizer / Bass / Accordion / Keyboards / Piccolo / Saxophone / Sax (Soprano) / Brass / Chant / Woodwind / Mixing
  • Richard Manuel , Piano / Conga / Drums / Keyboards / Organ (Hammond) / Piano (Electric) / Vocals / Clavinet / Producer
  • Christopher Morris , Liner Notes
  • Larry Walsh , Remastering
  • Chris Morris , Liner Notes
  • Ed Anderson , Engineer
  • Reid Miles , Photography
  • Bob Cato , Art Direction / Design
  • Nat Jeffrey , Engineer / Mixing

Northern Lights,Southern Cross - The Band - (40:40) - 1975 - Capitol ST-11440
Single sleeve LP
Rereleased in 1980 (Capitol SN-16005)
Compact Disc: Capitol C2-93594 (1989)
Limited Edition CD: Capitol Japan M57626 (1998)
Remastered CD with bonus tracks: Capitol Records 72435-25394-2-0 (2001)
Limited Edition "mini-sleeve" CD: Caroline Records 22207, UK (2008)

AMG Rating: Best of Artist

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