Stage Fright 50th Anniversary Edition:
Black Vinyl LP

[cover art]

Remixed and remastered version of the Band's third album pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, released by Capitol/Universal Music Enterprises in 2021, 50 years after the original album came out.

Also available as a de luxe box set, a two-CD version (with bonus tracks and a live Royal Albert Hall concert) and a 33rpm LP in split-color vinyl.

Track list

Side One

  1. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
  2. The Shape I'm In
  3. Daniel And The Sacred Harp
  4. Stage Fright
  5. The Rumor

Side Two

  1. Time To Kill
  2. Just Another Whistle Stop
  3. All La Glory
  4. Strawberry Wine
  5. Sleeping


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