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Robbie Robertson: The Story of Storyville

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Promotional disc from Geffen Records, for Robbie's second solo album Storyville. Includes several open-ended interview clips and a radio program. Not for sale anywhere.


(Tracks 1-21: Open-ended interview clips)
  1. After The Band split up it took you 10 years to record your first solo album and now it's taken another 4 years for Storyville. Why does it take so long?
    "You write part of that." 75 secs.

  2. How do you compare your first solo album to Storyville?
    "The first my life." 50 secs.

  3. Tell us about the role New Orleans played in making the album.
    "I'm not with this." 100 secs.

  4. You used New Orleans as a touchstone and as a flavouring on Storyville unlike some other musicians who have gone in and pilfered musical cultures for their albums.
    "I wouldn't...thrills me." 36 secs.

  5. How did the other members of the New Orleans musical community react to your recording?
    "There's a friend...alright now." 63 secs.

  6. Tell us what Storyville was.
    "Storyville Storyville." 76 secs.

  7. Tell us the story of the couple on the album.
    "And it's just...on this story." 36 secs.

  8. The subject matter is unusually romantic for you.
    "It's a very...story." 36 secs.

  9. Who were the people that helped you with the production of the album?
    "I worked with...trying to get." 77 secs.

  10. Are you more comfortable now with your singing?
    "I don't know...that much help." 47 secs.

  11. What is the relation between the song "Night Parade" and the album cover artwork?
    "When I the Night Parade." 63 secs.

  12. Tell us about "Hold Back The Dawn'.
    "Hold Back The your loved one." 45 secs.

  13. Tell us about "Go Back To Your Woods".
    "Go Back To Your Woods...the story too." 84 secs.

  14. Tell us about "Soap Box Preacher".
    "Soap Box preacher...pass you by." 66 secs.

  15. Tell us about "Day of Reckoning".
    "Day of loud can." 69 secs.

  16. Tell us about "What About Now".
    "This next song, What About Now...let it be now." 32 secs.

  17. Tell us about "Shake This Town".
    "Shake This Town...this town". 72 secs.

  18. Tell us about "Breaking The Rules".
    "Breaking The her." 33 secs.

  19. Tell us about "Sign Of The Rainbow".
    "The Sign Of The Rainbow...something else." 84 secs.

  20. Do you have any plans to tour?
    "I'm thinking about it...idea." 6 secs.

  21. Storyville "Dixie Jam" clip. (Vocal 66 secs.)
  22. Radio Program - Segment One (intro) (2:00)
  23. Radio Program - Segment Two (15:28)
  24. Radio Program - Segment Three (15:50)
  25. Radio Program - Segment Four (15:12)

Robbie Robertson - The Story of Storyville - 1991 - Geffen 91102

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