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Various Artists: What's That I Hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs

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Well, if everybody else and their brother is getting a tribute album, Phil Ochs should certainly get his slice of the reverential pie. The late, great '60s folk/protest singer-songwriter, despite his early death, was around long enough to leave a substantial legacy of songs that mesh the political with the personal in a daring, innovative manner. Those songs are performed here by a wide-ranging crop of contemporary folkies, both well-known (at least for folkies) and obscure. Unsung legend/onetime Ochs protege Sammy Walker honors his mentor with a faithful take on the piano ballad "Jim Dean of Indiana." Ochs contemporary Dave Van Ronk weighs in with the classic "Oustide of a Small Circle of Friends." Elsewhere John Gorka, David Massengill, Steve Gillette and others lend their voices in service to the Ochs canon. Kudos to PA folk DJ/impresario Gene Shay for putting this 2-disc piece of history together.

The tribute album features the track "When I'm Gone" (Phil Ochs) from Eric Andersen's album Memory of the Future, with Garth Hudson playing accordion and tenor sax.


Disc 1

  1. Power And The Glory - Magpie
  2. Boy In Ohio - David Buskin
  3. Jim Dean Of Indiana - Sammy Walker
  4. Chords Of Fame - Agnelli-Rave And The Charmers
  5. There But For Fortune - Peter Yarrow
  6. Flower Lady - Iain Matthews
  7. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore - Arlo Guthrie
  8. Is There Anybody Here? - Sonia Rutstein
  9. Draft Dodger Rag - Tom Paxton
  10. Changes - Nancy Tucker
  11. Bells, The - The Roches
  12. Pleasures Of The Harbor - Rod MacDonald
  13. Tape From California - Greg Greenway
  14. Another Age - John Wesley Harding
  15. When I'm Gone - Eric Andersen

Disc 2

  1. What's That I Hear - Kim & Reggie Harris
  2. Hands - Pat Humphries
  3. Bracero - John Gorka
  4. Sailors And Soldiers - Sid Griffin/Billy Bragg
  5. Highwayman, The - Steve Gillette/Cindy Mangsen
  6. Gas Station Women - McDonough/Lavin/Christian
  7. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends - Dave Van Ronk
  8. Crucifixion - David Massengill
  9. Here's To The State Of Mississippi - Katy Moffatt
  10. Freedom Riders - Kim & Reggie Harris/Magpie
  11. Iron Lady - Anne Hills
  12. There But For Fortune - Rex Fowler
  13. No More Songs - Karen Savoca

Various Artists - What's That I Hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs - 1998 - Sliced Bread Records

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