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The Wild Magnolias: Life is a Carnival

[cover art]

The Wild Magnolias, Bo Dollis and Monk Boudreaux, sang on Storyville and the subsequent live performances at Seville and on TV. Here Robbie Robertson repays the favour and is joined by Bruce Hornsby from the same Seville line-up on one track on this album. The album was recorded in November 1998 in New Orleans. The title track, "Life is a Carnival" is credited as The Wild Magnolias featuring Robbie Robertson and Bruce Hornsby.

On the inner sleeve it says "Featuring Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm & Rick Danko". In 1998? In New Orleans? I couldn't wait to hear it, but then I read further to see the musician line-up. It became apparent that "featuring" is a misprint for "written by". The performers follow. I've never seen the credit 'vocal flavor' or 'piano flavor' before. Dr. John appears on another track, "Blackhawk."

The lyrics are changed heavily "Hey Buddy, would you like to meet a real big chief? ... I've got rhinestones and feathers from my head to my feet." I don't find this an improvement. As you'd expect Robbie adds beautiful and restrained touches, as does Hornsby behind him.
-- Peter Viney


  1. Pock-A-Nae
  2. Coochie Molly
  3. Who Knows
  4. Life is a Carnival [RealAudio]
    (featuring Robbie Robertson & Bruce Hornsby)
  5. Party
  6. Old Time Indian
  7. All on a Mardi Gras Day
  8. Shanda Handa
  9. Cowboys and Indians
  10. Blackhawk
    (a duet with Dr John)
  11. Pocket Change
  12. Herc-Jolly-John
  13. Battlefield
  14. Hang Tough
    (a duet with Marva Wright)
  15. Tootie Ma
  16. Peacepipe

Musicians on "Life is a Carnival"

  • produced by Cyril Neville
  • Bo Dollis - lead vocal
  • Monk Boudreaux - raps
  • Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocal hamony and vocal flavor
  • Bruce Hornsby - piano, vocal hamony and vocal flavor
  • June Yamagishi- rhythm guitar
  • Norwood Geechie Johnson - bass drum, vocal harmony
  • Cyril Neville - percussion, vocal harmony
  • George Rossi- piano flavor
  • Willie Green - drums, percussion
  • Nick Daniels - bass guitar
  • Leon Alexander - steel drums
  • Earl Smith & Nick Daniels - vocal harmony
  • Michael Ward - congas, whistle
The Wild Magnolias - Life is a Carnival - 1999 - CD - Metro Blue 7243 8 23737 2 8

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