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Roy Buchanan at the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, 1986

Roy Buchanan

Buchanan's reputation as a hot-shot guitarist extends back to the beginnings of rock & roll itself. On the road and recording with Dale Hawkins by his teens, Buchanan became the law of the land around the Washington, D.C., area by the mid-to-late '60s. His use of the Fender Telecaster, using high harmonic squeals in place of feedback and distortion, was part and parcel of rock guitar's vocabulary by the early '70s. A reluctant superstar, Buchanan later became more unfocused as his career waned, but his unique stylings remain etched into his best records. Sadly, when Buchanan seemed on the verge of a comeback in, he hung himself in a police cell in 1988, after he was arrested on a drunk-driving charge. He left behind a number of records which testify that he was a consummate guitarist, capable of tones and techniques that other guitarists only dream of.
-- Cub Koda, All-Music Guide

In 1960 Roy Buchanan replaced Fred Carter Jr. as guitarist in Ronnie Hawkins' Hawks. After a short period, he left the Hawks and teenager Robbie Robertson took over the lead guitar. Buchanan, one of Robertson's main guitar influences, also performed as an opening act for the reunited Band on their 1987 tour.

Roy Buchanan Album Discography

Buch & The Snakestretchers, 1971, Bioya
Roy Buchanan and the Snakestretchers, 1972, Bioya
Roy Buchanan, 1972, Polydor
Second Album, 1973, Polydor
That's What I Am Here For, 1974, Polydor
In the Beginning, 1974, Polydor
Live Stock, 1975, Polydor
Rescue Me, 1975, Polydor
Street Called Straight, 1976, Atlantic
Loading Zone, 1977, Atlantic
You're Not Alone, 1978, Atlantic
My Babe, 1981, AJK
When a Guitar Plays the Blues, 1985, Alligator
Dancing on the Edge, 1986, Alligator
Hot Wires, 1987, Alligator
Early Years, 1989, Krazy Kat
Sweet Dreams: The Anthology, 1992, Polydor
Guitar on Fire: Atlantic Sessions, 1993, Rhino

(the discography is not complete)

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