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The Band Guestbook, August 1998

Below are the entries in The Band guestbook from August 1998.

Mon Aug 31 23:51:33 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Well done Pfc Jackson. More words for the wise.

Rifleman stalking the sick and the lame.

Preacherman seeks the same---who'll get there first is uncertain.{Dylan--the Jokerman}

Mon Aug 31 22:47:58 MET DST 1998


From: Quantico

"O praeclarum custodem ovium lumpum".

"An excellent protector of sheep,the wolf".....CICERO

Mon Aug 31 22:22:57 MET DST 1998

Mike Nomad

From: Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.

Note to John Donabie: Field for country no longer required on that pre-order you were refrring to. Ever since the U.S. Postal Service managed to reconfigure our provincial abbreviations (with Canada Post blithely going along), there is no longer any need to designate country of origin. So, in effect, we're sort of part of the U.S. now, or didn't you know?

Mon Aug 31 22:03:24 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

J. Croce - Great suggestion...You have my pledge. In a roundabout kinda way, that's what I was getting at before when some not-so-nice things were said. That's all behind us now, but looking to the future, I hope EVERYONE here takes that pledge.

I have also contacted my local radio station about playing tracks from "Jubilation". I turned on the radio and there was "Mystery Train" - I felt a cosmic message coming in saying "Call them about The Band...NOW". Anyone else in the Philly area may want to try to contact them at

Hola Tim! Thanks Peter & David for the most interesting comparisons between the Beatles & The Band. And, last but not least, thanks to Tiny Montgomery for the wonderful song reviews! Gave me chills - is it Sept 15th yet?


Mon Aug 31 16:16:32 MET DST 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

I was looking through a used CD rack and came across a copy of Bittersweet. The recording is good, for the most part. Some great Dylan studio cuts on the second disk. 4 songs off Blood on the tracks. The live stuff with The Band is good, but those 4 tracks are a highlight. I have never heard of the album until I came across it. It is listed under the bootleg section on this site. Is anyone else familar with this recording?

Mon Aug 31 15:29:25 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Today is Van Morrison's birthday. Listening to his recent recording of Ray Charles "You Don't Know Me" reminds me of Richard. Van created my favorite moment of the Last Waltz: Turn up your radio...turn it up now!

Mon Aug 31 14:22:44 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

The Band and The Beatles 1968

Thirty years ago The Band released their landmark debut album _Music From Big Pink_ in August 1968. At the same time, The Beatles were in the middle of recording tracks at Abbey Road and Trident studios for an album that would be released on November 22, 1968. That album, a two LP set entitled _The Beatles_ ,would popularly become known as "The White Album."

Following the release of _Big Pink_ The Band, however, did not immediately tour in support of the album. Some say Albert Grossman's management strategy along with a serious car crash involving Rick Danko kept the group from performing live until The Winterland concerts in April 1969.

The Beatles, particularly George and Ringo, along with their friend Eric Clapton soon acknowledged the inspiration and influence that the music of The Band had on them.

Meanwhile, The Beatles, who had ceased performing live, were busy in the studios taking advantage of newly installed eight-track recording equipment. On August 30, 1968, they finnished overdubbing tracks on the song "Dear Prudence." That same day, the first single issued on their Apple label, "Hey Jude" backed with "Revolution," was released. A week later, on September 6th, at George's request, Eric Clapton, Les Paul in hand, overdubbed his unique guitar solo on Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

(Source for The Beatles studio information is Mark Lewinson's fascinating book _The Beatles: Recording Sessions--The Official Abbey Road Studio Sessions Notes 1962-1970_ published in 1988.)

Mon Aug 31 11:48:29 MET DST 1998

Buzzy B

From: The Cafe

A year ago today we mourned the death of Princess Diana. Today we wait in anticipation of "Jubilation". Maybe that's what the title means. Jubilation. Life.

Mon Aug 31 11:36:32 MET DST 1998


From: Japan

I miss Richard very much, he is always on my mind. P.S. Thank you,Tim!

Mon Aug 31 06:02:29 MET DST 1998



I agree Croce! I buy tix like the rest of you nice people and if I suddenly temporarily become a specialized travel agent....I promise not to get pompous and aggressive! Why can't we all get along?

Mon Aug 31 04:34:51 MET DST 1998


From: Madison,Wisconsin.
Home page:

Hey now, Mr. J. Croce, and Tiny M., I would love to have you two be my special co/host on our show if you're ever a mind to pass though Madison, Wi. on a given Saturday night! You guys have a wonderful way with words, maybe, (I think)you guys have a gift, that you should look into!!! "CARRY ON"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran. P.S. HIGH KRIS!

Sun Aug 30 19:39:55 MET DST 1998

Buzzy B

From: The Cafe

Very well said Mr. Croce! I agree that this should be a place for all of us to come and share our common link - our love of The Band. There's far too much hatred and personal attacks in everyday life without bringing it in here as well. Let's all try to make this a place that we enjoy visiting and feel comfortable voicing our opinion in. Thanks...and Peace.

Sun Aug 30 19:08:27 MET DST 1998

Tim A

I'm with Croce, anyone else?

Sun Aug 30 17:35:06 MET DST 1998

D.J. Spence-Gilbert

This Wheel's on Fire is one of my favorite books. I look forward to Jubilation

Sun Aug 30 15:31:36 MET DST 1998


From: The Brokerage

In the spirit of the new season, new year and new album I propose that those fans of The Band that visit this site take a pledge of good fellowship. The name of this pledge is not original, neither is my name. The sentiment is genuine. The pledge is against flaming and personal attacks. Controversy is fine. I propose to call it "Hand of the Band". Its a shake, a smile or good wish and it flows from our common love of The Band. I thank members present and paased for the joy and good feelings they have brought me & mine.

Sun Aug 30 14:17:58 MET DST 1998

Spider John

From: LADI3/4time

According to the TV guide The Band

first hour is history of The Band. Hour two is the making of the second album and hour 3 is Robbie's love fest with hisself. I'm good for two hours.

Sun Aug 30 12:34:41 MET DST 1998

john donabie

I notice on the site to pre-order Jubilation, there is no field for "COUNTRY." How does one who does not live in the U.S. order this CD???

Sun Aug 30 03:18:41 MET DST 1998


From: melrose, ma.

Big Jim - damn good question!

Sun Aug 30 01:58:02 MET DST 1998

Big Jim

From: Louisville, OH

How did some of you get the promo version of the new album? Also, are the preorder CD's coming sooner than Sept. 15.

Sat Aug 29 20:08:56 MET DST 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York City

This site keeps on getting better and better, congratulations Jan! According to the WOODSTOCK TIMES online RICK DANKO will be performing at the JOYOUS LAKE 914-679-0367 on SUNDAY SEPT 6. So we can catch Jim Weider on Friday then Rick on Sunday, excellent! Eddie

Sat Aug 29 17:32:07 MET DST 1998


From: long island

wliw/21 showcases the Band TUESDAY IN three specials a profile at 8 pm Classic Albums at 9 and M

Sat Aug 29 12:48:55 MET DST 1998


From: Japan

Hi everyone! Hobo Jungle and Tears of Rage are my favarit songs in my life! I never miss Richard.

Sat Aug 29 06:37:54 MET DST 1998


Home page:

Hi! I don't see it listed on the site yet, but you can catch Rick Danko playing at the Wamboozy Rock and Roll Consciouseness Festival, Labor Day Weekend, in Central New York on September 5th at 8PM. Come and camp out all weekend, many other great bands including Ominous Seapods, Deep Banana Blackout, Stir Fried, Buddy Cage, Disco Biscuits, Yolk, and Conehead Buddha... Tickets at Ticketmaster. Check out our website for directions or call (516) 842-7783. Peace!

Sat Aug 29 06:14:47 MET DST 1998


From: MA

I hope everyone takes a look at the latest post by Serge. (Friday's post) He's right on the money. Well said! I'm a huge fan. I have nothing bad to say about The Band. As far as I know though, "Time" isn't planning another cover story. I hope Jubilation is a huge success. Yes, the boys would rather play than do interviews, but it's part of the territory these days. I still say people should do what they can, to contact radio stations. It's an uphill battle, but will make a difference in some cases. As for the much hyped "chat" Serge is right. Appreciate the effort but it's only one step. Hope members of The Band realize how many people check in here and are pulling for them. Hope they themselves, and their management acknowledge the support here, and make the effort to reach those who don't check this site.

Fri Aug 28 22:31:25 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

Bill Paige: thanks for the great Greil Marcus liner notes - it's sounding better the more I hear about it - and thanks for proving that record companies DO respond. Please keep us informed of release dates - I'm assuming I should get my order in now for a U.S. import, as reading between the lines it looks as if UK release might be later than September 15th. Am I right? The UK company needs to get moving - otherwise the initial enthusiasm is absorbed by the importers (which dilutes the albums' prominence and impact in stores). I feel radio is much less important in the UK than in the US - conversely the importance of magazines (Q, Mojo, Uncut even Record Collector) is greater. Mojo puts out its cover CD with cuts from new releases (though I'm told the artists have to pay).Whatever, The Band deserve that great, huge break-through to the 1990s audience. Don't leave the rest of the world out of it.

Fri Aug 28 22:22:24 MET DST 1998


Well at least it's a consolation that someone from the record company posted a note on this web site thanking Jan and Band fans for their unconditional support and interest in the group and the new recording. Thanks Mr Paige... Now if only someone in the Band's "management" would do as much publicly, it would be very gratifying. Days of "Albert Grossman induced air of mystery" are long gone. Give your fans some feedback boys. Acknowledge their existence here. That 20 minute Chat fiasco, although well meant, was a non-event as far as I could gather. Am I wrong?

Fri Aug 28 20:58:37 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Greetings, Band fans, and many thanks to Tiny M and others for their kind comments on JUBILATION. It has been my great privilege to work on some aspects of this project since the beginning of the year, and all I can say is that -- regardless of my position as a record company guy (understand, I learned to play guitar to The Band and Stage Fright as a teenager) -- this is a wonderful album that deserves a HUGE audience. Anything each of you can do to encourage radio to play it will be greatly appreciated!

I thought that you all might be interested in reading GREIL MARCUS' liner notes for the new album, which is out in the US on 15 September. Sorry, I do not have release dates for other countries, and indeed, deals may not be done for any country other than the UK at this point.

Here are the liner notes:

Greil Marcus On The Band’s Jubilation

In the first pictures of the Band, taken thirty years ago by Elliott Landy, five young men pose in neat black suits with string ties and weathered hats; Garth Hudson braces his fiddle against his chest, mountain-style. The quintet looks less like any pop group of that day – or this one – than, say, the New Lost City Ramblers of 1958, or one of the 1920s old-time music groups, the Tar Heels or the Skillet Lickers, that the New Lost City Ramblers themselves were trying to look like.

Now, a decade after the Band made a second founding, with Richard Bell, Randy Ciarlante, and Jim Weider joining original members Hudson, Rick Danko, and Levon Helm, something of a truly old-timey sound feels like the engine of the Band’s new music.

There might be a call back to the past in the words or merely the titles of any number of the new songs on Jubliation: in “Book Faded Brown,” “White Cadillac,” “French Girls.” But the rickety feeling of the faster rhythms, the way voices curl together around lines that can carry no date (“Ain’t that somethin’/ The big doghouse thumpin’”) is at once old and unheard, a sound that only has to be heard for the first time to feel as if it’s being remembered.

In “Last Train to Memphis,” the train feels like it’s being held together by rubber bands and chicken wire, but you have no doubt you can get on whenever you like or that you’ll pull in on time. An ensemble comes together – the Band forms – as you listen, with the picture of a string band chasing a full moon out from behind the clouds framed by Eric Clapton’s electric guitar, the song ending a movie you’ve seen all your life, and have never seen at all.

“Films about America should be composed entirely of long and wide-shots, as music about America already is,” the German film director Wim Wenders once wrote; this is what he was talking about. Unless he was talking about “White Cadillac,” like so much of the music here bound up and sent forth by Hudson’s accordion, which in any given moment can sound like almost any other instrument. Here the music is running on pure Cajun cooking oil, as for an instant a the spectre of 63-year-old Ronnie Hawkins, the Band’s first mentor, trumps a 63-year-old Elvis Presley – or even the 33-year-old version. “Camelwalk, back-flip, mohair what a touch” – it’s a shout made by voices from all over the room.

Jubilation is the seriously comic absurdity of Clarence “Frogman” Henry’s “Ain’t Got No Home” in what the Band do with “You See Me,” Allen Toussaint’s perfect version of New Orleans walk-and-talk; it’s the way Danko’s singing on “Book Faded Brown” grows more quiet, more still, every time the song plays.

But Jubilation is also about music that remains to be found, as summed up in “French Girls,” Hudson’s solo improvisation on synthesizer and soprano and tenor saxophones. It comes from a melody Hudson first worked out in 197l, for lyrics by Jean-Yves Labat: “I said to him, give me words about two French guys sitting outside at a cafe, talking about an old girlfriend they had both admired, someone who was elegant and sweet.”

The lyrics were lost; you don’t need them to be sitting in that cafe, wondering who will pass by next, or where you’ll go when you rise from your table and move on to whatever new story the day holds.

Fri Aug 28 19:09:38 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Thanks T. M. for the solid review; it really whetted my appetite. I had no sooner finished reading it when I received an e-amil message that an advance copy was headed my way. This must be Christmas tonight.

Fri Aug 28 18:53:30 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Robbie Robertson is on Charlie Rose tonight for a "songwriters" special with Michael Stipe and Lou Reed. It is probably a rerun from his earlier guesting.

Fri Aug 28 18:44:27 MET DST 1998


hey mama i do TOO have a life. I watch reruns of Bewitched when NASCAR isn't on!

Fri Aug 28 14:19:47 MET DST 1998


Here's a funny one that goes to show that not all the resources on the internet are that good.

I ran an internet translator on Wolfgang's first posting and here's what came up:

Hello The tape fan, I greetings today once into German. And hope much also once someone with me for the super Hompage of January contact takes up here, for pieces of news of The tape! It greets you Wolfgang

Ha! Technology! What would we do without it?

Fri Aug 28 03:27:17 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Hey Dude!!! Nothing wrong with my self-esteem, THANKYOUVERYMUCH,,,,this mama doesn't fit into your catagory,,,,at all. so back off,,,cause, I'm past the flaming crap...and,, it's obvious that those who like to post negative comments,,,are those with the real self-esteem problems...or perhaps,,,have no life...

Fri Aug 28 02:40:51 MET DST 1998



Fri Aug 28 02:32:43 MET DST 1998



Fri Aug 28 02:14:23 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Tiny,,,your post was wonderful. I have been anxiously awaiting to hear some reviews..of course,,,after the release... You expressed yourself beautifully,,and,I agree with all your opinions,,,cause I have had the pleasure of receiving a copy myself....Thanks Li

Thu Aug 27 23:54:32 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

WOW! Tiny M.- Thank you very much for the review. I can't wait!

Thu Aug 27 23:41:49 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page:

Tiny MONTGOMERY: you wrote a very nice S.A. on a The Bands CD and I personally felt every song you heard; without me ever hearing the CD. I like to see ANY newspaper writer top your nicely done review, and I'm sure ALL Band Fans would agree!!! PEACE, LOVE and LIGHT, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Thu Aug 27 23:23:43 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: One Step Ahead of Land of 1000 dances

Thanks a lot for your review. Hope you don't mind me formatting it a little.

I've been tempted to review Jubilation myself, ever since I got the promo, but English is not my first language and I'm afraid of using the wrong words and stir up yet another flame war...

I guess my favorite is Levon's "Don't Wait", the most touching thing I've ever heard him do. And Rick with John Hiatt.

Thu Aug 27 22:32:45 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Tiny M surely whets the appetite on JUBILATION. Can someone (like the label) post the British, European & Japanese release dates? I hope they're simultaneous. I can't wait!

Thu Aug 27 22:08:04 MET DST 1998

Wolfgang Schröder

From: Germany-Hamburg

Hallo, The Band unplugt by MTV!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wolle from Hamburg....

Thu Aug 27 21:48:08 MET DST 1998

Wolfgang Schröder

From: Germany,Hamburg

Hallo The Band Fans, ich Grüße Heute einmal in Deutsch. Und hoffe das vieleicht auch einmal jemand mit mir hier auf der Super Hompage von Jan Kontakt aufnimmt, zwecks Neuigkeiten von The Band! Es grüßt Euch Wolfgang

Thu Aug 27 21:11:45 MET DST 1998

Tiny Montgomery

From: says hello

I finally received my promo copy of JUBILATION. After a few days and nights of intense listining I will provide the following review:

First of all, I like the promo cover better than the official one that is going to be released next month. The promo CD will no doubt become a collectors item!

First up "Book Faded Brown"
Quite possibly Rick's finest post Robbie vocal! Immediately striking song with very nice stand up bass lines. Rick's relentless giging has left him in fine musical form. This is just one of many GREAT Danko performances on the album.

"Don't Wait"
Levon checks in with a great oldtime type feeling song that he does best. Kind of a shuffle arrangement.One of Levon's most solid (health wise) vocals on the album.

"Last Train"
bumpin groove w/ nice Clapton licks and great playful lyrics. This one would probably really cook live.

"High Cotton"
Man that Danko voice is in it's prime! He can still hit all the notes, and as usual he makes it sound sooo easy. "I'm in High Cotton, I forgot that I had the blues". Nice sax solo from Honeyboy....GREAT SONG.

"Bound by Love"
This one has real commercial potential! This is a quality Hiatt tune that really comes alive with Rick's duet vocal! Classic Band style intro by Garth. This is one that may get them back into the radio limelight! John Hiatt must be proud of the way this one turned out. I've been humming it at work for two days straight. Instant Standout!

'White Cadillac"
Intro sounds a lot like "Ain't That A Lotta Love" from Islands. Another smokin groove that must make The Hawk proud! Lead vocal by Randy with Levon on back up (too far back for my taste). I think Levon could have sang a better lead, regardless the song rocks like only the Band can.

"If I Should Fail"
Further proof that Danko's voice is on fire! This song breaks your heart like only Rick's voice can, and the symbolism is there (we all know Rick has failed and sings this song with authentic conviction). Great lonesome cowboy intro by Garth!

"Spirit Of The Dance"
Extremely funky beat. I have never heard the band go quite so far with the percussion! Aaron calls it "Life is a Carnival" part 2, I disagree. I would have left this one off, what is otherwise a classic record. "Soul Deep" would have worked great in this slot, but it looks like that song has been forgotten. I know the title comes from this track, but that don't mean shit. The groove is very, very tight, and Rick's vocal makes it listenable.

"You See Me (Blind Fools Love)"
This sounds like a Jericho track, very good Levon vocal with classic horn lines(what would you expeect from an Allen Toussant tune). This is all the funk needed on the album, and it's a real adult does if you know what I mean. Once again, Honeyboy checks in with brillant saxaphone work.

"French Girls"
Interesting closure, Ever so short, but VERY sweet! It's Bach meets Americana folk. I love this tune. Pull up to the Ocean, watch the seagulls and listen. As Robbie once said "Thats when time stood still". This would have been a great intro to a last tune, but that's another album perhaps.

This by far the best post Robbie Band album hands down. There are a lot of moments that remind me of "The Band" album minus those great guitar licks that only Robbie can hit, and those heart dropping vocals that only Richard can sing. This is a damn fine album that proves that The Band is still alive, still original, and still masters of good old time Americana Music.

Enjoy, Tiny M.

Thu Aug 27 20:46:11 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Drums (cont): It's interesting how much drum recording has improved in recent years, but even so Levon's original sound remains right up there. We're all agreed in what we like in drummers - I hated the whole John Bonham / Ginger Baker ten minutes round the kit thing. David's point about pressings is worth following up. I have two CDS of 'Abbey Road' - the Toshiba-EMI one released in Japan the year CDs came out. They didn't have permission and it was withdrawn. Though it says 'Digitally Mastered' it must have come from analogue tapes. Then the EMI REmastered one from 1987. I've always wondered why I prefer the Toshiba one! Remasters can be deceptive - Van's 'Beautiful Vision' sounds like they boosted the treble and bass, but is actually less subtle on the cymbal sound. Still, they DO need to have a go at the brown album, as many of us have said. The best version is the recent re-pressed vinyl, which is a shame as most people get the CD. (And in response to yet more recent queries about the US, this is still on catalogue and available everywhere in the UK at mid-price - you could phone any of the mail order dealers advertised in imported British magazines like Q or Mojo).

Thu Aug 27 20:46:02 MET DST 1998

Lee (Jawbone)

From: Manchester UK

Hey Jan & friends, Spoke to Danko the other night and he's really happy and excited about the new album. Jubilation is a killer. A fantastic album that will hopefully see The Band getting plenty of radio play and riding the popularity waves again. God bless The Band and their fans. All the best L.G. PS The site is looking great, Jan.

Thu Aug 27 19:48:20 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Dan: The Beatles weren't as fortunate as The Band; they didn't have a Garth who could single-handedly add all that instrumental "coloring" to their recordings. Therefore they relied on George Martin to come up with those touches like strings, trumpets, steam calliope sounds, etc. to add to mix. What's really amazing is that all the early Band and Beatles albums were recorded on 4-track analog machines! Nowadays groups use that many tracks just for recording the drum parts alone.

Thu Aug 27 15:36:45 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

David and Peter: Wasn't George Martin's genius more in adding all the vocal "ooohs" and "aaahs" in all the right places and the tasty orchestration of non-rock instruments rather than the particular tonal quality of drums? I can see where Levon's drum sound had a larger role in The Band's more primitive music, but as far as the Beatles, their songs weren't as drum-dominate and relied more on cute melodies and studio instrumental additions? BTW: Lots of tamborines and claves in Beatles stuff, not so with The Band.

Thu Aug 27 15:09:35 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Peter: Indeed you were quoting Mr. Doggett. George Martin was a great producer, in that he had a good working relationship with the Beatles and helped them greatly in translating their artistic experimentation into recorded form. The group relied on his ears & that of engineer Geoff Emerick in the studio. The point I was trying to make was that Mr. Martin was no so willing to experiment when it came to recording certain instruments, especially drums. He preferred "a nice crisp sound" to that of Levon's wooden "thump". This bright sound does not translate well in this digital age of CDs and it's most unfortunate that Capital / EMI has done such a poor job with the sound of the Beatles on compact disc. When I listen to the boys from Liverpool, I prefer to play my old LPs, especially the mono versions.

Ringo's drumming is distinctive & brilliant in it's simplicity. As he recalls on The Band's video biography, he used to drape blankets over his drums to try to get that deadened wooden sound of Levon's old Gretch kit. When I listen to my Mobile Fidelity LP copies of "The White Album" and _Abbey Road_ I still marvel at the subtle nuances of Ringo's playing. Unlike other, more flashy drummers of that era such as Ginger Baker, John Bonham & Keith Moon, Ringo and Levon displayed their talent through understatement within the framework of their respective group's ensemble playing style.

Thu Aug 27 06:09:09 MET DST 1998


From: Los Angeles

Just got my advance of Jubilation! Thank You CD Gods! Once again it is time to preach The Band gospel! Love It! All La Glory!

Thu Aug 27 02:21:08 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

To The Band ...

Please come back to Toronto and play some shows. It has been a long while. Looking forward to _Jubilation_.

Blind Willie

Wed Aug 26 20:26:37 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

David: I thoroughly enjoyed your notes on drum recording, comparing The Band with The Beatles. George Martin was a different generation, but I would say that I was quoting Peter Doggett on George Martin (and his inability to get a good drum sound), not expressing my opinion.In fact, I think that on side two of 'Abbey Road' Ringo Starr does things that are second only to Levon Helm in quality and panache. He was trying to get Levon's sound, and that's something no one has ever quite managed, but he still gets something very interesting.He's a terribly under-rated drummer (and one of the ones accorded the honour of sharing drum duties with the master - with Richard Manuel, Randy Ciarlante, Billy Mundi & Jim Keltner). Looking through Doggett's book, it's interesting to see how often Doggett cites The Band (and remember that the Beatles were full of praise for the 1966 Hawks when everyone else was knocking them.) Come to think of it, that was Mickey Jones, rather than Levon, but any drummer would be proud of what Mickey acheived on 'Like A Rolling Stone.' But Levon turned drumming from percussion into art. 'King Harvest'? 'The Weight'? Ah, back to the CD player.

Wed Aug 26 19:55:40 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Dan Blood: A few years back I was in an elevator and the musak was tuggin at my subconscious....what was that song? The Weight!!!!

Wed Aug 26 18:50:50 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Was in the produce department of the local Stater Bros. supermarket when I heard a familar tune wafting out of the store music system. "That's The Band," said I to myself, as I pushed my cart towards the lettuce. "What song is that," I hesitated, trying to establish my bearings with the stringy musak arrangment. "Is it, The Shape I'm?"


"Ah, it's Life Is A Carnival!" Well done!!!!

Wed Aug 26 18:12:44 MET DST 1998


From: Paramus,NJ for this post

I thuoght it was a great idea so I sent an email to the best independant radio station I know, "WFUV - 90.7" requesting airplay of Jubilation. Anyone else who listens to this station should do the same..........Checked the Turning pt. schedule for RD and he is slated for a 10/09 concert........Jubilation sounds great, thanks to this site for the audio clips !!

Wed Aug 26 17:37:04 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Woke this morning with a tune in my head. You all know it. With a little rewording, it goes like this: Was Sunday evenin' when first we heard the word, It did not come by train nor bird, T'was when Bonnie stepped in to say, "This old town's gonna blow away." Hope all of you down in Carolina ride this out safely.

Wed Aug 26 15:57:46 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Recently several people discussed the Beatles' admiration of The Band. Peter Viney pointed out the "shortcomings" of producer George Martin and the Beatles' envy of the way The Band's distinctive sound, particularly that of the drums, was reproduced in their recordings. I think it would be interesting to briefly examine the differing approaches to recording involving the two groups.

The Band were afforded a more experimental approach to recording. On their first two albums with producer John Simon they were pretty much left to do things their own way. By the time they recorded the"brown album", they left the studio environment completely and set up shop in Sammy Davis Jr.'s former pool house in an attempt to recreate that communal "club" feeling that the group experienced in the house at Big Pink.

Levon explained this approach to recording this way: "We never had any rules about making records. In those days you lived with a tape recorder, strictly trial and error. Living so communally, like in the days of Big Pink, helped pass the ideas around, and with the studio right there we were always experimenting, without deadlines or worrying about the engineer's overtime...John Simon and I worked for hours just getting those old wooden drums of mine deadened down until they had a good _thump_ to them. We'd tape up the bottom of the old snare drum with the wooden rim, and it just sounded better than average to me. We'd adjust the lug nuts to get that weeping tom-tom effect where the note would bend down and you'd hear it go _eeeeuuuuu_." 1

The Beatles on the other hand recorded under the tight rein of George Martin and EMI's rather "stuffy" studio environment. Although Martin eventually let the Beatles experiment, he still had a philosophy regarding the way recorded instruments should sound. These parameters of sound were basically learned through Martin's experience in recording classical music.

In discussing his methods of recording and placement of microphones, Martin explained: "In recording drums, I sometime put a mike in the distance in order to get the sound space around them. The reason is that today's technique of close-miking means you tend to lose a lot of the natural overtones. So I actually encourage a certain amount of spillage between one mike and another...But certain instruments don't work well with close-miking. A violin sounds awful if you put a mike four inches away from it. You lose all the beautiful resonance of the body which is generating the tones, and instead you pick up all the scratch and scrape you would hear if you put your ear next to a violin while it was being played...A bass drum, on the other hand, will sound flabby and boomy if you record it from a distance. But put a mike two inches away from it and you get a nice crisp sound, which is what you need for rock instruments. It's a question of horses for courses, and it's the producer's job to know the characterisitics of each instrument as much as the technical qualities of different microphones." 2

I think these comments illustrate the fact that Mr. Martin, although a very capable producer, had a fixed opinion on the way certain instruments should be recorded and was unwilling to alter this approach. In his eyes, it was a "gimmick" if you did it differently. By taking this "classical" approach, he drained the Beatles of a certain amount of spontaneity in sound achieved through experimentation. This rigid approach was the antithesis to what lies at the heart of what makes rock & roll such a unique form of music.

It's interesting to note that years later Robbie Robertson would give an up-and-coming young band some valuable advice for recording their first album. He advised the group, Counting Crows, not to record in a studio but instead set up in a rented house. The proof is in the resulting recording.

1-Levon Helm with Stephen Davis, _This Wheel's On Fire_, p. 187.

2- George Martin with Jeremy Hornsby, _All You Need Is Ears_, p. 118.

Wed Aug 26 11:16:25 MET DST 1998


From: the end of the topic

Dude:Guess you're right. Things aren't always what they seem. End of tropic. Maybe I'll take me a topical vaction with Noah Webster. Man has a way with words.

Wed Aug 26 04:52:37 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

Hey Cosmic - check out Go to "listings", then click the B at the top for Band, The and you'll get a list of 20 or so people that say they have live Band tapes. I've never dealt with anyone on there, but there is a place where you can comment on how well your trade worked - I would think if any of them were lame, they wouldn't still have their name on there. Even if you don't have any live tapes of your own to trade, most traders will trade for an extra blank or something. Good Luck!

Wed Aug 26 04:50:21 MET DST 1998


From: Not THAT Topic again!

Thanks for the help, dudette! Things are not always what they appear. Dylan, from time to time, sounded like he needed some help from that big tattered, annotated, erudiated, obsoluted, collegiate version that Grandma sent you off to college with. What would the opposite of the Topic of Capricorn be? May you stay Forever Young!

Wed Aug 26 03:19:28 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

To Cosmic: Check out the discography on this site for info about the reissue of the brown album. Also, there are newly remastered Japanese versions of most of the original LP's, though the price for these is steep at my local store. [Does anybody know more about these Japanese re-issues?] Boots are hard to track down but they are out there, and there are tapes circulating too.

BTW I've contacted my local radio station [WRNR; BTW available via the internet] about Jubilation. They e-mailed me back that they would be "all over it." Check out this site:

Wed Aug 26 02:58:09 MET DST 1998


From: Santa Barbara

Ok, sorry, that was my first post. Here's the real question I had for you diehard BAND members. I am looking for bootlegs or any live performance recordings of the BAND other than the released albums. I figure this will be the best place to look so help me out guys. I've just been getting into the band the last month and a half and I can't get enough. Also, I tried to order THE BAND album (brown album), but I've been told that they don't make it anymore. This seems absurd to me so I ask you guys for info. Thanks.

Wed Aug 26 02:52:56 MET DST 1998


From: Santa Barbara, CA

A very impressive Web Site for a very influential Band.

Tue Aug 25 19:53:53 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

On the subject of promotion, there have been a lot of good ideas. The great thing about the Band is that they would rather play than be interviewed. VH-1 has people like Yes and the Moody Blues on Hard Rock Live, so I am sure they would be up to having the Band, same with Austin City Limits. If they do not tour for whatever reasons, they should do an all out TV blitz, like Robbie does, in order to get the word out.

Tue Aug 25 18:41:59 MET DST 1998

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Just got the calendar from the Turning Point, Piermont NY, and they show Rick Danko appearing Oct. 9, not Sept. 25 as is shown here. Not sure what the source of the 9/25 date is, but I would guess their calendar is correct.

Tue Aug 25 17:58:12 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

As if we don't have enough to look forward to next month with the release of _Jubilation_ & Dylan & Hawks "Live at the Royal Albert Hall", I ran across two more upcoming releases slated for Sept. 8th.

Sony's Legacy label is set to release _At the Old Waldorf ('76-'77)_, a previously unreleased live album by Mike Bloomfield. Legacy is also reissuing Van Morrison's _Blowin' Your Mind_ as a less expensive aluminum CD version. This album was previously released as a premium-priced gold CD.

Tue Aug 25 13:11:20 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page:

Hey now, thanks for giving me such a great idea. As soon as I buy the CD of JUBILATION, I'll pick the best up beat song, and use it as our theme song for the opening of our TV show. We have a pretty big following, and many radio stations watch us cuz of the bands that we showcase every Saturday night,plus I'll start talking about its release this Saturday night up untill its RELEASE!!! "ROCK of AGES" Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Tue Aug 25 12:47:23 MET DST 1998

Roger from Chicago

From: duh...

Just heard about the new The Band CD, and went looking for them on the web. What a fantastic site this is! The new album sounds very melancholic. I love it.

Tue Aug 25 07:24:27 MET DST 1998

Randal Harrison

From: San Diego

Tue Aug 25 07:11:47 MET DST 1998


From: Los Angeles

I wonder if there is any chance of The Band doing a VH-1 show, such as Hard Rock Live or Austin City Limits show. Both shows seem to have great line ups. Just a thought.

Tue Aug 25 03:38:15 MET DST 1998


From: MA

It's true, most radio stations are owned by a just a few big companies. It's an uphill battle, but the suggestion to write, call and e-mail stations is a good one. Put some polite pressure on the small stations, and e-mail, write or call the big ones. Radio is the key to this.

Tue Aug 25 03:00:45 MET DST 1998

daniel whelland dowd

From: buffalo ny
Home page:

Excellent site... both in layout and in content

Tue Aug 25 01:39:18 MET DST 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

I been retired you awhile. I feel true Jubilation at the sight of the Dudette. She is a major dudette.

Tue Aug 25 00:42:28 MET DST 1998

The Dudette

From: Tropic of Cancer

Thanks Dude for your info, but think you meant "tropic" and not "topic" of Capricorn. Don't matter to me, but Noah Webster might be watchin!

Tue Aug 25 00:07:31 MET DST 1998


From: The Topic of Capricorn

I heard that The Band WILL do some shows to promote the CD. Late September/October I was told.

Mon Aug 24 22:25:00 MET DST 1998


From: Internet chat forum

Re new album & some of the comments here..

Yes, for sure we're all gonna help The Band with "Jubilation". But -they- have to help the situation as well, and (Peter Viney is right) - the record company too! This thing has to be promoted, to as wide an audience as possible. I still say that videos are of enormous benefit, especially if live shows/personal appearances can't be arranged.

Talking of which, save for some solo stuff, there's no sign yet of any promotion by The Band. If the album is scheduled for release in just a few weeks, one imagines there should at least be:- Shows/Radio/TV/Letterman etc. already lined up. Or maybe I'm outa touch here, & that isn't how it's done these days?

It'd be great to see songs from "Jubilation" on TV, & such footage doesn't have to be fancy. You don't need to get into lots of weird situations, & spending thousands on location! Some of the songs done in complete form, either from live performance, or intimate sound-stage/studio setting, would be great & easy enough to do. Lots of people have successfully done it that way, & produced great videos.

Seems that I'm spelling it out again - those guys in the record company should be working on this stuff by now! No, I got that wrong... with the album release just around the corner, it should've already had some good TV exposure. And certainly by now the album on Radio/TV playlists etc. I've not heard/seen anything yet, but maybe someone else has? Perhaps some might consider these ideas too grandiose, though I'm wanting the best for The Band too. And the harsh reality is.. it -isn't- just down to us.

Mon Aug 24 19:02:09 MET DST 1998


From: CT


Mon Aug 24 19:01:32 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I just saw Levon again in the movie, Fire Down Below. In the credits, he is mentioned three times. Besides the acting credit, it shows that he co-wrote a song with Seagal(which did not make the soundtrack I don't think) and he performed a children song in the movie. Does anyone know which soundtrack songs Levon plays on?

Mon Aug 24 18:53:03 MET DST 1998

tiny M.

From: out west

Tim A. from N.S. F.Y.I. Bob is already playing on the night of Sept. 21, so the surprise guest fo your Van show will not be BOB DYLAN. My guess would be Joni Mitchell, or perhaps Van's good buddy John Lee Hooker. I'm sure it will be great show regardless, and if your in the front row watch out for those famous (a la Lats Waltz) Van Morrison KICKS!

Mon Aug 24 18:40:00 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

In light of Richard's posting, I have another suggestion; get in touch with your favorite radio station & request that they play cuts off the new album.

Here in the States most radio stations are owned by conglomerates, who control programing. However, there are a few stations around that will play requests.

I sent an e-mail to the local "classic" rock station here in Atlanta (they have a feedback section on their web page). I pointed out that The Band has a new CD coming out & mentioned that this coincided with the 30th anniversary of the release of _Music From Big Pink_. I "urged" them to play songs off the new CD as well as cuts from Big Pink.

Mon Aug 24 16:02:06 MET DST 1998

Pete Shaw

From: Chicago, IL

Regarding the video/CD set of recording The Band album: is the CD one of those type you can cool extras playing it on your computer? I think it is called enhanced CD. Anyways, is it that or just the music?

Mon Aug 24 15:56:44 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Richard's absolutely right - I'm sure everyone can help boost it in very minor ways - just asking at your local record store about release dates helps focus them on the importance of the release - chatting to the people in the store about it. If that's repeated, you might get more copies up front in the stores on release date. Most British stores featured 'The Very Best of …' heavily - in store and in adverts. But their record company has to do its business, too! JERICHO was actually quite hard to get in the UK initially (HIGH ON THE HOG was much easier to find). When you get it, play it to everyone!

Mon Aug 24 15:36:47 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

I was looking at Towers Records' online web page & noticed that they are listing the upcoming Band CD for sale at a discount. However, for some reason they have the title listed as _Spirit of the Dance_.

This is in no way an endorsement of Tower, but they have Rick Danko's solo album as well as the two D/F/A albums listed in stock. Also listed is Levon's _American Son_ and Dylan's _Masterpieces_.

Mon Aug 24 15:17:52 MET DST 1998


From: CT

With the release of "Jubilation" only weeks away, I'd like to know what we can do to help push sales and recognition of this album. The guys in The Band have made clear how important the album is to them. What can we do to help boost it? Of course, we're all likely to buy a few copies to give as gifts, but there are probably some of us who can come up with ideas regarding radio stations, record stores, trade publications, etc. Jan has certainly done his part. Now it's up to the rest of us to make sure "Jubilation" gets the attention it deserves. Please post your ideas here and let's mobilize behind The Band.

Sun Aug 23 20:22:07 MET DST 1998

Buzzy Beignet

From: Cafe du Monde

Spider John: How ironic is this? I too thought the new cd cover might be a subtle tribute to our own Freddy Fishstick. Great minds, do indeed think alike :-)

Sun Aug 23 15:13:39 MET DST 1998

Tim A

From: Nova Scotia

I have a question for all you big music fans. Van Morrison is playing here in Halifax, NS on Sept 21st, the ad for the show says "plus special guest", but so far no word. I see Van is playing two nights later with Dylan, I wonder if he may be the guest they are talking about. Maybe that would explain the $50 ticket price. Anybody know if this might be true?

Sun Aug 23 13:17:07 MET DST 1998

Spider John

From: LADi3/4time

I called the NY Times, consulted Viney, Hoskyns, Powell, Katz and Serge. We decided that the boys are havin a Freddy Fishstick fry.:-)

Seriously, I hope the title has to do with good news about Levon's health.

Sun Aug 23 04:23:00 MET DST 1998


From: Toronto

Been a fan forever. I saw them as Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks when I was around 15 years old(now nearly 49). Ive read Levon's book three times and wwill probably read it three more times. If anybody has an address where I can write to Levon, please let me know. Looking forward to the release of the new CD in Sept. It makes no difference where I turn, I can't get over you and the flame still burns.

Sun Aug 23 01:38:05 MET DST 1998

gerard scheltens

From: leiden the netherlands

I have always admired the greatest rock group of all times. They made at least five brilliant albums, but I do not understand their pathetic efforts to recapture their original sound. Jericho was not bad, but High on the Hog seems mediocre to me. And Robbie should leave the singing to others - as he did in the old days. Northern Lights was their last great achievement, the rest is only 'Twilight' . But I will cherish Big Pink & The Brown Album & Stage Fright en some other songs (Get Up Jake!) forever.

Sun Aug 23 00:17:25 MET DST 1998


From: bel air, maryland

Was there many years ago when the first revolution started at 33 1/3 spinning wildly out of control with soul searing harmonies and a vision never before realized. Too was there on a vagrant road trip to visit friends in the catskills, grilled cheese and a coke in a basement luncheonette. Bird's eye view and timeless antiquities at hammerjack's in baltimore and these boys are still spirits sent among us to help in the search and pick me up honey and don't be late. carry on.

Sat Aug 22 21:44:14 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset

Don’s game:

The list game starts to fade – someone’s just said, ‘Hey, let’s listen to "The Gift" and "Murder Mystery" by The Velvet Underground’, and everyone’s gone home – quick, before "Berlin" gets on the turntable. But I now recall that you didn’t play albums, nor cuts in the early 70s. You played SIDES. Remember?

In which case, my best Band ‘sides’:

1) THE BAND – side two 2) BIG PINK – side one 3) THE BAND – side one 4) STAGE FRIGHT – side two 5) BIG PINK – side two 6) NORTHERN LIGHTS – side two 7) STAGE FRIGHT – side one 8) NORTHERN LIGHTS – side one

After that it gets too close to decide. And anyway, even I wouldn’t have stayed with The Band that long – I’d’ve been off into 'Blonde on Blonde' or ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ – side two, or ‘Abbey Road’ – it would always have been side two of "Abbey Road",

Sat Aug 22 19:24:21 MET DST 1998

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon USA

Hi Bandmates! Just cinched tickets to Bobby Zimmerman and Van the Man performing at Portland's Rose Garden Arena on September 23! This will make the third and fourth musicians performing at The Last Waltz that we have seen this year! Eric Clapton, Dr. John, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. I just think that is exciting news and want to share with my friends! I like the cover and story of Goldmine with Robbie Robertson and have enjoyed seeing his Special, which is humorous, insightful and educational. I urge everyone to try to see it at least once! I also saw B.B. King and The Neville Bros. with Aaron. They have all played with Robbie. Bruce Hornsby is here in Oregon this weekend at Sokol Blosser Winery. His new CD coming out in a couple of months was previewed during his interview on KINK. Sounds as if it will be quite good. Waiting now to get my copy of Jubilation and hopefully, to see The Band come back to Portland. They were here a few years ago and played the Roseland Theater which has been restored! They were loved! Love you all! Will let you know how Dyland & Morrison were as I saw it. They were great at The Gorge in Washington with Joni Mitchell along. That would have been priceless to see...this will have to do!

Sat Aug 22 19:04:58 MET DST 1998

[guest photo]

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Spider, the cover shows Levon (in the middle with the hat) getting ready for a REAL big sushi, so big that he has two women (one on each side) to help him handle it. Simple, isn't it?

Sat Aug 22 17:06:49 MET DST 1998

Spider John

From: LADi3/4time

Does anybody have a theory on the symbolism behind the cover of Jubilation? Are the three figures the remaining active original members of The Band?

Sat Aug 22 16:39:53 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Peter Doggett's 'Let it Be / Abbey road' is part of a new series from Schirmer Books (NYC), and has nothing to do with the Classic Albums TV series. Other titles are Clinton Heylin on 'Never Mind The Bollocks' (I wouldn't want to read about the Sex Pistols myself) and Mark Paytress on 'Ziggy Stardust' - with others announced. The Doggett book is excellent, aided of course by the fact that the whole thing was filmed, and he's seen it all. He mentions The Band several times, in reference to The Beatles interest in them at the time. I found this one yesterday:

"Come Together" suffered more than anything else … from George Martin's shortcomings as a rock producer. When The Beatles listened to The Band's debut album, Music From Big Pink, they were amazed by Levon Helm's drum sound. "Why can't we sound like that?" they quizzed Martin. But as the pinprick percussion on 'Come Together' showed, their producer didn't know the answer."

Sat Aug 22 14:14:23 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

I found this entry in newsgroup. Thought it was interesting.

It was posted by a Peter Ballantine.


In THE TICKET, the weekend entertainment section of the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER (which serves as a "state" paper for New Jersey), 8/21/98, there was an article on the resort town of Somers Point (south of Atlantic City) titled RESTUARANTS REPLACING ROCK CLUBS AT SOMERS POINT by Alissa Wolf.

Wolf interviews the son of "Tony Mart", owner of the self-named club. It might be on-line at their site but I can't find it. Also, haven't checked out how this account jives with Hoskyn's or Levon's book. Here's the important stuff:

"My dad came to this country from Italy in 1932 when he was 16. He had a hot dog stand where Trump Plaza is now. In 1952 he bought the old, turn of the century Schick Hotel and turned it into Tony Mart's."

At first Marotta booked regionally popular bands...Then in the early 60's, he began bringing in biggies like Del Shannnon, Conway Twitty and a little known Canadian group called Levon and the Hawks, which later became The Band.

"Albert Grossman, Bob Dylan's manager, found them here. They became well-known because Richard Manuel was the best blues singer the Jersey Shore had ever known."

When the boys of (soon-to-be) The Band got that call from Grossman, Tony Marotta- in fatherly fashion- check Grossman out, to make sure he was legit.

"After that, my dad said, 'Levon, I think it's time for you to go,', said Marotta, imitating his late father's gravelly voice. "They were replaced by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.",

Tony Mart's managed to change with the times until it finally closed in 1982. Carmen Marotta hopes to recapture some of the old magic, he said, by opening a club in New Orleans this fall to be called Levon Helm's Classsic American Cafe, in partnership with Helm.


The article also mentions that "a glitzy dance club called Brownies by the Bay, which attracts trendy slackers, now stands on the spot once occupied by Tony Mart's." Still sounds like an interesting place to visit if you're in the area. Said one bar owner, "In the age of the car, this town is an anomaly. You can park your car and hit six or seven licenses on foot...It's still a place with great bars." Meet me tonight (south of) Atlantic City...


I did not check out the link.

Sat Aug 22 12:32:39 MET DST 1998

Roman and Doris

From: Vienna, Austria

Everytime when i'm ironing my clothes i watch the video of "one world one voice", i really do like the reggaes, roman does not!

Sat Aug 22 00:20:34 MET DST 1998

Uncle Phelge

From: Holland

just saw The last Waltz AGAIN The Band is playing on on and on GREAT maybe the band is THE BAND Great site Love , rock 'n' roll

Fri Aug 21 23:18:00 MET DST 1998


From: Internet chat

Band Net chat---

There's not been much discussion of this: for a first time, it was pretty good I thought. Something of interest that was highlighted, is the question I put: "Have you guys done any videos for individual songs on the album?" This seeming like a sensible question, also how many of us would love to see a lot more of The Band, when we switch on our TV's?? Looking thru The Band's videography, I see nothing that would assist in promoting this new album, save for the brief promo at 'In the Studio' web site. Therefore, to have videos for some of the songs too would be a great idea & certainly an asset.

So it was good to see Rick's reply, saying "We're going to". But then a message came back to me (not included in transcript; though one assumes such is not confidential), apparently from someone in the record company. They asked (forget exact words, but along the lines of):- "Where would one expect to see such a video?" ?!!!!?

No disrespect, & of course it was nice to see what was probably a genuine attempt on their part to get feedback. But all the same, such question totally threw me. I mean, shouldn't these people already KNOW about this sort of promotional stuff? A pal standing nearby at the time, quickly went into action & replied back:- "VH-1". And if there'd been more time we'd have elaborated on this, such as:-

"(song) Videos can be made good use of in many ways, VH-1 being only one example. These days videos are an important part of promoting albums. Particularly if the musicians in question would like album to reach wider audiences, & maybe even attaining chart position. On the other hand, if they are not concerned by this, being content to reach just hardcore following, & gaining fewer sales by comparison, then fine. -Don't- bother with such promotional tools. Simple as that.

Hey you guys in the record company, get your act together--- it shouldn't need us folks to state the obvious!!

Fri Aug 21 22:15:45 MET DST 1998

Rick Hall

From: Houston, Texas

Not just "The Band", but "The Greatest Band of All Times". (Sorry, Mick)

Fri Aug 21 22:10:19 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

To Bones: The paraphrase that I posted was from the ABC TV special entitled: "Anthology." I don't remember which one - I taped it when it was broadcast and finally watched some of it [the Fab Four aren't my favs] several weeks ago.

Fri Aug 21 21:47:31 MET DST 1998

eve of destruction

From: Sweden
Home page:

I should have been there!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Aug 21 20:53:45 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I'm fascinated by recent posts quoting the Beatles with regard to the Band. Was this from a book or another installment of the Classic Albums TV specials? Thanks

Fri Aug 21 20:17:41 MET DST 1998

Tony LoBue

From: New York

Levon’s show for 8-22 in Riverhead LI had been officially canceled due to health reasons.

Fri Aug 21 18:19:37 MET DST 1998

Tim A

Just had to say how much I enjoy Muddy Water's Woodstock Album. I am a big fan of Blues and this recording is the read thing. Blues with a capitol B-L-U-E-S ! Muddy sings with a passion that paints a picture of struggle, triumph and down and dirty fun. Of course Levon on drums doing what he was born to do and Garth laying down a bed that makes the songs impact more than ever. Paul Butterfield on Harmonica, Fred Carter on Bass&Guitar, Pinetop Perkins on Piano&b.vocals, Bob Margolin on Guitar and Howard Johnson sharing sax duty with Garth. A dream band that I never would have found without this Web Site. Jan - I can't thank you enough for all the hard work. I hope someone pays you for it someday.

Fri Aug 21 17:35:43 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Observation in appreciation of Garth #1

Go back & listen to Robbie Robertson's solo recordings without Garth. Check out the large number of back-up musicians & various "technicians" that Robbie utilizes in order to attain the different layers of sound that Garth could have single-handedly produced.

Compared to Garth's rich, tupelo-sweet textures, other musicians often leave an artificial after-taste equal to that of sweet 'n low. That's why they call him Honeyboy.

Fri Aug 21 17:07:35 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home Page


Fri Aug 21 15:52:26 MET DST 1998


From: North Carolina

Jan, What exquisite torture seeing all the sound samples for the Band's Jubilation songs; conflicting emotions promted by a lack of the requisite computer technology to get anything but "AU" sound clips to play on my otherwise very dependable Dell PC. Is there any chance that you could put at least a couple of those songs into "AU" format? Thanks in advance if you can manage.

Fri Aug 21 15:43:01 MET DST 1998

Peter Shaw

From: Chicago, IL

1. Bob Dylan 2. The Band 3. The Kinks 4. The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds-Sunflower) 5. Muleskinner 6. Bad Livers 7. Creedence 8. Allman Brothers (up to Brothers and Sisters) 9. The Replacements 10. The Pogues

Fri Aug 21 15:36:35 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

In trying to pick favorite songs by favorite artists, an alternate version of a song recorded by Dylan backed by The Band comes to mind. "Phantom Engineer", the often bootlegged version of "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry", is a standout rocker. Compared to the version on _Highway 61 Revisited_, this alternate version with The Band takes off like a runaway train piloted by Casey Jones while high on cocaine.

Fri Aug 21 14:43:35 MET DST 1998

Uncle H.

Any opinions on "Jubilation" yet? Seen any reviews anywhere?

Fri Aug 21 05:57:57 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home Page

High now, my soundman Rob, just posted up some new photos I took at "THE OTHER ONES" concert at Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wisconsin on July 11th 1998, it gives a little look at how enjoyable the day was, but as useual, photos don't do justice, but EVERONE THERE HAD A "GRATEFUL DAY"! PEACE,Tim. P.S. CLICK PHOTOS, and sign guessbook, "PLEASE".

Fri Aug 21 03:09:16 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Another piece of Beatles trivia from the recent TV show. Harrison commenting on the row during the "Let It Be" sessions. To paraphrase: "I didn't need this row. I had just come back from Woodstock, having spent time with Dylan and The Band."

So now we have to pick one song from each of these artists? It was hard enough limiting things to 10 artists. That's just too hard!

Dylan - Tom Thumb The Band - King Harvest Wolf - Red Rooster [just too much!] Muddy - I'm A Man Jeff Beck - Let Me Love You [there's a reason the album's calle "Truth"] Van Zandt - Highway Kind Bromberg - Nobody's Son Volt - Ten Second News Miles Davis - Yesterdays John Coltrane - Theme For Ernie

Fri Aug 21 03:01:07 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

1-the beatles 2-the band 3-the beach boys(1964-1966 brian wilson's brilliance) 4-the rolling stones 5-world party 6-the waterboys 7-paul mccartney 8-john lennon 9-george harrison 10-ringo starr.

Fri Aug 21 00:28:08 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

1.The Band 2. Jimmy Buffett 3. Jim Croce 4. Steely Dan 5. Billy Joel 6. Gordon Lightfoot 7. CSN 8. Sam Cooke 9. Bob Dylan 10. DFA

Thu Aug 20 22:58:47 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Ontario

I was reading David Powell's comments about Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues.

I suddenly remembered two great versions of that song. One is from the majestic Nina Simone. The other is from a United Artists 45 R.P.M. recorded by Dylan's old Toronto friend, Gordon Lightfoot. This song along with Positively 4th. Street and It Takes A Lot To Laugh , A Train To Cry, are some of my favorite Dylan Masterpieces.

Thu Aug 20 22:22:28 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Quote of the day:

(From ‘Classic Rock Albums: Abbey Road / Let it Be’ by Peter Doggett). The Beatles are working on ‘All Things Must Pass’ by Harrison, during the ‘Let it Be’ sessions.

‘We’re pretending to be The Band on this one,’ (Harrison) said. ‘I have been on all of them,’ Lennon quipped.

Doggett describes how Harrison had returned from Woodstock with acetates of ‘The Basement Tapes’ for each of them. And in odd moments they did snatches of a couple of ‘Big Pink’ songs.

Thu Aug 20 21:43:24 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Don: your game’s getting an obsession out there. I could live with several of these submissions – and my curiosity is aroused on artists I don’t know well- or even at all. Bones – great to see someone else who has ‘What’s Going On?’ as essential. We’re now hitting the point where everyone’s getting ready to go home, and someone says ‘Wow! I forgot …’ and everyone has to sit down again. Two tracks, not by my top ten artists, but essential listening anyway – ‘Little Red Corvette’ by Prince, and (one from this year) ‘Wishin’ and Hopin’’ in the Ani DiFranco version (which is on the soundtrack of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ – David, you should check out Jann Arden’s reading of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ from the same album).

But then someone else says, ‘Yeah, but what about …’ … and I hope none of us have to get up early in the morning.

Unwelcome guest advice: But if you do have to get up early, or if you’re really tired of the game, you can put on either ‘The Kids’ by Lou Reed from ‘Berlin’ or ‘Murder Mystery’ by The Velvet Underground. About halfway through, most people decide, ‘Yeah, we do have to get up early’ … and depart.

This game reminds me of a graphic designer I know, who was arguing that albums need ‘spine appeal’. I asked what he meant. He said, ‘OK, you have friends round. You want to play them something – you look casually at your albums, you can’t decide. Then one leaps out. You play it to them. Then they buy a copy. The best marketing ever.’ He looked at my albums, scanned the spines and said ‘This one’s the ultimate.’ He’d never heard it before. It was ‘Stage Fright.’

Thu Aug 20 20:31:04 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

Two things I forgot...

Kris, nice to see you back. Don't let sub-human pieces of garbage direct your actions, that's how these animals get their jollies... Don't help him get off!

The Jeffrey Gaines song is NOT Hero in Me, it's actually Headmasters of Mine.

There, NOW I can live with it!



Thu Aug 20 20:30:46 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Are we doing all-time ten songs or albums? This is too hard for words:

1- The Band- The Band

2-The Rolling Stones- Exile On Main Street

3- Elton John- Tumbleweed Connection

4- John Hiatt- Bring The Family

5- Joni Mitchell- Court And Spark

6- Robbie Robertson- Storyville

7- Marvin Gaye- What's Going On?

8- Fleetwood Mac- Tusk

9- Bob Dylan- The Basement Tapes

10- Stevie Wonder- Songs In The Key Of Life

Thu Aug 20 20:26:57 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

Man, this is fun. I'm taking it seriously like I'm going to the moon with it, not an island... Let's see, next step is to determine favorite song by each of top ten albums right? I'll try. The Band was in there twice so, you'll just have to deal with it! ;-)

1. Sgt. Pepper/Day in the Life

2. TLW/By FAR "Makes No Difference"

3. Derek & Dominoes Fillmore/Key to the Highway

4. Howlin' Wolf London/ .44 (Out-take)

5. Zep III/That's The Way

6. Suzanne Vega/Solitude Standing (Title Song)

7. Jeffrey Gaines/Hero in Me (Garth Hudson accordion)

8. Sex Pistols/Holidays in the Sun

9. The Band Set/When I Paint My Masterpiece, Levon's voice, well, what can I say that ain't been said already?!?!

10. Shawn Colvin, Fat City/Orion in the Sky

Yeah, that might do it. I can live with that...



Thu Aug 20 17:55:07 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

Hi all - yes I've come back. I would like to say thanks to all the kind people - you know who you are.

Well Don, this "pick your 10 favorites" was way harder than I thought it would be, but here's my list (in no particular order after #3):

1. The Good Ole Grateful Dead - I couldn't possibly begin to pick a favorite song

2. The Band - It Makes No Difference

3. John Gorka - Good Noise

4. Jerry Garcia Band - Tangled Up In Blue

5. Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Just a Wave

6. Bob Seger - You'll Accompany Me

7. Trout Fishing in America - Sleepytime Cartoon

8. Janis Joplin - Trust Me

9. Alan Parsons Project - Time

10. Ozzy - Crazy Train (for those times you just need to ROCK LOUD)

Too many others I love too much to not give honorable mention to: Nanci Griffith, Jimmy Buffett, Dr. Hook, Bread, Chili Peppers, Elvis... Oh I gotta stop. Please don't ever send me anywhere without my whole collection!!

Thu Aug 20 16:53:29 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

How slippery are the rules? Having given the ten artists, I assume you then choose one cut only by each (that’s how we used to play it). So you can’t have ten Band songs, right? 1) King Harvest 2) What’s Going On? - Marvin Gaye 3) Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles 4) And it Stoned Me – Van Morrison 5) Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon 6) Somewhere Down The Crazy River – Robbie Robertson 7) Birdland – Weather Report 8) No Woman, No Cry (live version) – Bob Marley 9) Visions of Johanna – Bob Dylan 10) Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

I’m being very strict – though of course your ten best tracks may not be by your ‘ten best artists’ (‘Willin’ – Little Feat, ‘Southern Cross’ – CSN, ‘Ain’t Too proud To Beg’ – The Temptations, ‘Surf’s Up’ – The Beach Boys + many others therefore don’t get a look in)

Thu Aug 20 14:35:54 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

_Masterpieces_ is indeed a very interesting collection of Dylan material. I particularly enjoy listening to Disc 2 which starts off with "Mixed Up Confusion," "Positively 4th Street," and the two songs with The Band, "Please Crawl Out Your Window" & "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues." Robbie's solo with Garth's organ in the background on "JLTTB" is incredible. Hopefully this is a preview of the sound quality we'll get when the Dylan Live in '66 is released next month.

Cutting to the chase, my favorite song of all times (as you can tell by my address) is Ray Charles' version of "Georgia On My Mind." Richard Manuel's version is a close second, but you just can't beat Brother Ray in my opinion.

Thu Aug 20 13:30:04 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

UNCLE H... I forgot Quick Silver Messenger Service, Bread, It's a Beautful Day, and of course, Dave Mason. Yep, those sound clips are nnniiiccceee!!! "RIGHT ON" Jan! KRIS, hang in there babe,smile,smile,smile! PEACE, Tim.

Thu Aug 20 08:59:00 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Jan, thanks for providing sound clips from the new album. I like what I've heard so far. This is good, honest music from Rick, Levon and garth, in the best The Band tradition. Robbie should get off his techno-trip and join them.

Wed Aug 19 22:30:36 MET DST 1998


From: Cleveland

Ten Greatest Albums:

1. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

2. Little Feat - Dixie Chicken

3. The Band - Music From Big Pink

4. Guns'n'Roses - Appetite for Destruction

5. Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove

7. Chuck Berry - The Great 28

8. CCR - Chronicle

9. Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace

10. Van Halen - Van Halen

I was hoping to avoid compilation albums, but because both CCR and Chuck Berry were both essentially singles artists, their best work can be collected without sacrificing too much artistic integrity (if there is such a thing).

Special mention for Kiss _Alive_. Worst album of all time is _Frampton Comes Alive_, and worst singles of all time are "The Heat is On" by Glen Frey and "Highway to the Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

Wed Aug 19 21:32:35 MET DST 1998

Uncle H.

Leon Russel...I forgot Leon Russel.... :-(

Wed Aug 19 21:11:00 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

This is what I love about this guestbook. Yesterday, I post some questions about Bob Dylan's Masterpieces CD, and today there is a page on this site about it(answering my questions).

Special thanks to Jan, Peter Viney and Brin.

Wed Aug 19 19:26:41 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

1) Van Morrison 2) The Band 3) Robbie Robertson (post-Band) 4) Bob Dylan 5) Greg Brown 6) Sting 7) Steely Dan 8) Beatles 9) Rolling Stones 10) The Allman Brothers

Wed Aug 19 18:41:53 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

  1. The Band
  2. Roky Erickson
  3. Warren Zevon
  4. Junior Brown
  5. Wimple Winch
  6. Fugs
  7. Hüsker Dü
  8. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
  9. The Fabulous T-Birds
  10. Tom Waits

Wed Aug 19 16:59:40 MET DST 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Well, I reckon I will weigh in with my top ten favorite Artistes first.....1) THE BAND 2) The Beatles 3) Randy Newman 4) John Prine 5) Joni Mitchell 6) The Who and Townshed solo 7) Loudon Wainwright III 8) The Roches 9) The Rolling Stones 10) Richard Thompson

Wed Aug 19 16:15:32 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Taking a little poll so far, not very scientific, but looks like the favorites so far are: 1. The Band 2. Dylan 3. The Beatles The other favorites The Dead, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Van Morrison and a host of others from Buffett to Son Volt. Excellent responses

Wed Aug 19 15:21:40 MET DST 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

My list: 1. The Band 2. The Kinks 3. Bob Dylan 4. Son Volt (Mr. Katz, Good to see another fan)5. The Grateful Dead 6. Ben Folds Five 7. Elvis 8. Jimmy Buffet 9. Arlo Guthrie 10. The Who

Wed Aug 19 09:24:19 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Language on the web: I’ll answer this in total seriousness. Too seriously and at too great a length, I suspect. Is there any policy here? I would personally avoid four letter expletives in a totally public forum, though the true title of the album I asterisked is in the discography with a cover picture.

North America is more sensitive about religious words, at least publicly. ( I haven’t heard of Capo Verde, but assume it’s in London, Ontario). In work situations, I have found Americans more cautious than the British about introducing swearwords in a group of people, though equally enthusiastic at cussing once it starts. ‘Invoking the deity’ would be highly unlikely to cause offence in Britain and would pass the guidelines for TV language before the 9 p.m. ‘watershed’ though would be avoided in direct ‘children’s television.’ The word ‘damn’ would pass on children’s TV. I would consider both appropriate here, though wouldn’t ‘invoke the deity’ in a school text. It is generally accepted that words change in meaning, so that for Shakespeare ‘naughty’ meant what we would now call ‘evil’. The word has lost its weight. In the same way, most people are not genuinely invoking the deity (or Deity) when they use expletives of religious origin. A British example is ‘bloody’ which derives from By Our Lady, but as few know that, they are not invoking the deity.

The point about the web is that it has a spoken English, direct style, so different rules apply – I would not be personally offended by anyone "invoking the deity" or by the odd four-letter word. I think that you are being naïve if you believe that these words are not fully-known to eleven year olds. I have the feeling that US and Canadian school playgrounds echo to the same expletives as British ones.

But my main point is that while I do not get offended by religious expletives, nor by four letter words, I do get offended by aggressive and threatening language and attitude. Someone can be viciously aggressive in tone without using either. So I’ll finish by echoing Luis, Damn shame about Kris leaving the site.

Wed Aug 19 06:47:15 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

To John Donabie: the acoustic George Jackson is not available on a legit CD, but you can find it on "Hard To Find, Vol. 1."

I forgot to mention before that Robbie on GMA sang: "...there goes Robert E. Lee." So I guess that should settle that little debate.

Wed Aug 19 04:51:55 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto

To Peter Viney or anyone else who may know. Is there a George Jackson (acoustic version) on any legit Dylan CD. I don't think so. I've only seen it on a 45. Thank You.

Wed Aug 19 03:46:28 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

Hey now, looks like from the looks of things that PETER,BIG JIM,ROBBIN, JOHN, FRANK, EGG MAN, LUIS DAVID, ect. ect; have a RAINBOW of shared music in- terest together, and I'm sure that you all have the same NUMBER ONE-THREE BEST SONGS by The Band too!!! No.1)ALL LA GLORY/Stage Fright. No.2)WHISPERING PINES/The Band. No.3)THE WEIGHT/Music From Big Pink. No.4)SMOKE SIGNAL/Cahoots. No.5)I SHALL BE RELEASED/Music From Big Pink. And all the rest!!! PEACE, Tim.

Wed Aug 19 03:26:51 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia

Don - Better late than never? [in no order after 5]

1 Dylan; 2 The Band [with & without Robbie and all solo stuff]; 3 David Bromberg; 4 Howlin' Wolf; 5 Muddy; 6 Jeff Beck; 7 Townes Van Zandt; 8 Son Volt [Uncle Tupelo]; 9 Miles Davis; 10 John Coltrane

Wed Aug 19 01:47:27 MET DST 1998

Henry & Tracie

From: NJ

Top 10: 1) The Band - Music From Big Pink; 2) The Band - The Band (Brown Album); 3) The Band - Live From Watkins Glen; 4) The Band - Stage Fright; 5) The Band - Northern Lights, Southern Cross; 6) The Band - Moondog Matinee; 7) The Band - The Last Waltz; 8) The Band - Jericho; 9) The Band - Cahoots; 10) The Band - High on the Hog.

Wed Aug 19 00:08:50 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Thanks for all the effort and thought, some surprises, some not. One night,we were having a similar event to the lyrics from 4% Pantomine, a group of us went through this exercise, surprisingly we came up with many of the same responses. What I find interesting, is based upon age and musical knowledge, the responses are very revealing. Now Step 2, which some have already started, your favorite10 recordings. Can be live, studio, boot or whatever. If you want to get more specific, mention your favorite cut. Maybe Bill Clinton will be surfing the web tonight, his favorite has to be Rocking Chair, right Willie Boy. Thanks to everyone,

Tue Aug 18 23:05:31 MET DST 1998

Frank Dracman

From: lic, WV

Jan - public acknowlegement coming your way is well deserved and (a predicton) the tip of the iceberg (or fjord) My ten artists will only contain those who have been mentioned so far be fellow posters: 1. The Band 2. Van 3. B.Dylan 4. J.Prine 5. Rolling Stones 6. R.Charles 7. J.Croce 8. F.Sinatra 9. Steely Dan 10. J.Buffet

Tue Aug 18 22:58:46 MET DST 1998


From: Capo Verde

Mr. Viney, hyper-sensitivity has nothing to do with this.. I have an 11 yr. old band fan who likes to browse here. There is really no need for people to use expletives or invoke the deity to compensate for an obvious lack of facility with words. You of all people should know that. No need to pull out obscure examples just justify your last sentence.

Tue Aug 18 22:33:27 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

This is what I have on MASTERPIECES: (Australian 3 CD set, it's around on import):

This set used to be an expensive way of getting hold of one or two rarities, including Dylan tracks like George Jackson (Big Band Version) and the Desire era B-side Rita May. However, by 1997 import sets from Australia had dropped to around £21, which began to make more sense. However, the sleeve notes don’t let you know what you’re getting at all. If you were buying it as a Dylan hits collection you’d be very disappointed to find the Isle of Wight Like A Rolling Stone!

The Band appear on four tracks.

Like A Rolling Stone (The Self Portrait version, live at the Isle of Wight)

The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) (The Self Portrait version live at the Isle of Wight)

Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? The 1965 single, only obtainable otherwise on Biograph

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues This was issued as the B side of the I Want You single. Recorded live on May 14th 1966 at the Odeon Theatre Liverpool. This is unavailable elsewhere as an official release, though the same performance appears on bootlegs (e.g. Bob Dylan & The Hawks Play F******g Loud ). On early bootlegs it often appeared taken straight off the vinyl single. This clean version is stunningly good. Unlike bootlergs, you can clearly hear Richard in the mix and Garth was on wondrous form.

I've used asterisks for the bootleg title - there are no asterisks on the artifact - in deference to some people's hyper-sensitivity on language.

Tue Aug 18 22:10:45 MET DST 1998

Cesaria Evora

From: Capo Verde

Luis has ALMOST cleaned up his language, that's refreshing. But is still as dramatic and unconvincing as always.

Tue Aug 18 21:43:22 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

1. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper

2. The Band, TLW

3. Derek & the Dominoes, Live at the Fillmore

4. Howlin' Wolf, London Sessions w/ out-take of .44

5. Led Zeppelin, III

6. Suzanne Vega, Solitude Standing

7. Jefrey Gaines, Jeffrey Gaines (With Garth on keyboards)

8. Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bollocks...

9. The Band, Across The Great Divide (Box Set)

10. Shawn Colvin, Fat City

Damn shame about yet another guest leaving, Kris Pancoast that is, damn shame



Tue Aug 18 21:41:43 MET DST 1998


From: NJ

BONES Re: Masterpieces

Tue Aug 18 21:06:36 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Jan: I've been trying to find a page on this site for Bob Dylan's Masterpieces. It is a 3 CD set made in Australia but officially released by Columbia Records. There are a lot of Dylan/Band tracks on this set. Most interesting is the live version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" from'66. This is not the Manchester version which we are used to hearing but, I think, the one which (really) took place at Royal Albert Hall. If anyone can confirm this or knows more about this import, please let us know? Thanks.

Tue Aug 18 19:43:07 MET DST 1998


From: NYC

Top Ten: 1)The Band 2)Dylan 3)The Beatles 4)Joni Mitchell 5)Frank Sinatra 6)Bruce Springsteen 7)Delbert McLinton 8)Neil Young, 9)Rolling Stones 10)Ray Charles

Tue Aug 18 19:19:54 MET DST 1998


From: penna

TOP TEN 1.The Band 2.Roy Buchanan 3.Delbert McClinton 4.Bonnie Raitt 5.Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed 6.Pete Fountain 7.Sinatra 8.JJ Cale 9. Muddy Waters/The Wolf 10.Merle Haggard

Tue Aug 18 18:01:55 MET DST 1998


From: nyc

TOP TEN:1]dylan 2]the band 3]allmans 4]grateful dead 5]clapton 6]david crosby 7]neil young 8]muddy waters9]beatles 10]rolling stones/howlin' wolf

Tue Aug 18 17:36:35 MET DST 1998

Big Jim

From: Louisville, OH

1.THE BAND, 2.The Beatles, 3.Grateful Dead, 4.Eric Clapton and every group he has ever been in, 5.Allman Bros. Band, 6.Bob Dylan, 7.Counting Crows, 8.Dave Matthews Band, 9.Blues Traveler, and 10. The Wallflowers

Tue Aug 18 16:43:12 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

My top ten (in no particular order): (1) The Band--_Music From Big Pink_ & _The Band_. (2) Dylan--_Blonde On Blonde_ & _Blood On The Tracks_. (3) The Allman Brothers Band--_Live at the Fillmore East_. (4) Ella Fitzgerald--_Sings the George And Ira Gershwin Songbook_. (5) Miles Davis--_Kind Of Blue_. (6) Ray Charles-- _Modern Sounds of Country & Western Music_. (7) Muddy Waters--_Folk Singer_. (8) Howlin' Wolf--"The Rocking Chair Album". (9) The Beatles--_Yesterday And Today_ & "The White Album". (10) Anything by Merle Haggard. Since I can't seem to limit myself to ten, I'd sneak in some Aretha Franklin, Thumbs Carlylle, Derek & The Dominoes _Layla_, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Bill Evans and a little bit of the old Ludwig von Beethoven (Symphony #6 "The Pastoral" , Columbia Symphony Orchestra's version conducted by Bruno Walter).

Tue Aug 18 15:36:41 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

You usually play this game in a room with a huge pile of albums and some friends. Could never resist a list. They’d need to cover a variety of moods and situations.

1) The Band -all day & everyday 2) Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On / Let’s Get It On era) for the evenings 3) The Beatles, post-66 for listening, pre-66 in the background during chores 4) Van Morrison 5) Paul Simon solo (Graceland / Rhythm of The Saints / Hearts & Bones) 6) Robbie Robertson solo, including the Native American stuff for those informal stomp dance parties round the campfire 7) Weather Report (I ‘d have to use ‘Birdland’ to set up and test the island’s hi-fi system for a start) 8) Bob Marley & The Wailers as I’d be spending hours on a tropical beach 9) Bob Dylan for keeping thinking 10) Ah. Serious error. No female singers yet. I’d need to hear a voice like Stevie Nicks or Cyndi Lauper or Michelle Shocked or k.d.lang or Shawn Colvin… can’t decide which one. Probably Stevie or Cyndi

Does classical count? Can I have Leonard Bernstein’s version of Ravel’s Piano Concerto too?

Tue Aug 18 14:23:44 MET DST 1998


From: Tequesta, Fl

VH1 will broadcast The Last Waltz 9/5 7am (est) and Robbie Robertson-Behind the Music 8/30 5pm (est)

Tue Aug 18 03:38:28 MET DST 1998


From: New York

I've played this game before,,and it's fun, so here goes,,, 1) The Band,of course 2) Dylan, a must 3) Stones, 4) Jim Morrison 5) Barbra Streisand 6) Delbert McClinton 7) beatles 8) Traffic 9) BB King 10) Stevie Ray

Tue Aug 18 01:37:44 MET DST 1998


The moderator of the chat session out to have his head chopped off (but let's be careful the blade doesnt hit Levons ass on the way down)! Bulldog does not equate to kissass in my book!

Tue Aug 18 01:31:36 MET DST 1998


From: Waterloo, Ia.

I've enjoyed this web site very much, but this is the first time I've done this. It would be great to get to know others who like the Band as well. I'm also interested in concert info, even though most of the time it's not anywhere near my home.

Tue Aug 18 01:31:19 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

TO BONES: I saw Robbie on Good Morning America on Thursday. He sang "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down". Made me realize how much that song belongs to Levon vocally. I missed Friday because I slept in. What did he have to say? Did he sing? If so what?

Tue Aug 18 01:01:25 MET DST 1998

Mike Wallace

From: 60 Minutes

Questions I would have asked The Band.

1. Why the title Jubilation? 2. Any Richard Manuel tunes on the album? 3. What's the state of Levon's health? 4. Will you do a full tour? 5. Will you appear at Carnegie Hall?

Tue Aug 18 00:52:37 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

NUMBER ONE)DEPENDING ON MY MOOD:Grateful Dead- Bob Dylan-The Band. No.2)Joan Baez. No.3)Creedence Clearwater Revival. No.4)Steppenwolf-John Kay. No.5)The Beatles. No.6)The New Riders of the Purple Sage. No.7)John Prine-Steve Goodman. No.8)Cat Stevens. No.9)Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young-ALL OF IT. No.10)Full Tilt-BIG Brother-Janis Joplin-Pearl. And let us not forget all the J's that have died; 1)Jimmy Hendrix. 2)Janis Joplin. 3)Jim Morrison. 4)John (Bal-lu-shi)Blues Brothers. 5)Jim (crow-she) Time in a Bottle. 6)John Lennon. 7)Jerry Garcia. 8)John Denver. 9) I went writers block!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG).

Mon Aug 17 23:41:49 MET DST 1998


Viney, you finally got it right..Congratulations. Mrs. say you "don't need this" ?? Well I don't need you butting into my comments to others.. My Email is posted, write to me anytime. As long as people will be interjecting their comments into my affairs with others, I'll be all over them like a rash.

Mon Aug 17 23:26:12 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

TO JOHN DONABIE: Thanks for your answer. I am trying to order it from HMV (since May) to no avail.. Maybe I'll wait until I move to the states within the next month and look for it there.

Mon Aug 17 22:57:36 MET DST 1998


From: New York

For anyone who hasn't seen it, Jan has posted a transcipt of the chat with the Band at this site in the misc.section of the library. Thanks Jan!

Mon Aug 17 22:55:30 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Uh, on second thought maybe you shouldn't read that transcript. It's insane! If the transcript is accurate, it looks like the questions and answers came to different people at different speeds (i.e. Garth has 6 answers in a row to questions that had already been asked!) Good luck...

Mon Aug 17 22:47:13 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Kris: The first thing is DO NOT LEAVE because of the flaming. That way the flamers win. A lot of us have been there. The best thing is to ignore. I've made the mistake of replying in the past and the old one-two starts again. This is what 'the flamers' want. I agree that too many people give up because they come here to express appreciation of music and get abuse. I'll say the same to anyone, you can only give your response to the music. No musician can ask for more. There's no secret knowledge! Stick around, Kris, and everyone who ever felt the same because one or two people get their rocks off being abusive to strangers. What you said in your previous post was right (well, maybe except for skimming my stuff :) ). I've enjoyed the paintings and photos courtesy of Serge as well, and the advice on Real Player. Take the good bits and ignore the bad.

Peace … and jubilation.

Mon Aug 17 22:43:44 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Jan: Thanks very much for everything. The main page looks great! Also, congratulation on your much-deserved recognition.

Did anyone see Good Morning America on Friday? They said that the Robbie segment was two-part. Does that mean that he was on again?

Mon Aug 17 22:43:18 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Hi folks! This might be old news by the time I send this message, but I've just discovered that the transcript of Saturday's chat is up on the In the Studio site ( Happy reading.

Mon Aug 17 22:32:52 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

Well, I can see why I left before. Here's the response I expected:

Subject: Pancoast

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 17:00:50 -0400

From: Serge (at least I'll be courteous enough to remove your e-mail address)

To: Who do you think you are preaching to me ?...mind your business and all will be well. Don't address me anymore in the guestbook. Mind your own business.

Who needs this?! Not me! Goodbye for good!

Mon Aug 17 22:23:33 MET DST 1998


From: the island

Ok Don - I'll start. 1)The Band, 2)Jimmy Buffet, 3)Frank Sinatra, 4)Ray Charles, 5)Billy Joel, 6)Gram Parsons, 7)Steely Dan, 8)Fleetwood Mac, 9)Neil Young, and 10) The Jan :-)

Mon Aug 17 22:23:10 MET DST 1998


Mr. or Mrs. or whatever Pancoast: it's PAUL Fleming, not Peter. And by the way I don't remember yanking your chain about anything. Why don't you devote your time here to Pugatch's request and think of 10 artists you'd like to be on a mountain with. Don't worry about me and my entries. You can just "skip" by them.

Although it was nice to have had the Band members respond to questions on the chat yesterday, I found the whole exercise frustrating. Two individuals had their questions answered 3 times, most not at all. Jan managed to get one answered, but not a hint of acknowledgment of this great web site. Too bad the "moderator" wasn't more hip.

Mon Aug 17 21:33:42 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

We haven't had a list to think about in a while. With the new Band album coming out, I was just wondering, and came up with this concept. Alone, just you and your music, whether on an island, or top of a mountain, First chore, pick only 10 Musical Artists to take with you on your journey, whether it be on CD, cassette or whatever, and lets see the response, before we go into step 2.

Mon Aug 17 21:14:03 MET DST 1998

Tim (SUNDOG) Corcoran

From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

"MUSIC FROM BIG PINK" was my first encounter with The Band, and here's my story, and its true.

Back in the late 60's my mom, use to buy me my favorite record album at the end of each month for doing chore's around the house. Well, this particular month, I could not go with my mom cuz my Dad wasn't well, and I had to babysit my sisters and little brother.

So I asked my Mom to get me Steppenwolf's Silver album, the one with Born To Be Wild on it, she said O.K.

Long story short, my Mom came back from the commisary store, and I can't wait to get my hands on that STEPPENWOLF album to crank it up on my Sansuie stereo, and she hands me this album with these old oke's, or hicks on the inside cover. To say the lease, I wanted to cry!

About eight month's later, my Mom was cleaning out my bedroom and she came across the album and asked me why it (BIG PINK) wasn't put in my record cabinet with the rest of my albums, so I played all the songs on side #1, starting with Tears Of Rage,*(I told her I didn't like oke' music) and when I got to" The Weight", ( at that point in time, The Weight was #16 on the L.A. music charts)I couldn't beleave what I was hearing cuz that song was one of my favorites on the radio at the time. Then I saw "Easy Rider" and then I was hook't to the music of The Band, plus I already was into the music of Bob Dylan.

The reason my Mom went and got Music From Big Pink is cuz some guy in the commisary told her that it was a "BOSS" album, I only wish to this day, that I could THANK that guy for turning my Mom on to BIG PINK, and then me, its funny cuz the only song my friends would let me play at partys was "CHEST FEVER", and it took just a little while longer before most of my friends got hook't by The Band!!!

Mon Aug 17 18:33:19 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

I think the paintings by Paul Fleming on the home page are great. They really convey something about the personalities of each of the individual Band members, adding a distinctive touch to the website. Thank you Paul, Jan & Serge for providing us with this original artwork.

This past weekend marked several milestones in the history of rock music. "A Day in the Garden" celebrated the 29th anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival with a weekend of performances at the site of Max Yasgur's field in Bethel, N.Y. Sunday marked the 20th anniversary of Elvis' untimely death. Most important of all for Band fans, a live internet chat was held as part of a preview for the long awaited release of _Jubilation_.

It doesn't seem like it's been 30 years since the release of _Music From Big Pink_, truly one of the most original rock albums ever released. In one of those strange coincidences of fate or whatever, I found an original LP pressing of Big Pink in excellent condition at a used record store Saturday. It was reasonably priced so I quickly bought it to supplant my well-worn old vinyl copy. I listened to it all weekend & it brought back some of the magic of hearing that wonderful music for the first time. This morning when I logged on, seeing Paul Fleming's paintings brought back some of the magic I remembered of seeing the original members of The Band performing their music live together.

Mon Aug 17 17:33:26 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

From: PA

Cesaria (or whoever you are) - For the record I am really Mrs. Pancoast.

As I said in my recent post, this was my first time back to this site for a while. I've been doing a little catching up on the most recent guestbook entries. For what it's worth, here's my .02 on this:

Serge: You are obviously very knowledgeable about the Band and their history. Your contributions make this site a better place to visit. Now, that being said, I really have a problem with the way you come off on the guestbook. Over the months, I've seen you personally attack a lot of people on here (now that I'm saying this, I guess I'll be next). You and most people on here have me beat hands down on how much you know about the Band, the members & their history. But I used to come here a lot because I love their music - plain & simple. I don't know what goes on via private e-mail, but thanks to your "holier than thou" attitude sometimes, a lot of people have been chased away. You may know how many hits or whatever this page gets, I don't. But from reading the postings I can see myself that there are a lot of regular guestbook posters. As to the regular viewers, actually, this is where I had my bookmark set to - you can access any of the other pages you want, but this is the one for the real interaction with other people. But, whenever someone says something you think is moronic, then you jump on them. Peter Viney (although I personally quick scan through his stuff - sorry Peter) is also a wealth of knowledge. If anyone has a question, he can usually answer it, or tell you where you can find the answer. Then there's David Powell, Bones, Luis, Sundog and a lot of others whose posts I very much enjoy reading.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think you are wrong about how many people come to this guestbook regularly. I think there'd be a lot more who came and stayed if you didn't get so nasty sometimes. I started not coming back because things were just plain ugly around here for a little while. So, please DON'T STOP contributing, don't stop posting. Maybe you should just scroll right on by the things you don't like. IMO,this is a forum for everyone to (in a polite manner) express their thoughts, opinions, questions, whatever. No-one should be afraid to hold back what they have to say for fear of being flamed on here or privately.

Well, enough of my rambling. Very much looking forward to "Jubilation". Peter Fleming & Jan - beautiful drawings on the main page!! (Thanks Serge) Peace!!

Mon Aug 17 17:16:39 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


Yes it is the same video. I tried to order the combination video/cd here in Toronto and it never came in. I will tell you that the Video you buy is about 15 minutes longer than any TV version; which has been edited

Mon Aug 17 16:07:03 MET DST 1998

The Doctor

From: Woodstock, NY
Home page

GREAT site. Fantastic benefit show Saturday night at "Joyous Lake". Plenty of "Drop in" local talent kept the place rockin' & rollin'...John Sebastian and Jim Vivino.....Tom Pacheco....Then along comes Jim Wieder....still later Rick comes to add to the music... New album "Jubilation" will be out next month.. recorded here in Woodstock at Levon's studio.

Mon Aug 17 15:25:20 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

Can anyone tell me if the Classic Album video"The Band" is the same video that is in the Rhino cd video set? If so I'll only buy the cd because I taped the video last night and I have been having trouble tracking down the set.

Mon Aug 17 14:50:27 MET DST 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

I was in a record store a few days, and I stumbled across Levon Helm's self titled solo CD. I don't think it is as good as American Son, but it's not bad. Keep up the good work Jan.

Mon Aug 17 13:55:09 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

To Jan, Thanks for signing our web site guessbook, we're stoked about it! Seems like we have the same taste in music, so I'm hoping that if you should ever throw a BAND PARTY, "PLEASE", invite me and my crew, cuz I know, I would be in the best of company!(musically and friendship's too). I'm sure that it would have to be last at LEAST a few days!!! We'll be the First at your door. King Harvest Well Surely Come! PEACE, Tim.

Mon Aug 17 12:40:41 MET DST 1998



grew up with their music Miss them a lot since they broke but still give a lot of pleasure. Spent a lot of time in STAVANGER it would have been my home if I could have bought land. Great site from a good Norwegian (they all are).

Mon Aug 17 08:41:04 MET DST 1998

Ron Weiss

From: Originally Woodstock Ny. Now Orlando Fl. Yes Orlando Sucks!

Love The Band!Grew up on the music what a lucky bastard I was!

Mon Aug 17 05:04:38 MET DST 1998

His Eminence , Coporal Capricorn

From: Capricornia

Mr. Donabie the publisher of the book is Helter Skelter. I'm in the Minnesota so not far from Canada. The book is interesting, different from Hoskyns' or Helm's books. It unfortuantely lacks interviews (at least as far as I've read) with the primary people, even from other sources. ps-- Can anyone give the rest of us the 411 on what happened on the chat?

Mon Aug 17 04:13:24 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

I just watched The Classic Album documentary about the Band. Made me realize once again just how musical Levon is and appreciate him all over again. Also made me realize how much the world lost when we lost Richard. Still feel very sad when I see old video of him.

Sun Aug 16 21:02:41 MET DST 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Norway

Good to see that you Band fans from "the land of the rising sun" visit this web site. "Share Your Love" is my favorite from that album too. Richard's voice indeed came "From Deep Inside His Soul", and nowhere is this more evident than on _Moondog.._ I am also listening to the CD version right now. What an album! Richard is incredible and Garth works miracles on his keys.

Sun Aug 16 17:52:40 MET DST 1998


From: Tokyo,Japan

I Bought Moon Dog Matinnie CD Few Days Ago. This One Is Remaster CD . And Sounding Warm At Me. I Sure Listened Richards Vocal From Deep Inside His Soul. Like Bobby Blue Bland or Ray Charles. Share Your Love(With Me) is My Favorite One.

Sun Aug 16 14:50:07 MET DST 1998


From: L.I.,N.Y.

Congradulations to The Band on 30 years of music making history.Listening to music brings harmony to the mind. Thanx! If it weren"t for music and good drugs I would have thrown the towel in long ago. Jan, this site is worth all the hard work and dedication you put into it. Thank-you. Seeing Rick here in Sept. for the umtenth time.I need a night out. I love reading all the P.V. entries as well as everyone else"s. njoy 2day

Sun Aug 16 12:22:25 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Postscript: If you want more on 1965/66, get hold of ISIS #79, June-July 1998. This has a long interview with 1966 Hawks drummer Mickey Jones, plus a long article by Michael Gray reviewing ‘Hollywood Bowl 1965’ and C.P. Lee’s ‘Like The Night.’ There’s also an interview with D.A. Pennebaker. ISIS has a web site at Mickey Jones has a book coming out called ‘Mickey Jones: Rock & Roll Survivor.’ (no more details in Isis). Mickey has a great relaxed style and I am looking forward to it.

Quotes from the Isis interview: ‘I was never a fancy drummer, I didn’t play drum solos, but I had a right foot like a 105 howitzer, and I did, I played hard and I played loud … I had Robbie firin’ there and I had Rick Danko firin’ there, and they’re cranked all the way up …’ It also seems that the best remunerated of The Hawks was … Mickey Jones. He got hotel expenses and the others didn’t. Mickey says, ‘So now I look back, God, I was doin’ better than Robbie, that was pretty cool!’ He also reveals that he was on salary for over a year after the motorcycle crash. Another tasty morsel:

"Some of the soundchecks turned into really, really good jam sessions. Sometimes we’d get out there, and start playing the blues man, and it would go on for an hour, just jamming. So it’s a shame we haven’t got some of that stuff on record, because that would be some good stuff."

Sun Aug 16 11:09:52 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

LIKE THE NIGHT by C.P. Lee is from Helter Skelter Publishing. Their web site is You can phone their own bookstore direct at +44 171 836 1151.

This is an excellent dissection of the 66 tour and a great read, but I would warn that it has much less on The Hawks than I was hoping for. Anyway, hopefully Sony really will publish the accompanying soundtrack in September.

Sun Aug 16 10:10:17 MET DST 1998

Gavin Van Eede

From: Melbourne Australia

Only just logged on , enjoying what I've seen so far .

Sun Aug 16 04:09:50 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate New York

Hey Uncle Rick! Sorry I missed you on the net tonight...I'll be in touch when they have the transcripts...I had some REALLY GOOD questions to ask you...DAMN! TTYL! P.S. Tell Aunty Elizabeth howdy!

Sun Aug 16 03:08:04 MET DST 1998


Kevin, thanks for answering my question. I'll look for Goldmine next week!

Sat Aug 15 23:58:31 MET DST 1998


From: Quincy MA. USA

I'm packing my bags once again . THE BANDS music has taken me places yet to be dicovered. As I prepair to take yet an other journy . I still seek guitar cords for the newer solo tunes . As we mix old BAND members with new (proven) BAND members I can't weight to strap on the "ear phone belts" . To all of us into "BANDOLIGY" RICK ,GARTH ,LEE,AND ALL THE REST , All systems are go "WOODSTOCK, WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM" Plz help on the cords I would be a-might deeply greatful . Good health to all . DR. UGG

Sat Aug 15 23:07:09 MET DST 1998

Jan Storø

From: Moss, Norway

Great site, Jan. Only trouble for me, another Norwegian called Jan, is that I recieve a lot of greetings for the sites when I approach the chat room. Well, no problem really; de hyggelige hilsnene er nå sendt videre til han som skal ha dem (that was a little norwegian, nothing important) Fun to participate in the chat with Rick, Garth and Levon today. I actually managed to get a question through, but I did not get any answer to my question about tour dates in Norway

Sat Aug 15 22:19:02 MET DST 1998

Jo Skogly Vørre

From: Norvay, but living in Denmark

finding this place was like seeing gosts on a highway

Sat Aug 15 22:05:45 MET DST 1998

john donabie

Corporal...could you tell us the publisher for those of us who wish to find the book in Canada?

Thank you.

Sat Aug 15 22:05:28 MET DST 1998

john donabie

Corporal...could you tell us the publisher for those of us who wish to find the book in Canada?

Thank you.

Sat Aug 15 20:30:36 MET DST 1998

Corporal Capricorn

hi for those interested in Bandland. There's new book called "Like the NIght" by CP Lee all about the 66 tour with Dylan and particularly the Manchester Free Trade Hall show. The book has been in Britain since the beginning of the year but its just now reaching the US. I got it yesterday and its an interesting read. Lee is an eyewitness to the Mnachester concert and he has some rare photos from the show.ANybody else got this book or care of what to talk about it?

Sat Aug 15 18:22:56 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

I _love_ the portraits on the home page. Rick with that Tom Sawyer-partyboy grin, Levon Mephisto-like behind the drums with the mike on the side, Garth dreaming over the accordian, Robbie, oh well...playing the guitar and looking like ehm..Robbie. The Richard painting is just wonderful :´-( Thanks, Paul Fleming. Thanks Jan. Skaal.

Sat Aug 15 17:25:54 MET DST 1998

David D.

From: Toronto Ontario

The portraits are fantastic. Will certainly be interested in bying some prints. Tanks.I love the Band.

Sat Aug 15 15:15:46 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

Jan - thanks. I think the new artwork is great. As far as the limited vinyl copy, it's 10.00 (US). On the pre-order form there is an option for CD, tape or vinyl. I didn't notice this earlier. To the person asking about the new GOLDMINE. It is the August 28th issue. VOL 24. No 18. Issue 472. Typically, GOLDMINE releases issues 2 weeks ahead of time. So this issue hit the stands on AUG 14.

Sat Aug 15 14:58:21 MET DST 1998


From: New York

_Great_ home page Jan! Very impressive... Paul Fleming did an excellent job! Will copies of those prints be available for purchase? Once again, your hard work and dedication to this site is much appreciated :-)

Sat Aug 15 06:50:32 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

I too saw Robbie on GMA doing Dixie. Great to see him with John Simon and Ho-Jo, too. And while I enjoyed the song immensely, I couldn't help but think that the performance made it all clear for anyone who did not already know just how great a singer Levon is.

Sat Aug 15 04:14:19 MET DST 1998


What issue of Goldmine is Robbie in? I saw the Aug. 14 issue in a Blockbuster store today. Is it the next issue and you got it early?

Sat Aug 15 02:30:56 MET DST 1998

Cesaria Evora

From: Cabo Verde

Mr. Pancoast, I believe Mr. Luis teaches school..I could be wrong, seems to me he mentioned that way back somewhere. He is also the gentleman who is fond of emphasizing and expressing his feelings on this "family" web site, and more than once, by using phrases like " For Chr....sakes" or just " Jes... Chr...t" ( as in his expression of saddness at the loss of a Grateful Dead member). . It makes for good erudite and convincing entries. Do a little search'll see. I did, and by the way I found an Email address offered by HIM that must be the one that is at his place of employment. Who can be blamed? Your curiosity satisfied?? If I'm wrong Mr. Luis, forgive me. But me don theenk so!

Sat Aug 15 00:07:31 MET DST 1998

Tom Kotenberg

From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

Thanks to The Band for the music that has had a influence for me and so many others. KEEP THE MUSIC LIVE!!!!!

Fri Aug 14 22:17:33 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

The press release from River North (see the news page for more) says:

As a special offer, In The Studio will offer a limited-release colored vinyl edition of Jubilation that will not be available through any other retail or online outlet. A link from In The Studio will allow consumers to purchase the vinyl collector's disc at TappedInto.Com, or to pre-order a copy of the Jubilation CD on River North Records.

That's all I know about this "special" LP so far.

Fri Aug 14 21:56:35 MET DST 1998

The Dude

From: Somewhere in NY

Peter, Hubert Sumlin is DA MAN! Saw him with Jorma a number of years back at Uncle Willie's. He blew Jorma away! That was back in the era of those Rick and Butter shows!

Fri Aug 14 21:37:23 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

Jan, your new page on Jubliation mentions that the 'Limited-edition colored vinyl LP will be released in September 1998.' Any info on whether this can be pre-ordered?

Fri Aug 14 20:55:11 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

From: PA

Haven't been around for a while - just thought I'd stop on by and say Hi! Jan - Congratulations on the long overdue recognition for this site!! Luis - Sounds like a great show you got to see last weekend - I'm jealous!! This years Furthur Festival did wonders for someone that has been sorely jonesing for some live Grateful Dead music. Sorry to see about that nasty e-mail you got at work - sad to see that some stuff hasn't changed around here since my last visit. BTW, what is your line of work - you've piqued my curiosity?!

Fri Aug 14 19:53:10 MET DST 1998

tiny M.

From: outwest

I can't believe Robbie is playing with John Simon. That in it self is a small miracle, perhaps he could be the man to end the long,long fued between Levon and Robbie. Just a thought. I hope they (John & Robbie) are planning a tour. That would be one hell of a show, hell, might as well invite Honeyboy and Partyboy, because we all know what happens when you have to much fun! Congrats Jan, on your much deserved recognition! You know you are the man! I won't even discuss that guy with the advanced Jubilation tape! At least give us a full review and song details, if you're going to boast like that!

Fri Aug 14 18:11:23 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Did anyone see Robbie on Good Morning America yesterday? It was wonderful!! He played "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" with a great band that included John Simon on piano, John Sebastian on harp, Howard Johnson and David Sanborn on horns, and others. I could not believe it. He has not played with Simon and Johnson since The Last Waltz. A real treat.

Fri Aug 14 17:56:47 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ont

JAN: You are already are famous to all of us and the BAND! Thanks for all the hard work!

Fri Aug 14 17:22:55 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I don't know if this one's been mentioned before, but I just picked up 'A Tribute To Howlin' Wolf' on Telarc, which features Hubert Sumlin with a band featuring Colin linden. Ronnie Hawkins (Back Door Man), Taj Mahal (Saddle My pony) and Lucinda Williams (Come To Me Baby) are among the singers.

BTW, reading about Garth & Levon playing on Mercury Rev's new album - there is a slight connection. Andy Gill who invariably reviews any Band-related material in 'The Independent' gave the last Mercury Rev a rave review, and (if my memory serves me well) implied that those who liked the work of Garth Hudson should check it out. I did. Suitably impressed, too.

Fri Aug 14 16:52:46 MET DST 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

One of the major newspapers in Norway, Dagbladet, did a story on The Band, the upcoming web chat, and this web site today. They even mentioned yours truly ... maybe I'll become famous now and someone'll start paying me for this and I'll get web groupies and ... and loads of free stuff and jet-set drugs and ... ehm... well. If you wanna read some Norwegian, check out the web notice in Dagbladet.

Btw, the new design for the main page, with original paintings made especially for this web site, is ready soon. The artwork will probably be available for purchase later.

Fri Aug 14 15:33:20 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

I stronly urge all of you fans of Emmylou Harris, if you haven't already done so, to run out & buy her new just-released album _SPYBOY_ (Eminent Records #EM-25001-2). This CD was recorded from live performances, containing tightly reworked versions of both older & newer material.

Emmylou's beautiful voice & acoustic guitar are accompanied on this album by Buddy Miller (on vocals & lead guitar), Brady Blade (on drums & vocals) and Daryl Johnson (on bass & vocals). This trio of musicians has toured with Emmylou for the last two years, since the release of her last album, _Wrecking Ball_. The spare, atmospheric sound they provide gives the music, deeply rooted in traditional country, a lean, more contemporary urban backdrop. The space left between the vocals leaves just enough room for interplay between the trio of instrumentalists. This sound is greatly influenced by Emmylou's past assoication with Daniel Lanois, whom she thanks in her liner notes for "the blueprints and the roadmap."

Buddy Miller, who co-produced the album along with Ms. Harris, is a standout vocalist & guitarist. Although his playing style is often restrained & understated, when he steps forward to solo, he opens up both barrels & fires out notes like shotgun pellets in dove hunting season. Just listen to the versions of Rodney Crowell's "Ain't Living Long Like This" and Paul Kennerley's "Born To Run". Miller's harmony vocals on "Love Hurts" and the classic Chris Hillman / Gram Parsons song "Wheels" are also outstanding. Newer Lanois-influenced songs such as "Where Will I Be" and "Deeper Well" showcase Emmylou's honey-smooth voice against the intricate interplay of the trio of fine musicians.

Buddy Miller is very much in demand these days. In addition to recording & touring with Emmylou, he occasionally tours as part of Steve Earle's backup group, The Dukes. Miller also played on Lucinda Williams' latest album _Car Wheels On A Gravel Road_, contributing guitar parts & singing harmony on that album's title cut. Mr. Miller has also released two fine albums of his own for Hightone Records, 1995's _Your Love And Other Lies_ and _Poison Love_, released in 1997. These two CDs contain gritty, down-home country music, with guest appearances from Emmylou, Lucinda & Steve Earle. Miller is not your typical cowboy hat wearing country star, cut from a cookie mold in Nashville. He's a fine original songwriter, guitarist & singer with a unique sound, Incidently, his wife Julie Miller is a great singer & songwriter also, who performs with her husband and on her own.

Most music reviewers use a star rating system. I prefer to use beer cans, and Emmylou's _SPYBOY_, as well as Buddy Miller's two CDs, get a full six-pack rating from me.

Fri Aug 14 11:30:26 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Halden, Norway

And another test...sorry.

Fri Aug 14 11:20:28 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Halden, Norway

Just testing a few things here after putting an "ad" for Jubilation on all the web pages.

Fri Aug 14 05:23:59 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

To understand " The Band " and it's members, one has to look at yourself and your fights with your own family members, and longtime friends, working and playing. Pete Townsend said it best on the David Letterman Show tonight. All things, including people REUNITE, takes just a little while. Across The GREAT DIVIDE is a simi close book of The Band, but unlike family and friends, we'll only hear; what we WANT to HEAR.

Fri Aug 14 05:07:12 MET DST 1998

Friend of a Friend

From: NY

My recipe for a perfect evening - sitting on my deck in a soft breeze, a glass of wine in my hand, and listening to a tape of "Jubilation" on the stereo. This album is worth the wait! Makes me want to be at a show, hearing (and seeing) it live. Can't wait for it to be released so you all can hear it. You're gonna love it! Peace to all.

Thu Aug 13 21:45:48 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Serge: Thanks a lot for the information on the Realplayer G2. You are right--that does the trick.

I received my new issue of Goldmine Magazine today in the mail. Robbie is on the cover, and there are some great photos and a great interview(more down to earth). He says that the thing that makes him most proud of his days with the Band was the fact that there were five Equal parts, not just two or three main guys as in other bands. Obviously, this is something we all know, but it is nice to hear Robbie say it.

Thu Aug 13 19:35:19 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Rolling Stone and Ice Magazine are both reporting that _The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966 (The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert)_ will be released SEPTEMBER 29.

Thu Aug 13 02:45:45 MET DST 1998


From: Toronto

I can't seem to find the links on the IN THE STUDIO web site for the video or the photographs. Can anybody help me out?

Thu Aug 13 01:54:01 MET DST 1998


From: out west

Man, those new songs sound fantastic. That Danko vocal on "Book Faded Brown " will no doubt be a classic! He must be real tempted to play that at his solo gigs! Levon sounds real strong on the recordings "Back to Memphis" "White Cadillac", but when he speaks you know instantly that something is happening here, but we don't know what it is? I hope someone will seek the truth from him (in a loving way) on Saturday! The sound of this new album will be sure EUPHORIA for any Band fan. This is the album that we've all been waiting for! One of the songs had a horn part in it that sounded a lot like "Ain't That A Lotta Love". I hate to end it on a downer, but this will be the first ever Band record without any vocals from The Gobbler! Richard would no doubt be proud of his compadres. And yes Richard you did break even.........

Thu Aug 13 00:39:50 MET DST 1998

Serge D.

A lot of people seem to have problems with the "IN STUDIO" promo video of " Jubilation " and the plug in.. So did I..even though I had Real Player. I downloaded "Real Player G2" FREE from It worked fine with this Real Player upgrade. Do it.. the " Jubilation " preview IS worth it. You'll hear short teasers of several tunes of the recording and you'll salivate. :)

Wed Aug 12 22:25:15 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thanks Jan! The information about Jubilation makes my day. I am having trouble watching the video about it, however.

Wed Aug 12 21:03:57 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Halden, Norway

Esta, The In The Studio site says "The chat transcript, photos and promotional video will be archived at for the next year." So, I guess we can "liberate" a copy of the transcript and store it at this site too.

Wed Aug 12 20:28:25 MET DST 1998

Esta F.

From: NYC

Jan: My computer is at work and I don't have access to the internet over the weekend. Any chance the web chat re: Jubilation will be reprinted on this web site?

Wed Aug 12 19:19:43 MET DST 1998


From: MA

Re: my previous post, as usual, Jan is a step ahead. There's a link for Saturday's chat in "What's New." The short video is great. While the live chat and brief video will be good, I do wonder, what happened to the plans for the longer video supposed to be available on the web today. They shot all this tape, have a nice long video, had talked about making it available today on the WEB, and it just kind of fizzled. Any explanation? Yes, I'm looking forward to the chat and the short video is great, but... what happened to August 12th? What, if anything becomes of the footage shot in Woodstock? Anybody know?

Wed Aug 12 18:50:26 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Thanks Jan for quickly posting the information regarding In The Studio's web link on the _Jubilation_ preview. They've got a nice short video stream with interviews & sound samples of several of the new songs.

Also, _Robbie Robertson: Going Home_ was released on DVD on 7/28/98. The retail list price is just $14.98!

Wed Aug 12 18:19:11 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Norway

The web chat is on, see the news page. I heard about this about 30 mins ago...

Wed Aug 12 17:54:35 MET DST 1998


From: MA

Today's "concert" on the web was supposed to feature some promotional video shot by Candee up at the barn in Woodstock. Nobody seems to know anything. Translation: ain't gonna happen today. has some clips. They claim they are going to have a "live" chat with Levon, Rick and Aaron on Sat Aug. 15th at 4pm CST (good luck finding my IE came up with zilch. Found it through a basic search on AOL (don't know if Saturday chat is real, but that's what they claim) Anybody know anything, please post

Wed Aug 12 17:49:59 MET DST 1998

Wolfgang Schröder

From: Germany / Hamburg

HI i`ve been also waiting for the updated website. i´ve been waiting for nothing. could some one tell me where the next internetconcert will be? i´m also waiting for the next live concert in germany.maybe someone knowes some tourdates for germany (IF THERE IS A TOUR) answers to Wolfgang Schröder Brahmsallee 41 20144 Hamburg / Germany many greetings to all "THE BAND" fans

Wed Aug 12 16:52:29 MET DST 1998

Rebecca Reese

From: Aiken, SC

We have been enjoying The Last Waltz on video. Does anyone know the site and time for concert live with THE BAND on 8/12? We have been watching for an update on the Jim Weider site, but it hasn't been updated.

Wed Aug 12 03:26:08 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page:

Luis, I don't know you, but I'll bet you would never part with that Rick Danko shirt, would you? It sure sounds like you have some pretty Class"A" bands out where you live! What a Grateful Day to to have seen a Grateful Dead Tribute band, I guess you were at the right place at the right time, no kid'n. Peace!

Wed Aug 12 02:16:52 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur, NY Otsego Cty.

I just ordered the 1982 Levon Helm solo album from "The Ultimate Band List" store page. I did not realize it had been re-released. The information provided states the album has been available since 2/98. Great news !!!! I think so anyway.....I watched "Fire down below" the other night on HBO. Levon has alot of on camera time. Silly movie, but fun seeing Levon. During a picnic scene, he was playing an acoustic guitar and singing what sounded like an "old time music" song. I thought it would be interesting for Levon and/or Rick to release a tradional folk music album (sort of like the Jerry Garcia/DavidGrisman cd "Not for kids only" - In the Doc Watson spirit of things). Just a fleeting thought, also influenced by a cassette of Levon and Ricks 1983 acoustic tour that I own.

Wed Aug 12 01:21:31 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

I forgot

And then Sunday Night it was Carlos Santana with Los Lobos as the opening band at an outdoor venue here in Phoenix. Carlos talked a bit about Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bob Marley as he usually does but oddly, he didn't mention Jerry Garcia.

Los Lobos tho, God bless 'em, they actually did "I Know You Rider" as a tribute. I was so proud to be a Mexican Indian that night.



Wed Aug 12 01:15:58 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

The funniest and coolest thing happened to me Saturday night. I went to a bar to see a band by the name of "Extra Ticket". they do 75% Grateful Dead, 20% The Band and 5% Allman Brothers. Being the special night that it was, it was all Dead and Jerry Garcia music. Excellent, talented group of artists in their 30's and 40's. Anyway, I wore my tye-dyed Rick Danko Woodstock Tour t-shirt. When I walked in the bar, a couple of heads turned to look at my shirt, 3 people commented. One drunk said he saw Rick in Somewhere Iowa and it was a bad show, one guy just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. The third guy, and I thought this was hilarious! The third guy looks at my shirt, he gets this... this bizarre maniacal looking grin on his face and he runs, and I mean RUNS over to me, grabs me by my arms and starts screaming in my face, "Where's Robbie man!?!?!", "WHEEEEERE'S ROBBIE MAN?!?!?!?!?" "WHEEEEERE'S ROBBIE?!?!?!?!?"

I responded by saying,

"We'd all like to know".



Wed Aug 12 00:45:45 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Random thoughts:

1. Rick made no mention of the new album at his concert @ Hicksville High School 8/7. 2. The concert link here did a half-assed job of providing the location & details. Pollstar was no better. 3. No details here on 8/12 Internet concert. 4. Plenty of arguing and bad vibes and impersonators 5. I await my copy of Levons RCO Allstars from 1977.

Tue Aug 11 22:35:57 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

I'm copy and pasting an e-mail that I received at MY WORK e-mail address. Whoever you are that sent this, in case you don't know what I do for a livng, I strongly suggest that you ask around to the regulars. I will once and only once demand that you NEVER write to me at my work e-mail address with profanity laden garbage. take my advice because I promise, PROMISE that you will be held responsible. Understood? -----Original Message----- From: Fixer Upper [] Sent: Friday, August 07, 1998 7:17 PM To: Loucks, Luis Subject: band site Loucks, don't mess with Serge's name again on the band site again as you just did. He's a friend and you know shit, and you can just stay the fuck off that page with your opinions of other people. Mind your own affairs. Please take this advice.

Tue Aug 11 21:54:26 MET DST 1998


From: Northern New Mexico

A cyber illiterate, I stumbled on the Guestbook while trying to confirm, or hopefully deny, rumors about Levon's health. I'm so grateful for the concert, record and other info that for the first time, I will try to communicate with you all. Sad to say, The Band doesn't get out this way too often. I saw the Albuquerque show in May of 1996, and had a moment with Levon and Rick beforehand. (Levon said - Heeey baby...I swooned, just like 25 years ago.) I have no idea how the sound was or whether they made any mistakes; it was a transcendent experience. I was only disappointed that they played at Midnight Rodeo and I couldn't bring my underage children. I also saw Rick play with Eric Anderson and Jonas Fjeld in Taos in 1995. The show was on a weeknight and (Iguess) poorly promoted and only a handful of people showed up. Anderson looked bummed, but Rick seemed to be having fun, and I felt good for days afterward. For reasons I try not to overanalyze, seeing any of these guys play under nearly any conditions is always worth a road trip to me. Do any of you music lovers know what became of Roger Tilotson from Duncan, Oklahoma, who used to sing and play guitar at the Sled Hill Cafe in Woodstock back in 69 or 70? I've already asked everyone I know in Oklahoma. I hope he's still on this side. I like the Guestbook. I have been informed, amused, outraged, and sometimes think we should all get a life. At the risk of stating the obvious, we all might keep in mind that the only people who know the truth about the past are those who witnessed it all, and then could remember enough to process it somehow. And that leaves out most of us. I had a ringside seat from time to time back in the days, but it was quite a revelation to read Lee's book and find out what was really going on. I suppose it's fine to have theories as long as we're aware that we could be full of shit. Though I could be wrong. Jan -- I love what you've done here. My sincere, though inexpert, compliments. Can't wait for the new record. Peace and good health for Levon and all of you.

Tue Aug 11 21:43:08 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Halden, Norway

Watch the main page, boys and girls. Soon this will be the only web site on the net (that I know of, anyway) that will have original paintings made by the artist exclusively for the site on the home page. As soon as I get the time to do the graphics job, that is. A little overworked at the moment, but soon.... thanks to the guy making this possible, and to the artist. Stay tuned. Peace.

Tue Aug 11 21:36:13 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

It was mentioned on this site(in the news/gossip section) that Levon played on some tracks for the Fire Down Below soundtrack. His name is not mentioned in the CD liner notes, but I have heard from more than one source that he plays on it. Can anyone confirm this, and, if so, what tracks does he play on?

To Serge: I am sorry if I implied that you do not contribute to this site. I especially enjoy all the old photos that you have provided. You are correct, for you do not owe me anything. I was just commenting on the fact that you spend more time in the guestbook slamming people than talking about Band related issues.

Tue Aug 11 20:36:53 MET DST 1998


From: East of Syracuse/ West of OZ

TO: David Powell, Hey bud, I was at the Glen in 73. Witnessed a good friend plummet to his death when a flare he had been using in a sky divin exhibition exploded while attached to his leg. Just plain awful. The music on the other hand was as you would expect, highly enjoyable. I was in the first 10 rows or so if you could call them rows; and hey speakin about intimate, I was crunched right in there with all those females just sweatin away in the hot summer sun. Had already run out of all beverages so intimate communal relations became a matter of survival. Im closin in on 50 now but I'm absolutely ready to do it again. Small sacrifice for such a historical event.

Tue Aug 11 19:44:57 MET DST 1998


From: out west

Where have all the French girls gone? Is tomorrow still ago? Does anyone have info?

Tue Aug 11 19:24:54 MET DST 1998


From: MA

I've asked the same question, (about the web concert Wednesday night) Nobody's posted. Some have been too busy bickering. You'd think it would be priority. Word is, the 'concert' is video clips from the promotional video. Anyone know the time? Site? Please post! Thanks.

Tue Aug 11 16:31:49 MET DST 1998

Wayne Knight

From: Augusta, GA

Hey! Does anyone know the website for the Band concert Wed. night? Is it still on? Jimmy lists it on his page and its mentioned in the news section here, but no other details. Please post something if anyone out there knows. Thanks!

Tue Aug 11 15:34:51 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: somewhere north of Statesboro, Georgia

Recents comments here about the Grateful Dead reminded me of a very memorable concert I attended years ago in Atlanta. Although I wasn't one of the hundreds of thousands who witnessed The Band, the Dead & the Allman Brothers Band at Watkins Glen, I did see two of those groups play together in much more intimate circumstances.

On Sunday afternoon, May 18, 1970, I went to see the Dead in Atlanta. They were booked to play in little place called the Sports Arena, a venue devoted mostly to local wrestling events. When my friends & I walked into the place & immediately ran into Duane & Greg Allman, we had a feeling we were in for a treat. It seems as though the Dead had just played in Boston & some of their equipment got left behind; so the Allmans drove up from Macon to lend them some of their stuff & much more as we would soon learn.

The opening act that day was Atlanta's own legendary Hampton Grease Band who performed their typical wild set of jazz/blues/rock, a hilarious blend that sounded like the Ventures meet Captain Beefheart & Howlin' Wolf on acid. Glenn Phillips, one Hampton's guitarists, would later go on to achieve some reknown as a guitar hero. Colonel Hampton himself still performs & records for the revived Capricorn label. (He is also an accomplished actor who recently appeared in the movie _Sling Blade_. He played the part of one of Dwight Yoakam's musician friends; he's the pot-bellied guy in the jumpsuit who gives the discourse on songwriting).

After Hampton's set, the Dead took the stage & preceeded to play much of the then new material that appeared on the _Workingman's Dead_ album. They also played some old standards that included Pigpen's high octane blues vocals & Garcia's inspired rendition of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" that brought forth whoops of delight from the Southern crowd.

Following their typical long set, the Dead were joined on stage by Duane, Greg, bassist Barry Oakley & drummer Butch Trucks from the Allman Bros. Duane hit some mournful blues notes on his Les Paul as they launched into an extended version of "Dark Star". It was amazing how good Garcia & Duane sounded together as they swapped soaring leads against a backdrop of shifting rhythms & Greg's churning chords on the Hammond B-3. After about an hour-long jam , the concert ended with the Dead & the Allmans performing a rousing version of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." It was truly a concert to remember; the musicians were really "hittin' the note" that afternoon, as the Allman Bros. used to say.

Tue Aug 11 13:40:10 MET DST 1998

Tim SUNDOG Corcoran

From: Madiison, Wisconsin
Home page:

To all of The Band Fans, I was KINDA stoned last night, and I made a date mistake on the last concert by one of the last great Americian bands;The Band,and the Grateful Deads (last shows together) was on July 09th 1995 at Soldier Field in Chicago Ill. Aug.09th 1995 was one sad day for me as well as(I'm sure) The Bands; was Jerry Garcia's passing which we all know. Have a Grategul day!!!

Tue Aug 11 04:54:40 MET DST 1998


From: N.Y

Lars; They are all very much aware of this site, and have been for a while...I was simply regarding to the posts with Ricks name... Levon & Rick are not into the internet,,yet have received lots of feedback regarding various posts from several close friends. Enuf said. mama

Tue Aug 11 03:11:36 MET DST 1998

Tim SUNDOG Corcoran

From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page

Hey now, I have been trying to seek out anyone who may know, or have The Bands "LAST" performence audio, and or, video of the Grateful Deads last gig at Soldier Field in Chicago Aug.09th 1995.It seems that The Grateful Deads audio of the show is everywhere! And if anyone knows of a band that does cover-tributes of The Band, please, by all means, send them our way. Levon, Rick, Garth, or even Robbie would be exceptable!!! I had the once in a life pleasure of meeting with Levon, Rick, right off their bus at The House of Blues in L.A. 1994, and I then learned the full meaning of the words "Star Struck". I just would like to say to all who read this; MAY ONE OF THE LAST AMERICIAN BANDS(THE BAND) LIVE WELL, LAUGH OFTEN, AND BE LOVED MUCH!!!

Tue Aug 11 00:58:57 MET DST 1998

Dr, Ugg

From: Quincy MA, USA

I have been blessed to have seen RICK quit a few times . Each time might not be better than the last . You see, there are all great shows . And all are different . To see RICK is money well spent . If any one has guitar cords of his newer solo stuff PLZ point the way . Rick has been good to us down here south of Boston . I can only hope good health has found both RICK & LEE . to both of you "THE VERY BEST (GARTH TOO) & all the rest TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON THIS SITE . Dr. Ugg

Tue Aug 11 00:38:05 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

MAMA LISA: thanks for the input on Rick's saying that he's never entered a post in this guestbook, it comes as no surprise: Rick is a busy man. BUT he was in Northampton, MA a couple of weeks ago and between songs (at the Iron Horse) he was talking about this guestbook. He talked of a guy who went to see Levon and the Crowmatix and on the way "the sun was setting into the foothills of the Catskills" (this was almost taken verbatim from Stu Hruska's beautiful entry of July 13th). So even if Rick doesn't write in here, he DOES read the posts (or at least he hears about it from someone who follows this site).

Mon Aug 10 21:28:56 MET DST 1998


Hangover..: I don't believe that anything that I've said here was idiotic. I don't need to smoke anything to cope with the mentality of most of the habituals here who take themselves a little too seriously. I've contributed my share to this site..and more to come soon. I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

Bones, is your record stuck ??? What about the Band ? Browse through this web site if you need to know anything. I owe you nothing, and I've given enough. Catch up to my contributions, then we'll talk.

Mon Aug 10 20:47:48 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Serge uses strong words. Some times he should think for a while before posting. Some times he behaves like an idiot in here (I suspect some times he is about as drunk as me when he posts). But, unlike some of you guys that pick on him all time (it is so goddamn safe to kick the guy that everyone else kicks, eh?), ol' Serge always has a reason for what he does, and he always says why he is angry with people. And I think he should be respected for sharing some his Band material with us. I just did a "Search" here for Daniloff, some pretty interesting stuff ... e.g. check the Garth photos. Keep on keepin' on Serge. Perhaps you should smoke some to mellow out, though. Peace.

Mon Aug 10 19:19:17 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Peter Viney: You were right to point out the How Sweet It Is album. That record also takes a stab at Dylan and the Band's "Tough Mama". I'm not sure if it is the organ or not, but I tend to play the Jerry Garcia Band's music more than the Dead's.

To Serge: Tell us about the Band?

Mon Aug 10 00:20:48 MET DST 1998

Wouter van der Zwaan

From: Rotterdam, Holland

Great site! I have a question. Is there anybody there who has a full version of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down as performed solo by Robbie Robertson on the Classic Albums video? Or does anybody know where to get it? Please e-mail me, I'm desperate. It's the best thing I ever heard...

Sun Aug 9 21:45:16 MET DST 1998

Fox Theatre

From: Bolder, Co
Home page:

Thursday, 8/20/98 BONNIE RAITT/ WILLIE NELSON with Daniel Lanois & Emmylou Harris with: Neil Finn(of Crowded House)/ Grant Lee Buffalo Due to a scheduling conflict, Robbie Robertson will not be appearing at The Fox Theatre on August 20. Replacing him on the bill will be Bonnie Raitt. You are more than welcome to return your tickets at the point of purchase. This show is sold out so availability depends on how many tickets are returned. We do apologize for any inconvenience and if you have any more questions please call 443-3399. $31.50 9:00pm 21+ Produced By: GAVIN A3 SUMMIT

Sun Aug 9 18:41:26 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

Jerry Garcia Band: They did a CD (released 1997) which is a continuation / out-takes of the Jerry Garcia Band Live. It's called 'How Sweet It Is'. As well as the Marvin Gaye classic, they have a choogle at 'Tears of Rage.' Not quite as successful as 'Dixie' but it sounds like it was a lot of fun.I still have 'American beauty' & 'Workingman's Dead' among my favourite albums.

Sun Aug 9 18:12:29 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

JAN I want you to know how impressed I am with your dedicated work on this band site. I just saw the list of the RR Making a Noise you have on the What's New section and realized again how much hard work you do for all of us and THE BAND. A GREAT BIG THANKYOU!!!!!

Sun Aug 9 07:29:10 MET DST 1998


From: Wellington NZ

I agree with Christine that The Band seemed alot happier on The Band is Back video than on TLW. However with the exception of King Harvest and Back to Memphis I found the music lifeless - especially so on It Makes No Difference where Ron Eoff misses the important bass notes that add the tension to the tune. For lack of a better word, TLW had more bulls and the music sounded more urgent (Robbies infuence?)

Sun Aug 9 05:00:31 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

I don't like to scroll over Serge's entries because sometimes people impersonate him and then they're worth reading.

Please don't recommend I scroll over nothing.

Sun Aug 9 05:00:10 MET DST 1998

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Luis: thanks for the Garcia tribute (I'm listening to his super-slow version of "Dixie" as I write this). I once saw Jerry Garcia play a bluegrass festival with Old and In the Way on the same weekend the Dead played the football stadium in DC.Like Rick and Levon, Jerry's heart was onstage, whether playing his great Gibson for 45,000 fans or his old banjo for folks at a folk festival who barely knew who he was. He is missed, but his influence we be felt for generations--like our guys...

Sun Aug 9 04:17:56 MET DST 1998


From: here & there

I love this site.... Lets not rag on and on over nonsense. It is pointless. Everyone who visits this site has the right to express themselves,,,pro or con..Serge included, so leave the guy alone. Besides,,, "Jubilation" is going to be released in a few short weeks. The Band couldn't have chosen a better title for this new cd...It is definitely an expression of great joy. Your going to love it!!! I know you will...cause I do already.. So be prepared to "purchase" this cd...It will be a welcomed addition to your collection of Band music.:)

Sun Aug 9 04:15:09 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

Uncle Hangover - Thanks. I don't know why, but I never remembered that cut from the original. When I listened to the CLW, it just seemed new to me. Thanks for pointing it out.

Sun Aug 9 03:13:36 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

I just listened to "Jerry Garcia Band Live". It's a double CD. There are two really really fabulous covers. One is The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down. Jerry sings like it's written about his father and brother in his home town. Awesome, tears and everything! The other cover is I Shall Be Released. Again, WOW! Frankly I've never quite gotten The Grateful Dead. Odd for a fan of The Band I'm sure... WAY too much good art out there to find and appreciate all of it. Frustrating as hell ain't it?

Out of respect for his achievements in his lifetime tonight I'll raise a glass to Jerry on the 3rd. anniversary of his long expected but WAY too soon death. Another one for Christ's sake... another one "Too Soon Gone".



Sun Aug 9 00:43:51 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

Serge: Now DON'T get offended, I'm not going to say anything just relax. I know you're having a busy day and the timing on this is probably pretty bad, but I'm coming up to Toronto next month and I....well, I was wondering if I swung by your town up there that maybe you'd have room to put me up for a couple of days, and you could show me around. We could hang out........just a thought. Probably you're too busy. ........I understand.

Sat Aug 8 23:47:09 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Hey Serge, you old fart. Tellin' us rednecks to mind our own business is getting old. If you wanna crap on these pages as only you can, then there's plenty of us to hold our noses and complain of the smell.

Sat Aug 8 23:28:06 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Kevin G., take another look at the track list for the CLW boot. CLW is the whole gig, and it clearly says that the tracks listed are the ones NOT on the official triple album.

Sat Aug 8 23:27:37 MET DST 1998


KEVIN my boy, you're doing exactly what I hoped all other "offended" whimps would do here. If it's NOT addressed to you, just scroll through. But most have the insatiable need to "butt into" something that does not concern them or is NOT aimed at them. Now all you "offended", "intimidated" or "annoyed" folks, open your eyes wide and say " Hey.. Yeah! That's what my mouse is for...Scrolling through things I don't like". Easy, isn't it?

Sat Aug 8 22:57:34 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA.

I must be one of the 'six' out of thousand that look at the guestbook. Be assured, I look at it EVERY day. I simply scroll past Serge's comments and the replies to him. Viney, keep posting what you like. I believe most of the 'six' don't mind. Recently found a CD-R of the Complete Last Waltx. It contains "Down South In New Orleans" with Bobby Charles. It is track 3 on disk 1. I don't believe it's listed under the track list in the Bootleg section. Recently, I also picked two of Levon's solo albums. (Both of "Levon Helm" ones). I think they are both excellent albums. Don't know what it is about his voice but it sure sounds good on a variety of material. I got a good chuckle when I found the following inside the 1981 release: JOIN NOW! THE LEVON HELM ORGANIZATION Members will receive quarterly newsletters for ONE YEAR, listing concert dates, info on TV and movie appearances and future recording information. The package will also include a picture of Levon and is biography. Membership is $6.00 per year, U.S. funds. The rest just lists the mailing address and the subscribers mailing address. Thought this was quite unique. Never heard of this before. Perhaps it never really ever took off.

Sat Aug 8 22:26:36 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

To Jonathan from England: None of The Band guys have public e-mail addresses, except for Richard Bell. You need help with your "web site", you say? Well, you could start by removing that meaningless Java crap that crashes and carries no information. Then take away 99 % of your useless graphics, and take a course in color matching. Learn from this site, it is wonderful in its simplicity and intelligent, easy-to-follow, structuring of the data.

Sat Aug 8 20:51:31 MET DST 1998

Home From Hicksville

From: the next blanket over

Had the extreme pleasure of being under that same orange/red sky last night which Freddy Fishstick previously posted about. Kids on my lap, cool summer breeze, and the closeness of a very precious friend. A beautiful night of music under the stars.

Sat Aug 8 19:40:37 MET DST 1998


From: Florida, formerly Ulster County, NY

I got the chance to see a video of the guys made somewhere in the mid 80s. I think it was called "The Band is Back". What a DIFFERENCE from "The Last Waltz"! This film included Rick, Levon, Garth and Richard. No Robbie. I must say the first difference that I noticed was the guys were so much HAPPIER and healthier-looking in this one than in TLW movie. Levon's face was hairless and regardless with or without the beard, he still was as sexy as ever (still is)! There was no horn section for "Ophelia" and I think the live audience got a better show sound-wise than was recorded but it was worth seeing anyway. Seeing Rick sing "It Makes No Difference" was mind blowing. There was also a few personal words from Levon between songs. They all seemed to be having a grand time! Then I realized why I noticed the grins and laughs. It was because I SAW their faces. (Another difference from TLW movie.) It just gave my heart a throb to the bottom of my feet to see these guys having such fun! Seeing the faces behind the voices was novel idea-who thought of that one?

Sat Aug 8 18:21:43 MET DST 1998


STOP EXAGERATING WHINEY! There are about SIX people out of thousands who bother with the Guestbook on a steady basis. This place IS NOT the CENTER of the BAND Site, as you hope it should be. Do you think that you have a captive audience of adoring readers here and that they'll swallow any nonesense that you want to feed them. ?? The great majority by far, drop in, get Band material, look at pix, perhaps say their peace..and go on. By the way.. I knew them in 1959, I know them now. Stop the crap. Don't mention me here again, stop rewriting the Scriptures and I won't tell anyone that you exist.

Sat Aug 8 16:23:30 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset

I’m going to repeat what I said months ago! Serge’s attacks can be ignored, attacked or taken with humour. Whichever. Sometimes he’s just trying to provoke, and (I hope) is doing it tongue-in-cheek. What worries me is that the vehemence, unpleasant name-calling and tone discourages some people from posting in the Guestbook. When I asked for opinions on ‘Moondog Matinee’ vocals I got a number of private e-mails with a unifying theme: a lot of people don’t feel like getting flamed for expressing their opinions in the Guestbook. I’ve noticed some familiar names disappear or post less-frequently after various outbursts. This is a forum for EVERYONE’s views. Just because someone knew The Hawks in 1959 (or whenever), it doesn’t give them divine authority to blast those of us who didn’t. All any musician can expect is the judgment of their audience’s ears. There’s no secret handshake. If Serge is being unjustly parodied by someone under the names Mr Amused / Gregor / Beau, then he could ask Jan to tell us that they are not him. Serge seems angry that people join the arguments. If you carry on an argument in an open public forum (like this), then the whole idea is that others can and will join in. If you want to be privately abusive, you can use private e-mail (though Serge does this too).

So, stay with us Luis, Lars and everyone else who’s been subjected to the abuse. And to those who read but don’t post, don’t let Serge or anyone else stop you.

BTW, last shot in the original squabble – the latest Uncut says (as I did) that ‘The Shape I’m In – The very Best of The Band’ is their best compilation: "It’s hardto believe that there is anyone out there who hasn’t got these tracks (a good compilation; truly the best), but if there is, go out and buy them now." (Peter Hogan, in UNCUT, Sept 1998). The same magazine has a wonderful series of articles on ‘Neil Young – The Wilderness Years" (Time Fades Away, On The Beach – which features Levon & Rick, and Tonight’s The Night.)

Sat Aug 8 13:59:49 MET DST 1998


From: N.Y.

For those of you who were wondering,, Rick Danko has never posted on this page.....Those posts were obviously written by someone else...He's not on line with aol,,or any other service. That's a direct quote from Rick..

Sat Aug 8 12:24:04 MET DST 1998


From: England up in the not very sunny at all as its chucking it down Lakes.
Home page:

Great web-site but it would be great to be able to send mail to members of The Band like on the Moby Grape official site ( Robbie Robertson is supposed to be into technology stuff ). If anyone wants to help with my music site just mail me.

Sat Aug 8 12:08:02 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Rod: Both 'Seatrain' & 'Marblehead Messenger' came out on CD (1990 & 1992). They were on ONE WAY RECORDS (which it says is a branch of CEMA which is a branch of Capitol which is a branch of EMI …). My copies are both 'made in Canada'. They were done fairly carelessly - there's only one CD index point for 'Sally Goodin', 'Creepin' Midnight' amnd 'OBS', but as anyone would always want to listen to all three, who's worried? I haven't seen them around for a while. They'd be good ones for Capitol to re-release.

Sat Aug 8 11:14:29 MET DST 1998


From: Wellington NZ

Going back a month or so to Peter Viney's comments on Seatrain. The "Seatrain" album is indeed one of the great albums, I recently got a copy of "Marblehead Messenger" when I was in London last Christmas and I have to say that Prodestant Preacher is a much better song about preachers than Soapbox Preacher. Like The Band, Seatrain had a couple of great singers and some great musicians. Their drummer even did a stint in The Hawks! Does any one know if the "Seatrain" album with OBS on it has ever been relreased on CD?

Sat Aug 8 05:23:13 MET DST 1998


From: MA

The reason I visit this place is to get updates or actual news on The band. Anyone have any info on the web 'concert' at a "yet to be announced" site coming up in just a few days? If you know, please post some info. thank you.

Sat Aug 8 04:19:35 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Hicksville but not common

On a cool summer night under a full moon and orange/red sky we lay in the short grass near the Dimming of the Day and had the unique pleasure of hearing Rick open with Twilight. Next came Crazy Mama who coincidently was next to us. The rest of Rick's set with Professor Louie & Ed Kaercher included: Stage Fright, It Makes No Difference, This Wheel's on Fire,Blue River, Keep on the Sunny Side, The Weight, Jamaica Farewell & Four Winds Blow. Ed Kaercher sang Carolina on My Mind and the boys closed with Shape I'm In. Rick was in good tune but obviously hadn't missed manys Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

To John from Penna or whatever your name is-take your penna and stick it where the sun don't shine anymore.

Sat Aug 8 04:14:20 MET DST 1998


I hate to do this here Arse Pedersen.: At an average of 2000 hits a day here, one half is 1000 different visitors..3 or 4 who have found my past critiques offensive is hardly HALF the Guestbook. Don't justify your idiocies. It has always been obvious that you tried to link me to another. Like Viney "the writer" has done. Leave me alone when I don't address an entry to you specifically. You have never seen me butt into a discussion between two individuals here. I've always only gone after entries that "I" have found moronic. I write this here so all know what kind of whimp I think you are. Not unlike Louis.

Sat Aug 8 04:13:24 MET DST 1998


Sat Aug 8 03:05:16 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

SERGE: It would seem that you're kind of displeased with me. That's too bad. However, I consider myself in good company since you seem to have an ongoing conflict with half of this guestbook.

I would have preferred talking about this through private e-mail, but you're the one who wants to argue in front of the whole world. It's true: I've used the name "Gen John Wayne" in an attempt to slow down the abusive "Mr Amused." I thought it was fairly obvious that I was only making up those bombing raids (you see, I don't even own an ultra-light) against the Amused armies. What perplexes me is that why would you care what I say or do to Mr Amused? You denied being him, so why do you suddenly feel offended over a fictitious conflict that ended two months ago?

Sat Aug 8 02:05:38 MET DST 1998


LUIS : I came back temporarily for my own reasons. Too many of the same people hogging this guestbook. When I retaliate I am the bad guy. When Viney uses a semblance of scriptures to ridicule someone he thinks is me, or when Arse Pedersen poses as General Wayne to demean me that's cool, right ? I never saw you come here and say " Hey general Wayne, stop this get Serge B.S."...Pedersen's bullshit was unprovoked. He's like you, just an idiot who needs to butt in. You know nothing..You have not contributed a damned thing to this site except smart ass double talk and psycho-babble. I didn't address you, mind your business.

Fri Aug 7 23:45:30 MET DST 1998


From: says hello

What's up with Levon in those ROCKPALAST photos from Germany? It looks like he's about to go after one of the guys in Lynard Skynard! Judging from that photograph it looks like levon is being pulled back! Hmmm, can anyone (maybe the photographer) explain what is going on! Maybe just a good old fashion southern brawl. I'm not sure I would want Levon and his famous SNARL looking at me like that! Pretty funny stuff all and all, that Garth photo is CLASSIC!

Fri Aug 7 23:44:45 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Luis: Please do not leave this site! Just pass over the negative comments, and keep things on Band terms like the rest of us.

To Serge: What about the Band?

Fri Aug 7 22:28:25 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

You know, it's been a while since I've visited the guestbook. The LAST time Serge Daniloff PROMISED to leave forever, I thought he may have meant it, he sounded genuinely offended. I'm not naive enough to believe he ever will, he'll continue on as Amusing as ever. Let me just say this, this person sounds like they're dangerous in some respects. I only have my own experiences to gauge this against but I can pretty easily say that Serge and all of the Serges of the world will never leave. They may pout and say they will, they may yell and minimize, insult. Do you know what happens when the Serges of the world realize that they're not really getting their needs met? They escalate their methods. What it is is addictive behavior. Believe me, I am THE LAST person to Pontificate about addictive behavior. I know FAR too much about it. The 60's and 70's were unbelievable, magical, so were the drugs... I remember some of it. I know that I LEFT tho. Some people never leave...

Something happened one day. I don't know what it was. All of a sudden I just wasn't vindictive, self-centered, angry, and abusive anymore. The Serges of the world look around them and see what every else has and does. The Serges of the world don't look within to see what can be harvested. You see, it's so much easier to displace personal sadness, unhappiness, failure. If anyone watched Nightline last night, they did a report on violent criminals. It sends chills up and down the spine to hear these men throw responsibility everywhere except on themselves. It's just easier, cowardly and infantile yes but easier, much easier.

Personally, I don't even know why I came back to this site. I mean, obviously there's a very huge part of me that misses, profoundly, the acces i used to have while living in NYC. Coming in here kind of (used to) give some of that back, even here in Arizona. It's not worth it.



Fri Aug 7 21:47:10 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Eldon Shamblin-His Life Story-30 min video-$33.95 To order call 1-800-543-6125,order number is #3141. In his own words Eldon tells the story of his life and the evolution of his music. Early photos,background,music and narrations. Interesting,informative and entertaining-according to the video's description-as i don't have it.

John Donabie,now you know why i won't leave my full name and e-mail on this site. Especially with the likes of j. croce/fishstick lurking around here,no way in hell!

Fri Aug 7 19:37:15 MET DST 1998

Sammy the Hook

From: Chicago

First time I heard them, I was 13 years old. The guitar solo from "To Kingdom Come" stopped me cold and ripped the scalp off my head. The Beatles made me glad. These guys made me listen. One more immigrants son seduced by the vision of a vanished America. Whenever I forget who I am, I play that track to remind me of the dreamy boy I was and the canny man I hoped to become.

Fri Aug 7 16:43:35 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Jones Beach

A great 2 1/2 hour show last nite by Jimmy Buffett. He didnt perform Rockin Chair but 15,000 or so stood for Southern Cross while a picture of said constellation appeared on the screen. Mac McAnally (Vocalist on Levon Helm's 1978 album) lead on "In the City".

Buffett performed Pencil Thin Mustache, A Pirate Looks at Forty (Dylan's favorite Buffett tune), Come Monday. He covered James Taylor's Mexico and Steve Goodman's This Hotel Room. Two of Rick's favorites- Why Dont We Get Drunk & Screw as well as Cheeseburger in Paradise also had this Bandhead smiling. KOSS

Fri Aug 7 14:34:25 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

The Lord must be hungry for some more music in heaven because he's called another musician to come home. Eldon Shamblin, one of the greatest rhythm guitarists in history, passed away Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mr. Shamblin as a mainstay with Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys helped put the swing in Western swing with his smooth, innovative jazz chording. An early pioneer of the Fender Strat, Mr. Shamblin arranged as well as played on such classics as "Faded Love" and "San Antonio Rose."

So late tonight, in the still of the early morning, you all may hear Bob hollar as the strains of "Big Balls in Cowtown" drift down from the starry sky in the west.

Fri Aug 7 11:09:42 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Serge: There was a particularly unpleasant post today, wasn't there? In my "detective work" I didn't mention you by name, but I think I said before that if all the different names keep using exactly the same phrases, it's screamingly obvious. The only thing that irritates me is this. Is Beau's name fictional, or is it a reference we're supposed to get? Can you honestly say that you are not Beau and Gregor? It is of course possible that someone out there is studying all the Serge posts and copying your style.

Unlike you, I can't understand feeling such personal animosity about someone I've never met. It's just that when you decide to have a go (like re/ my innocent information about The Very Best of The Band …), then I will reply. You seem to enjoy the argument. I'd left this one alone, but you seem keen to revive it.

Do what I just did and clear your mind. I had about thirty / forty minutes of driving around town this morning. When I'm driving short distances I tend to replay the same track, I got back and realized I'd played THE WEIGHT at least seven times in a row, enjoyed it every time, and still got that shock every time when Levon hits those drums at the start.(Sorry, I'm NOT telling you what to listen to!)

P.S. Here's the advice you requested: You can arrange your CDs alphabetically, chronologically, by colour of spine, by label, randomly, in order of preference, in order of purchase or keep them in a big pile on the floor.

Fri Aug 7 02:10:57 MET DST 1998

Ron Shankland

From: Wisconsin,USA

Hi everyone!I just inherited a cd of Band "Blue Highways"-it's a spare-willing to trade for recent tapes of Crowmatix gigs-I only have their cd-or Jimmy Weider and Honky Tonk Gurus! Thanks,JAn

Fri Aug 7 01:44:23 MET DST 1998


VINEY : It's been three whole days since you've entered a post here. There were three from you in one day on Aug.3rd. See.. now you've dried up. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. One entry per day would be good. I am sure you can dream up something clever again..Since you fancy yourself a writer, do a study and enlighten us all as to how we should rack our Band cd's on a shelf, and in what order..Or you could speculate some more as to what pseudonyms "you think" I appear under on this site. As a last resort you could always grace us with "another" Biblical passage. Just don't weave scenarios or plagiarize like your buddy Borney Foreskins from "California" is good at.. Quote Jeremiah verbatim. Don't add your own nuances again..they suck.

To all other busy bodies who may be tempted to jump in uninvited, like Arse Pedersen is fond of doing, have a good time.

Thu Aug 6 23:52:48 MET DST 1998

Dr . Ugg

From: Quincy MA .U S A

Hi gang , I'm still looken for some guitar cords for Rick's & levon "s new solo stuff . hope good helth finds "OUR BAND" WELL PEACE TO ALL Dr.Ugg

Thu Aug 6 20:32:36 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Jones Beach

To my fellow Bandheads

This sole man will be at Jones Beach tonite to see the man from margaritaville. I may just request Rockin Chair in view of Jimmy's advanced years. Pencil Thin Mustache and Dylan's Buffett favorite- A Pirate Looks at Forty will hopefully be on the menu.

Tomorrow I head my compass north to Hicksville to see Rick & John Sebastian. The Rumor is that Rick will at long last do his cover of Cheeseburger in Paradise. If not- Crazy Mama will do.

Thu Aug 6 02:40:29 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Here's the set list of the first Tour '74 Chicago concert [1st concert of the tour]: Chicago, IL 01/03/74 Hero Blues, Lay Lady Lay, Tough Mama, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Stage Fright, Share Your Love With Me, It Ain't Me Babe, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, All Along The Watchtower, Ballad Of A Thin Man, I Don't Believe You, The Times They Are A-Changin', Song To Woody, Hattie Carrol, Nobody 'Cept You, It's Alright Ma, Forever Young, Something There Is About You, Like A Rolling Stone, The Weight, Most Likely You Go Your Way

Wed Aug 5 21:29:54 MET DST 1998

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

In reply to a comment in Peter Viney's earlier post, I believe that I read in a Rolling Stone review of the Before the Flood tour in 1974 that The Band performed Share Your Love at the Chicago concert. Unfortunately they did not perform it at either of the two concerts I attended at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

Wed Aug 5 14:51:18 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Part of the appeal of both volumes of _Will The Circle Be Unbroken_ was that they recreated the spirit of spontaneity in the music. That sense of unrehearsed rawness is what made early country & rock music sound fresh & interesting. In present day recording, this spontaniety is hard to find. Nowadays there's too much processing, too many takes & too many overdubs which drain all the life & soul out of the music.

In their Circle recordings the Dirt Band & their special guests captured this real sense of life in the music. After a brief run through, the songs were recorded & mixed live to two track. "We sort of put the living room back in the music", is how Emmylou Harris described the sessions. The result is that the listener is allowed to take a seat in that room to enjoy the picking & grinning among friends. This approach to recording in my opinion duplicates, in a somewhat more polished manner, a sense of magic similar to that which Dylan & The Band achieved in their spontaneous Basement Tape recordings.

Wed Aug 5 14:13:08 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Correction to prior post about Rick Danko in Hicksville 8/7

Hicksville High School not Holy Trinity. call 516 797-7900. Take Old Country Road South at Newbridge Road. Auditorium at Division Avenue. Concert should be at field/Newbridge.

Don't Ya Not Tell Henry

Wed Aug 5 13:51:04 MET DST 1998



Robbie became part of my life in the Summer of'89 when travelling around europe. Eventually settling for 6 months in Malta, along with the local herb's Robbie became the staple diet. Pathfinder - if you read this, remember listening to RR when Debbie fell out the Jeep. Bushmaster

Wed Aug 5 02:14:38 MET DST 1998

Maria Laura

From: Uruguay

I love the sixties, I love the music, I love Woodstock and I love the HIPPIES!!

Wed Aug 5 00:19:54 MET DST 1998

Neil Burroughs

From: Portland Oregon

Lot of blaspheming, sick puppies on this site. Preoccupied in being cute and playing detective rather than offering intelligent rebuttals.

Tue Aug 4 23:38:09 MET DST 1998


From: knee deep in the waters

JEREMIAH: I like your what you said. It made sense. There IS a pestilence upon the land and as the goat said to Serge, get thee behind me, Satan.

I will be your first disciple and I'll follow you anywhere.

Tue Aug 4 23:24:25 MET DST 1998

Beauregard T.

JOHN from PENNA, another the list of greats from this area you forgot my favorite lady of rock Marcia Ball who comes from my town. Also the late Janis Joplin was from down the road across the state line, she used two former Hawks in her last group. The list is endless.

You all having a good time trying to link me to someone else ? What's the point ? Laissez les bons temps rouler !

Tue Aug 4 22:50:32 MET DST 1998


From: Hudson, NY

So Beau, what you're saying is that Beau knows animals, in a biblical sense? Well, what ever floats your boat.

Serge, we can see you behind your mask.

Tue Aug 4 22:41:37 MET DST 1998

Jeremiah Profit

And lo, the prophet from the dark woods of the north came forth rending his garments of serge and declaiming that the AntiChrist Hoskyns was abroad among the people once more, and that Hoskyns’ acolyte was preparing his way, and he recited from The Book of Hawkins from the Year of The Lord 1969, saying that the problem with goats is that you must go to the other end to kiss them. And the people said, ‘From whence cometh thou, oh fearsome prophet? But the prophet was sore afraid to give his true name and said ‘I come from faraway to the south, from the land of the Delta.’ But the people knew who he was. One stood in the public place and said, ‘This ain’t not no major deal. This is just a minor news item.’ Knowing how the prophet could not abide a double negative he threw him a triple. Then he uttered the Magic Words, "Robbie Robertson" whereupon the prophet frothed at the mouth for these were the only words he feared more than the word Hoskyns. "Robertson! He who is first shall be last!" he ranted, "And he who is eighth shall be seventeenth, and he who is thirty second shall be twenty fifth …" and much more of this kind so that the people laughed merrily, and returned to their harps and drums. For the music was good.All of it.

Tue Aug 4 22:10:33 MET DST 1998

Beau Thibodeaux

Well bless your heart JOHN from Penna. I thank you for the kind thoughts. My pet gator Yvonne thanks you too. Send me your Email address and I 'll tell you all about her. Her fave tune is Cripple Creek..she gets all aroused by it but won't sit still for any love making. I really don't care though, and besides it's a pain to have to walk around to the front to kiss her. :))

Tue Aug 4 16:32:48 MET DST 1998

Markus Hartman

From: Finland

I've been looking for references to their CD's and here I found them. Great!

Tue Aug 4 15:26:10 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Ontario

Once again David Powell brings us back to the music. Thank you to the man down south for his insight.

The Circle 2 is a fine album and I would encourage anyone to buy the video as well. It's time well spent in front of the tube.

Tue Aug 4 15:02:26 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: where we dance to the Georgia Slop

More on John Hiatt:

Hiatt made guest appearances on two albums on which Levon Helm also contributed. Hiatt sang a fine duet with Roseanne Cash on "One Step Over The Line" included on the Dirt Band's _Will The Cirlcle Be Unbroken Volume Two_ (MCA / Universal 1989). On this Hiatt-penned song, his rough bluesy voice contrasts perfectly with Ms. Cash's pure crystal-clear harmony and the counterpoint melody played by Mark O'Connor on the fiddle.

Levon also makes a significant contribution on Circle II singing the Paul Kennerly song "When I Get My Rewards" and playing mandolin on Paulette Carlson's "Lovin' On The Side." Although not as strong an album as the first volume of Circle, this album provides many fine moments due to the participation of Hiatt, Levon, John Prine, and Johnny & Roseanne Cash.

I have said it here before that Los Lobos is one of the world's greatest bands. Their 1990 release _The Neighborhood_ (Slash / Warner Bros.) is one of their finest albums. On this album Hiat sings harmony on the beautiful ballad "Take My Hand."

Levon's contributions on _The Neighborhood_ are even more significant. He plays mandolin & sings on "Emily." Levon also sings on the very moving "Little John Of God." This David Hildago / Louis Perez song was inspired by the true life misfortunes of a young boy. The next time you're saddended by the knowledge of the suffering of an innocent child, I suggest that you listen to this song. In an often cruel world, solace is a rare & precious commodity. That a song like this can provide comfort is a true testament to the power inherent in great music.

Children, stop all your bickering and listen to the music.

Tue Aug 4 11:36:14 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Little John: track 17 is ‘Share Your Love With Me’ from Moondog Matinee – one of Richard’s all-time great vocal performances. I don’t know that they ever did it live. I think not, but it would have been great!

Back here in Europe, we come onto the web in the morning after all the arguing back & forth has settled down, and I expect the writers are all asleep. I really didn’t expect a fairly straightforward review of a new compilation to cause quite such vitriol. The issue was that for the first time (I think) someone had thought about a sequence which was non-chronological. I’ve also said it wouldn’t have been my particular choice. I also mentioned the notes were written by Hoskyns, which I think is the problem.

Hoskyns very name causes anger in certain quarters. No one is telling anyone what to listen to or in what order, I mean, it IS a CD. That’s what the buttons on your remote control are for, Beau. Look up the instructions that came with the player. It’s really easy. Like reviewers Andy Gill & Mark Edwards I think this is a pretty solid introduction to The Band for new listeners. I agree that Capitol are regurgitating the material too often – especially as they released a budget compilation within the last year and this one is full price. However, most times they regurgitate it, they get it wrong. This one seemed better. I guess no one reading this will need a copy anyway.

There are certain pointers in Beau’s diatribes which seem non-typical of a state renowned for the courtesy of its inhabitants! They will seem familiar to readers of this site.

There are comments on other people’s grammar and we have seen the expression ‘betrays your ignorance’ in this context before. These comments are also rigid – a supposed double negative in the context of informal style in an e-mail is not worth mentioning, especially as ‘Beau don’t know Diddley’ has a nice resonance. I thought it was a good piece of wordplay.

There’s a concern with "dirty language" by others

There’s the xenophobia about ‘foreigners’ / ‘dudes from faraway places.’ There’s the same belief that if you weren’t born in North America, you shouldn’t show interest in The Band.

There’s a personal angle about my posts and their extent (sorry). ‘Who do you think you are?’ is a phrase I’ve seen under different signatures. So is ‘insatiable need to see your name’ (at least three times)

There are the appeals to authority (the keeper of the site)

There’s the same anger about others joining the discussion

In other words, I think General Wayne may have a point! It took us all a while to recognize the origin of the Gregor name. If I could be bothered I’d check the works of William Faulkner for Beau’s full name, though I don’t recall any Faulkner novel set that far south. Maybe ‘Gone with the Wind’ is more appropriate.

Tue Aug 4 11:00:33 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Henry from NJ

Holy Trinity School Near Hickville Water Tower. Newbridge Road 1.5 miles north of Hempstead Turnpike.

Ban the Observer-Beau, surely you Geste.

Tue Aug 4 04:29:25 MET DST 1998


From: penna

I do declare Mr. Thibodeaux i like your style and what you have to say. You are a credit to the great state of Louisiana. And what a musical legacy you have down there. allen tousaint,bobby charles,sonny landreth,pete fountain,al hirt,the fatman,the meters,neville brothers,jelly roll,dr.john and on and on. I asked Garth Hudson once why is Louisiana blessed with such homegrown talent,is it the food or the water? Garth said in a low and serious tone: it all comes deep out of the swamps,ya know the Bayouuu...

Tue Aug 4 02:24:12 MET DST 1998

Beau T.

CROCE : "Beau knows Diddley" is the proper English expression. You are using a double negative which betrays your ignorance. Actually " I DO " know a Mr. Diddley. Saw him perform often.

Observing: no matter who your Email ad. was aimed at, it's still dirty language and disrespectful of this site and you should be banned from it.

Tue Aug 4 01:35:34 MET DST 1998


From: nj

I am looking for information on the Rick Danko concert this Friday night in Hicksville, NY at a venue called the "Hicksville Common". Telephone information has never heard of it. I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me out.

Tue Aug 4 00:45:20 MET DST 1998

L.J. Tyler

From: T.H. Next Door

Peter Viney: Your contributions here are always appreciated. I've got a question about one of your recent ones. In your notes about the new "Best of..." compilation, you disclose that the 17th cut -- an appropriate encore tune -- is "Share Your Love With Me." What is it and where did it come from?

Tue Aug 4 00:38:33 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: classified

SNIIIIIIIIIF..........I LOVE the smell of napalm in the morning. Reminds me of.....Serge's backyard.

Tue Aug 4 00:30:09 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Just spent the weekend at London's Balloon Festival and they had an "Eagles" tribute band there ( a band too bland for my taste). Just wonderin' if anyone has heard a tribute to our BAND in these here parts of the country? Serge maybe you have heard of someone doing a tribute.

Tue Aug 4 00:19:51 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Beau don't know Diddley!

Mon Aug 3 23:59:43 MET DST 1998

still observing

From: poolside

Beau: Note that my e-mail add. was directed at you, not at the keeper of this site. Rub _your_ eyes and try again.

Mon Aug 3 23:48:47 MET DST 1998


Typically're another one who cannot read.. I spoke of " NORTH AMERICAN " music..That's where Canada is.. Is it not ??? Rub your eyes.. and try again...Wow.. Full of "butt-inskis" here.

Mon Aug 3 23:42:49 MET DST 1998

Beau T.

Postscript to " Observation " : You sure display great manners with your Email ad... and in what could be called a family oriented music web site. That displays a lot of respect for this web site keeper.

Mon Aug 3 23:37:12 MET DST 1998

Typically Canadian (a foreigner)

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Beau to Hell! I suppose you think that the four out of five original Band members who were Canadian are foreigners too. I also like Peter Viney's writings and hope he keeps them up. Your last posting was disgraceful, get the hell off this site. Sorry for wasting space on this little creep Jan.

Mon Aug 3 23:31:46 MET DST 1998


Observation: the keeper of this site has never suggested to anyone how and in what order to listen to Band material. As you say he has to much class to presume that he should steer anyone to regurgitated and recycled material. He points out its existence but never raves on about it the way this Viney dude does..on and on day after day " ad puke-um ". And besides, who yanked your chain to respond to an entry meant for a particular person. I am sure that he can handle himself and respond. No need for you as a mouthpiece.

Mon Aug 3 22:50:15 MET DST 1998


From: poolside

Beax Thibodeaux: Have no interest in what you do or do not think of Peter Viney's posts (I rather enjoy them myself), but i do have a problem with the condescending tone in which you use the word "foreigner". Maybe someone should remind you that this site originates in Norway, and is run by an intelligent and incredibly dedicated man (heck of a nice guy too). Have a little respect there son. Didn't your mama teach you any manners?

Mon Aug 3 22:23:03 MET DST 1998

Beau Thibodeaux

Peter Viney, I've observed this site for quite a while. You just seem to have have an insatiable need to see your name here.. and you dream up every conceivable excuse to write about useless and hackneyed subjects. I don't care where that brit. guy Hoskines's still old news. I can't stand foreigners telling me how and in what manner and in what order I should listen to my North American music. Who do you think you are ??

Mon Aug 3 22:16:28 MET DST 1998

[guest photo]

Dave Lane

From: Canton, MA

A few years ago, I think it was '94 or '95, Pops Staples was the musical guest on the Conan O'Brian show. Pops seemed to become confused in the middle of the song and stopped singing, and one of the backing vocalists (I don't know if it was Mavis) took over and finished the song. I hope he's OK.

Mon Aug 3 21:55:36 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Post script to Beau: The 'dude from a faraway land" who wrote the liner notes is resident in California and has been for some time. Well, it's pretty far away.

Mon Aug 3 21:52:58 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Beau: I have many of my own compilations too, for different moods, different focuses.

All I point out in the notes on 'The Very Best Of …' set is that it is rare in being an intelligent compilation and that thought has gone into the ordering. You make your sequence. 'The Very Best of …' isn't mine either, but it's got a logic at least. The CD says 'Engineered at Abbey rd by Ian Jones' which indicates that it's 'newly engineered' whatever that might mean. I'll be checking it out to compare the appropriate tracks with 'the brown album' (which is best on the vinyl reissue') I suspect it's at least what was used on the vinyl reissue rather than the murkier masters on the CD.

Mon Aug 3 21:49:11 MET DST 1998


From: Barre, Ma
Home page:

Will add this to my favorites-I love the band..have partied with Rick Danko and am the proud owner of one of Levon Helm's drum stick (handed to me special at a concert in VT).Keep on rockin' boys!

Mon Aug 3 18:44:20 MET DST 1998

Rick Skipp

From: Victoria, BC CANADA

A very fine site. Has all I was looking for about The Band and more. Rob Bowman's article on the History of The Band is some of the best writing about a Rock band I've ever read. Clear and insightful without the silly overblown hyperbole that garlands much writing about other rack bands. Excellent work!

Mon Aug 3 16:58:19 MET DST 1998

Beau Thibodeaux

From: Vinton Louisiana

I create my own Band "compilations" on tape from my Band cd collection. I have them all. I make them in orders that "I like", without having to pay for the fruit salad and liner notes by some dude from some far away land rehashing what has already been said a million times. I'm awaiting the new recording with great anticipation. As to the old stuff..been there, heard it all but still love it. I don't need some marketing hustler to tell me "how and when" to listen to my favorite group, and in what order.

Mon Aug 3 15:33:42 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Whoops, in mentioning the Staple Singers I inadvertently left out Mavis, "The Voice" herself. I recommend that you all go find & listen to "Respect Yourself" and "I'll Take You There."

Mon Aug 3 15:21:43 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind


As Bones pointed out recently in the guestbook, Pops Staples is still alive & kicking. Not only is he still recording & performing, but also acting, so to speak, in a recent movie as well.

When The Band paid tribute to the Staple singers by having them perform "The Weight" in _The Last Waltz_, Band fans got an extra treat. We soon found out that when you put a microphone & camera in front of Pops, Yvonne & Cleo, they're gonna steal the show.

Last year Pops stole another scene in his cameo role in the movie _Wag The Dog_, a satire on politics & the media directed by Barry Levinson. In the movie Robert De Niro plays Conrad Brean, a spin doctor recruited for damage control before an election when the incumbant U.S. President gets caught in a sexual liason with a teenage girl. De Niro, along with Hollywood producer Stanley Motss played by Dustin Hoffman, plan to stage a phony war with Albania through the media to divert attention away from the president's scandal.

Country singer Johnny Dean, played by Willie Nelson, is brought in by Hoffman to record a patriotic soundtrack for the phony war. At first a "We Are The World" type song is recorded, but things go awry when the CIA convinces the president to end the phony war prematurely by declaring victory. Desperate to continue their ruse, Hoffman & De Niro decide to make up a story about a "brave American serviceman left behind and discarded like an old shoe."

Hoffman tells Nelson to come up with a new song, to which Willie replies: "I was just on my way to get drunk." Hoffman tells him: "You get drunk but I need a new song...a ballad of loss and redemption." "Oh shit, what key do you want it in?" Willie retorts.

At that point Pop Staples appears in the recording studio to pack up the equipment. He comes to the rescue by volunteering to help Willie write the required song. It's a great little scene, with just Pops & Willie accompanying themselves on acoustic guitars & tapping their feet. Willie starts it off but Pops joins in & takes over. Once Pops starts singing, Willie just fades into the background.

Pops has such a commanding presence that really comes out on film. With his powerful yet smooth voice, he just radiates dignity. It's no small feat to steal a scene away from Willie. Nelson made his own screen debut years ago playing Robert Redford's rodeo side-kick in _Electric Horseman_. Willie himself stole a few scenes away from co-stars Redford & Jane Fonda with his down home humor. With lines like: "Excuse I need to see a man about a dog", and in another bit, his simile about a young lady's prowess & a crome trailer hitch; Willie's a natural, but in _Wag The Dog_ it's Pops that steals the show.

By the way, the song "Good Old Shoe" that Pops & Willie perform in the movie was written by Edgar Winter.

Mon Aug 3 13:46:16 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I've just sent Jan notes on 'The Shape I'm In - The Very Best of The Band'. Some of you will be pleased to hear that the short essay in the CD insert is by Barney Hoskyns. Others may be less pleased. He's done an excellent job given the space available.

Mon Aug 3 09:12:13 MET DST 1998

John Lettiere

From: New York USA

One of the best pages devoted to a musical group on the whole Web. Your dedication to this page shows, keep up the good work.

Mon Aug 3 06:29:46 MET DST 1998


From: puyallup,wa.

Dear Garth, A fantastic weekend is coming to a close here in the pacific nw and knowing that today is your birthday makes it that much better. I hope that you are celebrating exactly the way you want too.Brother, can you FEEL the love!!! take care, God bless, and thank you for sharing your craft with us all for so many years.........

Mon Aug 3 02:36:02 MET DST 1998

Ron Shankland

From: Wittenberg,WI

OOps!In my posting for the word"wird" read weird!Sorry! Thanks Jan for a valuable site!Am I alone in thinking that LARGO is the cd of the year-that is until JUBILATION is released! Rejoice,everyone.Anyone know if Danko/Fjeld/Andersen still plan on rekeaseing the JApanese live cd from their last Nippon visit?

Sun Aug 2 19:03:13 MET DST 1998

Ron Shankland

From: Wisconsin,USa

Scanning the trax list for new Band cd I noticed something wird-NO Bob Dylan song!?!-Also what happened to Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" outtake from the "Hog" album?Rick promised it las time on the next album! Hi Missy!

Sun Aug 2 16:27:01 MET DST 1998


Happy Birthday Garth!

Sun Aug 2 13:53:51 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus (Richard Bell-keyboards, Randy Ciarlante-drums, vocals, Paul LaRonde-bass, vocals) turned in a terrific show last night (Sat. Aug 1) at the West Strand Grill in Kingston NY (next door to Woodstock). The show was full of tasty blues instrumentals, mainly from Big Foot, and some welcome additions from The Band's songbook (Remedy, Don't Do It). The Gurus were joined for several numbers by blues guitarist-singer (and member of the Conan O'Brien show band) Jimmy Vivino (powerful) and none other than John Sebastian playing wicked harmonica. Some kind of night...if you like music. Weider can flat-out play. Get Big Foot and do yourself a favor.

Sun Aug 2 12:41:56 MET DST 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London Ontario

Many happy returns of the day to you Garth, and best wishes from the Forest City are sent to you by Ron Fleming, "Pee Wee" Rawling, John Noubarian, Heather Erskine-Meier, Jack Wingate, myself and the rest of the local fans who remember.

Sun Aug 2 11:43:25 MET DST 1998

Roger Woods

From: Moseley, Birmingham, U.K.

There was review in the 'Independent' July 31st for a new Band compilation from Capitol. Called "The Shape I'm In" the art work (beat up old truck in a field) looked good. While compilations can't capture the whole picture, the review for this was outstanding, although brief. I can't remember ther reviewer's name but he paid wholesome tribute to the Band. The allusions to the tracks - "...Bunuelesque The Weight!" suggests that there's plenty from the first three albums. I looked in Tower records yesterday but it wasn't in. Does anyone else have news or reviews? HMV (Birmingham) had plenty of Band CDs - Big Pink through to Islands. All around 10 pounds sterling.

Sun Aug 2 11:42:06 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset, UK

First the bad news - the "new Band album" scheduled for UK release on August 3rd turns out to be "The Shape I'm In - The Very Best of The Band,' - not Jubilation.

But there's a nice review of it by Mark Edwards in today's Sunday Times 'Culture' - I transcribe a part of it for non-UK readers:

These days the Band are something of an acquired taste. We’ve got so used to programmed rhythms abd real drummers who play to a computer-generated click-track that The Band’s slow-slow-quick-quick-slow approach can initially sound unsettling. On the slower songs Levon Helm seems to be using the drumsticks of Damocles – they hover in the air above the drums for aeons before finally crashing down and pushing the reluctant beat a smidgeon further on. But once you’ve reacclimatised to the now novel idea of five hugely talented musicians playing off each other, the Band’s organic swirl quickly reclaims its place as one of the great sounds of the rock era.

Sun Aug 2 09:54:43 MET DST 1998

Heikki P.

From: Finland

Just found this site. Excellent! Long live The Band!

Sun Aug 2 02:45:27 MET DST 1998

Dr. Ugg

From: Quincy Ma, U,S,A,

I am trying so hard to get CORDS from RICK & LEE'S solo stuff . PLZ, if any one can point me that way . I'll go . I sit here listening to "SHE KNOWS " WOW . My cd stack would be so low if not for BAND . THE VERY BEST TO THE BAND . RICK , LEE, GARTH, & ALL THE REST . THANX FOR THE HELP YOU GIVE EACH DAY . TALK SOON

Sat Aug 1 22:17:44 MET DST 1998

David Christopher Miedzianik

From: Rotherham Yorkshire England
Home page:

Hi Julie, Remember me it's David Miedzianik from Rotherham. Yorkshire. I've seen you play up Sheffield quite a few times, and you always talk to me just before you get up to play. I'm 42 and I'm autistic. I hope that you will write and record a song about autism. As it's ruined my life and the lives of many others too. I feel very very low at present as I live by myself and I'd like to have a girlfriend to give me a big hug from time to time. I hope if you can do me a good enough song then someone will hear this and then give me a little love and affection. All my info and picture is on my award winning site. Maybe you get some ideas for this song from the poems on this site? Please try and get something done. As everytime I see you I always ask you about this song. It's been a great help to me being on The Net, and I put your name on search this evening and it found me this site. Anyway that's about all. Lots of Love. David C. Miedzianik. xxxx
PS. I'm a big Bob Dylan fan too as you know.
PPS. Once again see what you can do. As it's no big deal being autistic in a place like Rotherham.

Sat Aug 1 11:31:07 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Hey Blind Willie

I reported about Jimmy's boat & music connection to Bob Dylan about two weeks ago. Clean yer glasses!.

Sat Aug 1 05:25:38 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Mama makes a good point about those prints. They probably won't see a dime, but should.

Sat Aug 1 04:30:23 MET DST 1998


From: nj

Last week, I purchased Wilco/Billy Bragg's Mermaid Avenue, Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and Albert Lee's Black Claw & Country Fever. The last one has a cover version of Look Out Cleveland, which sucks.

Sat Aug 1 04:05:05 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Re: RR's "Making a Noise" documentary.. I have taped an extra copy if anyone is interested email me. We could do a trade if you have a copy of any of the programs from vh-1.

Sat Aug 1 02:21:01 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Dan Blood: I believe the RR "Making a Noise" is on tv August 16. We've seen it up here in the north and it is well worth checking out. Let us know how you liked it after you've seen it! Peace!

Sat Aug 1 02:13:22 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

From: Ontario

Bequia Sketches by Jimmy Buffett

I don't really care about his music - he seems to have a lot of fun. here are three paragraphs, from A Pirate Looks at Fifty Chapter title:
If It's Good Enough for Zimmerman, It's Good Enough for Me. p. 411-2

I first heard of Bequia from sailors in Le Select in St. Barts. They all talked of it as if it were a piece of the past that somehow had not rushed ahead into modern Caribbean history. Bequia held on to its traditions. The local fishermen still hunted whales in longboats with handmade harpoons. * The people of Bequia were known as the finest boat builders in the islands. Until just a few years ago, Bequia had no airport, which meant that you had to get there on a boat. It translated into Bequia being a piece of the maritime past that every sailor in the Le Select wished he or she had experienced firsthand.

One afternoon I was walking down Rue Victor Hugo in Gustavia to my morning vantage point at the corner table of the Bar D Double, where I could watch the pedestrian traffic and check with anyone who happened to roll around the corner in their car about any business had with the island for the day. I hadn't even put honey in my tea when I overheard the talk at the next table. Water Pearl was in the harbor, and everyone was talking about whether or not the owner was on board. She was a beautiful traditional schooner that had been built on the island and was a home away from home to a Minnesota boy named Zimmerman, or to those who don't know, Bob Dylan. As I was scanning the Herald Tribune, a fellow walked to my table and introduced himself as Chris, the captain of Water Pearl. He told me that "the boss" was on board and heard I was in town as well and asked if I wanted to come out and see the boat and have lunch. I checked my busy schedule and immediately said yes. What, are you kidding? Ironically, I had heard through the grapevine back in the States that at an antinuke rally in California, Dylan and Joan Baez had performed a duet of my song "A Pirate Looks at Forty." I was amazed and honored. Here, a couple of weeks later, I was going to lunch with Mr. Tambourine Man.

We didn't talk music. We talked boats over lunch and enjoyed the afternoon on the hook in Gustavia Harbor. He gave me a tour of Water Pearl, and I can still smell that unique combination of pitch, canvas, and wood that is essential of a traditional sailing rig. Today in St. Barts, Jimmy Buffett couldn't have lunch with Bob Dylan and spend a quiet afternoon on the hook without making Page 6 in the New York Post, or being interrupted by paparazzi in wetsuits on jet skis circling the boat with waterproof Nikons. Such is the way of the world, and I am glad that our meeting happened when it did. I watched from the hill under a religious statue on the hairpin turn above Gustavia as Water Pearl glided out of the ship channel, raised her sails, and took up a course to the north. It was a gentle reminder that I needed to visit the island where she was built. I have seen Bob on a number of occasions since then, but that was the last time I saw Water Pearl. She foundered on a reef off Panama a few years later and went down.

A sea shanty like this would make a perfect Band song.


Sat Aug 1 01:42:43 MET DST 1998

Greg Windley

From: Utaaaaah

Sitting here listening to Rock of Ages and thought I better check out the Guestbook. Delighted to read about renewed interest in John Hiatt. I'll be seeing John at a beautiful outdoor venue here in Salt Lake City on August 9th (Red Butte Gardens). I saw him warm up Jackson Browne about two years ago at another outdoor venue in Park City, Utah and he was fantastic. (I was more excited about seeing JH than JB). I'll be sure to post a note and let you all know how the concert goes next Sunday!!! GW

Sat Aug 1 00:46:09 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA.

Does anyone know from memory when the Indian Music Special with Robbie is scheduled for tv? I seem to remember August something.

On another note, anyone within striking distance of California, I'm hearing about aa acoustic guitar festival in San Rafael, CA from 8-09 to 8-15 with the likes of Martin Simpson, Gillian Welch, Artie Traum, Dan Hicks, and many, many more. See the Polstar concert page.

Sat Aug 1 00:18:54 MET DST 1998

stephie stone

From: washington d.c.

now this is conversation I was waiting for....coincidentally, john hiatt and the band are most favorite musicians...what I love about john hiatt is not just his passionate performing and writing but I like how he talks about sustained relationships, kids, how time plays a number on our conciousness and perception of life...he sings of joy and he sings the blues. He's a great rocker and just an all around wonderful musician/song writer, for anyone out there who wants to delve into his music.

And about the 9 year old just got a drum set--a donation from a neighbor. He put on his favorite cds and couldn't quite find a groove until I put on Shape I'm In and he got ahold of that and surprized himself--the little guy. He continued with more of Levon's example and I am so proud of him. thought I'd share that. any drummers out there who want to give some advice to him about learning drums...we're open.

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