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The Band Guestbook, December 1999

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from December 23-31, 1999.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 23:55:18 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

Question? In reading "Across the Great Divide", there was mention at the end of the book about the "WORKS" project RR was working on. Does anyone know what became of this? Was this a solo project or a Band project? Unless I missed it, the book does not answer these questions. Thanks!

Posted on Fri Dec 31 22:02:54 CET 1999 from (

tom quadros

From: san jose ca.

am much saddened to learn of the passing of rick danko,i am a long time fan of the band and wish to extend heartfelt sypathies to his family. may god bless.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 21:00:21 CET 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: Way, way down the crazy river
Home page

A sad year--hell, a sad millenium in many ways--but if The Band's music taught me anything, it was that joy can be best found in the small things in life. One person reaching out to another, being supportive, "helping out the neighborhood" as our late hero so aptly put it. Wishing all of you and your families the happiest of New Years, and may the New Millenium bring you peace. PS--My beloved spouse has made the (supposedly) last trip to the supermarket to buy yet more water, Merits, and tuna fish in the event the Millenium Bug strikes. Good grief--how do you figure a Robbie fan? Just kidding-- Peace, Mitt

Posted on Fri Dec 31 20:57:05 CET 1999 from (

Tom / Woodstock Records

Home page


From the staff of Woodstock Records & Breeze Hill Productions, we
wish you a safe and happy new year!

May the first light of the new year bring us peace on earth.

Love and warmest regards to you all.

Tom & the staff of Woodstock Records

Posted on Fri Dec 31 19:59:20 CET 1999 from (

Marcia M. Carlson

From: St. Paul, MN

Love to all of you. I found this site the day after Rick's death. I never met him nor saw him in person. The Band, however, was the soundtrack of the 70's for me. I'm a grandmother now, 59, a couple of years older than Rick. I wish I had known about this site but being fairly new to the Internet, I didn't. It warms my heart to know that there is a whole community out here that loved The Band as I did. Tis sad that there hasn't been as much recognition as one might expect in the national press for Rick's musical contribution (and human contribution as I am learning from reading your posts). I just ordered two more copies of "The Last Waltz" video - mine's worn out and screwed up now. Figured those two would take me to my end, or I might just find someone to give one to. Happy New Year and the best to the Danko family. Can music ever approach the Band's work again? Marcia

Posted on Fri Dec 31 19:27:21 CET 1999 from (

Kerry Monroe

From: Des Moines

I just wanted to pay tribute to Rick Danko and The Band. My father took me to experience The Last Waltz when I was 7, and I will never forget that night. I watched it again last night, and wanted to pay my respects to the Danko Family, as well as The Band Family. December took one of my idols on the 10th, and on the 13th a friend committed suicide. I hope 2000 brings you all peace and prosperity. Whenever I listen to Makes No Difference, I will smile, remembering the positive energy of Rick on stage, a true catalyst, making music that will never be forgotten.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 18:34:41 CET 1999 from (

Mark Hamm

From: Indiana

Thank you all for the heartfelt words on Rick. I just read about his passing in Rolling Stone and write through tears. Rick's voice has given me so much joy, so much healing over the years. I can't believe he's gone. Up there with the angels now. The great coincidence of this is the Stone article about the passing of Dough Sahm next to the one on Rick. That's Doug's guitar solo we hear on "Sip the Wine" from Rick's solo outing. Tonight, as we go into the great unknown of the next century, let's all have a sip of wine and remember these two wonderful brothers. And keep them forever dear in our hearts.--Peace, Mark

Posted on Fri Dec 31 18:32:28 CET 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Rock of Ages, baby.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 17:32:23 CET 1999 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Cork City, Ireland
Home page

Dear Folks in The Band and whoever keeps this Homepage I'm writing you folks to say how sorry and sad I was to hear of Ricks passing.......Rick was one of my all time heros and I had the honour and pleasure of meeting him about six times since 1986, when I first saw the Band play in The Lone Star in NYC........If you check out my home page you'll find a picture of Rick, myself and a fellow by the name of Shane Scanlon, (who plays guitar with my band "Open Kitchen", here in Cork City). This was taken at the Bottom Line in NYC in 1997. As you probably know, Rick played here in Cork City, Ireland at a venue called "The Lobby" in 1993. Two Great Shows!!....... Just so as you know, on Sunday Jan. 16th 2000, My band Open Kitchen and another Cork City band, "Two Time Polka" will be playing a tribute gig to Rick and his music at that same venue "The Lobby". Can you tell me is there any fund we can send the takings to or do you have any advice on this? We'd really appreciate to hear from you about this................................................. I could sit here all day and night and write to y'all about how Rick Danko was my hero and how he was helpful and encouraging to me when I met him ( I once told him I was going to Nashville to try and get publishing for my songs, "Hank, it's a different Beast down there, buddy, a different Beast" was his right he was!!!!!)

Please pass on all our sympathies to his wife Elizabeth, his fellow musicians and tell 'em all we're doing this thing here in Cork City on Sunday Jan. 16th..... God Bless Rick Danko........All The Best.......... Hank Wedel

Posted on Fri Dec 31 16:42:14 CET 1999 from (


From: 20th Century Vox :-)

Playing the ultimate masterpiece of, well, not the millennium, but surely of the last half of the 20th century:

Across The Great Divide * Rag Mama Rag * The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down * When You Awake * Up On Cripple Creek * Whispering Pines * Jemima Surrender * Rockin' Chair * Look Out Cleveland * Jawbone * Unfaithful Servant * King Harvest [Has Surely Come]

Since the new year will be here in a few hours time, I wish you all, Jan, Lil, and all other friends of The Band, a very Happy New Year.

Remember what's lost, but don't forget what's left: wonderful memories and great great music.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 15:53:59 CET 1999 from (

Jay Ryan

From: Troy

Went down to Woodstock to see Levon and his band with Amy and special guest Garth. They were great, ( Especially Amy) Had a great time, pictures and meeting everyone. Can't wait to see the show at the egg in Albany. Hey Levon! Would love to hear Amy sing a few of the Band Classics in Albany! Thanks Jay from your Troy fans.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 12:02:14 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Wishing everyone here a safe and happy New Year's Eve...and peace in 2000. It's a real pleasure to be a part of such an incredible 'community' here. Thanks for sharing both the smiles and the tears.

To Elizabeth, Justin, and Lisa Danko: Thank you for the gift of Rick. I wish you all peace of mind and strength, and a year full of all the happiness you deserve.

And to Jan: Thank you for caring enough to provide and maintain this site....and for being such a wonderful friend. Love you..and wish you the best of everything :-)

Posted on Fri Dec 31 10:39:39 CET 1999 from (

Martin Molloy

From: Wigan, UK

Only found out today about Rick's passing. Great singer, though I was never fortunate enough to see him sing live. Rest in peace.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 06:52:17 CET 1999 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Brien and Karen- what a beautiful story, and a beautiful memory you will have forever. I wanted to post a report to anyone who is interested on the good time I had at Joyous Lake last nite. But...AOL is not cooperating. They are knocking me off line every 10 minutes, and I type sloooow. Also whenever an incoming call comes in on my phone I get knocked off which of course is't supposed to happen. I can't get ahold of anyone at AOL, and to top it off I can't separate my paragraphs, even whr-en I try netscape. Aargh!!! Suffice to say for now that I had a fine time and will try again in a few days. My computer will be unplugged, and I don't mean in the MTV sense, early tomorrow. Along with lots of others I imagine. Happy New Year, all, especially Jan. Thanks Levon, Garth and Amy for a great time last night . also the Barnburners. And FYI: Levon, the Barnburners and Amy will be playing at the Egg in Albany 1/15 8P.P.M. Phone #: 518 473 1845. Talk to you wonderful GB folks next year.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 04:24:40 CET 1999 from (


Home page

he was an old friend I met at a bar one night

a smile and a drink and a scar

may your memory serve you breckfast

and your bedside always be warm

Posted on Fri Dec 31 04:17:02 CET 1999 from (

Luis Loucks

From: Tempe Arizona

Dear Friends,

Brien and Karen; Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with us. It's taken me some time to be able to sit at the keyboard and recount my first meeting with Rick Danko. Suffice it to say that it was no more and no less special and sweet and intimate as all of our shared stories in this guestbook have been.

I shyly approached him one night to ask him to sign his name on a couple of different things I'd brought along to the show that night. He sat alone at a table by the stage in front of the bar and I just walked up to him and before I said a word he looked up from his drink at me and with a huge open faced smile he blurted out "HELLO OLD FRIEND!!!"

My butt somehow ended up on the chair in front of him and we shared a sip of wine and 20-25 minutes of friendly neighborly chit chat about Woodstock, The Band, Clapton... You know, the usual... :-)

If I were just a bit more eloquent with my words I could possibly share and communicate the blessing and gratitude that I feel for that 20 little minutes out of your life that you shared with me, Rick.

Like with Brien and Karen, you and Levon both showed a respect and esteem for my beloved wife when you honored her with a kiss on her hand.

I've attached a picture of a beautiful gift which I received for Christmas. Note the creative and artistic spelling of the word "breckfast" :-) Please take a look.

With Love,


Thanks for gracing us with your presence...

Posted on Fri Dec 31 04:03:03 CET 1999 from (

Ruthee Dolphin

From: West Virginia

Posted on Fri Dec 31 03:44:33 CET 1999 from (

Tom Jamrog

From: Lincolnville, ME
Home page

I will be spending many minutes at this site. I just bought a CD of my now worn out The Band, brown album. Wow. I saw Rick Danko with Jonas Feld and Eric Anderson up here at the Left Bank Cafe maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Does anyone know the date the Band played Mt. Holyoke College sometime in the late 60's or maybe as late as 1970? I was there and would like to know about that concert. I have been deeply affected by Rick's death.

Posted on Fri Dec 31 02:14:18 CET 1999 from (


From: Spain

Thank you Rick. Hoy estuve viendo por 8ª o 9ª vez "the last waltz" y te oí cantar. Parecías feliz, bailabas. En mi recuerdo permanecerá esa imagen de tí: lleno de vida. Gracias por tu vida y tus canciones

Posted on Fri Dec 31 01:15:42 CET 1999 from (


What I truly moving story from Brien and Karen. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Just purchased the latest Rollig Stone magazine with the articles about Rick. The first story is definitely the best "printed" article I have read.....

Just got the chords for "Blue River". I would like to share them, but do not have the capacity to write the chords above the words. Anyway the verse goes :

Dm /f/G/Bb (Old man go to the river),
C/A7/Dm/F7 (To drop his bale of woes)
Bb/G7/G/Em (He could go,if he wanted to)
Bb/G7/F/Dm/G7 (Its just a boat to row you know, listen to me now)
F/Bb/F/C/A7/Dm/F7 (Blue river keep right on rollin'- all along the shorline)
Bb/C7/F/C/Dm(Keep us safe from the deep and the dark)
Bb/ F/Bb(Cause we don't want to stray too far

The other verses match up with the same chord progressions. This is the best I can do. Anyone who is interested can write it properly with their computer. I love this song and thought it would be fun to share the chords...

Posted on Fri Dec 31 00:39:44 CET 1999 from (


From: PA

As published in the 12/15/199 Wall Street Journal and Written by Earle Hitchner. Titled: The Legacy of the Leader of The Band

"WHY AREN'T THERE more people here?" I had no answer for my friend, a musician who accompanied me to a solo concert by Rick Danko at a club in Rockland County, N.Y. In a house half-full, he and I were captivated by the naturalness of the performance from the lead singer and bassist for The Band, 1994 inductees into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The affable aw-shucks personality of Rick Danko, who died this past Friday at age 56 in Woodstock, N.Y., belied a deep apprediation for rock, blues, R&B, oldtime, gospel, medicine-show vaudeville, New Orleans jazz and country. This heady, boundary-blurring mix of American popular music is also the enduring legacy of The Band itself, comprising four Canadians (Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson) and one Arkansan (Levon Helm).

In the mid-1960's, they had left the rough-and-tumble life of a traveling bar band to play backup for Bob Dylan. During the summer of '67, these six musicians casually recorded together in the basement of "Big Pink," a house Danko was renting in the backwoods of West Saugerties, N.Y. Out of that largely acoustic music-making emerged a coveted bootleg recording and in 1975 the celebrated "Basement Tapes" double disk.

In 1968 an '69, The Band carved out a musical identity seperate from Dylan's with their first two albums, "Music From Big Pink" and "The Band." At a time when other groups were amping up with a vengeance, The Band pioneered a less manic roots music so audacious in its concept and powerful in its effect that it prompted Eric Clapton to leave Cream so that he could explore the less-is-more virtues he heard in The Band's sound, especially Danko's uniquely heartfelt vocals. "Rick's singing has had a tremendous influence on me from 'Big Pink' right up to the present day," Clapton said. "I think you have to be a great musician before you can sing like that."

Danko's performance of "It Makes No Difference" and "Stage Freight" similarly distinguished "The Last Waltz." Martin Scorsese's acclaimed 1978 film of The Band's November 1976 farewell concert in San Francisco. Lamentably less well-known are his accomplished 1977 solo debut and two standout European collaborations with American Folk singer Eric Anderson and Norwegian musician Jonas Fjeld from the early '90's.

Up to the end, Rick Danko was making inspired music. His last album, "live on Breeze Hill," came out this past August on independent Breeze Hill Records in Hurley, N.Y. It features Garth Hudson and a dozen other musicians, most from the Woodstock area Danko had called home for more the 30 years. They're clearly having a good time playing good-time music, a little ragged but still riveting, filled with the soulfulness Rick Danko had in abundance.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 23:42:24 CET 1999 from (


From: NZ

One commentator once wrote that "The Band" was the best rock album of the 19th cesntury. That means "Big Pink" must have been the best rock album of the 20th century. Whats going to be the best rock album of the 21st century?

happy new year.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 23:06:07 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

Brian & Karen, I remember. I was waiting for your post of this story because when you told me and showed me the pictures, I thought it was a great story. How many people can say they had a RR Hall of Fame musician sing at their wedding. This one act alone shows how much of a beautiful person Rick was. When my wife found out about Rick's passing, you were the first people she thought of. I am still mad at myself for not going up to Rick after the show. My wife kept telling me to do so, however, I could not get the nerve. I guess I had a little stage freight. On my way to the car after the show I said next time. I won't make that mistake again in life.

Glad you told your story.

Happy New Year to All!

Posted on Thu Dec 30 22:12:47 CET 1999 from (

Brien& Karen

From: NJ

We just want to share a story about Rick i think you'll enjoy

In August we went to the Town Crier to see Rick and Aaron play. After the show we met Rick - He was shakin' hands, smilin', and spending unrushed moments with his fans. We had him sign our copy of Breeze Hill and made small talk. We told Rick that we chose Book Faded Brown as our wedding song. He said that was "great" with a big ol' smile on his face. Karen handed him an envelope that contained our wedding invitation. She also wrote a letter stating how wonderful it would be if he came and played it because the wedding band was learning the song but wouldn't do it the justice or with the passion that he would.

A couple days later we received a call from Rick saying that this isn't something he normally does but he'd love to - he said he had a good feeling about us.

On October 2, 1999 on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon we married. We kept the news of Rick playing a secret from our friends - weren't they blown away! Then around 7pm Rick and Aaron played our wedding song -- We couldn't believe this was happening.

After the toast Rick started playing Sip the Wine, then It Makes No Difference (The sax player from the wedding band and guitar player joined in), Then Aaron broke into The Next Time You See Me and the drummer and bass player joined in and to cap it off -- they played The Weight, where the female lead singer joined in. Aaron shifted over to accordian and came up front and the keyboard player from the band slipped in.

It was an out of this world performance! Our own Last Waltz

I just thought i'd share that story with you all and tell another story as to how generous Rick Danko was.

Hey Carmen from Philly remember us?!

Rest in Peace Rick, we love you and thank you with all our heart.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 22:08:31 CET 1999 from (

Beth Radtke

From: Chicago suburbs

Hi again everyone. Ok, I'm holding back tears now after watching Fox News Networks tribute to all who we lost last year, and thankfully they included Rick, even though it was very short. Something about seeing it brought back the pain just like when I first heard it. My uncle surprised me with a package yesterday; Rick's solo album. My uncle is 65 and I was amazed that he did that for me. Yes, I already have it, but the thought was incredible. Once again, kindness surrounds Rick's memory. What a wonderful spirit he is. Look at all the wonderful things and feelings that he has brought out in all of us, just by his happy, smiling existence. I hope he's aware of his wonderful legacy. God bless you all in the New Year, and thanks for sharing. I check this every day and it's been very comforting to share our loss together. Take care; I love you Rick. Love, Beth

Posted on Thu Dec 30 21:52:12 CET 1999 from (

Bob Reichers

From: Cape Cod Mass

What is going on these days ?!? George Harrison ( former Beatle and longtime fan and supporter of the Band) is almost murdered in his home by some deranged lunatic, Rick Danko dies a few weeks ago..I mean, let's get this year over with already !

Posted on Thu Dec 30 20:49:56 CET 1999 from (


From: CT

The new issue of Goldmine magazine has a very favorable review of Rick's Breeze Hill CD. This was printed before his passing, and is one of the few reviews I have seen on the record.

I agree with Dexy about the Rolling Stone article. It is very nice and well done. The sub-heading of the article claims that Rick was "one of rock's greatest singers". Nice to see his name on the cover with the Backstreet Boys. I think Rick would have gotten a kick out of that.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 20:48:04 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

Just listened to the pre-Band songs recently added (see what's new). When I listen to UH-UH-UH, I here Springsteen's Born in the USA Album. Any thoughts? Was BS influenced by the BAND? Before they went with Dylan, I know they were regulars at the Jersey Shore.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 20:44:44 CET 1999 from (

go dog

From: Boston

I'm really glad to see this Band web site. I'm sorry I didn't discover it sooner. I just heard about Rick's passing a couple of days ago. What a shock. He was truly inspirational in his talent, his perseverance, and his human kindness. He was the reason I picked up the bass at 30 years old and joined a rock band. What a marvelous and grueling thing to be on the road! The Band has been an influence in my musical life and I wish I could play half of what Rick played. Blessings and heartfelt thanks to Rick and all The Band!

Posted on Thu Dec 30 20:41:46 CET 1999 from (

Kelly K.

From: Rehoboth Beach, DE

I found out on Christmas Eve during a party the Rick had passed away. I was crushed and very surprised at how the news affected me. As a 33 year old mother of 3, not many of my friends or family understand my love for The Band. I am not even sure I understand it. I remember being a small child hearing "The Weight" and "Up on Cripple Creek" on the radio. The music just GRABBED me, what else can I say? I remember the first time I watched The Last Waltz, I sat watching in awe of these men who were so incredibly talented. How the heavens must have intervened to put so much talent into one group. I haven't been able to listen to any of The Band's music since I heard the news, I'm afraid that I will start sobbing and my kids will think I'm crazy! Anyway, thanks for such a great site and thanks for a place where I can put my feelings into words to people who have a clue where I am coming from. God Bless you Rick and the rest of The Band.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 20:37:22 CET 1999 from (



I will never forget Rick and his angelic voice, my prayers are with Rick's family and close friends. Happy New Year to everyone who visits this guestbook. Rick is gone but the music will live forever. Rock On!!!!

Posted on Thu Dec 30 19:12:11 CET 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wisconsin. *AMERICA'S TWILIGHTLANDANKO*.
Home page

[guest photo]

To close out 1999, I want to thank the few friends I have made here on Jan's (and yours now) web site, To Jan, thanks alot for letting me have a space here,,,without you this devoted site would not be here, and I would not have been able to have met the few(in person)people I now treat as friends, plus all my online friends as well!!! Also, if not for you I wouldn't have got the chance to meet Rick Danko in Chicago(believe it or not)at the Cubby Bear. I found that he was perforing there though this web site. I'm not going to name personally all the wonderful people I have encounter here, cuz I know I'll over look some of you, so I'll just say "I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU READING THIS LAST POST OF MINE". I'll wish all of you the Best New Year, and be safe,,,and forgive anyone you have a bicker with, don't drag that baggage into the year *2000*, cuz it ain't worth it. To The Danko Family,,,My words to all of you are beyond words, so I'll just say that in time I hope all will shine again for you. So,,,untill January 2000, Peace, Love, and Light to all of you!

Posted on Thu Dec 30 18:42:46 CET 1999 from (

Michael Tanner

From: Santa Cruz, CA

I will miss the warmth, humor, soulful singing, and funky muscianship of Rick Danko. Over the past 11 years I have been playing Rick and his cohort's music regularly on my two public radio shows. Rick is truly a loss to all of us who enjoyed honest, soulful, thoughtful, and kickass music. "...but when he get's to the end, he'll want to start all over again."

Posted on Thu Dec 30 18:00:26 CET 1999 from (

Ruth McDaniel

From: Greenville, Ohio

Oh my God -- I just stopped in to see "what's new", and this is the first news about Ricks death I have heard. I feel physically ill trying to contemplate this loss... Would someone take a moment to e-mail me about what happened? News obviously travels slowly in the "sticks", sometimes it seems like a blessing.... Thanks for any info, Ruth at

Posted on Thu Dec 30 17:53:54 CET 1999 from (


Hey John D. - If you look in the videoagraphy section of this site, click on Japan Video, there is some information on how to purchase it. I hope that helps. Prayers to George Harrison. Prayers that all will be peaceful throughout the world over the next two days. It's hard to imagine it will, but I'm hoping. My best to all the wonderful fans out there.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 16:24:07 CET 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

As a follow-up to Dexy's post regarding the Rolling Stone articles on Rick--David Fricke's piece includes quotes from Robbie Robertson, Eric Andersen, Aaron Hurwitz, John Simon, Elliot Landy and Butch Dener, who was a road manager for the Band in the '90s. Mr. Fricke relates that Rick "had cut five tracks for a new studio album," including a remake of his collaboration with Eric Clapton, "All Our Past Times," and a cover of the Robert Hunter / Jerry Garcia song, "Ripple," from the Grateful Dead's classic 1970 album "American Beauty." Mr. Hurwitz is quoted as saying that he, Levon and Garth "are now talking about compiling a memorial release featuring those five recordings together with recent live material and out-takes from the last three Band albums."

Posted on Thu Dec 30 16:14:21 CET 1999 from (

John Donabie

Thought I might ask again. Does anyone know where one could buy "THE BAND LIVE IN JAPAN" ON VIDEO. Thank you

Posted on Thu Dec 30 16:00:24 CET 1999 from (

Porl Shaiman

From: Adelaide, Australia
Home page

As A Band fan from down under and a fellow bassist, I feel as though I should thank Rick for his playing, his singing, and his writing. We must all understand the presence Rick has in modern music, as his bass playing will stand the test of time. Thank you Rick for all the notes from your hands and from your mouth.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 12:22:43 CET 1999 from (

Bob Breen

From: Ingersoll, Ontario

I have been reading the guestbook every few days, and I find I just can't read too many tributes to Rick. I did feel the need to add one more. Thanks for touching us.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 11:25:23 CET 1999 from (


Good news friends,George is "Stable but in pain".Please pardon my earlier rant but after Rick,Grover Washington and Curtis starts to feel like the wound won't ever heal.Peace all .Doug

Posted on Thu Dec 30 10:11:22 CET 1999 from (


From: Vancouver,Canada

What the hell is going on! i just heard George Harrison was stabbed in the chest.No word on his condition.Some clown broke into his house and George found him and...When will this year end and will there be any music left.Sorry folks i'm just sick about it keep George in your prayers people.For Godsake can we have some PEACE Doug

Posted on Thu Dec 30 04:59:39 CET 1999 from (


From: the outskirts of town

I don't know if anybody has posted this link but I have been keeping my eye on the Michigan Accoustic Cafe link and now they have posted at least one song from Rick and the Professor's appearance on that show. In the introduction to the "best of 1999" the host says that they will post up the entire show for their first show of 2000. Here is the link

Michigan Live Acoustic Cafe

The host says it was Danko's last show and perhaps it was.

Ironically the song right after Rick's "Twilight" is the Cowboy Junkies (I think) doing a song with the lyrics "You Told Me Never to Grow Old".

Posted on Thu Dec 30 04:59:24 CET 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

CBC TV in Canada - Life and Times series Ronnie Hawkins - Tuesday Jan 4 @ 9:00 pm

Posted on Thu Dec 30 04:31:26 CET 1999 from (


From: Old bridge, NJ

I was so shocked and saddened by the death of Rick Danko. All my prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 04:57:08 CET 1999 from (


From: Norway
Home page

Hi, I'm looking for: Robbie Robertson: Going Home DVD: Laser Light 82 016 (1998) (it's a comparatively rare "Region 0" release, playable in all regions). Rick Danko: Rick Danko's Electric Bass Techniques, VHS (European PAL format). Levon Helm: Levon Helm on Drums and Drumming, VHS (European PAL format). ...copies of both Rick & Levon's instructional videos on one videotape (PAL) would be just fine...

Posted on Thu Dec 30 04:55:51 CET 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

Michael Segui was asking about a Ron Hawkins band. Another one of my favourites, The Lowest of the Low - they did a wonderful album called "Shakespeare My Butt". Does anyone know if Ron Hawkins is a newphew of Ronnie hawkins?

Posted on Thu Dec 30 03:55:59 CET 1999 from (


From: Iowa

I just watched The Band DVD and must say it was very inspirational. How 5 guys that are so like us can send such a message. It was a pure delight that I will remember forever!

Posted on Thu Dec 30 03:35:43 CET 1999 from (


From: the left coast (northern half)

I have been reading the wonderful words you all have written here and they have both comforted me and made me sad, provided a good laugh at times and a good cry. I want to thank all of you for your eloquence, and being able to express your feelings in ways that I cannot. As a 30-year Rick Danko fan, I had found it difficult to explain to friends how I have been feeling. Then, I started showing them various posts here and they began to understand just what is missing now. I re-connected with someone from here today, and at her suggestion I am writing on Rick's 57th (at least it still is, here in Cali). So, dearie with the good hair and great smile, wherever you are, happy birthday (my grandmother always believed that we got birthdays even after we were gone. By her reckoning now she'd be 93).

Posted on Thu Dec 30 02:09:13 CET 1999 from (


From: Paramus NJ & Decatur NY

Happy birthday Rick. Still can't believe you are gone. I hope the tribute album news is true.....Band friends going up to see Levon tonight, please give us a review when you get a chance....My heart goes out to the Danko family on this day.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 01:24:39 CET 1999 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Happy Birthday Rick. Thank you!! For your present I'll try to make somebody laugh and I'll try to help what I think you would consider a good cause. I know that's what you did for us.

Posted on Thu Dec 30 00:22:42 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

I am real excited about the new in RS mentioned by DEXY. I would love to see RR be a part of the tribute.

Just finished reading Across The Great Divide (my wife got a used copy for me for Christmas). Can I consider all that I have read to be correct? Any comments from those who know are welcome.


Posted on Wed Dec 29 23:18:58 CET 1999 from (


Strange that it would come on Rick's birthday, but I got the new Rolling Stone today. It notes Rick's passing on the front page, and leads the news section with two stories on him. Very good (and appropriate) coverage of such an important figure in rock history. Judging from the kind of music RS covers these days, I was frankly surprised (and of course pleased). To put it in context, the cover picture is of the "readers' choice" as best artists of the year... The Backstreet Boys. Ain't exactly in the same ballpark as The Band, huh? Also, nice story on Doug Sahm. Now, two things about the Danko stories that may draw some discussion: the two words that begin the main story, and the fact that the sidebar was written by a Mr. Marcus. But in all, I felt RS did a good job on this one -- there's even favorable mention in both stories about the '90 albums. And, it says that Levon and Garth are working on a new "tribute CD" that would include five songs recorded for Rick's solo album plus outtakes from JERICHO, HOG and JUBILATION.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 23:06:30 CET 1999 from (

Michael Segui

From: Brampton, Ontario

The post below regarding Ron Hawkins @ Lee's Palace in Toronto: Unfortunately that not the REAL Ron "The Hawk" Hawkins. The guy who's playing at Lee's Palace is in his late 20s and played in anohter semi-famous Canadian band whos name escapes me. I wish it WAS the Hawk coz I'd be there in a minute! I hear a rumour he might be playing in his fur coat at Niagara Falls, Ontario. Don't know how true that is. Talk to you later Mike

Posted on Wed Dec 29 22:50:16 CET 1999 from (



Posted on Wed Dec 29 20:40:10 CET 1999 from (

Bob Chouinard

From: Tampa

The voice of an angel has been silenced.Thank you, Rick, for your songs, your stage manner, and the way your voice strummed my heart strings.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 20:16:55 CET 1999 from (

Fritz Grause

From: Kentucky

Thanks, Rick.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 19:53:39 CET 1999 from (

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Heading north tonight to see Levon at Joyous Lake. Time to get on with things, I guess, but it ain't easy.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 19:28:40 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: 'Gett'in Better.
Home page

Happy Brithday Rick,,,I miss you sorely down here, just isn't the same with you away, and your beautiful songs take on a whole 'new meaning for me, and all these years I thought I 'knew what your songs meant, well,,,I guess I didn't... but now I think do, thanks!

Posted on Wed Dec 29 19:09:53 CET 1999 from (

Mary (bear)

From: PA

Well, today would have been your 57th birthday Rick. I still can't believe you are gone. I am still so saddened by your untimely passing. I loved your beautiful emotional voice, and everything about you. Thank god, you have left us a legacy of music. Whenever I am sad, all I do is put on The Band or one of your solo efforts, and there you are to warm my heart and soul once again. God be with you Rick. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I will keep you alive in my heart and soul and music forever. I will always love you. To Ricks family I send my sincere heartfelt condolences , on what I'm sure is a very difficult day for everyone. And Happy Birthday my friend.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 19:09:51 CET 1999 from (


From: N.Y.

Happy Rebirth Rick,...You are free. You have reached the sun. ....Job well done. now it's time to be with your son. ....Forever the music lives on. Thank-You.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 18:57:04 CET 1999 from (

Bashfil Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

12:54P.M. and my son and I will be on the road to Woodstock ia a few minutes to see Levon and Garth tonite. Happy birthday Rick, singing with those angels!

Posted on Wed Dec 29 17:30:15 CET 1999 from (

john brougham

From: australia,uk,orig

i only just found out rick has left us for now.the sun wont shine for a regards to family and friends.john brougham

Posted on Wed Dec 29 16:54:08 CET 1999 from (

Tom and Marianne Izzo

From: Ct

Happy Birthday Rick! We miss ya.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 16:46:30 CET 1999 from (

Wayne Scallon

From: New York

Thanks Rick and rest easy now. You made a difference.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 16:14:07 CET 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!

Here will we sit and let the sounds of music

Creep in our ears; soft stillness and the night

Become the touches of sweet harmony.

Sit, Jessica. Look how the floor of heaven

Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold:

There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st

But in his motion like an angel sings,

Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins;

Such harmony is in immortal souls;


...The man that hath no music in himself,

Nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds,

Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils;

The motions of his spirit are dull as night

And his affections dark as Erebus:

Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music."

--Shakespeare (from "The Merchant of Venice" Act V-Scene 1)

Posted on Wed Dec 29 14:55:59 CET 1999 from (

J P Watt

From: New Jersey

As i read Mr. Brown's article on Richard M., i had John Denver playing "Back Home Again", and the tears were in my eyes. When the entertainers you loved in your youth, the ones who really helped form you, die, one after the other: Richard, Rick, John, Doug Sahm, and so many others, it brings home the meaning of growing older, and each one's passing seems to make the day a little darker, and dampens the spirit a little bit more. Thank the Lord we still have their music to remind us why we cared. A hundred years ago, the richest man on earth couldn't have a music library such as many of us have today. The twentieth century rules, ya'all!

Posted on Wed Dec 29 13:13:17 CET 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

Happy Birthday, Rick. And Happy Birthday to Mary Tyler Moore.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 13:08:02 CET 1999 from (

John S

From: Australia

A few years ago in Australia, Bob Dylan was asked why he thought his songs were so popular. He said maybe because they were different. This applies to the Band I guess - they were different and will always be different - with equal helpings of honesty, integrity, emotion and beauty in their music. Like everyone else, I cannot believe that such a contributor to this beauty as Rick Danko, is gone. I can't think of anything original to say, only that he and the rest of the Band have changed my life, and I am grateful every day of my life for this. I guess the positive aspect of all of this, is that the music does live on. Thank you to everyone who has shared their feelings at this time. May God bless you forever Rick, for what you have given us.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 12:58:31 CET 1999 from (

Thorsteinn G. Gunnarsson

From: Iceland

Thank you, Rick Danko. You made my live better!

Posted on Wed Dec 29 12:31:45 CET 1999 from (

Jan H.

Rick Danko would have been 57 years old today. A card that was handed out at his memorial service in Bearsville read: When Rick Danko was born, the angels sang. Rick sang harmony. In Memory of Rick Danko. December 29, 1942 - December 10, 1999.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 12:13:49 CET 1999 from (


As a 12yr old boy first introduced to The Band's music Rick Danko's voice grabbed hold of my ears and has never let go. When I was told he had passed away I was devastated. For two days I didn't hear his music or the music of The Band, the longest two days I've ever had to suffer, musically. When I did listen it was Blue River, It Makes No Difference, Raining In My Heart...

I couldn't make it to Bearsville to pay my respects, but some of my friends know I was there in spirit. I'm glad Jan made it, because in a way he was there for all of us that couldn't.

So Rick, It was always an honor to see you and speak with you. Thanks for all those great songs that you shared with us and carried in your heart. Peace and love to all of your family, friends and fans.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 06:35:37 CET 1999 from (

jerry donoho

From: little rock

jamie boyer if you are on net you must pass this site. please contact at the same ole place jerry

Posted on Wed Dec 29 04:10:53 CET 1999 from (


Home page

Thank you so much for your wonderful and detailed website. I've been a fan of the Band for nearly 25 years (a post-Last Waltz latecomer) and am grateful to have seen a few live performances. Their music has helped me see textures, and also understand how different elements (5 unique bandmembers + many and various musical sources) can be integrated into something new. Condolences to Rick Danko's family and friends. It's hard to believe he's been silenced.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 02:13:27 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

To Rick..on what should've been your 57th birthday. The loss of you still new, the love of you still true. May your soul forever rest in peace, as your memory forever rests in my heart.

Posted on Wed Dec 29 01:58:06 CET 1999 from (


From: maine

I saw the Band (Rick, Levon, and Garth) at Colby College about 15 or 16 years ago. Every one had a great time. My memory of Rick is him laughing and having a great time.RIP Rick

Posted on Wed Dec 29 01:46:26 CET 1999 from (

dean brighton

From: toronto

Does anyone have a complete copy of "CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE" or any other obscurities on cdr to trade? email me if you do and I'll send you my list. Thanks, d rip rick danko

Posted on Tue Dec 28 23:07:30 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

How's everyone doing? I just finished reading the article mentioned by karen a few posts down. All I can say is that I hope Rick was able to complete enough material for an album he would have been proud to release. If not, then I guess it was not ment to be.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 23:02:41 CET 1999 from (


New Year's Eve with Ron Hawkins & the Rusty Nails LOCATION: Lee's Palace 529 Bloor St. W. Toronto A reasonable New Year's Eve. Your $19 (yes, $19) ticket gets you a night with Ron Hawkins and Rusty Nails in Lee's, with D.J. Shawn MacDonald in the Dance Cave. All tickets available at CD Replay, 523 Bloor W. (416) 516-0606.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 22:56:37 CET 1999 from (

David A. Holland

From: Newcastle,England

Farewell Rick, God Bless. D.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 22:21:01 CET 1999 from (

tom krouskoff

From: ny
Home page

my wife and i are very sad about the passing of rick danko. fortunately we had a chance to see him a few times in the ny area before he passed. if anyone has tapes or videos of his solo work we'd love to see/hear some

Posted on Tue Dec 28 20:41:30 CET 1999 from (

John D


Robbie Robertson once told me in an interview that he didn't think there would be enough general interest in re-releasing The Last Waltz with the rest of the footage.

Now that DVD is here I think it would be a perfect time to have the ENTIRE FILM on DVD. A nice 2000 present for Band fans. Also does anyone know where I can purchase the VHS version of The Band...Live in Japan?

Happy New Year everyone and let the healing begin.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 20:12:30 CET 1999 from (


From: CT

There is a very nice article in the new issue of Billboard Magazine. Chris Morris wrote the piece about Rick Danko and his career. He even got the birthday right. Very well done.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 18:09:16 CET 1999 from (


From: Oz

God bless you, Rick Danko.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 17:31:52 CET 1999 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

That is a good ? Dexy. I've been curious as to whether there was enough in the can to release. It would truly be a shame if it doesn't see the light of day along with so much other music we have heard speculation about. Personally, I think it's time for a box of true rarities from the vaults. If Woodstock Records were to acquire the rights to that kind of stuff{I'm pretty ignorant regarding the business complications of that sort} and release it, I would hope they would make their money back.I even think there would be enough interest in outakes just from the 90's period, hopefully with some of Richard's music included.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 15:43:47 CET 1999 from (


Does anyone know what Rick was referring to when he mentioned a project with George Harrison in the interview? Thanks to whomever it was that linked us to that, by the way. Also, does anyone know what was already recorded for the Danko solo CD?

Posted on Tue Dec 28 14:27:32 CET 1999 from (

Band Thought

From: New York

I would just like to back what so many people have shared about the man by saying that Rick has been an inspiration in bringing out the "better angels of our nature."

In appreciation of what Rick has meant to me and on the eve of his birthday, here is something I wrote down two days after Rick's death...

The Band has been such a big part of my life for 29 of my 43 years, from the time my brother took me - at age 14 - to see them play on a cold New York New's Year Eve at what would later become The Rock of Ages concert. I loved everything about The Band from the very beginning, a love that was passed down to me from my brother, who was seven years my senior. Through the years, my devotion for The Band never wavered and living on Long Island and later Manhattan, I had the good fortune to see The Band - together and as solo performers - on almost every tour over the past 29 years.

I cannot say that I had ever favored one Band member over another, but the loss of Rick Danko has struck something in me that runs deeper than I could have ever imagined. This was a man, apart from his great musical talents, who could make a roomful of people - whether that room was The Bottom Line, The Turning Point, Madison Square Garden or the Kingston Theater - a much happier place to be. Rick was someone who, right up until his untimely death, carried the torch for the Band music that people like me could not do without over the past few decades. It seemed like there was always going to be Rick Danko around to look forward to seeing each year, as he grew older, as I grew older, as all of his fans grew older. The soundtrack of our lives has been silenced. Or, has it.

I walked out of a store after shopping the other night on Long Island. What I saw was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The kind that is a perfect mix of red and orange, with multi-colored clouds that line the sky all the way back to the horizon. At that moment, in the cool night air, I thought of Rick. I thought that this was a night that Rick has seen a thousand times, out in a parking lot in some city - right before he enters the club or stadium, right before he shares a hello or a handshake or a smoke with a fan who cannot believe their good fortune at having met Rick Danko - an accessible, honestly funny and openly friendly man.

I went home that night and decorated our Christmas tree with my wife and 2 and 1/2 year old son. Instead of playing Christmas music as is our tradition, I played Rick's first solo album. At various times, as he was playing with his cars and trucks, my little boy tapped his feet to the music. After "Once Upon A Time," my son asked, "Who's that dada?" I said, "that was Rick Danko." I realized then that while Rick is physically gone, his music will live on - passed from one generation to the next - just like from my brother to me - and will be from me to my little boy.

Thank you, Rick Danko for all you have meant to our lives.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 14:05:25 CET 1999 from (

Peter Hustler

Thanks for the music, Rick. We will all miss you.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 07:46:13 CET 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines Ontario

Charlie Young: I too prefer vinyl copies of the first three records (especially since I had Rick sign the covers last May). I think we both scored high on one of Ilkka's Band questions.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 04:51:07 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: Madison, Wisconsin, and going FORWARD>
Home page

Well,,,this month can't go fast enough for me. *RIP Curtis Mayfield, 'trying to get over".* Hope you all had a fine glass of wine (those who are of age!!!) to sip, and we'll take a head count later! To the Danko Family: My prayers go out to all of you, every night, before I sleep, and to Rick and the band that they are all creating up there in the heavens!

Posted on Tue Dec 28 04:42:48 CET 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Thanks again to Jan for this place. The last couple of weeks have shown once again that this is not only the best music site on the global web, but perhaps the best cyber community as well.

Someone here used the word "sacred" regarding the music of The Band recently and last night I had an experience which helped me understand that. Having played hours of CDs and cassettes by Rick and The Band this month, I decided to bring up the first three albums from the basement and see how my old black vinyl sounded after thirty years.

I told my teenage daughter that I wouldn't tie up the stereo with more than a track or two, explaining that the album called simply "The Band"(with that great quote from "Darktown Strutter's Ball" on the back cover) was probably the most heavily-played of any of the 2,000 plus old records down in the basement and--therefore--might not sound so good. Thanks to my odd habit from my own teenage years of neatly writing the date of purchase inside each album sleeve, I noticed that I had bought each of the three albums when I was about the same age my daughter is now. I had picked up the 45 rpm single of "Up On Cripple Creek" in late 1969 but did not buy "The Band" until shortly after the TIME cover story about the group which appeared in early 1970 (I still have that in the basement, too). As I handled my old black vinyl copy of the "brown album," I did feel that as I opened the gatefold cover it was not just a record sleeve, but indeed a holy text.

I was particularly struck by a photo of Robbie and Levon playing together in a small room below a framed picture which always reminded me of that Grim Reaper character in the Ingmar Bergman film. Then there came a life-affirming near-miracle, though: my circa 1980 Canadian turntable coaxed those amazingly fresh and warm opening notes of "Across the Great Divide" one more time from my old record in a way that my clean, perfect CD copy of the album never could. Despite some surface noise, the sound was so good, so SPIRITUAL that I had no choice but let the whole album run, with occasional notes of explanation to my daughter, who listened with interest. It was nice to know that the place Rick, Robbie, Levon, Richard and Garth once took me was still there and no less vital after three decades. It was even more rewarding to be able to take my daughter along this time to what I now realize is a truly "sacred" place indeed.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 02:00:01 CET 1999 from (


There's an interesting short interview with Rick at the following site,, in part because he speaks highly of The Last Waltz.

Posted on Tue Dec 28 00:59:49 CET 1999 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Well I finally got some time to play with my new toys last night. The one on top of my list was a DVD disc of The Band playing live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. I think it was in 96. It's even better than I hoped, I strongly recomend it. It was pretty hard to find(when I did find it, it was the only one so I told my wife exactly where I hid it in the store so "Santa" could get it for me). After watching that I watched the Willie Nelson video "Teatro" that I got. Since Willie is so cool I often wondered if he ever hung out with or played with The Band. Well who pops up very briefly, playing back up is Robbie R. It was really cool. He's only in it briefly so if your not a fan of Willies don't run out to get it. Oh well i just thought I'd share that info. Again though, I HIGHLY rec omend The Band DVD disc.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 21:55:44 CET 1999 from (

Jim Shavel

From: North Yarmouth, Maine

I am deeply saddened. Having met Rick once when he was touring in Maine with Garth I immediately realized what a special soul he was. Rick, dont hang up your rock n' roll shoes, ever! The Band has always been the best. Love - Jim

Posted on Mon Dec 27 21:20:45 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: a better place

The end of something becomes the beginning of something else....

I just found out today that one of my oldest and dearest friends (we met in first grade!) gave birth to her first baby on Christmas Eve! Not only does this news give me great happiness for personal reasons, but also lifts a bit of the grief that's hung over me since Rick's passing. Life, does indeed go on.

Heading up to The Joyous Lake this Wednesday night to catch Levon and possibly that mystery keyboard wizard that Butch more than alluded to. I will however, have to drive myself since my 'chauffeur' is out of town.

And just in case he's reading this ... Will send you an inventory sheet of the contents of every car trunk in front of me. Hug :-)

Posted on Mon Dec 27 20:10:44 CET 1999 from (


From: Paramus NJ & Decatur NY

Just reserved seats for Jim Weider and The Honky Tonk Gurus, 2/12/2000 at The Turning Point. So me and my gang will continue to make our trips up to that great club. I was feeling excited about seeing the "new" Band guys, but also quite sad because I have seen Rick so many times at the same location. I know we will toast to "DANKOO"(as we would yell out at his shows) many times that evening....Thank you Rick.....

Posted on Mon Dec 27 19:05:51 CET 1999 from (

Bill Paige

From: Chicago
Home page

if I started posting all of the thoughts in my mind and the feelings in my heart, it would take forever and a day, but I would like to thank all the 'regulars' and everyone else, of course, for their words about our brother Rick . . .

the year working behind the scenes of "Jubilation" was when I got to know a little more about the man behind the myth, and everything on this guestbook rings of truth when tracked against my few experiences and conversations with Rick. I feel privileged to have seen one of those final shows he left us with. That guy could sing.

the sadness is palpable but knowing that so many people appreciated his heart and his art so deeply and completely makes it impossible not to think that the spirit of the man and the poetry of his voice will continue to inspire and comfort as we enter an untouched thousand years . . .

i have marveled at your beautiful stories and cried softly at the eulogies any of us would want before our final rest. thank you, jan, for providing the forum, and to all those who reported on the tribute, etc. of course, peter, david, donabie, a few others, your erudition and scholarly attention to detail are overwhelming and greatly appreciated. I wish I knew as much about Anything!

my friends and I played the Band's music in the days after Rick's death. if I'd thought about what I was doing, getting up and taking the first verse of "Difference," I doubt I could have done it. but it was Rick's way -- just to sing, naturally and without pretension. 'Christmas' was a little easier, just because it was a joy to let people hear a holiday classic they might not otherwise hear.

Peace to all of you in the New Year.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 19:01:05 CET 1999 from (


The holidays are almost over and the reality of losing such a sweet man has really hit me. I've wanted to play all my BAND albums and tapes, but it was just impossible without really shedding some tears. My family left for Houston this morning and today I'm going to put on the video of The Last Waltz and crank it up as BG use to say and just ball seeing those guys onstage rocking with Rick bouncing along. I'm so amazed by the outporing of love and grief and the effect this man had on so many people, I find myself constantly reading everyones emails and just being so touched by people's thoughts,rememberances and their own personal feelings. THANKS EVERYONE FOR SHARING SO MUCH OF SOMETHING THAT IS DEAR TO ALL OF US.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 17:27:26 CET 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"Now maybe someday, I'll reach that higher goal / I know I can make it with just a little bit of soul / 'Cause I've got my strength, and it don't make no sense / Not to keep on pushin'..."

December has been a long & cruel month. The news came yesterday that the great Curtis Mayfield had passed away. The singer, guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, producer, movie soundtrack composer and record label enrepreneur was born in Chicago on June 3, 1942. Mr. Mayfield has lived in Georgia, north of Atlanta, since 1976. While performing in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1990, he was struck onstage by a falling light tower in a tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Turning toward his family and immense inner-strength, Mr. Mayfield kept on pushin' and didn't give up. He continued to run his Curtom Record label out of Atlanta, reissuing his large catalog of recordings with his group, the Impressions, and later solo work on CD. In 1990, with the help of Atlanta-based producer Darryl Simmons and the group Organized Noise, he recorded his last album of original work, "New World Order," which received a Grammy nomination. As a result of his injuries, he was forced to record his vocals while lying flat on his back, and despite this difficulty, that beautiful & influential voice still shone through.

It was that haunting tenor voice, along with his rhythmic guitar style that drove the music behind his positive, spiritually uplifting lyrics that often expressed the yearnings of African Americans in the struggle for civil rights. As a member of the Impressions from 1958-1970, and later as a solo artist, Mr. Mayfield recorded a distinctive and influential body of work that evolved out of his roots in gospel music into pulsating, bass heavy, polyrhythmic funk / soul epics.

Last March when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he tried to make it to the ceremonies but complications from his injuries prevented him from going. He was honored by a gathering of fellow hall-of-famers, including Robbie Robertson, Eric Clapton & the Staple Singers, culminating in a transcedent all-star performance of Mr. Mayfield's "People Get Ready."

In 1963, Mr. Mayfield and the Impressions, Sam Gooden and Richard Brooks, released the single, "It's All Right," which displayed a stylistic innovation. Borrowing from the gospel tradition, the song featured a three-part vocal style in which the vocalists would switch-off to alternate the leads while the other two would harmonize with the lead at the end of the phrase. This technique would reach full fruition a year later with the release of "People Get Ready." The Band would later incorporate a variation of this technique as a part of their own distinctive use of three vocalists.

When that mystery train reaches it's final destination across the Jordan, perhaps among the many joining Mr. Mayfield in harmony will be two voices from The Band.

"People get ready / There's a train a-comin' / You don't need no baggage / You just get on board / All you need is faith / To hear the diesels hummin' / Don't need no ticket / You just thank the Lord..."

Posted on Mon Dec 27 16:53:16 CET 1999 from (

butch dener

From: ulster county

hey friends,,, a FYI,,, Levon Helm & The Barn Burners w/ guest vocalist, miss amy helm,,, will be @ the Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY,, this wed,, the 29th of Dec,,, the last show of 2000,,, strong, strong possibility that there will be a "guest"keyboard wizard,, mr. G.H.,,, but even so,, come on out & dance the 1900's away,,, see ya there,,, butch

Posted on Mon Dec 27 15:03:02 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

Hope everyone had a happy and Safe Christmas.

Just read in the paper that Curtis Mayfield died yesterday at age 57. I guess the band upstairs was not quite ready for the new year celebration. I hope this is it for 1999.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 06:39:38 CET 1999 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: Louisiana

I wish I could have heard the Heavenly version of "Chrismas Must Be Tonight" that was played last night. Must have been quite a performance from Rick.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 05:47:25 CET 1999 from (

Craig Chiller

From: Geelong,Australia

Rick Danko has inspired my playing/performing ,i am sad of his passing but his memory will always live on,along with Levon,Robbie,Richard & Garth.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 04:23:02 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Probably one of the few times in my life that I have no idea what to say. Still finding comfort here, so I guess this is just where I want to be right now. Thank you all being out's really a good feeling to feel the love and support and friendship that surrounds this site these days. Rick gave us the gift of being able to reach out to one another...and that's a gift I think we all cherish right now. Thanks Rick.

Brown-eyed Johnny: Thanks for your wishes and kind words. Hope your holiday was a wonderful one. Best wishes to you and your wife for a healthy and happy new year.

Going to try and sleep now. It's a comin..a brand new day....

Posted on Mon Dec 27 03:12:18 CET 1999 from (

John McKay

From: Corrales, NM

I just discovered the Web site today and I am very excited about it, but sad too, as the world, and especially Rick Danko's friends and family are mourning his lose. The Band was made up of a very special group of people, each with an amazing gift for making their music ring with an authenticity that I think will reasonate for years to come. May God bless The Band members and their families. This world needs more musicians like them, with real heart and soul as well as talent.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 01:37:54 CET 1999 from (

Benjamin D'Angelo

From: Way Back When

Just a note to say how thankful I am to Garth, Levon, and Rick for reforming The Band to tour and record in the 90s. I was lucky enough to catch them 5 times and it was just as exciting as seeing The Band in the late sixties and early 70s. Plus they added 3 albums to my "can't live without" Band collection which prior to Jericho had included only Big Pink, The Band, and Stage Fright. They also released a great video performance which is now available on DVD. The rest of the guys very definitely proved there was "life after Robbie" once and for all. I treasure many of the new Band's songs as much as any that came before. RIP Rick and thanks for keeping the flame of The Band alive all these intervening years even up 'til your very last gig!

Posted on Mon Dec 27 00:53:20 CET 1999 from (


I remember Rick from the Malibu days. I can remember how he tried to dry out Paul Butterfield. With Paul and Kinky Friedman and Rick sitting around a table joking. Rick was really a great guy. If you are out there Elizabeth, my sympathies go out for you, for both Rick and your son. I remember how much Rick loved both of you. I will always remember Rick sitting there on the sofa singing Unfaithful servent. He had a lot of heart. I always felt he was a true down to Earth kind of guy. Well rock on Rick, I know the trials and tribulations you endured, peace be with you now. Rick loved to make people laugh, so smile for him.

Posted on Mon Dec 27 00:34:38 CET 1999 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Back from week skiing in the mountains of Utah, funny, every morning started off with either a Band, Rick, Anderson, Danko, Fjord song, and made the day a little better. To everyone interested, try it, no, not the skiing, listening to a little Rick, I think we need all to get back to feeling a little better everyday.

Posted on Sun Dec 26 19:14:14 CET 1999 from (

Joey Forest

From: Athens, Ohio

The " Band " was one of the few groups who were so well rounded. I have so much respect for the people who made up the group and the music they so greatly played. Happy Trails Rick Danko and thanks for the memories. (:

Posted on Sun Dec 26 18:41:43 CET 1999 from (


From: ns

really enjoying the Rick Danko tribute from Radio Woodstock. Happy new years all.

Posted on Sun Dec 26 17:24:47 CET 1999 from (

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

Thirty years ago today I bought the new Band album at the annual Sam the Record Man Boxing Day Sale on Yonge Street. Today we call it the Brown album. In those days my friends and I called it "The Band ...The Band". It changed my life. Sam's annual Boxing Day sale continues to this day, and I believe I will head down later and check it out. You never know...

Posted on Sun Dec 26 07:00:17 CET 1999 from (


From: My Bedroom

Hi everyone. Just sitting here being sick and bored, I thought I'd say (even if it's a little late) hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Hope you all are spending yer holiday's with some of the people who are closest to you... (Or family, whichever's easier ;-)).

Happy Holiday's once again to all :)

Posted on Sun Dec 26 06:04:02 CET 1999 from (

johnny divine

From: wichita falls texas

when i realized The Band was THE band, my life was never the same again. I saw The Band with Dylan three times, the "reunited" Band once, and Rick Danko four times in solo and group shows, and I couldn't believe these guys were human-it was pretty much idolizing time for me. Then i was fortunate enough to spend about 10 minutes on the phone with Levon discussing music and the business, then, through my friend Hirth Martinez, i met the one and only Garth Hudson. They were actually human, and very nice humans at that.. They play like they're from another planet, but they are human. Then a couple of years ago I met Rick at a show in Dallas and was very impressed by his friendliness to me, just another jaw-drooping fan. But after the show I was overwhelmed by the generosity Rick showed to each and every fan there that night (and I do mean "each and every"). We know Rick was human, too, but what a special human he was. A musician's musician (with the voice of an angel), a big hearted, big grinning character, and a man among men. Thanks, Rick, for sharing your life and music with us. All my best to your family and friends. P.S. Terry D, drop me a line if you can. Thanks.

Posted on Sun Dec 26 06:01:01 CET 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

Hope you all had a good Christmas. It's not the same Christmas as when I was a kid, it's a bit more complicated now. But the kids love it, and I love the smiles that come from my kids, so it's still a special time, even for a jaded adult.

Rick's death is finally starting to sink in, I'm getting used to the idea that I won't see him again. I hate it.

Each Band fan has a reason for loving the Band. Whether it's the music, or the way one of them looked as he performed, or maybe a personal connection that was made between the fan and a Band member, we all have our reasons. For me, the attraction has always been the music. I don't think I've ever waited in line to meet any one of them after a show. I came to the venue to hear the songs. Other people see it differently and I respect that.

So my question, to no one in particular, is will there be a remnant of the Band performing Band music ever again? The only "principals" left are Garth and Levon. Garth could possibly get together with the Crowmatix, but that's still not a group playing Band music. Levon plays with his band up at Joyous Lake on Wednesdays, but that's blues. There are some people around who can play (and sing) the old Band tunes, but they would rather not. They have their own musical interests, and perhaps they feel strange about trying to go up and imitate the Band. Perhaps they feel it would not be well received by the surviving Band members. So, we're back to the question: where do we go from here?

If anybody hears of a group of young musicians who do Band covers, in the New York/ New England area, please let me know.

Posted on Sun Dec 26 03:53:42 CET 1999 from (

Dan Lewis

From: Ontario,North Carolina, Quebec,New Jersey

I have been listening to The Band for 30 years. This music has had more meaning in my life than any other. I am very sad to hear that Rick Danko is gone. I extend sincere sympathy to all who knew and loved Rick. To the remaining members of the Band, I say we have to rock on boys.

Posted on Sun Dec 26 03:12:10 CET 1999 from (



..."On a cold winter night a Band of angels sing"..the angels sing and Rick Danko sang harmony..God bless you Rick,I will never forget your smile,your joy.You made this world a better place.The stars in heaven now shine a little brighter since you knocked on the door of heaven.I will all..ways remember you...PEACE

Posted on Sat Dec 25 19:02:02 CET 1999 from (

Luke Bowden

From: Toronto, Ontario

It's just old Luke and Luke's a waiting on the judgement day. Hello Friends and Family, Merry Christmas all. I cannot describe how comforting it is to have you all near and conscious of what the world has lost. Here's to all of you, let's raise a glass to that huge hearted man. Well here comes a man with his paper and pen telling us our hard times are about to end.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 16:40:14 CET 1999 from (


From: Aberdeen

Hello fellow band fans. I only recieved the sad news about Rick today. Let us hope that his passing will generate some deserved, if belated, wider recognition of his outstanding talents as a musician. Merry Christmas.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 14:56:10 CET 1999 from (


To Brown- Eyed Johnny, Lil & Co and the other friends and fans of The Band. Its not Rick singing "Christmas Must Be Tonite", but its bound to make you smile. Would otherwise be cold here without my t-shirt but the Caribbean's warm. Till next near. Best to all.

HO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RHUM (lyrics by Jimmy Buffett & Ross Kunkel- music by Jimmy Buffett Roger Guth & Peter Mayer) Santa's stressed out as the holiday season draws near He's been doing the same job now going on two thousand years He's got pains in his brain and chimney scars cover his buns He hates to admit it, but Christmas is more work than fun He needs a vacation from bad decorations and snow Mr. Claus has escape plans, a secret that only he knows Beaches and palm trees appear night and day in his dreams A break from his wife, his half frozen life the elves and that damn reindeer team Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Santa's run off to the Caribbean He thinks about boat drinks and fun in the sun Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Plastic creations and crass exploitations aren't good He wants to go back to simple toys made out of wood Just for the weekend he'd like to be Peter Pan Get out his long johns and dance with a sword in the sand Chorus: Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Santa's run off to the Caribbean Marimbas, calimbas, he's playing steel drums Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum (Bridge) Chorus: Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Santa's run off to the Caribbean Marimbas, calimbas, he's playing steel drums Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rhum Santa's run off to the Caribbean A week in the tropics and he'll be all right Sporting a tan as he rides out of sight (over the drums) Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Posted on Sat Dec 25 13:44:39 CET 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

From: Where ever you may be

Merry Christmas to all the good people of this guestbook. Especially Diamond Lil.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 12:29:29 CET 1999 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Merry Christmas!!!! I can't sleep past five o'clock anymore( can't stand getting old). I just got up, came down stairs and played and sang "It makes no difference". That song has moved me for over twenty years. Today I'll count my blessings and keep The Band playing all day long. They've provided us with music for all seasons, all circumstances and all times. Have a great Christmas.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 11:30:00 CET 1999 from (

wendy smith

I cant believe that Garth will be playing with Blondie Chaplin and Anton Fig in NYC on New Years Eve.......That show is going to rock!!!!The guy who is promoting the show is friends with Garth and Levon.....a show from the heart....i am going! what better way to spend the end of the century? They have a website with

Posted on Sat Dec 25 10:29:24 CET 1999 from (

A fan in Greece

From: Athens

Merry Christmas everyone. Lots of love to all, especially the Danko extended family, all Band members and guestbook friends.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 09:39:37 CET 1999 from (


From: shalalth, b/c. canada

i was about 12 years old when i started sneaking down the stairs to the brass rail hotel in london ontario. of course we were down there trying to get a good look at the women but the band that was playing was almost always the hawks. i have been a fan every since. i've read this site every few days for quite some time now, and the thing that stands out the most is i'm not alone. for years i thought there was just a few people on this planet that knew my secert. thank you for showing me that there are a lot of folks just as smart as me. as for all you who want to spend your time trying to compare one moment of their great volume of work with another: keep this in mind.......these boys could play "mary had a little lamb" and make it sound like a classic. ithink what i'm trying to say is the band has showen me what togetherness and workmanship is all about.i was born in southwest ontario amd i'm more than proud of the music that they made out of that time and that place. i'm 53 years old and i'm wondering what to do. to the family; my heart goes out to you. to the rest of the band; where do you go from here, hopefully somewhere. with great sadness i say merry christmas and long live The Band......jay

Posted on Sat Dec 25 07:53:34 CET 1999 from (


From: Finishing last post

so play on and keep listening...... Merry Christmas...

Posted on Sat Dec 25 07:36:03 CET 1999 from (


From: Evansville,IN

Happy Holidays to all The Band fans out there. All the GB postings have made me feel real connected to a great, warm and loving coummunity.......

Posted on Sat Dec 25 07:17:02 CET 1999 from (

Bobby Jones

From: The back of the Santas sleigh

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year or as Rick would say "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER". I have much to be thankful this year. The BEST GIFT is to be able to come here and share the music of THE Band, see how it changed people(me TOO!) I know Rick is Playing Tonite for the stranger in the manger.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 07:14:47 CET 1999 from (

Brien & Karen

From: NJ

Merry Christmas to everyone

Thanks Jan for this site

Merry Christmas and God's love and comfort to the Danko family

And Thank you Rick for all your great music and memories. Your spirit lives on

Posted on Sat Dec 25 05:51:42 CET 1999 from (

Dennis J King

From: Nashville Tn

I'm a struggling songwriter here in Nashville, trying to "make it" I probably won't but that's okay. I strap on my harmonica and sing about trains and loves lost and first loves from distant memories. I get alot of praise from the everyman out in the crowd for my work but the corporate execs don't care. But that's just the way it is I guess. No matter what happens I'm a songwriter as many of you out there are and I'll be writing for the rest of my life. I'm sitting here tonight on Christmas Eve, my children are tucked into bed, my dog is sound to sleep near my feet, the Christmas tree lights are still on. I have been reading the tributes to Rick Danko this evening and the lump in my throat is throbbing. I never met him or saw any of them perform live. I do remember picking up their Greatest hits album many years ago and putting it on the turntable. When I heard "The Weight" and "The Night they drove Old Dixie Down" I was like a deer in the headlights. I was a young adolescent then (redundant) but after hearing those songs I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Growing up in Maine I felt so far from everything but I would drive in my first car and hear those songs while driving the back country roads and they sunk deep into my heart. Songwriting became my passion. So eventually I wound up where many songwriters go, To Music City. Standing in line for the shot at stardom.....I'm probably too old now (36) too ugly and overweight but I owe Mr Danko the inspiration for almost all of my songs. WHen I read of his passing...I was stunned and it still hasn't sunk in yet. His voice so tapped into the quiet desparation all of us feel at times. The root he tapped into is the same root where we all find our soul ...our direction. It will forever move me. "It makes no difference" causes me to feel deeper feelings than I have ever known. His voice was truly unique. Wee Thats all I have to say. So long Rick...

Though I never knew and your partners in the Band are the reason I'm in Nashville today. Rest in peace and someday I would like to share a stage with you in a small coffehouse in some quiet corner of heaven. I'll probably lay my guitar down just to listen to your remarkable voice.... Dennis

Posted on Sat Dec 25 05:45:22 CET 1999 from (

Joe Perry/Big Green

From: New York, USA
Home page

It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of Rick Danko.The music Rick made with his fellow Band members has had an enormous influence on my own musical sensibilities and those of my partners in "Big Green." Rick will be greatly missed, I'm sure, by a good many people. I remember seeing he and the late Richard Manuel perform at SUNY New Paltz in 1980, years before my brother and I formed Big Green. Rick was wild, flamboyant, and in great form that day (so was Richard, incidentally). It was a great time, and the memory of that and their other performances (and recordings)resonate through pretty much all of the work I've done since. We'll miss him. jp

Posted on Sat Dec 25 05:16:46 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: one minute from bed

Jan: Thanks for the smile ( one among many) and the aquavit. Drank to you tonight too, although not the same as drinking with you. Miss you. Come back soon... Klem til deg.

Going to bed. It's truly been a long December..but a nice Christmas Eve. Goodnight from crazyville....and Merry christmas.

Posted on Sat Dec 25 03:35:49 CET 1999 from (

Mystery Brain

From: the water's edge

Hi It must be Christmas tonight ..get those concert dates straightened out. So weird to see Rick's name all over. Feel his spirit tho'. Happy Holidaze to all.... Njoy !

Posted on Sat Dec 25 03:26:59 CET 1999 from (


From: Ca

Merry Christmas to everyone who has ever typed a letter in this GB. I read it everyday (and yes, I still have a life) It only takes a few minutes.

Rick, may you be at peace and God Bless your family and friends.

Thanks Jan, for this place and your devotion to "The Band".

And thanks to "The Band". A world without your music is something I don't even want to discuss. Merry Xmas!

Posted on Sat Dec 25 01:40:27 CET 1999 from (

Liz Kemp

Home page

Hello, To all of Rick's fans friends and family and all of The Band's family and friends:..Christmas, Christ Mass...... mass=Music -praise, Thanks for the hospitality in Woodstock, and thanks for Sharing Rick with the world ~! I t was my pleasure and honor to have met him the times that I did. I wish everyone here, and everyone reading a special, loving Christmas.....Music is the way to communicate, if you are having a hard time in other ways....

Posted on Fri Dec 24 23:42:03 CET 1999 from (

Kevin Blair

From: San Dimas, CA USA

Rick Danko, (Tribute) Thank you for the special music and your solo album... Your special voice. I regret never meeting you. I saw you in Hollywood twice at the Roxy. I play professionally as Jack McCoy and was guitar player of the year 1996, Hollywood LA Chapter of the California Country Music Association. I did as a trio "They call me the killer". I put every band together like the sound of The Band from Ronnie Hawkins to Jubilation. I tell everyone that you guys were the greatest - Richard Manuel-RIck Danko-Garth Hudson-Levon Helm-Robbie Robinson. I do almost every tune you guys have done. I was also song writer of the year for the LA CCMA in 1996. I learned of Rick Danko's death while on stage. My drummer didn't know which member of the band passed on, but I knew. I wish I could meet the remaining members of The Band and personally thank them for all the ear training. When other musicians see my coming they feel the presence of invisible angels all around me. Those spiritual angels are you guys - The Band. Thank you, Kevin Blair - P.O. Box 484, Glendora, CA 91740.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 21:57:37 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

A merry Christmas to all my friends, site visitors and contributors. Thanks for making this site better and bigger than I ever could have imagined when I started it, and for the friendship and warmth that seems to go so well with this music that we all love. Diane, Jess, Justin, Sean, Garth, Maud, Linda and Mark, thanks for taking so good care of me while I was there. Diamond Lil, this aquavit is for you.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 21:07:55 CET 1999 from (

J Watts

Rick - you'll always be missed but never forgotten. No one can ever hear your music without being touched by it. Sweet harmonies with Richard in the hereafter.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 20:58:30 CET 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: Away In A Manger

How a little baby boy brought the people so much joy!

Son of a carpenter; Mary carried the light.

This must be Christmas, must be tonight.

Merry Christmas, Jan and all.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 20:43:05 CET 1999 from (


From: NJ

I miss you Rick and I will never forget the music you made and the inspiration I will carry forever. I saw The Band with Bob at a very impressionable time and they changed my approach, as a musician, to playing. To his family and friends and especially Levon, Garth and Bob, I send my deepest sympathy. Remember that life is for the living and never give up carrying on the tradition.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 19:37:19 CET 1999 from (

Randy Stratton

To Rick Danko: One of the best singers from one of the greatest Bands in Rock History. My thoughts and sympathy to his family and friends. Randy Stratton-Mississauga, Ontario-Canada

Posted on Fri Dec 24 19:35:45 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: "North Wind About to Blow!"
Home page



Posted on Fri Dec 24 18:48:21 CET 1999 from (

gary baer

From: pennsylvania

to the memory of Rick - 'simply one of the best'

Posted on Fri Dec 24 17:09:30 CET 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: Texas

Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this guestbook!

Also a great big Thankyou to Jan for providing this forum for us all. It's something we've all needed this month especially.

Thoughts and prayers are with Rick Danko's family and friends.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 17:05:50 CET 1999 from (

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

In the wake of Rick's death, I decided to methodically listen to each Band album starting with Big Pink focussing on Rick's bass parts. I haven't been able to get past the Brown album yet because I keep hearing things I never noticed before so I keep replaying tracks. Amazing bass, amazing rythym section, amazing Band!

I too find the outpouring of posts amazing and hope that many of the non-regulars will return here time and again.

Diamond Lil, I found your last post particularly moving, and will be thinking of it when I drink a toast to Rick tonight.

As a fellow Counting Crows fan, remember that the next line after "It's been a long December..." is "and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last."

Posted on Fri Dec 24 16:28:03 CET 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines, Ontario

Peter V: Thanks another typically informed and interesting article on "This Wheel's on Fire". A great tribute to Rick and a nice Christmas present for the rest of us. Just curious, about three weeks back you mentioned being impressed by a mid 70's Rolling Stone article on the Band by Robert Palmer. Would you be able to post this, or do you know of any place online where we could read it ?

Christmas greetings to all the folks here in the GB and special thoughts to friends and family of Rick Danko at a very difficult time. His light will always shine.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 16:09:49 CET 1999 from (

Old Saint Nick

From: The North Pole

Ho ho ho, and merry Christmas! Santa here, just wanting to remind you to raise a glass to the great Rick Danko during this holiday season. Santa also wants to remind all music lovers that "Bob Dylan, Live 1966" and "The Basement Tapes" are ESSENTIAL LISTENING. Rock and roll was growing up at that wonderful time, and it's amazing to listen as Bob, Rick, Garth, Robbie, Richard, and sometimes Levon, father that child. God bless The Band! If you haven't listened to "Long Distance Operator" from the Basement Tapes in a while, do yourself a large favor and crank it up to eleven today. It's The Band at their grittiest, with a delicious vocal from the incomparable Mr. Danko. It's so good, you'll have to shower afterward. Peace on Earth... -Santa

Posted on Fri Dec 24 16:12:42 CET 1999 from (

Mike Curren

From: Reading MA

What a wonderful opportunity to grieve upside to all the new technology. TOO SOON GONE!... I never met Rick, but went to hundreds of concerts, from Plymouth Mass. last summer with a few hundred, to Boston Garden and 30,000. I spoke with him as a phone contestant on WBCN about the time Islands came out..I lost the contest for free tickets but Rick said "Come on down anyway and throw snowballs at the building, we'll let you in!!!" I guess that was Rick!! Best memory was New Years 1993 ( i think) hearing them break into Atlantic City..I had tears in my eyes. I walked home at 1 AM in 5 degree weather with no voice left and a smile on my face. Best view of the 18 y.o. son and I listening to Rick's solo album ( Brainwashed and Java Blues) over and over and trying to figure out the chords together....and so it goes... tonight a toast to all you fans, Rick's family, the Band, and the future!

Posted on Fri Dec 24 14:59:27 CET 1999 from (


From: PA

Merry Christmas. Expecting to get some Band & Rick CD's under the tree this year. Looking forward to the Guestbook in Y2K and I hope some new music as well.

God Bless All. Peace!

Posted on Fri Dec 24 13:34:31 CET 1999 from (

Diann Wildes

From: Newton, MA

At a time like this, I think back to when I first heard their music, coming from my brother's room. Then college, travel, marriage. Seeing them backing Dylan pretty early on and realizing the face of music was changing. Pregnant with my first child and digging their music with my friends in almost-front row seats more than 15 years ago. Then, later, driving in my car to work, hearing the news about Richard and calling my husband, who cried. And now Rick is gone. We are so sad, but return to the music again for comfort and joy, especially in this season. The Band will live on in all our hearts. Peace be with you.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 12:41:21 CET 1999 from (

Lil Again

There's something I'd like to share with all of you...something that was given to me when my husband died in 1996. I don't know who wrote it, but it's given me comfort everyday by just reading it. I don't think John would mind me sharing it here, as he had a heart as big as Rick's and loved the man as I did. It's called "Miss me, but let me go".....

When I come to the end of the road, and the sun has set for me..I want no rites in a gloom filled room, why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little, but not too long, and not wth your head bowed low...Remember the love that we once shared...Miss me but let me go.

For this is a journey we all must take, and each must go alone...It's all a part of the master plan, a step on the road to home.

So when you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know...and bury your sorrow in doing good deeds...Miss me, but let me go.....

Posted on Fri Dec 24 12:20:19 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: christmas must be tonight

Trying to heal and focus on the laughter and happiness of the kids today...a sure sign that life does indeed go on. Will drink a toast to Rick tonight and remember....

J.Croce: Nice to see you posting again. Best to you and your family for the New Year.

'God Jul' to my favorite juggler :-) Elsker deg.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 12:09:48 CET 1999 from (

Matti Brouns

From: Brussels, Belgium

I didn't know Rick Danko had so many fans. This site gives you a warm feeling. Christmas will be tonight. May your wishes all come true. The man with the stage fright will live on forever. And we will sip the wine... And be forever young. It's raining in Belgium. It's still raining in our hearts. Matti

Posted on Fri Dec 24 11:24:19 CET 1999 from (


From: NYC

Im sitting in NYC, just after 4:20 am thinking about Rick and The Band, remembering many of the great times and special moments when I was fortunate enough to see Rick play music and create magic and bring happiness to all around. A fine, kind man who loved people and loved to have a good time. As i listen to The Last Waltz and read other friends entries memories pour through me. All the great and even not so great shows where a good vibe was always in the air.Opening for CSN in 1985, my 1st Rick/Band show. I couldnt believe I was seeing " The Band ". Using fake ID to get into NYC club shows, standing in front of Jorma and Rick at The Lone Star and handing him a drink from the bar, going back stage w/my buddy Ira Z. and sitting between Rick and Levon eating homemade Salsa out of a mason jar and passing around a joint Rick laughing at my nervous jokes and Levon putting his arm on my shoulder. The honor and priveledge a kid like myself with my rock idols amking me feel like I was one of the boys. A crazy show at the later Lone Star w/Popper and Greg Allman and other guests. Puffing outside The Beacon sharing his and then mine. The last Dead show Rick waving at me in the front row and all the Deadheads w/me thinking I was the man, the night before Jerry died opening for Weir in Central Park, the show right after his son died when Rick sang It Makes No Difference and we all cried together, the love in that room was palpable, all the shows w/Sridni, singing along to Chain Gang and The Weight, Mystery Chain and Crazy Mama.Hanging at Tower Records w/my buddy Marty and Ira and Amy Helm, that picture of me and Rick has been on my fridge since 96. Those nights at the Lone Star waiting for Dylan to show up and then not caring that he didnt because the shows were so rocking and crazy. The Rick Danko picks that sit in the same box as my college diploma and Grateful Dead ticket stubs. The Last Waltz that Ive seen 100s of times and show to everyone as an example of real Rock n Roll the way it used to be played, the 1st time The Dead covered The Weight and I blew everyone away by calling it in 1 note, listening to Acadian Driftwood and It Makes No Difference over and over in Juinor High until my mother yelled to turn the music down the walls are shaking, watching Rick get heavier and not looking so good and getting very sad and praying for his well being. I miss Rick and send my love and condolences to family and friends around the world. Remember the great times, listen to the music and spread kindness as a legacy to our brother. Picture him bouncing up and down as he pounded the bass and spread love always with a big smile on his face. Imagine the Big All-Star jam in the sky with Jerry, Richard, Elvis, Duane, Janis, Jimi and the rest of the crew.

NYC 12/24/99

Posted on Fri Dec 24 10:33:43 CET 1999 from (


From: Melbourne

I just wanted to wish all the fans of The Band a very merry christmas. I have been listening to Big Pink a lot lately and it still hits me how my friends are missing out on some great music, oh well you can't win them all.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 08:23:38 CET 1999 from (


From: Land of Snow and Mystical Blue Light

Peaceful Christmas for all of you beautiful people... I can only read humbly your moving messages for Rick... Christmas Must Be Tonight.... Rauhaisaa Joulua

Posted on Fri Dec 24 06:12:32 CET 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

The outpouring here has truly been remarkable. I've found one aspect of many of the postings particularly interesting: so many only know the post-Last Waltz group first-hand, be it age or interest or whatever. And, as an aside, the power of The Last Waltz as a gateway to the Band has never been more powerfully displayed. The beauty of this Guestbook is that it has acted for years as a meeting place for any number of people interested in The Band. But for the past few weeks, it has become a place almost religious in nature, a place where we can share our grief, our love, and our memories. I can't help but notice how many posters refer to It Makes No Difference and Stage Fright as crucial Rick Danko moments. But I found one rather unexpectedly when I pulled out Across The Great Divide boxed set. I would encourage you all to put on Slippin and Slidin and listen to Rick's voice in the beautiful cacophony. He's having a helluva time.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 06:02:16 CET 1999 from (


From: New Jersey

A few comments on Rick's passing..... my wife and I trekked through the mud to Bearsville to attend the service. Nice words by Robbie, and others. It was plain to see that Rick touched many peoples' lives. The crowd was a mix of music people, friends, and curious onlookers such as myself. I guess my most pleasant Band memory is the Last Waltz premiere at the Ziegfeld in 1978. We got there late and were relegated to the balcony, where we found the last 2 empty seats, which happened to be broken. As the music started, we found that we had the best seats in the house, because they rocked. We sat there, smoking our chromosomes off, rocked to our hearts content, and had a wonderful time. So wonderful that we probably saw it there at least once a week, always in our customary rocking seats. Eventually, with the advent of the VCR, we bought a copy. Rick's rendition of "It Makes No Difference" is a killer. Between his sad vocals and Robbie's guitar work and Garth's sax, the song is a tearjerker.

Rick's music will be missed greatly, as will his personality. Safe trip, Rick.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 05:13:16 CET 1999 from (


From: Paramus NJ & Decatur NY

"Live on breeze hill" BLASTING AWAY at this moment. I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and thank you for all the love I have seen on this guestbook over the last two weeks. I think it is the true gift Rick has given us all.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 03:26:02 CET 1999 from (


If anyone is interested, Garth Hudson will be playing with Blondie Chaplin and Anton Fig New Year's Eve at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts in lower Manhattan. You can find out about tickets by going to:

Posted on Fri Dec 24 00:45:28 CET 1999 from (

Brian Higgins

From: Shark River Hills,NJ

I just wanted to add my two cents. I have been a big fan since I saw The Band at the Casino Arena in Asbury Park, N.J. I believe it was the summer of '76 when Asbury Park was still a "booming" town to visit. It was a general admission show and I attended it with a close friend. We huddled near the stage door to watch the guys set-up and soundcheck. On the "brink" of turning 16 years of age and already having been influenced by there music due to (3) older brothers, the show I witnessed was incredible. (although the acoustics in the arena were marginal) and I remember the excitement in the crowd as the members took the stage to perform their "hits" one after the other after the other. It was one of those shows where EVERY SONG put a smile on my face. Since then I have seen numerous shows and came away with the same results. Thank-you for all of the GREAT music you have given this world. I will continue to enjoy the tunes for many years to come.

Posted on Fri Dec 24 00:23:32 CET 1999 from (

Tom/Woodstock Records

From: Woodstock Records
Home page

Season's Greetings!
I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you here a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!

I would like to personally thank the thousands of warm hearts that opened to the Danko family and friends, The Band, myself and the staff of Woodstock Records and Breeze Hill Productions, over the past two weeks. All of your kind words, tributes and remembrances to the life and legacy of Rick Danko were cherished and taken forever into our hearts.

Rick will be sadly missed in our lives, but his music and magic will go on forever. In Rick's own words, "Time marches on...."

Peace on earth and let your lovelights shine.

Regards and love to you all -

Tom - Woodstock Records

Posted on Thu Dec 23 22:49:54 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: Gett'n Better.
Home page

Hi Danielle, ,,I don't really believe the seat will be empty, you just got to have faith that Rick will really be there, light a big candle for him, cuz he is the LIGHT of the party in your heart!

Posted on Thu Dec 23 21:46:27 CET 1999 from (


From: KY


Posted on Thu Dec 23 20:04:18 CET 1999 from (

Luke Bowden

From: Toronto, Ont.

I'm not sure if this makes any difference, I just really wanted to say that the music of the Band (live and on record) has been one of the most influential parts of my life. I would not be the man I am today if it were not for the impact of all of the boys but particularly Rick. My life changed one day in the Pocono mountains, as the night settled in and Rick stepped to the front of the stage with his acoustic slung over his shoulder like a bandolier, when suddenly Rick began to strum out "Long Black Veil". My heart was broken wide open. I had never expected in all my life to hear this song live, I cannot describe what came over me but the closest word is 'sacred'.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 19:54:08 CET 1999 from (

Louis Verhaar

From: Arnhem, the Netherlands

Rick's music touched my heart.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 19:36:48 CET 1999 from (


From: CT

To: Danielle and Elizabeth Barraclough: Thanks for sharing personal and wonderful stories about Rick. They somehow make me feel better.

To PeterV., David Powell, Diamond Lil, Mattk, Tracy, Paul, Pat, and all the old and new faces of the GB..... Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

Posted on Thu Dec 23 19:23:17 CET 1999 from (


From: niagara falls new york

farewell rick we lost one of the greatest thanks for the great feelings

Posted on Thu Dec 23 19:19:01 CET 1999 from (


From: The Brokerage

Sir Peter Viney: "remember that you're the one I called on to get me our favours done". I will be listening to Breeze Hill, Ringo's All Star Band 1989 and "Christmas Must Be Tonite" over the next week or so. Best to all friends and family of The Band.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 19:05:20 CET 1999 from (

Christfried Hübner

From: Dortmund Germany

I`m an The Band Fan since I`ve seen "The last walz" three times in east german cinemas in the early eightys, where i grow up. I have make my first 8mm-Film with using music from "The basement tapes" many years ago. When I read the post on this side in the last days I became clear, that loving this kind of music is living a special way of life with much human warmth. My deepest sympathy for the family of Rick!

Posted on Thu Dec 23 18:51:34 CET 1999 from (


From: Paramus NJ & Decatur NY

Danielle, thank you for sharing that story with all of us. Your Uncle was an inspiration for many people. This guestook makes that perfectly clear. God bless your family.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 18:30:28 CET 1999 from (


From: PA
Home page

Very saddened to hear of Rick Danko's passing. I noticed he was coming to Philadelphia soon with Levon Helm, would have liked to be there. In addition to the Band I saw him on a solo tour with a backup band at the Paradise club in Boston somewhere back in the late 70s early 80s and really loved his vocals. His live rendition of It Makes No Difference brought tears to my eyes. I also really enjoy his 1999 version of One Too Many Mornings on the House of Blues Tangled Up in Blues disk (the best song on the CD). Just thought I'd weigh in here, he's always been a musical inspiration to me. Will have to crank up Rock of Ages this New Year's Eve!!

Posted on Thu Dec 23 17:07:54 CET 1999 from (


From: Upstate New York

WOW! This guestbook is amazing. Thanks again. It is going to be a very sad and lonely Christmas around here. My mother, Eliane, always cooks a great meal for the holidays and those are the times that I got to see Rick, Elizabeth and Justin. Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas...the last time I saw Rick was Thanksgiving, he serenaded my boyfriend and I with a song that Willie Nelson did about a bartender, it was beautiful! We were just mesmerized by his voice. It was also Justin's birthday and my mom made a cake and was walking out of the kitchen with it and Rick started singing Happy Birthday, I tried not to sing, because I can't, (but he forced me to anyway!) and I said to Rick, this is why you never asked me to sing back-up on any of your albums, I added, I might be album cover material, but I ain't no singer. He laughed and said we'll work on that...on Thanksgiving of '98, we had a big family gathering, my side of the family (my parents are divorced, so it was a unique gathering) and Rick brought his guitar for the occasion and we all gathered in the living room for a sing-along. He truly was an amazing man, the life of the party and captured the hearts of all of us. Saturday is going to be a lonely day at Mom's house. There is going to be an empty seat at the table and I know we are all going to be sitting there, expecting Rick to enter the room. Thanks for the memories. I miss you Uncle Rick.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 16:59:11 CET 1999 from (

Mike Danko

From: littleton, nh

even though you and i only met once rick, you will always live in my heart. mike

Posted on Thu Dec 23 16:54:11 CET 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The clouds disappeared yesterday as a cold front moved into Georgia. Last night we could witness the rare occurance of a full "yule" moon marking the winter solstice. December brings a time of reflection as we look back on the events of the passing year. With the end of the decade and the approaching new millenium, the reflection is especially significant.

This December brought the loss of Rick Danko, an integral part of that select group by which many of us measure the power of music. Those who were fortunate enough to have known the man behind the music can attest, as Ms. Barraclough eloquently did, to the fact that we've lost not just a musician, but a husband, a father and a generous & kind-hearted friend to many.

In the coldness of this day & age, a kind man is truly hard to find. So maybe that yule moon shining down on us last night was a sign from above, reminding all of us of the special gifts that someone unselfishly gave. Men like Rick Danko, like yule moons, don't come along too often.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 16:07:28 CET 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

From: Formerly of Syracuse

Here's a nice review of volume II of the Band's greatest hits in the Syracuse (NY) New Times: The Band. The Best of the Band, Vol. II (Pyramid/Rhino). Best known for backing Bob Dylan, starring in Martin Scorsese's 1978 documentary The Last Waltz and appearing on the cover of Time, the Band started recording again in 1992 after a 16-year layoff. Sure, the Band lost the songwriter credited with most of its famous hits, Robbie Robertson, and the soulful voice and playing of pianist Richard Manuel. Yet the remaining members reunited to sound as good as the Band's original lineup. Older fans who have never bothered to check out the material of the 1990s should definitely consider this compilation, especially since the Band is definitely done--for real--this time: Rick Danko died just two weeks ago, and drummer/singer Levon Helm was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998. Vol. II contains two wonderful covers, Springsteen's "Atlantic City" and Dylan's "Forever Young," in addition to the Band's trademark Americana sound and fine storytelling. Young fans unfamiliar with this legacy owe it to themselves to hear the benchmark of sincerity that the Band set for the generation before them. (****)--Allen Czelusniak

Posted on Thu Dec 23 15:52:43 CET 1999 from (

Mark Schumacher

From: Green Bay

One of the defining moments of my life was when my best friend checked out Rock of Ages from the Brown County Library. I was 13 or 14 years old when he shared his great find with me. Our instincts, though young, were pure. What I heard was something wonderfully original and unspoiled, steeped in an authenticity I was unaccustomed to expect from any rock and roll. The music of The Band touched me at a deeper level of my being. It always has. So much popular music has always seemed like fast food in comparison. Time has brought great change, but The Band has remained a trustworthy well that I can always return to.

Rick Danko. Thank you for being a true original voice; a voice as strong and vital as a Canadian cold front. Thanks for being intergral to one of music's greatest treasures. Thanks for your passion, integrity and inspiration. Unpretentious. Unequaled.

"When you believe you will relieve the only soul that you were born with to grow old and never know."

I believe.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 14:46:08 CET 1999 from (

alison jones

From: montgomery, al

I'm still in shock over Rick's death. I'm at work this morning listening to "Music From Big Pink". It just breaks my heart to think he is no longer with us. He had the magic that so many musicians seek but never find.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 13:58:21 CET 1999 from (

Band Thought

From: New York

Elizabeth B. and Jon Lyness, thanks for sharing your great memories. John S.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 13:50:19 CET 1999 from (

John Donabie


Elizabeth Barraclough:

Thank you for one of the most touching moments of the last few weeks, on this site. I met your grandson this summer at Levon's. Your son, like Rick were musical icons to many. To some however; like yourself, they were real men with real feelings. Thanks again for the post. I was really touched by it.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 12:59:43 CET 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

With Christmas only days away, I thought I'd be one of the first to wish everyone here peace of mind and comfort in the company of family and friends. The Christmas spirirt..the twinkling lights..the joy in the children's all a magical part of the season that we all need to hold onto now more than ever. And the music. Please don't forget the music. Rick will be in all our hearts this Christmas, listen to his voice and remember his warmth and his heart. Embrace the holiday this year with all the love you can find. Rick woulda wanted it that way.

'It's been a long December......'

Posted on Thu Dec 23 08:50:59 CET 1999 from (

Elizabeth Barraclough

Rick Danko was a friend of mine. He was the brother I never had. He was my baby's partner in crime. He and Paul Butterfield were two peas in a pod and when they got up on that stage and played, the earth moved and the atmosphere changed..... Rick Danko had more positive energy to him than any person I have ever met. He was never anything but positive. He was never anything but up..... Rick was the only man out of all of them who took responsibility for a child when the marriage broke up..... Some six months after Paul died, I came back to Woodstock and was sitting on the bench on the Village Green when Rick spotted me and picked me up. He told me he had something for me he knew I would want. It was a cassette of the last song Paul ever sang. After he and Paul finished their last show together, somebody had a tape recorder in the dressing room that captured it. Rick had saved it for me, the swan song of my baby, handing it to me with a jagged piece of masking tape that said, "Heart of the Matter". And that was Rick. And that was Paul. I don't know where the one ended and the other began. And I don't know what kind of world this is now that the both of them are gone..... Sincerely, Elizabeth Barraclough

Posted on Thu Dec 23 08:24:55 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: Get'n Better
Home page

Wow, Peter your back! Nice to have our smiling face's back again, (even though I can't see you!). Also, I want to say this to everyone ( and you know who you are ) that has sent me such up-lifting e-mail,, a big "THANKS", and it feels sooo goood to get that kind of love from all of you,,,now I truly know how Rick felt every time he spent time with strangers ( fans ) like thoses in the picture above, thats love man!

Posted on Thu Dec 23 06:51:54 CET 1999 from (


From: Downtown West Saugerties, NY

...just back from Levon Helm 'n the Barn Burners show at Woodstock's Jouous Lake. These folks are playin' every Wednesday from now until... I thought tonight's show was a definite B+, featuring a tune from Ms. Amy Helm by The Staples. For those of you within distance, seeing a couple of these shows may certainly be worth the effort. Show time, Wednesday nights, is nine p.m.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 04:41:42 CET 1999 from (


From: NZ

Nice post Peter.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 03:26:16 CET 1999 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Rick Danko: an appreciation

I haven't posted in quite a while, but reading the messages on this site has been a great comfort to me. It's truly a strange feeling when the death of someone you barely know hits you hard, and yet few around me really know who he is or seem to "get it"...while I certainly don't wish suffering on anyone else, it has truly been a comfort to see the outpouring of sympathy and honesty in the guestbook over the last two weeks. Thanks everyone.

I'm only 27, and too young to have seen and appreciated the "original 5" -- but the Band and their music means everything to me, from their earliest work right up through Jubilation. As the sadness of Rick's death begins to fade a little, I'm comforted somewhat by a real appreciation for having discovered him and his music before he died (alas, I was too late to see Richard), and have had the privilege of seeing him at many concerts over the last few years, at the Bottom Line and elsewhere. Many memorable moments at Rick's concerts in New York City. A spirited show this past March with the Kings of Disguise, in which he was clearly delighted to be playing with a strong electric backing (and who ever thought Crazy Mama would be the highlight of a show?). Haunting harmonies with Ed Kaercher (I think?) on Twilight. October '98, at Wetlands, opening for Moby Grape; a rather humiliating gig, I thought, but Rick responded with a stunning show that had the crowd applauding for ten minutes straight, and came back for an awesome encore of "Rivers of Babylon", one of the best live vocals I've ever heard _anyone_ do. June '98 at the Bottom Line, a rather under-attended show, to put it politely...but Rick is in a great almost seems like his eyes are shining, he's so confident. He and the Band have Jubilation in the bag, though it's not yet been released, and he knows how good it is...he describes it as "the best thing we've ever done," and jokes that "I wanted to play you 12 new songs tonight, but Professor Louie won't let me." Another great show. It Makes No Difference very moving, no matter how many times you've heard him do it. A couple of very soulful shows in '97 with Eric Andersen...great energy between them. And yet other shows I can't think of at the moment. Precious memories.

If you think of the studio recordings Rick has given us in the last few years, too, it's pretty staggering...even if he'd died a few years ago, we wouldn't have had Jubilation, Rick Danko '97, Breeze Hill, the recent One Too Many Mornings, plus his work on Woodstock Winter, Seven Days in May, Memory of the Future, Artie Traum's instrumental album and so many more.

So, when people asked why his death affected me, I try to explain: because he truly was a vital performing artist, and not just someone content to coast on nostalgia. Because of the warmth & positivity of his personality, even through all the hardship in his life. Because his voice and his work touched me, and all of us. And because I know I'll be listening to the Band's music for the rest of my life.

Thanks for listening, folks.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 02:18:03 CET 1999 from (


From: Il.

I was lucky enough to see Rick sing IMND in Memphis in May of 95. Thank you Rick for that for which I will never forget.I happened to be on Van Morrison's e-mail list and a few of us would discuss The Band. A while back I posted how much I thought NL-SC was over looked. I love this Album. And it generaded a good deal of mail. What are the folks here take on this Album. Rick touched a lot of hearts all over the world.God bless him.

Posted on Thu Dec 23 01:30:54 CET 1999 from (

Ben Mita

From: boston

I've watched The Last Waltz on video since I was a small child. Danko was my man. Thank You! Your music will never leave my house. ben

Posted on Thu Dec 23 00:12:18 CET 1999 from (


From: pa

Glad to see you Peter V.

I would like to ask you to do some "write ups" on some of Rick's material. Thanks!

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