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The Band Guestbook, December 1997

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from December 1997.

Wed Dec 31 21:13:33 MET 1997

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

I believe that John Donabie was referring to the "Crossing the Great Divide, 1961-1991" 3-CD bootleg that was just released. I'd love to hear comments or a review on this set as well. The brief description on this site mentions a possible manufacturing error - anyone know what this is? I confess I was disappointed when I saw the track listings -- I was hoping for more unreleased tracks from '68-'75, and why not much from the '80s, such as live tracks from Richard Manuel or the Levon/Rick "living room" shows? But it still sounds awfully good. And I assume sound quality is pretty decent? Any help welcome. Happy New Year, & best wishes to all! --Jon

Wed Dec 31 16:11:58 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

If anyone has the copy of "Great Drives" the PBS special with Levon, please E Mail me, I'll send you a blank tape or trade some Band recordings or VHS Tapes. I did try the PBS web site, but they will only sell the complete set and not an individual tape. Thanks for the help. Extra tickets to the Van/Bob NY concert, keep on checking the Bob Dylan web site. Anyone going to be there for the Saturday night show, let me know. Don

Tue Dec 30 23:45:13 MET 1997

Earl Peel

From: San Antonio, Texas USA
Home page:

I own the original WALL OF FAME MUSEUM. E-Mail me for Snail mail Trail and Info. Over 1,000 Personalized, Autographed Photos and lots of memoribilia, including Billy Idol, Queensrysche, Jon Bon Jovi, ect. Check us out!

Tue Dec 30 23:31:59 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

To John Donabie: Are you asking about the 3 disc box set Across the Great Divide which was released about 2-3 years ago?

Tue Dec 30 18:40:01 MET 1997

Eddie Heinle (or virgilcane, my online name)

From: San Francisco

they simply rock.

Tue Dec 30 15:55:05 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Anyone bought Crossing The Great Divide Yet? Would love to hear a review. Also noticed on the notes of new releases that their was a manufacturing defect on one of the discs. What would that be? I'm basically interested in the sound quality.

By the way on the lists of unofficial releases on this site there is mention of a CD that goes under three different names recorded in 1976 I believe; just a few months before the Last Waltz. Live in Washington D.C. King Biscuit Hour and Ophelia. I called Generation records in NYC and they said they had Ophelia. When I received it, it was not the disc described. It was a double CD live in Japan in 83 with the Cate Brothers. It wasn't bad at all.

Tue Dec 30 15:15:56 MET 1997

Esta Fischer

From: NYC

If anyone has any extra tickets for Bob Dylan/Van Morrison at Madison Square Garden, any night, and wants to sell them, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Mon Dec 29 21:57:18 MET 1997

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Just got a mailing from the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, NY and they list a Levon Helm and the Crowmatix show for Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day). Saw them there over the summer and it was a great show. Good room for music, and good food, too. Happy New Year.

Mon Dec 29 03:27:17 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, GA

Just picked up that Rick is playing on Jan. 16, in Clifton, NJ. We are going to the Van Morrison/Bob Dyaln show at the MSG theater on Saturday, the 17th. How far is Clifton from Manhattan, and is a cab ride the way to go? Any suggestions, please e mail. Don

Mon Dec 29 01:16:42 MET 1997

W.S. Walcott

From: Nova Scotia, Canada

Thanks for a great page dedicated to a great band, I spend hours here, sometimes I even skip work to read more and more and more. Let's hope Robbie's new album is not as pathetic as U2's Pop. (same producer don't ya know..) I'm sure it won't be but cross your fingers.

Sun Dec 28 23:09:16 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: Chicago, USA

The Kennedy Center honored Bob Dylan in a show broadcast Friday night. In case you blinked, there was a short snippet from Eat The Document in a film study of Dylan's life. A very short glimpse of Dylan, Danko, and Robertson busy offending folk sensibilities. Why won't someone either release the original or produce a compilation of the concert footage? Historic, artisitic, exciting; what more do you need? Plus, I'm tired of looking at my grainy copy of it.

Sun Dec 28 15:35:24 MET 1997

Mike Lyons

From: Stamford
Home page:

good site - however it seems that something is wrong with the tape archive pages - they don't load properly - you only get the very top of each section.

Sun Dec 28 15:12:54 MET 1997

Dirk Mell

From: Germany

Thank you for this fantastic page!! I wish everybody a happy new year!

Sun Dec 28 01:36:41 MET 1997

Mary Jane

From: New York

Happy Birthday Rick and many many more. We love you.

Sat Dec 27 22:08:11 MET 1997


From: New York

Very nice pages. Thanks.

Sat Dec 27 07:39:36 MET 1997

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon (near Portland)

Happy New Year 1998! Local radio station (KINK) in Portland, Oregon ( has reformatted and has been playing The Band songs as well as Robbie Robertson, first solo, Storyville, etc. Also, for their Christmas music, they have been playing It Must Be Christmas from The Band's Islands album! I just received an E-Mail from their Program Director, Dennis Constantine. He said they just got an advance cassette of Robbie's new stuff. His comment: "INCREDIBLE! We can't wait to get it on the air!" Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year! As a 'Band' and Robbie fan, I sure got MY Christmas present! Regards to all, Jolene

Sat Dec 27 06:00:21 MET 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Decatur NY + Paramus NJ

I would just like to thank Jan for this wonderful web page, and wish everyone a happy holiday.

Sat Dec 27 04:37:56 MET 1997


From: Southern California

I lived in Southern California the day 'The Basement Tapes(Dylan)' was released. B Mitchell Reed, KPPC FM disc jockey, played the entire album on the air. I saved this historical moment on a reel to reel tape I recorded on my Akai X360. The tape includes B Mitchell Reed's commentary and some commercials. (nice recording in Multiplex Stereo)

Sat Dec 27 02:36:09 MET 1997

Joel G. Cohen

From: Seaford, NY

To Rick's fans in Nassau County Long Island, the 2/11/98 date at The Brokerage has been changed to 5/13/98. My guess is that Rick's recent appearance at Key West was felt to hurt sales at this neighboring venue. Happy birthday Rick. Jan, glad you got back on-line, I was gettin the Bands.

Fri Dec 26 22:05:43 MET 1997


From: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Thanks, Jan for providing this great site for Band fans. Merry Christmas, folks.

Fri Dec 26 21:59:09 MET 1997



this is a sweet web site, i am looking for concert dates for anything around my part province. I heard london ont, in feb. who knows... keep up the good work.

Fri Dec 26 18:41:06 MET 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page:

The Band web site has been down since December 23rd. I just got back from my holiday and rebooted the server. Hope to move to a more stable host soon.

Tue Dec 23 16:05:11 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

As many of you know, the song "Blue River", now an essential part of Rick Danko's live performances, was written by Eric Andersen. It was the title song of Eric's album released by Columbia (C 31062) in 1972.

The BLUE RIVER album was produced by Norbert Putnam and recorded in Nashville, with many of Music City's finest musicians accompanying Eric. Joni Mitchell makes a guest appearance, lending her haunting voice as part of the background chorus on the title song.

Most of the songs on BLUE RIVER are presented in Andersen's introspective & laid-back style; the only exception being "Pearl's Goodtime Blues," an up-tempo tribute to Janis Joplin that conveys all of the exuberance & abandon of its tragic subject.

Rick Danko first recorded the song "Blue River" as part of the first Danko/Fjeld/Andersen CD released by Rykodisc in 1991 (RCD 10270). As the late Robert Palmer pointed out in his insightful liner notes to that album--after hearing Rick's spontaneous rendition of the song during a sound check, Eric insisted that Rick take over the lead on the recording. In the words of Mr. Palmer, the song "became an almost uncanny appropriate showcase for Danko's lead vocals." Amen Robert, we miss you.

Those of yoy who enjoy Rick's version, or those fortunate enough to have seen his recent club performances with Eric, should check out Eric's BLUE RIVER album. Vinyl copies can be found in many used record stores, and the album was reissued on CD, I believe, several years ago. It may be harder to find than the usual fare offered at your local music emporiums, but the reward of its great music is well worth the search.

Tue Dec 23 13:51:28 MET 1997

Renée Öberg

From: Stockholm,Sweden (Europe)

This is by far the best site I´ve ever seen! Very professional. I think it´s great to see that people still care so much for The Band and their music. It´s followed me all my life and helped me through some tough times. Thanks guys! I´m really looking forward to Robbie´s new album,don´t you? See ya!

Tue Dec 23 10:30:01 MET 1997

Gus Gromen

From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Have just gone on-line and found this web site. Fantastic. Have been a fan of The band since buying my first album, "The Band" in early 70's. Real music!

Tue Dec 23 06:06:50 MET 1997

Paul bancroft

From: Brisbane, Australia

Merry Christmas to Jan and Band fans everywhere. Thank you for the best page on the web.

Tue Dec 23 05:41:14 MET 1997

Carleen Burnette

From: Seaside Heights NJ

Carleen Burnette saw the band in Seaside Heights NJ in a club!!!! I LOVE THEM DAMN BAND!!!! Please write Back LEVON IS "The Band"

Tue Dec 23 02:18:48 MET 1997




Tue Dec 23 01:36:37 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Did anybody see Danko at the Tinker Street Cafe 12/20? Dale Evans I like your style, but I think Mr. Bear was pulling your tail. Ben Pike, your tale like mine is fishy. Can you prove you are the man in the song?

Mon Dec 22 19:01:02 MET 1997

Pete Wallace

From: Charlotte, NC - Formerly Newtown, PA

I thoroughly enjoy this website. One thing troubles me though. So many peolple claiming to be the Band's #1 fan. Let's end the debate. It's me.

Mon Dec 22 16:59:24 MET 1997

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

According to the Capitol website,, PBS will be doing a one-hour documentary Robbie Robertson: Making a Noise, shortly after the album's March 10 release. In addition they released a little more on the new CD. Leonard Peltier, the imprisoned American Indian activist offers a spoken word section for the "Sacrifice" track. Featured on another track are Primeaux and Mike, peyote healers from the Native American Church. The Robertson/Howie B track "Take Your Partner by the Hand" from Howie B's "Turn the Dark Off" is also included on the CD. Finally, they have audio from a new Robertson Christmas track "One & All". I don't know if the later is available on any CD. Later.

Mon Dec 22 10:55:01 MET 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page:

A merry Christmas from me to The Band, their fans, and all the readers of The Band web site.

Mon Dec 22 09:18:24 MET 1997

Lars Davidsson

From: Ljungby, Sweden

Christmas must be... just a few days ahead. A very merry X-mas to Jan and all the Band-fans all over the globe.

Mon Dec 22 05:00:53 MET 1997


The Band is the Best! Great Website also!

Mon Dec 22 00:01:47 MET 1997

Pete from Newcastle

Too drunk to make sense...sorry. I love Levon

Sun Dec 21 22:26:57 MET 1997

Leif Ödlund

From: Stockholm,Sweden

The band will always be one of my favorits......................................................

Sun Dec 21 18:16:24 MET 1997


From: Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Home page: http:\flying burrito

The Band mean more to me then sliced frozen gravy. W.S.Walcot's medicine show lives on. If I spring a leak she mends me.

Sun Dec 21 15:18:40 MET 1997

Stig Fransson

From: Lammhult, Sweden

The most complete Rock and Roll Band, EVER!!

Sun Dec 21 10:41:11 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto, Canada

Thank you Thank you to Peter Viney for the phone number in England to get my copy of "THE LEGEND OF JESSE JAMES" with Levon as Jesse. The transfer from Vinyl to CD is just great. Got it just in time for the holidays.

Happy holidays Peter, Jan and one and all.

Sun Dec 21 10:28:41 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

Yes Dan, I was the one that stepped down to tell them about the storm. And clearly, since they are also worried about Houston, the Cleveland in the song is Cleveland Texas, just down the road from Houston. Golly, I hope I spelled all that rightly, I don't want that simpleton moon calf noah a gettin on me. Merry Christmas to ya'll.

Sun Dec 21 02:27:42 MET 1997

Johnny Gundersen

From: Vadsoe ( Bergen) Norway

I've been here before and I still think that the BAND is the best rock and roll band ever. I was browsing the net and ffound a site that might be interesting for the Band fans : Regards Johnny

Sun Dec 21 01:21:30 MET 1997

Goeran Sjoewall

From: Luleaa, Sweden

All the best to The Band and their followers from the most devoted Band fan in Sweden. "Christmas Musy Be Tonight" with Levon and Rick is on the stereo now....happy Christmas to all of you Band fans.

Sat Dec 20 22:51:34 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Last summer, I visited the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland (boy, that has such a polyester ring to it) Anyway, I know it might be self serving for the musuem, but why isn't Look Out Cleveland playing continuously on that great sound system they have out on the fountain area? They where piping in the Jefferson Airplane.

Ben: 'Twas it you that stepped up to say...this old town's gonna blow away? How'd you get that name?

Larry: Thanks for the kind letter; you're right, it's the BEAT of Look Out Cleveland that makes it stand out and shine.

The Band comes closest to sounding like the sound Ishmael of Moby Dick might have made if he was in a rock band?

Sat Dec 20 13:43:19 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: NY

To the members of The Band and all who love their music- Merry Christmas, and have a Happy & Healthy New Year. Aaron Hurwitz- Happy Chanukah Eric Andersen- ditto Don't disappoint CARNEGIE HALL MARCH 1998!

Sat Dec 20 04:37:15 MET 1997

noah webster

From: morocco

Hondo, I can't agree with your review of Rick's live album, but must award you the 1997 Rufus FF Spelling Award. Misspelling Rick And Randy in the same message was enough to bring me back.

Sat Dec 20 03:09:09 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Thanks for all the help on Generation Records. Finally was in NY this week, went over and found the last CD of The Complete Last Waltz, which I am listening to now. Payed thru the nose, but it is worth it!! One comment is that I as I am listening, the only missing element is the turkey dinner, what a difference between the 2 CD Capitol set and this production. If anyone has the opportunity to get this package , do yourself a favor, get it. PS Generation Records is at 210 Thompson Street, NYC,NY 212 254 1100

Sat Dec 20 00:02:30 MET 1997


From: Georgia

Yeah Dan - Look Out Cleveland is near the top of my list too. I like the live cut - I think from the Hollywood Bowl CD. I've worn out side 2 of "The Band" album several times over.

Fri Dec 19 23:47:29 MET 1997

Jake the Snake

From: Buffalo

Best musical web site I've seen so far. I love (and I mean LOVE) The Band. Levon Helm was/is the MAN in this group, one the all-time greats of rock and roll. You need to add links to Little Feat, LF and The Band are about the same things, IMVHO.

Fri Dec 19 23:25:01 MET 1997

Tim Gettings

From: Tonawanda

Great site, Been a big fan forever, ever since I heard I shall be released in 68. Message to overbeck, get to practicin your guitar if you ever want to riff like shape i'm in

Fri Dec 19 21:51:59 MET 1997


From: Lewiston,Me.

Just got the Rink Danko benifit c.d. and let me tell all you folks THIS IS A MUST. Anyone who wants to listen to a great sounding recording do your self a favor and pick it up.Rick's voice will take you back 20 years. He sounds terrific and he plays pretty darn well too. Along with Rick is Aaron Hurwitz, who sings lead on "Good Thing"and Randy Cialante.Ten songs make up this c.d.(that is the only draw back, it could have been a double disk)but I'm sure marketing was a concern.Anyways, this is a diamond in the rough that needs to be enjoyed!!!

Hear, hear! For ordering info., sound samples, and more, see the page for Rick Danko in Concert.
-- JH

Fri Dec 19 19:48:48 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

Carole from Boston- It's really great to hear your voice again, Don't stop signing this guestbook, we need all the sane people we can get.

Fri Dec 19 18:02:23 MET 1997


From: NJ

I am always intrigued by the contents of this webpage. I call it up every few days. Nice work Jan. Still, I would love to hear some kind of word about the current status of the Band. Are they going to tour together again sometime soon. I have seen Rick twice since the Japan thang; once in Clinton, NJ, where he looked and sounded sharp and sober, once at the Tin Angel over Thanksgiving, where he looked a little less so. Whatever, he's the man. His harmony stuff with Eric Anderson was absolutely beautiful, including "Driftin' away", "MAry I'm comin back home", "Blue River", and "The last thing on my mind". What a treat. I would still like to know their status as a band however. For example, have Levon and Rick cuaght up recently? DIdn't they play a private gig somewhere ? If anyone knows anything, let the rest of us know please. As for your tribute album, why not find some bands (Known or obscure) who can really do the band justice. Better yet, how about a new Band album with some more Manuel archival stuff. Merry Christmas to all.

Fri Dec 19 17:13:01 MET 1997

Steve. N

From: Edmonton Alberta Canada

Just for my two cents... I finally got to see my idol, Levon back in '94 here at the Convention Centre. Garth was fantastic (as usual) Rick was excellent, as well as Randy, Richard and Jimmy fitting in there so naturally. My favorite song is "Up On Cripple Creek", but it wasn't me calling for it to be played, but the very vocal 'sawdust & vinegar' crowd at the back of the hall. I was happy (if not outright relieved) to hear anything by the Boys after waiting eight years for them to come 'round to these parts. Can't wait for a return engagement. For all the big names that have passed through town lately, nobody's as big as THE BAND!!!

Fri Dec 19 14:54:57 MET 1997


From: Boston

Merry Christmas Robbie! I'm still your biggest fan.

Fri Dec 19 07:45:24 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Dan, since they mention my name in it, you have to know I dig "Look Out Cleveland". Hey, does anyone remember Richard Manuel's last songwriting credit? It was on Clapton "Beautiful Thing" off "No Reason To Cry" an album the boys all play on. And don't forget Levon and Rick on Neil Young's "Revolution Blues". Yep. Well, what else can I say? Has anyone ever heard "The Stones I throw?" and is it any good?" I have a pretty good recording of the Boys doing "You Don't Know Me" on the first reunion tour...great performance by Richard.

There's a sound sample from "The Stones I Throw (Will Free All Men)" at the page with Pre-Band recordings.
-- JH

Thu Dec 18 23:22:44 MET 1997


From: Minnesota


I am looking for a VHS copy of The Band Reunion Tour Video. Will trade The Band TV Compilation and/or Eat the Document.

E-mail at the above address. Thanks.

Thu Dec 18 15:08:11 MET 1997

Jeff Overbeck

From: Tonawanda , NY (Buffalo)

The web site is cool.I wish there were some addresses for members of The Band. The Band is the best ever. Garth is the greatest musician. Richard is the best singer in history.

Thu Dec 18 13:46:22 MET 1997

Dale Evans

From: a parking lot

Stuff it, Trigger. Joni has a life. Painting, some music, the left coast, Europe... she's hardly keeping tabs on Danko club gigs...

Thu Dec 18 02:43:10 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: Calif.

I agree, the guitar solo on Jawbone is cool. Perhaps better than the one on King Harvest. What I'd like to know is who gets a kick out of Look Out Cleveland? I think it's one of the Band's signature songs.

Thu Dec 18 00:05:30 MET 1997


From: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Excellent web site! Anyone out there tabbed out Robbie's "Jawbone" solo on guitar? It's definitely one of my favorites!

Wed Dec 17 19:16:37 MET 1997

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Rick Danko will be doing a benefit show for a local women's shelter this Saturday night at the Tinker St. Cafe in Woodstock at 10:00. Apparently, Garth made an appearance at the same show last year. For more info, you can call 914/679-0214.

Wed Dec 17 02:59:47 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock- Joshua's ( I'll miss the falaffel)
Home page: www.uomearoyalty

Karen of Bloomington Coyote is none other than Joni Mitchell who has at long last come to her senses. Now that my "cave" has been recognized I am leaving this website. Too Soon Gone!

Tue Dec 16 21:36:30 MET 1997


From: CT

My husband is a great follower of The Band. Someone told me that there is a place somewhere in the web that will help me find some Band sheet music (piano). That if it is out there -- it could be found. Anybody have any ideas for me? Thanks

Tue Dec 16 03:50:57 MET 1997


From: Bloomington, NY

Matt Leeds- the Danko gig in Salem, MA was listed in this web site on Thurs morning, before he went on. I heard there was a mix up on the announcement, so it was late. Any guesses on who "Coyote" really is?

Tue Dec 16 02:40:49 MET 1997

Matt Leeds

From: Beverly, MA

To TD Bear- Your clues on how to find Rick's Salem show last week were a bit too clever for me. I couln't find the show listed in any of the area papers either. Oh well. Maybe these guys would have more of the following they deserve if they would advertise their shows every once in awhile! Instead, I have to depend on this web site, which is pretty good, except for the fact that the venue for last week's Salem show wasn't listed until after the fact. How useful!

Tue Dec 16 02:05:48 MET 1997


From: Clifton, NJ

To TD Bear, My wife and I drive up to Woodstock every month or so; we always stop in to Joshua's for a falaffel. Man that is a great place, the food is so good. I read your post and thought, "when is our next trip!"

Mon Dec 15 19:42:56 MET 1997

gerard silke

From: lavally tuam co galway ireland
Home page:

Mon Dec 15 15:08:03 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto, Canada

As the year comes to a close, I hope some record executive somewhere read these pages over the last few months and we might see the "mythical" Band tribute CD come to light.

I still want to hear George Jones sing "It Makes No Difference".

Sun Dec 14 23:08:53 MET 1997

Del Stowe

From: Kingston, ON

Great Music that will live forever!!!

Sun Dec 14 22:01:52 MET 1997


From: The Woods

T.D. Bear- No. Regrets, Coyote

Sun Dec 14 19:07:45 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock-Joshua's

Coyote, If you are "Wiley", please provide a setlist/review of Rick in Salem. Was Sredni there? Professor Louie? Thanks,

Sat Dec 13 23:39:03 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Joshua's @ Woodstock (try the Falaffel)

Matt Leeds Did you ever find Danko in Dry Dock? How about a review of the concert? I trust my directions of 12/6 were on the money.

Sat Dec 13 10:45:35 MET 1997


From: old hangtown usa or as the flatlanders say, placerville, ca.

been a follower since their start, and be a follower until the end... i'm just wonderin', i heard of a new native american's release and iffin' you can help on a date i'd be obliged. txs. henry

Sat Dec 13 05:11:18 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

To John Donabie: I enjoyed reading of you 'experience' with the lyrics to It makes No Difference. There's power in them words.

Little John Tyler: The reference to 'Stranger' in Christmas Must Be Tonight is theologically sensible. He is a stranger here...not of this world. However, I see your point, at first it sounds like a cheep rhyme. How about Across the Great Divide's ..I'm at the still, had my fill and I'm fit to kill? I've always thought that line to be rather awkward. Ever try to sing it? You wonder, "What did I just say?"

Sat Dec 13 04:29:41 MET 1997

B. Gold

From: New Rochelle, NY

I was just scanning Peter Viney's article about Caledonia Mission.His comments about Randy Ciarlante's bass linebrought an old memory to my mind. At The Band's concerts at the Filmore East in New York I remember Robbie Robertson playing bass on this song and Danko playing six string guitar. Boy that was a long time ago. Anyone else remember?

Fri Dec 12 16:17:19 MET 1997

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Sorry about the lack of punctuation in the Danko Set List I submitted previously. It all looked like it was nicely formatted in a single column listing before I sent it off. Please feel free to insert your own commas ansd semicolons as you see fit. Note also that Rick was funny, gracious, talkative and thoroughly focused and sober for the show. On another point, I saw the VH1 Legends show on The Who this week. Levon narrated. Anybody know of any connection that would lead the producers to ask Levon to do this particular episode?

Fri Dec 12 16:13:08 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

Well, I am glad to see so much activity in the room. I am sure I have had dreams with the Band in them but I can't remember them. All of the Band contributed an essentail element..Danko included. They were the most evenly distributed talent wise, of all the great groups. I am glad Danko is doing Christmas must be tonight. Robertson redid it on the soundtrack to "Scrooged".

Fri Dec 12 15:38:34 MET 1997

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Here's Rick Danko's set list from his show (with Aaron Hurwitz) at Cabaloosa Club in New Paltz NY last Saturday: Wheels on Fire Blind Willie McTell Stage Fright Makes No Difference Chain Gang (Ooh! Ah!) The Weight (then a-hard-to-figure 70-minute break) Crazy Mama Twilight Java Blues Next Time You See Me (Hurwitz vocal) Christmas Must Be Tonight ( Great to hear this one live for the first time, but does anyone else agree that the "Manger...see the little Stranger" rhyme was not one of Robbie's most inspired lyrics???) Bartender Blues Let the 4 Winds Blow (Hurwitz vocal) When You Awake Blue River Mystery Train (which segued nicely into a medley with Stevie Wonder's Superstition!) Blue Moon of Kentucky (featuring Woodstock bluegrass great John Herald) Hills of Woodstock (featuring local singer/songwriter Tom Pacheco Finale: Shape I'm In - featuring all the above, plus Marie Spinosa (Crowmatix)

Fri Dec 12 00:09:26 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto

With apologies in my last note....The saying is "less is more".

Fri Dec 12 00:04:36 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Do you remember when you were a kid and something went wrong on a particular day? The next morning all your troubles seemed to be washed away. We were young and the word depression was something that your parents lived through. It is truly one of the great joys of youth.

At 50 years of age I find this not to be true. The next day can find you with the same trials & tribulations of the night before.

Yesterday I happened to be listening to "It Makes No Difference." I've heard the song hundreds of times. They say that a great lyric is the same as fine poetry. Suddenly; as if for the first time, the line..."AND THE DAWN...DON'T RESCUE ME....ANYMO-O-O-RE" spoke to me. If the saying "more is less" is true, than I don't think I have ever heard in such few words such prolific genius. Thanks again boys.

Thu Dec 11 22:25:31 MET 1997

Matt Brady

From: Saint Paul, Minnesota

It is great to have found a comprehensive sight on the marvoulous group the Band. I grew up listning to them with my father and have had the chance to see the new re-incarnation five times. I have turned a lot of my twenty-something friends onto the group. I am wondering what is the latest info on the boys touring together. I unfortunately had tickets to see a show this summer that was cancelled for we all know why. I realize that the Band is only half of what they were but what a good job a half can do, especially with the state of music these days. I hope to see the boys together soon. It is too bad they do not make it to the midwest for their solo performances Peace.

Thu Dec 11 16:58:38 MET 1997

Greg D.

From: Guelph, Ont.

Peter Viney's recent interesting article on the song "Caledonia Mission" has finally prompted me to make a guestbook entry. As a genuine native of Caledonia, Ontario, I've always wondered (since hearing the Rock of Ages version) if the song was related to my hometown. There is indeed a river flowing through the town (the Grand River, largest river in southern Ontario). Caledonia is known to the Band/Hawks, since, as Peter correctly observed, the town is not too far from Port Dover, where the Hawks used to play, situated on the same highway. Secondly, it is adjacent to the Six Nations Reserve where Robbie used to spend summers as a child. Talking to both Rick and Levon after one of their concerts on the reunion tour of 1983, they both new where the town was, Rick having driven through the previous night on the way to see his folks in the Simcoe/Turkey Point area.

There was never a Mission in the town of Caledonia as far as I know, so I don't know what the line "inside the mission walls (law?) means.

Thu Dec 11 16:40:27 MET 1997


From: Backwoods,NY

Apologies for the delay. Rick Danko is appearing at the Rock More Dry Dock, in Salem. MA., at 9:00 PM tonight, 12/11. Tix info (978) 740-1001.

Thu Dec 11 15:59:53 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Andrew has raised some valid points regarding Rick Danko's overall contributions to the "Band sound." His distinctive voice, blended with that of Richard's & Levon's, was an integral part of the group's sound. His bass playing, meshed with Levon's drumming, provided that deep bottom end sound that characterized the ensemble's unique approach to recording.

I believe Robbie often wrote his most effective songs with certain bandmate's voices, as well as personalities in mind; such as Richard's in "The Shape I'm In", Levon's in "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", and Rick's of course for "Stage Fright." Songs in minor keys, such as "It Makes No Difference," also seemed to lend themselves to Rick's distinctive, emotional & wistful vocal style.

Whereas Levon chose to explore his R&B and country roots in most of his solo work; Robbie distanced himself by attempting to expand his musical boundaries in his solo efforts. Rick alone has chosen to further "mine" the niche he established for himself in The Band by recording songs in that same vein on his solo album and in his work with Fjeld & Andersen. I also believe that in Fjeld and especially Andersen, Rick has found songwriters whose abilities come close to that of Robbie's for great story-telling. The vocal work on the two D/F/A albums also re-creates the spirit of ensemble singing of The Band.

Thu Dec 11 06:49:41 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Manuel G. from Spain and everyone else: Someone from the politically correct part of New York has called to my attention via e mail, that I was putting down your broken English posting, with a Garth Hudson posting I made following yours. Please, I did not intend to make fun of your question or the way you wrote it.

I wrote my posting in broken English because at that moment it seemed to state the truth better, that Garth plays the organ and synthsizer unlike anybody alive.

Truth sounds truest when spoken plainly, regardless of the grammar, spelling, or syntax.

I don't want to contribute to any bad vibes since this site has had its share in the past. Sorry, New York.

Thu Dec 11 05:31:39 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

I have been delving recently into Rick Danko's music done outside of The Band (his solo album in 1977 and two albums work with DFA). The more that I listen to his songs, the more I begin to think that of all the solo work of the Band members (ie Robbie and Levon), Rick's sound most closely resembles that of the Band.

I can think of two possible reasons:

1). Levon and Robbie purposely tried to avoid putting out music that sounded like the Band when doing thier projects. This could have been to explore other areas or to avoid comparisons. or

2). They were all putting out the music as they heard it and Rick's contribution to the overall sound of the Band's music is greater than previously realized.

For my money, I am beginning to think that it is number 2. If you listen to tracks such as New Mexicoe, What a Town or Small Town Talk (from Rick's solo album) or Blue River, All Creation or Keep This Love Alive (from the two DFA albums), I think you can hear the Band' sound and feel much greater than in the solo work of the others.

I would be interested in hearing other people's opinions on this. Thanks.

Thu Dec 11 02:43:42 MET 1997

bill wabb

From: sonoma,ca.[born and raised in SCARBOROUGH,ONT!]

Thu Dec 11 02:32:15 MET 1997

Steve. N

From: Edmonton Alberta Canada

Serge - Wow! Thank you. My E-mail address is DNAD @ Compuserve. Waiting to hear from you.

Thu Dec 11 00:21:48 MET 1997

Shigeki Simon

From: Osaka,Japan

I had a hug in the rain with Rick and Richard when The Band came to Japan in 70's.But Robbie was not in The Band then.I was a high-school boy.Here are much more fans of them than you folks expect.

Wed Dec 10 23:59:35 MET 1997

Count Stan Jankaitis III

From: Pennsylvania-USA

Hey Guys, I remember doing Cripple Creek with a group of mine called "Flesh". God, what a great song. May the creek always flow. all my best The Count

Wed Dec 10 23:49:19 MET 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Decatur NY

I just aquired Bob Dylan and The Band's 5 cd set "Genuine Basement Tapes". The majority of this set is not on the official release. The sound quality is good (most of the time) and a pleasure to hear. My advice if anyone finds this package is to purchase it without hesitation.

Wed Dec 10 16:17:02 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

Hey Peter from Hudson New York: LIGHTEN UP! I've yet to see or read the "List of appropriate and inappropriate list of topics to post on The Band Website Guestbook" You didn't hurt my feelings at all. I don't know you nor do I care about what you think. Obviously. Peace and Love, Luis

Wed Dec 10 05:47:39 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: Chicago USA

I remember Garth Hudson saying somewhere that as a youngster he studied the Bach Chorales and found that they influenced his playing alot. So if you're interested in playing like Garth, there's a place to start. Now if you want to sound like him....godd luck.

Wed Dec 10 03:44:56 MET 1997

Jimmy P.

From: Modoc, Arkansas

Peter, I've been told there is a town named Caledonia here in Arkansas just north of the Louisiana state line near Junction City. That's a long way from here. I can't believe Levon would have even heard of the place. I haven't. As far as Barney Hoskyns is concerned, I suppose he's never heard of the place down by the river called Modoc Landing either. Anyway, I like the horns on Rock of Ages.

Wed Dec 10 02:57:38 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Scott of New York Rick's birthday is December 28th not December 9th. Jimmy Buffett's is December 25th. Jimmy's performance at MSG iwas sold out in 1 hour. I trust Band at Carnegie Hall will match.

Wed Dec 10 00:33:52 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Yeah, Garth Hudson, how you learned to play that way? I like very much, we all like very much your playing! Tell us. And soon do a solo cd so I can buy it.

Wed Dec 10 00:00:55 MET 1997


From: New York


Tue Dec 9 23:54:15 MET 1997

Manuel G.

From: Figueras, Spain

(sorry for bad English) I been reading Jans web site since two years almost. I love it, he do some of the best work I seen on the INTERNET. I am a keyboard player and need to know more on the GREAT Garth Hudson. His way of playing are (I have not the words) different and so good. The page for Hudson say very little. I want to understand how he learned to play like that and where he coming from. Sorry I have no e-mail, Jan can you help?

Tue Dec 9 21:02:34 MET 1997


From: The Netherlands


Tue Dec 9 20:15:32 MET 1997

Frank de Klerk Wolters

From: Netherlands

Tue Dec 9 20:08:17 MET 1997

Gary Glade

From: San Gabriel, CA

It's great to find a web site on the Band! I have been a fan for a long time,and the music still moves me deeply. It's such a distinctly rural American voice. I recently caught Rick Danko's solo show at McCabes in Santa Monica, CA, and the heartfelt beauty of his voice and of the songs themselves still shines through. I've been listening to all the Band albums (both group and solo efforts) all week. There are some wonderful songs there - some of which I had forgotten. I rediscovered The Rumor, and Share Your Love. God Bless Robbie Robertson. I miss Richard Manuel. Love you guys. Keep it up. G.G.

Tue Dec 9 18:09:22 MET 1997

Mike Lyons

From: NY

Here is a picture of my brother and I when we saw Rick at the Towne Crier in Pawling in NY. A Loyal Fan Mike Lyons

Tue Dec 9 16:33:03 MET 1997

Peter Viney

Thank you Jimmy P for the info from Modoc. The articles are there so that people can comment and add information. And they do. Good, that's cleared up a puzzle. I'll revise the article, but I'll wait a few days first in the hope that someone somewhere can shed yet more light. (Anyone in Caledonia, Ontario reading?) In my defence, I'll add that Greil Marcus hears "mission walls" too and that Barney Hoskyns also thought the town was fictional. I'd been told too that the lyrics as printed were from the sheet music. A lot of sheet music gets transcribed off the record for copyright reasons, rather than being copied from manuscript. I'm still interested in why the Big Pink version is placed in Modoc, Arkansas and why the later versions are placed 'On a river bank in Caledonia'. If you know, add the info.

Tue Dec 9 06:04:30 MET 1997

Michael Z.

From: Fullerton, California

Well hello all you BAND freaks!!!!!, this is Mike Z. from Calif. and I am currently kicking myself in the ass for missing Rick's show at Mcabe's.....I was in europe for a most of November playing with my band the Red Sea Pedestrians... That was all find and dandy, but I really wanted see rick at mcabe's damn...well i guess thats rock and roll for you. I had to go back to the Nov. Guestbook to see the couple of reviews from dan blood about rick's show and I got to say Rick always looks high cause he is so damn happy, rock- ing back and forth. He is the voice in my head right against richard's fallsetto, with Leavon taking up the bottom.....LONG LIVE THE BAND!!! Robbie is one of rock and roll's tresures, in the band or out of it, He is a Modernday storyteller. And Once again I will say it, he is the best white blues guitarist around!!!!Thanks for all the info! p.s. I was listening to a Wille Nelson song called "In the Jailhouse now" and in the liner notes, it lists Richard Manuel on it right next to Leon Rus- sel, if anyone can confirm that it was Richard on it that would be great. And if there are any people out on the west coast e-mail me and lets talk The BAND!!!!bye now

Tue Dec 9 04:04:47 MET 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London Ontario

STEVE N. from Edmonton Alberta...I have that particular SCTV episode on tape. Levon, the Cates etc...Send me a note with your Email address.

Tue Dec 9 01:51:22 MET 1997

Jimmy P.

From: Modoc, Arkansas

I read Peter Viney's article on Caledonia Mission. There really is a Modoc, Arkansas. We're down here about 20 miles south of Levon's hometown, just off Rt. 20. I guess Robbie just assumed there was a "k" on the end as Levon was telling him the words to write. Anyway, the lyrics for Caledonia Mission on Jan's page are the ones that were copyrighted, including the phrase "inside the mission law". One last comment, Peter, you have way too much spare time on your hands.

Mon Dec 8 23:58:08 MET 1997


From: Hudson, NY

Luis- at the risk of hurting your feelings, do you really believe that signing the guestbook with details of last night's dream is appropriate?

Mon Dec 8 20:08:43 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

I think that "Rocken Chair" footage may be from the Hollywood Bowl concert. I would love to get the Sullivan Show performances on video. Also the full four song SNL. Has anyone ever seen "You Are What You Eat?" What do the Band do in it? When the Band were hot, they turned down a chance to work with Antoninoni.... So, anyone go the studio version of "Don't Do It" that is suppose to be so great?

Mon Dec 8 18:29:25 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

In Memoriam: John Winston Ono Lennon October 9, 1940 -- December 8, 1980 Rest in Peace

Mon Dec 8 17:23:57 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

What a dream I had last night... I’m in a small town in Mexico on the day I am to be married. I wander into a tiny little bar to hide out from the world for a while. (Up to this point the story is true, on November 14th. I was married in Vienna Virginia. At some point in the late morning I felt a need to hide in some out of the way bar and I found the coolest old raggety dive called the Vienna Inn where the meal of choice is their Chili Dogs). Back to the dream: The band playing that afternoon is The Allman Brothers. I arrive just in time for the last song which is “Whipping Post” Sitting at the bar next to me is Levon Helm. We drink ourselves silly and Greg produces an old acoustic guitar. I ask him to let me borrow it for a minute and I strum “When I Paint My Masterpiece” and Greg, Levon and I do a beautiful 3 part harmony. We drink one last round of pints and off I go into the Mexican streets to find my way to the church...

Mon Dec 8 02:01:29 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: Chicago, USA

Steve N., Levon appeared on SCTV with the Cate Brothers in the late 70's-early 80's. The bit, as I recall, was one of the newsmen on the show, Earl Cammenbert, was chasing Levon around trying to get an interview but kept failing. We finally go backstage with Levon, sans Earl, where Mr. Helm tells a long joke about a recalcitrant computer. He performed "Summertime Blues" and another song that I just can't remember.

Mon Dec 8 00:26:50 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Gonna take a little break from the Band until Danko/Kaercher L.I. I'll save my money for Jimmy Buffett 2/19/98 at MSG. Variety is the spice of life and Headbands never get up and dance at the shows anymore anyway. Rick, any chance of covering "Cheeseburger in Paradise?

Mon Dec 8 00:19:58 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Key West

Sun Dec 7 19:57:03 MET 1997

Steve N.

From: Edmonton Alberta Canada

just gotta say that I love this web site! I want to thank Jan and all the other contributers for the Lyrics (especially) and the tasty bits of info are fantastic! (A Garth Hudson solo album?? Where? When? How much?? I'll pay. If there's one 'problem' it's that the sound samples are too short but finally I got to hear something of all those wonderful songs (Ferdinand, Stones....) that many 'official' sources said were no longer available. One request- the studio version of "Don't Do It" I've got to hear, ever since I read "Mystery Train". Now, also, did anybody else see Rick Danko perform on Muchmusic with Colin Linden and Shredni Vollmer some song about a 'man who walks by the side of the road....' or, Levon Helm and quite possibly the Cate bros (maybe even the rest of the reunited Band) sing "Summertime Blues" on SCTV 'bout 12 years ago? Man, I wish that I only knew... I remember Levon telling a joke about a millitary computer... And, (this is how I first caught whiff of the Band) back in 1986 or so on Canada Day, the CBC ran a show featuring several wonderful Canadian performers being 'joined' in musical performance by the host, Murray McLauchlan including Ian Tyson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Lightfoot and Levon Helm (lip syncing 'Acadian Driftwood') Could there ever have been a better song to be introduced to the beauty of The Band then that? I got to admit I was actually hooked after the first time I heard "Up On Cripple Creek". God, now the next thing you'll see is a separate listing for televison appearances somewhere on Jan's site. That would be kinda interesting and if so I'll just add two more CBC appearances, both for promoting "Jericho" on Canada Day 1994, when they played "The Weight", and on the now defunct "Friday Night! with Ralph Benmurghui" where they opened the show with "The Weight" and later performed "Remedy". Whew! One final question now that I remember, during the 1989 Juno Hall of fame speech, Ronnie Hawkins talks over some extraordinary footage of "Rockin' Chair" live. Similar footage might have been used in the Classic Album episode, I'm just wondering where it came from? I don't think it was Woodstock nor Watkins Glen, so I open it all Band fans, answer my question and keep on rockin'!! Thanx.

A list of TV appearances by The Band may come pretty soon. The sound samples are (most of them) shorter than 30 secs and lo-fi, to avoid copyright problems (I've gone a few rounds with the "suits" in the last two years...)
-- JH

Sun Dec 7 17:19:11 MET 1997

Daniel Linder

From: Charleston SC

It's great to find people who love the Band as much as I do.(Not people who say, "you like the Band? What Band.") Saw them play in Atlanta GA in April 94. I got to meet Rick, Levon, and the rest of the new guys(Missed Garth by 3 hours did'nt know that he liked to be at concerts early). They were easy to talk to, and answered any questions offered (too nervous to ask many). It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I wish I could see them in the South again. If anybody has info could you let me know please.

Sun Dec 7 15:50:01 MET 1997


From: Upnorth

I saw Danko at Cabaloosa's last night. The show started two hours late, then Rick came on to do four songs, then a break that lasted more than an hour. Nobody knew what was going on. Finally, Rick came back and did over an hour of great music- it was worth the wait. A lot of musicians were in the crowd of approx. 100 people, including some of the Crowmatix (who did not perform). Highlight of the show for me (besides getting in for free, for some reason) was Rick's rendition of Sam Cooke's "Chaingang" . Good energy in the air.

Sun Dec 7 08:57:33 MET 1997

Lisa S Jetton

Sun Dec 7 05:35:30 MET 1997

[guest photo]


From: Toronto

I was just at Rhino Records and I see they have The Band: Classic Album Series video and something called The Band: Box Set Contains both audio and video material Am I dreaming, Does this mean we see an entire song on video?? Inquiring minds et al ... Mark.

Sun Dec 7 00:05:25 MET 1997

Call me Mr.

From: You don't want to know, trust me

Levon Helm is God. I saw him at his peak and will never forget it. Nothing compares.

Sat Dec 6 21:58:24 MET 1997


From: Backwoods,NY

I have an extra ticket for the Danko gig tonight at Cabaloosa's, New Paltz. I'm giving it to the guy at the door and telling him to give it to the person who has the biggest feet (I'm leaving this up to the guy at the door- I don't want to be in the middle of this).

Sat Dec 6 20:20:14 MET 1997

THE (Real) Dancing Bear

From: New York

January 16-18, 20, 21: ROBERT ZIMMERMAN VAN MORRISON Theater @ MSG NYC Be there or be sqaure. Enough said. Give peas a chance.

Sat Dec 6 19:19:23 MET 1997

Don Pugatcvh

From: Roswell, Ga

I must be a dummy or something, I called Generation Records, got another listing because the original number was another place in NY. Spoke to someone who did not know what I was talking about and asked that I call back next week (Tuesday) and speak to another person. I guess I'll try again, at least some other fans are able to get something right, hope to find the set. Don PS I was thinking about Band songs that could be played as parody's. Life is a Carnival, my Wife is a Carnavor, Pretty corny, huh.

Sat Dec 6 16:56:28 MET 1997

Peter Viney

Is all this getting out-of-hand? Am I lacking a sense of humour? OK, I had a mild laugh when I read the Rick Danko / Noel Gallagher / someone who did not know what I was talking about and asked that I call back next week (Tuesday) and speak to another person. I guess I'll try again, at least some other fans are able to get something right, hope to find the set. Don PS I was thinking about Band songs that could be played as parody's. Life is a Carnival, my Wife is a Carnavor, Pretty corny, huh.

Sat Dec 6 16:56:28 MET 1997

Peter Viney

Is all this getting out-of-hand? Am I lacking a sense of humour? OK, I had a mild laugh when I read the Rick Danko / Noel Gallagher / Robbie R "contributions" to the Guestbook. Fine. But it's really easy for anyone to post bullshit on the site (Hi, this is Jimi Hendrix. Janis and I were just saying how much we love The Band. Elvis agrees and sends his love.) But genuine communication will soon collapse if there's too much fantasy stuff dropped in the Guestbook. On the Noel Gallagher "contribution". Let's imagine that this is genuine, then it'd be very welcome, though I don't believe it is genuine for a minute. Then the "Robbie R" reply would have to be pretty dumb. I don't suppose The Hawks/Band ever asked for permission to cover 'Who Do You love?' nor to take the piss out of "I Got You Babe" with Tiny Tim, nor to play 'Long Black Veil' or 'Loving You Is Sweeter than ever.' Bruce Springsteen rattled off covers at the drop of a hat. They just did them. The composer got paid. Oasis don't need any back-handed compliments from me, but they're perfectly competent, incredibly popular and I guess they have the knack. I have to listen to Oasis in the car when I drop my kids at school, and I enjoy most of it.Some of their more controversial comments on their pre-success lifestyle echo the famous 1969 Ronnie Hawkins interview on the early days of The Hawks, right down to tales of siphoning gas and worse. Oasis don't seem to do any covers at all, and not much Band material would fit their style. If Oasis were ever to cover a Robbie Robertson song, it would simply open millions of ears to material they hadn't heard before and some of them would look into The Band. Great. Look at the lists of artists who've covered Band material. They didn't all do great versions. So what? The *real* Robbie R seems the wrong person to set-up with this kind of opinion anyhow. Of all of them, he's the one doing stuff with Howie B (and earlier on U2).

Sat Dec 6 13:51:42 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock -Joshua's try the orange ice tea

Matt, So no Leeds on where Danko is playing in Salem? Witch way do you turn? If you have "Time to Kill", check "The Rumor" that it's " Up on Cripple Creek". Better yet, "Shine a Light" follow Blind Willie McTell". He'll take you to the concert in "The Caves of Jericho". Mind you I'm "Thinkin" Out Load", maybe you better look for Smoke Signals. Woulda bear from the Woods shit ya?

Sat Dec 6 12:46:34 MET 1997

Carter and Shelly

From: Marietta, Ga.

Sat Dec 6 04:18:19 MET 1997



Rick Danko is scheduled to play in Salem, MA on 12/11, less than a week away, but the venue has yet to be announced?! I don't get it. Is he just going to show up in town and look for place to play?

Sat Dec 6 02:28:53 MET 1997

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

I've been on the Road to... It looks like you've gotten a little sloppy in my absence. It's: 1. Aaron Hurwitz 2. Sredni Vollmer. Don't tell me it "Makes No Difference"

Fri Dec 5 22:41:14 MET 1997


Just called the Cabaloosa in New Paltz about the show on Saturday night. The doors will open at 8pm and the show should begin at 10pm. Butch, are you going to the show in your home town?

Fri Dec 5 22:14:33 MET 1997

Richard Baker

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Saw Rick at the divey 8X10 Club in Baltimore last night. He played two sets with the Professor Louis Aaron Horowitz. The first set was a bit tentative (and short), but the second set, which lasted about 90 minutes was well worth waiting for. It seems that Rick requires time to warm up. There were about 100 people at the gig. Our seats were in the small balcony directly overhead from Rick, who occasionally commented about the wonderful harmonies from the Baltimore Angels. It was as if he was playing in our living room. His voiced was great. A killer Blind Willie, Long Black Veil. The opening act joined him for the finale (Shape I'm In, Keep on the Sunnyside) just as Rick broke a string. We couldn't resist asking him to discard the guitar and borrow the bass player's fretless bass. It was as if he planned the intro to Shape I'm In. He still is a superb bass player. He was very accessible to all during the evening. Lots of positive energy.

Fri Dec 5 15:31:13 MET 1997

Jesse Lundy

From: Philadelphia

Having a very difficult time getting over work done with Dylan as well as Basement Tapes bootlegs. Even though I've had them for a long time, every once in a while I have to come back and listen; just now able to listen to other things again...kind of obsessive...

Fri Dec 5 04:44:21 MET 1997

S. Link

From: Indianapolis

I was just recently turned on to The Band and their web site. This is such a great place to find out all about them! Thanks for all your comments and side editorials.

Fri Dec 5 00:57:26 MET 1997

Jim Soko

From: Walden, NY

I went to pick up tickets for Rick's show at the Cabaloosa on Saturday . It looks like a great place for a show. It fits less than 200 people in a coffee house setting. If you go to the show, there is another bar upstairs called Oasis, which has a room for the band. If you go to the show, see you there.

Thu Dec 4 20:00:16 MET 1997

ryk ryce

From: saltair vancouver island b. c. canada

hi every body in band land I need some help.I have been desperatly looking for the lyrics and guitar chords for the song called OUT OF THE BLUE off the LAST WALTZ album sung by Robbie Robertson . If there is any body out there that has this information available it would be greatly appreciated.thanx

Thu Dec 4 13:41:39 MET 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page:

Just testing the guestbook script, after moving all the entries from November to a separate file. The guestbook traffic has doubled since October, and the November '97 guestbook is seven times larger than the guestbook from November last year.

Unfortunately, there's something weird going on with the guestbook, we lost 3 days of traffic and messy HTML code appear at times. This may be a Perl script error or an error in the Linux OS, or it may be someone messing with the web site again. We hope to locate the source of this soon, if not we'll have to close down the site (or at least the guestbook) for safety reasons, until we get it sorted out. If you find errors, faulty links, or indications of hacker activity in any other of the (nearly one thousand) web pages here, please send me an e-mail about it.

Thu Dec 4 11:13:09 MET 1997

Alma Lopez

From: Whittier, CA

This is a neat site. I've been in love with the guys and their music for what seems like forever. Last time I saw the Band was in March '84 at the Country Club in Reseda, Ca. I feel lucky that I was able to see Richard Manuel as only a mere two years later he would leave us much too soon. I remember he looked pretty healthy and happy at that time. I'm not sure if the guys will be performing in Southern California soon or if they did recently but I'm there at the next show:) Keep rockin', guys!

Thu Dec 4 07:47:18 MET 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington,NZ

A Garth Hidson solo album ? Now that would be something.

Thu Dec 4 03:51:05 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

Steve B., I get what you are saying, but don't hold your breath. Be thankful for the years that were great, and try to enjoy what you can of the new stuff. I just hope Rick and Levon can stay healthy, forget doing decent music. The Band died before it's time but left us at least a couple of hours of the best Rock and Roll ever. Jerico is kinda fun, what do you want? Now, is no one else interested in Live Tapes of rare songs like "Shootout in Chinatown", "Forbiddin Fruit" and "Smoke Signal". I sure would love to get them.......

Thu Dec 4 03:17:59 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, NY

Steve B I love The Band but never had the privilege of seeing them perform during the 70's. Their albums and performances speak for themselves. I don't expect the reconfigured Band to ever equal or surpass the originals. Hell Danko and Helm are in their mid to late 50's. Would you expect Jordan & Pippen to play the same caliber ball in 20 years? They can't ever replace Manuel's vocals or Robertson's lyrics. Take what you can get, enjoy the albums and memories and leave the attitude. Nobody puts a gun to your head and makes you see a live show.

Thu Dec 4 01:57:23 MET 1997

Steve B.

From: Clifton Park, NY

Great Web Page! One general comment: To all the others who have posted about Levon and Rick's "Shape Their In" I have this to say: These Guys-The Band-have been given so many gifts and so many chances. They owe it to no one but themselves to get things right in their lives and create some "better" work-better than High On The Hog. Yes I'll take what I can get, but everybody knows they can deliver more, they can be more "varied" than they are. Do they want to be? Is it easier not to be? Sure. How about reworking the songs and doing full acoustic "unplugged" Band Shows. How about focusing on the fine musicianship and vocal prowess they still possess. I've been to and heard many a recent Band performance where (albeit enthusiastically) the material was just plowed through with no attention to detail. Sorry I had to "Rag Mama Rag" but these guys-you just know they've got it in 'em!

Thu Dec 4 00:18:41 MET 1997


From: New York

There should be a BAND chat room =o) I'd love to talk to everyone..... ~john

Wed Dec 3 23:31:20 MET 1997


From: N/A

Oasis? How about trying Dylan's "Positively 4th Street".....or at least just read the lyrics.

Wed Dec 3 22:21:44 MET 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden, NY

Word has that Wieder's new CD is completed and he's picking out the artwork. This should be a real treat from a masterful guitar technician.

Wed Dec 3 21:36:44 MET 1997

Robbie R.

From: Los Angeles

Oasis? You and your band DO NOT have my permission to publicly perform ANY of my songs. Thank you.

Wed Dec 3 05:48:51 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Oasis? Your keyboard player better be pretty good.

Wed Dec 3 04:59:04 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Wow! Great readings posted here lately. David Powell: Your discription of the Band Album on vinyl made me drool. I've got all those LP's stashed away (a bit old and scratched) but the trouble is, who has a record player anymore?

I own a state of the art Bose stereo and jazz sounds great on it, and Jericho sounds great on it, but the Box Set Across the Great Divide sounds jarbled and thin, especially Rick's bass.

To Rick V.: The cat's meow would be a solo effort by Garth. Is it true? I can't wait. Garth, the mad musical genius who'd druther fix screen doors and stay busy fixing other things...Has anyone ever overheard Garth's vocal sound effects while he's playing? He talks to his instrument in a language we don't quite know but understand. Could he have learned some of it from th Hawk? GGrrrrrr! AAhhhhhhrrrr! (Don't it just fit?) Yaaaahhhhhhhrrr!

Wed Dec 3 04:01:55 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Key West

VH1's special about Jim Croce indicates the first song he ever sang to Ingrid was "Country Boy" which was covered by Manuel and appears on Jericho.

Wed Dec 3 02:29:10 MET 1997

Noel Gallagher

From: Manchester - UK
Home page: WWW Official Oasis Page

Dear Band Fans, As the guitar hero of a band that has been said to have stolen the mantle of genius away from the legends of the 1960s the Beatles, I feel that the true geniuses of that era were Robertson, Manuel, Hudson, Helm, and Danko. I'm Mad for it with the Band. Good Albums folks.. What chance is there of me band doing a cover version of one of you songs? Which ones worked best live?

Wed Dec 3 02:17:26 MET 1997

Mr. Alexander Piers Harry Rose

From: Moseley, Birmingham , West Midlands, England

Wow, what a superb web site, I'ld like to thank the BBC for their Classic album series and in particular for the brilliant episode that concentrated on "The Band album", it provided a remarkable chance for my generation (18-24) to be educated about a trully great band. Thanks again BBC (any chance of it being reshown) and damn you The Band , 'cos I've blown half my grant on buying your albums in the last couple of months...

Wed Dec 3 00:58:21 MET 1997


From: N/A

Thanks to John Donabie. You were right in your last posting: Generation Records (212-885-8471) DOES have the 4 cd set of the "Last Waltz". Costs $99.99. Got mine today, been a LONG hunt.

Tue Dec 2 21:43:22 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

No, the point is to RECORDINGS of live performances of rare Band songs, get Me?

Tue Dec 2 17:49:37 MET 1997

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Saw Rick at the late show at the Bayou Monday night. Real intimate setting. Missed a few standards (Stage Fright, Blind Willie, Long Black Veil) which he apparently did at the early show, but all in all a good show. We had seen Levon Friday night and were concerned about his condition. My wife asked Aaron about him after the show, and he said Levon was "recovering, but just hadn't gotten his voice back yet". We also chatted for a while with George the photographer who said "Levon just needs some rest". Unless there's a coverup going on, no one seemed concerned that it was anything more than normal wear and tear. George said they are talking about all getting back together, but nothing definite. Weider cut an album, and may do some shows with Bell and Ciarlante, and Garth apparently is working on a solo album.

Tue Dec 2 17:07:12 MET 1997

Robert U.

From: Pound Ridge N.Y.

I saw Rick last night in Mt. Vernon at the Bayou rest.The food and the music were great.It was nice just to sit, have dinner,and have Rick to entertain us.I felt pretty fortunate.

Tue Dec 2 16:48:41 MET 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham, PA

Hi everyone! I also saw the Philly Danko/Anderson late show on 11/28. This was my 1st time seeing Rick play without the rest of The Band. It was a good show. The highlight of my night was when Rick wished me a "Happy Birthday" right before he and Eric started playing :-)!! I'm glad Sam Chaz was on the ball enough to write down a set list. I can aPA

Hi everyone! I also saw the Philly Danko/Anderson late show on 11/28. This was my 1st time seeing Rick play without the rest of The Band. It was a good show. The highlight of my night was when Rick wished me a "Happy Birthday" right before he and Eric started playing :-)!! I'm glad Sam Chaz was on the ball enough to write down a set list. I can always remember what they played; until someone else asks me that is. It was nice meeting you too Sam; I didn't even read your entry about wearing the Hershey Bears shirt until Monday. I only knew it was you since I heard your buddy mention Nick. By the way; Hi Nick Tovo - were your ears ringing Friday night when Sam & I were talking about you? Wish you could've been there.

If you read this page Rick Danko, give George a pat on the back the next time you see him; he's a good guy. Thanks for a good t way; Hi Nick Tovo - were your ears ringing Friday night when Sam & I were talking about you? Wish you could've been there.

If you read this page Rick Danko, give George a pat on the back the next time you see him; he's a good guy. Thanks for a good time Friday night.

Tue Dec 2 16:25:33 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone o, give George a pat on the back the next time you see him; he's a good guy. Thanks for a good time Friday night.

Tue Dec 2 16:25:33 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

After a stressful, post-holiday Monday at work, the day suddenly brightened when the UPS man delivered the new LP reissue of THE BAND. As part of their Centenary series, EMI has released "the Brown Album", restored to its original form. Complete with the original packaging & artwork and pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, this is an all analogue LP cut from the analogue master tapes. Imported from Great Britain with the original EMI/Capital labeling, the gate-fold LP cover is made to look like thick, pebble-grained leather. The great photographs by Elliot Landy have been restored as well, in the original larger format afforded by the LP jacket. The sepia-toned photos of The Band that grace the front & back covers clearly convey the mood of the music within.

Before I ramble on too long, let me just briefly describe the sound of this reissue. All the detail, complete with the warm, bottom end that the LP format offers, is accurately presented. The thump of Rick's bass, Levon's loosened drum heads & crisp cymbal work, Robbie's understated but amazing guitar playing, along with Garth's & Richard's keyboard playing are all cleanly discernable. The vocals--oh those trademark vocal harmonies--sound as warm & rich as ever.

Just a few highlights of this LP's great sound--On "King Harvest" Levon's cymbal & high-hat playing are crystall clear, against the backdrop of Rick's deep bass & Robbie's chicken-scratch lead guitar. At the end of the haunting Manuel/Robertson collaboration "Whispering Pines" when Levon sings & Richard repeats the lines, the echo created sounds as it they're present in the listening room with you..

Before I go on too much more, let me just heartily recommend this reissue of one of the true classics in rock history to all you Band fans that still enjoy music played on your turntables. Like all vinyl releases, you may have a hard time finding it at a local dealer, but it available by mail order. Two retailers that I have ordered from & can recommend, currently have this LP in stock. They are MUSIC DIRECT in Chicago at 1-800-449-8333 and ACOUSTIC SOUNDS of Salinas, Ks. at 1-800-716-3553. Like most "audiophile" vinyl reissues, THE BAND is relatively expensive at $25 plus shipping, but we're talking about "the holy grail" here, you won't be dissappointed.

Tue Dec 2 16:23:28 MET 1997


From: New york

Hi all, i just got the Authorized Video Biography yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good....however, the thing I was most looking forward to seeing, the performances, were only shown for a few seconds. It was frustrating to see Danko singing Stagefright, and then it goes off to more interviews. They could have made the running time longer to fit all the performances in their entirty. (just my 2cents) BTW, anyone have either Woodstock '94 and/or a video of early to present TV and consert performance? Thanks =)

Tue Dec 2 16:03:28 MET 1997

Carl Reed

From: Llanddulas

uh huh yup good more photos

Tue Dec 2 14:40:16 MET 1997

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Glad to hear Rick is back in the swing of things, but I'm very concerned by some of the reports I've read here recently of Levon's health/appearance/performing ability. I saw three of his shows with the Crowmatix over the summer and he looked good and sounded great to this long-time fan. Anybody got any REAL information on the shape Levon's in?

Tue Dec 2 02:37:43 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, LI

John of NY Two buddies of mine saw Danko/Kaercher at Key West. I saw them atand then it goes off to more interviews. They could have made the running time longer to fit all the performances in their entirty. (just my 2cents) BTW, anyone have either Woodstock '94 and/or a video of early to present TV and consert performance? Thanks =)

Tue Dec 2 16:03:28 MET 1997

Carl Reed

From: Llanddulas

uh huh yup good more photos

Tue Dec 2 14:40:16 MET 1997

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Glad to hear Rick is back in the swing of things, but I'm very concerned by some of the reports I've read here recently of Levon's health/appearance/performing ability. I saw three of his shows with the Crowmatix over the summer and he looked good and sounded great to this long-time fan. Anybody got any REAL information on the shape Levon's in?

Tue Dec 2 02:37:43 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, LI

John of NY Two buddies of mine saw Danko/Kaercher at Key West. I saw them at The Brokerage last February. Eppie who had joined me at The Bottom Line earlier for Danko/Andersen gave him excellent reviews. John of Wantagh who is a long time Band/Dylan/Dead maven, said it was a good show. . Today's real mail brings me Andersen's-Stages: The lost album. I'll give it a good listen and report back. Danko, Garth and Fjeld are on it. Lie with Me is included.

Tue Dec 2 02:05:28 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

I had the pleasure of seeing Rick and Eric at the Tin Angel (2nd show) on 11/28 in Phila. I am not sure which show Sam Chaz saw but the late show's set list for Rick was the same that he reported.Rick was playful and extremely personable, mentioning that all the publicity from his "Oriental Tour" made him figure to start his own record company, Woodstock Records, on which he released his live album. He also mentioned that DAF would be coming to Woodstock to record thier third album in the spring of 1998. He was pushing his merchandise mentioning that after his "Oriental Tour" he will never be able to be a politician but that he will available after the show to "do his politican act and shake hands and pat bottoms" or something to that effect. He is a funny guy.

Eric came out and did 7 or 8 songs. I am not familiar with his music (outside of his work with DAF) but his set was good. He is very serious.

Rick and Eric came out for a AWESOME third set of five songs (all but one from the first DAF album).

Blue River (Eric on third verse - I agree with some of the comments posted earlier, this is an incredible song)

Mary, I'm Coming Back Home (great hamonies).

Lie With Me (2nd DAF album)

Driftin' Away (Powerful version, my personal highpoint)

and the encore Last Thing on My Mind.

These guys are incredible performers solo but together the whole is greater than the sum of their parts (like The Band itself). I think that this collaberation is the future for Rick, his harmonies with Eric are strong and his playing was very good. Eric was very loose onstage with him, smiling frequently (unlike his solo set).He even made some jokes. When Rick mentioned that some merchandise is available near the stage consisting of his and Eric's albums, some t-shirts, hats etc, Eric offered that some Rick Danko lingerie (sp) was available, including handcuffs (it was funnier if you were there).

Great show, well worth the time and money.

Tue Dec 2 00:05:13 MET 1997

Sam Chaz

From: Wilmington, DE

I was fortunate enough to see Rick and Eric Andersen at the Tin Angel in Philly Friday night. A respectble performance in an intimate venue. However, it lacked the general spunk and rowdiness I'm used to seeing with these guys(any Band congfiguration). Rick played a set by himself, followed by Eric, and then together. Rick's first set: 1. Wheel's on fire (kinda rough) 2. Blind Willie McTell (Rick got the audience to do the fill ins) 3. Stage Fright (Hot!} 4. Crazy Mama (sing along) 5. Makes No Difference 6. Twilight (Sweet as usual) 7. The Weight 8. Shape I'm In ( Sixty days in the jail house didn't get the response I thought it would) I didn't quite get the next sets, but hey, cut me a break. I did, however, get to speak with the Band's photographer(George Lembesis) who pleasently informed that the boys aren't broken up but just doing their own thing for now. Rick was cordial as could be after the show answering questions and signing autographs. When asked about the food in Japan, Rick replied that it was great and the palce was clean . Ever going back? Well, they didn't deport me. Only Danko!! Pleasure meeting you Kris!

Mon Dec 1 21:50:10 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

Marvin Gardens et al. At the last minute, my wife and I decided to rent a car and drive down to DC. From the comments I've read I guess I'm glad I didn't have to see Levon appear to not be well. In the meantime I'll say a little prayer and just hope for the best. Peace, Luis

Mon Dec 1 15:00:42 MET 1997


From: New York

Hello everybody......i have two question for everyone.. Did anyone see the Danko show at Key West? and.. Does anyone have a copy of the entire Woodstock '94 Band performance? I'll gladly send a VCR tape, if someone would tape it for me....I'll handle postage etc.... Thanks~~~~John

Mon Dec 1 01:03:42 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

More details on the sale of Big Pink were reported in the LA Times around Thanksgiving. I misplaced the paper, and I can't quote word for word, but a woman writer named Marsh or something, read the original Times article (she's on the east coast) and moved quickly with the advice and support of some banking associates. She got it for $144,000. Marsh (?) was at the house years ago as a guest and was present during some of the original basement recording sessions. Cool, huh? She plans to live upstairs and create a state of the art recording studio for non-commercial musicians in the basemnent. The article said one motive for the purchase was to prevent the huge record company moguls to gobble up the house and turn it into something other than what it is.

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