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Performances with the Band/Hawks - The '60s

This chronologically ordered list contains tape recordings from Band/Hawks concerts, radio/TV shows, and studio sessions in the 1960s.

[1964] [1965] [1967] [1968] [1969]

Date: 2/24/64
Performer: Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Location: London, Ontario
Source/Quality/Length: Aud/VG/30
Note: Great stuff before departure
Song list:

  1. Who Do You Love
  2. Share Your Love (Manuel)
  3. A Sweeter Girl Has Never Been Born (Manuel)
  4. Howlin' For My Baby (Helm)
  5. Bacon Fat (cut)

Date: July 12, 1964
Performer: The Hawks
Location: Port Dover, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Erie
Source/Quality/Length: Live Recording/VG/100
Not a part of Laurin's great collection, this tape was recorded onto a reel-to-reel 4- or 2-track machine. Levon Helm has his own copy of it, one track with Manuel was included on the box set from 1994. The Hawks on the tape are Levon, Robbie, Rick, Richard, Garth, and the late Jerry Penfound. Altogether there are 27 numbers of the earliest known recordings of the Hawks without Ronnie. The recording was "released" on a bootleg/trader CD-R in 2000.

Song list:

  1. Not Fade Away
    Vocal by Levon. The new Band recorded this tune for the Buddy Holly tribute CD.
  2. A Sweeter Girl Has Never Been Born
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  3. Lucille
    Vocal by Levon.
  4. The Theme from Peter Gunn
    Garth and Penfound sax instrumental.
  5. Money
    Vocal by Levon.
  6. You Don't Know Me
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  7. Hey Bo Diddley
    Vocal by Levon.
  8. Forty Days
    Vocal by Levon.
  9. Hoochey John Blues
    Garth and Penfound instrumental (bad sound).
  10. Robbie's Blues
    Robbie Robertson instrumental. Danko played a six-string bass then (take a good look at Danko's bass on the Hawks 1963 pictures), he takes a solo here.
  11. Kansas City
    Vocal by Richard Manuel, sound effects and all...
  12. Please, Please, Please
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  13. Short Fat Fanny
    Vocal by Levon.
  14. You Cant' Sit Down
    Instrumental, all.
  15. No Particular Place To Go
    Vocal by Levon.
  16. Turn on Your Lovelight
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  17. High Heel Sneakers
    Vocal by Levon.
  18. Woman Love and a Man
    Vocal by Levon.
  19. Blues
    Instrumental, Garth, early preview of what Garth would do years later for "Chest Fever". Penfound's sax sticking out.
  20. Slow Blues
    Good example of Penfound's sax playing.
  21. Do the Honky Tonk
    Vocal by Richard Manuel, included on the Band box set.
  22. Twist and Shout
    Vocal by Rick Danko.
  23. Georgia
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  24. Share Your Love
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  25. If You Leave Me
    Vocal by Richard Manuel.
  26. Memphis
    Vocal by Levon Helm.
  27. Bring it on home
    Vocal by Rick Danko.

Date: 1964
Performer: Canadian Squires
Location: Toronto, Canada
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/10
Note: First single.

  1. Leave Me Alone
  2. Uh Uh Uh

Date: 1964
Performer: Levon & The Hawks
Location: Texas
Source/Quality/Length: Aud/G/5
Note: On "Crossing The Great Divide" bootleg

  1. You Don't Know Me

Date: 1965
Performer: Levon & The Hawks
Location: New York City
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/10
Note: He Don't Love You released on Across The Great Divide

  1. He Don't Love You
  2. The Stones I Throw
  3. Go Go Liza Jane

Date: 6/5/65
Performer: Levon & The Hawks
Location: Dallas, TX
Source/Quality/Length: Aud/Poor/90
Note: Diehards only, Poor Quality
Song list:

  1. Robbie's Blues
  2. Bacon Fat
  3. She's Nineteen Years Old
  4. Don't Cry No More
  5. Robbie's Blues
  6. Georgia On My Mind
  7. Go Go Liza Jane
  8. Bacon Fat
  9. The Work Song
  10. Turn On Your Love Light
  11. You Don't Know Me
  12. Instrumental
  13. Smack Dab In The Middle
  14. Money
  15. Instrumental

Date: probably 1965
Performer: Hawks
Location: unknown
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/10
Note: demos? Long Distance Operator released on The Basement Tapes with one verse edited out

  1. If I Lose
  2. Long Distance Operator
  3. Bacon Fat

Date: 1967
Performer: Hawks
Location: Woodstock, New York
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/90
Note: Even If It's A Pig Part Two isn't traded among collectors yet. Basement Tape sessions without Bob Dylan. Some cuts released on The Basement Tapes

  1. Even If It's A Pig, Part One (two takes)
  2. Even If It's A Pig, Part Two
  3. You Say You Love Me (two takes)
  4. Instrumentals
  5. Ferdinand The Imposter (two takes)
  6. More instrumentals
  7. Ruben Remus (instrumental)
  8. Beautiful Thing
  9. Orange Juice Blues
  10. Instrumentals

Date: September 5, 1967
Performer: The Crackers
Location: CBS Studio E, New York City
Source/Quality/Length: SB/VG+/25
Note: Ruben Remus and Yazoo Street Scandal released on The Basement Tapes. Orange Juice Blues released on Across The Great Divide
Song list:

  1. Ferdinand the Imposter
  2. Rubin Remus
  3. Katie's Been Gone
  4. Orange Juice Blues
  5. Yazoo Street Scandal

Date: January-March 1968
Performer: Band
Location: New York, NY
Source/Quality/Length: SB/EX/30
Note: Music From Big Pink outtakes
Song list:

  1. We Can Talk (13 takes)

Date: February/March 1969
Performer: The Band
Location: Los Angeles, California
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/5
Note: "The Band" outtake

  1. Get Up Jake

Date: 4/19/69
Performer: Band
Location: San Francisco, CA Winterland
Source/Quality/Length: AUD/VG+/40
Note: First Show as THE BAND
Song list:

  1. Wheels on Fire
  2. Tears of Rage
  3. Long Black Veil
  4. Chestfever
  5. In a Station
  6. Little Birds
  7. To Kingdom Come
  8. The Weight

Date: August 17, 1969
Performer: Band
Location: Bethel, NY Woodstock Music Fest.
Source/Quality/Length: SB/EX-/25
Note: Ain't No More Cane released on Across The Great Divide. 3 songs released on Three Days Of Peace, Love And Music.
Song list:

  1. Chestfever
  2. Don't Do It
  3. Tears of Rage
  4. We Can Talk About It Now
  5. Long Black Veil
  6. Don't Ya Tell Henry
  7. Ain't No More Cane
  8. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
  9. The Weight

Date: 8/31/69
Performer: Band
Location: Isle of Wight, Eng
Source/Quality/Length: AUD/VG+/40
Note: Isle of Wight Festival
Song list:

  1. We Can Talk
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. To Kingdom Come
  4. Ain't No More Cane in the Brazos
  5. Don't Ya Tell Henry
  6. Chestfever
  7. I Shall Be Released
  8. The Weight
  9. Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever

Date: November 2, 1969
Performer: The Band
Location: Ed Sullivan Show
Source/Quality/Length: Studio/Excellent/5

  1. Up On Cripple Creek

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