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Across the Great Divide

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Capitol's 1989 Band compilation To Kingdom Come was subtitled "The Definitive Collection," so what is this? Well, you see, the other one was only a two-disc set, and this is a three-disc set. As the CD reissue/boxed set boom goes on, record companies have taken to redoing acts they've already done once (it's easier than really digging into those vaults for the valuable stuff that's now out of print due to the CD boom), so even though the Band has one classy CD anthology (and a few tacky ones), Capitol gives us another. In this case, they've divided it into two discs' worth of the greatest hits, followed by a disc of rarities (some not so rare) and unreleased tracks that includes pre-Band recordings by the Hawks, collaborations with Bob Dylan, live tracks from the Woodstock and Watkins Glen festivals, and the like. All of which pushes this set up a price point or two from the earlier one, without adding anything substantial to the story. If you're a collector or a hard-core fan, you'll want to add this to your collection, of course (that will be at least seven copies of "The Weight," won't it?), but it remains possible to get the Band's essence, in coherent form, by buying Music From Big Pink, The Band, and The Best Of The Band, and the three of them together probably will cost you less than Across The Great Divide.
--William Ruhlmann, All-Music Guide

The 1994 box set of The Band, Across The Great Divide, is exquisitely produced (box, booklet, CD cases, etc.) but is somewhat shy on rarities, including only 7 previously unreleased items. The only new Dylan-related item is the live 1975 Watkins Glen, previously unreleased performance of "Don't Ya Tell Henry" (B. Dylan). The tracks are digitally remastered.
--Rudi Schmid

A rather extatic review of Across the Great Divide appeared in issue 1.4 of the magazine Urban Desires.

In 1994, Capitol also released a 16-track CD with selections from this 3 CD box-set, titled The Best of Across the Great Divide.


Disc 1

7 tracks from Music from Big Pink:

1. Tears of Rage AU file (285K)
2. The Weight AU file (287K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
3. I Shall Be Released AU file (234K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
4. Chest Fever MPEG-2 file (122K)
5. In a Station
6. To Kingdom Come AU file (188K)
7. Lonesome Suzie

8 tracks from The Band:

8. Rag Mama Rag AU file (246K)
9. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down AU file (210K)
10. King Harvest [Has Surely Come] AU file (145K)
11. Rockin' Chair
12. Whispering Pines
13. Up On Cripple Creek AU file (242K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
14. Across the Great Divide AU file (253K)
15. The Unfaithful Servant

4 tracks from Stage Fright:

16. The Shape I'm In AU file (319K)
17. Daniel & The Sacred Harp
18. All La Glory AU file (233K)
19. Stage Fright AU file (222K)

Disk 2

4 tracks from Cahoots:

1. When I Paint My Masterpiece AU file (229K)
2. The Moon Struck One
3. Life Is a Carnival AU file (282K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
4. The River Hymn

5 tracks from the live album Rock of Ages:

5. Don't Do It AU file (245K)
6. Caledonia Mission
7. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show MPEG-2 file (122K)
8. Get Up, Jake
9. This Wheel's on Fire AU file (228K)

2 tracks from Moondog Matinee:

10. Share Your Love with Me
11. Mystery Train AU file (2.7MB)

3 tracks from Northern Lights - Southern Cross:

12. Acadian Driftwood AU file (206K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
13. Ophelia AU file (166K) MPEG-2 file (121K)
14. It Makes No Difference AU file (285K) MPEG-2 file (120K)

3 tracks from Islands:

15. Livin' in a Dream AU file (164K)
16. The Saga of Pepote Rouge AU file (2.0MB)
17. Right as Rain AU file (203K)

Disk 3

1. Who Do You Love (B.Diddley) AU file (245K)
By Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks, previously released as a single, 3/1963.
2. Do the Honky Tonk (D.Robey)
By Levon Helm & The Hawks, live 7/64 Port Dover, Ontario, previously unreleased
3. He Don't Love You AU file (140K)
Robertson song with Levon Helm & The Hawks, 1964, previously released as a single, first time on CD
4. Katie's Been Gone AU file (143K)
From The Basement Tapes.
5. Bessie Smith AU file (248K)
From The Basement Tapes.
6. Orange Juice Blues [Blues for Breakfast]
By The Hawks, 9/1967, demo, previously unreleased
7. Ain't No Cane on the Brazos
The Band, live 1969 Woodstock, previously unreleased
8. Slippin' & Slidin' (R.Penniman) AU file (118K)
The Band, live 1970 St. Louis, previously unreleased
9. Twilight
The Band, 6/1976, from The Best of The Band
10. Back to Memphis MPEG-2 file (122K)
From Live at Watkins Glen
11. Too Wet to Work
From Live at Watkins Glen. Formerly as "Organ in the Rain", organ solo by Garth Hudson, previously unreleased
12. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
From Live at Watkins Glen
13. Don't Ya Tell Henry
From Live at Watkins Glen. Previously unreleased.
14. Endless Highway AU file (2.5MB)
From Live at Watkins Glen. Previously unreleased.
15. She Knows AU file (324K)
Richard Manuel, live 1/86 Lone Star Cafe, New York, previously unreleased

5 tracks from The Last Waltz:

16. Evangeline MPEG-2 file (123K)
The Band and Emmylou Harris
17. Out of the Blue
18. The Weight AU file (242K)
The Band and The Staple Singers
19. Last Waltz Refrain
20. Theme from the Last Waltz AU file (245K)
The Band and orchestra

Across the Great Divide - The Band - 1994 - Capitol 89565 2
3 CD boxed set with 48 page booklet, liner notes by Chet Flippo.

AMG Rating: 7 (out of 9)

Details about the tracks by Rudi Schmid.

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