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Japan Tour

(Also known as Made in Japan)

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Japanese video, recorded Sep. 2, 1983 in Tokyo during the Reunion Tour. With Levon, Rick, Garth, Richard, Ernie Cate, Earl Cate, Ron Eoff, Terry Cagle. Released on laserdisc and VHS tape.

An unofficial DVD release of Japan Tour (a high-quality transfer from VHS titled Live in Tokyo, that says the concert is from Sep. 1, 1983, see cover scans above) seems to be circulating on the Internet.

I'll tell you what fellas, if you want to see a kick ass concert of The Band, buy their 1983 Japan video. I just recently viewed it and it is incredible. Richard gave the most energetic performance I've ever seen. He brought the house down with "I Shall Be Released" and "You Don't Know Me". This video is far superior to The Last Waltz, because everybody gets more screen time. Garth and Richard are much better represented in this one. In The Last Waltz you wouldnt even know they were in The Band. Sure Robbie isn't in this video, but who really cares anyway! It's almost 2 hours long and it's great.

--Todd Smith, from, August, 1995


  1. Opening Credits
  2. Rag Mama Rag
  3. Long Black Veil
  4. Up On Cripple Creek
  5. The Shape I'm In
  6. It Makes No Difference
  7. Milk Cow Boogie
  8. Mystery Train
  9. King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
  10. Voodoo Music
  11. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
  12. You Don't Know Me
  13. Stage Fright
  14. Caledonia
  15. Chest Fever
  16. Java Blues
  17. I Shall Be Released
  18. Back To Memphis
  19. The Weight
  20. (I Don't Want To) Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
  21. Blaze Of Glory
  22. Willie And The Hand Jive
  23. Ophelia

The Band - Japan Tour '83 - 110 min - Pioneer PILP-2016 (LaserDisc)

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