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The Band Christmas Quiz 2012

The following was posted at The Band web site on December 21st 2012:

Wishing for a brand new (XL) The Band t-shirt from Levon Helm Studios for Christmas? Your wish may come true if you know the answer to the following two questions:

  1. Levon Helm's drumming and Garth Hudson's swirling organ fills can be heard in this sound clip. What's the name of the album?

  2. The sound quality is so-and-so, but here is what may be the ultimate live version of "In a Station". When was this recorded? And where?
[Details about how to answer the quiz deleted]

We received loads of replies over the next days, most of of these had the correct answers:

  1. The song here is "Runaway Train", first released in 2004 on the album The Howlin' Hill Project and then again in 2006 on Angels Serenade. Both album titles were accepted as a correct answer.

  2. The "ultimate live version" of "In a Station" was recorded on the last night of The Band's three debut shows at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, 04.19.1969.

A little C-program using random numbers, written by yours truly, was used to select one of the contestans with the correct answer. And the lucky winner of a The Band t-shirt from Levon Helm Studios is (drum roll):

Patrick Strevens from Canada!
Thanks to all the contestants for participating, we'll be back next year with a new quiz and a new price!

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