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Richard Bell Discography

Compiled by Peter Viney

Many thanks to Bill Munson for additions, corrections and suggestions for further artists to explore.


Richard Bell, who joined The Band for Jericho, had the unusual credit of having played on two US #1 singles: Me & Bobby McGee and Welcome Back. (His predecessor, Billy Preston had played on three!). It's beyond the scope of this short piece to trace all his session work, but below are some appearances. As Richard Bell was a respected session musician, he must have played many uncredited session .

After Joplin died, Richard Bell was in a band called Full Tilt. He also played with Jim Weider in Atlanta before either joined The Band. He is rumoured to have played on albums by John Hall's Woodstock band of the 70s, Orleans. Over his long musical career Richard Bell worked with many other artists, including Judy Collins, Cowboy Junkies, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, Bruce Cockburn, BARK (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings), Bonnie Raitt, Big Bill Morganfield, Peter Emmett, and many others.

I've often lifted details or comments wholesale from websites. Bill Munson's suggestion to check out Colin Linden's list of productions, then to do a Google search on each one, doubled the number of sessions I had listed.

There's very little information on the 1980s here. Some internet references have him working with New Edition, but I'd assume that's a confusion with New Edition singer Ricky Bell. Google searches are hampered because North Carolina slide guitarist Richard Bell turns up often when you're searching Southern rock.

Here follows a very incomplete guide to just some of the many records he played on. I'm sure it's only a fraction. The more I searched the wider it all became. There is so much from the last ten years in Canada, that I have to guess the missing 1980s information might more than double the length of the list, and I'm sure that I failed to find every Canadian session too.

Additions are welcome.

Ritchie Knight & The Midknights

His first recording was probably Work Song / That's Alright by Ritchie Knight and the Midknights from '65 (RCA). He does a great job on piano.

Other pre-1970 sessions

There's a good chance that he's on keyboards on Hawkin's Mary Jane from '68 (Yorkville), and he's most likely the keyboardist on a phenomenal version of Uncle Pen bw Roberta by Blake Fordham and Crowbar in '70 (London) and on Jesus She Is Leaving / Mother by John Rutter and Crowbard (MTCC, 1970).

Janis Joplin: Festival Express

Recorded 1970
DVD 2004

Janis Joplin: Pearl

Columbia / CBS LP (1971) Columbia CD (1991)
Recorded September 1970 (unfinished)
US #1 album for 9 weeks.
Me & Bobby McGee US #1, UK #50
Cry Baby UK #42
Get It While You Can US # 78

Bell was a member of The Full Tilt Boogie Band . Both Bell and John Till had played with Ronnie Hawkins. The Full Tilt Boogie Band debuted in May 1970. This posthumous release followed a 'kozmic' 1970 tour.

Line-up: The Full Tilt Boogie Band
Janis Joplin - vocal / John Till - guitar, vocal / Brad Campbell - bass / Richard Bell - piano / Ken Pearson - organ / Clark Pierson - drums

Janis Joplin: In Concert

Columbia / CBS LP 1972 CD (Sony) (1992)
US #4, UK #30
Half of this album featured The Full Tilt Boogie Band, half Big Brother & The Holding Company.

Janis Joplin: Janis

Columbia / CBS LP soundtrack to TV documentary
US #54

Janis Joplin: Farewell Song

Columbia / CBS LP 1982 US #104
Featured one unreleased track from the Full Tilt Boogie Band

Janis Joplin: Janis

US / UK Sony Legacy 3-CD box set (1993)
Contains Full Tilt Boogie Band material.

Jeffrey Comanor: I Sure Hope You Like It

(A&M SP42375) (1969)
Jeffrey Comanor - guitar, vocal / Richard Bell - piano / Larry Knechtel - keyboards / Joe Osborn - bass

Judy Collins: Whales & Nightingales

(Elektra 1970)
Musicians: Richard Bell, Susan Evans, David Grisman, Paul Harris, Bill Lee, Jerry Mathews, Gene Murrow, John Nagy, Paul Prestopino, David Rea, Joshua Rifkin, Warren Smith, Gene Taylor, Greg Thomas

King Biscuit Boy: Good Uns

The tracks that he and Larry Atamanuik are on are leftovers from the Official Music sessions (see below). Sonny Bernardi replaced Atamanuik.

Richard Newell - vocal, guitar, harmonica / Larry Atamanuik, Sonnie Bernadini - drums / Richard Bell - keyboards / Roland Greenway - bass / Kelly Jay - keyboards / Rheal Lanthier - guitar / Steve Kennedy, Barry Tallman- horns / Dianne Brooks, Brian Russell, Rhonda Silver - backing vocals /

King Biscuit Boy: Official Music

No individual track credits available.
Richard Newell - vocal, guitar, harmonica / Larry Atamanuik - drums / Richard Bell - keyboards / Roland Greenway - bass / John Gibbard, Rheal Lanthier - guitar / Kelly Jay, Doug Riley - keyboards / Steve Kennedy, Gregg Mundry, Moe Koffman - horns

Tom Pachecho: Pachecho & Alexander

No individual track credits available.
Tom Pachecho- vocal, guitar / Sharon Alexander - vocal / Richard Bell - piano / John Simon - piano / Harvey Brooks, Brad Campbell, Jim Colgrove, Richard Davis - bass / Denny Siewell, Clark Pearson, Wells Kelly, Norman Smart, Gregg Thomas - drums / Ben Keith - steel guitar / John Hall - guitar, steel guitar, keyboards

Judy Collins: Living

Judy Collins - vocal, guitar / Richard Bell -piano / Gene Taylor - bass / Sue Evans - drums, percussion / Ry Cooder - guitar

Judy Collins: True stories and Other Dreams

Produced by Mark Abramson and Judy Collins; Strings on "Secret Gardens," Ché," and "Holly Ann" arranged by Richard Bell and conducted by Abba Bogin; Recorders on "Cook With Honey" arranged by Richard Bell

Bonnie Raitt: Streetlights


The Fabulous Rhinestones: Just Sunshine

No individual track credits available.
Artie Funaro - guitar, vocal /Kal David - guitar, vocal / Mart Krebbs - vocal, keyboards, saxophone / Daniel Ben Zebulon - Con / Jack Scarangelia - drums / Richard Bell - piano / Brian Auger - organ / Eric Kax - saxophone / Harvey Brooks - bass / Billy Mundi - drums / Paul Harris - organ / Bob Leinbach - keyboards, horns

Eric Andersen: Sweet Surprise

US LP (Arista AL4075) (1976)
Eric Andersen - vocal, guitar, harmonica / Richard Bell , Tom Sellers - keyboards / David Mansfield - steel guitar, violin / Tony Brown - bass / Ben Keith - steel guitar / Chris Parker - drums / Tom Scott - saxophone / Sister Joon - guitar / Antonio Ramos - percussion / Brent Mydland, John Batdorf, Timothey B Schmidt - backing vocals

Paul Butterfield: Put it in Your Ear

LP (Bearsville 1976)
Produced by Henry Glover.
Richard Bell (piano) appears along with Levon Helm & Garth Hudson

John Sebastian: Welcome Back

LP (1976)
US #79
Single: Welcome Back (Reprise 1349) US #1 May 1976 one week
The hit single was from the TV sitcom 'Welcome Back Kotter' and revived Sebastian's career.
John Sebastian - vocals, guitars / Jeff Porcaro - drums / Richard Bell - piano, electric piano, clavinet / David Hungate - bass
with Michael Omartian, Jeff Baxter, Reggie Kighton, The Stone Warblers, The Blintzes
Richard Bell played in John Sebastian's touring band following the album.

Atlanta sessions, late 1970s / early 1980s

We know that Jim Weider and Richard Bell crossed paths at Axis Studios in Atlanta in the late 1970s. The question remains, 'on what sessions?' Jim Weider said:

After that, I went to Atlanta and worked for seven years with Harvey Brooks and Richard Bell as a rhythm section, recording people at Axis Studios. That time was cool, because I met a lot of players, and used to do a lot of shows with my band, Full Tilt.

And in another Jim Weider interview:

I went to Atlanta and wound up working in Axis Studios as part of a rhythm section with Harvey Brooks, Richard Bell, and a lot of great musicians. We also worked 3-4 sets a night in clubs. We played constantly, I got to learn some slide, and I became good friends with the guys in Sea Level. Atlanta was a great place to hone your craft. We all lived in a big house in Atlanta.

Peter Emmett: The Peter Emmett Story

Peter Emmett was a name adopted by Sonny Geraci of Cleveland group The Outsiders. Richard Bell plays saxophone on this comeback album.

Hans Theesink: Call me

Dutch CD (MW Records MWCD 2004) (1992)
Produced by Colin Linden and Hans Theesink
Recorded in Munich, North Hollywood, Woodstock
Features Rick Danko, Garth Hudson on one track, and Richard Bell and Colin Linden on most tracks.

Happy & Artie Traum: The Test of Time

US CD (1993)
Recorded Nov 1992 to March 1993
Produced by Scott Petito & Artie Traum
Rick Danko, Richard Bell and Jim Weider help out Woodstock chums.

Colin Linden: South at eight, north at nine

Canadian CD (1992) US CD (1993)
Produced by Colin Linden
Recorded & mixed by John Whynot at One Phoebe Street, Canada
Mixed at Bearsville, Woodstock
Tracks feature Rick Danko, Richard Bell, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson

Arlen Roth: Toolin' Around

US CD (1993)
All star sessionmen play great hits with guitar tutor extrordinaire Arlen Roth (ex-sideman for Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, John Prine, Phoebe Snow). Richard Bell is about the only one who doesn't get his photo on the cover.
Arlen Roth - vocal, guitar, bass/ Richard Bell- keyboards / Larry Knechtel - piano / Deke Robillard, Duane Eddy, Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Brian Setzer - guitars / Kjell Benner, Roy Husky, Scot Petito, John Previti - bass / Kenny Malone, Tim Biery, Michael Braun - drums / Sam Bush - mandolin

Various Artists: Bob Dylan - The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Columbia 2 CD set (1993)
November 1992 concert that was so heavily bootlegged they had to emblazon this release with a sticker "Mastered from original digital recording. Official Release."
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan)
Levon Helm - mandolin, vocal / Rick Danko - guitar, vocal / Garth Hudson - accordion / Richard Bell - accordion / Jim Weider - guitar, vocal / Randy Ciarlante - snare drum, vocal

The Band: Jericho

CHART: US #166
Produced by The Band, John Simon, Aaron L. Hurwitz

The Cowboy Junkies: Pale Sun, Crescent Moon


Michael Jerling: New Suit of Clothes

Both John Sebastian and Richard Bell appear.

Various Artists: Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young

Rick Danko and Richard Bell appear on:
Tonight's the Night (Neil Young) by Colin Linden
Colin Linden - vocals, guitar / Richard Bell - piano / Gary Craig - drums / John Diamond - bass / Rick Danko, Jules Shear, Eldon Ron - backing vocals

Bruce Cockburn: Dart to the Heart

Produced by T-Bone Burnett
Engineered by Glyn Johns
Richard Bell plays piano, organ and accordion. Colin Linden also plays guitar and mandolin. The line up is basically the same as Colin Linden solo albums.

Upfront! Canadians Live From Mountain Stage

Richard Bell plays on Bruce Cockburn's 'Waiting for a Miracle.' Garth Hudson and Rick Danko appear on the same album performing Twilight.

Lennie Gallant: The Open Window


Various Artists: Till the Night is Gone - A Tribute to Doc Pomus

Artists on this tribute include Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Los Lobos, Dion, Dr John, Brian Wilson, Aaron Neville. The Band feature on one track. It reappeared on Japanese / British versions of High on The Hog a year later.
Young Blood (Doc Pomus, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)

Various Artists: Everybody Slides Vol 2

Richard Bell appears on Colin Linden's version of Whispering Pines.

Colin Linden: Through the Storm, Through the Night

Recorded at Sony Studios, Toronto
Produced by Colin Linden. Richard Bell appears on all but two tracks, Rick Danko adds vocal on several and Jim Weider contributes guitar on one.

Ronnie Hawkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, the Band, Lawrence Gowan, Jeff Healey: Let It Rock

2 CD set- recorded at Ronnie Hawkins 60th Birthday, 10 January 1995, Massey Hall, Toronto. Also on video.
Three tracks by The Band are featured.

John Bottomley: Blackberry

John Bottomley (Guitar), John Bottomley (Vocals), John Bottomley (Main Performer), Richard Bell (Piano),Richard Bell (Organ (Hammond)), Gary Craig (Percussion), Gary Craig (Drums), John Dymond (Bass), Colin Linden (Guitar), Colin Linden (Mandolin), John Whynot (Guitar), John Whynot (Keyboards)

Brooks Williams: Knife Edge


Various Artists: Not Fade Away- Remembering Buddy Holly

The Band feature on the title track with The Crickets.

The Band: High On The Hog

Produced by Aaron L. Hurwitz and The Band
Mixed and Engineered by Aaron L. Hurwitz at Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY.

The Cowboy Junkies: Studio 1986-1995


Rick Fines: Arcadia


Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: High or Hurtin': The Songs of Willie P. Bennett

Produced by Colin Linden
Richard Bell plays keyboards.
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings comprises:
Colin Linden - vocal, guitar / Tom Wilson (ex-Junkhouse) - vocal guitar / Stephen Fearing - vocal, guitar
Richard Bell - piano, organ/ Willy P. Bennett - guitar, vocal / Bruce Cockburn - guitar, vocal/ Russell deCarle / Coleen Peterson
All the songs are by Willy P. Bennett

The Band: New Orleans Jazz Festival

Laser disc 1996, DVD 1998

Tom Pachecho: Woodstock Winter

Produced by Jim Weider
Mix and Engineer Scott Petito,
Recorded at Levon Helm Studios
Recorded with The Band in Woodstock. Released October 1996
Cover photo by Elliot Landy
Ciarlante, Bell & Weider contribute more than the original three. All of The Band appear, but never all at the same time (though there are several where four play).

The Band: Live at Loreley

DVD 2002

Michael Jerling: In Another Life


Scotty Moore & D.J. Fontana: All The Kings Men

All The King's Men was originally the name for an ad-hoc group formed for 17 March 1997 concert. Drawn from Elvis Presley's band, The Band and Los Lobos.
Line up:
Jim Weider, Richard Bell, Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana, Paul Burlison, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rojas, Harvey Brookes, Gary Burke.
The subsequent studio album includes appearances by The Band, Levon Helm, Jeff Beck, The Bill Black Combo, The Bo-Deans, Steve Earle, Cheap Trick, Joe Ely, The Mavericks, The Jordanaires, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Tracy Nelson. Sessions with The Band, Levon Helm and Keith Richards were held at Levon Helm's Woodstock Studios.

Paul Burlison: Train Kept A'Rollin'

Produced by Jim Weider
Paul Burlison was lead guitarist with the Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio.
This album features Jim Weider on every track, plus Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Bell and Randy Ciarlante together with Los Lobos, Mavis Staples, Billy Burnette (Fleetwood Mac), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds).

Colin Linden: Raised By Wolves


Levon Helm & The Crowmatix: Souvenir Volume 1

The Crowmatix are Marie Spinosa, Randy Ciarlante (also drummer and singer with The Band), Aaron Hurwitz, Mike Dunn, and Jim Eppard. The Band members Garth Hudson, Jim Weider, and Richard Bell are also present on Souvenir.

Linda McRae: Flying Jenny


The Band: Jubilation


Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus: Big Foot

Produced by Jim Weider
The Gurus: Jim Weider - guitar / Randy Ciarlante - drums, vocals / Richard Bell - piano / Paul LaRonde - bass

Salamander Crossing: Bottleneck Dreams


Michael Pickett: Blues Money


Bugs Henderson: Have Blues Must Rock


Stephen Fearing: Industrial Lullaby

Produced by Colin Linden.
Stephen Fearing (vocals, guitar); Tom Wilson (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Colin Linden (vocals, electric guitar); Bruce Cockburn (electric guitar); Oliver Schroer (violin); Lee Harvey Osmond, Willie P. Bennett (harmonica); Janice Powers (piano, keyboards); Richard Bell (keyboards, organ, Wurlitzer); Bazil Donovan, Pat Donaldson, John Dymond (bass); Gary Craig (drums, percussion); Ravi Naimpali (percussion); Don Kerr (tambourine); Rebecca Campbell, Margo Timmins (background vocals).

Various Artists: Tangled Up In Blue: Songs of Bob Dylan

Dylan tribute album in the House of Blues Songs of... series, following the volumes on Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones. The Band opens the album with One Too Many Mornings.

The Cowboy Junkies: B Sides, Rarities and Slow Waltzes


Bruce Cockburn: Breakfast in New Orleans

Produced by Bruce Cockburn & Colin Linden
Richard Bell features on organ, together with Lucinda Williams, and Margo Timmins of The Cowboy Junkies.

Ray Bonneville: Gust of Wind


Lance Anderson: 2B3-The Toronto Sessions

Duets on Hammond B3 organ, played by a revolving cast of keyboardists including Richard Bell, Bill Payne of Little Feat and Michael Fonfara of Rhinoceros.
Bell plays on The Band's King Harvest and on unmiked piano, Big Chief. Other tracks include The Band's Life Is A Carnival.

Rick Danko: Times Like These


Colin Linden: Sad & Beautiful World 1975-1999

Compilation. Details at:

Stoney Plain's Christmas Blues

Somewhat hard to guess which track(s) he's on.

Rolling into Memphis: Songs of John Hiatt


Sue Foley: Love Coming Down


Big Daddy G: Blue Sound-Live At The Harvest Fest

Richard Bell played piano on this live album from Toronto blues band Big Daddy G, recorded in Fredericton, New Brunswick a few days after 9-11. Richards work is heavily featured and is stellar throughout.

Rita Chiarelli: Breakfast at Midnight

Toronto-based blues singer Rita Chiarelli's blues CD, Breakfast At Midnight (on NorthernBlues Music) features Colin Linden and Richard Bell, among others.

Paul Reddick & The Sidemen: Rattlebag

Roots-rock legend, Richard Bell (who's worked with The Band, among others) contributes snatches of piano and moaning organ that add immeasurably to the effect. Both Greg Marshak (bass) and Vince Maccarone (drums) rise admirably to the considerable demands placed upon them.

We Shall Be Released concerts

No recording to my knowledge
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - singers, songwriters and guitarists Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson, and musical sidekicks Richard Bell on keyboards, drummer Gary Craig and bassist John Dymond - were brought on board as house band. Artists they backed included Ian & Sylvia.

Ronnie Hawkins: Still Cruisin'


Sue Foley: Where The Action Is


Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus: Remedy

Featuring 8 original tunes and 2 covers, The Weight and Subterranean Homesick Blues with special guests Merl Saunders, Mavis Staples, Garth Hudson, Tony Levin and others.
Jim Weider - guitars, vocals, production /Randy Ciarlante - Drums & Vocal / Tony Levin - Bass /Jerry Marrotta - Percussion /Garth Hudson - Horns /Richard Bell - Keyboards /Tom "Bones" Malone - Horns /Mavis Staples - Lead & Background Vocals /Merl Saunders - Organ & Lead Vocals /Jeff Levine - Organ / Sid McGinnis - Rhythm Guitar & Lapsteel / Jimmy Vivino - Background Vocal / Robbie Dupree - Background Vocals / John Holbrook - mix

Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

Richard Bell plays on Summer Side of This Life by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings [see]

Bambi & The Deer Hunters

Live band aka Bruce Cockburn, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing, Tom Wilson), Richard Bell, Gary Craig and John Dymon.
Performances, but no record.

Kate Taylor: Beautiful Road

Musicians include:
Tony Garnier, Arlen Roth, Mindy Jostyn,, Shannon Ford, James Taylor, Mavis Staples, Chuck Leavell, Levon Helm, Denny McDermott, Tom Hambridge, Stuart Kimball, Richard Bell, Peter Calo, Kevin Barry

Bob Egan: The Promise


Scott Merritt: The detOUR home

"For the The detOUr home, Merritt has enlisted an impressive array of musical guests: drummers Peter Von Althen (The Cash Brothers, Starling) and Gary Craig (Bruce Cockburn), guitarists Ian Lefeuvre (Starling) and Bill Dillon (Robbie Robertson) as well as keyboard player Richard Bell (The Band, Janis Joplin) and multi instrumentalist Jeff Bird (The Cowboy Junkies) among others."

Michael Kaeshammer: Strut

Richard Bell plays Wurlitzer on Cry To Me.

Johnny's Blues: A Blues Tribute to Johnny Cash


Sally Barris: Little Voice

Richard Bell plays on Something Missing, Midnight Ride to Mississippi, There You Are, Holdin' Back Your Love, Butterfly.

Kathleen Edwards: Back To Me

Richard Bell plays piano and accordion

Stephen Fearing: That's How I Walk

The music is equal parts folk and blues and features a small but stellar group of musicians, including Fearing himself on acoustic guitar, Linden mostly on electric guitar, Richard Bell on organ, and a few others. Guest vocalists Joy Lynn White, Shawn Colvin, and Jonell Mosser contribute harmonies to several songs. A string quartet appears on three tracks, with very effective results.
See "

Ray Bonneville: Roll it Down


Judy Collins: Sings Leonard Cohen's Democracy


The Cowboy Junkies: One Soul Now


Colin Linden: Southern Jumbo

See "

Janviva Magness: Bury Him At The Crossroads


Paul Reddick: Villanelle

"Reddick and Linden (who plays all of the guitars and mandolins) stitch a melody-rich quilt that mesmerizes as it constantly surprises. A trio of drummers (Bryan Owings, Gary Craig and Stephen Hodges), bass player Larry Taylor and John Dymond along with Richard Bell's soulful, long-noted piano and organ work all add visceral sonic textures to select songs.

Danny Brooks & The Rockin' Revelators: Soulsville: Souled Out & Sanctified

2004 (HIS House)
Produced by Richard Bell
Danny Brooks-Lead Vocals/ Acoustic & Electric guitar/ harmonica / Amoy Levy-Vocals / Ciceal Levy-Vocals / Hiram Joseph-Vocals / Bucky Berger-Drums / Richard Bell - Organ/ Piano/ Wurlitzer/Accordion / Mitch Lewis-Acoustic & Electric Guitars/ Mandolin / Dennis Pinhorn-Fretless & Electric Bass / Michael Fonfara- Organ/ Piano/ Wurlitzer --. Special Guests: Esther Kessler-Vocals (Lift Me Up) / Colin Linden-Mandolin/ Dobro Guitar

Annie Tate: Annie Tate

Band members: Annie Tate and Sam Tate Bryan Owings - drums and percussion Dave Roe - stand up bass Colin Linden - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric dobro Richard Bell - Wurlitzer organ Fats Kaplan - violin Jon Randall - harmonies Gary Craig - drums John Dymond - electric bass

Colin James: Limelight


Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Let's Frolic

( 2006)
Richard Bell plays piano, organ, Farfisa and Mellotron with Canadians Colin Linden, Tom Wilson and Stephen Fearing, aka Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

Sass Jordan: Get What You Give

The Canadian Idol Judge, Diva, Singer/ Songwriter's First Full-length Since 2000's "Hot Gossip". The Album was Partly Recorded in Nashville with Blues/Roots Expert Colin Linden (Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Bruce Cockburn) in the Role of Collaborator, Player and Producer. Guest Players Include Bassist Garry W. Tallent (Of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band), Drummers Ken Koomer (Wilco) and Bryan Owings (Shelby Lynne), Guitarist Audley Freed (The Black Crowes) and Keyboardist Richard Bell (The Band).

Stephen Fearing: Yellowjacket

Ball 'n' chain is a duet performance with Richard Bell on rolling barrelhouse piano.

Brian denHertog: Gypsy Wild and Open Road

No date given
Produced by Stephen Fearing
The 11 song CD consists of 10 original songs (3 co-written with Stephen
Fearing) as well as a cover version of Junkhouse' "Burned Out Car". It features
a strong cast of Canadian Roots luminaries, including Gary Craig
(Jann Arden, Colin Linden) Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) Richard Bell (The
Band) Willie P. Bennett, Suzie Vinnick and Stephen Fearing

Tom Wilson: Dog Years

Features Roseanne Cash, Gary Tallent (E Street Band), Bob Babbit (Funk Brothers), Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed), Richard Bell (The Band, BARK, Janis Joplin)

Janviva Magness: Do I Move You?

"Janiva and the band are back on form with classic R&B in the form of I Want You To Have Everything. This is sung with panache and cements her place as one of the best North American contemporary blues singers around. The title track (written by Nina Simone) is a slow, electric blues with Hammond organ from Richard Bell giving the basis of the sound as it does on many others.

Treasa Levasseur: Not A Straight Line


Greg Keelor: Aphrodite Rose


Pork Belly Futures: Way Past Midnight


Karen Dalton: In My Own Time


Burrito DeLuxe: Disciples of Truth

Richard Bell replaced Garth Hudson in this Flying Burrito Brothers offshoot.

David Wall: The Spell I was under

Richard Bell plays piano.

Janviva Magness: Do I Move You?


Danny Brooks & The Rockin' Revelators: Rock This House

2007 (HIS House)
Produced by Richard Bell
'Stand Up' written by Richard Bell & Danny Brooks
The Rocking Revelators is the muscular ensemble backing Brooks' rugged vocals. The group includes former Band keyboardist Richard Bell, who also produced the project. The Revelators chug through Brooks' repertory as if each member was frozen cryogenically in the early 1970s Muscle Shoals days, thawed out in 2005, shipped through Customs and into Canada.
[see for lineup and other details]

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Let's Frolic Again

May 2007 album

Katharine Wheatley: Habits and Heroes

Katherine's second CD, Habits and Heroes, reveals her passion for landscape and character.  Her 'heroes' are utterly charming as they stumble, suffle, and sometimes charge through life.  The CD was produced by David Travers-Smith and features a stellar line up of guest musicians, including Blue Rodeo bassist Bazil Donovan, The Band's Richard Bell, guitarists Stephen Fearing and Colin Linden and 6-time Canadian Country Guitar Player of the Year, Wendell Ferguson.

Big Bill Morganfield

Lots of references to Richard Bell playing with Muddy Waters' son, but I can't trace musician credits for his albums.

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