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Santa's The Band Christmas Quiz 2005

The following was posted at The Band web site on December 11, 2005:

[LIVE at the WOLF]

Here is your chance to win a copy of Garth and Maud Hudson's wonderful 2005 album LIVE at the WOLF -- signed by Garth and Maud -- for Christmas! You can be the winner if you know the answers to the following two questions:

Question 1

Rick Danko plays bass and Levon Helm drums on the song below. But who is the singer, and what album is the track from?
Quiz sample #1 (This is a 4.4 MB MPEG-3 file, it may take a while to download it).
Hint: The singer is British, the album was recorded at Albert Grossman's Bearsville Studio.

Question 2

Rick Danko can be heard in the background in the short soundclip below, sampled from an official album release. What is the title of the album?
Quiz sample #2
Hint: This LP was recorded by Garth Hudson in 1967, in a rather well-known basement. One of the musicians here pops up again on Garth's 2001 solo album...

[Details about how to answer the quiz deleted]

We received over 200 e-mails with answers over the next two weeks, more than 50% of these were correct (after we added the hints, that is).

Almost everyone guessed the right answer to question #1: The song is "Hellfire, Night-Crier" from Jackie Lomax' 1972 album Three. Among the more colorful guesses were Joan Armatrading(!) and Tom Jones(!!).

Question #2 was a bit more tricky -- it was not the Basement Tapes, but the Bengali Bauls at Big Pink album that Garth recorded in the Big Pink basement in 1967.

A little C-program using random numbers, written by yours truly, was used to select one of the contestans with the correct answer. And the lucky winner of LIVE at the WOLF -- signed by Garth and Maud -- is (drum roll):

John Stevenson, from Oregon!
Thanks to all the contestants for participating, we'll be back next year with a new quiz and a new price!

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