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Various Artists: Bearsville Box Set

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This Japanese box set features rarities, demo versions, alternate mixes, promo only material etc. for the Bearsville label's 1970-1984 roster, from virtual unknowns to superstars. Some of the featured artists are Todd Rundgren, Foghat, Utopia, the DBs, Paul Butterfield, NRBQ, Randy Van Warmer, Jonathan Cain Band, Roger Powell, Jesse Winchester, and Tony Wilson. Comes in a slick unique package with a laminated and numbered Bearsville owner's card signed by Sally Grossman.

Includes songs/outtakes from the albums Runt (Todd Rundgren), Jesse Winchester (Jesse Winchester), Hungry Chuck (Hungry Chuck), Bobby Charles (Bobby Charles), and Put It in Your Ear (Paul Butterfield), featuring various Band members. Also of interest to Band fans are the previously unreleased tracks by Libby Titus.


For more details see the list of musicians on Bobby Charles' Bearsville Sessions and Hideki Watanabe's Bearsville page.

Disk 1

  1. Good News (American Dreams)
  2. I Ain't Searchin' (American Dreams)
  3. Trucker's Cafe (Great Speckled Bird)
  4. Bloodshot Beholder (Great Speckled Bird )
  5. We Gotta Get You A Woman (Todd Rundgren)
  6. Be Nice To Me (Todd Rundgren)
  7. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (Jesse Winchester)
  8. Biloxi (Jesse Winchester)
  9. Wake Up (Libby Titus)
  10. My Love Will Never Die (Libby Titus)
  11. Sorrow (Libby Titus)
  12. Victoria Lenore (Jesse Frederick)
  13. I Saw The Light (Todd Rundgren)
  14. Hello, It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
  15. Wonder Girl (Sparks)
  16. Girl From Germany (Sparks)
  17. Sometimes I Donn't Know What To Feel (Todd Rundgren)
  18. Ladyfriends II (Lazarus)
  19. A Dream Goes On Forever (Todd Rundgren)
  20. Real Man (Todd Rundgren)

Disk 2

  1. South In New Orleans/Doin' The Funky Lunchbox (Hungry Chuck)
  2. Box Office Disaster (Hungry Chuck)
  3. Celia (Hungry Chuck)
  4. Small Town Talk (Bobby Charles)
  5. Grow Too Old (Bobby Charles)
  6. Homemade Songs (Bobby Charles)
    Produced by Bobby Charles, Rick Danko and John Simon.
  7. New Mexico (Bobby Charles with Rick Danko)
    Produced by Bobby Charles, Rick Danko and John Simon.
  8. Rosie (Bobby Charles)
    Produced by Bobby Charles, Rick Danko and John Simon.
  9. Small Town Talk (Bobby Charles and Rick Danko)
    Produced by Bobby Charles, Rick Danko and John Simon.
  10. Isn't That So? (Jesse Winchester)
  11. Payday (Jesse Winchester)
  12. Rhumba Man (Jesse Winchester)
  13. Yankee Lady (Jesse Winchester)
  14. New Walkin' Blues (Paul Butterfield's Better Days)
  15. Please Send Me Someone To Love (Paul Butterfield's Better Days)
  16. Small Town Talk (Paul Butterfield's Better Days)
  17. Louise (Paul Butterfield's Better Days)
  18. Keep Lovin' Me Baby (Paul Butterfield's Better Days)

Disk 3

  1. Rock & Roll Outlaw (Foghat)
  2. A High Price To Pay (Felix Cavaliere)
  3. Everlasting Love (Felix Cavaliere)
  4. Slow Ride (Foghat)
  5. Love Came (Felix Cavaliere)
  6. Something's Coming (Utopia)
  7. Just One Victory (Utopia)
  8. Just When I Needed You Most (Paul Butterfield)
  9. Go Now! (Jonathan Cain Band)
  10. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Foghat)
  11. Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was A Fool) (Foghat)
  12. I Like Your Style (Tony Wilson)
  13. Forever Young (Tony Wilson)
  14. Just When I Needed You Most (Tony Wilson)
  15. Like The Desert Needs The Sand (Elizabeth Barraclough)
  16. You'll Lose A Good Thing (Elizabeth Barraclough)
  17. Having A Party (Norman Jean)
  18. We'll Be Together (Kenny Doss)
  19. Midnight Rhapsody (Willie Mitchell)

Disk 4

  1. Just When I Needed You Most (Randy Vanwarmer)
  2. The Beat Of Love (Randy Vanwarmer)
  3. When I'm Dead And Gone (Randy Vanwarmer)
  4. Things We've Said Today (Sneakers)
  5. Hold Me Tight *Unreleased (Nicole Wills)
  6. Beautiful Picture Of You (Nicole Wills)
  7. Nervous Breakdown (Brian Briggs)
  8. See You On The Other Side (Brian Briggs)
  9. Ch Ch Cherie (Johnny Average Band)
  10. Some People (Johnny Average Band)
  11. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Foghat)
  12. Pipeline '78 (Roger Powell)
  13. Landmark (Roger Powell)
  14. One World (Utopia)
  15. Crosstown Traffic (Brian Briggs)
  16. Stay Young *Unreleased (Randy Vanwarmer)
  17. Fallin' (Nicole Wills)
  18. Rain At The Drive-In (NRBQ)
  19. Get Rhythm (NRBQ)
  20. Smackaroo *Instrumental (NRBQ)
  21. Love Is For Lovers (The dB's)
  22. A Spy In The House Of Love (The dB's)


(only members of the Band listed)
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Various Artists - Bearsville Box Set - 1996 - Bearsville Records / Pony Canyon Inc. Japan PCCY-00909
4 CD boxed set with 40 page booklet, liner notes by Peter Yarrow, Peter Barakan and Yosh Nagato.

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