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The Band: Roosevelt Stadium

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This is the second night in New Jersey, 1 August 1973. The actual CD is labelled "Deepsix - Reosevelt Raceway" (sic). Together with the bootlegs from the previous night's show (This Wheel's On Fire, Blue Highways, Roosevelt Stadium) it provides an earlier version of "Endless Highway" which featured on the 1974 Dylan tour and first appeared on Before The Flood. "Share Your Love" has also appeared on the Crossing The Great Divide bootleg, erroneously labelled as "January 1973" which was simply a case of non-Americans reading "8/1/73" as 8th January. It hangs together differently to most Band shows, in that they did "Back to Memphis", "Loving You" and "Don't Do It" as well as "Share your Love", i.e. four cover versions. "Saved" is included from the 31 July show. Comparing this with 31 July is fascinating. On the 31st they did one of the weakest shows I've heard on tape. Lacklustre, poorly-balanced, strained and rough. Then they come back on the 1st to deliver a stunning show with longer versions of the covers in particular.
--Peter Viney

There is what appears to be a "new" soundboard CD boot of the Band's 2nd concert at Roosevelt Stadium, August 1, 1973. It is incredible. I've defended the quality of their performance at the 1st concert (July 31, 1973) before, so it is time to eat my words. The 2nd show blows away the first in every way, tying or surpassing Watkins Glen as the definitive show from that middle period of the original group. The sound is phenomenal, with all of the instruments sounding crisp and in-your-face, and the Band sounds like they are at the top of their game. A fairly pedestrian setlist (for the time) is elevated by smoking, confident performances by each and every member. Robbie's guitar in particular stands out...but they all really outdo themselves on this one. Several of the songs ("Back to Memphis", "Chest Fever", & others) even feature extended instrumental verses which are breathtaking...I've never heard the original lineup jam so much!, although perhaps those of you with a tape collection know more than I do. Sadly, Garth's "Genetic Method" has been cut, seemingly to fit the whole show onto one disc, but that is the only flaw I can find with this gem. The CD is called Roosevelt Stadium (quite reasonably!).

This is not to be confused with the 3-CD boot called Roosevelt Stadium, whose first 2 discs are the same as Blue Highways & This Wheel's On Fire all of which contain the 1st concert at Roosevelt (July 31, 1973). Along with The Last Moving Shadows, Roosevelt Stadium 8/1/73 is one of the real finds of the last several years. If you see it, don't pass this one by.
--Jon Lyness, The Band guestbook

For some (inexplicable) reason a great three minute instrumental jam before "This Wheels On Fire" on the 1-aug-1973 Roosevelt boot CD was edited out


  1. Back To Memphis
  2. Lovin' You
  3. The Shape I'm In
  4. The Weight
  5. Stage Fright
  6. I Shall Be Released
  7. Don't Do It
  8. Endless Highway
  9. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  10. Across The Great Divide
  11. This Wheel's On Fire
  12. Life is A Carnival
  13. Share Your Love
  14. Up On Cripple Creek
  15. Chest Fever
  16. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
  17. Saved (from 31 July 1973)

The Band - Roosevelt Stadium - 2000 - Deep Six 023

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