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The Band Guestbook, April 2000

Below are the entries in The Band guestbook from April 2000.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 23:39:24 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Peter: Apology accepted on the use of the 'c' word. However, if at any time you should use the word "stung" when referring to a snakebite, we will have to call on Jan to lower the butterfly net and take you to the Joan Baez home for the lyrically challenged :-)

Chuck: Sorry..didn't mean to kill your story. In fact, I laughed at your "drunkard's dream" response. It never occurred to me that you were probably thinking of the 'Woodstock 99' thing in Rome, where you were correct in thinking that none of The Band 'survivors' played.

Can't wait to have my son back in crazyville later tonight. He's been down in Virginia for the past 4 days for a music competition. I've missed him (go figure :-)

Jan: I do hope the Dylanites haven't kidnapped you. Miss you. Hug.

Have a good night everyone

Posted on Sun Apr 30 23:33:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT,USA

I agree with Peter in that Rick's first solo album is deserving of 4 stars. While it is not perfect (and who am I to judge) it possesses a thematic unity that carries the day. And at the end of that day the album triumphs on many levels (notwithstanding who played on what). Sip the wine indeed, Rick. Every time I listen to my old LP I get something new.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 22:49:12 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Aargh! In my last post I used the word "cohort" – though I’m on record here as saying it’s a silly word that no one uses, except RR in "The Moon Struck One." Apologies.

Here’s a thread we haven’t touched on for a couple of years. Great albums still not available on CD. Here’s my list. It gets shorter. Last time it had "Grounation" by Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (3 LP set), but this is now out as an ultra-budget 2 CD set. Add to it.

"The King of Comedy" OST – with Between Trains by RR.

"Carny" OST (with RR)

" Recall The Beginning: A Journey From Eden" – Steve Miller

"Louisiana’s Leroux" – featuring New Orleans Ladies.

"Link Wray" (1971) – all the songs are on the 2 CD set "Guitar preacher" but this deserves the Japanese card facsimile of the LP cover with cut-out to fold over, the full remaster, bonus tracks, five star reviews etc.

"The Flying Burrito Brothers"- 3rd album with Rick Roberts singing "Colorado". To be released next month, I believe in a 3 CD set.

"Mordecai Jones" – really a Link Wray album with another singer.

Garth Hudson "Our Lady Queen of The Angels" – obscure cassette only limited release (info on this site). Long deleted.

"USA" – King Crimson.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 21:53:30 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin were heavily Band-influenced around the time of their second album "Tumbleweed Connection" right down to the cover. Taupin appears in "Classic Albums: The Band" paying homage. "Country Comfort" is the track I’d choose first from "Tumbleweed Connection" as a link. Elton’s ex-cohort Rod Stewart soon covered it on "Gasoline Alley"|, which throughout also shows a healthy Band influence in its feel. Stewart’s band were not as technically proficient as the guys in The Band, but they had a loose feel that can be compared. The other influence that I’ve mentioned about ten times was on Elton’s "Madman Across The Water", on "Levon" and "Tiny Dancer".

Rod Stewart, despite later incarnations, was a fine singer and writer who paid his dues before becoming a pastiche of himself. His choice of covers was exemplary (from "Cut Across Shorty" right down to "Fallen Angel" in his later years). I saw Stewart in the 60s with both The Soul Agents and Steampacket (the latter featured one Reg Dwight, aka Elton John, on piano and Julie "This Wheel’s On Fire" Driscoll sharing vocals with Rod). The Soul Agents live "Walking to New Orleans" (1965? 1966?) beat Fats Domino’s original, and Steampacket were phenomenal circa 1967 – 68. This is all before the Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and tabloid fame. Talking of "Cut Across Shorty", Eddie Cochran’s status has generally been higher in Europe than the USA. Levon covered "Summertime Blues" on a European single. I still find Cochran’s best few songs to be the equal of anything in rock – add "Something Else"and "C’mon Everybody" to the ones already mentioned. Definitive rock songs for the desert island list – but let’s not start that one again.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 20:52:33 CEST 2000 from (

Molly Z.

Hi. i like your story Chuck. It gave me a warm smile to start off my day. Thanks for telling it! :-)

I think the wierdest Band tunes are Chest Fever & Jawbone, especially the intro to Jawbone. When I was younger, that song seemed hilarious to me. Of course I didn't really understand what the song was about till later. Now that i understand it better, it doesn't seem funny anymore. I still like that song. I wonder if anyone else did a remake of Jawbone.

Have a good day everyone, and keep listening. :-)

Posted on Sun Apr 30 20:38:37 CEST 2000 from (


From: new york

In Levon's book there is a quote from John Simon, where Simmon says that the Big Pink album was obviouslly influential, and all that one had to do was look at Elton John. I'm not too familiar with John's music, can anyone help me out with the similarities between John's and the Band's music?

Posted on Sun Apr 30 18:31:28 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

The 1977 Rick Danko solo album is reviewed in Q (June 2000) on its recent re-release. Does anyone know if this is a remaster? Does the reissue have new liner notes or bonus tracks? Edsel have given it a new catalogue number. The reviewer admires "Doug Sahm’s rolling accordion" on "New Mexico" but according to the original LP sleeve (which spells it "Mexicoe") and previous CDs this is of course Garth Hudson. The review also hails it as "first time on CD" while I make it the third time – Edsel did it before in 1990 and One Way in 1997. He gives it a miserly two stars. The Rolling Stone Record Guide originally gave it a fairer four. Quote: "Within the Band Rick Danko’s beautifully tempered whine added an extra layer of tear sodden distress to the group’s finely-tuned sound. Solo, the mood is far less mournful."

All of The Band played on this, but unfortunately one at a time. RR was on guitar on Java Blues, RM on Fender Rhodes on Shake It, GH on accordion on New Mexico and LH harmony vocal on Once Upon A Time. I suppose so soon after TLW they were avoiding a full "Band track". It’s good to see this generally available again.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 17:49:40 CEST 2000 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Rick was also my soul reason for attending the Yasgurs Farm show last summer. As always "It Makes No Difference" had me soaring above the crowd. I've traveled many miles to see members of "The Band" perform and not once did they not exceed my expectations. All the way to New Orleans just to hear Levon do a couple songs. One of the greatest nights of my life! Those of you lucky enough to be along the tour route of Levon & The Barn Burners right now, don't think about it, just GO!!! If you like real people making real music(The Blues the way it should be)then it's the show to see!

Posted on Sun Apr 30 17:25:41 CEST 2000 from (


Thanks ruby I was thinking of the rome woodstock,not the festival at Yasgars.thanks Lil. ya took the feul right out of my little story. Killed it dead.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 17:19:23 CEST 2000 from (


From: Mass.

Happy Sunday!!! Just wanted to say I saw The Rick Danko Band last summer at Max's Farm. It took the people a long time to set them up and their set seemed to short....but yet as always so magical and filling. When do we ever want them to stop?? Rick was so happy and doing that dance!! That was the sole reason I went. I think Chuck is thinking of the Rome gig.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 15:16:06 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Um..Chuck? The 'Rick Danko Band' _did_ play at Yasgur's Farm in August of 99 :-)

Just want to mention after reading all this talk about 'Bell Bottom Blues' that it just happens to be my favorite Clapton vocal ever, although I never thought of it being something that The Band could conceivably do. Curious as to who folks 'hear' singing lead? A bit soulful..perhaps Richard? A bit emotional..perhaps Rick?

Nice to read all the wonderful words about Levon and the Barnburners shows. Now us New York folks are jealous and want em back here!

Kelly: "Eccentric and dripping with diamonds"...heheh. Made me laugh when I read that, but hardly me.

And Frankly Hankly: It isn't the men in my life, it's the life in my men :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 13:56:54 CEST 2000 from (

Chuck Smith

From: south carolina

I am so glad i found this web site, because i know only you guys will appriciate this story. this is a true story btw. i went to the grocery store last night to get a 6 pack and some milk.When i got to the counter i was singing "Cripple Creek"to my self and the lady at the counter started telling me that she "loved The Band". I said cool. Then she said she went to "Woodstock" last year and "The Band" survivors played 5 or 6 songs and that she was so glad to be at Yasgers Farm again. Well the whole time she is telling me this i was thinking, not only did the The Band survivors not play at Woodstock 99 it wasnt even at Yasgers Farm. I didnt say a word, but when she handed me my change i just looked at her and sang "A drunkards dream if I ever did see one". I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. talk to ya later.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 11:54:50 CEST 2000 from (


From: N.Z
Home page

I haven't been keeping up with the guestbook recently so please excuse me if this has already been covered.... but does anyone have any ideas what the extra tracks on the EMI reissues are likely to be? Apart from some live tracks I can think of only a handful of unreleased studio cuts - eg Get Up Jake, Don't Do It. None the less it sounds interesting.

Weirdest Band song ...The Theme From The Last Waltz.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 11:36:52 CEST 2000 from (

the Girl

From: here
Home page

Go to - choose- what you want."standing by the well, drifting by the day......." this is really groovy!

Posted on Sun Apr 30 10:48:43 CEST 2000 from (

Paul Vilser

From: Near The River

Hi everybody! Supratik: You're absolutely right: Tell The Truth sung by Levon! Could be one of the greatest! I always thought of Mandolin Wind by Rod Stewart (CD:Every Picture Tells A Story; 1971. RS was really good in his beginnings, no word about his later works) as beeing an almost perfect Band-Song! Weirdest Band-Song:(they played, no original, but they made every song a Band-Song) The Third Man Theme. No doubt about that. Patricia: I know that feeling: Is there anyone exept me who knows the Band? First site getting the internet: The Band, of course!(Adress from Jubilation well worth listening to!) Bests! PV

Posted on Sun Apr 30 09:08:16 CEST 2000 from (

Supratik Chaudhuri

From: hot summer country

Hello everybody !

I was listening to Clapton's Rainbow Concert of 1973 after reading Mike Carrico's post and there were three songs which I thought would have made great Band covers. One was of course Bell-Bottom Blues. The other two IMHO were Presence of the Lord and Tell the Truth.

POTL would have made a great cover as I envisioned it : Richard opening the song on his piano, Rick singing it and Robbie and Garth finishing it up with their crazy solos. And Tell the Truth would have to be sung by Levon. You need to be an Arkansas Cracker to sing that one. :-)

Pat Brennan : Another Band/Dominoes connection would be that guesting on both the Domino albums was Duane Allman who, as I remember, had also played with Ronnie Hawkins. Other guitar greats who are supposed to have played behind The Hawk are Hendrix and Buchanan. I remember reading this somewhere.

Here's my attempt at starting a thread of discussion here. All you folks who have seen The Band in its heydays, which was the best Band concert attended by you ? The one where they really kicked the goods. I know many of you have seen The Band during that time so pls tell us rookies about those days.

Weirdest band song : Yazoo Street Scandal - never could make much sense of it. Haven't heard 'Free your mind'- now I must.


Posted on Sun Apr 30 08:15:58 CEST 2000 from (

Nancy Birch

From: Australia

I have a few thoughts about the recent messages from Pehr, Little Brother and Patricia, who have all been courageous enough to share their stories, but have shown a tendency to be self-deprecating and mildly apologetic. I suppose there is always the possibility that someone will respond with sarcasm or criticism, but I for one am usually interested in personal anecodes and enjoyed reading them. I would encourage anyone with such a memory of The Band and their music, to share with everyone here. Mostly, I guess the experience of discovering their music has had a lasting impact on our enjoyment of music in general. I know it did for me, and I might also talk about my experience too,.....when I build up the nerve!!!!!!!! I also would like to thank the several people who emailed me with information about how to find a copy of The Complete Last Waltz. Kelly, also, I enjoyed your story from last week about your meeting with Rick, I remain extremely envious of the lucky people who talk about such opportunities, including those who saw the original band live pre-1976. Nearly finished....according to Robbie Robertson on the video of the Last Waltz, Sonny Boy Williamson died several months after the Band met him. A guestimate on the cause of him spitting blood is that he probably had a terminal disease by that time. Spelling out the bleedin' obvious there, eh? No doubt someone out there knows more about it anyway. Cheers all!

Posted on Sun Apr 30 05:55:37 CEST 2000 from (

Paul Nyman

From: Moving soon

I seem to recall hearing a mention that the whole Capitol CD's are getting reissued/remastered soon. Can anyone post details on this if it is going to happen. I don't believe Jan has anyting on this site even pointing this out yet? Of course this is probably only a U.S. domstic deal...right? Thank you!!

Posted on Sun Apr 30 05:19:36 CEST 2000 from (


From: sonicnet
Home page please go to this site!! choose David Sanborn Radio there is so much great online Music including and from The Band. great site, just put in www. ! Liz( play on keep listening)NO downloads required...Enjoy !

Posted on Sun Apr 30 04:52:25 CEST 2000 from (

Blind Willie McTell

Ragtime - excellent! IIkka - Dylan is in Toronto - July 18th, have fun at the Stockholm fiesta May 18th.

Posted on Sun Apr 30 03:09:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: here
Home page

Hey Joe......// Anzil ? I tried to send you the directions to Big Pink but your E mail address was incorrect ? If you would like them , please respond to my E mail. Happy Arbor day ! all ! plant a tree or hug one........ or just be nice to one ! Play on Keep listening !!

Posted on Sun Apr 30 00:51:45 CEST 2000 from (

Joe Anzalone

If possible, can anyone post the actual location of "Big Pink?" I think it's in West Saugerties NY, but I don't know where. I am planning a pilgrammage to this important landmark this summer. The band rules!

Posted on Sat Apr 29 23:06:30 CEST 2000 from (


From: Willieboy to Steamboat

Stockholm on the eigthteenth of May

Ilkka waiting for Bobby to play

Dreamin' of basement tapes, planet waves,

Preparin' for one or two raves

Thinkin' of days before the flood

Seein' traces of blood

On the tracks

Eatin' some snacks

While it's getting late

Saint Bob makes them all wait

What's keepin' you hanging on to

Ilkka you should be in Toronto...

Posted on Sat Apr 29 21:44:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

BTF introduced me to the band when it came out. It changed my life, I got a harp and guitar and went after Band and Dylan records etc like I was on a treasure hunt ever since for every scrap and morsel of music and imagery from these great artists. My twin sister actually got the record and turned me on to it. she thought it was a bunch of loud and noisy crap so I lifted it and drove her crazy with it and scared my parents to death with my Dylan inspired "Music".I had to learn harmonica in the closet or attic, It drove everyone crazy. I practiced to BTF and my sister would practice singing Grace Slick in the next room with those big 70's headphones on, way off key. it became war. she turned me on to the Basement tapes at the same time. She said they were "a bunch of Dylan Stiffies" and "Overrated". since then we haven't agreed about a whole lot of other things. the more things change... thanks for putting up with my boring memories

Posted on Sat Apr 29 20:12:12 CEST 2000 from (

Little Brother

From: around Philly, PA

After a couple of weeks in lovely Altoona, PA on business (State Worker-style Good Enuf Fer Gummint Business, that is), then a week back here, today I must report a mysterious burning object in the sky. Everything looks too bright and harsh and the gray, dripping sky is all BLUEISH and shedding white globs that may fall at any minute. So I've dragged this notebook under the bed to put in my small change on a couple of points:

-- First of all, Patricia A Redinger, if that's your REAL name, we're just dying to hear more. No harm will come to you, and as far as being banned or censored-- well, check the archives if you have time and cyberaccess. It takes a while to pick around and wait for stuff to download, but it's instructive. The short answer is "You can trust Jan-- he's not like the others." So don't be shy. The suspense is killing me, and I'd rather hear it from you that some elusive cameo player on "The X-Files".

-- Yeah, Islands... Who knows WHAT was going on with that, except maybe just what it seems like: A musical idea, a doodle, a prototune that didn't evolve. I don't know, like a cake that didn't quite rise or lacked flavor but was just acceptable enough to be iced and served nicely. Too meringuey, even Kool-Whippy, compared to the consistently solid, tasty, palate-pleasing, rib-sticking fare typical of Chef Garth's creations. Ah well, all the great bands have filler tracks somewhere.

BTF is more problematic for me. Seeing Dylan and the Band at the Spectrum was probably the high point of my concertgoing life, an admittedly short and sporadic one. I probably pounced on the LP the day it was released, and loved it. I remember carrying on enthusiastically about it at my girlfriend's house soon afterwards. One of her housemates, an "older" (30ish) guy who was a bona-fide professional musician, a guy from a musical dynasty who'd played keyboards before he was out of diapers, cut me down with a few words. He was disappointed; sure, there was a lot of talent, but it was all way over the top. Kinda trying too hard, he thought. And the worst part for him was that ALL the vocals were lame; "They're not SINGING, they're SCREAMING".

I was furious, but slunk away to roll a fresh joint up in the bedroom. His credentials were enough to shut me up, but on the other hand he WAS kind of a jerk. So I dismissed his review as more proof that he might be a great musical technician, but he had no taste or heart. The bastard.

In the decades that followed, I would listen to BTF with satisfaction; there's considerable virtuosity, and I enjoyed hearing the Band's Loud Rock mode. (I didn't find out till much later that they'd been there, done that before the Big Pink era.) In recent years, though, that little stoned chat with S the Six-Foot Pianist returned to haunt me. Hell, I STILL hate to admit it, but I think he was right. The asshole. There are some beautiful moments, like the intro to "Rolling Stone" and "Blowin' In the Wind", but even the Band's solo set seems to lack the depth of heart and soul that their other live music has, from the stripped-down Watkins Glen to the polished Rock of Ages shows. (Yeah, Hank, I wonder about that jam thing too; it's nice to hear any of those boys' chops, but I can't say that it's exactly mesmerizing. I guess a full-ensemble "Genetic Method" would have been too much to ask.)

Speakin' o' great music & food metaphors, on a few occasions I've been watching TV when a plate of ribs appeared on the screen. I'm not talking food shows, either; I mean sitcoms (a Third Rock episode comes to mind) or other inane contexts. Maybe because it ISN'T a food show, the unexpected sight of that pile of hot, meaty ribs captivates me. I'm sure my eyeballs are like those of a hungry dog watching a fork as its user transports food from plate to mouth. I'm drooling now, let's hope I short out the keyboard... Anyway, all the wonderful descriptions of the Barnburners' shows, including Levon's sociability, have affected me like Smellavision.

When I check back later, I hope Patricia's sequel is right on top!

Posted on Sat Apr 29 18:21:22 CEST 2000 from (

L. E. Williams

I enjoy the fresh flowing sounds of THE BAND !

Posted on Sat Apr 29 16:58:41 CEST 2000 from (

Ilkka (again)

TO CHUCK: The name is Sonny Boy Williamson (2nd). Go to Search on this great website and you'll find everything which is worth knowing about him and the Band. BTW Sonny Boy's "Pontiac Blues" is one of my regulars on C harp! He played it with The Yardbirds (lead gtr back then: Eric Clapton, who is...well, the circle is closed, isn't it?)

Posted on Sat Apr 29 15:55:23 CEST 2000 from (

Chuck Smith

From: south carolina

I remember on the movie "The Last Waltz" the guys were talking about jammin with a harmonica player. The only thing i can remember is them talking about is that he played with them until his gums bled, spit out the blood and kept playing. Does anyone remember who they were talking about and did they record with him or just have a jam session?

Posted on Sat Apr 29 15:31:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: Halfways to the North Pole
Home page

Thanks Don, David Powell and Mike for posting your stories of Levon playing in Georgia! We who live here in the outskirts of the Band Globe can only wait and hope to see Levon's band. On this site we can at least READ about it.
BLIND WILLIE MCTELL. What do you mean?!?! Dylan is suppoused to play in Stockholm in the 18th, not in Toronto! Don't take this "fiesta" away from us, please.

Posted on Sat Apr 29 09:56:09 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Carrico

Tonight we were driving down a lonely country road somewhere near Winder GA, looking for a roadhouse called "Chips". It was already dark, but I spied what I thought might be it ahead on the right...As I was looking for a way into the parking lot suddenly there was this figure on the side of the road - "It's him!" exclaimed my wife and I tactfully turned to the left so as not to run over my favorite drummer...

Auspicious beginings aside, in a few minutes we were inside and treated to a great show by the Barnburners - I would just like to confirm what David Powell and Don Pugatch have already reported about this band; they are smokin'! Pat O'Shea displayed some fine fretwork. Randall Bramblett sat in again on tenor sax. Levon was in the pocket all nite and seemed to be having a helluva good time, thought it was somewhat surreal to see him play but not sing.

After the show, newly acquired Barnburners t-shirt in hand, I managed to shake the man's hand and say "thanks"; my wife received a hug and a peck on the cheek... quite a night. I highly recommend it.

Posted on Sat Apr 29 08:57:54 CEST 2000 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

Dylan plays Detroit on the 16th and the Amphitheatre in Toronto on the 18th. Is there anyone out there that could organize a Toronto tribute concert to Rick Danko?

Massey Hall is available Monday July 17th?

Posted on Fri Apr 28 20:54:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

I got to see Levon last Wed. night in Charlotte. They were wonderful, and Levon looked great and, as always, played great! I was expecting an evening of slow tempo traditional blues, but that was not the case......THEY SWING! The joint was jumping immediately. They talked about their upcoming CD, and already knew which tracks were going to be on it. They are not sure which label is going to release, but one of their crew said it was certainly NOT going to be Woodstock Records as if there was a problem there.

To Richard from NC: I did not see them in Winston Salem but I heard that Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin played with them on a Muddy tune. He lives now in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 20:39:51 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Brothers & sisters, I come before you today to bear witness of a truly blessed event. As brother Don has already testified, Levon & the Barn Burners lived up to their name last night as they burned up a little roadhouse called Chip's out in the country near Winder, Ga.

Levon pounded out the beat with intensity on every song with a fierce snap in his wrists, while kicking the bass drum pedal like a mule in a stall. Sitting behind a deceptively basic drum kit he took us to class with a crash course in the roots of gutbucket rhythm & blues.

This band is tight! Chris O'Leary on vocals & harmonica and Pat O'Shea on guitar are outstanding. They tore into Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready" like hellhounds as Levon pounded out a rhumba-like beat. They mix classic Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf material with a few originals thrown in. And let me tell you, those youngsters have to be in shape to keep up with Levon's pace. When Amy gets up to sing "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog", it's all you can do to try to not melt from the heat. What a strong & beautiful voice she has, along with an electrifying stage presence! The look on her proud papa's face as he's hunched over the drums laying down the grooves is priceless.

The intimate place was packed with young & old alike. Everyone was into the music. It was a rainy night in Georgia, and with the front & back doors open, a cool breeze kept things comfortable. During the break between sets Levon took time to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

It was during the break that none other than Randall Bramblett walked in carrying his sax case. Randall has played with the best in the business; Greg Allman, Stevie Winwood, Sea Level and on & on. He's toured with Levon in the past and, according to Butch, he recently sat in with Levon during sessions in Muscle Shoals. The surprise guest sat in on tenor sax during the blistering second set, helping the band kick things up to notches unknown. The band & Randall swapped solos like they'd been playing together for years. Amy sang an amazing version of "Shake A Hand" as Randall let loose with one incredible sax solo after another. The night culminated with an original song called "Goin' Down (Takin' In Water)?", as Chris & Amy both brought the house down with their vocals. Thanks to Levon, Amy, the Barn Burners, Butch & George for a wonderful night of music.

If you live anywhere in the Atlanta area, you get another chance to see them again tonight at Chip's. Word is Randall is planning to be back and maybe another surprise guest or two. Believe me, it was worth the drive out there. Even though I didn't get home till after 1:30 this morning, I'm still smilin' at work today. If I didn't have a gig of my own to play tonight, I'd be back out there.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 20:29:05 CEST 2000 from (


The Band added to some of my the best times of my life as they did for most of us.Thank you for the pleasure of your music.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 20:16:48 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Hank-I always though of Dylan as "attacking" the music on BTF. I know what you mean about just respecting that album for what it is. Although Garth, as usual, is great throughout that album. As fo PW, well you already know what how I feel about PW. Thanks for the e-mail,too. And yes, I 2nd your welcome of Patricia, that was a great story.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 19:23:31 CEST 2000 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I now think "To Kingdom Come" and "Knockin Lost John" are kinda weird songs... it almost sounds like RR is trying to hide the fact he is singing the songs... I wonder what they would sound like if he were to do them live today?

When I was younger just trying to not get weeded out of life by all those real and imagined predators in the big world, and first started listening to the Band, I thought Genetic Method was weird... well maybe that's not quite right... It's just I had a hard time staying awake for things like a Grateful Dead drum solo or an Outlaws extended four guitar player solo tacked on the end of Green Grass and High Tides... to me the Genetic Method fit in that mode... Now I wish I had a Genetic Method album... funny though I could always listen to the Allman's Mountain Jam... Must be the guitars... Besides you can't really crank up the Band on the boom box at the blacktop... because I'd probably trip over the lines on the court while taking it to the hole... Or somebody would probably say turn off that weird stuff in favor of the Isley Bros...

Posted on Fri Apr 28 17:16:19 CEST 2000 from (

Don Pugatch Burned by the Barn

From: Roswell, Ga

I'll let David Powelll give all the particulars of last nights show. I am still in a glow, you got to see the smile on Levon's face, and after you see that smile, you too will get it, If you have a chance, go see the BBurners. Drive, walk, fly, hitch, take a boat, just go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Maybe even buy a shirt.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 16:22:54 CEST 2000 from (


O.K. Hank, are you starting a thread of conversation on Lil's name??? I had an awesome great aunt on my mom's side. Her real name was Barbara. But, because she was so eccentric - in great way! And she literally "dripped" with diamonds, we alway's called her Diamond Lil. Sometimes Lil, reading your posts reminds me of her. She was always a family fav of ours, and she had that "caring" about her that comes across in your posts. So, my question - What is the inspiration behind the name???

Posted on Fri Apr 28 16:13:11 CEST 2000 from (


DAVID POWELL -- How was the GA concert?

Posted on Fri Apr 28 15:50:05 CEST 2000 from (


From: The River Lee!!!!
Home page

Well, first of all, I think we should ALL welcome Patricia A Redinger to the fold, let her her know how freakin' weird and wonderful it is in here and let her know she's most welcome to divulge WHATEVER she has to say about The Band....her "discovery of The Band" story is beautiful in itself............Welcome to The GB, Patricia.....your world will NEVER be the same.....if you have a husband or partner of any age, animal species or gender....please explain to them that you'll be tap-tap-tapping into the night at the expense of quality relationship time....all because of a band of 4 guys from Canada and one Arkansasian and the people around them 30 odd years ago and right up to the present day...... A-HA!!! DIAMOND L'il!!!!!!! this very morning I was reading a book on Hollywood Screen Legends and when I got to a section on Mae West, it said she did a movie called "She Done Him Wrong" and the main charcter, played by Mae West herself was .....DIAMOND L'il!!!!!!.......So what's the story, L'il?...are you REALLY Mae West?......Is she your inspiration?......Planet Waves/BTF........I should mention here that I really like Planet Waves and I respect BTF for what it is....I'm sorry I missed the last thread on this.... It's just that on BTF everything seems so LOUD...over the top...the antithesis of what The Band were all about, really.....Dylans voice is totally OUT There, too....Don't get me wrong, I LOVE listening to it......I just wanted to know what the vibe here on the GB was.......the thing I feel is that it ALL started to unravel after that....I'm NOT blaming Dylan or's just that within two years of such a huge was the begining of the end of the the start of the finish of the end of the end , beautiful friend my drift??.......ONE LAST THING, The Weirdest thing The Band ever recorded was that Jam thing on Watkins Glen where they SEEM to be poking fun at The Dead and The Allmans for jamming....if THAT'S what they were doing.....what does anyone else think?.........The Weekend is here!!!!....Have a good one!!!..........HANK

Posted on Fri Apr 28 12:34:44 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

From: a puddle

Trying to stay on the sunny side here even though it's been raining for nearly 2 weeks straight now. Anything outside that ever resemble dirt is now mud, and anything my kids wear that ever resembled clean clothing is now prime material for a laundry detergent commercial. Sigh. I guess no mother is harder to live with during menopause than mother nature.

Ragtime: It's always been my contention that there are no weird songs. Only weird song writers :-)

Mostly punting here this morning. Been a long night. Time to smile and remember it's a comin.. a brand new day. Have a good one everybody. Hug Jan.

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Weirdest Band tune: "Islands", not because of the remarkably quiet lyrics, but because of the music. I'll never understand how the thought of making music for posh restaurants came into their heads. And why they called a whole album after it. Runner up: "The Saga of Pepote Rouge" for having the weirdest lyrics. Read Peter's article!

Posted on Fri Apr 28 08:57:55 CEST 2000 from (

Patricia A Redinger

From: PA

Somebody was wondering if Levon went to the induction ceremony in january of 94.No,he did not go but nothing stopped him from going on CNN a couple of weeks later and sitting there all kindly country gentlemanly like while Rick called Robbie a monkey. Rick's exact words were "We can't let one monkey stop a show now can we? I remember it very well. I also saw that Disney Channel thing that Robbie did. To catch the real deal of what went on that night just watch the last few minutes of that "Going Home" thing. I have a theory of this whole thing, all of it.It's got nothing to do with egos like everybody seems to think. I started back in the spring of 66 and it has nothing to do with music. I think they will not allow this to be posted in the guest book if i say any thing else about it.I've just found this site due to the fact that I just 1 day ago got on the internet. I thought I was the only one in the world that really cared about this group, and now I find that there is a whole world full of us, I'M FLOORED BY THIS! Please will someone tell me how long this Band Room has been here? Most of you sound like you have some kind of actual musicianlike relationship with these guys and all that is over my if I don't belong in here tell me not to come back and I will just stand on the outside and look in.The Band changed my whole life ,In 1969 my older brother Gary joined the marines and before he was shipped to nam he called to say he loved us and that he would see us all later, he also said that there would be a big box arriving in the mail via UPS and that you should under no way shape or form let Patty into, Patty of course was his 11 year old sister, ME needless to say I jumped into that thing head first.It was may of 1970 I found at the bottom of this very large box a woodwn crate full of cassette tapes with the initials M.P. written on them. For years ithought M.P. was the military police and that gary had stole them from the police, well anyway I had been listening to top 40 radio stuff like all kids but I must have not been very satisfied with it because when I pulled the The Brown Album out of that crate and finally got around to listening to it after going thru the rest of them Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention,The Jefferson Airplane,The Mugwumps, The Iron Butterfly and all that other silly stuff that came out of the sixties I picked up a cassette with this old looking brown cover and stuck it in that little Craig cassette player that came with the crateful of cassettes I was never the same. my favorite song up till that time was "My Favorite Things" from "the Sound of Music" but from then on it was "Unfaithful Servant","Rockin Chair" and especially "Whispering Pines". The Band started me out on a journey, searching for the best music this world ever produced, and I have never found any thing to compare to those 5 guys.They are the last geat music we will probably ever hear, and as we all know, the last is always the best. I still have that old cassette,I look at it some times and wonder why God had to choose me to to carry this thing,I know that part will probably keep me off the site but Robbie might read this GB once in a while. love, patty

Posted on Fri Apr 28 06:05:27 CEST 2000 from (


Thanks for the information on Odell Brown. Just as "Bellbottom Blues" sounds like the Band, "It Makes No Difference" always sounded like a slight nod of the head to "Bellbottom Blues". The two tunes seem to share a similar tone, tempo, and atmosphere.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 04:27:52 CEST 2000 from (


My vote for the weirdist Band tune would have to go for "Free Your Mind". A Shocking suprise the first time I heard it. Did anyone ever think The Band would cover this type of song and make it their own. I think they pulled it off and now I find it to have a fantastic arrangement, a foot stompin' groove and Levon's snarling vocals are a joy to the ears. I think it was a bold risk that pays off big time dividends.... to us listeners anyway.....

Posted on Fri Apr 28 02:26:40 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Jesse Winchester played the Barns of Wolf Trap (where I saw Rick and Garth solo in 1989) and put on a wonderful solo acoustic show last night. If you're not familiar with his work, check the discography section of this site and read about his debut album from 1970, produced by Robbie Robertson. He rarely tours, but will play at Merlefest in North Caroina, then the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this summer as well as the Calgary Folk Festival and later festivals in British Columbia and Vermont. He's worth the trip--better with just an acoustic guitar in the year 2000 than with a whole band on tour in 1977. Go hear for yourself.

Posted on Fri Apr 28 01:11:36 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Hankster-there was a good Planet Waves thread going in the GB several months ago. I think it started when Peter Viney made an offhand disparging remark about the album in one of his articles(the article was about something else, it was a good article but I don't recall the subject off the top of my head). For the record,PW will always have a fan in me. One of those old albums I pull out once or twice a year and thoroughly enjoy. I anticipated its release back in late 74 or was it early 75? and wore out at least a couple vinyl copies. BTF I love also, though I have heard it was very heavily doctored. I love Rick singing Endless Highway, and I think the last 4 songs are the best (with Dylan that is) on that album. Since reading of the heavy overdubbing that took place(allededly that is, does anyone know the real story?) I have always wondered if that gorgeouse intro on Rolling Stone was a oneshot deal, a regular part of the song, or something added to the mix later. Nice intro to Blowin in the Wind, too. One of my big regrets is not seeing any of the shows on that tour. I have never talked to anyone that saw any of those shows who doesnt have fond memories. And another thing Hankster I've been meaning to ask-what kind of radio stations do you have in Cork? You lways talk of hearing these Band songs they virtually never play around here.And...hi Ruby, you are an upper.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 22:42:06 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: Yazoo St.
Home page

I just re-read the outsanding piece about Rick Danko that appeared in the LA Weekly shortly after his death. I think it's the best memorial on Rick I've read to date. Click the homepage above if you haven't already seen it; you'll be glad you did. God bless Rick Danko. Thanks for the tunes, brother. God rest your infinite soul.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 22:38:40 CEST 2000 from (

John Molinari

From: The Wamboozy Festival

I had the honor to hang with Levon at the Vasser Clements 72nd birthday party and let me tell you I'm still on Cloud 9! Lots of fun, got to see a lot of old friends ( Stir Fried, Buddy Cage, The Zen Tricksters), chilled with family ( Fred and Kasha, Riche Pinter, Miraim and WayneMan and Rex) What a rockin show! Amidst the beautiful setting of The Great Prospect Hall in Brooklyn. Hope they do more shows there. Peace to all, John

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From: texas austin

weirdest band song? I love "Jawbone" but when I first heard it I wondered if those guys were for real. When I first heard "Yazoo Street" I experienced vague memories of having backstage passes to the first day of creation.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 20:21:41 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Hank. Real GOOD IMHO. Some of my favorite RR and Garth works in Planet Waves.

I have a question on the Dylan/Band thing regarding Blonde on Blonde. The credits on the album list RR as the only BAND member,however, this site has Garth, Richard and Rick listed for one track. Why wouldn't the credits on the album reflect this?

Posted on Thu Apr 27 19:07:29 CEST 2000 from (

victoria gibson

From: Harrisville N.Y.

The Band is amazing. It is very hard to find good music these days so when I cant find anything I put on the band and groove.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 18:50:45 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I'm looking forward to seeing Levon & the Barnburners tonight at Chips in Winder, Ga. I urge all guestbook readers in the area to come on out and support the man who has given us so much. Remember, if you can't make it out tonight, they're playing again Friday night.

A Band / Derek & the Dominoes connection: Carl Radle, Jim Gordon & Bobby Whitlock of the Dominoes played on "John Simon's Album" (1971) on which Rick, Levon, Richard & Garth also appeared.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 18:47:58 CEST 2000 from (


From: Princes Street
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MIKE C......I was only saying to Martin, the drummer w/ my band, the other day whilst we was driving around Cork how much "Bell Bottom Blues" is very like The Band......those pinched notes, the organ, the harmonies........Hey LUKE, my Friend......I must ALWAYS cash royalty checks and are very happy to........unless yer totally screwed up like Peter Green.....who apparently pulled a gun on a Fleetwood Mac office and told 'em never to send checks around to his place anymore......maybe that's not true...... The Weirdest Band song ever, eh?.....I would have to concur w/ KLJOHN on 'Yazoo Street Scandal" but the mad bit in "Chest Fever" sounds purty weird, too..........Here's a thread.........."Planet Waves"/"Before The Flood"......just how GOOD were they in the whole scope of things?....... Weekend's almost here.....y'all take care!!!!!!...HANK

Posted on Thu Apr 27 18:45:27 CEST 2000 from (

Blue Yankee

From: Massachusetts

Posted on Thu Apr 27 18:03:14 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

Pat, the closest Dominoes/Band connection I know of is the guitarwork on "Bell Bottom Blues", which features an abundance of false harmonics and sounds more like JRR than Eric.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 17:32:19 CEST 2000 from (


From: Philly 'burbs

Ragtime - you're right. I think a Muzak Chest Fever would be even worse. If I were RR I wouldn't cash the royalty checks!

Posted on Thu Apr 27 16:54:50 CEST 2000 from (

Misty McKinney

From: KY

IT'S me again Margaret...I wanted to add that the House Of Blues now has compilation cds out of Big names performing Bigger names' songs. The band perform on one such cd called Tangled up In Blues, the songs of Bob Dylan.."this ain't no tribute"...They sing a SUPERB version of 'One Too Many Mornings'. It was worth the twelve bucks just to hear Rick's lovely voice, and Levon blowin' the ole mouth harp... Anyway as far as "weird" Band songs.. my all time pick is their cover version of "Free Your Mind"..Just to hear Levon sing some of those lyrics is a hoot. Who knows why they picked that song..maybe it was filler..It doesn't compare to anything they have ever done. There must be a story there somewhere..Oh well. I love 'em no matter how weird it gets. Peace out., mid

Posted on Thu Apr 27 16:35:06 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: indie

HELLO BAND FANS> I hope I can get a thread of discussion going on this guestbook, and i'm not giving up until I do! I'd like to discuss the weirdest -- I mean THE WEIRDEST Band song ever. I want opinions. Some of my personal picks, based on lyrical and musical cotnent, are THE WELL, RUBEN REMUS, GREAT DIVIDE, the Band's cover of FREE YOUR MIND is pretty wierd, but my personal pick for all-time wierdest Band song would have to be YAZOO STREET SCANDAL. What ya'll think? Also, I recently counted my Band-related discs/records. I've got 65! Can anybody beat that? Later John

Posted on Thu Apr 27 16:14:04 CEST 2000 from (


From: north carolina


Posted on Thu Apr 27 15:38:11 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

D Lil, I hear ya!

For those interested, there is a nice cover article in the Life section of the USA Today on Dr. John.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 14:50:17 CEST 2000 from (

Misty McKinney

From: Kentucky

READ ME - - - This store near me has a dozen copies of "Eliza's Horoscope", and I didn't even know a Band member was in it. (I've never actually viewed the video, the package alone makes it NOT worthwhile to me..think about Tommy Lee Jones' big head with disheveled hair, and with a "puzzled" look on his red face..ok so don't think about it..hehe)--my loss then huh? I will have to reconsider watching it now. Ok, for everyone who helped me out before, I need ya now... Listening?--ok..I will not be able to (unfortunately) see Levon in Memphis during the Memphis in May festival..However, I would love to see him in Nashville, it is much closer to me. Anyone with ANY scrap of info, please contact me. I would love the chance at meeting Mr. Levon Helm and company. I am getting chills thinking about it.. oh well. thanks for everything and take care. god bless, mid

Posted on Thu Apr 27 13:02:44 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

I guess in some sort of lopsided way, I'm really looking forward to June. The release of Rick's last cd..which gives me bittersweet feelings, and the benefit show for his family. It's hard to feel "happy" though because both of these things serve as reminders that he's gone..but I'm looking forward to them just the same. Does that make any sense?

What does make me happy however, is the thought of meeting some new friends at the benefit show, the comfort and warmth of seeing some old ones, and the closeness of someone I love so very much. Those are the things that matter when all is said and done.

Miss you Rick..and thank you.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 11:27:31 CEST 2000 from (

Sue Dobinson

From: Oxfordshire

Kelly, You are a really sweet person.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 05:38:56 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I was listeneing to Derek & The Dominoes--both Layla and Live--and I was trying to come up with a Band link. Other than Clapton's admitting that the first two albums blew his mind (and the vocal similarities) I had some trouble. Especially live, the band relied heavily on soloing, almost entirely Eric, with less emphasis on songs. The Layla album had more song emphasis but still had a ton of soloing. Then I saw one of the Last Waltz posters on the site, an early one. Lo and behold, Carl Radle as a guest. Tenuous, and I don't recall him being there, but slightly interesting, nonetheless. On a more pointed note, Garth seems to be such a crazy/genius keyboardist but a melodic, almost plaintive, horn player. Two sides of one coin?

Posted on Thu Apr 27 04:32:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: south jersey

speaking of basement tapes and 80S bands...what ever happened to the band "the sharks", they were the best. does anyone know if they put out any new (or even old) music these days? do they do any live shows? if any one sees them tell em to get off their lazy asses and come do some shows this summer at the jersey shore... what good is the beach without some "sharks"!? it has been far too long!!!

Posted on Thu Apr 27 03:02:47 CEST 2000 from (

John Donabie

To John from Missouri. Please don't say Beale St. is like Bourbon St. Beale is still a bastion for some fine music. Bourbon is nothing but a t-shirt strip joint avenue now. Bourbon ain't what it used to be.

By the way, those making their way to Memphis for Levon's dates at the Blues City Cafe will have the best and I mean the BEST RIBS you ever ate. Chef Bonnie Mac is the best cook in the land. God Bless George Jr.

Posted on Thu Apr 27 01:57:48 CEST 2000 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Richard, thanks for your info on RM's movies. I guess I have my work cut out for me if I try to find a copy of "Eliza's Hororscope"; I still haven't even seen "Man Outside." Did you notice that " Eliza" also features Tommy Lee Jones? So Levon was not the first to work with him..... So far I have now heard or heard of musak verisons of "Cripple Creek" "Chest Fever" and "All La Glory." But has anyone heard Oliva Newton John's version of "In A Station?"

Posted on Wed Apr 26 19:06:56 CEST 2000 from (


Thank you to Kelly for that wonderful Rick story and to this site for posting the Levon article. I hope the reissues come to pass with truly unreleased music. We shall see.....Just my luck, on vacation next week and Levon & The Barn Burners go on tour... Go figure !!!!!

Posted on Wed Apr 26 18:16:56 CEST 2000 from (


Hello Jan and guestbook regulars.

Returned from a recent visit to Woodstock (2 weeks), where I had the good fortune of seeing a couple of Levon & Barn Burners shows at the Joyous Lake, excellent blues players and Amy Helm sounds like she owns those songs now. Levon is singing through his drums, smiling and playing up a storm.

I also spent time with the Crowmatix and Aaron and they are working hard on new songs and finishing the Danko album, which sounds wonderful. Would have enjoyed seeing the Crowmatix live but hopefully thats something to look forward to in the future.

Jimmy played me some new demos for the Gurus next project and I can say that they are as exceptional as anything on Big Foot. Again, all the guys are working very hard on their music.

Major thanks to everyone who shared their time with me, apologies to those I didn't see. Support these guys when they are in your area, you lucky people. There are many fans in the UK and Europe who would love to see these musicians come to their town.

See you in June.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 15:44:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: north carolina

Did anyone catch the Levon and the BBs show in Winston-Salem last night? (I was sick-as-a-dog and had to stay home.) It was at a club called Ziggy's, and I had only heard about it late that afternoon; I assume it was a warm-up for some kind of tour/pre-album promotion. Anyway, I'd love to hear how they sounded.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 15:42:19 CEST 2000 from (


Ben Pike: Richard Manuel did have a small part in "Eliza's Horoscope," however "Let's Get Laid" included another actor with the same name.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 15:31:38 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Maybe with those reissue outtakes, we'll finally get to hear the lyrics to "Islands"... :)

Posted on Wed Apr 26 15:09:13 CEST 2000 from (


From: Bflo,NY

04/26 am : Levon was not at the RRHF induction in '94. The morning ride to work was really sunny-then I put on one of the home cut Band tapes and it became VERY BRIGHT. Listened to TLW w/Dylan's spot and THE WELL and KING HARVEST and several others. Levon plays some mean drums and Rick's bass is OUTSTANDING. Too bad I work so close to home. Anyone have contact with Levon (?)-how about a Barnburner show in Buffalo !!! Have a good day.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 13:08:21 CEST 2000 from (


Luke: I vividly can imagine your horror, but my story is even more terrifying. Walking once through a nice old shopping arcade in The Hague I heard a slimy muzak version of... Chest Fever! It took me a whole week to recover and yet I'm not over it...

Posted on Wed Apr 26 12:12:36 CEST 2000 from (


From: oops

And I almost forgot..........Play on, Keep listening

Posted on Wed Apr 26 12:00:52 CEST 2000 from (


From: here
Home page

Last Saturday was Earth Day........ and the day they pointed a gun in a six year olds face.......and Sunday was Easter, Listen To "Live on Breeze Hill", plant some flowers and recycle....God Bless The Danko Family.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 06:52:15 CEST 2000 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

In correcting a rather badly botched obit for Rick in Pychotronic Mag, I turned for his credits to the Internet Movie Database. They have a listed under RICHARD for his two well know credits, The Last Waltz and Man Outside. But they also list for Richard "Eliza's Horoscope(1970)" and Let's Get Laid(71)" . Could this be our Richard, or just someone with the same name who had a real breif movie career? Anybody know?

Posted on Wed Apr 26 03:51:16 CEST 2000 from (


We rented The Adventures of Sebastian Cole last weekend, which features Levon near the end. Was only made a few years ago. Pretty good movie -- strange little story about a high school boy whose family is pretty scattered. His stepdad announces he's going to have a sex change, mom leaves, the kid returns to finish school at his stepdad's house. Strange thing -- both my wife and I thought the boy looked quite a bit like JRR in TLW days -- even some of his clothes (takes place in the early '80s). Levon's part is pretty small and near the end, but as usual, he pulls it off quite well. Have to wonder if the director is a fan.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 03:16:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

I wonder if the Basement Tapes will be reissued.

It would be nice to here some unreleased songs written by Richard or Rick and some with RR vocals to mix it up a bit.

How about a complete ROA show!

It is too bad TLW was not a Capitol release. Can't wait, already putting these in my budget for July!

Posted on Wed Apr 26 02:07:33 CEST 2000 from (



It's good to here about the reissues. I'm curious about what was exactly lost during Garth's fire? Anyone?

I know some of the Bearsville session in 1969 might have been included in the fire.

In terms of Capitol throwing out some Big Pink session material, according to that Guitar Magazine 1994 interview with Robbie and Rick, the songs that were tossed were the four blues/country tunes cut at Gold Star Studios. If you remember, there is "Little Birdies," "Ferdinand the Imposter," "I Want to Be A Single Girl Again," etc. They might be possible outtakes.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 01:42:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: Philly 'burbs

You won't believe it! I was at The Willow Grove Mall in Willow Grove, PA today and heard a Muzak version of ALL LA GLORY!!! True story! Also, pick Aunt Pat's album Patoo if you can. It's a great album, with a fantasic lead singer named Kerry Kay. Levon is featured on track 4, and he is great.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 01:06:46 CEST 2000 from (


From: Missouri

I called the club in Memphis TN, where Levon & Barnburners have two dates. Most of the downtown motels and hotels are full due to the "Memphis in May" deal that is going on at the same time. The place, "Blue City Cafe" where they are playing is right on Beale Street, which is the Memphis version of Bourbon Street if you use your imagination. It is also the heart of this Memphis in May deal. Anyway, expect Beale to look like Bourbon, cause' the festival is huge. Plan on being there way early to get in the door. Tickets are ten dollars I am told.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 00:49:23 CEST 2000 from (


No, Levon didn't show at the Hall induction, although he did play at the actual Hall in Cleveland some time later (w/RD,JW,GH,RC,RB). I believe at a news conference or during the induction, Clapton made a reference to Levon "being stuck in traffic" or something. In my own legendary chance meeting with The Man (at least legendary in my mind...) at a Woodstock restaurant in '94, I asked him about it. I told him that I had gone to The Waldorf, stood with the crowd for awhile, hoping to see Levon, Rick, Garth and Robbie stroll in together -- I didn't get to see anybody, by the way, and failed miserably in my lame attempt to get press credentials. Anyway, I did ask Levon about it, and he said (in his rascally way) "You just can't get to every gig, you know?" To which I actually responded: "Well, I know he didn't write ALL of the songs, but he does play a pretty mean guitar." Amazingly, Levon laughed (I think). Anyway, he was incredibly nice and I do have photos, but no scanner. Jan -- someday, I'll figure out a way to send them to you, along with some good shots of The Band at The Lone Star on 7/31/93, right before the Jericho tour.

Posted on Wed Apr 26 00:33:28 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

Long Distance Operator: I dont think Levon showed up for the induction. they were inducted by Clapton. It was 1994. there are a few pictures of it on this site I believe, yes, under rick danko photo's one of him and robbie with clapton. theres another somewhere of the presentation with garth, robbie and rick with clapton at the podium.

Carmen: thanks once again, I love that music, "My Love" is a beauty. So, where was this joint "O'Douls" located anyway?

Posted on Wed Apr 26 00:12:17 CEST 2000 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Calif.

Long Distance, Levon wasn't at the induction ceremony.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 23:00:51 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

Hello all. Does anybody know what happened when the Band was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Did Robbie and Levon stand on stage together? Did they actually PLAY together? Did politics get in the way? I'm very curious about this. I just spent an hour discussing it with a friend and we're dying to know what went down. Any observations, no matter how minute, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted on Tue Apr 25 21:39:32 CEST 2000 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell,Ga.

Attention, all writers, listeners, and fans, Spoke to Chips in Winder, Georgia and they have confirmed Levon and the Barn Burners. First show is Thurdsday 4/27, should start about 9 PM, the second show will be Friday, 4/28 and not start till about 10:30 PM. Lets see who the "Real" fans are and give the support that we have been writing on "this here web site" , just a little push from a Carpet Bagger from the North, living large in the South

Posted on Tue Apr 25 20:45:04 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I've always found it curious that Capitol's website ( does not include The Band among it's listing of artists, however Robbie Robertson is listed.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 20:40:25 CEST 2000 from (

Carter Mosch

From: Bethlehem

I was sorry to hear about rick danko's death. I was looking foward to seeing him play some day. I hope that the people that were close to him are doing OK.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 18:34:47 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

WOW! Capitol is revamping the Band's catalog for a summer release WITH EXTRA TRACKS for suckers like us. I can't get too excited because I thought that between the fire at Garth's house and Capitol cleaning out their shelves that there is not much left to release besides possibly old shows. They will probably add the cuts on disc 3 of the box set and say they have never been released like Pyramid did with "Youngblood" recently.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 18:04:24 CEST 2000 from (


Kelly: Excellent story. I knew there was a good reason Rick was always my favourite.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 09:14:10 CEST 2000 from (

Junji Yoshii

From: Japan
Home page

hello. I'm a Japanese. In Japan, The Band is not very famous. but I love them. and,I like Robbie and Richard. Robbie's solo album "Storyville"and "Contact...." is very good. I've listened Them many times, and feel better and better. bye

Posted on Tue Apr 25 05:53:52 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York

Woderful story Kelly - thanks. It was good to read that here instead of another analysis on why Robbie screwed Levon, or Levon should sue, or - aw forget it.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 05:47:05 CEST 2000 from (

Molly Z.

Kelly - Thanks for telling such a wonderful Rick story. It has warmed my heart & soul full of happiness, especially on a rough Monday like today.

Have a good night everyone!!

Posted on Tue Apr 25 05:32:22 CEST 2000 from (


From: Chicago

Many thanks, Kelly, for sharing your wonderful story about Rick. I read it on a day when the blues had pretty much overtaken me, and it ended the day with a reminder of just how very kind people can be. Tomorrow looks a bit brighter now. Sweet dreams everyone.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 05:01:47 CEST 2000 from (


From: CORK

KELLY..........Your Story about Rick is truly beautiful....Thanks for reminding me of why I come here to the GB........I come here to read stories like yours to just get as near as I can to the Magic and Beauty that was/is Rick Danko.........God Bless Rick Danko

Posted on Tue Apr 25 04:00:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Thanks, Kelly, for that nice story. Rick sounds like he was a man truly blessed with the kind of riches that really count when it all comes out in the wash. And, the good part is: he shared his bounty with others. What an inspiration and a legacy to leave. His family must be very proud.

Posted on Tue Apr 25 02:45:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: wrong Island N.Y.

Jan thanks once agin for this site. I wanted to mention yet another Robbie fan I've chatted with. A man with a brain.Paul. Njoy

Posted on Tue Apr 25 01:14:47 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Dave The phone Guy:that's quite a catch. I had also heard Levon wasn't on the bill, but thought by now he would have signed on. Does anyone know if that is subject to change?

Posted on Mon Apr 24 23:57:03 CEST 2000 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

You've got all your info correct Bill. I spoke to a WPKN spokesman this morning. He said the venue for the Danko memorial concert is at Edmond Town Hall and that it holds about 500. He was certain this will sell out. The closest major airport is Bradley(near Hartford). Nearby lodging is the Stoney Hill Inn at Newtown. Show time is 07:30 p.m. Confirmed musicians are Garth/Crowmatix,Honky Tonk Gurus,Artie Traum,and Mary Ellen Bernard. Here's the catch. I was told Levon and The Barnburners will not be playing.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 23:14:49 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

I may have to change my name to "does things incompletely Bill". It was pointed out to me that I neglected to include the price of the tix-$30. That's a bargain, only $5 more than I paid a scalper at the door of the Last Waltz(he just wanted to go home and sold us 2 tix at face value). And that included Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, you can't send a check without knowing the price.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 22:54:58 CEST 2000 from (

Paul Vilser

From: Spring Country

Kelly - this is a good story. I like to think that I'm very realistic very "what you see is what you get", but your story shows something, as you said, no one could expect: A musician who really sees the fans. I like to call it a sentimental mood when I say things like this: One can hear stories like yours in Rick's singing: 'It makes no difference' as a major example. Illka+Dog: Puuhhh - I'm glad to live south of The Nordic Countries! PV

Posted on Mon Apr 24 20:54:13 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

ATTENTION!!! I can't take credit for this, as I got the info from a wonderful lady from Michigan(I think) who goes by the screenname of Acadian Ruby. I called and verified the info and it is accurate. Tix for the 6/8 show can be obtained from:WPKN-244 University Ave-Bridgeport, Conn. 06604. Checks only(no credit card) made out to WPKN-Danko. Their # is 203-3319756. I don't know the name of the venue or time of the show, but those details can be worked out later, get your checks in the mail(Besides, they will probably get such a response that it will have to be moved to a bigger place anyway). And don't forget-Acadian Ruby is the person to thank, she is a GB regular or at least a semi-regular.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 20:47:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: bflo, ny

Ment a TEAR in her eye; Not pressed ham on the windshield. Does sound like a Ronnie Hawkins line. Must be the bi-foculs what caused me to miss the key!!!!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 20:33:22 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: Java Blues

G-Man: A REAR in her eye? Sounds kinky!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 20:00:19 CEST 2000 from (


From: Bflo, NY

TO KELLY GREAT staement about Rick Danko. Real good person, as are Garth, Levon, Randy, and Jim. DONT'T the VISIONARY so Ican't say, hm. That's the type of person Rick was. My girlfriend still gets a rear in her eye when we play any(all) the Band music. Ya know Rick would've said, "KEEP ON ROCKIN'". PEACE

Posted on Mon Apr 24 19:59:01 CEST 2000 from (

John Donabie

Hey David Powell! How about "Teensville" by Chet. Always loved that instrumental. Took a long time to find that one on CD.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 19:35:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

Thanks Kelly. your story was great and just the thing I needed to hear to help me get over another recent meaningless neurotic "Grudge Match" in the Steel Cage of life.

It works!

Happy "Easter Monday".

Thanks also to Carmen and Ilkka!, and David Powell.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 17:33:43 CEST 2000 from (


From: California

While looking at records in a thrift store the other day I came across a copy of the brown album. Tucked inside the sleeve was a single on Cadet of "The Weight", by Odell Brown & The Organizers. They perform a beautiful, organ drenched version of the tune. Has anybody ever of this record? Did it ever chart anywhere? Thanks for the many hours of pleasure this site gives.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 17:31:01 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Kelly: I'm so glad you decided to share your wonderful story with everyone here! It warmed my heart when you first told it to me, and still warms it now as I read it again. I'm struggling a bit here today and needed a smile. Thanks.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 17:29:53 CEST 2000 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown,pa.

Just a quick addition to David Powell's latest post. While you are browsing around the Chet Atkins bin please make it a point to check out "Neck and Neck". Chet joins with Mark Knopfler to create some magical guitar work. Add this one to your collection -- you won't regret it !

Posted on Mon Apr 24 17:26:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Great story Kelly!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 17:04:39 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins included a great instrumental version of "Mystery Train" on their 1972 RCA album "Me And Chet". On the cut, as Chet & Jerry swap leads, Paul Yandell plays rhythm guitar in the background, utilizing a swirling, wah-wah type effect. It sounds very similar to the sound that The Band used when they later recorded their version of the song on "Moondog Matinee".

"Me And Chet" and the follow-up album "Me And Jerry" by Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed have been reissued together on a single CD from One Way Records as part of their two-fer collection of reissues from the Chet Atkins RCA catalog. Band fans will recall that One Way has also reissued Rick Danko's solo 1977 Arista album on CD. For you guitar pickers & aficionados out there the Atkins/Reed is a must have. Jerry & Chet not only sound incredible when they play together, but they have a good time doing it and that comes across on their recordings. In addition to "Mystery Train", the disc also includes amazing versions of "Flying South", "Tennessee Stud", "Cannonball Rag", "Something" and much more.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 16:50:29 CEST 2000 from (


From: jackson Hole

I am glad i took the time to peek in the guestbook this morning before I went out to start my day. Kelly, your story put a smile on my face. Thanks!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 16:50:03 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Just got The Band Live at the New Orleans Jazz Fest on DVD and I don't even have a DVD player! Fortunately I can rent one in my hometown. Hope it's a good one! Also, note of interest to Band fans. Just checked out the Best of Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks. Levon sings LEAD on 3 tracks, "Further On Up The Road", "19 Years Old", and "What A Party". Up The Road and 19 Years Old are excellent bluesy tunes! Up The Road is better than the Last Waltz Version w/ Clapton. Robbie's guitar work is laid back and cool. In the middle of 19 Years Old you can hear Levon say "Play It Brother Robbie!" Oh, if only he was STILL brother Robbie!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 16:37:26 CEST 2000 from (


This message is for all to read but with special thoughts to Paul Vilser, Nancy Birch, and my fav - Diamond Lil!

Paul, you indicated that you would like more happy stories, and Nancy you say that you are amazed by the generosity with which Rick Danko led his life by. Lil of course, you know the story, however as I said before I was always hesitant to post before on a guestbook, before I realized that most of us here are "family." Thanks for your encouragement!!! Well here goes:

Many years ago, it must of been 12 or 13 or so - I was going through a terrible time, family issues, bad divorce, money, you name it!

Well my girlfriend saw somewhere that Rick Danko was playing at a club here in Dallas. She drags me out to this event. Make no mistake, I loved the Band's music, and Rick's singing was always special. Anyway, why enjoy the show when I had all of this other stuff going on in my mind?!? Well the group took a little break, and Mr. Danko headed off to the bar. Next thing I know, he is sitting at our table, 3 beers in hand, one for him, and one for each of us. He asked how come I wasn't enjoying the show!!!!

My first reaction, was oh great, another "middle aged" man trying to pick me up - this had been the situation ALL night, and the last thing I needed or wanted was someone else to have to deal with - no matter WHO he was. Well that was not the case at all. It was like talking to my older brother! He said, put the past behind me, laugh, and live for the times yet to come! I will never forget that. He made me laugh, and asked if there was anyting in particular I would like to hear. I was so astounded by this mans thoughfulness, I could not think of ANYTHING. I said whatever you do, please don't embarass me! He laughed and went on to visit with others that were there to see his show. I didn't even think to have him sign a napkin, matchbook cover, my hand... oh well...

Anyway, he went back up on stage and sang a beautiful version of "When You Awake" and he said it for a new and special friend. Of course he was all over the place that night, so he may have been talking about me, or someone else. I always like to think it was me.

Well, I followed this man's ten minute advice lesson, and slowly things just kind of fell into place. I'm happy to report, although money is always tight - you could make a million and need two - ya' know! I make it each month, and I have been happily re-married to a wonderful man for ten years.

Rick was truly a generous man at heart. How many other people, playing from the stage would ever notice such a thing about someone sitting in the audience? When he came down and talked with us, he never once gave the impression of "hey, I'm the star of the show!" He gave the impression of a nice person, who was concerned because someone did not look happy, and if he could help he would.

Maybe we all need to think about that, and try to help others who may be down, whether we know them or not.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 13:32:37 CEST 2000 from (


From: Northern Europe
Home page

Time for a serious post from this part of the world, I guess...

ROBBIE ROBERTSON'S Native American music and especially PEHR'S notes on it inspired me to write the following lines (maybe not directly Band connected)


The Latin name of the North-European Arctic regions is "ULTIMA THULE" - a land far away. It is an exotic country of ice, snow and the Arctic hysteria; an ice-box of Europe. It is a country in imaginations, memories and romantic dreams but also a country of violence and power, nationalism and heroism. So when the leading Swedish neo-nazist group took the name 'Ultima Thule', this old Latin name became suddenly modern again.

The world does not end in the upper corner of the map. At least the world of this post BEGINNS right up there. This region - Northern Canada, Alaska, Zibiria, The northern regions of Sweden, Finland and Norway - is in many ways equal: fauna, flora, the people, the tools, clothes. Wigwam, lasso, traps, poncho, moccasines, harpoon, you name it...

Like the white man in America the Swedes, Norwegians and Finns are intruders in Nortern Europe. The native people were the SAMI people, appr. 50.000 people today (yes I know, this is a controversial scientific question up here: who were the first?). Their situation in the society is in many ways similar to the Native Americans. They live in the northern parts of Scandinavia from the shores of the Arctic Ocean into the fells and forests.

Their music is called 'JUOIGO' It is the folk song of the Sami people, an ancient tradition still living today. The JUOIGO songs describe various human characters. The subject of the song is so familiar to everyone that there is no need for words. The song has no beginning or end. It is just like the wide and barren fells where it was created.

The modern JUOIGO songs are easy to listen. They usually use the same chords as the blues: C,F,G7 - you know. Very simple! And just like the blues in its home country the Evangelic-Lutheran state church in Nordic Countries has considered JUOIGO as a sin.

And just like ROBBIE ROBERTSON, some Finnish rock/jazz musicians have searched their roots in the Native music and made it living and productive. Unfortunately, this is only for an enthuastic minority. Otherwise, Sami people and their music are used as a comical objects in the TV comedies.

Some useful addresses:
A sound sample of JUOIGO (RealAudio)
Some photos from a Sami Cultural Festival
Edward Vesala, a Finnish rock/jazz drummer who has kept JUOIGO living:

Posted on Mon Apr 24 13:02:34 CEST 2000 from (

Nancy Birch

From: Australia

Firstly, I want to say that I feel impelled to add my observations about Rick Danko, as a result of reading so many messages posted on these pages.Thank you all who provide the wealth of information and insights that provide glimpses of the personal makeup of this legendary musician. He comes across as a person to be admired for so much than his singing and musical prowess, but also for the way he held community invovement and and respect for other people close to his heart. Secondly I want to find a copy of the 1995 4 CD set "The Complete Last Waltz" to purchase. My searches on the net have proved fruitless, and my friendly local music provider tells me I "haven't got a hope" of getting a copy at this late stage, considering the limited production. Can any of you wonderful fellow Band fans out there prove him wrong PLEASE! Obviously I will be more than happy to pay any reasonable costs of a new or pre-loved copy. Thank you for reading all of my message. Cheers!

Posted on Mon Apr 24 06:06:36 CEST 2000 from (

aaron fowler

From: tampa,fl.

hi, I'm another The Band freek. I've bought nearly every cd and vidio tape I can get my hands on. I've only found 2 vidios, The Last Waltz"edited", and the legends vodio from vh1. I thought the VH1 vidio was allright but was really made for t.v., it had alot of great footage but they didn't show nearly enough. I'm a nineteen year old drummer in a blues rock band who been playing clubs and dives scence I was 12. We've worked hard and now play places like House of Blues and have the honor to open for the likes of people likes Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy, and we still play holes sometimes because we need to eat. So music, bars and playing pool is my life. The Band is my biggest inspiration for the past 6 months . I listen to them religously for all the lessons that can be learned about playing for the song and dealing with life.

Well I'm sorry I've been rambling on for a while so I'll get to the point. I would love to find some way to get some concert or studio footage. My hours are reversed extremely bad because of my job and it would mean alot to me if during my quiet hour i could watch vidios regarding my interests... The Band. Please if you could ,would somebody help me out with info on getting any tapes.

thank you , aaron fowler

Posted on Mon Apr 24 05:58:36 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Chuck, if you would, please show me the proof of your charge that Union Troops killed more slaves than Confederate Troops.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 04:32:22 CEST 2000 from (

brien sz

From: NJ

I always thought that Khrushchev was denied by Disney because USA/USSR wanted to close the park for a special visit but in true capitalistic fashion Disney would've of lost too much money.

Hmmm -- Maybe my impression was based on a global myth.

Posted on Mon Apr 24 04:30:52 CEST 2000 from (

Chuck Smith

From: South Carolina

I really am a fan of the band. My dad used to play an 8 track tape when i was just a boy in the early 70s. I remember loving it when "the night they drove ole dixie down " would come on ,and my dad would tell me about the song being when the south lost the Civil War. Now i am going to ask permission to sing it when my beloved Dixie comes down again at the South Carolina state house. I believe there is the same meaning for flag supporters who hate to see it come down. Not for hate, but for southern heritage that the NAACP is slowly distroying. If they would really look into it ,they would see that more slaves were killed by union troops not rebels. Anyway i am not going to preach yet. I will save it for "The night they drove ole Dixie down again"

Posted on Sun Apr 23 23:53:36 CEST 2000 from (

Little Brother

From: around Philly, PA

Hmmm, never thought about it before-- had the Band's first LP been released just a few years earlier (leaving aside the staggering improbabilities in this alternate timeline), the name "Big Pink" doubtless would have been censored for its political implications.

I suddenly flashed on a nun, c. 1961, warning us kiddies of the dangers of hidden messages and propaganda buried in innocent-seeming music. I distinctly recall her citing "Puff, the Magic Dragon"; I didn't know the tune but was pretty scared that my mind was being attacked in that way.

Even so: Crabgrass, you are a BIG SILLY!

Posted on Sun Apr 23 22:14:00 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

In light of Juan's post, I guess it is worth repeating. Ebay consistently has a plethora of Band material, including records, cd's, videos, collectibles, anything. I've had one bad experience and that was quickly rectified. A copy of Jublilation sealed just went for three dollars and fifty cents. Figure it out and enjoy yourselves.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 21:58:47 CEST 2000 from (

Juan Arriagada

From: Chile

Fantastic site. I'm a band fan from south america and i´ve discover the band when my dad had a video of the history of rock and roll with some "last waltz" clips in it. and since i've been buying some of their records (however is very difficult cause here in Chile nobody knows them so the cd stores don't have any of their cd's). I was wondering if anyone knows the internet adress of some reliable record store where i can find the CD "Live at watkins glen"...please e-mail me if you have it..thanks in advance

Posted on Sun Apr 23 21:20:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I really don't see how the Khrushchev/Disneyland reference dates me. Khrushchev's denial to visit Disneyland by the Department of State is one of the major historical events of the 20th Century as any schoolchild knows! Had Nikita's visit to the U.S. occurred a few years later I'm sure he would've wanted to attend a Band concert and hang out at Big Pink (A leftist moniker if I ever heard one!) with Bob, Tiny Tim, and the boys. Khrushchev was a farmer and would have hit it off especially well with Levon and Rick who might've even given him some tips regarding his 5 Year Agrarian Reform Plan for the Soviet Union (perhaps resulting in the triumph of Communism instead of it's demise). And he probably would've been asked to sing on a few of the Basement Tapes tracks - maybe covering Dylan's "Talkin' John Birch Society Blues" or "Million Dollar Bash" (Bob's subtle attack on the Evils of Capitalism) in the Russian language. It is well known that Rick was very open to exploring new musical directions and even said in his last interview that he would have liked to record with Liberace so I'm certain he would have also welcomed the chance to record with Nikita Khrushchev. Who wouldn't? (N.K. would have looked great on the Basement Tapes cover too!)

Posted on Sun Apr 23 18:42:36 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

A while back there was an extended discussion here about band names. I remember the heyday of groups such as Iron Butterfly and Grand Funk Railroad. The reactionary simplicity of the name, "The Band" was one of the countless things which grabbed me about our guys back in 1970. They were a radical alternative to what Robbie called "jock straps and feedback" offered by so many of those bands with the dopey names. It was fun back in eighth grade to make up goofy group names. These days there's a web address which will arbitrarily assign stupid names for music groups.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 17:54:36 CEST 2000 from (

brien sz

From: NJ

Prayers and best wishes to all GBookers and of course to the Danko family on this Easter morn.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 17:48:51 CEST 2000 from (


Rolling Stone mag report (May 11, 2000 edition): 1) Typically great epic feature by our finest R'n'R chronicler, Gerri Hirshey, entitled: WHEELS ON FIRE, with a nice shot of Levon and corvette, circa '69, plus good stuff on Elvis, Bruce and many others; 2)A list of Fran Healy's (?) top five albums of all time, with BIG PINK at #1. Kind of amazing -- several months ago, RS featured The Band in its record review section, then the very nice coverage of Rick's passing, then the R&R Hall stuff on JRR, then the Levon interview and now this. Makes the subscription worthwhile, even if the cover photo is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 16:52:22 CEST 2000 from (


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

Hippy Easter Folks, and my prayers go out to The Danko Family.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 16:34:38 CEST 2000 from (


From: Mass.

Just want to wish those who celebrate Easter a happy one and to those who do not a happy Sunday. Looking forward to the show on June 8th. Hope to put some faces with the names. Love and Peace to you all.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 12:38:07 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

From: the bathroom

Heheh..geez I hope it's Easter. Just went to pull some paper off the roll here..and a colored egg rolled out! Must've been left by the 16 year old resident Easter Bunny to make me laugh. It did. Silly Wabbit :-)

Happy Easter to everyone..especially to Sneezy and my kids...Huey, Duey, and Louie. Love you guys!

Posted on Sun Apr 23 10:48:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: the woods
Home page

Shame on you, PAUL VILSER :-), for including the sweet and kind Mrs. Lil in the same list with two blood-thirsty and slavering monsters :-)

Posted on Sun Apr 23 09:30:44 CEST 2000 from (

Paul Vilser

From: A little south of the Nordic Countries

First of all I had 'High On The Hog' on the box this Easter Sunday Morning. Isn' there a wonderful sax player? Isn't there impressing drum work? Isn't there singing one wants to hear again and again? Beeing a fan since 1970 ('Up On Cripple Creek' on the radio started it) I have all the Band cds (and a few out of the blue, and a lot of the cds of the members solos, but I feel sorry about 'High On The Hog' - it's a good one and should be more appreciated. But that's what it is all about: The Music! (Well, The Band's Music, even when there's a little more outside) No 'Feud' or anything, just The Music. "If the site were purified down to ONLY the sweet, gentle and mild, with topics confined ONLY to "nice" Band trivia or commentaries on the music, or reports of current performances or insiders, it would dwindle to a mere Buddy List." - you're right! The different voices make it interesting (Hi Lil, Crabgrass, Illka's Dog and all) Let the good times roll! PV

Posted on Sun Apr 23 07:20:45 CEST 2000 from (

Martha Page

From: Georgia

#%$&*, Crabgrass, you surely do know how to age yourself. Who remembers Nikita Khrushchev and Disneyland?

Posted on Sun Apr 23 07:09:27 CEST 2000 from (

Little Brother

From: around Philly, PA

I advocate the Big Tent approach here, and tip my Easter bonnet to Jan for his apparently inexhaustible dedication in not only keeping the joint open, but steadily improving it! I've said it before, I'll say it again: "W S Walcott's Medicine Show" is the paradigm for the site map here.

The pissers 'n moaners, the snide, the caustic, the malicious, the pedantic, the free-associationists, the tasteless, the ugly, the sentimental, the rambling and the raucous all ferment to produce a brew with a kick like Strawberry Wine. Even the loops (RR vs LH vs RR vs...), which even an alliance of the Forces of Nature, e.g. the indomitable Crabgrass and the dormant Serge, couldn't smother or cauterize, are but bubbles to tingle the nose. True, some may burn the tongue, sting the sinuses, or go down the wrong pipe-- but the scroll reflex is as good as a sneeze or a belch to move past the toxic or offensive. I'm happy to inspire such exercise, myself.

If the site were purified down to ONLY the sweet, gentle and mild, with topics confined ONLY to "nice" Band trivia or commentaries on the music, or reports of current performances or insiders, it would dwindle to a mere Buddy List.

My paschal sermon spoke, I'll leave the scrambled eggs of metaphor. 'Cause I REALLY just wanted to comment that even with all my libertarian sentiments, I nevertheless think we should be careful about dragging Current Events into this venue. Opinionated blabbermouths like me are tempted to pick up on editorials, and that's a perilous option. If someone leads off by announcing that a comment is very much off-topic, the old scroll reflex is an option. But there's a recent thread that, if pursued, could bring the Black Helicopters over the horizon before too long. I'd rather read the umpteenth anti-Robbie screed or even a set list recital than go there. I blame the fluoridated water, which ah b'lieve was the cause of Levon's throat problems. The gummint don't WANT him to sing, y'see...

Allow me to close by presenting a marshmallow chick on the topic of "songs we'd love the Band to cover" (the achronic original 5 Band, of course):

The Casinos' "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", written by JD Loudermilk. Richard for lead vocal, of course, though Rick could handle it. It's got the backup vocals and a throbbing Hammond organ solo that Garth could take to the moon. It would make your mouth water and your eyes tear... Goodnight, moon.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 06:21:55 CEST 2000 from (


From: Where The Riverly flows

Jesus Rose from The Dead.....and The Dead sang lots of Songs about Roses.......any connection?......maybe.....but I'm just here to wish y'all good morning this Easter Sunday....I heard "Daniel and The Sacred Harp" on the radio tonight.....Just Beautiful.....I also want to publicly thank Jan for formatting my wacky raving paddy yankee post like he did....THANKS!!!!! May you find all the eggs you search for today......and everyday...........HANK

Posted on Sun Apr 23 03:27:26 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Back in rainy CNY after returning from seeing Garth at the Turning Point last night. Great place for shows, the Barnburners will be there next month. Great dinner upstairs, wonderful company with our Suffern friends and tourguides Rick and Pat. I only saw the early show, and Nate already did a good job of desribing the scene. I could add a couple observations-Garth was real frisky, cracking wise and keeping the band on their toes with some unexpected turns. They did a nice tight version of Scarlet Begonias, a reminder of the history the Dead and our beloved Band share. And the Professor literally brought a few tears to my often cynical eyes when he sang a stellar version of Endlwss Highway. That song was one of my favorite Rick vocals back in the Original 5 days. He also sang Don't ya Tell Henry, reminding me all 3 voices are silenced....I also finally got to Big Pink on the way home. Caron, my dear wife, thanks for putting up with me....And a question for Diamond Lil re the post about that Newton Conn. show. Do you have any info on how and where to get tickets, any other info. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.

Posted on Sun Apr 23 02:37:30 CEST 2000 from (


More On Bayou Sam's thoughts. Love "Jubilation". With recently being introduced to: "Live On Breeze Hill" I often wonder if Rick understood what a wonderful gift he was leaving us.

With each new listen to the CD more revelations appear. There are fleeting seconds when I could swear I hear Richard. And often Levon comes through. It is almost like living in a haunted dream.

"Live On Breeze Hill" is as new as this century. Hearing "Chest Fever" is like hearing if for the first time, and yet? If you have not discovered "Live On Breeze Hill" give yourself a treat. Thank you Serdan.

Shine On All!

Posted on Sun Apr 23 00:43:49 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Of course, I neglected to mention the all-too-obvious in my previous post concerning "The Feud." Rick, Richard, Levon, and Garth's post Band careers and reputations relied heavily upon songs which wouldn't have existed without RR's songwriting skills. And they not only got to enjoy performing them but also made quite a good living from doing it. (I believe this finally concludes the GB comments regarding this matter once and for all - "It's all been said before... it's all been written in the Guest Book" to paraphrase Dylan. I say we celebrate with a bottle of champagne - Robbie's buying since he came out on top! And I hope no one's noticed I've almost done a 180 degree turn on this issue.)

I too am shocked and outraged at anyone who would point a gun at a six year old. However, it seems to me that in the past several years it's been the kids who have been doing the pointing... and shooting - quite a switcheroo! For some historical perspective, Fidel Castro's bitterness all stems from the fact that his pal Nikita Khrushchev was not allowed to visit Disneyland (the brainchild of prominent atheist and Mickey Mouse creator Walt Disney) some 40 years or so back.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 23:19:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: ulster county ny

Last night, in Brooklyn, in true easter fashion,, the Dead, rose,,,, ( with respect ),,,

At The Grand Prospect Hall, a great hall, ( where they filmed the wedding in Prizzi's Honor ) Hippies came together to celebrate VASSAR CLEMENTS 72 nd birthday,, & what a celebration it was,,, about 800 to 1000 people,, mostly in tie-die somethings,,, gathered to party & dance & shake they bootay to about 5 bands,,, jams proliferated,, what great musicians,,, Levon played with the Bennett-McGloughlin band & the Electrix,,, Vassar played with everyone,,,

They did The Wheel,,, Panama Red,, Deal,,, Caledonia, & a million other tunes i cant remember,,, banjo's, 2 fiddles, a mess a guitars,,, two drummers,,, mando players, guy singers, women singing,,, Michael Falzarano( HOT TUNA ) doing,," goin down the road,,," " Not Fade Away",,, brought some big ol smiles,, ( illegal & other) to everyones face,,, Tony Garnier & his lovely wife, stopped to say hello, as did some of the cats from the old NY Lone Star days,,,

Levon took the kids to school,,, ,, showing them ya aint gotta know the song to play it ,,,,, & that youre never too old to Rock & Roll, He played with such power & energy,,, they had a pocket a mile wide,, He was having a time with the music,, setting a groove that everyo other musician used as their base & soared from there,,,, They all thanked him, & said what a pleasure it was to play with a drummer like him,,, they crowd loved it all,,,

our young friends( They have a band & Levon encourages them to keep playin,,,, they come up & practice in his music room,, a great experience for these kids,,, ) from jersey came by,, & during the endless end-jams, i sent one of the kids up w/this guys guitar to jam with his heroes,, on a jerry tune,, he loved it,,,he stayed for 3 songs,,, he wont forget that for awhile,,, < ROFL>

But , over all,, a fun night,, & most importantly,, a GREAT NIGHT FOR VASSAR CLEMENTS,,,, truly one of the good guys,,

so,, good music still lives,, the only drag was that on the same rain-drenched night,, Phil & Phriends were @ The Beacon , & Jimmy Vivino & La Bamba were @ the Cutting Room, near brdwy,,, w/ Hubert stopping by,, so tough choices,, eh ???



Posted on Sat Apr 22 22:30:22 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York

How great is/are: -..... the horns in "Spirit Of The Dance" off Jubilation? - ....the way the three great voices we love are mixed and featured on "The Rumor"? - the harmony vocal that Rick hits on "Atlantic City" when he sings....."'cause it might get cold". He went into Richard Manuel territory on that one. -.... Levons vocal on "All La Glory"? - ....the groove Levon and Rick establish to start "Don't Do It" -.... Just about every damn thing Garth has added to any song he's ever played? -.... the fact that Robbie was willing to let everyones talent shine dispite the fact that he was the cheif (no pun intended) songwriter. He could have insisted on singing more and playing long guitar solos all the time..... I hate to go there but what the hell. -.... the interplay between Levon's mandolin and Garth's accordian on "When I Paint My Masterpiece"? -.... is the fact that we have been treated to "new" Richard Manuel vocals on the last few Band albums (I hope there are more) Well that's all from me - for now. I just felt like blurting this out and this seemed like the place to do it. Happy Easter/Passover

Posted on Sat Apr 22 21:07:26 CEST 2000 from (


From: tx,usofa

Happy Easter, thanks Jan, & everyone.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 17:28:33 CEST 2000 from (

Crowmatix/Gigs -

From: Port Ewen,NY

Salutations out there in Cyber Band Land ! ! !

I just returned last night from 2 wonderful sets of Garth, Professor Louie and The Crowmatix. After a rainy day, my wife Cheryl and I rushed down a dangerously wet and slick Thruway to catch the shows in Piermont,NY near Nyack. The Turning Point is a very,very small tavern and we were amazed that 7 musicians fit on a 10' x 6' stage. The first set was packed with people and their set was filled with new Crowmatix originals, Band favorites and of course "Garth-isms". Miss Marie can belt out a tune in the ranks with some of the tops in female blues singers. I'm still amazed how this group can transcend "Band" related music even without trying. Their versions of "Endless Highway" "Ophelia", "Wheel's On Fire" (instrumental) stirs that Band magic in my soul. New Crowmatix originals, "Division Heart & Soul" and "Restless Islands" are my absolute favorites. Garth Hudson plays his amazing "Sea To The North", which may go over average heads, but Garth can play snippets of Mozart to Dixieland to Baseball Stadium organ all in one piece then into a techno/drum part out of nowhere. He plays up to the crowd, who absolutley adore him. The rhythm section of drummer Gary Burke and bass Mike Dunn are solid as a rock and the mesh of guitarists Jimmy Eppard and Mike Demicco (who I learned tonight is from the influential band - Digital Dolphins) works well, Eppard needs to be on stage in Nashville, yes, folks he's that good. Red around the neck and a mighty axe player. Professor Louie holds it all together and smokes on keys and accordian, adding the proper touch to their classic from Levon/Crowmatix cd, "The Great Beyond" and of course the Breeze Hill track, "Next Time You See Me". This is the first time, I really analyzed this band and folks, do not miss them ! They are versatile and in a groove. Garth is phenomenal and I'm glad to see he's still making music and doing his own thing. I heard from a source last night that Garth's hard at work on his own solo record. He also mentioned that the Louie/Crowmatix cd is due this summer. I can't wait. Personally, no BS, catch these guys & gal when they hit your town. Great, honest music and some truly nice people.
You all have a beautiful weekend and we thank the Garth & Crowmatix for making the start of this holiday weekend special.

Peace to all -
Nate/Cheryl - Port Ewen,NY

Posted on Sat Apr 22 15:44:20 CEST 2000 from (


Best "Boy Band" - hey, I love it! But I'm not sure the other four could do the Danko Happy Dance Shuffle. Funny to think about though. Happy holidays - both Easter and Passover to all... on my way out to the in-laws for the weekend, which will mean lots of food, drink, and music. Let's hope I don't scare away the Easter Bunny with my rendition of singing. Have a good one!

Posted on Sat Apr 22 15:30:18 CEST 2000 from (


This post is not Band scroll on by if that bothers you.

Early this morning, armed officals from this 'home of the free' of which I am not very happy to be living in right now, ripped a scared and crying 6 year old boy from the home and the arms of his relatives. Is there any justification in this? Why is is ok for anyone to use violence and intimidation? Law enforcement not only condones violence..but uses it themselves. I am absolutely sickened by what I just saw on tv here. Sticking a gun in the face of a terrified 6 year old????

Sorry. But you know what..there's a whole lot more going on the in world than who wrote the damned songs. I just hope the nest generation of Americans can do something to fix what's gone so terribly wrong. The way of the world is truly upside down.

Peace. Please. No more violence. Thanks for listening.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 14:49:51 CEST 2000 from (


From: ns

The Band was the best "Boy Band" ever. Can you imagine if they had done some synchronized dancing?

Posted on Sat Apr 22 13:31:06 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

We interrupt this all-important who-did-what-to-who discussion to bring you a few trivial tidbits:

Rick's last cd is nearing completion, with the help of the many folks at Woodstock/Breezehill Records who loved him. Perhaps when this cd comes out, it'll help folks remember what's really important.

On another Rick-related note, I do hope that alot of you folks are planning to attend the benefit/memorial show in June. The Gurus, The Crowmatix, The Barnburners, and some very special guests. It promises to be a memorable night.

And lastly, Levon and The Barnburners are touring...and if they come anywhere near where you are...see em! They put on a wonderful show that'll leave you smiling and wanting more.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled soap opera...

Posted on Sat Apr 22 11:52:41 CEST 2000 from (

Michael Shiloh

From: Texas

Great points, R. Pence. Please forgive my morbid approach but I just hope nothing happens to the genius Garth Hudson. (I still can't get over the fact that Richard and Rick are gone!) But can you imagine a world in which Robbie and Levon duke it out until one of them is left? (You're right, Kelly, it's just a battle of egos.) C'mon you guys, get over yourselves. Robbie, every time your fingers hit the strings it moves me (to my mind, no guitarist has ever topped the live 1966 "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues") but your singing has been mostly disappointing (aside from "Out of The Blue," "To Kingdom Come" and your first solo album, each of which showed flashes of brilliance). Levon, you sing every song like you're giving it all you've got, like no one else in the world. But what would you do if someone handed you an electric guitar and said "Here, just play along while Dylan sings. It's easy." Or: "Here, come up with lots and lots of great lyrics and tunes or you don't make it big?" (Of course, the feud between you two is a great way to keep The Band in the media, but how long can you milk it?) Most of all, wouldn't you love to hear Garth's take on it all?

Posted on Sat Apr 22 08:15:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Regarding the perennial Robbie/Levon feud which I'm no longer taking sides on since I feel that Levon should have brought this up years ago and also as has recently been pointed out he never availed himself of legal recourse - however, I don't think it's been observed here before that although Robbie may have gotten most of the money for his writing credits the others got to sing, play, and enjoy these great songs most of their lives in front of countless adoring and grateful Band fans while Robbie abandoned them and was unable to share in this. Money is not the only value you can get out of something and it's not always the most important thing either.

Happy Easter to all you believers out there!! (BTW I do like jelly beans and chocolate bunnies!)

Posted on Sat Apr 22 07:39:31 CEST 2000 from (


R. Pence - I must agree with all points made. It seems really like the end came due to the fact that both Robbie and Levon have HUGE egos, and that is where the split began. You are right also in the fact, that if the song writing credits were truly an issue, why wait how many years?

As far as the interviews go, I remember a few years ago (actually probably longer than that, but hey age is catching up to me!) Levon gave an interview to the Dallas Observer. I remember being so excited, and couldn't wait to pick up a copy when I found one. I never did finish the article it was so negative, it may be on the site, but truthfully, I have never looked.

I also remember reading the interviews that Robbie gave to Rolling Stone and Musician when he came out with his first solo album. I agree, tact is not the man's strong point. He may dress the part, and try to act the part, but face it the first thing that comes to his mind seems to comes out of his mouth. Personally, I think that the comment he makes about Indians can't/shouldn't drink is derogatory - then he goes off to this "search for the roots" with the Indian Nations behind him, despite his tacky remarks. He also made some pretty rude statements about Rick Danko, who was his friend. Think about it, was there really a need for a remark about Rick looking like the tail gunner who lost both of his men? To me it came across as insentative to Rick, and the loss he was suffering by losing two of his close friends; but also, not caring who in Rick's family or friends may have read something that came across as being downright "mean" towards Rick.

Both of these men are very talented in their own rights. Together they were incredible. However, I find it increasingly sad to see that the only way either of them seem to feel good about themselves is by cutting others down. Especially each other.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 06:29:34 CEST 2000 from (


Home page

Sure and BeJaysus, What????!!!!! Sure, ya can't be pleasin' everyone, what? Toor a loor a loor ah.........Tonight I played poker with some old school buddies and won too!! During the course of the evening we listened to a whole buncha music in the background....Motown, Marvin Gaye, Little Feat and then all of a sudden our poker host put on RRs solo album. I had'nt listened to it for a while; it sounded alright until Peter Gabriel started to sing..... nothing against the man, I like some of his his stuff alot, but to me, the whole thing just didn't gel...... I didn't say anything but our host took it off after a coupla tracks.....THEN when the game was all over at around three thirty, I got in my car and "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" came on the radio!!!!!!

I always liked THAT track.......but I still think that album woulda stood the test of time better if Levon played all the drums and Rick played all the bass and Garth "got the songs together" folks, don't get up in arms about it.....that's just my opinion..........S. WENCES........I'm actually a New Yorker who chooses to live here in Cork.

My Mom is Irish and my Dad was a North American from NYC. For the record, I LOVE playing songs I've learned from listening to The Band.........I can't understand why you think I'm wasting GB space I've said before there are NO editors here, NO deadlines and besides, there's loadsa cyber space for EVERYONE ......even you!!!!!!! It's getting a bit tiresome reading your tirades against me or anyone else here.......I'd rather read what YOU love about The Band.......Is there anything at all? Anytime I ever see YOU here lately you're moaning about me or someone else.........I mean, I don't care.....and you are allowed to do it....... just as much as I can write about what Band songs I play at my gigs or hear on the radio...............or put dots in between words...........see what I mean?........But, c'mon, dude give us a glimmer about what YOU like about The Band and stop railing at me.......I mean, it's very obvious I annoy you......and all the regulars here know that........but it would be truly wonderful to read an entry from you about what The Band do for YOU.......and NOT how the contents of The GB annoy you.........then again, if you wanna post more about how I or anyone else annoys you.......I'll look forward to it just like any other entry I read here..........for me, it's like I'm still trying to comprehend that this stuff here on the GB goes on AT ALL!!!!

It's GREAT........and now with that........I shall away now with the fairys and elves across lush meadows where there's 40 shades of Green and 60 shades of Red and Shane McGowan and Van Morrison dance away at the crossroads with Eric Clapton singing Robert Johnson songs with The Chieftains and The Corrs backing him and begob, Officer O'Reilly......I think I'll be off to bed......I had tooo many mushrooms in me stew, Father

......Have a great weekend one and of the morning to ya!!!!!...........HANK

Posted on Sat Apr 22 06:25:07 CEST 2000 from (

Amanda R

From: New Zealand

Second post from me today but I wanted to second the thanks and appreciation to the host and contributors to this website. I've been lurking round here for some months now & I'm still finding new & interesting things here

Also wanted to relate an odd coincidence...I was just reading a magazine (the New Zealand Listener) and was suprised to see none other than Peter Viney's name in it.

They have a small column where readers can write in with questions. Someone had written in to ask about the origns of "the Night they drove old Dixie down". The journalist answered the question citing an article by Peter Viney as the source of her information. She concluded by suggesting that anyone who wanted to read the whole article could find it on the internet by typing the song title into a search engine. Further proof (not that any was needed) of the usefulness and accessibility of this website.

Oh yes, while I'm here I may as well mention another similarity I thought between Shane Magowan and Robbie Robertson. Both were brought up as Catholics and both use religious imagery in their song-writing

Now I'm off to find the Procol Harum website.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 06:19:44 CEST 2000 from (


From: floating in/on the Thames

London, Ont. the centre (center) of controversy, say it isn't so. I'll set speakers out on my porch tonight and start a very loud Van the Man tribute and see who I can flush out. If I'm not arrested, I'll report back soon with my findings.......until then ramble on Hank and company. Peace and Happy Easter.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 06:16:40 CEST 2000 from (

R. Pence

From: Casper, Wyoming

I've just read the recent Rolling Stone article on Levon Helm and would like to offer my views in hope of generating dialogue.

1. It's hard to get used to a world where the three Band voices are silent.

2. I dislike the actions and words of Levon and Robbie about one another's actions and words. Surely I'm naive, but I thought that since the Band's music is so special and unique that the Band itself was--but now I find that they are torn apart by the same almost Spinal Tap-ish ridiculous meanness that afflicts all sorts of lesser groups.

3. Something doesn't add up about the charges that Levon and Robbie level. A few concerns:

a. Robbie began getting most of the writing credits on the very first Band album and got more and more until the end. I don't understand what took Levon so long to protest this, especially given his assertiveness and his experience in the business that he was in before Robbie.

b. Robbie's words about the other Band members are ill-chosen--he's not one for tact, and he is one to believe his own publicity (because he's good at creating it--that's show business). But, whether or not we like what he said, it's important to remember what Ronnie Hawkins said: "Sometimes the boys get mad at Robbie because he's done all right, but they shouldn't. He took care of business."

c. If Robbie was using the Danko memorial as a way of settling scores with a person or people, this is appalling. It's too bad that he and Levon couldn't have come to a reconciliation, but, as someone who has attended his share of funerals, I've found that such occasions are more likely to be where old wounds stay open.

d. I think Robbie feels guilty about Rick Danko for some reason, and I think Levon feels guilty about Richard because he makes a point of complaining about Richard being cut out of the Last Waltz, but not the others.

e. Robbie says neither he nor Scorsese were paid for the Last Waltz. Levon says no one but Robertson and Scorsese made money. Someone's lying. Or maybe both are; that's what I think.

f. If Robbie took advantage of one/all Band members, that is wrong, he should be sued, and if Levon has a real case there are lawyers who would be lining up to take it. But there is little doubt that the Band members - all grown men, all professionals - allowed themselves to be taken advantage of.

g. Based on what I know of the making of the Last Waltz, all the Band members had their opportunities to be featured in the movie but most of them resisted it. So I don't know if it was a matter of being cut out as much as it was a matter of cutting themselves out.

h. In many ways, Levon's solo career has been far, far more successful than Robbie's. He's been in more movies and been better in them than Robbie, whose film career never went anywhere. Levon's made more records, performed in front of more people, and been in the public eye much more frequently than his smoother rival. So I don't see how Robbie's actions have hurt Levon especially, though they might have harmed the others--who, interestingly, haven't become part of this fight that should end for the sake of the men and the music.

I've gone on for a while and I hope folks will get something out of what I've said and might have something to say in return.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 05:32:44 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

While perusing the website of one of my favorite bands, Procol Harum, I discovered this interesting bit. It is from an interivew with Kenny White, a dear friend of Procol's brilliant drummer BJ Wilson: "Well (BJ) had learnt snare drum with the Boys' Brigade, and he taught himself guitar, and the mandolin, as you know from the credit on Grand Hotel. He may have taken up mandolin because his great hero Levon Helm played mandolin as well. They were good friends. I know Procol had met The Band, and Barrie and Levon got on well. In about 1968 (must be later), for my birthday, a whole bunch of us went to hear The Band play the Albert Hall; Barrie nipped out to see Levon in the interval and lots of our party went back to his hotel afterwards. Levon kissed the ladies' hands like a real Southern gentleman." I've said this before, but the Procol Harum website is probably the second best music site on the WWW, and that is the highest compliment I can give it.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 02:32:25 CEST 2000 from (


Hey!! I'm listening to "Hotel Buick", and it sounds like there's two drummers. I assume Levon's probably playing the drums. Did Levon add another drum track or is there someone else playing drums with Levon? Just curious. I always discover certain parts of the song that I didn't hear before. Anyway, I love that song.

Have a good night everyone!!

Posted on Sat Apr 22 00:42:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: st kitts

Hi folks!

For those of you who get Austin City Limits on your local PBS station, tonight at 9 pm there is a tribute to the late Doug Sahm by the surviving members of the Texas Tornados.

Should be a great show, so get those VCR's ready : )

Happy Easter to everyone in the GB.

Posted on Sat Apr 22 00:26:52 CEST 2000 from (

Amanda R

From: New Zealand

Since there seems to be an Irish flavour to Guest Book at present I thought I'd mention something I've just been pondering...

I don't know how much of an overlap there is between Band fans and Pogues fans but I'm both. And I think there are some similarities between them:

1. They both feature accordions.

2. Shane Magowan and Robbie Robertson both "tell stories" about other people in their song writing.

3. Just as the Band build up traditional Southern music the Pogues build upon traditional Irish music.

4. I find Shane Magowan's rendition of "Waltzing Mathilda" as evocative and moving as Levon's version of "The Night they drove old Dixie down."

Happy Easter to everyone in Band Land and happy Anzac Day to Australasian Band fans out there.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 23:25:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: PA

Van the man has one of the greatest voices in music and has influenced many of the greats including Bono and Springsteen. If that is an Irish voice attempting to sound american, then give me more!

Happy Easter to all! Including you Crabby!

Posted on Fri Apr 21 23:08:46 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Nomad

From: far north

Just a brief observation: PV, i wud think that if yr assumption re "S" were correct, the individual in question wud have spelled "colorful" as "colourful." Just a hypothesis.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 21:28:35 CEST 2000 from (


Many thanks to Dag Braathen for the great Garth Hudson blues improvisation. The man really is the versatile version of the late Glenn Gould. I play the piano many hours a day, but I wish I could play like our Garth. I can't even make Rag Mama Rag rag!

Irish Hank: shine on... I enjoy your dots a lot... :-) And this is to Ilkka's dog: I haven't heard Your Master's Voice lately. You bit him really hard didn't you?

And Jan - this site of beauty is a joy forever.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 21:14:20 CEST 2000 from (


I looked at the "What's New" section, and was pleased to see the scan of the lobby card. I picked one up with Robbie and Rick a few years ago at a little shop not far from the house for about $3.00. If my memory serves me well, there was about a box full, as well as full size posters from The Last Waltz, and still photo's. I don't remember them being outrageously priced for any of their items in reference to The Band. If anyone would like, I'll try to swing by there next week and see what they still have. I'll report back after my trek to this store - just passed it the other day so I know it's still there, and pass on the info to all of you.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 19:24:14 CEST 2000 from (


From: Chicago

Hey, man! This is really a great website dedicated to everything the band has done. I think The Band is definitely one of the best bands that I've heard, but they are way too under-appreciated! Thanks for the website! If you're wondering why all the ___ well, my spacebarisbroken!!!! Thanks again!

I replaced your _s with spaces. Please do not post without spaces again, it makes the guestbook hard to read when you write looong lines. Thanks.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 19:04:07 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

From: my real e-mail address

My philsophy on troublemakers is that they’re best ignored and left to stew in their own spit and venom. But I’m not walking past the comment on Van Morrison. I assume that this is what "S," Wencelas means by that "turkey Morrison". If he’s referring to Jim Morrison, I still think it’s plain nasty, but I’m no fan. Maybe SW has never heard a Northern Irish accent before. I know that London, Ontario is a long way from (London)Derry. Van has a tinge of American inflection, but seeing that he lived in the USA between 1968 and 1974 at a formative period, and was married to an American, that is only to be expected. Though the Ulster accent is distinctively different it shares several vowel values with North American pronunciation. I think you’ll find that Van’s North American collaborators like Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson, Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, Dr John, John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan, Pee Wee Ellis, Junior Wells, Jimmy Witherspoon had no trouble in reaching a musical understanding. Van Morrison has steadily produced at least one good album a year for thirty years. Several of them are masterpieces. He has gradually accumulated a body of work that no one in rock can rival for consistency, not even Dylan. He keeps going, he has a wide range of styles and though rumour has it that he’s a miserable so-and-so, that at least should put him in SW’s good books.

Another word on accents and "Americana" songs. During the days of heavy immigration combined with westward expansion, "foreign" accents would have been extremely common on the frontier. Therefore there’s nothing at all incongrous about (say) Jonas Fjeld singing "One More Shot" or someone singing any Americana song in an Irish accent.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 17:24:04 CEST 2000 from (

G-Man (Ralph G)

From: Bflo., N.Y.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Reading all the info. re. THE BAND really special. What I wouldn't give for one more show, the new group with RICK and Levon bringing it all home. Hey, are any of the Szelests out their ? Haven't seen since the benefit at the Blues Room ? I you are, I ordered R LIVE ON BREEZE HILL 2x and still waitin ?? Thank God for tapes, cd's, and videos. BAND forever-- KEEP ON ROCKIN'.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 15:35:34 CEST 2000 from (


Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 15:15:05 CEST 2000 from (

Molly Z.

Hey!! Just wanna wish everyone a happy & safe Easter this weekend. I especially want to thank Jan for all the time & effort put into this whole website. If it wasn't for this website, I wouldn't have met you guys at all!!

Also, have a good day!!

Posted on Fri Apr 21 14:55:45 CEST 2000 from (


Just want to thank everyone that's contributed here lately, nice to get some "new" and interesting stuff. Without Lee, Lil, Jonathan, Dag, Steve, Liz, Peter, Serge, fish, Dick, Tom, James, ... and all the rest of you helpers, friends and visitors, this site wouldn't exist.

Serge, if you're still here: Can you please send me an e-mail? Can't find your correct e-mail address in my archives, and I've got something for you here.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 14:37:19 CEST 2000 from (


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

Be good this weekend, and give someone/anyone a hug :)

Posted on Fri Apr 21 14:26:46 CEST 2000 from (


Almost forgot(there I go, taking up more GB space. I should talk). HANK: don't forget to tell us everytime you talk to yourself, and what you say. As you did in your last post. Don't forget all that important punctuation. All the periods, quotation, exclamation marks. All the upper case "important" stuff, etc. Makes for a very colorful entry.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 13:47:15 CEST 2000 from (


Hey irishman from Cock. Make sure sure you keep telling us all about your gigs and the set list played at each one. And how great and popular you are. It's fascinating. I am sure that we're all interested. Don't worry about all the GB space that you're pissing away daily. By the way do you sing all these tunes with an irish accent?? I hope not. IMHO, there's nothing sadder than a Brit or an Irish trying to sound American. Just listen to that turkey Morrison.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 13:10:31 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. Peace.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 07:51:29 CEST 2000 from (


From: SF Bay Area

David P., thanks for the info on CD releases (finally) of more Emmylou records. She remains one of my favorites. Her box set is a gem! Rodney Crowell's songwriting is a perfect match. Love his music too. Crabgrass, caught Link Wray out here a few years ago. Fabulous show till he fell off the stage and was carried away with a twisted knee. Surf's up. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. It's so great to see green leaves again!

Posted on Fri Apr 21 05:47:43 CEST 2000 from (


From: Colorado (but not across the geat divide)
Home page

Last night I went a bar to hear a friends band. During a break they asked if I would join them at one point to play and sing "The Weight". Of course I would! After the set stared some young guys(21-22 yrs) came in and sat at the next table and I overheard them say they wanted to hear, you guessed it, "The Weight"! I leaned over and told them to go ask the guys in the band between songs and maybe they would oblige! When I got up on stage I gave it all I had and these guys loved it. Ironically afterwards I had a bit of a trouble with an older guy who claimed out of the blue that Kristofferson had written that song in '72. I told him "amazing feat" since it was in Easy Rider in '68. The young guys were far more knowledgable about The Band than I would ever imagined. There is hope!

Posted on Fri Apr 21 04:54:36 CEST 2000 from (


Home page

Well, tonight I played a gig in a village called BALLYDEHOB in West Cork with a mandolin player by the name of Ray Barron....for the record, we performed, amongst other songs, "Twilight", "Dixie", "The Weight" and "A Deuce and a Quarter".......but the thing I wanna tell y'all about is that when I pulled into my driveway after driving the 70 odd miles from BALLYDEHOB I was listening to my car-radio and was just about to turn it off when I said to myself, "No, give it one more song....see if you like it...." the next song was "Rag Mama Rag"!!!.........sat there and turned it up and grooved......all youse statesiders are sooooo lucky to be seeing Levon and The Barnburners and Garth 'n' all.....DEB......that mandolin player and I put out an album last Jan. and the last track on it is a "A Deuce and a Quarter" gotta love that song, doncha? I'll check out the song you mentioned...... You gotta love The Band.....have a GOOD FRIDAY..............HANK

Posted on Fri Apr 21 04:39:41 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Carmen, the Band's performance from Saturday Night Live exists in fragments on a number of videos. "Dixie" appears on a Jeff Bridges-hosted History of Rock And Roll, while Carnival and (I think) Stage Fright are on the Canadian-produced "The Band-A Video Biography". The two things missing are "Georgia" which I haven't seen anywhere except the original broadcast and one re-broadcast, and the walkdown at the end of Dixie which has been edited out of the performance by some idiot.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 04:32:30 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Nicky Hopkins and The Band? The most obvious link is that Hopkins joined Hudson, Helm, Danko and Robertson on Ringo's 1973 RINGO album. Anyone else?

Posted on Fri Apr 21 04:19:23 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

Hey Nate-I'll see you at the Turning Point tomorrow, only at the early show unfortunately. Dinner first, just like you. I don't know how to describe myself. I guess if you see a beautiful woman(my wife) and wonder "what's she doing with that guy?" then that'll be me. ...BTW I'm seriously condidering that Rick danko tribute on 6/8 in CT. Sounds like a great line-up.

Posted on Fri Apr 21 04:13:31 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

I'm watching VH1's 25 years of Saturday Night Live Music hosted by Al Franken who stated "in his 15 years with SNL, he witnessed many great bands like The BAND, Clapton etc. ..." Thought this was cool that he mentioned the BAND first. Anyway, I am watching to see if they show the BAND performance.

Thanks for the RR article. I don't think this shows a bad side to RR at all. He never comes close to being negative about the others, unlike some recent article in RS!

Posted on Fri Apr 21 01:37:39 CEST 2000 from (

Cousin Lori

From: Outta the Blue

How's this for dreaming . . . little Jonny Lang jammin' with Levon, Amy, How cool would that be?

Posted on Fri Apr 21 00:51:34 CEST 2000 from (

Runar Boyesen

From: Notodden,Norway

Hi,Norway calling. Great to learn that Levon is enjoying himself behind his drumkit these days.My hometown, Notodden,hosts every year an international bluesfestival and I would love to see him performing over here with Amy and the Barnburners, maybe next year`s festival?

Posted on Fri Apr 21 00:11:54 CEST 2000 from (


From: Port Ewen,NY

Greetings All !

My wife and I are taking the roadtrip tomorrow night down the old thruway to check out the Garth/Professor Louie/Crowmatix show at the Turning Point. Should be a hot one!!! Given the performance I saw them do in the Bottom Line - NYC a few months back! Garth has taken front and center and is absolutley brilliant in his own eclectic/funny way. My wife loves the "Garth-isms"....... :-) They do "This Wheels On Fire" instrumental and always chokes me up. (Miss you Ricky D ! ) We're gonna have some dinner and do both sets as they are playing 2 shows. See ya'll down there! Rock in this Easter weekend with your necessary dose of Garth/Louie and The Crowmatix ! !

Peace - Nate

Posted on Fri Apr 21 00:02:24 CEST 2000 from (


From: New York

I am a very big fan of Nicky Hopkins. Are there any links between him and the Band, or individual members of the Band?

Posted on Thu Apr 20 23:44:47 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Nomad

From: north of the border

Envy all of you who can simply get in yr wheels and drive to Joyous.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 23:17:39 CEST 2000 from (


From: Chicago

Is Robbie associated with the group A3, the guys that do the opening song for the cable TV show The Sopranos? It sounds a lot like his solo work, to me.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 23:16:02 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Sims

From: Syracuse,New York

I saw on this sight that Levon was playing on 4-19-00 at Joyous Lake in Woodstock with his new band, so I drove down to check them out. It was good to see him playing again, he truly is a very gifted drummer. Great licks, Great feel, he really lays down a great groove for the band.And Amy Helm with a voice like hers will certainly have a long career singing. I wish them both the very best.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 21:54:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

enjoyed the new stuff added to the site, Peter V.'s Elvis notes, the Robbie article and the new Sonny Boy site is terrific. thanks to everyone and Jan!

Posted on Thu Apr 20 21:45:41 CEST 2000 from (

Johan F.

From: Sweden

When reading the MUSICIAN article posted on this (wonderful) web site today, the feeling of "deja-vu" was very strong ... I knew I had read most of this before. And of course it's all in the book of that vulture Barney Hoskyns, scattered all over, mostly without crediting the source. Another thing: That huge scan of the Breeze Hill cover makes an excellent "wallpaper" on your Windows desktop, at least with my screen resolution (1024 X 768). Just right-click it and choose "set as wallpaper" in Netscape.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 20:45:07 CEST 2000 from (


More news: Now there are 50.000 Norwegians in the Swedish city of 10.000 people, only 20 miles from this server. Drinking, fighting, police reinforcements...(As a Finn I remain neutral.)
Safe holiday to the whole gb community.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 20:26:27 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

I will be spending the next few days in and around Williamsburg Va. Amoung the other things we will be doing will visiting Appomattox Court house. For those who don't remember your U.S. history, this is where Lee surrendered to Grant. I have been told that "The Night they drove Dixie down" is played at the end of the short film they show there. Hope it's The Band and not the Joan. Well have a wonderful and safe Easter. Till next time.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 19:31:50 CEST 2000 from (


From: this side of the border

At this very moment appr 15.000 Norwegian youngsters (many of them from the city of JAN!) are "having fun" in the Swedish city of Stromstad near the border. I'm following it on the TV news. If I see our noble webmaster sitting on a roof of a car, I will send a message :-)
Have a very good holiday!

Posted on Thu Apr 20 18:54:43 CEST 2000 from (

Rick S.

From: Suffern, NY

I saw Levon and the Barn Burners at Joyous Lake last night with 3 friends from Orange County. I saw them with Bashful Bill and his son on 12/29 and they were great. Last night the group was so tight it was unbelievable. Levon's drumming was the best ever. They are ready for their southern tour- don't miss them. Levon is so gracious and the hospitality at JL is the best. The group played some new songs (one they rehearsed upstairs at the intermission and performed in the second set). All the new songs were great. Can't wait for their CD.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 18:52:04 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

I have always agreed with the notion that as the Band became successful, the five equal parts began to go out of the music. What happens if Robbie decides not to take control of the situation?

Posted on Thu Apr 20 18:32:45 CEST 2000 from (

Mike McNally

From: EMI Records UK

Just a quick note re: 'The Shape I'm In'. The review printed credits Barney Hoskyns as the sequencer of the album. In his defence I was the compiler and sequencer and while there was a danger of messing with the view of how these tracks should run I was aiming to deliver not a chronological history but one that captured the breadth, talent and soul of The Band -which sounds pretty easy if you say it fast but was not so easy in practise. 75 minutes can never be enough time. I am indebted to Barney for the great sleevenotes and for making sure I didn't leave off 'Acadian Driftwood' (which I had!) and for his other suggestions. Great album to work on and the music never pales. Great site!

Posted on Thu Apr 20 17:44:41 CEST 2000 from (


Just a reminder for those in the New York area that Garth and the Crowmatix are playing two shows tomorrow (Friday) night, 7:30 and 10:00, at the Turning Point. Details and directions at

Posted on Thu Apr 20 17:05:49 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Hello Band fans: Just read the Rolling Stone article on Levon. Kinda depressing with all that negativity, but at least it had it's bright points too. Seems like Levon is having a good time w/ his new band and I can't wait to hear Amy. The article also mentioned that Levon may try to sing again someday (I'm keepin' my fingers crossed). I sure hope I've not alienated myself here in the GB with that whole feud thang w/ Crabgrass. Later John

Posted on Thu Apr 20 16:52:24 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Just thought I'd mention some up-coming releases from some Band-related artists: On May 9th independent-label, Eminent Records will release two albums from Emmylou Harris, "Cimarron" and "Last Date." Neither of these have previously been available on CD in the U.S. and the latter has never been issued before as a CD anywhere.

I was lucky to receive advance copies of both of these deluxe CD reissues. They have been remastered from the original two-track master tapes by the original producer, Brian Ahern, along with Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. The result is the clean detailed sound of digital, smoothly balanced with analog-like warmth. Both CDs feature deluxe packaging with glossy cardboard outer-sleeve covers in addition to the standard jewel boxes, along with new photos, complete lyrics and liner notes. "Cimarron" includes a rare bonus cut written by Rodney Crowell and "Last Date" has two bonus songs (all three of these were available previously only as B-sides on 45 singles).

"Cimarron" was a studio album which was first issued in 1981 and "Last Date", featuring Emmylou's Hot Band, was recorded live during a tour of California honky-tonks in 1982. I highly recommend both of these CDs. They richly display Emmylou's soaring alto voice along with her talent for choosing great material, as well as some of the finest back-up musicians you'll ever hear.

Also set for release on May 9th, newly-remastered versions of "Blood On The Tracks" and "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" from Sony/Legacy!

Posted on Thu Apr 20 16:38:59 CEST 2000 from (


A couple of threads lately have dealt with songwriting and with the Keith Richards-Band collaboration on "Deuce and a Quarter". Tying the two threads together, I'd recommend that folks check out "Cadillac Jack's #1 Son", an album by Kevin Gordon, who wrote "Deuce and a Quarter". He's a north Louisiana boy and a fine writer. You'll be glad you picked this one up.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 15:11:13 CEST 2000 from (

Just Wonderin'

I saw Mickey Gilley in Missouri a few years back. He mentioned being cousins to both Swaggert and Jerry Lee. Said he loved Jerry Lee, but as for cousin Jimmy...well he thought he had strayed...very cool remark.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 09:03:32 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Apologies for not mentioning my favorite on-again-off-again Christian Minister in my last post - the incredible Little Richard! Saw two Jerry Lee Lewis shows within the past 3 years in NYC at the recently closed Tramps - a good venue holding several hundred where Emmylou Harris and Link Wray also did superb shows within the same time span. Jerry Lee did mention cousin Jimmy Swaggart at one of the shows - somewhat disparagingly (which pleased me, of course - and no Swaggart fans were there to boo him off the stage either). There's a great video of Jerry Lee Lewis performing with a host of superstars including Van Morrison which has just been re-released on VHS (maybe DVD too) - just saw a copy at Tower Records (shouldn't they upgrade to Tower CDs?) Anyway, the 1988 show taped at the Hammersmith Odeon (a great theater for shows - I saw a 26 year old Springsteen there in 1975) has some terrific overhead shots of the keyboard, excellent close-ups and is about an hour long. The price is $14.95. I found a copy about 5 years ago and haven't seen another one 'til the new re-release with different packaging (the theater is called by what must be it's current name). If you like Jerry Lee (and who doesn't?) run out and buy it before they're all gone. Incidentally, I should point out that the superstars are all sidemen - it's Jerry Lee's show all the way. I have watched it dozens of times and it keeps getting better.

Posted on Thu Apr 20 06:09:59 CEST 2000 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Been mostly watching the GB lately... with not much to say... Just read the Rolling Stone interview though... Didn't care for it... at all... maybe the writer should have talked more about the Barn Burners...

Anyway, I would love to hear a sound clip of Amy's jazzy voice on this site if any lucky soul can do us a favour... also looking forward to the CD too...

Now as far as doing something with burning anger... I say take the Rolling Stones and the Beatles from the VH1 #1 and #2 slots and throw em with the zipidee-do-dah for the moment... because the Band and CSN&Y have always been the best bands in my mind... and if you consider offshoots it's no contest... and I don't see Elvis doing an extended version of Bluebird or any Slo Burn either...

Posted on Thu Apr 20 05:00:10 CEST 2000 from (


From: Kentucky

I wanted to thank my fellow band fans who took the time out to give me the information regarding the Barnburner show in Memphis. It was greatly appreciated! This site is wonderful for that reason. I can post something and have a response in no time flat. BANDHEADS are THE greatest fans ever!! To anyone still wondering; Levon and The barnburners are supposed to be playing in Memphis Tennessee on May 6 and May 7, at a venue called Blue City cafe 138 Beale Street, (901) 526-3637....Also please make a note of the annual Beale Street Music Festival taking place on the same dates. I think it is an added bonus, even though Levon is enough for me.! Hope to see ya there! Peace out and God bless. Mid

Posted on Thu Apr 20 04:59:13 CEST 2000 from (

Bob Wyman

From: Colorado
Home page

Hi all! Would you please go to the homepage I have listed, read it and forward it to everyone you know. It is about a friend of a friend who lost all of his musical equipment and his vehicle through theft. Maybe we can all help find it for him. Thanks Bob

Posted on Thu Apr 20 03:27:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: Missouri

For those wanting more info on Barnburners in Memphis: Blue City Cafe 138 Beale St Memphis, TN 38103-3712 Phone: (901) 526-3637 Fax: (901) 526-6931

Posted on Wed Apr 19 22:52:25 CEST 2000 from (


Re: Elvis possibly being inspired by The Band's "Promised Land" from Moondog Matinee.

Consider that Elvis was once asked who he liked to listen to late at night? He answered: "Ever heard of a cat named Ronnie Hawkins"

Shine On!

Posted on Wed Apr 19 19:14:38 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

Check the new (4/27)_Rolling Stone_ for an article on Levon: "Levon Helm's Next Waltz". It does have some of the old Lee vs Robbie bile, but is pretty interesting re:post-Band Barn Burner. The RS web site doesn't have this.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 18:27:29 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Following this Elvis / Jerry Lee Lewis thread: Many music critics & writers have mentioned that 1957 marked a pivotal point in rock & roll. Due to several events that took place that year, a void was created that opened up the competition, so to speak. It was the year that Little Richard, at the peak of his career, abandoned rock music and entered bible college to prepare for the ministry.

Two other significant events occurred in December of 1957. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year old third cousin, Myra Gale Brown. When news of the marriage was revealed the following year, while on tour in England, Jerry Lee's skyrocketing career was abruptly brought to a halt.

That same month, Elvis received his induction notice from the armed forces. Although he was granted a two-month extension, his career too was put on hold when he entered the Army early the next year.

It was around this same time that 17-year old Levon Helm hooked up with Ronnie Hawkins and began a music journey that would soon take him up to Canada. Meanwhile, in the North Country of the U.S., a teenager named Zimmerman was preparing to embark on a journey of his own.

By the way, in addition to Rev. Swaggert and Myra, another of Jerry Lee's cousins worth noting is the urban cowboy himself, Mickey Gilley.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 18:25:21 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

The DVD version of "Classic Albums" is wonderful! The picture and sound is much better than the VHS. It gives a detailed discography of each member as a special feature( not as detailed as this site obviously).

Posted on Wed Apr 19 18:07:00 CEST 2000 from (

Janet Little

From: Boston
Home page

Just passing through.....great site. Best wishes, Janet

Posted on Wed Apr 19 16:32:48 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Hello everyone! Got some tips for the fella on the Highway 61 thang by Levon. I got the video from PBS (It was kinda pricey), then I dubbed it down to my Roland 16 track digital recorder (had to use a noise filter to filter out the VCR hum). Then, burnt it onto CD for myself! Chances are, you don't have that sorta equipment, but maybe you can find some body who does. As for the Elvis/Band thing, WIERD! The My Love thang, even Wierder, but hey, to each his own. The Rolling Stones/Band connection (I know, I'm a bit behind the game): Keith Richards played w/ the Band on the song "Duece and a Quarter" Remeber? That was GREAT. Richards sounded good. He shoulda joined the Band and left the Stones! (No offense to Jim Weider) As far as Richards singing, why the hell do the stones need Jagger anyway? Later John

Posted on Wed Apr 19 14:38:03 CEST 2000 from (


Home page

Since Crabby pointed out that Jimmy Swaggert is Jerry Lee's first made me think of when I saw Jerry Lee here in Ireland at a festival in Tramore Co. Waterford back in 1993.....Dylan and Ray Charles were also on the bill..a great show......Dylan was SUPPOSED to close the show but it was announced that Jerry Lee would instead....fair dues to Bob.....anyhow.....Jerry Lee was reelin'rockin'rollin'n'rollickin' as only HE can when, in between songs, he acknowledged the crowds enthusiasm and appreciation and said "Yeah, folks know, YOU FOLKS KNOW about The Father, The Son and THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! Yeah!........" The crowd roared back at him and he went into another song........I remember thinking Wow! a Southern Baptist connecting with a field full of Irish Roman Catholics........ain't Rock'n'Roll the greatest thing ever? MOLLY........What a girl!!!!!!! your Rick collage is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! PAT BRENNAN!! and PHIL!!! Yeah, I think I need help.....but check it out!! Wo Wo Wo WO!!! gotta go go go go....................HANK

Posted on Wed Apr 19 06:57:56 CEST 2000 from (


I would like to thank everyone for their nice e-mails and support about the loss of my dog Boz. It is nice to know that I have an extended "family" of sorts out here, connected by a musical group that is also so special. Thanks again. Kelly

Posted on Wed Apr 19 06:34:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I'm not familiar with Elvis' version of "Wooden Heart" but agree the Band could've done a top notch job of it with Rick embellishing the simple bass line in his own idiosyncratic style. However, I doubt they could outdo the Music Masters' version on Polka Party, Vol. I which I regard as the definitive one.

Picking up on the religious thread let me say that despite my personal rational view of the Universe I do respect some of the Christian Ministries particularly those of Dr. Gene Scott, Jimmy Swaggart (gotta love him - he's Jerry Lee's cousin!), Jim "Comeback Kid" Bakker, and the inimitable Robert Tilton who has rendered modern dentistry and surgery completely obsolete as he (with a little help from his friend God) is able to get cavities filled and cure ailing livers thru the TV screen. And I always read The Plain Truth and The Watchtower being particularly enthralled by their anti-evolution articles. They have a point - after all it is only a "theory" while proof of God's existence is as solid as the water Jesus walked on.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 04:58:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: Ca

Just imagined The Band doing 'My Love' in my minds ear. Rick was singing in 'It Makes No Difference' mode. Everythings fine until ...Wo wo wo wo- Wo wo wo wo- my love does it good...I don't think so.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 04:17:10 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, you are indeed going nuts.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 04:05:56 CEST 2000 from (


From: CORK
Home page

Thanks for all the Elvis suggestions and info......."Dixie" "The Weight", "Jemima Surrender" "Stagefright" are the ones I think The King woulda done justice to........I wonder if Elvis' cover of "The Promised Land" inspired by The Band covering it on "Moondog Matinee"?........OK's another wierd one......tonight I heard "My Love" by Paul McCartney and Wings...circa 1973........OK, OK, I know, I know it's a mushy love song but I could'nt help but thinking how much the whole SOUND of the record is SOOOO like The Band!!!!!! The drum fills, the pulled-back beat, the sound of the guitar solo.....OK, the lead vocal is pure Paul...but the harmonies are I going nuts here or what?...... the drummer who plays in my band "Open Kitchen' is a ardent Levonite and swears that Levons drum instructional video is the Biz.......Rick and Garth are on it and Levon goes into detail talking about how he hits what he calls "The Sweet Spot"......probably you guys know about this video already....but I just wanted to contribute to the video/ bootleggy thread I'm seeing on the GB......... I's clearing out my email mailbox of junk mail and stuff I don't need anymore and I came across so many emails from folks here on the GB....I just gotta say this......LONG LIVE THE BAND.....and blessings upon those who write here...Th-Th-Th-Th-Th -That's All, Folks!!!!........HANK

Posted on Wed Apr 19 03:13:37 CEST 2000 from (


From: kentucky

Hello Band Fans! I would love if someone could tell me more information on Levon Helm and the Barnburners appearance in Memphis on May 6 or 7 at Blue City Cafe. If anyone has a phone number I could call for tickets, or an address it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much. God bless. Mid

Posted on Wed Apr 19 01:27:28 CEST 2000 from (


Elvis may well have done a great version of "The Weight". Elvis fans sure would have thought so. Consider how Joan Baez fans feel about "Dixie".

Elvis and Levon both did great versions of "Blue Moon of Kentucky".

Shine On!

Posted on Wed Apr 19 01:24:06 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Was just listening to Rick's last interview..half smiling/half crying. A wonderful memento of a man who was very special to me. I'm posting this because I wanted to share something he said which is probably what made him so loved and admired by so many people. He talks about losing Eli, losing Richard, losing his mom and dad..and then goes on to say that despite all that..he still tries to pass on "positive energy", adding that there's much too much negativity in the world already. Maybe that's something we all should try harder to do.

Thanks to Serge...Hug to Jan. Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 00:28:51 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

CRABGRASS: you resort to stereotypes to back up your faith slamming. that's one wet fart for an "argument". is that the best you can do?, using stereotypes to fight stereotypes? I'm not gonna squabble anymore. your heavy flapping jowls, I fear, have damaged my instep.

Posted on Wed Apr 19 00:03:55 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

The one on Cardiff Rose is from 7-31-73( just checked ). By the way they are showing 2 Danko shows. The first one is the Wetlands show renamed as Endless Highway. The second one is called Small Town Talk. They also have The Last Moving Shadows. I have not heard either of these Danko cd's, so I can only guess that they are most likely a CD-R of a taped show( I think wetlands is listed here under tapes). I also have been told Happy Birthday Eric is of poor sound quailty,(a life long friend has it) only for real die hards! Sorry about the misdirection on Roosevelt Stadium. I wonder if any of the money from these cd-rs will find its was to the Dankos.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 21:59:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: San Francisco CA area

Hi everyone and happy Spring! Don't know of any CD for Levon's Highway 61 documentary, but do have the info for ordering the video: It's distributed by "PBS HOME VIDEO" (produced by Four Point Entertainment @1996). The actual tape is called "Great Drives: Highway 61" ("Levon Helm of The Band drives from Memphis to New Orleans") #GDRI-901. Running time: 60 minutes. It's a classic. Think I'll watch it again now!

Posted on Tue Apr 18 20:30:48 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Thanks for the tip, Bobby -- but caveat emptor, make sure that the Roosevelt Stadium on the Cardiff Rose site is the second show (8/1/73), not the first (7/31/73). Again, it's confusing because both shows circulate under the same name. As for Happy Happy Birthday Eric, some kind soul from the guestbook (sorry, can't remember who) warned me that the sound quality on that is not too hot. FYI. (I'll go away now!)

Posted on Tue Apr 18 20:18:19 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Bayou Sam and others who were in on the Stones thread(and Hank of course)-I'm a little behind here so please bear with me-Charlie Watts is the Stones just like Garth is the Band(or is it the Band is Garth, or Garth is God? whatever). When I last saw the Stones on the Voodoo Lounge tour the place went berserk when CW was introduced. the ovation went on for several minutes to his obvious discomfort on the giant video screen. The best Stones era-the Mick Taylor years of course. That is one thing I know many agree with me on. But...there really isn't a bad Stones era. I think Bridges To Babylon is a vastly underated album. And never did I think of Rick as a possible replacement for Bill Wyman, but you know that probably could have worked.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 19:38:19 CEST 2000 from (

Hip Hype

From: NYC

I see a copy of Clapton's "Happy, Happy Birthday, Eric" CD, with Robbie, Levon, and Rick (not to mention Dylan & Van Morrison), listed on eBay. Looks like something any real Band or TLW fan has to have.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 18:05:17 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

For those that care. Roosevelt Stadium is on the Cardiff Rose web site. I believe that these are Cd-Rs not orginal silver. They also have some other hard to find cds(CD-Rs most likely.)

Posted on Tue Apr 18 17:15:19 CEST 2000 from (


Hey, picking up the thread of The Band doing Elvis tunes... I think The Band could have done a great version of "Wooden Shoes" and "Old Shep" and "Teddy Bear."

Posted on Tue Apr 18 16:22:34 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Levon / Elvis connection: Levon provided the narration for the excellent music documentary "Elvis '56."

The other musician on "Long Black Veil" from the Grisman / Garcia "Pizza Tapes" session that Bashful Bill mentioned is the incredible guitarist Tony Rice. Mr. Rice has recorded numerous solo & collaborative albums over the years which feature his talented blend of bluegrass, folk & jazz. Sadly, due to throat problems in recent years, he has lost the ability to sing. "The Pizza Tapes" also includes a version of Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." For details on this album, set for release on April 25th, check David Grisman's website at:

Posted on Tue Apr 18 16:04:59 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Several people have asked how to locate the Roosevelt Stadium 8/1/73 CD -- I wish I had more info. The label is "Deep Six" -- maybe that means something to somebody! Notably, the disc is a CD and not a CD-R, so I'm guessing it will start being distributed a la Royal Albert Rags & other boots. Subterranean Records, Manhattan, New York City had a few copies but are apparently sold out; maybe if enough people ask them they can reorder. I wouldn't be surprised if copies of the boot started appearing on Ebay too. Sorry that I don't have any more concrete information, but will post if I have any.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 15:29:23 CEST 2000 from (


From: ulster county ny

TUESDAY AGAIN !!!!!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Time for an update on Levon & The Barn Burners,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, the 19th of april,,,,, is our LAST wednesday nite WOODSTOCK GIG for a couple of weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Friday, Levon plays in BROOKLYN With VASSAR CLEMENTS & Mike Falzarano ( HOT TUNA ) Buddy Cage ( New Riders ) & others,,,,, THEN next TUESDAY,,, ( after easter ) we head out on tour , ( dates have been posted here already ),till MAY 11th or so,, WE just ADDED a NASHVILLE DATE,,,,,CAFE MILANO >>> May 10th so, come on out & dance a bit tomorrow,, then come out & see us on the road,,, LEVON HELM & THE BARN BURNERS,,,,,w/ Miss Amy Helm,,,,,,,,,, any questions ,,,, ya know where i am,, Thanks to JAN,,, for letting us share his site,,, see ya,,, butch

Posted on Tue Apr 18 15:00:31 CEST 2000 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

I'm reminded this morning; when reading about the album covers talk, that the late Phil Hartman designed Album Covers; before he was a comic. You can see his name on both Eagles and Poco albums among others.

I miss album art very much. I mean, you could frame the suckers if you wanted to. I suppose if your 15 years old now you wouldn't have the same sentiment that we do; but I must say that trying to read the print and having the art squished down is not my idea of a good time. I wonder how people like Joni Mitchell, who creates her own album art feels about it. I guess I'm sounding like a fossil; 'cause I don't think we're going back to vinyl too soon.

Oh...and as far as the sound......vinyl; with its imperfections, is much "warmer" that the CD format. I knew a guy a few years ago that had, I believe, a Denon CD machine. It actually had a button on it that would gve you a "vinyl sound." Don't know how it worked; but it did sound better to me.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 14:50:15 CEST 2000 from (

John Donabie

From: TORONTO (For Locals it's TRAWNA)

Levon's road trip down Highway 61 is NOT on CD. It was a video release only. I believe you can purchase it on the PBS site.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 14:41:01 CEST 2000 from (

Just Wonderin'

I just got a copy of Highway 61 Revisited cd-rom. I'm wondering if there ever was a Band cd-rom. Thought I heard mention of one a few years ago if my memory serves me well!

Posted on Tue Apr 18 14:35:00 CEST 2000 from (

Just Wonderin'

Crabgrass: Agree with you on the sound of cds and also agree with you about their covers. Such small pics just don't grab ya the same way.

I realized this when I bought a copy of Big Pink in cd format. Opened it up and voila! no Next of Kin pic. To me that was a ripoff and I'm glad I didn't get rid of my vinyl!!

Posted on Tue Apr 18 13:22:13 CEST 2000 from (

tom izzo

From: ct

Just a note to not let a milestone go by: Yesterday 4/17 was the 31st anniversary of our boys performing at Winterland for the 1st time as The Band. Peace: Tom

Posted on Tue Apr 18 12:59:42 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Band & Elvis: I've just sent in an article on this, but in response to the most urgent request, Elvis cut a short version of "I Shall Be released" which is on "Walk a Mile in My Shoes- The Essential 70s Masters" box set.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 08:19:49 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

A guy I know who runs a small record store on the Lower East Side told me recently that the cover art on an album is responsible for 50% of it's sales appeal. (His store specializes in 10" vinyl pressings of mostly re-issued punk era stuff which is manufactured in Spain.) I don't think that's true with CDs since the artwork is so diminished in size but I have certainly been impressed by the cover art when vinyl was predominant and also enticed to buy singles when they started to issue them with decorated sleeves. I like CDs for their cleaner sound and the ability to repeat tracks with the push of a button but somehow the small CD covers of some classic albums like Sgt. Pepper's or The Band just don't have the same impact and conjure up as strong a mental fantasy as the 12" size did. I used to stare at that photo of Dylan on Bringing It All Back Home for hours while listening to the album until I thought I was in it! Then again, maybe it was 'cause I was stoned.

I think Elvis could have done a good job on Whispering Pines - but it doesn't need to be done over and I probably would have been very annoyed it he'd done it! (So please don't tell me he did.) Elvis certainly had a great voice tho!

Posted on Tue Apr 18 08:10:40 CEST 2000 from (

Barry Gross

From: California

Levon Helm hosted a show (PBS) called "GREAT DRIVES: HIGHWAY 61 REVISTED". Here's my question... Were can I get it on CD. The begining of the show has Levon in Phillips Studios recording a song. It's gotta be out there somewhere on CD.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 06:22:27 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill(yet again)

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Still scrolling backwards down Jan's GB and felt compelled to respond to Diamond Lil's asute post re NLSC-a great album cover, I have always loved that photograph and have many times picked it up just to admire it or point it out to someone(the record cover works better than the cd for this purpose of course). It is also a great album, my 2nd favorite after Big Pink. A lot of reasoning for that opinion is sentimental rather than strictly musical, I'm certain that there are, or "were few at the scene" who would agree with me on that one. My wife told Rick that her fantasy bithday present for me would be for he and Levon to sing Acadian Driftwood to me in person. He indicated to her that was indeed possible, but of course it will forever be a dream now. Do you GB regulars recall the story of Rick showing up on minimal notice and playing at the wedding of fans he had just met? What a great memory for them. And while I'm rambling, I just recalled that yesterday I was listening to a weekly folk music show on the radio and I heard Garcia, Grisman and some other guy do a nice version of Long Black Veil. It is on the recently released The Pizza Tapes, was recorded in 93, and Garcia does a fine vocal on it. So...I guess I should call it a night and catch op on the last few days GB posts tomorrow, and in the correct order.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 05:37:08 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Hank again-I haven't checkedthe old GB in a few days and all I saw was your Elvis ? post. Scrolling down (in the opposite order than I should of course) I saw your earlier post(you do post a lot) and was reminded- by you!- that Elvis also did Promised Land. I don't know which Elvis albums these 2 songs would be on but I seem to recall them as being live versions.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 05:27:14 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Hank-Elvis did a not half-bad version of Mystery Train, does that count as a Band song or as a Band cover? Elvis also did a few Dylan tunes, can't recall which ones but possibly covered I Shall Be Released. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 02:42:21 CEST 2000 from (


From: Cork

Nice one Bayou Sam!! A Garth Book on The Band would be great!'s a twist........How close did Elvis Presley get to recording a Band song? Forgive my ignorance .......maybe he did!! Howsabout an Elvis doing a Band songs album....What would've THAT been like? If y'all have dicussed this before lemme know where to look in the archives. I'm gonna need another day or two to figure out a list....but I look forward to seeing you folks come up with one.......Take care of yourselves...get plenty REST.....G'night!!!....HANK

Posted on Tue Apr 18 02:36:11 CEST 2000 from (


From: Orlando

Sitting here listening to the Bobby Charles album, co-produced by Rick Danko. The Danko-Charles tune, "Small Town Talk," is playing. I always liked it better than "The Rumor," but with all this controversy over the Rolling Stone article I hear the line, "maybe it's a lie, maybe it's a sin, but they will repeat the rumor again." Anyway, the Bobby Charles album is wonderful listening and essential to any Band related compilation.

Posted on Tue Apr 18 01:23:23 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: N.Y. - far from the bayou

Imagine if Garth ever wrote his memiors of his Band days, or even did a good long interview. How great would that be?

Posted on Mon Apr 17 22:47:14 CEST 2000 from (


From: Chicago

Bobby Jones: If you're planning to catch Levon & the BB's at Joyous Lake, it's DEFINITELY worth the trip from Ohio (my wife & I certainly thought it was worth the trip from Chicago a few weeks back), but you'd better check the schedule for May, 'cause their going to be on the road some that month

Posted on Mon Apr 17 22:23:43 CEST 2000 from (

Michael Cooper

I'm looking for a CD-R copy of The Complete Last Waltz. If anyone can trade please drop me a line. I don't have any Band stuff to trade, but do have other material. Thanks!

Posted on Mon Apr 17 20:52:08 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

There is what appears to be a "new" soundboard CD boot of the Band's 2nd concert at Roosevelt Stadium, August 1, 1973. It is INCREDIBLE. I've defended the quality of their performance at the 1st concert (July 31, 1973) before, so it is time to eat my words. The 2nd show BLOWS AWAY the first in every way, tying or surpassing Watkins Glen as the definitive show from that middle period of the original group. The sound is phenomenal, with all of the instruments sounding crisp and in-your-face, and the Band sounds like they are at the top of their game. A fairly pedestrian setlist (for the time) is elevated by smoking, confident performances by each and every member. Robbie's guitar in particular stands out...but they all really outdo themselves on this one. Several of the songs (Back to Memphis, Chest Fever, & others) even feature extended instrumental verses which are breathtaking...I've never heard the original lineup jam so much!, although perhaps those of you with a tape collection know more than I do. Sadly, Garth's "Genetic Method" has been cut, seemingly to fit the whole show onto one disc, but that is the only flaw I can find with this gem.

The CD is called "Roosevelt Stadium" (quite reasonably!). This is not to be confused with the boot listed on this site also called "Roosevelt Stadium", which is the same as "Blue Highways" & "This Wheel's on Fire", all of which contain the 1st concert at Roosevelt (July 31, 1973). Along with The Last Moving Shadows, "Roosevelt Stadium" 8/1/73 is one of the real finds of the last several years. If you see it, don't pass this one by.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 20:52:14 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

Last Waltz poster sold for $160.00+ on Ebay. Maybe time to get some insurance quotes! Don't wanna lose things that can't be replaced. I'm planning a trip to the Joyous Lake in May, Long haul from Ohio, hope the shows worth it.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 20:45:14 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

Anybody know the Tunes on the upcoming Danko release?

Posted on Mon Apr 17 18:54:38 CEST 2000 from (

Tom Reddish

From: Illinois

The Band, The Best. What more can I say. I have a 15 year old son that listens to the "Best of the Band" almost as much as I do. The music is timeless and truly for the masses.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 18:19:25 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The Stones included a decent version of "Mannish Boy" on their "Love You Live" album which I believe was recorded at the El Mocombo club in Toronto. Of course, in my opinion, it's nowhere near as good as the version that The Band performed with Mr. Morganfield at The Last Waltz.

Speaking of "Mannish Boy": Those of you familiar with the HBO series "The Sopranos" will recognize the song "Woke Up This Morning" by the group A3. The original version of this song (which is quite different from the "Chosen One" mix used at the opening of each Sopranos episode) contains samples of Muddy Waters singing "oh yeah", taken from the version of "Mannish Boy" that he recorded with Johnny Winter. This longer & rawer version can be found on A3's 1997 Geffen album, "Exile on Coldharbour Lane."

Posted on Mon Apr 17 16:47:59 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The Stones / Band comparison brings to mind the old apples and oranges cliche. Different strokes for different folks. The Stones, however, have recently covered "Like A Rolling Stone", allowing one to directly compare their version with the several different versions that The Band have recorded with Dylan over the years.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 07:15:31 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Thanks for making that trip up to the attic. It hit me somewhat differently a few years back. I must be less inclined to side with drunks these days and was glad to see Robbie didn't mind the rest of the guys reuniting. I do respect him for not going back on his word but don't disrespect the others because the main impetus behind The Last Waltz was Robbie. The con artist aspect is something to think about but I feel it's too late after the fact for Levon to keep making accusations. He should have initiated some collective discussions about this when the Brown Album came out. And he had several more Band albums to prove himself a bona fide songwriter as someone pointed out earlier.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 06:55:32 CEST 2000 from (


From: Cork

Hey There, S Wences!!!!!.....chill out......I'm surprised you know soo much about me!! You must be paying close attention to what I write....sorry if I come across as self may be right about that......All the same, I've been getting emails from my GB buddies saying I should just ignore you......It's advice I may well have to heed but I'd sure like to know: What Do YOU have to say about The Band and how they inspire YOU?.....THAT'S what I wanna read.....THAT'S whay I visit this GB......SO WHAT if someone makes an amusing references to chewing gum? No-one gets paid for this.....there are NO editors OR deadlines.......your last two posts were short and bitter.......that's allowed, obviously......but it seems to me you've got NOTHING to say, write or think about The Band and their music, history or legacy.....your'e only critcising the folks who write to their Web-Sites really does'nt matter WHAT people write matters that they are inspired to write AT ALL........... Well, tonight at a gig in a huge marquee tent this self absorbed Paddy played and sang "Twilght", "It Makes No Difference", "The Weight" and "The Promised Land" to a crowd of 700 people with my band "Open Kitchen" and then jamming with another band on the was a BBQ in aid of some stretch of bogland the locals wanna preserve.........they were all dancing and up on the tables for "The Promised Land"..........I love The Bands version of that's the version I learned it from.........I better stop now before I self absorbe myself to sleep.....stay happy y'all.......HANK

Posted on Mon Apr 17 03:28:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: Maryland

Hello again. I've been in the attic and found the Sept. 1987 issue of Musician. (This is possible only due to the efforts of my wife the librarian who keeps things in order.)

Here are some relevant quotes from the article by Bill Flanagan:

"Robbie Robertson's impeccable. He walks into an expensive restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica; the hostess and the waiters all know him, other diners send over drinks, he asks lots of follow up questions about the wine. The guy's obviously got it. He's completely on top of things. He was on the cover of Time magazine at twenty-five, he hangs out with Antonioni. The guy's impeccable. But the funny thing is, under the smooth exterior he's also the ex-carny, the kid who quit school when he turned sixteen to go on the road with rock 'n'roll wildman Ronnie Hawkins. Everybody else in this plush restaurant is squeezed at little tables. But not Robbie. He made reservations for one extra person so he'd get more room. As the waiters bring bread and more free drinks get sent by anonymous Band-lovers, Robbie continues to pretend that his friend must be just running late. He eventually says we'll order some hors d'oeuvres while we're waiting for our pal, and finally, when he's good and ready, he tells the waiter, Okay, we'll order our meals and let him catch up later. And you've got to think—this guy's immaculate. The bourgeois system is not set up to deal with articulate carnies in expensive clothes who use imaginary friends to get the big table."


"Robertson wasn't offended by the various combinations of his ex-partners who billed themselves as "Band Reunions." "That's when I realized it was in some people's blood," he says. "They couldn't say goodbye. It was too much a part of their past. I didn't feel strange about it, but it wasn't anything I related closely to. I didn't feel like, 'This is a big lie for you guys to do this.' I just felt like if I did it, it would be a big lie. "

more snippage

"Then they decide to take their Tootsie Rolls and head to a disco where a bunch of the Indian artists are having an opening night party. The place is dark and loud and crowded. The P.A.'s blasting "I Want You Back" and "Low Rider." People are dancing and drinking and pinching each other. As the owner leads Robbie to a booth some people shake his hand and some whisper to friends, "You know—Last Waltz, take a load off, Fanny, that guy..." A drunk comes up and starts pushing across that barrier between tipsy enthusiast and pain in the neck. Robbie just smiles. The drunk wants Robbie to come over to his house. Maybe. The drunk wants to come over to Robbie's house: "Where d'ya live?" The drunk wants to buy a round of drinks for Robbie's table—"What'llya have?" First guy: a beer. Second guy: a Coke. Robbie Robertson: "I'11 have a bottle of champagne." He's polite but serious. This shakes the drunk. "No—really... " "Bottle of champagne. " The drunk wavers and then says, "Awright—Robbie Robertson wants a bottle of champagne, I'll get him one. " The guy pushes through the crowd up to the bar, gets quoted a price and does a double take. He snakes his way back to Robbie's table and says, "Look—I'll buy ya one drink. You want a beer or something?" Robbie turns and looks at him and says firmly, "A bottle of champagne." Champagne arrives, drunk is gone. Darren Vigil says, "Don't feel bad for that guy—he owes me fifty bucks. " Three allegedly Native American women come to Robbie's table and fan their hands over their mouths going, "Woo woo woo woo woo!" Robbie pops the cork and surveys the dance floor, which is getting wilder by the minute. "These Indians," he says. "Not supposed to drink."

Hard to say if the guy is way over the line and Robbie was justified in pushing back, or if Robbie's just being a jerk to a fan.

Posted on Mon Apr 17 03:11:52 CEST 2000 from (


Funny joke but the way I heard it the two gents involved were Moscovites!

Posted on Sun Apr 16 23:00:35 CEST 2000 from (


Hello everyone! If my memory serves me well, around the time Robbie Robertson released his first solo album, he was going to do a one hour music special with Keith Richards for Showtime. It was part of a series that included the Carl Perkins and Chet Atkins specials of that time period. I remember reading about it in several publictations at the time and I remember being dissapointed that it never panned out. With all the Levon/Robbie stuff - lets keep our perspective. I thought the RS article was pretty fair in that it gave some space to both sides. I don't get the feeling that Levon is consumed by this "bitterness", he's just pissed off. I liked Robbie's first album - it was a breath of fresh air in a pretty weak music period from what I remember. I enjoyed the Peter Gabriel/ Daniel Lanois / U2 bit. The musicians on that album were phenominal, and it rocks along a groove. At the time, there was a review in Playboy by some great critic(Christigau?). At first he said he thought the guests overwhelmed Robbie, then a month later he retracted his original words and decided that Robertson had a pretty clear vision. That was a rarity! I like the idea of Robbie as a musical director - because I just listened to him doing Van's "Crazy Love" with Aaron Neville, and I'm glad he got Neville to skip all that goofy singing he usually does on his songs. He sings it straight - it's a great peace of work! I think the Last Waltz is a great movie, but I admit that I watch it now mostly to see those five beautiful men share thier joy of music with us. Just watching them look at each other and play is wonderful for me. Remember, it was Bill Murray who said "there are two types of people in this world. People who like Neil Diamond, and people who don't like Neil Diamond. " And Jimi Hendrix, "Are those the guys with the hats?" Those still keep me laughing. One last thing, I noticed a few posts ago that someone is trying to slam my main man Viney. Let's just ignore the cyberpests! Listen to "Get Up Jake" today! Danko's bass had me all in smiles today. It is a masterpiece. First Richard sings, then Rick. Unbeliveable organ solo from Garth, stinging, slightly raunchy guitar solo from Robbie, and then Levon brings it home. It don't get no better than that folks! That's why they will always be "the band".

Posted on Sun Apr 16 21:32:04 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Carrico

Pat B. - congrats on your excellent analysis of "Unfaithful Servant", and the inherent difficulties for any other band attempting to cover it...goes to show once again, that The Band is in another league altogether.

"Gasoline Alley" is a great album and does have some Band-like qualities in its overall feel. Almost sad to listen to it now and reflect upon the unfulfilled promise of Rod Stewart, who was making some real music then. He coulda been a contenda...

Posted on Sun Apr 16 19:49:05 CEST 2000 from (


From what I can figure out, one would have to scrape "stepped into" gum from one's shoe to be able to identify the Wrigley brand. Guess we have one who's an expert in our midst. But even after it had been chewed?? Reminds me of the story of two englishmen who encounter what looks like doggie poop on the sidewalk. One says to the other " sure looks like turds...what do you think?" The other picks up a piece and tastes it. "Yeah, it is a turd indeed. And to think that we almost stepped in it!"

Sorry, just following the latest trend of non-Band related hogwash on this site..

Posted on Sun Apr 16 19:21:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

The Stones certainly are excellent musicians and second to none in live performance (tho I'm only judging by their video and film performances). Their Satanic Majesties proves they have the ability to stretch stylistically as it is very atypical of their work. Of course, it was an attempt - and a successful one - to jump aboard the bandwagon piloted by the Beatles who shook the world with their Sgt. Pepper's concept album. The Beatles were always several giant steps ahead of almost everyone else in the '60s and a great joy an inspiration to many artists. Another major and simultaneous musical branch in the '60s was Dylan whose path The Band intertwined with. I've never really understood Eric Clapton's comment about thinking that Big Pink "was where music should have gone..." and it seems to me that The Band's early (or even later) music was so unique that no one even dared attempt to copy them - probably because it wasn't possible. CSN&Y obviously spawned the group called America but the Band???

Hey, sorry about the gum! I think Saved was ultimately released with different cover art.

Posted on Sun Apr 16 19:23:50 CEST 2000 from (



No, I've got no connection to anyone involved, but I just saw an ad for "A Meeting of the Minds" at Toronto's St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in June. It's a Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference called TEDCity and features a host of Canadians whom you and just 499 others get to "think with, speak with, hang with." The relevant point here is Robbie Robertson is scheduled to be there. By the way, it costs $3,000 (Can).

Posted on Sun Apr 16 17:07:56 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Peter and all, although my initial post on this matter may have seemed a little rough, my intention was simply to provide a bit of perspective on this Rolling Stones question. I never said Keith wasn't an inventive guitarist in the Chuck Berry mode and the creator of a closet full of memorable guitar riffs, I only said that his group couldn't cover Unfaithful Servant and argued the reasons why. Of more interest is the weird timing that had me listening to Gasoline Alley at the near moment Senior Viney has his headphones on a half a world away. "Only A Hobo" further solidifies the Rod Stewart-Dylan-Band connect. Now, this "seamstress for the band" thing would hold more weight (oh my, I didn't mean that pun to happen) if the Band was in LA at the time. Now, if it had been "New York lady," perhaps....

Posted on Sun Apr 16 16:49:56 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Cover art is a returning theme. I’d place Bob Cato covers (The Band, Stage Fright,) above Bob Dylan covers (Self portrait, Big Pink) but the Dylan artwork has impact and as the years go by, I find it more appealing than I used to. But "Saved’ is the worst cover art ever, anywhere, by any major artist. I would say that it’s theworst studio album, but I never bothered to listen to it more than twice. The first three solo Dylan album covers are as good as you can get. Crabgrass says that The Stones would have been burned in Salem for the cover art of "Satanic Majesties", which would have been unjust. However, punishment for the musical content of the album is a different matter.

Little Brother: Between Krosgaard in "The Telegraph" and Clinton Heylin, they pretty much dissected exactly who played what, and on what day at what time on Dylan sessions. They pretty much told you who had coffee and who had tea in the breaks. The alphabetical list of 50 musicians on "Self portrait" cover, without saying who did what, was designed to deceive. Band members are only on the Isle of Wight tracks according to the Dylan archaeologists.

Band & Stones; Keith R. is a true original and one of the greats. And Pat’s analysis of "Unfaithful Servant" and why they wouldn’t have played it is wonderful. I can live with both points! I was pointing out that the Stones had A LOT OF first quality help in their most creative period (from Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main Street). The history of that early 70s period is enlivened by The Stones, and a group I’d totally forgotten / stopped listening to, Rod Stewart & The Faces. There’s an accomplished looseness about both that few line-ups ever approach. As I posted earlier, until I read Ian MacLagan’s book I’d totally forgotten that wondrous mesh of guitars on ‘Gasoline Alley"… or the piano on "Handbags and Gladrags" and "Country Comfort." "Country Comfort" was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Taupin appears in "Classic Albums: The Band" and has affirmed how influential The Band were on "Tumbleweed Connection". On "Madman Across The Water", two songs reiterate this, ‘Levon" (I’ve never heard the name anywhere else) and "Tiny Dancer" (who was "LA seamstress for the band" or more probably "LA seamstress for The Band"). As for who decided to employ a seamstress, answers on a postcard please …

Glad to hear that Crabgrass was there with me and Joe Sharp at Wembley 74. I arrived halfway through Jesse Colin Young too. Were you the guy whose chewing gum I stepped in? Wrigleys Doublemint if my memory serves me well.

Posted on Sun Apr 16 14:20:52 CEST 2000 from (


Hi to all, I post VERY rarely but love reading the site, and feel as if I have lots of friends, and somewhat of an extended "Band family." Anyway, sadly this has nothing to do with the Band, but I lost my dog of 12 years last night due to cancer - she was a fighter, and lasted 19 months longer than what the vet gave her. Maybe it does have to do with the Band - she heard it everyday of her life. I'm hoping Rick met her at the pearly gates with a song, a juicy steak, and a cold beer. Boz could never pass up a beer, although she always had to sneak her drinks when she thought we weren't looking. Thanks for listening - Kelly

Posted on Sun Apr 16 13:37:36 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Never cared for the Stones on record. Did however see them live back in 81 (at least I think it was was right after their "Some Girls" album came out) and thought the show was great. Of course, I was drinking Tequila in the hot sun...but that's another story.

I also thought I'd mention that my favorite Band album cover is "Northern Lights".

Bob: Thanks for your heart-warming post. Doing the shuffle here in my memory..and smiling :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Sun Apr 16 08:33:47 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York

You can't compare The Band and The Stones. They're too different- and they're both great. Anybody who knocks Keefs contribution to rock and roll guitar is just not paying attention. He came up with some of the best intro's and hooks ever (Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up, Tumblin' Dice, etc.). Look beyond the image. Charlie Watts is right up there with Ringo and Levon as under-rated drummers by some people. Try playing 19th Nervous Breakdown sometime, it's a workout - yes, I am a drummer...................... Bill Wyman was fine, but let's face it, if there was one expendable Stone........... .......................................................... I could see the Band doing Country Honk, or Far Away Eyes................................ Has RR ever spoken at length about Levons acusations? His quotes in Rolling Stone were the first I've ever seen........................... One more strange question. Has Levon ever crossed paths with Jerry Reed? I always thought they'd be great together. Bye..................

Posted on Sun Apr 16 08:28:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Hey Hank and everyone else: thanks for the leads on some possibly decent songs by the Stones, and even though they're not my favorite band, I'm open-minded enough to take a listen if I haven't heard something. I suspect their best is the stuff that hasn't been played to death, though. I had no idea that Rick Danko had played with Keith Richard, though. Wow. I am familiar with The Chieftans and Mick Jagger doing Long Black Veil; I had forgotten about that. I think just about anyone with a smidgen of musical ability would sound good with The Chieftans, though; they are great. They would have been good at The Last Waltz with The Band.

Posted on Sun Apr 16 06:10:51 CEST 2000 from (

Little Brother

From: around Philly, PA

Today is my birthday, at least for another fifteen minutes or so. Hank "Belfast Cowboy" Wedel's recent fantasy about popping in and out of a pub to smoke two or three joints reminded me of Levon's introduction in his book. Alas! I have no taste for brew, but I sorely miss the herb. Clean and sober is the wages of reclusiveness and not being a Deadhead. Or is it the other way 'round?

Though the Crabster's latest putdown of "Self Portrait" concerned "cover art", I'll run a tangent to say that I LIKE that album, at least most of it. Yes, there are a few uninspired, "filler", even lame tracks that feel more like outtakes, but there's a lot of really solid music. Obviously Dylan intentionally, perhaps whimsically, stepped away from his usual self-generated repertoire, resulting in a portfolio of tunes with elements of "Moondog Matinee" and the Beatles' recent "Anthology" series. I don't mean that too literally, I mean that there's a mix of really nice covers plus those raggier outtakes. I guess you have to have a taste for sentimental classic country. Yes, I roll my eyes at the baroque "Belle Isle", and wouldn't miss "It Hurts Me Too"-- but there's a lot of meat otherwise.

And the live tracks from the Isle of Wight performance with the Band are worth the price of admission. The only ones I know.

Can anyone speak to the question of whether any Band members performed on numbers like "Wigwam" or "Woogie Boogie"? I hear a Garthian organ in the latter, and sax too. Perhaps these details are in a Dylan site somewhere, but I haven't found time to check.

I'm not even supposed to be here; I should be checking for obvious reasons-- do non-Americans know that April 15th is the deadline for submitting income tax paperwork? Pooh on that, this year the deadline isn't till Monday.

Now there's not a sound/No one to be found anywhere. And so to bed. Goodnight, all...

Posted on Sun Apr 16 06:05:36 CEST 2000 from (


Well Brennan, you took the wind right out of the self absorbed "song writer-bandleader-musician-gum beater from Cock Ireland's" sails re: the Stones and Unf.Serv. Congrats. The poor sap just quickly changed the subject with other nonsense.

Posted on Sun Apr 16 05:07:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: the lovely LEE......'s one for y'all to consider this Sunday morning.........I've always had the feeling that "Million Dollar Bash" was written about The Monterey Pop festival in 1967..... 'The louder they come the bigger they crash"... 'I punched myself in my face with my fist'....I've always felt the song was Dylans comment on how the music/show business becomes obsessed with outrageousness and here's where it gets sticky......I sometimes think the 'and along came Jones.....and emptied the trash....' line was a reference to Brian Jones introducing The Jimi Hendrix Experience....whose performance at Monterey was the epitome of outrageousness ( I should add here, right now, that I LOVE Jimi in every way, including Monterey)....but I can understand how Dylan....holed up in Woodstock.....disillusioned with loud, hard rock AND the Rock Music Industry in general, could come up with a song with lines like that in it.......those festivals WERE Million Dollar Bashes.........I want to stress right here that I know there's lots of evidence to suggest Dylan admired Jimi......and it's well known that Jimi worshipped Dylan.....I KNOW I'm on dangerous territory here.....but it's something I've thought about for years.......I'm kinda surprised I have'nt brought this to the GB before.......but having said that.....I also know it's the perfect forum for debating this sorta thing.......I'm also aware that there's an old song called 'Along came Jones", any takers? Wow!! I really enjoyed that Stones thread......PAT BRENNAN your impassioned post about the musicality of "Unfaithful Servant" was wonderful....seriously.....I'll have to read it a few times before I reply properly....but, fear not, I will.........just one thing, tho' could have The BEATLES had the chops to do it?......The WHO? THE DEAD? ( actually, The DEAD would've been crazy enuff to have a run at it.......I heard a rehearsal tape of Dylan and The Dead trying out Paul Simons "Boy in The Bubble" once......Dylan singing harmony to Bob Weir.....VERY bizarre stuff......) The DEAD KENNEDYS? The POLICE? CSNY? JONI MITCHELL?.....Who do YOU think could cover it well?.......Well, that's it for the other one from me, folks I hope y'all got to stay in bed late this morning....G'nite!!!!!........HANK

Posted on Sun Apr 16 04:26:10 CEST 2000 from (

paul godfrey

From: where the Band began

Never heard a "bad" Band Album.

Shine On!

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Regarding Rick's bouncy moves. After the band came through here at the time of the Jerico cd a reporter wrote that he thought Rick looked like a dancing bear on stage. It was kind of a nasty, past their prime article and I really didn't like the dancing bear reference. But after I thought about it a bit, I didn't mind it so much. Rick seemed like he had a Teddy-Bear kind of personality so maybe the dancing bear image fit. I read another article by the same reporter later that said Rick's "swaying made him look like a punch-drunk boxer". That I never liked so needless to say I find this reporter to be an ass.

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Molly Z.

My 5 favorite Band/solo album covers:

1. Music From Big Pink
2. The Band
3. Stage Fright
4. Robbie Robertson
5. Levon Helm & the RCO All Stars

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From: The Front Lawn



1. Self Portrait (May be worst ever)

2. Saved (close behind)

3. Rock of Ages

4. Music from Big Pink

5. Rick Danko (solo LP)


1. Bringing It All Back Home

2. Stage Fright

3. Blonde on Blonde

4. The Band

5. Basement Tapes

If the Stones had released their "Satanic Majesty's" album and toured Salem, MA during the witch hunt days they would have been burned at the stake for the cover alone. Most major religions have no tolerance or respect for opposing viewpoints. A case in point is the price put on Rushdie's head by more than one Muslim faction. (And Rushdie is a Danko and Band fan according to a GB posting!) Christianity was the religion of Martin Luther King and is also that of members of the KKK. As I've stated before both Germany and Italy were Christian countries - and I don't recall the Beatles organizing any "Bible Burnings" but I do remember piles of Beatle records being incinerated at gatherings organized by Christian Ministers.

And poor Rocky Racoon stuck in that hotel room with only a Gideon Bible and no MTV!!

I admit that I admire a lot of Band and Beatle songs because of their chordal complexity yet sometimes I'm even more amazed when great new songs are written with startlingly simple chord progressions like "The Weight" or "Hey Jude."

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Pat...I think you're right...The Band was able to advance past the typical 1-4-5 chord progression. The Stones, as great as they were, never got much past that. When they did, it wasn't due to Mick or Keith -- it the expertise of others (Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins, etc.) Gotta love everything up to Exile, though!

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Pat Brennan

From: USA

BTW, Hank, you're Joyce-ian posts are entertaining, but my Irish instincts fear not your call to arms. Also, in light of the NASDAQ free fall, it's certainly interesting to see the Forbidden Fruit bootleg go for $80 on ebay. Seems like boots are the place to put your money these days.

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Pat Brennan

From: USA

Unfaithful Servant employs many musical nuances that are well beyond the Rolling Stones' abilities. First of all, RR was experimenting with different guitar tunings, and the song was a result of that experimentation. Secondly, it uses voice-led bass lines that simply don't exist in the Rolling Stones canon. To that end, Unfaithful Servant also enjoys the colorings of Garth Hudson, who probably discussed this interesting use of bass movement with Rick--recall, all, the music lessons. This type of movement owes much more to Bach and the classicists that it does to anything the Stones were listening to. It also serves to make the B-section ("To take it with a grain of salt...)" one of the most complex little bits of music that has ever graced a rock album. The relationship between the bass. guitar, and keys at this point has absolutely no similiar moment in any Rolling Stones song. Sorry, nothing close. You can talk all you want about Keith's guitar playing and the Stones' mastery of the studio, but they never pulled off anything with the musical complexity of Unfaithful Servant. If you care to, consult the chord chart on the site here and find a Stones song that reflects this degree of art. Now, consider the amazing breaks the Band takes during the song ("and the home we shared..."). Show me a Rolling Stones song that manages to wind down like that then start up at what appears to be a random moment (it's not) then begins again full group. Finally, the use of the brass instruments at the end. Again, show me a horn line in a Rolling Stones song that matches this subtle interweving and voice movement, a particularly expert move by Garth and John Simon. Peter Viney's post points up this difficulty of this question for you Rolling Stones fans. It's not going to be the Rolling Stones that duplicate Unfaithful Servant; it will be the people they hire. You can argue all you want that Ron Wood or Keith Richards could sing and play a song of this complexity. It's just they never have. BTW, I've also seen the Stones. I also saw Stevie Wonder take them to school.

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Ron Shankland

From: Wisconsin

Hi!Anyone heard the new Tom Pacheco duo cd yet?I guess Danko guests vocals? Still have a spare copy of the Roosevelt stadium cd-live 1973-hoping for a trade of live Crowmatix,or Levon and Barnburners-anyone?

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From: pa

I remember reading something (I forget where) about a little feud between Keith Richards and Dylan. Something to the effect of Dylan being quoted saying that the Stones had no song writing talent and Keith responding back that he would like to see Dylan sing Jumping Jack Flash. Anyone remember this. I think it was around the time the Stones covered "Like A Rolling Stone" for the live CD they released a couple of years back.

I happen to like the Stones and prefer them to both the Who and the Beatles. I think it would have been neat to see Danko as the base replacement in the group. He could have added some great vocals to many of the Stones tunes. I think his personality would have fit nice.

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From: austin

Dr. Martin Luther King was a Christian who didn't lust for power and kill people toward that end. Nor Jesus. the "Sermon on the Mount makes a heck of alot of sense to me. there's nothing wrong with civility and decorum and respect. Its lack of it that upsets people here more than divergent opinions, if you ask me.

John Hammond was hot as a firecracker a coupla nights ago here in austin. He says really nice things about Robbie and the Band in "Blues Revue" magazine, nice things about Bloomfield too. there are some new Bloomfield live CD's out recently that are a real pleasure.

Blab on, pehr... here's some "notes" I took on watching John Hammond the other night when I got home. (probably after a few drinks beyond but who's counting) for any interested guitar players maybe...

John Hammond notes, 4/13 austin

right hand used as percussion device: not overly concerned with picking accuracy but attack. hand is not anchored in fixed position but is allowed to move rather freely and unpredicably. to slap guitar physically as a drum, to gesture, strings are grabbed and plucked rather than "picked". very similar to footage I've seen of Son House. Hammond breaks "taboo" of letting the bass part drop completely out and do treble leads and runs on the high end with only his foot stomping out the bass part using the floor.

Did not see him even look ant either hand all night. he would look about everywhere else, bobbing and weaving his head, often closed eyes and grimmacing. looks as though he visualizes his hands rather than watching them.

wild, very expressive use of slide bar, which looked like some kind of socket wrench. the slide for Hammond seems to act upon bidding of unconcious. It never stops moving when in contact with strings.

no banjo rolls. I wondered why not?...

Harp not so melodic, but more like animal sounds (Braying donkey I thought)

rides passages with harp, sustaining a sound. sounded like Little Walter ride: tongue blocks out mid range. Able to eliminate mid-range from vocal- voice goes hoarse and "splits in two"

thinks nothing of adjusting tuning while playing as part of the song.

stays in same tuning/key several songs but tunes from one tuning to another eventually and moves on. tunes very quickly, by ear. breaks alot of strings and says, "never trust a guy with pliers on stage" and pulls them out when a peg got stuck in guitar.

As with rick, tunes guitar a whole step low. (To discourage harmonica players from sitting in?) capo's up to standard on second fret. thanks gang bye, nice weekend

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Mike Carrico

Say what you will about them Stollin' Bones, but for my money the only thing better than "Beggar's Banquet" in 1968 was "Music From Big Pink"...and Mr. Watts can slap some mean skin (Charlie's good tonight, ain't he?) - his sound is unique; when you hear him play, there's no mistaking him for anyone else. In that regard, rather like another drummer in a quintet we all know and love.

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From: ulster county ny

ok, more info,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, For Levon's gig W/ Vassar Clements,, on APRIL 21,,,,, the train ( subway ) is the R LOCAL to Prospect Ave stop,,,, then ONE block to GRAND PROSPECT HALL --------> Michael Falzarano ( HOT TUNA ) & BUDDY CAGE will play w/ Levon & Vassar,,, its Vassar's Birthday Party,,,, see ya,,,,,,, butch

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From: A rose-pink cadillac..making bets on Kentucky Derby Day...
Home page

GREAT Postings in relation to The Stones musical ability ......DEB!!!!!!.......The Stones were and are MASTER studio musicians.......whether you like 'em or gotta admit they know how to record very well.......more than that tho' I feel they draw from the SAME wells of music as The Band........would you agree? (I think this is true even as recently as "Voodoo Lounge"......"Bridges to Babylon" is GOOD... it ain't MY favourite....but it's amazing they STILL go for it...) Also, have you heard "A Deuce and a Quarter"?.......Levon'n'Rick duet with Keith Richards. If you HAVE, Didja like it?......I think it's great!!!! In fact, there was a great photo in RS magazine once of Rick and Keith in the studio somewhere recording it.....having a laugh...... Peter Viney......I was only joking that I did'nt remember BILL WYMANS name.......'COURSE I know Bill Wyman....I's only hamming it up for effect........what's interesting about Bill on "Exile" is his whole attitude to recording in general......I read an interview with him once where the interviewer asked him how come he wasnt playing bass on alot of the tracks and he said something to the effect of that, apart from the fact that THOSE sessions were notoriously crazy and ramshackle..what was the POINT of re-recording a bass part if it sounds great NO Matter WHO played it.....I think that's very cool ...and very correct.....If it sounds GREAT.....KEEP IT!!!!...... I wanna say how this Stones thread is an example of how we all can start new threads here and get away from the preoccupation of the eternal RR vs Levon feud......until, of or the other of 'em says something 'bout it or someone here unearths something they think is relevant.....Tommorow my band "Open Kitchen" and a coupla other bands are playing a benefit to save a rare piece of land in Co. Waterford...There's a Web -Site where you can check it out ......AND believe it or not....they have a GB!!!!!!.....I have'nt checked it out myself yet....but if yer into it....give it a whirl....I'd get a kick outta seeing some of your names on the THAT GB......the address is last thing.....did anyone here ever hear Mick Jaggers version of "Long Black Veil" with The Chieftans?......any comments?......... Oh yes and answer your original question about under/over-rated bands....howsabout THESE two bands for a start..... MOST OVER-RATED BAND.... THE SEX PISTOLS (WITH SID VICIOUS) MOST UNDER-RATED BAND.... THE SEX PISTOLS (WITH GLEN MATLOCK) GOTS to go now folks........Have a ROCKIN' Saturday night!!!!!!......Hank

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Bob, :^)

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From: Vermont

About every Saturday night, my good Danko brother, Trevor, and I get together and do the Dankster Shuffle while listening to Live on Breeze Hill. Some of our friends look and wonder. It's one of those things that allows us to spread the good cheer of our lifelong friend who fought the GOOD fight, Rick Danko. Have a nice day. Do the shuffle. IT will enhance your lives.

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bob wigo

From: havertown,pa

Having seen the Stones and Keith's solo efforts on several occasions I have to ask why you feel there may have been any problems covering anyone else's arrangements. I have been more than impressed by Keith's guitar work, particularly with his own band. Look beyond the image we've been force fed. I have a sincere respect for RR but please, let's not get to the point where we start believing he was writing music the "common" musician could not play. I've got to believe Keith could have figured it out without committee. Since his name has surfaced here -- did any of you GBers see Ry Cooder with Little Village a few years back ( six or seven )? I had the pleasure of catching them at the Tower Theater just outside of Philly and it was a marvelous musical collaboration. I often wish Messrs. Hiatt, Lowe, Keltner and Cooder would give it another go. Thanks to all who post here. The reading is always informative and entertaining.

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Peter Viney

I rather like the idea of the "Sticky Fingers" era Rolling Stones doing "Unfaithful Servant". A song of reproach like that would suit Jagger in his "Wild Horses" / "Angie" mode. The chord changes would only have been a live problem. I’m sure Ry Cooder would have been able to cover it for them in the studio, and Nicky Hopkins should have managed keyboards. If they’d waited till Exile on Main Street, they had Bill Plummer to work out the bass line, as well as Dr John and Billy Preston to assist Nicky Hopkins with the keyboards, and Jimmy Millar on drums. Bobby Keyes’ advice would have been useful too.

Hank: The reason Bill Wyman didn’t come to mind is that on Exile, bass was played by Keith, Mick Taylor or Bill Plummer. Having just read Ian MacLagen’s book, I’ve been listening to "Gasoline Alley" all week and there’s some very effective guitar work from Ronnie Wood. The 20-bit remaster is great, showing how a seemingly loose, lurching, very real live sound can be cleaned up without losing its spontaneous feel.

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From: pa

When You Awake always interested me. I think this is my favorite Richard / RR song. Is this the only Richard written song sung by Rick?

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From: The Front Lawn

What I recall about the Wembley concert was that it was a beautiful day - blue skies with puffy white clouds hanging above a stadium filled with about 100,000 music fans, and the image of David Crosby sitting on the side of the stage smoking something as The Band did their set and really grooving to the music. I regret getting there a bit late and missing Jesse Colin Young's set, however. A couple of years back a young guy who roadied for the '90s Band told me somewhat jokingly that he referred to Danko's characteristic side to side bouncing while playing bass as "The Danko Bop" which seemed a pretty accurate description and very befitting of Rick's buoyant personality.

BTW I'm not involved in any feuds here with any other GB posters and I've never attacked any other posters here personally or hurled any insults at anyone for expressing their own personal views no matter how contradictory to mine. But I don't mind it if someone else is small enough to act otherwise in regard to me. (I actually find it amusing - tho admittedly I have a strange sense of humor.) I just think of that old Ray Charles song "Sticks and Stones." I find a lot of interesting things posted here which I value reading and if something doesn't interest me I can just scroll on by. Those who don't like what I have to say are free to do the same. I think all that's been said before but I'm restating it for the benefit of any readers who may be plagued with learning disabilities.

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Home page

I just remembered the name of the guy in The Stones I could'nt think of in my last posting.........How very silly of was BILL slouch on the bass was our Bill now, was 'e?..........there, NOW I can go to bed........May The Good Lord shine a light on you........HANK

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Home page

Alright, you you've done it.......Now, I'm really PISSED OFF.........say what you friggin' like about The Band.......I don't give a monkeys......but insult The Rolling Stones and you're -a gonna hear it from me!!!!! Firstly, What's wrong w/ "Ventilator Blues"? AND Pat Brennan!!! An Irishman like yourself.......I'll be calling the guards after you, son........The Rolling Stones are EXCELLENT Musicians.......MICK TAYLOR BRIAN JONES and CHARLIE WATTS for a start and the other'know......what's their names?.....anyway, y'know ....the guy who sings....and the guy who plays rythmn guitar.....into Chuck Berry in a BIG way......they're handy enuff....and I think they write the songs, too.....anyway, it does'nt matter.......No, yer totally off the mark there.......bad call, ref......I'll wager Ronnie Wood can probably SING and PLAY "Unfaithful Servant" for you!!!!! He hung out with 'em enuff...... You guys probably think I'm just a BAND freak.....don't get me started on The Rolling thought my posts were weird before?........ OK OK back to the regular weirdness......CRABBY......Oh, alright....there's too many of's a loada bollox.... it's a piece of win.......and the Catholic Church is all to blame......along with Robbie Robertson........actually, I wanna say to you all that CRABBY does'nt bug me at all.......I look forward to his posts.......I look forward to everyones post, come to think of it......What I mean to say problems do NOT lie in responding to someone who's got different views from me on over-population and who's what in The Hawks/ BAND/ Crackers/Marshmallow Overcoat..........I got rent to pay and mouths to feed and gigs to get and play and musicians to work with, songs to rehearse/write......I would like to think that one day, somehow, I might meet w/ Crabby and go to the pub have a drink and argue about these things, go outside The pub, smoke a joint and go back in The Pub, have another drink and then ask the barman to put on 'Rock of Ages"..argue some more and have a laugh........Have him back to my place or go to The a DVD of EVERYTHING THE BAND EVER DID.......and maybe have another joint before crashing out or calling it a night......What would be a total buzz would be if I was playing here in Cork or in any of YOUR neighbourhoods and one of you folks here from The GB came up and said "Hi!!......I'm Diamond L'il...I'm Bashful Bill I''m Crabby I'm Dave The Phone Guy........any chance you might play "Twilight"......"Up on Cripple Creek"......"Katies Been Gone" or "Small Town Talk"???.......THAT would be a buzz.....HA!!......I just realised something.....It's ME that CAN'T play "Unfaithful Servant"......I've got to leave in Ireland it's early morning......SOON in the morning...........But it's alright now......let the airwaves flow......let the airwaves flow......I'm just about a Moonlight Mile.....Down The Road.......meeting a girl with Faraway Eyes.........'cos she got a miiii-iii-iiiii-nd of her own and she uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse it well.........g'night All......HANK

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From: oregon

Hi Butch: Is there even a slim chance that someday Levon et al will be coming out to the wild, wild west? I can only hope.

Posted on Sat Apr 15 05:16:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Hey Pat: Thanks for that comment on The Rolling Stones! It made my day. Let me continue that thought and nominate The Band as the most underrated musical group in history and The Stones as the most OVERrated group to ever exist (sorry if I have offended any Rolling Stones fans). Guestbookers: your nominations for the two categories, please.

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From: ulster county,, ny,, not ireland,,,

OK DAVE & all the others that wrote & asked for this info,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks,,, 4/25 winston-salem,,ziggy's,,,,,,,4/26 charlotte NC, double door,,,,,,,,4/27 & 4/28 winder GA,,,,Chips,,,,,,,,, 4/29,,,,Huntsville Alabama,,,Crossroads,,,,, 5/1 Little Rock,,Cajun Wharf,,,,,,,5/2 ? Joplin or Ft Smith,,,,,,,, 5/3 Tulsa,, Steamrollers Blues,,,,,,,,, 5/4,,Fayetteville, Arkansas,,,, Chesters,,,,,,,,5/5 Eureka Springs Arkansas,, Center Stage,,,,,,,,5/6 >>> afternoon,, opening of the Delta Cultural Center,,, evening of 5/6 & 5/7 & 5/8,,,, MEMPHIS !!!!!!!! Blues City Cafe,,,, ( during Memphis in May,,,,,) hubert ??????,,,,,,,, 5/9 Nashville venue to be posted later,,, ok ???? questions ???? WE cant WAIT !!!!! See Ya There,,, butch

Posted on Sat Apr 15 03:10:03 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

The Rolling Stones couldn't have played the chord changes to Unfaithful Servant to save their lives.

Posted on Sat Apr 15 02:16:45 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Mike: Aah yes...Rick's happy dance...something that anyone who's seen him can just close their eyes and remember with a smile. I like to think that wherever he is now, he's got everyone happy dancing and singing along to Blue Tail Fly :-) Thanks for bringing up a really nice memory.

Have a nice weekend everyone..and Jan: I hope those windows don't prove to be too much of a "pane in the glass" :-) Hug.

Posted on Sat Apr 15 02:10:31 CEST 2000 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

Bashful Bill: I used to live in Syracuse. What's happening? Do you read The Post-Standard? Your posts always ieterest me.

Posted on Sat Apr 15 00:21:15 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa

D.Lil, couldn't agree more, it goes around and around. Example: I was directed to 2/7/99 in the GB archives for Big Pink directions. Of course I scanned a some of the entries and guess what was going on-a RR/LH debate. And fresh in the articles section was an angry interview with Levon(I forget the publication) which was creating all kinds of comment. Now I agree with the person who posted in here the last day or so that this is one of the very few places to discuss these issues, and of course the hardcore bandfans are interested in these subjects. And of course Whenever it seems to die down Levon publicly sounds off or RR publicly says something inappropriate (although I know of only 2 instances where the latter occurred) and the debate starts anew. I don't have any answers to the arguments OR how to get everyone to focus on other stuff, but I think Lil had a good suggestion that when the debates turn into personal feuds they should maybe take into their private e-mails.....BTW-many thanks to Bobby Jones who directed me to that 99 post AND to Liz for e-mailing me those excellent and very specific directions. Can't wait until next week. Anyone else going to see Garth at the Turning point?...And on another note-first time I saw the Band was at Watkins Glen. Or I should say heard as I was up close for the Dead but got nowhere near the stage after their set. The second time was the following summer when they opened for CSNY in Oakland. from about halfway back in the crowd I fell in love with them during Stage Fright. Rick was indeed "bouncing around" that stage. I've never looked back since.

Posted on Sat Apr 15 00:10:20 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Happy "Xmas": Not worth an argument. The abbreviated "Xmas" uses X for the Greek "khi" and dates back to the 16th century. Its origin, I believe, is that the name of the deity is too holy to say aloud or write in full, and it can hardly therefore be called irreligious in its intent. Incidentally, the song (which I not only like, but think is the best thing on "Islands") was at one time planned as a Christmas single.

While I agree that "We Can talk" is The Band at its very best, note that Whispering Pines, Jawbone, When You Awake, and Sleeping are all written by "Manuel / Robertson". Richard said something about struggling for the words in the Woodstock Times interview, so I’d guess that melody / lyric would be the split. I think Richard’s "We Can talk" and RR’s "Chest Fever" have similarities in the way the "collage lyrics" come in short bursts which all seem very important but don’t add together.

Joe: don’t remember a ToTP film. Might have been whistle Test? It’s hard to find out about TV shows. Anyone remember?

Posted on Fri Apr 14 23:49:35 CEST 2000 from (


From: New York

Some time back I did a post about songs that I would have liked to seen the Band cover, and I singeled out the Rolling Stones and their song Let it Loose. Some people pointed out that the Stones are still around, and the Band aren't, so Stone's covers of Band songs would make more sense. At the time I couldn't think of any but now I got a couple. The stones covering jawbonce circa 72 (this could replace Ventilator Blues on Exile on Main Street) and the stones circa 1971 covering Unfaithful servant (this could be an addition to Sticky Fingers (replacing nothing)

Posted on Fri Apr 14 22:51:22 CEST 2000 from (


Rick bouncing around on the stage...I guess that's one of the things I'll always remember about him...That and the fact that he was always willing to give thanks and acknowledge people, whether they were fans or other musicians. The sheer joy of playing was so evident...He'd get to doin' that "happy dance"...

Posted on Fri Apr 14 21:42:15 CEST 2000 from (


From: here

G man.I sent you the directions to "BP" and they came back to me, ..... your E- mail address was bogus??

Posted on Fri Apr 14 21:22:19 CEST 2000 from (


From: bflo ny

Anyone have directions to "BIG PINK". Trying to locate it.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 20:59:24 CEST 2000 from (


From: boston

KLJ - I'd like to enter a plea of Not Guilty to the charge of being "pissed" at Crabgrass. Throughout my life my personal motto has always been : this is Jan's guestbook and only he has the right to intervene if he deems that any post is inappropriate and we as guestbook participants may choose to read, not read, read and respond, read and not respond, not read and not respond, or (in my view the most difficult) not read yet respond anyway to any guestbook entry, unless of course the said entry is in a language unknown to us or composed by an Irish musician in the wee wee hours and therefore impossible to be fully comprehended by mere Americans of which I am one.

Actually, my personal motto is "you know what happens when you have too much fun." Speaking of fun, I'm off in a few hours for Mrs. Clinton's favorite big northeastern city to take my kids to see The Lion King on Broadway, so I'd better go get my Joan Baez CD's ready for the ride....

Posted on Fri Apr 14 20:53:45 CEST 2000 from (

jim virga

does anybody know where i can hear (or get a copy) of this? Date: 11/14/87 Performer: Manuel, Richard Location: Toronto, CAN. Broadcast by CIUT-FM Source/Quality/Length: FM/EX-/170 Note: From the radio program

Posted on Fri Apr 14 20:49:35 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Geez I'm dizzy (yes..more than usual..) It all just goes around and around in here at times, doesn't it? Perhaps Crabgrss and KLJ can switch their competition to e-mail and make each other dizzy for awhile, hm?

Joe: _Love_ the Counting Crows new one. Adam Duritz just has one of those voices that gets to me I guess. Kinda passionate, like Rick's is..was..and you get the feeling he's feeling what he's singing about. I like that.

And for whatever my opinion is worth, whatever did or didn't happen between RR & LH is really between them. None of us here can change it, alter it, or fix it. Let's just be grateful that the songs were written at all..and enjoy them. Thanks.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 20:09:33 CEST 2000 from (


O please come on guys and dogs...

Posted on Fri Apr 14 19:04:39 CEST 2000 from (

John Swaney


Hank, please ignore Crabby's post below. Join with ME in my ignore Crabby campaign! John

Posted on Fri Apr 14 19:01:53 CEST 2000 from (


Peter V (We met at Bournemouth; thanks for the DFA 2nd CD!): I got into the Band because of Rag Mama Rag and I seem to remember either a film (pre video) or something on Top of the Pops. Any Brits recall that? Also I was at Wembley and I thought they played RMR...Most memorable impression was Rick bouncing around the stage! I visit the GB and there seems to be a different spat going on each time. Ironic given the harmonies in the production of Big Pink and The Band and in the music itself. I loved Classic Albums for the bits where Levon and RR analysed the songs and showed the swap in lead in Rocking Chair for instance. I play all the Band albums periodically but always go back to the first 2; the only ones that still sound fresh. Post Band stuff: Danko's was most Bandlike (Do't know if this was posted, but the late Ian Dury selected Small Town Talk by Bobby Charles on his Desert Island Discs: what an interview!). Robbie's have been to me the most complete albums: Native Americans has some beautiful and moving songs and Storyville is very underrated. I thought the first was great on first play but like Jubilation dulls on repeated playing. It's been difficult to play any Danko songs since December without that wet stuff appearing! PS Keep posting Lil: I love Counting Crows too. Latest is brilliant : Mrs Potter and High Life my favourites. Ever heard Adam Durkin singing duet with Nanci Griffith "Going back to Georgia ?

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:51:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

And how many humans beings (innocent infants and children amongst them) have been killed, maimed, tortured, and starved to death in the name of God? Remember Dylan's "With God On Our Side?" I think that just about says it all. Overpopulation is THE biggest problem facing planet in the 21st Century, the number one cause of famine and poverty, and a not-so-underlying cause of wars. The Earth's human population will double in a few short years and the "Enough to go around" theory will not prove viable in the long run - simply because there won't be enough to go around. And Hitler and Mussolini weren't atheists to my knowledge. They were raised as Christians in fact - as were the soldiers who followed their orders. Take a minute to THINK.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:46:49 CEST 2000 from (

Kockin' Lost John


Ikka's Dog: I've already published my apology here for the JR Robertson post as well as given my reasons for doing it and will no longer address the subject after this post............... Get over it............. I also will no longer be engaging in my previously futile attempts at wit vs. wit with Crabby, 'cause Crabby has no wits........ Crabby seems to keep pissing people off, like Hank and Frank, as well as others. I don't want to come here to piss people off nor be pissed off (or on). So, I will from now on ignore Crabby's posts as well as any other post that is disturbing, and will only post positive posts in the spirit of one other Band fan in the GB (sorry, forgot your name). ......I was thinking last night, that we BAND fans are like survivors. The Band, in all honesty, is probably over with, but the spirit of the Band lives on. In the aftermath of Danko's death and Levon's voice loss, we are the last handful of people who can come here to discuss that music of the BAND, as well as the struggling life of REAL music in general. Rock-n-roll is not dead, but it is up to us to keep it alive under pressure of this techno-electro-pop crap that the industry keeps putting out!.................. On a lighter note, I would LIKE to open up a new topic for discussion. My musical partner and I recently decided that The Traveling Wilburys was THE best album that the 80's produced. Also, we thought that John Mellencamp had a huge hand in keeping good ol' country-rock alive through the 80's. Agree or disagree, I'd love to hear what the rest of you think! JOHN.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:22:56 CEST 2000 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

It sure would be handy to have some venue names to go with those cities listed on The Barnburners schedule. Two nights back to back in Memphis would be the best opportunity for a generous serving of bad ass blues.(unless you live near enough to upstate N.Y. on most Wednesdays) long live The Band

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:20:35 CEST 2000 from (

Cousin Lori

From: The Think Tank

Thanks Lil for solving my mystery. Your uplifting posts bring me comfort among all this angst, and I thank you!

On a more serious note . . . GB regulars all must acknowledge that we have a multitude of talents, not to mention incredible intelligence. Why don't we all work together to form some benefits for the "Rick Danko Memorial Fund". We all know how generous Rick was. He helped me out on many occasions over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, I have no musical talent. I do have experience with organizing fundraisers (after working years on The Hill.) Please, people, lets think positively and make a difference.

BYW, does anyone know how Richard's family is doing? Do they need help too? Let's get it together, pool our talents and give back to those we loved. The negative energy is draining. Any thoughs???? Thanks for listening.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:17:50 CEST 2000 from (


Unable to find the Levon article issue of Rolling Stone. Any chance of someone it posting here for us unfortunate souls ?

Posted on Fri Apr 14 18:00:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: Northampton, MA

This is a question for Robbie, about the Underworld of Redboy--I think it's the cut called "Sound is Fading"-- I thought the background vocals sounded almost Japanese, is there a connection, or is it my imagination? I checked the liner notes, but didn't see any reference listed, but then again, pushing 50, you can't see without your bifocals! Keep up that great work and keep the Mohawk spirit alive :)

Posted on Fri Apr 14 17:59:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT


You are exactly right! I had no business passing judgement on Levon. Please accept my apologies. As a Band fan, I was growing tired of the bitterness and the feuding. I want the Band to be remembered for something more than conflict, and I assume Levon feels the same way, but it is getting to be a problem.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 17:05:32 CEST 2000 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Anybody see the boys this morning on the Today show? There was a segment on Joni Mitchell and they used video from TLW. The voice over during shots from "I Shall Be Released" and "Helpless" stated that she has worked with Bob Dylan and Neil Young. And although those famous guys were in the shots, I was watching Rick Danko on bass, bouncing up and down with the music and just smiling [me and Ricky, both].

Posted on Fri Apr 14 16:57:07 CEST 2000 from (

Ilkka's dog

From: Pink painted doghouse
Home page

I am maybe not the right dog to cast the first stone to KLJ for impersonating other people (this time Saint Jaime). My advice is:
1) Choose and create a totally unbelievable figure, so nobody can take it seriously by mistake (like my stupid virtuel master *Ilkka*) and do post in his/her name if you happen to think that you are funny.
2) Post in your own name if you have something serious to contribute (like I am doing now).
3) Remember (I have not always succeeded...) that we are here as a guests of Jan's dog who is doing a great job in maintaining this incredible site, the BEST in the NET!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 16:30:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

Re Peter's top 20, I found it interesting to see the Hawks drummer from the Dylan days, Mickey Jones, on the chart as a member of the First Edition. Not a classic, for sure, but certainly a good record.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 16:04:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: Planet Earth
Home page went on about the Church coming into the 20th Century or the 21st Century.......keep in mind what St. Janis said........."it's ALL the same fuckin' day..maaaaan..."....also......there is no such thing as there anyone alive right now you could walk up to and say.......... "YOU are one TOO many"...........? If you did, you'd be giving them less than what they deserve as a human being......that sorta sentiment leads to War....obviously........................ If the world is over-populated with any kinda people it's overpopulated with people/governments/societies who won't share their vast food resources........there's loadsa space here AND loadsa food.......As Rick Danko said in Cork in 1993......"God must Love us.........He made so many of us......." but then, if you DON'T believe in God.......You don't believe ANYONE/ THING/ BEING loves hatred of the human race is a natural thing......and that's the way it goes sometimes......right? There's just too many Ethiopians now, right?....ah well...not for much longer......It wasn't hard to Airlift Aid to Berlin in the aftermath of WW2, was it?.....but who loves the Ethiopians enuff to help 'em out?.....not us here in the so-called west......'specially when they're all dead and that land they live on is for the'd I get started on this?.....gotta go......Sorry for gettin'soooo serious......Weekend is here, have a good one......HANK

Posted on Fri Apr 14 16:02:17 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

Bashful Bill - Check February 7th 1999 on the G.B.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 15:01:09 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Heading downstate a week from tonite to see God, I mean Garth, at the Turning Point. On the way back up I would like to find Big Pink. Oddly enough I have been in Woodstock twice and it never entered my mind to look up BP, guess I was too busy. I know there are good directions somewhere on Jan's wonderful website, could someone please direct me to them?....and Thanks!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 14:53:38 CEST 2000 from (

Brown-Eyed Jack

Crabgrass: I've finally become fed up with your ignorance and your tasteless posts. Your slam on Christmas (it will never be Xmas) and the Pope and Catholic Church is shameful. Take a good look at yourself. Straighten up and fly right.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 08:55:00 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

BTW I really dug the recently posted "hospital story." It reminded me of O. Henry's classic short story entitled "The Last Leaf." Coincidentally, O. Henry (pseudonym of William Sydney Porter) lived in Austin TX for several years in his early 20s - circa 1884. Check some related websites if interested.

O. Henry's most famous story is, of course, "The Gift of the Magi." And while we're on the topic of Christmas (or rather Xmas as I like to call it) I happen to like most songs of that season - even the religious ones. I just think Robbie's contribution is weak both melody and wordwise and what the hell is it doing on a Band album anyway? But as I said before now is NOT the best time to discuss it further - it's Springtime in case no one's noticed! One of the best truth in advertising slogans has always been "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's" (Real Jewish Rye Bread). Likewise with Xmas songs.

I was surprised at how many songs Rick had a hand in writing on his first solo LP when I recently checked. Anyone have the lowdown on what sparked the new Band to get their sh*t together and record some new albums in the '90s??

Posted on Fri Apr 14 08:53:58 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nordic Countries

PETER - thanks for the Rag Mama Rag info.
PAT BRENNAN - right, *Wandering Star* is classical. BTW one of my *regular numbers* with an A harmonica!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 07:42:15 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New Yawk

I picked up Rick Danko's first album today in a used record store for $3.99 in excellent condition. I was happy and I thought I'd tell a shitload of people who could apprerciate it. That's all. Goodnite.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 07:27:26 CEST 2000 from (

RR's Guitar

From: The F Hole

The Weight was in A on Big Pink, ROA and TLW. Play it in any key you like, but it sounds best in A, as it always has been. Keep pickin'!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 06:27:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nasville

I don't want to start any fights, because really I'm actually one of those wishy-washy, peace-loving Levertsonians, but I think the handful of songs that Richard Manuel wrote just blow away, lyrically, anyway, just about anything Robbie's written. His songs have an emotional resonance that Robbie just doesn't come anywhere near. It's a shame that the well apparently dried up pretty quickly, because I think the stuff he wrote stands up among the greatest pop/rock songs ever written. I don't think he gets nearly the credit as a songwriter that he deserves. Ever hear "You Say You Love Me" from The Genuine Basement Tapes? Let's hear it for Richard!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 06:11:37 CEST 2000 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Columbus

I just read the Levon article in the Rolling Stone. I think it was interesting that Robbie was given a chance to rebutt Levons statements. His reply was "I wrote songs before I ever met Levon." Maybe its just me but, the songs he wrote before he met Levon must have been little more than poetry. Levon and Robbie were writing songs together when Robbie was 15. Yes, I know the Hawk recorded at least two songs Robbie wrote before this time. I just can't believe that people could have this much history and deny each other. On another note, if I remember The Last Waltz sold for $18.95 as a three record set. The movie cost $19.95 to purchase. To see the movie cost me $5.95 when it was released(still have the ticket stub). If just 500,000 people worldwide saw the movie and bought the soundtrack (most likely a much higher number). And if only 100,000 tapes were sold. The gross would be in excess of $14,000,000 in a few year window. Seems someone got paid!! or Paid Off !!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 05:49:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Exciting news on the music and religious fronts!! Now that the rest of us have moved into the 21st Century it seems that the Catholic Church may be on the verge of moving into the 20th Century!! As reported on page 3 of today's NY Post (Headline: POPE JOHN PAUL ROCKS! - the front page alluded to "POPESTOCK" - cute!) "The Vatican is taking a walk on the wild side. Pope John Paul has agreed to host a May 1 concert starring hard-living rock star Lou Reed -- along with the Eurythmics and Andrea Bocelli." [Well, I never thought of him as a rock artist but, hey, both Taylor and Mitchell are in the R&RHOF.] To continue, it goes on to say, "The Vatican says the pontiff will welcome and address the huge outdoor show in Rome called the Great Jubilee Concert for a Debt-Free World. The event which will benefit the world's poorest countries [no doubt including many of those in South America where the Church prefers starvation thru overpopulation to birth control] is expected to draw a half million fans." Maybe the Church will sell off some of it's vast worldwide real estate holdings as a gesture of good will! I look forward to seeing who else is added to the line up. Will the Stones, Porno for Pyros, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, TAFKAP, the Village People, and George Michael be invited?? And is this the death knell of "Chantmania" or did that quietly dissappear without me noticing?

Re: The Quiz - Only willing to answer two questions unless Regis is doing the asking! #6 - Britney Spears hands down!! #9 - The most handsome and smartest one! (Question too easy!)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Imagine there's no Heaven..."

Posted on Fri Apr 14 05:27:01 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Peter, Lee Marvin's "Wandering Star" is a classic.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 03:06:49 CEST 2000 from (


Pretty good, Franko.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 02:50:19 CEST 2000 from (

Stephen W. Novik

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Still Love this site! Jan, I finally heard the full versions of "Stones" and "Liza" offered here through RealPlayer. Thank You!!! Oh, God! Dem's GREAT tunes! Still, I'd like to hear the legendary studio recording of "Don't Do It" if possible please. Thanks so much from the land of snow, eh? Why do I speak up now? Why do I wade into the middle of yet another round 'bout the feud? 'Coz last time I chucked in my two cents, "White Cadillac" emerged! Peace, and prayers be with the Barnburners. May they soon scorch up the charts!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 02:36:52 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Zealand
Home page

Knockin Lost John: I've never given much thought to the various keys that Band songs were recorded in. In the case of The Weight my guess is that RR tuned his guitar down to G for the Big Pink version. The opening riff works best in A so it was probably easier for Levon to sing a key higher live rather than Robbie change guitars. The Last Waltz into also works best in A to get get the drone effect on the open A string.

Incidentally I am trying to learn the into for Chest Fever on the accordion. Pretty hard work but it sounds OK on a pipe organ type stop.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 02:19:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: Paddys Green Shamrock Shore
Home page

FRANKO.......great Lyrics!!!!!........ Do you think you could work up a version of "King Harvest" as a duet for KLJ and Crabby? That'd be a blast!!!!........PETER VINEY......You are a mine of info......THANKS. I notice yer from The UK.....I figure youv'e seen The BBC Classic Album Show........if you did, what Do YOU make of that "Rag Mama Rag" debate between Levon and RR?'s cool to know it was a top 20 hit.........I love this GB, folks............send some new threads out there people........I know I'm gonna....but probably tommorow!!!!I must Lay Me Down now.........G'night........HANK

Posted on Fri Apr 14 02:20:54 CEST 2000 from (

Amy Jo & Ray

From: Western Pa. / East of Pittsburgh

Just our humble opinion, but The Barn Burners are HOT !!! No excuses anyone - we drove over 400 miles to catch a show. Do whatever you gotta do to get to one of their shows when they come through your town in the next few weeks. Not only are they talented, but every one of them was also so friendly and generous with their time before and after the show. Thank you Levon - you're all Class! And Butch.... what can we say.... Thanks again! Amy Jo

Posted on Fri Apr 14 02:12:09 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

I was just sitting here re-reading the recent RS article on Levon, and picked up on something I inadvertantly missed the first time I read it. It talks about how Levon and his daughter Amy were putting together a set of blues-based childrens songs to perform for children with cancer at NY's Sloan-Kettering hospital. What a wonderful thing! Here's a man who's battled cancer himself..and is giving his time to bring a smile to the faces of those kids.

I guess I wanted to mention this because it seems that Levon has a good grasp on what's really important in life. Money ain't everything. Being thankful for the good things in life, and giving something back, is much more important. It sounds to me that, although there may be some ghosts from the past, Levon has pretty much found happiness in his music, in his daughter, and in himself. And he deserves it.

Thanks for listening. Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Fri Apr 14 01:57:33 CEST 2000 from (


From: Atlanta

Awesome page. Never realized The Band stirs up as much passion in others as they do for me. Does any one out there know where Levon is playing when he is in Winder, GA this month on the 27th? I was fortunate enough to see Rick a week before he passed away and I'd love to see Levon play. Thanks, y'all!!!

Posted on Fri Apr 14 01:45:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: austin.tx

This came across my desk yesterday. it's one of those chain e-mails but they didn't want my money and no deadline either. Bugger it anyway. then I read it and I thought of Rick in particular, The Band, artists in general...

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room's only window.

the other man had to spend all his time on his back. The men talked for hours on end. they would speak of their wives and families, their jobs, homes, days in the military, places that they had gone on vacation. And every afternoon when the man by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roomate all the things he could see going on outside the window.

The man in the other bed began to live for those one-hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside. The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color of the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance. As the man by the window related all of this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes, get real quiet and imagine the picturesque scene.

One rather warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by. Although the other man couldn't hear the band he could see it in his mind's eye, as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words.

Days and weeks passed. One morning the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.

As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.

Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at he world outside. Finally, he would have the joy of seeing it for himself. He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. It faced a blank wall. The man rang the nurse up to ask her what could have compelled his deceased roomate who had described such wonderful things happening outside the window. The nurse responded that the man was blind and couldn't even see the wall. She said, "Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you."

Epilogue... There is tremendous value in making others happy,despite our own situations. Shared grief is half the sorrow, yet happiness when shared is doubled. If you want to feel wealthy, begin to count the things you have that money can't buy.

Evidently the author of this little story is unkown but it says passing it on brings good luck. I usually hate these things but this one gave me something to think about. I hope it works!

P.S. John Hammond's playing a club here tonite. I'm looking forward... Saw Macy Gray on "Showtime at the Apollo" and was blown away. kbye!

Posted on Thu Apr 13 23:25:21 CEST 2000 from (

Amanda Reilly

From: New Zealand

Loved the song too Franko. Just free associating here...I've noticed that Crabgrass posts from the Front Lawn. Interestingly there is a band in New Zealand called the Front Lawn.

They had a bit of a local hit with a song called "the electric heater" which featured the catchy chorus "plug me in." One would have thought it would be impossible to satirise but someone did it by singing a list of appliances.

One other thing...I also find the Robbie vs Levon feud discussions depressing but where else can people who care about this discuss it? I don't think the general population outside of a few Band fans is at all interested. Lets live and let live or something.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 23:17:35 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Franko-Great lyrics. you have done your homework.BTW I just picked up the April 7 issue of Goldmine with Wierd Al Yankovic on the cover. Any relation?

Posted on Thu Apr 13 23:15:21 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Research: The HeeBeeJeeBees were Angus Deayton, Phillip Pope and Mike Stevens who recorded "439 Golden Greats" in 1981 and "Radio Active" in 1983 (though another entry made that 1991 and 1993). The one we’re after must be "439 Golden greats" which contains "Meaningless Songs in Very High Voices". I’m trying to guess what the Band pastiche is from track titles. Angus Deayton is a UK TV Presenter / actor known for his role as ‘the only other actor’ on Rowan Atkinson live shows, as the neighbour in the sitcom "Only One Foor in The Grave" and the presenter of the topical / comedy news quiz "Have I Got News For you." More on the Band pastiche anyone?

The British TV show, "The Old Grey Whistle Test" often used to feature black and white 1920s cartoons, especially Micky Mouse to accompany records. The cartoon appeared to move to the music, but whether that was coincidence, a result of the viewer’s condition at the time or whether they synched it to the beat, I don’t know. They’d try for some connection between content and lyrics (e.g. Steamboat Willy and Proud Mary). I’d swear that I heard "King Harvest" done in this way, but I’m pretty sure that "The Promised Land" was too.

"Rag Mama Rag" should be as recognizable as "The Weight" to British audiences though maybe Easy Rider and the cover versions promote "The Weight". "Rag Mama Rag" appears on all the many EMI "Hits of The Year …" collections in their British versions. According to my memory (and the tape) they didn’t play it at Wembley 1974, which would indicate that they hadn’t paid enough attention to chart placings. At Cambridge in 1996 I seem to remember it getting as big an "ooh!" / recognition applause response as "The Weight."

Weird Ol Frankovich: Wow. Never been in a song before.

Illka. You asked! Rag Mama Rag entered the UK Top 20 at #33 on 11 April 1970. It went to #25, then hit #16 on April 25th. So what was in the 20 that week?

1) Dana – All Kinds of Everything. 2) Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky 3) S & G : Bridge Over Troubled Water 4) Andy williams – Can’t Help Falling in Love 5) Mary Hopkin – Knock Knock who’s there 6) Gimmee Dat Ding – Pipkins 7) Bob & Marcia – Young Gifted & Black 8) Stevie Wonder – Never Had a Dream Come True 9) Jimmy Ruffin - Farewell is A Lonely Sound 10) Blue Mink – Good Morning Freedom 11) Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself (reissue) 12) Cufflinks – When Julie Comes Around 13) Lee Marvin – Wanderin’ Star 14) Frijid Pink – House of The rising Sun 16) The Band – RAG MAMA RAG 17) Tom Jones – Daughter of darkness 18) Kenny Rogers – Something’s Burning 19) Picketywitch – That Same old Feeling 20) Who do ypou Love? – Juicy Lucy.

OK, At least five long-term classics out of twenty (Greenbaum, S & G,, Bob & Marcia, Four Tops, The Band) plus coincidentally a cover of Who Do You Love? and a cover of Dylan and a cover of Elvis. And Tom Jones is the only one in this week’s chart (with his cover of Mama Told me Not to Come).

Posted on Thu Apr 13 22:39:16 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

From: crazyville (an affiliation of Jan's funny farm)

Franko: Loved your song! Just what was needed to put things into a bit of perspective. Keep writing..I look forward to your first cd :-)

Posted on Thu Apr 13 22:28:45 CEST 2000 from (


frankovic: I like that one! And Mitt: glad to see you're back

Posted on Thu Apr 13 22:25:46 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Yazoo Street

Quiz #1 for Crabgrass: 1. What is a treble Clef? 2. Who sang backup on Robertson's Between Trains? 3. Is the song "Audience For My Pain" on the album Levon Helm or the album Levon Helm? 4. In Fret and Finger #'s what is the position of the common C#minor chord?\ 5. What instrument did Levon Helm play on the song "Book Faded Brown?" 6. Who is your favorite, Christina Aguilera or Brittney Spears? 7. What's the winner of the worst GB handle award? (Hint, it rhymes with grabass) 8. The original "The Weight" was in the key of G major. What key was it transposed to in most live performances, including The Last Waltz version? 9. Your momma had 3 different mail-men during a regular work week. Which one's your daddy? 10. Who played drums on "The Fat Man" from the Robertson produced soundtrack for the film Carny?

Posted on Thu Apr 13 22:16:59 CEST 2000 from (

Boogie Man (aka Knockin' Lost John, aka JR Robertson)


Franko! Loved the lyrics (Especially the part about Crabgrass!) I even sang them outloud at my computer! I think I'll record a version of that! Then, I'll usurp all the songwriting royalties and you can bitch about it for twenty years! Anyhow, wanted to apologize for the JR Robertson thang, but it was just my unique way of conveying my opinion on the RR-Levon debate, while at the same time trying to put an end to it! Now, let's let it rest!!!! Any date for the LEVON/Barnburners disc yet? I know Danko is coming out in June (rest his tenor soul). Also, what ever happened to the Manuel disc we've heard rumors of for years? Anyway, Take care Band fans. John

Posted on Thu Apr 13 22:10:57 CEST 2000 from (


I get the winner of the KLJ-Crabgrass duel.Infact why don't ya both bring it over here.oops! sorry all thought this was the WWF site 'scuse me. Peace Cupid

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:59:37 CEST 2000 from (

weird ol' frankovic

From: boston

apologizing in advance for wasting your time...

As an outed dankophile, i am a person of peace and neutral in ideaology and intend no disrespect for the silliness that follows, I See Levonistas, sung to the tune of It Makes No Difference

I see Levonistas, everywhere I turn
Paying ten bucks at the Lake to hear the new Barn Burn
And the Robertsonians, admire the man with the loot
Dreamworks, VH1 and Armani suits

And I don't see Serge, anymore
Must be drinkin' with Sundog, I am sure

And the Crabgrass
In the front lawn
Resists weed control
Which makes the purists, feel so low

I read Diamond Lil, most every day
A beacon from the north that lights the way
And new from Ireland's, emerald shore
Hank keeps cranking out
More and more

Peter V's articles, are the best
Have you done Ramble, Jungle yet?

All the song writing credits
Robbie got to keep
Must've signed the papers while the boys
Were fast asleep
And no one made a dime, from The Last Waltz

Without Rick Danko, it just ain't the same
His loss cast a pall, on this guestbook wall
Same goes for Richard, many years ago
Seems like yesterday
His voice stirred us all

Time for a fresh guestbook, topic now
Let's see...who, really sang, Holy Cow?

Well there's only three left
Let's hope there's some truth
To the Garthian words about, the healing power of music
And the boys, make peace, somehow

Now, back to work..

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:37:28 CEST 2000 from (


From: Too close to the funny farm

carmen (et al.),
The songwriting credits on Rick's first solo album have been available for a while here ... and they have been discussed heavily, too, especially the song "Sip the Wine".

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:36:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

Fleetwood Mac is an interesting example of songwriting credits. Lindsey Buckingham arranged the majority of music with that group and really helped shape Stevie's songs musically which she has always given him credit. She would hand him some lyrics and possibly a simple chord progresssion and he would turn it into a song. He does NOT get any songwriting credit for that, for he claims that was his job by being a member of the band. I wonder if he would be complaining if he had lost his money and was bitter at Stevie's success. If Levon had taken better care of his situation, we may not be discussing this so-called feud.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:34:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: evrywhere you are.

Lol, @ humans posing to be others. I am a woman and I am black. The internet is just the beginning...the beginning of the end of the beginning...BTW , just a reminder. all will be traveling the stairway to heaven sooner or later. Njoy2day........and yes there are more than 12 steps.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:30:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

I can't believe I am doing this but thanks for the Rick Danko songwriting info Crabby. That being said, I can't disagree with you more regarding Christmas Must Be tonight. I think this is a great song. I guess you need to be a Christian to appreciate it. Now if I can only figure out how to get the Scotts Crabgrass killer to work on my PC as well as my lawn!

Posted on Thu Apr 13 21:14:47 CEST 2000 from (

Beth R.

From: Chicago suburbs

My two cents on "I'm sure most people who come thru that back door [through Robbie's solo work to the Band's work]realize ultimately that The Band (including the later versions) is much more potent than either RR or Rick going it alone", I'd have to disagree. I came to the Band through Robbie's 1st solo album too and found it a great discovery process. But when I like someone musically, I want to get more of that person, and I feel I get that more from solo albums. I want to get my fill so to speak. And I felt that I got to know Rick more musically through his DFA albums than with the Band's. Sure, he shines on anything he does, but I keep going back to DFA at least once a month. And Storyville is one of my lost-on-a-desert-island albums (I know that premise is boring to Serge, but it's true). And yes, I'll always have a special place in my heart for Robbie. Shoot me. :) Beth

Posted on Thu Apr 13 20:58:53 CEST 2000 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: a long ways down the crazy river and I won't be coming back anytime soon
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Go away for awhile and heaven knows what might happen...Mattk, it's good to see you still here, but you're moving??? Now there'll be nobody sensible here in our nation's capitol, though my beloved spouse (who has evidently decided that torturing me with endless repitions of Contact from the Underworld of Redboy just wasn't enough--sorry, Matt) has now gotten the idea to interview for a job in Hawaii. Hawaii? Am I missing something? I like seasons and no volcanoes...but, to return to the issue of RR's solo stuff: Though my spouse is the RR fan in the family, I must say that I quite like his first album (and in fact, often listen to it here in the office.) Especially late in the afternoons, like now, when my blood sugar is low...Peace, y'all.

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From: The Front Lawn

I think Madonna should cover "Christmas Must Be Tonight" which would turn it into a perennial seasonal hit. She's got the name to go with it. (She's Catholic and like a virgin to boot! And she's always said she'd love to meet the Pope - this would give her a golden opportunity to do so and elevate her stature to that of Dylan's.) Also, it's probably the ONLY Band song I wouldn't care about anybody else covering. However, I vote we hold off the huge debate over this 'til later in the year since it's only April.

I like the words to Chest Fever too - they are elliptical just like the words to The Weight. The songs conjure up a feeling and some vague imagery but you can never get a complete picture of what it really means - which is what makes the songs hold up to repeated listening. Robbie's high-pitched guitar burping thru the tweeters is very subtle but as essential a part of the fabric as Garth's organ. And the bass line is totally unique. I agree that John Fogerty essentially WAS Creedence.

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Knockin' Lost John

From: My mother's womb

Would anyone know how I might be able to get ahold of Jubilation on LP. This website states that some LP copies of Jubilation were indeed printed and I love the sound of records, and especially think Jubilation would sound excellent on record. Please email me w/ info. John

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From: Nordic Countries

TO PETER VINEY - about Rag Mama Rag single.
I used to listen to UK Top Twenty and I can clearly remember "Rag Mama Rag" being #16 because in that context it was totally impossible! The song was always cut down a half a minute before it ended (probably to save the listeners for the last seconds where "everyone plays a different song" - I love it.) However, I don't remember the other hits - can it be Hollies, Beach Boys... Is it possible for you to post the whole list of that week because it would show how unique The Band was (and is). Thanks.

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Sorry, also wanted to mention that copies of the radio programs I got are still on auction at Ebay now. (I think).

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Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Sorry to post again. But I gotta keep up with Crabby. On a lighter note, just got two "rare" radio programs off of Ebay of the Band Live. The first is a concert c. 1975 in Washington DC. The Band sounds God-awful tight, and it was interesting to hear them live and stripped down (without a horn section). Also got The Band II live in Vegas c. 1997. Great stuff. Very interesting to hear the New Band do some of the old tunes like "The Weight" and "Ophelia." Randy Ciarlante did an excellent job on one verse of "The Weight" and "Chest Fever." Rick did "Shape I'm In" and it was okay (about the same as the version on live from Breeze Hill). Missed Richard though. Anybody got any info about Levon and the Barnburners touring nation-wide? Later Band fans, John

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Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

No Hank, I'm not Robertson. If I were I'd drive a better car and have better things to do with my time (and Money). I's just tryin' to shake things up. Tired of the same ol' drivel. Almost ready to get off here when one Band fan emailed me and asked me not to throw in the towel. The towel's wet, but i'm not throwin' it in yet. I'm challenging Grabass to a musical GB dual. I know more than he does, not just about the Band but about music in general. And I know I probably shouldn't, but my primal manly urges tell me to challenge Crabby. My goal is to drive him off to the Brittney Spears website. Adios John

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From: Corkadorca
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It's kinda sad to think people would stop communicating here because of what the current major thread is......I mean, I've said it before....I'll say it again.......The Band inspires Passion........real, pure, unadulterated PASSION.......Where else am I or anyone gonna go to let loose on such a subject?.........If you don't dig what's being said here.......start a new thread..........I'm trying to get this Madonna thing going takers yet......but hey, it were a few days before Peter Vinney picked up on the HeeBeeGeeBees thread.......Diamond L'il comes on here and talks about the birds singing and the snow falling outside her window and wishes us all to be happy and think good thoughts of Rick'n'Richard.....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!........Let it out and Let it in.......try not to purposely insult prepared to be corrected and out around the GB neighbourhood......tell folks about bootlegs and TV spots........I must admit it is a bit distressing to know about the RR vs Levon feud....but it's all part of the passion that goes on here.........Crabbys got some cynical views but from what I've read .....he knows and loves The Band.......and that whole -phile-ista-ite-sonian thang was HILARIOUS........I bet that if The BAND themselves all knew this was going on they'd laugh thier beards and hats off!!!!!.....BTW, was that REALLY JR Robertson or not?.........I only came in when Rick passed....did He know what the deal was here?.....Did he ever post here?....I get the feeling he woulda gotta kick out all this...maybe I'm wrong......but hey, I'll wait and see the next time I log on....look forward to it actually.......See y'all later ...........HANK

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Ruben Remus

From: Woodstock

Okay, let's all sit back while the GB becomes a shouting match between KLJ & Crabgrass.

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Go figure that.

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Yep! Tryin' to shake things up! Tryin' to change the subject! Get over the riff between Levon & RR!!!!! Get over RR's reading at Rick's funeral! Get over it all! John

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Gee! Knockin Lost John and J. R. Robertson leaving the Guestbook at the same time. And, they both posted from the same place! Go figure.

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J.R. Robertson

From: Canada
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I visit here from time to time. This is the first time I've posted anything. When I mentioned that I wrote the songs at Rick's funeral, it was only a small part of what I had to say and the emphasis was not on "Robbie wrote the songs!" It has been taken out of context here on this site. I never had any ill feelings toward Levon and the others for continuing on with the Band, and my reasons for not joining them in '83 have been explained too many times for me to go into here. Rumors that I've been working on Rick's last solo record are false, although I would like to have been invited to participate. I kinda like the words to Chest Fever. Also, I liked the Band's last album Jubilation. I thought Levon and the gang did an excellent job. When I wrote "The Weight" and "Up On Cripple Creek" the Band was very important to the creation of those songs on record. Still, Levon's bitterness towards me is unfounded, and to be honest I don't completely understand it. I will say nothing more on this matter, besides "Peace." JR Robertson

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From: upstate ny

well,,,,,,,, another Barn Burning Wednesdaynight,,,, our regulars came early, & staked their claim to seats with the best view of their favorites,, ,,, We had a Great Visit with AMY-JO & Ray,, drove up from Pittsburgh & LOVED every note of the night,,, a great addition to our wednesday family !!!! ,,,,,,, Levon & the BB's were rarin to go,,,,,,, after playing with Ronnie Hawkins & Richard Bell, Levon was primed at the pump,, he led the charge, as usual,,, Chris O'Leary took the vocal reins & didnt let up till miss amy came up ,,,,,,,,They did a SMOKIN version of HOUND DOG,, still ringing in my head,,,,,,, Chris' version of I'm Ready was hot, too hot to touch,, 19 years old, Jealous Heart, all crowd pleasers,,,,PLUS we have folks DANCIN !!!! a true benchmark of the music,,, i think, if they cant sit still, the music works, right ??? & we had em rockin in WOODSTOCK, last night,,, Pat O'Shea & Frankie were wailin , ( especially after Levon & I teased them about the rolling stone article, "big time, boys, "LOLOL )the blues were screamin out of every spot in The Lake !!!! My friend "The SCHTEIN " marty, on piano , was smilin away,, his last gig for awhile,, hes takin wifey-poo & kids to Gramma Dolly for Passover,,,& The B.B.'s are tuning up for the ROAD,,,, so next week,,,,,,, last one for a while,,,, we leave on tour day after easter, & return May 10th or so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so come on down in a taxi honey,,,or walk, or drive, or AMTRAK,,, but get here,,, THE BARN be BURNIN,,,, ,,,,,special thanks to the jersey boys for all their help,,, butch

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Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

There are a multitude of things to praise about "Chest Fever", beginning of course with Garth's amazing organ work. But there is also Rick's playful, loping bass line; sinister snaky guitar from Robbie; the mournful horns on the bridge; and soulful singing by Richard & Levon (just to name a few).

Not the least of the song's strengths are the lyrics - I've never bought into the "dummy lyrics" theory; other words could have been written prior to recording if the existing lyrics were considered weak. The words to the song are in the best tradition of nonsense lyrics, which seem to make no sense on the surface but convey the message anyway. They are a perfect fit for the controlled chaos of the music. I'm not sure what words would be included in "dummy lyrics" (maybe moon/spoon/June?), but I don't believe goons, Swedes, mooncalfs, and vipers would be in there.

For me "Chest Fever" is right behind "King Harvest" as the best work The Band ever did. As for the songwriting credit, it should reflect the creator(s) of the words and the melody, no matter how excellent the musicianship is on the recording of that song.

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Bob Wyman

From: Colorado
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Hi again, I posted the last picture of Rick and myself on my homepage. Glad you all have enjoyed them as you have indicated in your emails and in my guestbook. It was a night to remember! Also while you there you might click on the link to Michael Baum and view some of his artwork. He is a friend of mine who over the last few years has really come into his own as a top notch artist. Thanks for letting me share my memories with you all! Peace (I mean it) Bob

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Knockin' Lost John

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JD's MANIFESTO Hello Loyal Band Fans! I have come to the conclusion that visitors such as Crabgrass have taken over the GB. Therefor, I will no longer be a regular visitor, although I'm sure this will come as no great surprise or be of no great shock to the GB. I'm quite certain the shockwaves of my decision to stop visiting here will be felt no further than my own computer terminal. I had hoped the GB would be a place where I could participate in intelligent conversation about all things Band-like. And, to be fair, I have "met" several good folks here on the GB. Still, the GB seems to be overflowing with negativity lately, and I want to be cheery not brought down by visiting here. The whole Levon vs RR. The choosing sides and drawing lines in the sand and bantering to and fro over such trivial things is not a good thing. Upbeat talk of Band-like topics is what's important. We, as Band fans should be urging Levon to try and sing again. We should be urging the Band to continue w/ Randy & Levon. I think Danko would have wanted it that way, personally. We should be looking forward to the Barnburner release and Danko's last solo project. Instead there is too much arguing and negativity. I have had alot of help from other band fans w/ finding boots and rarities and have talked much w/ fans about the music of the greatest band in the world. Thank you, John

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RE: CCR -- a couple of things. 1) At their Hall induction, Fogerty really dissed the other surviving members (bassist and drummer). They were sitting in the audience when "CCR" started playing, stood up and walked out. 2)I believe Fogerty's back-up band included ... Robbie Robertson (along w/Springsteen and maybe Clapton). Isn't that right? Suggests they get along and that RR admires him, I think, altough a little rough on the bandmates. I know CCR was pretty much one guy and a back-up band, but still...

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Diamond Lil

Lori: Believe it or not, I thought I had replied to your question about 'Rainman' the first time you posted it. I probably got sidetracked (not hard to do here). But yes..that certainly is "Don't Do it" in the background of one of the scenes when Raymond is thinking about his "date" with the prostitute. I do remember him scribbling on his notebook as well, but I don't think I ever paid attention to what it is he's writing. I'll have to check more closely. I have the film here, and if I get a chance after work today, I'll turn it on so I can give you a definitive answer. And btw..I happen to think that film was by far..Dustin Hoffman's _best_ performance. Great film.

Oh well..have to go now. 5 minutes to Wapner :-)

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Hanky Panky

From: Far Across the Sea
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Very Interesting, Crabby..............It's funny you should find that article where RR disses CCR........CCR were more ripped off than ANYONE in The Band!!!!!........I mean, can you imagine what goes on over at the CCR GB?.......Mercy, Lord......I shudder to think!!!!!......It's too bad that RR disses John Fogerty, tho'..........CCR were a GREAT band.....despite RR assesment of 'em..... I swear, they are, to this day, as big as The Beatles in Scandanavia......everywhere you go up there....Folks, young or old, housewives to death-metallers think CCR are the greatest......whilst I was touring these Irish bars up there recently, all I had to do was sing "Proud Mary" or "Bad Moon Risin" or Who'll Stop / Have you ever seen/ The Rain" and they would ALL sing along like kids in kindergarten!!!!!!....................did 'Rag Mama Rag" have a promo video/film with it? Did they play it on any live TV show around the time they released it as a single?......I would love to see that if they did........or did it just come out on a single 45?.......the idea of the song vamped up a la "Cotten-eyed Joe" or even Madonnas "American Pie" is interesting.......Hey!!!!!! HERE'S a TWISTED thread for y'all to pick up on.........What Band song could MADONNA cover?.......hmmmmmmm.......don't puke on yer computers, now , children!!!!!! ( fer Gods sake now, don't get all purist and outraged at the suggestion). Seriously.......lemme think.........actually.......she could DO "Rag Mama Rag"!!!! in a kinda girlywurly way...if ya know what I mean ( No, wait a minute, that's Neil Diamond)....Um.....Any Takers?........the weekends almost here folks.........Good Day to y'all......HANK

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From: New Zealand

I think the HeeBeeGeeBees might have been on "Not the 9 o' clock news". As I recall they did a particularly cruel parody of Abba too.

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From: The Front Lawn

Just came across a book called OFF THE RECORD by Joe Smith (Warner Books 1988) which has two page quotes "telling it like it was" by hundreds of recording artists, producers, etc. from the '40s thru the '80s. Here's an excerpt of Robbie's:

"I thought of a band as like a little workshop. This guy takes care of the furniture, this one takes care of the glass, this one does the plumbing. Everyone has his own little job. That's the biggest reason why I chose not to sing. I was into being the director. I enjoyed saying, "You know, why don't you try singing this in here. When we get to this section, you go up. Then we'll sing the melody, and the characters will change, and you over here come in on the second line." That became a part of the style of the group -- voice interchanging. I enjoyed being the director, but I wasn't the captain of the ship. Everybody did his part and that is what made us a true band. We were a unit. John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival were not a true band. It was really John Fogerty and some backup guys. The Band was a true band."

Make of it what you will.

BTW I think the Band did quite alright in the '90s with new material not written by Robbie and also pretty good with songs like Long Black Veil, This Wheel's on Fire, I Shall Be Released, We Can Talk, and Tears of Rage. In fact, I think there's probably enough songs to comprise a great "The Band Plays Songs NOT by Robbie Robertson" album - tho I acknowledge his guitar contributions and other possible areas of input.

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From: The Front Lawn

Hey, this GB is getting to be hard work with people hunting in their attics and digging up 13 year old copies of Rolling Stone! I checked my CD of Danko's first album (re-released several years ago on One Way Records PO Box 6429 Albany, NY 12206 - got mine when it came out at Barnes & Nobles priced at around $11) and discovered that the songwriting credits were nowhere to be found - so I dug out my vinyl copy and found them as follows on the label. The majority where Rick had credit were co-written with the legendary Digger and Poet Emmett Grogan who I recall reading was found dead in the NYC subway system of an apparent heart attack - well over 10 years ago. 1. What A Town (RD & Bobby Charles) 2. Brainwash (RD & Emmett Grogan) 3. New Mexico (RD & Bobby Charles) 4. Tired of Waiting (RD & Jim Atkinson) 5. Sip the Wine (Rick Danko) 6. Java Blues (RD & Emmett Grogan) 7. Sweet Romance (RD & Emmett Grogan) 8. Small Town Talk (RD & Bobby Charles) 9. Shake It (Rick Danko) 10. Once Upon Time - sic (RD & Emmett Grogan.)

Now, how can we turn this into a heated argument? That's the question! BTW you'll recall that Paul and John had all their Beatle tunes whether collaborated on or not credited to both of them.

One Way Records BTW does short run CD releases of classic deleted albums and released Jesse Colin Young's first LP Soul of a City Boy several years back. You can still find it in record stores for under $10 if you look hard or are lucky - highly recommended.

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From: New Zealand
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A few years ago there was a version of Cotton Eye Joe that got played alot in night clubs - complete with banjos and all the stuff that goes into dance mixes these days. Every time it got played every one would get up and dance. I always thought that Rag Mama Rag would work in the same way - a sort of novelty piece (I mean that in a nice way) with a great beat .

The Levon - Robbie argument: Levon says in his book that Richard came up with the line "Two bits a shot" on Life Is A Carnival. So where's Richards credit? Garth though should get a credit on Chest Fever - I never listen to the words on this song just the organ and groove - maybe they should have all got credit for this song. To be honest the words aren't that great and seem like a throw back to Yazoo St Scandel.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 05:53:30 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Butch and all. I would love to let this publishing thing go (and, really, it is just a topic for discussion--it's not like we're gonna solve anything). But it is disingenuous to tell everyone to concentrate on the music when Levon continually brings the subject up. Butch, as you state, Levon was railing about the publishing money Rick Danko was supposedly owed--again, supposedly through chicanery by Robertson. You simply can't expect people who follow these careers not to share opinions about the subject when the subject is repeatedly thrust in front of them. Sorry.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 05:03:41 CEST 2000 from (

Cousin Lori

From: Mourning

I was just able to bring myself to listen to Rick's last interview on December 6th. Brought tears to my eyes to hear his voice and then when he spoke of being drug/alcohol free and wanting to exercise,lose some weight and feel better. Just about broke my heart. Life is so fragile and I just thought he'd live forever . . . The interview was outstanding! He and the Professor sounded absolutely wonderful. I will treasure that interview and listen to it often.(I'm really not good at this grieving process.) I can only say that I can't wait to hear "The Band of Angels" and that's where I get my consolation. When I'm feeling better I have some things I'd like to share regarding Richard and Rick. All our past times. Thank God for memories. Memory don't fail me now. I am so proud of Rick for cleaning up and I hear his toxicology proved it. Oh ye of little faith. I was hurt by the rumors and am glad he cleared his good name. No one ever responded to my query about the movie "Rainman". Does anyone remember the autistic kid who kept writing "Don't Do It" and does anyone know if The Band was playing in the background? Lil? Remembering the healing powers of music and your comment on Aldzheimer's Disease. I really don't want to rent the video again to satisfy this obsession. Thanks and remember that we are not alone. Have a great evening as you enter the twilight.

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From: Cork City
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Peter Viney and Bill.........I'm pretty knocked out to read that "Rag Mama Rag" WAS a single......and I have no reason to disbelieve what's going on in that BBC documentary I saw?.......I mean, Levon looks genuinely wistful the way he describes the song and its potential......he compares it to Elvis and 'Blue Suede Shoes"....the shot pans to Robbie....being interviewed somwhere else entirely and he's laughing at the suggestion.........Weird.......Can anyone explain this to me?.....'cos I really am blown away by the fact that it WAS a single........maybe Levon felt they didn't push/promote it enuff.....any ideas, anyone?......(I figure many of you GB regulars have seen that documentary......"Classic Albums" it was called......on BBC 2 in these parts.......Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix and a whole buncha people were featured.......) Did I hear it all wrong?...... Peter V........I THINK I MIGHT know someone here in CORK...who's got that HeeBeeGeeBees Album......I'll check it out.........BUTCH.....thanks for the reminder.......back to The music and the songs and "getting the songs together"........ Has anyone here ever seen the Video clip for "The Promised Land" on "The Old Grey Whistle Test".....another British show.....big in The 70ies......Does anyone know whether The BAND put that together....or "The Old Grey Whistle Test" or WHO?.........It's kinda funny...........old B&W cartoons from the 20ies with "The Promised Land" sound on top of it .......Jes wonderin' and away to sleep with me now!!!!!!!!!!!......g'nite one and all........HANK

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From: NS

Thanks for the MPEG on "Further on up the Road" Robbie is incredible. Maybe this will remind him of his blues skills and he'll come out with another great Rock album. Eric still sounds great too, his voice is still as strong as it was in 78. It's amazing. Thanks again.

Posted on Thu Apr 13 01:38:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

How can you argue with Butch! I just hope that some day Levon and RR would become freinds again. Not for the sake of making music, but rather for their own happiness!

I am never one to wish away time, however, I can't wait till June!

Regarding Rick's first CD, did he write the songs? Just curious.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 23:49:02 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Rag Mama Rag was The Band’s biggest hit in Britain (UK #16 but USA #57), and as a result appears on legions of British hits compilations from 1970. Best of 1970, Hits of 1970, whatever. It also creeps on to the radio every so often.

Butch’s words of wisdom are welcome. Anyone who’s ever been interviewed know that it all comes out different in cold print. The smile, the gesture is missing. I can say, ‘Oh, X is a right ****’ in conversation and say it in a friendly way. But then you print it up and in cold Times Roman it takes on an authority. Mind you, I haven’t read it yet either J

Matt K: Good luck with the move, and we’ll be looking forward to your return. Buy an iBook. On RR, if you give five guys a lump of success and money, then come back and see what they’ve got thirty years later, there will always be huge differences in what’s now in the pot.

Hank: I can’t find out anything about the HeeBeeGeeBees though I recall "Meaningless Songs in Very High Voices" so well I could hum it for you. They were British comedians, and I saw the clip reprised last year on a show with Angus Deaton, who might even have been a participant. Will keep looking. Pastiche of famous records is an interesting genre, which includes The Barron Knights (lots of records, e.g. Call up the Groups), the Rocking Berries, The Rutles, Big Daddy (who were a brilliant concept, the band lost in the Cambodian jungle since 1959 or so, who are rescued and have to learn more recent hits purely through the sheet music, but can only do them in late 50s / early 60s styles, try their Sergeant Pepper album) and Weird Al Jankowicz (Like a Surgeon). I’m now keen to uncover the HeeBeeGeeBees Band pastiche.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 22:39:28 CEST 2000 from (


From: Blueberry Hill

Thomas Durrant: The lyrics to that "little ditty" are from Fats Domino's "The Rooster Song," credited to Dave Bartholomew.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 22:16:47 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

Thomas, those lyrics appear on King Biscuit Boy's second LP, Gooduns. I think the song was "Ranky Tanky". But I'm sure they were borrowed from elsewhere.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 21:11:10 CEST 2000 from (

Rich Forbes

From: New York

Right on Butch! Enough throwing stones. Let's concentrate on why we're on this site! Rich

Posted on Wed Apr 12 20:48:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: Cork
Home page

Hey Mattk!!!!....that's fair enuff....I have to agree w/ you an Levon is outta line in his invective....but as I pointed out earlier .....the media love this sorta bitchin' and fan the fire...also, what about that passage in "Wheels of Fire" that has Levon saying they wanted to carry on without RR and RR sez "We could stop it"......"The hell you can" was Levons reply, I believe.....All this implies that RR outsmarted his fellow band members....not very nice........seeing that for years they trusted his guidance and leadership...knowing/thinking you've been cheated can burn you it has Levon, obviously........Now don't get me wrong, I admire RR tremendously.........I think he did the right thing for himself AND The Band by getting TLW together.......It's just too bad for 'em all that he left'em w/bad deals.......Best of luck w/your move .....look forward to reading your posts when ya get settled down again All the Best...HANK

Posted on Wed Apr 12 20:44:56 CEST 2000 from (

thomas durrant

From: norwich, england

listening to the bands performance at Watkins glen, i was struck by the little ditty the band sing between 'i shall be realesed' and the stevie wonder song. It begins 'There was an old lady from Houston, she had five hens and a rooster, the rooster it got the old ladies bride?, and the hens don't ley like they used to. I would like to know where it came from,a sI have searched the internet for the lyrics, but i cannot find even a sugestion of it. Could it be possible that it was just a song composed by the band?, or is it a little folk song? i would desperatly like to know, so if you can please e-mail me its origins.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 20:24:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

I'm a bit puzzled by the discussion about "Rag Mam Rag" as a single. It WAS a single, if not a particularly successful one. (Mine cost me a third of a quarter at te Sayvette in Ajax in 1970, when I bought it along with Joe South's "Walk A Mile" and Bobby Gentry's "Fancy".) I imagine that decisions regarding which song to release as a single were and are generally commercial rather than aesthetic.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 19:47:57 CEST 2000 from (


Gotta be with Butch on this one. Also agree with Lil -- I liked the RS story, was really pleased to see "Levon Helm" on the cover and the nice coverage. Was also one of the best stories about him over the past several years. RE: the fued, it didn't seem over the top to me -- most RS readers have never read about any of it, and RR was given space to rebut. Finally, I can't understand how anyone could read the article and think LH was down on Rick. Good photos too.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 19:23:59 CEST 2000 from (


Butch, excellent post. It's too easy to forget that these are human beings, which makes the friendships they forge that much richer, and the chasms that much more painful.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 19:17:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: yeah, yeah, i'm packing, really...

Hank, saying that Rag Momma Rag would not be a good single is not a personal comment about Levon or anyone, it's a disagreement of the most honorable sort: aesthetic and creative.

However, the attacks Levon has made and continues to make on RR are comments on character, are mocking, are designed soley to insult and incite against Robbie as a PERSON. Alleging RR a thief (without providing any proof other than heresay), claiming RR sicced the IRS on him (again, without support the allegation), ridiculing RR's statements on how the road kills (ironic that Levon now says Rick worked himself to death...ON THE ROAD), etc, etc...these are PERSONAL attacks on RR's character, his motives, and his quality as a human. A far cry from "Rag Momma Rag would not be a good single."

Put simply, if I say "Hank's last concert was not his best performance," I'm not saying anything about you as a person, just that I believe you had an off night. However, if I say, "Hank is a thief, pet abuser, and all around scumbag who cavorts with heroin dealers and phone sanitizers," well, not only am I being personal, I'm making serious allegations--without providing any corroborating evidence to support them.

Now, this time I mean it...I'm packing and hittin' the road. Movers at the door in the a.m. Take care all.


Posted on Wed Apr 12 19:08:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: here
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Thanks Butch.finally..we are back to talking about REAL things !!

Posted on Wed Apr 12 19:00:45 CEST 2000 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Very well said Butch! To me, The Band has always been about REAL PEOPLE making REAL MUSIC and thats been a major part of the attraction. I look up to Levon Helm because he is a survivor of all parts of lifes madness and beauty,not just the music industry. A real person? Your damned right!! Thanks Butch!

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David Powell

From: Georgia

Thank you Butch, as usual, for your contributions to the guestbook and for helping us keep things in perspective. Perhaps we all need those harmonies of music to overcome the dissonance of life.

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tim harrison

From: springdale arkansas

levon we miss you in arkansas are you ever coming home? to hinshaw street

Posted on Wed Apr 12 17:41:47 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

I can now answer my own question: Levon and the Barnburners have been rescheduled for June 9th at Tribeca Blues, NYC, according to their ad in the paper today.

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From: Toronto

I'm not sure about this, but I was told by someone close to the action that Levon was initially intending to stick with Ronnie Hawkins (who paid him more than the others), and help manage Hawkins' stable of local artists, rather than set off with the other five (including Jerry Penfound). Maybe the others offered him leadership (and headliner status) if he went with them?

The mention of Joe Walsh prompts me to say that the one time I was in Woodstock - six or eight years ago - we were having coffee in the Dharmaware Cafe (all tinkly bells and pictures of Tibet), listening to a Mexican folkie with a German name, when said singer turned over the stage to his friend, Doc (or at least that's how it sounded). Anyway, Doc looked like a Joe Walsh wannabee, but sounded like the real thing. Which he was. Jammed "Little Wing" for an long time with some locals (who couldn't keep up, sadly), and eventually left looking a tad disappointed. Though he did smile when I asked for "Rocky Mountain Way", and then again when I asked for "Catskill Mountain Way" instead.

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From: you know

gonna break MY own rule & post 2X's ,,,,,, FOR THE RECORD,,, LEVON LOVED RICK,, & Vice Versa,,,, & of course, Garth, too, we were in the studio , mixing with jimmy vivino,, jimmy's record,, & Rick was on the tape, singing double harmonies with himself & jimmy V,,, Levon was telling us all,about Rick's amazing ability, to hear harmonies,, to instinctively feel the right parts,,, the respect & love in his voice was overwhelming,,, His "Hey Brother Danko " greeting when RD would show @ a session, was ALWAYS heartfelt He doesnt need me to defend his friendship with RD,,, but try & remember that THESE ARE PEOPLE, like us,,, Good Days, & bad Days,, more than a face on a record cover, or a voice on a car speaker,,,, flesh & blood men, with faults & foibles like everyone,,, after 35 years, are any of us gonna be able to say i got along with THAT person ( friend, wife, husband, mother, son, whomever,,,) at ALL times ??? i think not,,,, & apply that to your thoughts on our friends,, & we might get to a different end,, whattya think ??? thats it for me,,, on this,,,

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David Powell

From: Georgia

Although I usually prefer to confine my comments to the music itself, let me just point out something that relates to current topics of guestbook discussion. The copyright & publishing rights to "The Weight", as well as for all the other original songs on the first album, were owned by Dwarf, a Dylan/Grossman business venture.

Several years ago, Fred Goodman wrote an interesting book entitled "The Mansion on the Hill..." that examines the commercialization of rock music along with the careers of Dylan, Neil Young, David Geffen, Bruce Springsteen and others. In his chapter on Albert Grossman, "Cumulus Nimbus", Mr. Goodman details Grossman's astute business savy, which included an acute awareness of longtime value of the publishing rights for the songs recorded by the artists he managed.

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From: ulster county, ny

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2000 just back from ontario with Levon, recording w/ The Hawk, Richard Bell & Colin Linden,,,cold but good to see everyone again,,, TONIGHT, @ The Joyous Lake,, Levon & The Barn Burners,,, 10 pm, as usual,,, $ 10, too,, only this one & one more before we head out on tour,, so catch us here & now,,, also reading comments here on RS article,,, 99% of you missed Levon's point,,,, he was criticizing industry folks, i think, not RD's recent incarnation,,, the publishing $$$ that RD wasnt getting ( in Levon's opinion ) etc,,, those folks,, not some of the self-serving posts i have been reading,, Let Rick rest,,, stop all the madness,,, the noise,,, go listen to music,, thats what its there for,,,IMO,, ANYWAY, if ya want the BLUES,, see ya tonight,,, & next wednesday,,,, thanks for your support, & loyalty,,, BUTCH

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From: The outskirts of Western Europe before 11 AM

W/ regard to RR not putting anybody down, I pointed this out already..........check out the way Robbie scoffs at the very idea of "Rag Mama Rag" being a single as suggested by Levon in the BBC documentary......this is the kinda thing that would rankle Levon, I'm sure.......and that's probably just the tip of the iceberg.....also you don't have to spew invective to put someone's often in what you DON'T say........with regards to the songwriting debate.........Robbie, like the guy from Nashville in The GB, knew what was what...... in terms of how it works......Music publishing is very lucretive and in the 1960ies-70ies only a few people like Albert Grossman/Allen Klein knew how it really worked......not the dumb songwriters.....except, obviously.....Robbie Robertson....As you can tell today.......songwriters and their publishers make TREMENDOUS amounts of money by being linked to movies........what was TLW?......a movie......directed by Martin Scorcese......garunteed BLOCKBUSTER vibe and quality....... a publishing bonanza........maybe Robbies biggest crime was to not share that knowledge with the rest of the guys.........DIAMOND L'il.......I grew up in Queens.... 'til I was 11.......THEN I moved to Ireland......that MIGHT explain things!!!.......CRABBY........Ricks first album is anything but feeble......tentative, perhaps.....but just to hear his voice going for it on "JAVA BLUES" (not to mention ROBBIES (!) scratchy percolater coffee guitar sound) is worth the price of admission, doncha think?............. don't forget........he's just trying to stay busy...........Oh yeah, Mick Jaggers third solo album......."Wandering Spirit".....KICKS ASS..........AAAAAAAAARgh!!!!!!!!!! It's too early in the morning for all this.......Gotta go.......HANK

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Jens Magnus

From: Norway, early spring

Hi, folks. I had to pick up on the gb today, and noted some new topics. First of all, to avoid the RR/Levon fight, I like to state myself as a Manuelist. Second, I talked to an old friend yesterday upon solo records from the british pop era, and we were amazed to see how little the Glimmer Twins have achieved going solo; especially compared to Lennon/McCartney. We agreed that Jagger/Richard was at times like magic, while their solo efforts were dull. Now both RR and Danko have made solid solo albums. I think Crazy river is a brilliant track. But we have to face it: some people are musicians, some people are composers, and like RR said it: In one composer there are 100 songs, in another writer there are only five; or one. Where would the great Band-recordings be without Garth? or Levon' voice and drums? The songs are definetily RR's, but the sound is made by five master musicians. It is possible to record the songs without the Band (as we have heard from time to time). But without RR the songs just wouldn't be there to record.

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From: The Front Lawn

I think that cardsharp from Nashville has a pretty good hand. I fold on this topic for now.

And if Robbie had made some effort to stop the Coke commercial I might shift over from the Levonite camp entirely. Glad I never heard it. The ill-fated NIKE "Revolution" was bad enough!

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Back with no wife in Tennessee

From: Nashville

Maybe the reason Robbie is becoming more pointed in saying that he wrote the words the others sang is because he is getting a little tired of ten years' worth of disparaging comments made about him. I have NEVER read an interview with Robbie where he has said anything bad about anyone in the Band. Does anyone remember when "The Weight" was used in a Coke commercial? I recall a quote by Robbie (in Rolling Stone, I think) where he basically said he didn't like it too much, but that "I have no problem with any of the guys in the Band making money." I'm sure he could have stopped them from using the song if he wanted to. I'm sorry, but in music publishing people get paid for what can be copyrighted, which are words and a melody. A chord progression can't be copyrighted, nor can a great organ part, a funky drum fill or a wonderful bass line. I work on Music Row, I know. I just can't believe that the other guys contributed that much to the lyrics or the melody, and that's what songwriters get paid for. I think Levon's comments about them contributing so much might stand up a little better if they had written ANY great songs in the 20 years since Robbie left. Or for that matter, even more than a handful of songs between them. I love all the guys in the Band, but I think it's a shame that some of them seem to have become so bitter. If anyone can find any documented instance of Robbie demeaning his former partners, let's hear it.

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From: should be packing

well, against my better judgement, I surfed on by...

Crab, I'm with Pat...don't generalize. I'm into the Band because I got into Robbie first. As much as I appreciate the other members, it was his songwriting the brought me here, and other than Big Pink and "Brown," Robbie's solo works are equal to or better than any other Band STUDIO album, original five, or reconstituted, IMHO. I find the implication that Robbie was somehow all smoke and mirrors insane.

In fact, I'll go way out on that limb and say that I think Red Boy is one of the most dynamic and original albums I've heard in the last ten's haunting and gives me shivers to this day after many many spins on the CD player. For me, it represents, hands down, the best post TLW work by any Band member, solo, in tandem, or reunited, that I've heard, period.

But again, it's all opinions here, no?

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From: The Front Lawn

A more important question - Did Levon pay Hawkins for using the name The Hawks which is an obvious word play on Ronnie's name? And how come it was Levon and the Hawks when they all said the front man thing was old hat? And how come The Band wore hats for that matter? Inquiring minds want to know!!

If RR's recordings turn people on to The Band maybe that justifies their issuance in itself. I'm sure most people who come thru that back door realize ultimately that The Band (including the later versions) is much more potent than either RR or Rick going it alone.

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From: the ancient fishboat burial grounds

Hi All, For them what's intrested TNT will be broadcasting the recent Joni Mitchell tribute gig that was held in New York,on April 16/00.Coincedently My folks celebrate 51 years of Marriage that day:^).My thanx to Lil,Molly,Snockgrass,Ben and James for standing by me in my hour of need.We're all gonna be fine. Peace Cupid

Posted on Wed Apr 12 04:50:27 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Crabgrass, I have to disagree with you. I think a whole lot of people like RR's solo stuff, Band fans and (as evidenced here quite a few times) youngsters who had no idea who the Band was. I know his first solo album sold an awful lot of units--somewhere between half a mil and a million. You've claimed that Jericho and HOTH helped intro the Band to a later generation of fans. I think one could easily argue that the profile of RR's solo career brought many more fans to the Band through the back door. Again, I've seen that scenario posted here many times. As far as this songwriting thing goes, there's an angle I've never seen anyone address. Did the Hawks share in the songwriting money for the material they recorded with Ronnie Hawkins? How about the RR penned material that the post RH Hawks recorded?

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wo!!!! Taking at a pot shot at Islands now eh? What's wrong with Georgia ! Pepote Rouge? crabby are you a picker or just a critic.? No matter. Little story about the Last waltz. I was sitting in the lobby of the Miyako hotel before the show in S.F. Muddy and Pinetop walked in and sat down about five feet from me. Maybe I was just young and impressionable, but man, you could feel the power and presence! Spooky! I ve read about other folks having similar experiences with the "Mud",and damn if wasn't true. Probably the best show took place the night before the Last Waltz in the basement of the hotel. Couldn't get in to see it but more than one person tripped over me in the lobby. I was lying there with my ear pinned to the floor , listening to the Band, Bob dylan , Muddy, Butterfield, and some others , jamming away!The funniest thing concerning the "feud" came the day after the show.The local papers ran a story about the hero of the Last Waltz, RR."Goddamn guitar players...." was about all garth had to say about it, with a little grin pasted on his face. Crabby, Linda, Jan, you kids are the greatest...!

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From: The Front Lawn

Interesting input everyone! I don't recall the RS article too well but am sure I read it at the time. The one I'm waiting on seems to have been identified as appearing in "Musician" at the same point in time which refers to Robbie's encounter with a fan involving a bottle of champagne. I hope some excerpts surface but am at least glad to know I wasn't still hallucinating in 1987.

Given the circumstances, TLW was a great idea that might have turned out better. And I don't blame Robbie for needing closure on the Band episode for his own psychological health either. He looks in good health these days though in my opinion his powers as a writer have diminished greatly.

Good point about Lennon and McCartney. There was no creative tension like that in the Band for sure or if there was it didn't sustain itself for very long. But there was also the Beatles' ability to constantly change in appearance, attitude, and philosophy and take their music (and US) along for the joyride.

Granted Robbie's now re-invented himself though not successfully in my opinion and in the opinion of most Band fans. And Rick Danko's first solo album is kind of feeble to me when compared to the early Band albums but it's a lot better than Islands!

Posted on Wed Apr 12 03:52:45 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Mike: I too just read the RS article, and got the same feeling you did. I didn't feel that Levon was directing any anger at Rick..but merely "venting" (good word). I also got the feeling that he was _not_ pointing an accusing finger at anyone connected with Rick..but more a generalized anger, which is very common under the circumstances. When someone close to you dies, it's almost a knee-jerk reaction to want to blame someone..anyone..if only to try and make sense out of something that is almost impossible to make sense out of. It gives you a very misguided sense of anger. Perhaps that's what Levon is going through in terms of Rick right now.

Quentin Ryan: Very nice to see your post. Rick spoke of you a few times, and always with a smile. I miss him terribly too.

Cork City Hank: Thanking God you put .....'s between your sentences or I'd be afraid you weren't taking time to breathe. And they say us Noo Yawkas talk fast :-) (enjoy your posts btw..)

MattK: Good luck with the move. Hope to "see" you back soon.

Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 03:17:10 CEST 2000 from (

Martha Page

From: Georgia

I just reread the Rolling Stone Nov. 19, 1987, article by Michael Goldberg: “The Second Coming of Robbie Robertson.” Much of the article focuses on Robertson’s reasons for leaving the Band, the reasons he stayed away from recording as long as he did, and the difficulties of his reentrance the business—including his problems penning the songs for the album Robbie Robertson. Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, David Geffen, Jonathan Taplan, Marty Scorsese, Art Linson and Robertson all contribute comments about Robertson’s motives during the various periods: the Hawk years, the good Band years, the problem Band years, the Scorsese years, the Busey years, the turning point in Rome in 1983 when Linson said he told Robertson to “Make a record!” Goldberg apparently strives for objective balance. Goldberg does, indeed, credit Rick Danko with the lines, “Robbie was always one of my favorite singers. But he was always shy of the microphone. Might have been an element of stage fright there. He would sing the parts for us, and we would reproduce them.”

Robertson complains of the loss of creative process—he calls it a “one dimensional life”—in the Band following their success, which brought money and drugs. Robertson, who “never comes right out and says [that these problems contributed to the end of the Band],” says that the excess began in 1974, following the reunion tour with Dylan. Taplan says that Robertson, who was tired of baby sitting, did, indeed, become dissatisfied following the 1974 tour: “That was the first sense I had of Robbie’s slight alienation from the whole thing,” Taplan surmises. Robertson turned right around, of course, and went into his own period of what Peter Gabriel calls “wild living” with Scorsese.

When asked about Richard Manuel’s death and troubles, Robertson comments that Manuel had been drinking “since he was very young [and was] always an alcoholic.” He muses, “I can’t tell other people’s stories. It’s not right. You know, they wouldn’t say, ‘Well, you know Robbie did this and Robbie did that.’ It’s like you were in this club […].” He does say that while “some people were able to help themselves,” others—and no one else knew they were drowning at the time—could not. He speculates that the drinking and drug abuse resulted from attempts “to cover up the hurt, the pain and the loss in our lives. . .”

Robertson says that he entered recording again because he “needed money” and because “It was time to make a record.” He had wished his Band buddies, “Do it with my blessings” when they reunited; but even though he did not want to join them, his choice to go alone was not without terror. Robertson said that he went for a very long time without writing any songs, even though he told people that he was working on an album. Gabriel says that Robertson’s fears of failure (he had much “to live up to” and was very “nervous” at first) stalled the process (which took three years); nevertheless, he declares that “ego [rode] on the back of the work” rather than Robertson using the work for his own sense of self-worth. Lanois, who describes Robertson as “kind,” “private,” and imaginative with “some mischief in him as well,” insists that the album Robbie Robertson is “really Robbie’s story[…] It’s fiction based on truth, based on his life.” Robertson was certainly relieved when it was finished; “I feel like a big weight has been lifted,” he admits.

Crabgrass, oh wise one, I suspect that you know every word of this article without aid of a flashlight. Did I get in the quotes you feel are significant?

Posted on Wed Apr 12 02:39:52 CEST 2000 from (


Home page

..........AND THE WINNERS ARE........LARS (by email) AND MIKE (by gb).......CONGRATS!!!!!........send me your snailmail addresses by email and I'll post ya out matter where you are in the world........"This place reminds me of my Living Room".....was what he said........Listen,'s a twist............For arguments sake, I maintain that Ricks 1st solo album coulda/shoulda been a BAND album.........I mean, it was a few years before I realised "Sip The Wine" WASN'T a BAND song.......It was in TLW......I figured it must be a BAND song..........He was writing well........ playing well......MOST of The Band are on it.............At the end of the day.....I think, all that can be said about this whole RR vs. Levon etc argument is that RR had the management chops down.......knew the game......and the other guys in the group didn't and just wanted to gig and rock'n'roll all the time.......RR did a very admirable thing by bowing out when it didn't feel good any more........he's on record for saying that he felt he "had nothing to say" you really can't blame him......except he COULDA gotten over it after a few years and give it another shot.........If nothing else, it coulda been some good gigs for their fans and provided a bit of a pension for the likes of Rick and Levon............Neil Young sez Buffalo Springfield have jammed loadsa time since they broke up...OK they never made it public....but it's good to know a buncha guys as good as that would even just jam to see if they could create a spark Even The Beatles made an effort to kick the old ball around one last time. The Who just toured The shouldn't have to be a big deal.......One more thing;.......I recall hearing a few years ago that Bob Dylan was gonna reunite The Band (maybe w/Joe Walsh or RR) for a tour in that true?.......Anyone here ever heard of that?..........Greetings to Judgie from Liverpool........great to hear from someone at the age of 16 in the year 2000 who think The Band........ROCK!!!!!.....I remember being 16 in '79 and feeling exactly the' I still do...........Gotta say g'night!!!!! HANK

Posted on Wed Apr 12 02:30:59 CEST 2000 from (

Roy & Carmen Phillips

From: Tx.

Just wanted to say Thanks to The Band and all the fella's.You guys are wonderful musicians,The Weight really hit home;-)

Posted on Wed Apr 12 02:12:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: PA

I became a fan of the BAND as a result of RR's 1st release when I was in college. Most likley this is the reason I am partial to RR. I do however feel Storyville is a much beter CD. Although I consider myself a "Robster", I am no less a fan of the rest of the group especially Rick.

Regarding the Beatles, I think the reason they made great music till the end was due to the competition between Paul & John. You know they say competition is a good thing. I think that a second songwriter throughout whould have kept it going. Who knows!

That being said, I think that NLSC is the 4th best after Brown, Pink & the Basement Tapes (Sorry Crabby).

Posted on Wed Apr 12 01:28:08 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Not asking you to too kill yourself looking for that magazine in the attic (take a good flashlight) but I think some quotes from that article posted here would be a valuable commodity especially in light of Levon's recent comments. I support the Freedom of Information Act and feel it's better to have as many facts out on the table for all to see when formulating opinions one way or another. This still leaves room for individual interpretation - as we've all recently witnessed regarding the Barn Burners' article. No doubt some readers and posters who feel this site should just include "positive comments" supporting any and all connected in any minor way with The Band will disagree with me - but that is to be expected. Maybe someone else has a copy more accessable? (I think mine wound up at the bottom of the cat's litter box - with Robbie's photo facing up, if I remember correctly.)

Maybe The Band is interesting enough to argue about and The Monkees aren't.

Posted on Wed Apr 12 01:00:10 CEST 2000 from (


From: austin, texas

"two young kids might start a ruckus you know they feel they're tryin to f*** us!"

Shoalin Commandment number thirteen: "A Martial Artist Must Take Responsiblity and Accept the Consequences of His Own Doing."

I'll be willing to hold jackets and keep 'em clean while you all kick ass to solve this for once and for all.

MattK, happy trails, good luck, safe move. hurry back!

Posted on Wed Apr 12 00:14:56 CEST 2000 from (


I read the new RS article...I didn't get that Levon was bitter against Rick...It seemed to me that he was venting about those he felt "used" Rick...Not taking sides, that's just what I got from that particular part of the article. I personally think the "feud" is a shame. Life's too short...HOWEVER...I think it would've been very "Three Musketeerian" (Woodstockian?) to have split the writing credits five ways, especially since there was so much input from everyone...and...they were like brothers...

Hank...Rick didn't make the crack about the bar looking like his living room, did he?

Posted on Tue Apr 11 23:54:01 CEST 2000 from (


I posted this query a year ago and I am still waiting for some response. Are any of you familiar with the book of short fiction , "As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories" by Alistair MacLeod from Canada? There is a line at the end of the last short story, titled 'Vision' which is as follows, "And forever difficult to see and understand the tangled twisted strands of love". Of course this line is used in one of Robbie's songs and I would like to know if this phrase has been lifted from MacLeod. Please comment folks.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 23:37:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: Vermont

Let's get the facts straight. I've read two entries indicating that Levon harbors anger at Rick Danko. That is simply false. The recent article in Rolling Stone quotes Levon and he says that Rick worked himself to death. In no way was he faulting Rick or indicating anger at Rick, rather, he directed that anger at those who cheated and stole from Rick. The music business is full of crooks. Especially when you are a big name and less-connected with your finances. Rick, Levon and Garth played together at a private party in Woodstock just a month and a half before Rick passed. Their relationship was certainly intact at that point and I know it didn't go downhill from there. Rick did work hard. Breeze Hill was recorded in part because there was a $20,000 budget for a horn section. It was a private party I believe. And despite how many people show up for a show at a club or a bar, these boys get a guaranteed price to play for the night. The cover at the door is added revenue. The bar makes money on the drinks that they sell because of the show. So, as I argued before, these guys did often play out of necessity to pay mortgages, buy groceries and pay bills. I hate to be negative, but this seems realistic. But my original point, the important one, let's not talk about Rick and Levon not getting along because it just isn't true.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 23:24:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: Liverpool
Home page

The Band Rock. I'm only 16 and they're a bit before my time but they're boss. The Last Waltz is Brilliant. Can you get it on CD?

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:57:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nueve York

rolle, I beg to differ... see we Band fans know 'it will make a difference' in a hundred yrs. The music lives on. To the webmaster.thanks again for the history lesson , lol .Thanks I needed that. Njoy

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:47:38 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Cork City, Ireland
Home page

First he said "MY MOM WAS IRISH!!!!" Then he said " " OK, folks.....I'll give y'all a hint...........The Lobby Bar...where he played in Cork, holds 80 comfortable, 150 stuffed (It was stuffed...natch).......that's a hint....Anyone that's been to a DANKO gig that small anywhere has probably heard him say what he said.......Nice one about the weed, tho, Crabby...........made me laugh.... I'll keep giving hints with each post, of course.....'cos it's just a bit of fun.....CD offer still stands....whoever gets to me first by either email or by GB post .....I'll snailmail a copy of my bands CD to you......Thanks to all you folks who emailed me to advise me not to take Senor W to heart........JH....I's thinking the same about the internet actually......but illustrated it....far out!! Lars......for the record, I was at Ricks soundcheck at The Lobby.....he walked into The Lobby.....warmly greeted the staff (and the few Band-nerds there...... like me)...walked up to the mike said "1 2 hello"....strummed his guitar...sang half a song......and SPLIT!!!!!.....all in about ten minutes.........I've been at soundchecks that have lasted longer than the gig.......I was impressed.....By the by, W/ regard to all you folks complaining about Levons comments in Rolling Stone......keep in mind that the media that are interested in Levon would draw that bitterness Rick would say....."God don't like complaints".......GOOD EVENIN' HANK

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:22:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: "RCO All Stars"

Hey Carmen... Mr. Robertson (and Mr. Hudson) played along with Mr. Helm on Earl King's "Sing, Sing, Sing (Let's Make A Better World)" after the breakup.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:18:16 CEST 2000 from (


I may have the Musician article on Robbie's first album in
the attic. If there's really interest I can start digging
through boxes looking for it.

My memory of it is that is not a puff piece, the writer lets
Robbie hang himself on his own vanity. But if you want to
see someone really destroy themself, the interviews with
Sinead O'Connor from Musician around that period are devastating.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:11:39 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

FYI, the Breeze Hill web site lists the following date: Benefit for Seeds of Peace -- Garth Hudson, Professor "Louie" and the Crowmatix -- May 22nd -- At Carnegie Hall N.Y.C. No info on other artists, but presumably it will be a high-priced guest-star event, like their recent Cipriani gig with Cyndi Lauper.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 22:09:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Mattk-Have a safe move. Will be looking forward to your return to the GB.

For all of those who tend to blame RR for the bad blood, based on the posts regarding the RS article, the pattern of not "getting along" tends to focus on Levon. Lets not forget, everyone but Levon has performed with RR after the breakup. This includes Richard on "Between Trains". I am sorry to here that Levon may have some bitterness towards Rick. As I have said before, I saw Rick perform 1 month before his passing and he seemed real happy to be performing. He was excited about "Breeze Hill" and evan more excited about the new studio release.

Quintin, thanks for the great news on the June release. I can not wait.

Can anyone post the RS article. Thanks!

Posted on Tue Apr 11 21:40:46 CEST 2000 from (

Quentin Ryan

From: Breeze Hill Records
Home page

Hi from Breeze Hill, I was honored to have shared a couple of years with Rick and will never apologize for the work Aaron and I did with him. I sleep well at night and miss Rick terribly. look for Rick's studio album end of june. QQQq

Posted on Tue Apr 11 19:46:41 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

Well.....I guess the bitterness continues. I just read Levon's Rolling Stone article. At first, I was very excited to see the pictures and to read how well he is doing. I should have stopped right there. Bashing Robbie, the Last Waltz, and now anybody who ever had anything to do with Rick's life is starting to cheapen the Band's history. To have the nerve to say that those people killed him was too much for me to take. Rick was kind-hearted, and did a lot of nice things for his friends. By going to New Orleans to help his friend Levon open his club was one of them (Did Rick ever get paid?) Because of that, I don't think Levon worked him to death.

Levon is one of the great characters in Rock and Roll history. He is decent and a true gentleman. Also, I understand there are many reasons he feels this way, but the bitterness seems all-consuming. I had heard that he was dissappointed at how bitter the book came out. Unfortunately, his last couple of interviews are just more of the same.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 19:19:41 CEST 2000 from (

brien sz

From: NJ

mattk: Enjoy Maine, Beautiful state!!!! But if you hated heat wait till you get a taste of mosquito! And if you like minor league baseball you have The Portland Sea Dogs to root for. Good Luck!

Just thinkin who could really do a good job covering Band tunes - And I think the JayHawks would make some interesting recordings of Band tunes.

RR's first cd may not be the greatest of the era but at the time it was certainly refreshing, and it still holds over quite well.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 19:10:28 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

The way I see it is that the suffix is not as important in the RR camp term as what precedes it - namely the "Rob" part! I thought that comment at the HOF induction a bit self-centered too. He could have said "without these guys THE songs would never have been fully realized" or something like that. And on top of it to do the same thing at the memorial service especially in front of Levon seems even more egotistical.

It seems several people remember that incident regarding the bottle of champagne - does anyone have a copy so they can post the pertinent passages? Or are you all in the enemy camp?

Posted on Tue Apr 11 19:12:58 CEST 2000 from (

Justin Dunne

HELP! My 8 y.o daughter is going to be in a talent show and would love to perform "Would You Like to Swing on a Star". However, we need a version of the song without vocals. Any suggestions? Thank you so much, Justin Dunne

Posted on Tue Apr 11 19:07:37 CEST 2000 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Mattk - Sorry to see you leaving the Mid-Atlantic, but good luck in Maine. I always liked the idea that I might be cruising up 95 next to a car containing somebody else that I knew but didn't know, and that he very likely also had the Band cranked up to 10.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 18:40:52 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nordic Countries, Europe

Mattk - you ol' Robbery (That was BAAAAD!!!) Hope your life in Maine will give you inspiration to continue writing. We'll miss you, come back soon, until then KIPPIS!

Posted on Tue Apr 11 18:04:01 CEST 2000 from (

Just Wonderin'

In response to the query about the Jimmie Hollywood tracks:

Soap Box Preacher and The Far, Lonely Cry of Trains were produced by Stephen Hague and Gary Gersh.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 17:43:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: on the road again...

Bumbles, I always liked levonista as a term and use it liberally. Glad to know who's the guy behind the coinage...nice job. It's true, though, that the RR apologist club (of which I could probably be considered a member), does not have such a descriptive term. Robbie-ite seems awkward; how about a good post-modern term like Robbiest?

Incidentally, today marks my last day of work in the fine state of Maryland. Later this week, I'm packing my bags and moving to Maine, where I hope to be more simpatico with our friends in Northern Europe (Iikka, Jan) and snowbound bretheren in the Woodstock area. So I won't be sweating to death this summer with the mid-Atlantic folk (Mitt, Charley Young, Jonathan Katz, etc).

Anyway, this will be my last post for a few weeks until life settles back down. Take care all and I'll "see" you May!

Hey Butch, I hear Portland, ME is a fine place for a travelling blues band to play (hint hint).


Posted on Tue Apr 11 13:53:23 CEST 2000 from (


From: Snow-laden upstate NY

HANK: I wasn't in Ireland for Danko's show, so I have to make a guess based on his shows that I've been to around here. It was too early to get into his "when I get older I want to be a comedian" routine. If no songs had been played yet, he couldn't have complimented the crowd for "singing like angels." I doubt that he would say "It's great to be back in London."

I'll have to go with the guess that he went after the sound guy and, after some adjustments, got his monitor working just right. Or got his fan blowing on him at just the right speed.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 13:09:28 CEST 2000 from (

[guest photo]


The net was already there when The Band wrote and recorded those masterpieces, time for your history lesson. Of course, with the entire 1969 system consisting of 4 nodes in a closed, top-secret military network, it's influence on music history may have been limited.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 08:56:13 CEST 2000 from (


thank god the internet wasn't around when the band was creating their legendary material.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 07:49:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Here's my guess - "Anyone got any weed?"

Posted on Tue Apr 11 06:13:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

From a strict Crabgrassonian point of view it was truly amazing how the Beatles did carry on for as long as they did and yet manage to maintain their high level of creativity. And they had the ability to effortlessly change their image and their music along with it and make it all so interesting. Did anyone who saw the Beatles sing "She Loves You" on Ed Sullivan ever think a few years later they'd be recording songs like "Penny Lane" or "Strawberry Fields Forever?" Completely open to change and unpredictable! Obviously, Dylan too has had this ability to metamorphosize and re-invent himself numerous times which is what has enabled him to have such a long career. The Band were not able to do that somehow. Maybe the image they conjured up was just too strongly rooted (no analogy intended).

Probably redundant to mention this but also from a Crabgrassonian standpoint Robbie's first album was NOT one of the greatest albums of the Rock Era. Of course, members of other GB tribes have already stated the opposite which just happens to be wrong.

Irish? I plead not guilty! (Do like Celtic music tho - particularly fiddling.) Also, now that the linguistic barriers have been stretched what's coming next - footnotes?

Posted on Tue Apr 11 04:38:10 CEST 2000 from (

bob sullivan

From: Columbia, MD, USA

Question for you all about the Jimmy Hollywood soundtrack... Would any of you be willing to check your liner notes for this album and see which Robbie Robertson-produced song(s) were produced by Stephen Hague? Thanks very much! :)

Posted on Tue Apr 11 04:15:22 CEST 2000 from (


From: Cork by The Lee
Home page

"MY MOM WAS IRISH!!!!!!".......The first thing Rick Danko said to the crowd when he played here in 1993........OK GB readers.....a Free Prize ( a copy of my bands CD) from me, Hank, to the first person to email me or post to this site the SECOND thing he said.......should be easy to all you DANKOPHILES out there .................. I've never, ever heard the phrase,"Horse-puckey" before today......Wow!......this GB is amazing.........Is it the same as "Horse Shite"?........."Shite" is the polite way of saying "shit" in Ireland......I trying to figure out a way to work that word.."shite"....into this wild "-ite", "-onian", -"ophile',"-ist" thread that's going on here.....Senor, You can write "horse shit" here if you wanna......I don't care.....even if you are describing your feelings about what I write here......."It's easy.....m'Kay...."......(Mr Mackey South Park)............Hey Deb........Thanks!!!.....Pat Brennan......your "Reproduce" posting was very interesting... Yup, Molly I know Rick and Garth are on RRs 1987 solo LP.......but it woulda been better if some of the songs were sung and played by The Band......even without Richard....God Bless him........(come to think of the risk of putting Robopholians into a tizzy.....RR SHOULDA done a tribute to Richard w/The Band around that time....I mean, that song at the begining of that LP is good.....but overblown..........I understand his desire to move on but y' can't be totally terrified of your past ALL your life........Here's a question for y'all.........Have any of you ever heard an albumby a British group called "The HeeBeeGeeBees"?....At least, I think they were British....anywow, they had a big hit "Meaningless Love Songs in Very High Voices" which poked fun at The Bee Gees.....Well, they put out an album of songs which ribbed established acts......including our heros, The Band......on the album there was a track by 'The Bland"....can anyone remember the track? featured the sound of 'The Band" but with an exagerated slow beat and a harmony section like Rick- Levon- Richard....but the words were all slurred and COMPLETELY indecipherable......a bit of a hoot, actually, even if you adore The Band .....and have a sense of humor........I KNOW The BeeGees themselves were NOT that pleased w/it.....I've always wondered what The guys in The Band thought of it......anyone recall this record.....know the name of the song "THE BLAND" sang?.......Duh, What part of Ireland is CRABBY from?.......Now it's time to say goodnight.........Sweet dreams everyone......Hank

Posted on Tue Apr 11 04:10:07 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

Michael, I was born in the States in the late 60's, and I STILL thank God for the Band!

Posted on Tue Apr 11 03:59:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: Melbourne, Australia

If you lived in Melbourne in the 60's you would thank God for the Band.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 03:56:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: Where It's At

Peter Viney: Levonista it was, and I'll take credit for the coinage.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 03:54:59 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

Just catching up on the GB after 3 days off. A few responses to some posts that I read (somewhat hurriedly I must admit): Crabby-I distinctly remember reading the article you remember. RR stated that when he recorded with U2 for his 1st album it was sometime before (I think) The Joshua Tree was released(the album with Streets Have No Name, Edge's distinctive new sound, their first BIG commercial hits, was that TJT?). At the time RR was released he said they were currently " the biggest band in the world"(and he wasn't far off)........Between Trains is a superb someone who was there, it bothered me greatly that RR had to state(twice) at Rick's memorial service that he(RR) wrote the songs. If you recall, he also felt compelled to say it when The Band was inducted to the RRHOF. It is evident that, as talented and successful that he is, there is some insecurity on his part re this issue. This is my opinion, and I have no training in the Psych. fields other than living on this planet for almost 5 decades. He gave a wonderful eulogy except for those 2 statements and IMHO opened the fusillade of criticism himself. But lets face it- this RR/Levon/anthing else thrown into the pot debate will never really end(and I sure don't claim to have the answers, only opinions).

Posted on Tue Apr 11 03:41:40 CEST 2000 from (

anton quasimodo

From: kansas city

I like the web site. I'm surprised by the amount of recent signings. I thought I was one of the few remaining people on the planet obsessed w/ the Band. However, I think that Robbie's first solo album may be the greatest recording of the Rock era.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 01:50:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: Geelong Australia

To Cam from Texas, If you think you can't find anyone in Texas that loves The Band, then you would hate Geelong. In high school everyone else was listening to Madonna and Guns'n' Roses but I loved The Band. Plus could anyone out there tell me what Robbie is up to.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 01:30:13 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Hey Peter: there was actually an American novel a couple of years ago called "The Dylanist." As far as the great Robertsonian-Levonista divide, I'll stay off that course. Like the magic that happened during the short recording career of The Beatles, there were Lennonists and McCartneyites from the start, but the magic when all four played together was unmatched by any solo efforts. The spark and edge Neil Young has added when he joins his old pals CS&N is another great example of that sort of chemistry. For me, a little Neil goes a long way, but I can't deny the magic he brings to the mix. With the original five members of The Band, the magic was on a level with The Beatles and I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did.

Posted on Tue Apr 11 01:28:28 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

W. Senor: right on. I'm with you all the way. 'Bout time someone started telling the truth around here. Amen. By the way, how'd you know Crabgrass was Irish?

Posted on Tue Apr 11 00:54:04 CEST 2000 from (


From: Texas

I'm a college student who has grown up listening to the Band--just wanted to express my infinite love for all of them--especially Rick, who I miss indescribably--and my frustration at finding anyone else my age who loves them...long live their incomparable music and influence!

Posted on Tue Apr 11 00:11:29 CEST 2000 from (


From: boston

Me, I'm a Dankophile.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 23:32:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: Wilm. DE

Bill, As an ardent supportois of Les Habitants, I'm offended by your posting; but as a gambleresque I have more than "a little money riding on the maple leafs" to win the cup.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 23:24:05 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Ragtimist: I have to say "-oid" wasn’t one I’d thought of. It’s all subliminal but "-ian" is an accolade, where Reaganite and Thatcherite have a slightly derogatory air. Then there’s –ist and –ic to contend with. I suspect that Israelite, Hittite and Canaanite are the linguistic keys here, because these were tribes commanding tribal loyalties. "-ites" have this kind of loyalty to their leader. –ians have a philosophical sympathy. Not saying one is better than the other. Glad it made you listen to Minstrel Boy. Do you know I’ve never heard Dylanian, Dylanite, Dylanoid, Dylanic or Dylanist? That’s odd. But I have often heard Dylanesque, referring to "in the style of". And come to think of it, Levonista might have been the first word coined. Anyway, call me a Robertsonian or a Robertsonite.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 22:39:12 CEST 2000 from (


Peter... just listened to Minstrel Boy and thought I'd throw you a coin since you brought up the subject of coining. Thanx for your vineyesque explanations, but I think it's purely coincidental which suffix "-ite" or "-ian" was chosen for the ardent fellow travellers of our beloved Band members in this GB. Both robertsonite or levonian sound perfectly to me, just as such elbanian or buonapartesque terms like, say, sergian or senorite. Anyway, what a wonderful tune Minstrel Boy is and I'm pretty sure it's The Band that gives it an extra dimension - no group was capable of that splendid combination of irony and power IMHO.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 21:38:31 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

Peter's note reminded me of Desmond Dekker's early reggae classic, "The Israelians". I also reminded me of the great Danny Gallivan's immortal tendency to spout lines like "and the Leafian hordes drive deep inside the Habs' blueline". (This'd be the "a little money riding on the Maple Leafs" Leafs.)

Posted on Mon Apr 10 21:09:07 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Chris: you’re absolutely right about the Isle of Wight, in that Like a Rolling Stone and She Belongs To Me on "Self Portrait" are dire. Some have said that Like A Rolling Stone was deliberately dire. However, I think Minstrel Boy and Mighty Quinn have a definite charm. Possibly Minstrel Boy stands out because there’s no studio version to compare it with. I’ve got an IOW bootleg of the Dylan set, but it’s The Band’s earlier set I’m most interested in.

Pat: Thanks for finding that article. I remembered the bit about RR setting up the fan for champagne. Most revealing is the quote from Rick about the singers reproducing what Robbie demonstrated. Bands (and bands) have leaders. And it’s what breaks them all up. Don’t even know if leadership implies superior creativity, but what it always implies is being the catalyst for superior creativity. However you argue it, Robbie had that catalyst role. And for the n’th time, song copyright rests in the lyric (usually 50%) and the melody line (usually 50%). All else is arrangement and embellishment. To repeat (yet again) my old example, Diana Ross with the Supremes & The Temptations did "The Weight". All the great things I love about the Band version are taken out, but it’s still recognizably "The Weight." And it’s still a great song. That’s the difference between songwriting, which this world rewards with copyright, and producing / arranging which it doesn’t. RR didn’t invent the system. RR wrote "The Weight." Listen to Jackie DeShannon, Spooky Tooth et al and that is still the song he wrote. Minus Levon. Minus Garth. Minus Rick. And minus Richard. Sure, the Band’s version’s on a different plane, because it’s plus Levon, Garth, Rick & Richard. That’s not the point.

Robertsonian and Levonite: I’m trying to remember who coined these terms a year or so ago. They’re linguistically interesting, in that "-ian" is a follower of someone’s philosophy (Jeffersonian, Churchillian) while an "-ite" is stronger, more the follower of a deeply-held almost fanatical belief system. The dictionary also says that "ite" is "frequently derogatory" (Reaganite, Troskyite, Thatcherite, Paisleyite, Blairite, Luddite). On which the historians might note that a follower of Woodrow Wilson’s internationalist views was a "Wilsonian", while followers of Harold Wilson’s views were "Wilsonites." The choice of suffix is not related to spelling or pronunciation – the words "Robertsonite" and "Levonian" could have been coined, but weren’t.

Senor: Can you tell here you tell me where you’re heading? Lincoln County Road or Armegeddon? And where have I heard that phrase horse-puckey before? It was new to me until I hit this guestbook. Oh, yes, now I remember … Hi.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 20:43:49 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

I think that a lot of people are under-estimating the power of the Last Waltz. By being considered the best rock movie ever, it brings generations of new fans to The Band's music. Where would the Band be without it? Solo careers and contracts were enhanced by it to say the least. The Band was always more influential than popular, and The Last Waltz and that guest list proved it to the whole world. Because of the movie, all of the fans of rock music(Neil, Joni, Bob, Van, etc) have gone out and bought Band records. Do we not remember where the Band was heading after Northern Lights-Southern Cross?

Posted on Mon Apr 10 20:28:19 CEST 2000 from (


From: 40 SHADES OF GREEN.......
Home page

Hey There W. Senor.......I come from Cork City, in Ireland ......I'm a singer songwriter guitarist band-leader....I only found out about this GB whilst trying to publicise a gig my band and other musicians played last Jan. in memory of Rick Danko..........I LOVE The Band and their music and had the pleasure and honor of meeting w/Rick when he played Ireland in the 90ies and in NYC........I have a ball reading and writing here.......your recent post is the first bad vibe I got here........that's alright.....I'm well aware it's possible and goes on......but not even Crabby has vibed me out of it and I've gotten 'thank you" emails from many folks here, including Jan, the dude who maintains the site.....What's YOUR deal.......I mean, what have YOU got to say about The Band?...........I dig and respect the TOTAL freedom to groove and chat about The Band and Music here........I look forward to what YOU have to say...........uh-oh.......I might have written toooooo Much.....OI!!!!! EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! MAYBE I'M NOT The OIRISHMAN YOU'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT !!!!!!........Well, now......BEGORRAH.......BEGOB.......JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH AND THE DONKEY, FATHER.......FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED!!!!! There might another guy who pisses you off....Sorry about THAT there, Senor.........Anyway, for me, this site is about havin' FUN...........Maybe I's Havin TOO much fun.......Hey MAYBEEEEEE, yer RR in disguise......well, if you are........drink Guiness or Murphys, instead of Dom Peerrignon, dude.....chill ya right out......check out my home page......if ya really wanna bitch about what I write/think...........To all the rest of you.......have a happy Monday.........Toor aloor aloor ah........HANK

Posted on Mon Apr 10 19:36:02 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Wow!! I'd love to see an excerpt of that article concerning the "intrusive" fan posted here if anyone can oblige. Maybe I judged RR too harshly and will switch from the Levonite camp. I think the reactions of other readers would be interesting too.

I got the "Rick Danko in Concert" album at his first gig at the Bottom Line after his return from Japan and thought it wasn't too good at first (I must say he looked better than at the DFA gig I saw him at prior to going where he had really long greyish hair, a bushy beard, was really heavy and resembled Jerry Garcia much more than himself - although he was humorous - had his locks tied back in a pony tail at first and joked that he thought he resembled Robert DeNiro!). Anyway, I listened to that live CD a few weeks back and liked it a lot more since I realized it did in fact recreate pretty accurately the experience of seeing him in a relatively small club in the '90s.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 18:13:39 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

Basil Donovan is the name of the Blue Rodeo bassist said to be recording with Hawkins, Helm, Bell and Linden in Kingston. Sounds promising.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 17:51:57 CEST 2000 from (


From: North Country Blues
Home page

About great band names (NO!!!!!) - Yes, sometimes things are too near to be seen, sorry that I'm late.
The former Miss Universe moved to our peaceful village and the local post-punk/post-heavy metal band took the name YVONNE after her. Must be the prettiest name at least in that particular cathegory. (Listen to YVONNE:

Posted on Mon Apr 10 16:41:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Jersey

Posted on Mon Apr 10 16:01:32 CEST 2000 from (


From: Way Beyond Lake Huron

Crabgrass: While you’ve no doubt had access to “unedited pre-press” Rolling Stone copy for years, you’re thinking of an article that appeared in Musician---a big wet bj commemorating the release of the first RR album.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 15:48:33 CEST 2000 from (

Tom Izzo

From: Ct.

Jim Weider and the Honkytonk Gurus at The Colorado Brew Pub in Danbury Ct. was a hot gig (as usual). They did several Band numbers (Remedy,Don't Do It, and Life Ie A Carnival) The rest of the night was songs off Big Foot and some new numbers. (a very funky original closing number) The entire band was smoking. At the beginning of the evening Randy asked me if I brought any harps with me. Like an idiot, I had played the evening before and all my equipment was in the trunk of another car. Jim then invited me play at Black-Eyed Sallys in Hartford on May 17th. Hope to see some guestbook regulars there. We really gotta support The Gurus. Their Band covers along with the originals they perform are beyond comparison.One of the tightest bands I've seen in a long time. I don't think Jim can get any better on that '53 tele. (shades of Buchanan and Gatton) Randy is probably one of the top 5 best drummers I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Till next time. Peace: Tom Izzo

Posted on Mon Apr 10 15:31:38 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Okay, I've kept this to myself long enough. I share this story w/ fellow band fans, for they are the only ones who will truly understand what it means to me. Levon & Robbie had long been my favorite Band guys, so I dedicated most of my time & money collecting all things Levon and RR. I had put off buying Danko's stuff, even though I always loved Danko's voice on tunes such as "Caledonia" and "This Wheel's On Fire". I got Danko's 1st solo record last summer, and didn't really give it a good listen, but thought it was "okay". Then, on December 9th, 1999, I decided to order both Danko, Fjeld, Anderson discs as well as "Live On Breeze Hill". On the evening of December 10th, 1999, I logged onto the Band's site to check out the latest news and was shocked to see the "In Memory of Rick Danko" pic. At the beginning of the next week, my Danko discs arrived in the mail, and I was confronted with the sad irony of the situation. The day before Danko died I had ordered those three discs, almost instinctively. They contained some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. John.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 15:11:19 CEST 2000 from (


Hankly: Even though The Band didn't participate in Robbie's 1987 solo album, at least Garth and Rick had some part of it. Not in all of the songs, but one or two I think. Rick did some good back-up vocals for "Sonny Got Caught In The Moonlight." And Garth did great keyboards on "Fallen Angel", and "American Roulette".

In my opinion, I didn't mind the 80's, since I was really small at that time. I guess I would've had to experience the 60's & 70's too. I wish I could've too. I guess i could just only imagine it for now. Have a good day everyone!

Posted on Mon Apr 10 14:42:18 CEST 2000 from (


W. Senor,,,where the hell did you come from!:^)

Posted on Mon Apr 10 14:38:55 CEST 2000 from (


From: Prague, Czech Republic

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted here - the last time was when Rick's death was announced, as I recall. Just thought I'd pop in again - I can't decide whether I find it reassuring or distressing to see that the Levonistas and Robertsonians are still jousting at each other over whose fault the group's problems of the 70s were... One thing that I definitely find distressing is the news provided by our friend Peter that tapes of the whole Dylan/Band Isle of Wight show might still be lurking in some CBS vault - if what we hear on Self Portrait is anything to go by, then all I can do is express the devout wish that some Columbia employee who truly loves Bob and the Band will put those tapes to the torch, so as to spare these great artists any further embarrassment by presenting them as recorded on an extremely 'off' day. (Just my opinion, of course - with that and 12 Czech crowns, you can buy a Prague metro ticket - and yes, the fare is 12 crowns...)

Posted on Mon Apr 10 13:22:15 CEST 2000 from (


BOB from VERMONT: Yours is the first intelligent entry I have seen here in a loooong time, besides Crabby of course. Keep it up guys.

Wish the irishman would give us all a rest with his endless, boring horse puckey. Where'd he come from anyway??

Posted on Mon Apr 10 11:21:21 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Land of Leapin' Leprechauns!!!!!
Home page

I've said this before......It's just too bad that RR never rounded The Band up again for his solo efforts.......his 1987 solo album woulda been alot more interesting if he had 'em playing on some of it........but then, was'nt there always this thing around Albert G and RR about "getting your 'hip cards' punched"....?......U2 and Peter Gabriel had to get their hip cards punched.......and I would say that by 1987, RRs hip cards were up for renewal......and playing with those guys woulda done it......JEEZ.......did'nt the 80ies suck?.......I mean.......not even SUCK......they BIT!!!!!.......yeeeuch!!!!!!!!........shitty drum designers managing rock bands........MTV..........major yeeeeeeuch..........OK OK it's Monday morning and I know,I know..................Rap, Live Aid and The Police and (some) U2, Prince..........OK!OK!OK!OK!OK!........hey,'s just when I think of it.........URRRRRRRRGGGGGGH!!!!!........Top of the Mornin' to ya!!!

Posted on Mon Apr 10 09:04:35 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Interesting. Maybe I read an unedited pre-press version. I recall RR talking about how he enjoyed jamming with members of U2 in that same article. (Of course, I didn't like U2 and still don't except for barely a handful of songs. And I know U2 are Band fans.) Doubt I could have read it elsewhere and swear I didn't make it up. Naturally, if he didn't mention jamming with U2 I must've read it elsewhere - or made it up and thought I read it. But before I waste money on a brain scan - anyone else ever read that? (I know - I left myself wide open with that last sentence.) Then again, maybe there are parallel universes. And I once heard someone say that the Earth will eventually plunge into the sun - so why bother shaving?

Posted on Mon Apr 10 08:05:39 CEST 2000 from (


Hey band heads.It won't mean a thing in a hundred years.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 05:58:57 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I've just perused the Rolling Stone article on the release of RR's first album (Nov 19, 1987). There's nothing about the Dom reference but he does meet the writer at Chinois in Santa Monica and orders champaign. However, we can all learn something from a Rick Danko quote in the article: "Robbie was always one of my favorite singers. But he was always shy of the microphone. Might have been an element of stage fright there. He would sing the parts for us, and we would reproduce them." Reproduce.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 04:47:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

To continue with the recently resurrected (no religious connotation implied) "Robbie Bashing" thread (is there no_ end to this_ topic?) - does anyone else recall reading an article in Rolling Stone about RR around the time of his first solo release in which the guy conducting the interview (in some posh CA bar, I believe) relates how some other guy recognized Robbie and offered to buy him a drink and RR replied with something like "OK, I'll have a bottle of Dom Perignon." and then deliberately and repeatedly tormented the fan when he tried to renege on the offer?

It kind of turned me off him when I read that. Rick may have had his faults but rudeness wasn't one of them - although admittedly it IS one of mine! (If anyone can dig up the article I think it would be a great addition to this site!)

BTW I don't think RR would ever perform again and do the old Band tunes. He's no Roger McGuinn. (Not necessarily a criticism.)

Posted on Mon Apr 10 03:18:35 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Bob, I understand your point, however, what makes a musician any different then a painter, office worker or any other profession regarding retirement. It is not that I do not have compassion, however, it is up to all of us as individuals to be sure to put a little away for a rainy day.

I also do not think Rick was on the road for the money. I saw Rick and Garth with Louie this summer at a place that held 100 persons. They did 2 shows for $20 per person. If you do the math and figure at least 25% for the expenses, how much were they making! I don't think enough to say they were doning it for the money. I think Rick did it for his love of music as well as to keep him sane. If you listen to Live at O'Douls, I think it is Richard that says to the crowd that he and Rick were still playing as a form of therapy.

Frank, who is coming to Stanhope?

Have a good week everyone!!

Posted on Mon Apr 10 02:40:46 CEST 2000 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Thanks for the pics Joe Lore...

Posted on Mon Apr 10 01:57:31 CEST 2000 from (

Frank Ahart

From: Riegelsville,Pa.

Hey Levon,Butch, can't wait to see all of you guys at Stanhope soon. your old "Strother Martin" partner Frankie p.s. Captain Jack says hi.

Posted on Mon Apr 10 01:56:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: Vermont

As far as the recent article in Rolling Stone, I think that Levon makes some valid arguments about RR and RD. Let's face it, the record needs to be set, if not only for us poor souls who log on to this wonderful sight on a daily basis, but for everyone--including current and former Band management and those who think highly of themselves (too highly if you ask me). TLW was a sham. RR proves it time and time again in TLW. It's all about HIM, HIS band, HIS stories, HIS philosophy. Levon should be pissed. The fact Robertson hasn't gotten over himself is apparent based on his comments at Rick's memorial. "I wrote those songs..." A memorial is a celebration of an individual's life. Life is about loving and crying and getting up to make coffee in the morning and walking through the rain, taking out the garbage. For Rick and Levon, this was their reality as much as it is ours. But at the end of their days, to be forced on a relentless tour, without rest, is ridiculous. For Rick and Levon, everyday life and the tiring process of making music was and still is the meat and potatoes of life. We can't blame RR and MS for everything and we certainly can't blame all the pocketpickers, but we do need to understand that these artists deserve compensation, so that when they do die, they don't have to set up memorial funds to benefit their own damn families. In The Band: Live at New Orleans Jazz fest, Rick said in an interview, "Some people look foward to getting older and retiring. I look foward to getting a few years older and exploring to new musical horizons." I don't think he wanted to explore those horizons in order to put bread on the table, but I think reality points that in part, that's was his reality. And that, to me, is a sad thing. And so we get back to RR, why the need to prove yourself at your own friends funeral? God only knows. As far as Levon and Miss Amy go, I love them to death. Long live Levon.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 22:27:06 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

One reason why nobody mentions Robbie's hard living excesses is simple: no one inside has ever blamed them for influencing the direction/success of The Band. He has been forthcoming in terms of the LW-post breakup period. And, if Randy Ciarlante is the sole surviving voice of The Band, perhaps he should tour as such.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 20:59:14 CEST 2000 from (


From: SF, CA

Quick comment about the RR discussion: Why is it nobody mentions Robbie's excesses too, especially in the later years of TLW and his friendship with Martin S.? Seems they all had their times of contributing and their times where they had to party, vent or whatever. Speaking of which...I just finished David Crosby's new book, Stand Up and Be Counted. Deeply moving, like an all-night conversation with an old friend. Starts off casual and after a few chapters you can't put it down. The journey extends from the Civil Rights Movement (Baez, Dylan, Seeger, PP&M and key organizer Belafonte); through Peace/Anti-War rallies, demonstrations and political songs (too many to mention); on to No Nukes (Gil Scott-Heron, Bonnie R, G. Nash, J. Browne); Live Aid (let's hear it for Bob Geldof!); Farm Aid (started with a Dylan remark Willie heard); Amnesty International (Sting); Comic Relief (Whoopie, Robin); Neil's annual Bridge School benefit and other work; South African apartheid (U.K. activism, and again, Belafonte!) and on to today's younger performers carrying the torch alongside people like Springsteen still so actively involved. It left me feeling hopeful and inspired. Yes, music has truly affected social change so much in our lifetime. Crosby's book is a wonderful tribute and heartfelt account of the stepping stones leading to the possibilities of today's global hi-tech influence. I hope many of you read it and share it with the Guestbook and friends. Can't wait for the "companion video." I'm so grateful to David Crosby for his beautiful music, humble example, and good heart. Good liver too, thanks to some unknown donor. We're all blessed. Love, peace & Spring flowers to everyone.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 17:27:43 CEST 2000 from (


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

I hope all is good here, although it can get weird here at times, but thats what make this site soooo different than the other web sites. I want to say hello to the persons that are soooo cool here, and to the ones that aren't, well, you know what to do. Peter, Ragtime, 'Lil, Jan, Pehr, Carmen, IIkka and Doggy, Brother, can't forget CrabGrass:^),Pat, Liz, Tom, Hank, Bob, Don, Ryan, DennisanWanda, and how can I not forget dear 'ol Serge,,, big hugs to all on you!!! Be happy, and get mad, cuz you can't have one without the other, otherwise this place would be boring, RIGHT?!?

Carry on! :)

And love the one your with!

Posted on Sun Apr 9 16:48:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Surley the BAND was greater then the sum of its parts. I think we all agree, however, for those who think that RR's ability slipped after the glory days, just listen to "Between Trains" and I think you may change your mind.

I also think part of RR greatness was in his ability to write songs which fit the way the others played and sang. I think it is sad Richard stopped writing because I think his writing was also great stuff. The reality is that excesses did destroy this great group and RR felt the need to walk away. Does this make him a crook? Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Posted on Sun Apr 9 15:19:37 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Elliot Mazer is interviewed in the latest "Record Collector" (April 2000). Mazer’s live recording of The Byrds from 1969 "Live at the Filmore" has just been released and his other credits include, "Harvest", "Cheap thrills", Area Code 615 and the Last Waltz.

Mazer recorded the Isle of Wight festival and says "The Band’s and Bob’s show were like two people fighting each other and mad at the world." He aso says that the Isle of Wight concert remains in Columbia archives, which is where he found the Byrds show. Circulating tapes of the Dylan set are pretty poor, but it’s tantalizing to think there’s a professional recording of the whole thing – obviously there must be Dylan’s set with The Band because of the four tracks on "Self Portrait" but I hadn’t thought about The Band’s set. So, Columbia … ?

Later Mazer talks about the 1974 CSNY tour with The Band supporting them at Wembley Stadium. "We taped Wembley among other gigs. There’s live(CSNY) stuff. There’s also live Band stuff and live Joni Mitchell at Wembley that I did." Interesting again. The concert tape on the circuit is poor. But what’s in the vaults? Hopefully, sales of TheByrds "Live at the Filmore" might encourage someone to dust off the tapes and bring them to life.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 14:44:24 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Emerald Isle

Here in Ireland on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.....reading the make alot of sense....I agree with your assessment of The Band and how they "got the songs together"........On the subject of Robbie ripping the rest of 'em off......There have been bands since, like U2 and Queen who had the sense to divide all their loot equally .......probably because they were aware of what happened to groups like The Band...........The other thing in all this tho'......WHO exactly was giving Robbie advice and WHO was giving the rest of the guys advice.........How does Albert Grossman figure in all this?........Y'see The Band were broke by the time they got to TLW.....BROKE, despite all their fame and success..........owing albums to record companies.......usually, in that kinda situation, a band will go out on the road and play on their past success and noteriety in the hope of generating cash and maybe some spark of inspiration......The Dead, The Stones for example.........They became Road Monsters.......making loadsa money, playing generally great gigs with the best of sound systems.......The Beatles were ABOUT to go on the road.....but got as far as the roof....(good gig, tho....and free!!!!)......The Beatles, however, had Allen Klein to get 'em a GREAT matter how much they moaned about him he got 'em a great deal.......they ended up kazillionaires and only played gigs if they felt like it. It would be better to blame whoever was giving them boys advice at the time than to blame Robbie......unless of course it was Robbie who was advising them.................

Posted on Sun Apr 9 13:08:28 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Crabgrass: "Robbie bashing"? I think not. It's called telling it like it is. My response to the uninformed words about 'Rick and Richard being too stoned to care' (which btw is, in my opinion...blatant bashing) is fact. Reality sure sucks, hm?

75 degree springtime weather yesterday has turned to .... snow in upstate NY this morning. Note to Mother Nature: Sober up!

Have a good day everyone

Posted on Sun Apr 9 09:33:05 CEST 2000 from (


Sharon: Had The Hawk not put the band together in the first place RR may never have been discovered.Let's not get ahead of oueselves,alot of things happen and alot of people are involved in the creation of a great band.Each member can claim a piece of the legacy.Up On Cripple Creek doesn't work with another Rythmn section,Chest Fever is not nearly as good without Honeyboy Hudson's Key's and IMND doesn't reduce most of us to tears if somebody other than Rick sings it[with the possible exception of Richard].RR built a great foundation and in no way do i wish to down play that but it took all five members to build the house.Hope ya don't think any less of me,Peace Cupid

Posted on Sun Apr 9 09:05:22 CEST 2000 from (


Hi Folks thought you music lovers might like to check out they are about the cheapest internet cd sellers.They are a company from here in Vancouver and as we have the cheapest cd prices in the known universe [on average about $15.00 Canadian which equals about $8.00 or $10.00 bucks US] as an example they have Ricks first SOLO record on for about $15.00 US.For the record i don't work for them and have nothing to gainhere i just thought as music lovers y'all might like to check it out.I also noticed they had some of The Bands records on for $6.00 or $8.00 bucks US. Peace cupid

Posted on Sun Apr 9 06:33:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

On second thought, at least the Honky Tonk Gurus retain a name connection with The Band since they considered calling themselves the Honkies at one point. And after all, Randy does a pretty good vocal on Chest Fever and is in fact the last surviving member of The Band who can actually sing.

Thought I'd be positive for a change in light of the recent vitriolic outburst of Robbie bashing. BTW I've always thought The Band to be MORE than the sum of its parts just like the Beatles.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 03:42:15 CEST 2000 from (



GOOD NEWS: i went to an instore performance by Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante (awesome playing guys) randy told me that they are trying to get a tribute show for Rick together featuring the Honkey Tonk Gurus, Cromatix, and the Barnburners and a jam at the end. at this time nothing is definate though.Randy was great to talk to really down to earth guy.

Posted on Sun Apr 9 02:28:09 CEST 2000 from (

Bob Wyman

From: Colorado
Home page

Boy was I tired when I posted last night! My name isn't really "Bo" ha ha. And I didn't complete the homepage address! I hope those that would like a Civil War story check out my homepage. Pehr: Got your tape and enjoyed it! kept waitin for the bass and drums to kick in :-) Startin to rehearse again tomorrow (my own tunes)! A N D TWIMC: no one person made The Band but you can say they did fine without Robbie, and Robbie didn't seem to be out there much! In a true group situation the sum of the parts makes the whole. Any band that has a prima donna never seems to last. Though it is a lttle late to be second guessing what occurred back in the 70's! Happy Spring everyone....Bob

Posted on Sat Apr 8 21:39:47 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Was going to let this one slide, but I disagree so strongly that I have to say something before I explode (wouldn't be a pretty sight).

Sharon: The "genius" of RR certainly did _not_ make The Band. Words on paper are nothing more than that..without the voices giving them life. RR unquestionably is a talented songwriter (although in my opinion that talent has seriously waned since The Band days) but Rick, Levon, Richard and Garth were 4/5 of the whole of the "magic" you mentioned.

And btw...sometimes 'following your own path' and 'looking out for yourself' is not a bad thing. Other times, it makes you no more than a self-centered bastard. You don't cheat and deceive people whom you claim to care about. The words 'take the money and run' have a pretty negative connotation where I come from. Something to think about. no?

Posted on Sat Apr 8 21:18:28 CEST 2000 from (

John Donabie

Just got a call from The Hawk's Chief of Protocol. Ronnie, Levon, Ricky Bell, Colin Linden & the bassist from Blue Rodeo started laying down tracks Friday night in Kingston; for Ronnie's New CD. Got invited up tomorrow; but I got's to work. Damn! Butch I'm sure you've got everything under control as usual. Tell the boss's I'll see them soon.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 21:00:51 CEST 2000 from (


From: austin texas

I'm starting a band called "librarian whores" after a rant and rave a friend was on about ten years ago. I think I'm getting too "mature" to use a name like that though my partner has been adamant about sticking with it. Maybe "Viagra Falls" fits me but it doesnt fit her. then I thought about all the names that could come from Band songs and theres alot of good, great ones. A band I play with uses a T-Rex song as a name, so why not my next project?(Neither band I'm working with ever seems to practice so what the heck) what band inspired names might be fitting for different sounds out there? somethin to toy with.

butch: I couldnt be more excited about the new record of levon's. sounds like a real Tour de Force ! thanks again for sharing. It's been pointed out to me, and I believe it, that Hubert Sumlin is the most widely imitated musician in all of music. It sounds absurd but there's more than a grain of truth to that I think...

Right On, Carmen! all the best...

Posted on Sat Apr 8 20:18:51 CEST 2000 from (


From: NJ

Let's face it; if it weren't for the genius of Robbie Robertson there would never have been The Band When it came to the money Robbie was just looking out for himself-as it should be-probably Rick and Richard were high so much of the time they didn't care-and Levon and Garth were not the business types-Levon even said that. It was RR's magic that made the Band what it was-he followed his own path, did what was good for him and thats it-even if his path was "take the money and run"at the time. Oh, by the way, I'd kill for a night with Robbie.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 19:06:29 CEST 2000 from (


From: Northern Europe
Home page

"Now and then there's a fool such as I."
That is: we use to take our car on Saturdays and drive to Stockholm (which is the Big City up here) to see what's happening in the Big World. I can check out "Uncut", "Mojo", "Rolling Stone". Today I read Levon's words in "Rolling Stone". Didn't make me feel good.

I came home and I read FRANKO's lyrics. WOW! I read BO WYMAN's Civil War notes. WOW again! Thanks for these lyrics and stories which gives me more listening pleasure than the articles in the magazines I mentioned above.

A rabbit was sleeping in the bush outside our window. When we came back from the Big World, she opened her eyes a little, and I swear I heard her sing:
"No and then there's a fool such as YOU."

Posted on Sat Apr 8 17:56:59 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I'm wondering if someone could post the latest Rolling Stone article on Levon.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 17:11:28 CEST 2000 from (


From: Port Ewen,NY

I just read the new Rolling Stone that I got in the mail, I cannot help but comment on Levon's bitter and biting views of Rick and Robbie, I know that Rick was surrounded by positive people in the last few years that helped him after his episode in Japan. My wife and I spoke to Rick last year at a show in Bearsville and he was in a jovial, joking mood (as usual) and could not appear to be happier. He was very excited for the cd release of Breeze Hill and was looking forward to the Day In The Garden concert. The article quotes that "Rick worked himself to death" is absurd and that people had their hands in his pockets, seems more of a jab at Robertson than anything. I feel some of Levon's comments were unjust and unwarranted. I love the Band and all it's members, but a cheap shot, is a cheap shot. Comments like that affect people who worked hard with Rick in the last few years. Many I know personally. I know his gig schedule was few and far between, his poor health may have contributed his death, not his work schedule. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Posted on Sat Apr 8 08:53:58 CEST 2000 from (

Lost In Cyberspace

From: The Outer Limits

Hi! I'm Bob Wigo's insightful and intelligent post concerning Richard's vast repertoire. Can someone direct me to the Band Guestbook? Something went wrong when he hit the submit button.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 08:40:46 CEST 2000 from (


From: drexel hill, PA

franko, the song you wrote in dedication to Rick, left me in tears. Keep on writing! dylangirl, lost your email address, write back!

Posted on Sat Apr 8 08:04:56 CEST 2000 from (

Bo Wyman

From: Colorado
Home page

Hi all, Since The Band invoked images of the Civil War in many songs I thought some of you might like the Civil War story in my homepages. It is a personal account by my Great Great Grandfather. It is in the "links" portion. Enjoy! Bob

Posted on Sat Apr 8 07:32:38 CEST 2000 from (


From: Sunny Northern California

Hey Joe McKenna I read your post (I always read The Band Guestbook). I was at The Last Waltz. I`m a lifelong diehard Band fan so I`m biased. It was the GREATEST concert I`ve ever seen, and I`ve seen some good ones. I had tix to The Band concert in Oct 1976 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. They cancelled that show to prepare for TLW (or something like that). Anyone with tix to the Paramount show could exchange them, pay the difference and get tix to this new show Thanksgiving night at Winterland in SF. I almost didn`t go because it cost $25.00 which was a lot for a concert in 1976 (it seems like it costs that much just for parking at some shows now). Loving The Band as much as I do I came to my senses, coughed up the money and got my tix to the GREATEST rock`n`roll concert of all time.

TLW was advertised as a special event. They were going to feed us a full Thanksgiving dinner and there might be some guest performers. In the 2 weeks prior to TLW there were some blurbs in the local newspapers and some radio DJs were talking about the special guests (most of it were rumors). As the concert approached there were frequent reports about which superstars were in town. The hype added to the excitement but I didn`t care about the guests, I was going to hear The Band.

Winterland was a grubby, delapitated building in a poor neighborhood. Winterland is gone now and that whole neighborhood was redeveloped through urban renewal 15 - 20 years ago. It seemed out of place to see women in evening gowns and men in tuxes at Winterland for TLW. Bill Graham`s company produced the concert. They borrowed chandeliers, certains and set props from a play at a theatre downtown. The place was clean and fixed up real nice.

The show itself was Incredible! The Band was tight, the horns blended nicely, and the sound system was crisp and clear. The Band played for about an hour then they started with the special guests. Words can`t describe how great the music sounded! If anyone gets the chance listen to The Complete Last Waltz, it`s the whole concert in the correct order. I`m sorry for rambling and I`m tired now. I`ll post my memories of the actual concert in a day or two.

Thank you Jan for having me as your guest on the best site on the whole internet. Long Live THE BAND !!!

Posted on Sat Apr 8 05:55:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: Procrastinating on doing actual work central
Home page


I too feel sorry for Crabgrass and don't find him/her at all funny. And I vote for his/her next amazing trick s/he should do a parody of Greil Marcus...

Speaking of whom, Band fans who are also interested in theories about American culture and music, might enjoy this article "the Soundtracking of America." (I put the url in the homepage box above.)

The writer has quite a nice turn of phrase eg. "If decadence is what happens when intelligence turns entirely to trivia, irony is what happens when intelligence wraps itself around stupidity."

However, despite the fact that the article is ostensibly well written I found it quite difficult to work out its basic premise. I *think* it is something like music has lost its meaning and power because everyone is more musically literate nowadays because they have access to a wider range of music. I might be wrong but, to me, the writer sounds like a bitter baby boomer lamenting that things just aren't like they used to be & the kids don't know how to listen to music properly like they did in the old days.

But that aside, why I thought that some Band fans might find it interesting is because one interesting thing the article does say is the following:

"The instrumentalist Robbie Robertson has said of the long 1967 recording sessions with Dylan that became The Basement Tapes (and are the subject of Greil Marcus's Invisible Republic, one of the best books ever written on American music) that Dylan's songs always sounded as though he'd just found them in a collection of old folk songs. Taken line by line folk lyrics may seem as silly as the words to twentieth-century popular music. But you can nonetheless sometimes catch in genuine folk tunes a glimpse of the real depths -- a world where, even if only tragically, God and man and nature still make sufficient sense that there can be a cathartic purpose to the emotion the music evokes." "

IMHO this is bordering on pretentious twaddle- many genuine folk tunes are just as comic/ sentimental/ trivial/ inane as modern day music can be- but this isn't a bad thing and it doesn't mean they aren't worthy, emotionally intense, interesting or fun. (And incidentally I do find Greil Marcus et als insistence on on the past as a dark, mystical and weird place, where everything was more authentic, somewhat peculiar.)

However I think there is a germ of truth in the statement about " glimpse of real depths, God, man and nature making sense, catharsis etc" which I can't totally dismiss. If you apply the statement to the Band rather than Dylan it is literally quite true of some of their lyrics. I'm thinking of a song like "King Harvest" here.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 05:24:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Chest Fever winding up on the cutting room floor is the greatest flaw of The Last Waltz. (Ditto for the Watkins Glen CD.) This song is totally unique in it's musical structure to any other I've ever heard and was the centerpiece of the every Band show I've ever seen from the '60s thru the '90s. I recommend The Made In Japan laser disc recorded on the early 80s tour with the Cates Brothers - Garth's intro is lengthy also and like none I've heard anywhere else. On the video disc of the last show on that tour when the crowd clamors for Chest Fever Levon teases that they won't comply - then grins and relents introducing it with "We may not be smart - but we ain't stupid!" Scorcese and Robbie apparently were when they edited TLW. (The Vancouver video concert has no intro by Garth btw - so I recommend acquiring the Japan laser video if you can't afford both. (Check info on this website.) It's also much longer and features Richard doing "You Don't Know Me" - not an improvement on Ray Charles, but nice except for the "floating mic" which was apparently added in post production for what reason I really can't figure out. Those who have seen this will know what I'm talking about.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 04:33:11 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Franko: I am so happy that you finally decided to post those beautiful words that you wrote for Rick. They touched me when I first read them shortly after Rick's death, and again as I read them today in this guestbook. Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 03:17:49 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Zealand

Frankly Hankly...there is a band in New Zealand called Thorazine Shuffle.

Posted on Sat Apr 8 02:50:38 CEST 2000 from (

Tom Atkinson

From: Pittsburgh PA
Home page

Nice site guys. Just watched the Roger Waters videotape, "The Wall" as performed live in Berlin back in 1990. Just was curious as to how much practice was required to make that show "happen", what with all the logistics of the event and all. And where could you practice such a huge performance as that? Have always enjoyed your music, "The Last Waltz" movie, & the time I saw The Band, Eric Clapton & Todd Rundgren's Utopia at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. As for Levon, he is a great performer in films such as "The Right Stuff" & "Coal Miner's Daughter". Garth, "Chest Fever" is one of my all time favorite songs...but, why only a "taste" of it in the movie "The Last Waltz"? I'll have to check out those video clips on the website, to be certain! All the best regards. Tom

Posted on Sat Apr 8 02:25:35 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Pehr-thanks! Hank- all is understood.

I think we all need some new songs to talk about. I sure hope that we all soon get to here the Rick stuff. I would also love to here some new RR music. D Lil, what's the word?

Posted on Sat Apr 8 01:56:41 CEST 2000 from (

===== == +++Joe McKenna +++++++==========

From: Virginia

I was wondering if their was anyone that happen to catch the recent rolling stone article on Levon Helmn and his daughter Amy. It's called Leven Helm's "Next Waltz". It was a wonderful article and it's deffinently worth checking out especially in this era of music where good muscians are being put out now. I got into the band a few years back and I can't tell you all how much The Last Waltz impacted my music carreer. As a drummer I find Levon Helm as one of the top drummers because of his simplistic yet complicated beat. Another question I had was did anyone in here ever catch or see The Last Waltz live????????? at The Winterland in 77'???????? I am really interrested hearing from somebdy that heard it and saw it. But no one really reads this anyway so it's like talking in the wind. I hope someone rustles up to my E-mail address and says something to me sometime.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 23:56:23 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

I caught the "CSNY2K" swing through Washington, DC last night and was totally amazed that it was actually a better show than the last Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young gig I saw--in 1974! Not many artists from that era can claim that they have improved. These guys have. In the next few weeks I'll see some other artists with connections to The Band going back to the 1970s: Jesse Winchester, Emmylou Harris and then Ringo's All-Starr Band. Now if Van Morrison will just come through town...

Posted on Fri Apr 7 22:03:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: Corcaigh, Eire
Home page

Ben Pike- That Levon, Rick and Richard don't deserve credit is NOT Bunk.......Alright, Robbie writes the words and gives the song some musical doubt about that......he plays it to the rest of the guys....He's got a pleasant but weak voice.....who do you honestly thinks of what to the case of The Band.....the lead way did RR give' em notated notes to sing....those guys developed Robbies ideas and literally CHOSE what notes to other words.....they helped to write it into the songs(s) we know and was'nt as if Robbie was the Lead Singer and those guys were Robbies backing band.....No Way!!!!! Was that unique triple voice thing on The Weight COMPLETELY Robbies idea?........I seriously doubt it.....that came from them grooving on it in the studio.....didja see Rick backstage at some awards thing teaching it to Eric Clapton and a whole buncha folks on some documentary.....Well, I did......I KNOW I could be wrong but it looks like to me that Rick and Levon wrote that whole thing.....this is not to mention Garths invaluable arranging, orchestrating "and getting THE SONGS together" (solid proof that hey ALL workred on the songs right there in TLW....... if you need more proof)......I've no doubt that Robbie wrote the words/lyrics/stories and the basic melodic idea...I wrote a huge post the other day about how much I dig RR and his writng......but, y'know......He shoulda been responsible enuff to acknowledge credit where it's due.......I enjoyed your Civil War rant tho'!!!! FRANKO........YOUR SONG IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! DIAMOND L'IL..............If you ever get to Ireland I'll sing ya Rick songs all night.....Alright? I said "Hey CARMEN"......hope I did'nt freak you out with my Mother of God rant......some things just get me goin'.... Say, CRABBY......nice words about Richard........ To you all Have a great weekend folks!!!!!!!!........HANKLY

Posted on Fri Apr 7 21:35:24 CEST 2000 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown,pa.

To all of the tolerant souls who have expressed their opinions on Crabgrass -- you are absolutely correct. He is entitled to continue to state his feelings. This , in turn, allows me to continue to state mine. You, Crabgrass, are an infantile bore whose comments drip with petty envy (see below). Your repertoire is that of an uninformed cynic who cannot help but direct his underhanded sarcasms towards the easy target. My guess is you've won a whole lot of "limbo" contests in your day.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 20:49:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Well, thank goodness the topic's finally changed!!! Even I was getting overly excited by that dumb band name game! (Idea for a book on the subject is a very good one tho.)

And let's not forget to remember Richard again - he was a gentle soul with the voice of an angel. I always regretted his lack of a repertoire which might have led to a solo album.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 20:30:07 CEST 2000 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Random resposes: The Best candidates for Band hit singles, I would say, were "The Weight" and "Up On Cripple Creek." Both were issued, neither became "hits" but would eventualy become "FM Hits" of classic rock in the long run. "Rag Mama Rag" would have been on long shot on the charts. The point that "anti-Robbie" stuff is basicly pro-American jingo ism is allmost certainly true. The fact that Rick in later years spoke of getting money when "The Weight" was on a Coke commerical flys in the face of Levon's contention that Robbie had stolen all there residual intrests. Levon's contention in "This Wheel's ON Fire" that Band members deserved songwriting credit for working on the arrangments is Bunk. But it's like arrguing with a southerner about the Cival War. "Both sides had had Slavery" they will say. "Yes' you counter, but the North had dumped it, Blacks were fleeing the south, and new territories were opening up, and the South was insisting Slavery be expanded to them."...."Ah..Both sides had had Slavery".... Crabgrass gathers much moss. My favorite band name of recent years was "The Wynona Ryders" a funny way to cash in on the comely Hollywood Starboffer. I have no idea if they were anygood. "The Dead Milkmen" had really funny song titles, but I've never heard one of there albums.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 19:47:59 CEST 2000 from (


From: Texas

Franko, don't make that your last song. It is beautiful! Hi to all from Texas.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 16:46:24 CEST 2000 from (


From: boston

Inspired by Knockin'Lost John's recent song-sharing, here's mine, begun the evening of 12/12/99 upon learning of Rick's passing. Seeing his picture that night as I entered Jan's site floored me. This is the only song I have ever written and i will stick to my day job!(thanks to C, B, and D from the chatroom for the kind feedback)

Got A Minute

I switched on the back porch light
And put the coffee on
A cold clear December night
I made the coffee strong

I went outside undeneath the stars
The century almost through
A long way from the Toronto bars
Where I first heard you

Disbelief and sadness both
Hung in heavy air
I sat back and closed my eyes
Alone in my despair

Then a rhythm from another time
Grabbed a hold of me
And a voice soared above the pines
Singing sweet harmony
Yes, the sweetest harmony
And your voice said to me

Got a minute?
I'd like to talk to you
There's a place
Beyond the stars
That I've been to
I know the road was hard
And the journey long
But now that my own journey is through
And I've done all I can do
I'll watch over you

I switched off the back porch light
And went back inside
Straightened up for the night
And rubbed my tired eyes

I went upstairs and tucked in my kids
And sat down by their side
And wondered what their futures held
And I wondered why
Why good things have to die
Then you gave it one more try

Got a minute?
Don't think this is the end
You know the music
And the love
Will fall forever
From above
And you are young and strong
And have so far to go
When it's your time your spirit will know
That it's ok to let it go

I woke up to another day
And there'll be many more
We'll talk again somehow, some way
Of that I'm sure

I feel blessed we had you here
For a little while
A laugh, a grove, a lonesome tear
Most of all a smile

There's a reservoir within the mind
A quiet, peaceful place
Where we save up all the past times
The years can not erase

Mine is filled with memories
Of family and friends so true
The are framed by the harmonies
That God sent us through you

(c)1999 FJ DeCoste

Posted on Fri Apr 7 16:17:21 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Butch, that is WONDERFUL news. Can't wait to get Levon & co's CD!! To state the obvious, please provide us with ordering information if it will not be distributed to stores. Also, is the NYC Tribeca Blues gig definitely cancelled, and if so, will it be rescheduled? Thanks, friend.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 16:11:24 CEST 2000 from (


There is an article in The Toronto Sun about the Fabs upcoming autobiography. It says that John decided to leave The Beatles after his stay w/Ronnie Hawkins during the Toronto Peace Festival, and quotes Ronnie.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 15:26:59 CEST 2000 from (

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

my god...have we all gone elypses crazy?...or perhaps we're all channeling the ghost of...herb the way...loved the cahoots-era picture posted...where did richard get those horrible shirts?...peace

Posted on Fri Apr 7 13:03:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

D Lil after reading the article in Rolling Stone (see what's new) I know what you mean!

Posted on Fri Apr 7 12:28:23 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Just missing Rick.

And life goes on....

Posted on Fri Apr 7 11:53:55 CEST 2000 from (

Frankly, Hankly!!!

From: Cork City, Eire
Home page

There used to be a band around here in Cork called "Hector Pickaxe and The Floating Crowbars"....they played Garth Brooks country stuff when it was humongously popular a few years back.....Hector himself refused to let these two English guys up on stage at a wedding they were playing in Kenmare, Co. Kerry......until he saw it was Robert Plant and Jimmy Page!!!!!!.........There used to be a punk band round these parts called "Nun Attax".........I play with a blues band here in town whose lead singer is a certified manic depressive...we call ourselves "The Medication Blues Band". At the risk of introducing a "South Park" thread (again).....DVDA is a pretty name for a band.....whatcha think Crabby?,......... See y'all later.......HANKLY

Posted on Fri Apr 7 09:46:13 CEST 2000 from (


From: here
Home page

From all Reports, The "Joni Fest" in NY tonight was fantastic. This show was taped and will be shown on TNT- TV , April 16!! Honoring Joni Mitchell: James Taylor, Tony Bennett, Bryan Adams, Richard Thompson, Wynonna, Cyndi Lauper, Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Cassandra Wilson, Elton John, Diana Krall, and Of course, Joni played all the best JM songs, with taped inserts of Joni's works with Charles Mingus and others. I cant wait to see this. Hope you can too. Just thought the other Joni lovers I've met in here, would want to know. Was anybody there, from here??? do tell..........Play on Keep listening

Posted on Fri Apr 7 09:46:01 CEST 2000 from (


From: Neptune

Just thought of a couple more band names. The Nipple Erectors,The Frank Frink Five,Mud,Hoodoo Guru's,Explosive Rage Disorder,God Awakes Petrified,The Fuggs and how could i forget The Xpensive Wino's...Cupid.Hugs to D Lil

Posted on Fri Apr 7 08:00:48 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I never realized it before but there's an obvious connection between "Jawbone" and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." Both songs humorously portray a villain as an iconoclastic hero. So maybe that's another Beatle-Band connection.

Let's not forget the tasteless shock "girl group" names like "Hole" and "The Slits."

Posted on Fri Apr 7 07:32:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: here

Two favorite band names......"Bubble Puppy" and " The Party Dogs" <-----( I am a former member)

Posted on Fri Apr 7 07:24:33 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

And what about hyperbolic names like "The Fabulous Fabian?" I recall his real last name (Forte) being revealed as Dick Clark turned a final knob on his Top Ten list display on the Saturday night "Dick Clark Show." It was the moment a nation of viewers had been waiting for! (Okay, I admit to having "Turn Me Loose" in my 45 collection - but I threw it out a long time ago.) Do any other names rival this? (Not The Incredible String Band - they lived up to it!)

Posted on Fri Apr 7 06:57:04 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Well, unfortunately I don't know what a "drell" is but that's a great question which should be sent to Regis Philbin immediately - before his new quiz show goes bankrupt!

Usually not my job to comment on something like this but - that was a truly great "biker" story especially the part about the "nun patrol."

Posted on Fri Apr 7 06:26:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: Ontario.

Thanks Butch for the best news in AGES!!! Thanks for sharing your passions with us Levon, you deserve the respect of everyone!

Posted on Fri Apr 7 06:21:24 CEST 2000 from (


From: leftfield

p.s. The most abdominal name ever for a band; "Belly".

Posted on Fri Apr 7 05:56:30 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Tundra

I think, Little Brother, that it was "The Phosphorescent Leech and Eddie". Now that I've found a site that discusses band names perhaps someone can enlighten me about something that has puzzled me for decades. Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas; What the hell is a drell?

Posted on Fri Apr 7 05:32:53 CEST 2000 from (

Little Brother

From: around Philly, PA

Well, just to put in an appearance...

I'm glad the "there's such a thing as TOO much tolerance" contingent hasn't figured out a way to send a surge of back EMF through Crabgrass' modem and burn out his roots. (I'm gonna stick with "him", it just feels right.) I join with recent opinions that he's obviously a provocateur, instigator, and all-around pain in the ass. And that this "gets the traffic moving", as PV, I think, commented.

Let's face it, the saliva of entropy is inevitably reducing the flesh-and-blood reality of the Band that binds us into a residue-- a sublime aftertaste of the merest sip from the Grail. Mmm... tastes like chicken!

It's nice to hear from folks driven or lucky enough to catch current Band-member performances, but that still leaves lots of space for the rest of us hanging out in Jan's cybercafe. Enter Crabgrass, with his attention-getting cheap shots and whatnot. We love ya, ya knucklehead!

'Course, I personally find an almost eerie resonance with varied Crabcrap, from slamming Pius XII to referencing "The Little Drummer Boy". He risks all kinds of impossible tangents, but people WILL pull them back to Band topics by and bye.

Which reminds me of an incident in sixth grade or so: We sat in a ground-floor classroom of a freshly-built crackerbox annex popularly referred to as the "New School". In 1966, parochial schools were still expanding, I guess.

Anyway, on this particular day a substitute teacher from the parish, a Mrs. H., was dutifully boring the pants off of us with lessons in Math or English or whatever. Suddenly a recently expelled ne'er-do-well, a former classmate I'll call Kevin O'Reilly, came booming past our big, uncurtained windows on one of those Schwinn Stingray wheelie bikes with the banana seat and ape-hanger handlebars. He was, I'm pretty sure, also wearing a German WWII coal-scuttle helmet-- perhaps a war souvenir of his father's.

He buzzed by repeatedly, grinning and waving and giving the finger; his cronies and sympathizers grinned back, at least surreptitiously.

Mrs. H, duly shocked and annoyed, decided to meet him head-on. She cranked open the jalousie window and countered his anarchic attacks with severe comments like, "WE FEEL SORRY FOR YOU! WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU! WE DON'T THINK YOU'RE FUNNY AT ALL!"

All this only lasted a few minutes, then Kevin vanished like the proverbial bat out of hell. Probably a nun patrol, or maybe even a cop, appeared on the horizon. Mrs. H was red-faced and scowling. But of course even the most conforming, obedient kids in the class didn't really pity and despise Kevin, at least at the moment. Even I, who felt sorry for Mrs. H, more envied him than anything. Pain-in-the-ass low-life though he was, he'd seen a chance to have some freedom and fun and was making the most of it, wheelie after wheelie. This memorable moment probably helped me dig songs like "Jawbone" all the more when I came across them just a few years later.

I bet Rick and Richard, at least, would know exactly what I mean. Anyway, "WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU, MR. CRABGRASS! WE FEEL VERY SORRY FOR YOU!"

Back to a thread: I heard of a group called "Spangler Wang and the Wanglows", but I don't know if they really existed. Has anyone mentioned "Phlorescent Leech and Eddy"? (Check the spelling, I know it wasn't "Fluorescent".) And though "The Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band" achieved a kind of funky authenticity, it's borderline at best. Individual names doctored for enhanced palatability could fill an encyclopedia, I'm sure. Johnny Cougar, f'r instance...

Posted on Fri Apr 7 05:02:20 CEST 2000 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD [a nice place for a visit from the Barn Burners, please!]

Back in my youth when I wanted to play music in the worst way [which I did], we joked about names of bands. The one that we thought was just perfect was Peter Pimple and the Blackheads.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 03:46:48 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Really enjoying the posts about band names. Laughing at most, cringing at some. My personal favorite is a 60's band called "Dickey Doo and the Dont's". Would be very interesting to hear the stories of the origins of some of the more absurd names. Has anyone ever written a book about such a thing? Someone should.

Going to sleep now if the frogs'll shut up. Aah..the sound of spring. Have a good night everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 02:58:55 CEST 2000 from (


Band Names.... I submitt the followin' The Subhumans, ? and the Mysterians, The Yeehaa Cowboy's {Cowpunk Baby Cowpunk!}, The Kentucky Headhunters, Velvet Underground, The New Barbarians {Keith and Woody from the Stones}. And some Bands I was apart of: The Throbbing Pythons of Love, Tad Peckish and the Wompin' Burritto's, The Alleged Band, Deep Trout[My Personal fave]. peace Cupid

Posted on Fri Apr 7 02:02:37 CEST 2000 from (


Well Folks,,, anyone who doesnt think that Levon Helm is a true blues man & is respected as such,,, shoulda been with me this past week,,, In what will probably come to be called the MUDDY BIRTHDAY SESSIONS,,, ( on Muddy's 85th b-day ) Levon & the cream ( imo ) of the current blues cats laid down some tracks, man, let me tell you,,,, The STAR of the sessions & THE MAN who's name is on the record,, is Hubert Sumlin, ( Howlin Wolf's guitar player ) with Levon on drums,,, MudCat Ward on acoustic bass,,, The GREAT DAVID MAXWELL on piano ( from James Cottons band ) Legendary Harp player & vocalist, Paul Oscher ( Muddy's harp player ) The AMAZING Bob Margolin ---> slide & rhythm guitars ( also Muddy's Band ),, & on the last day, eric clapton, guitar & vocals ,,, But the respect & admiration our drummer - boy had was great to see,,, all the cats wanted to be with him,, even the studio rats, the techs, the kids who interned, had stuff to ask Levon,, & true to his nature,, he had time for everyone of em,,, ,,,,,,, & the MUSIC ~!!!!!!!! ooooooh, they got greasy, gut-bucket BLUESY,,, had FAT all over it,, with hot spicy sauce justa drippin from that music,,, with bobby margolin kinda ramrodding the sessions, & dave maxwell & oscher really layin it down,,, HUBERT could soar & wail all over the songs,,, all the cats left huge wholes for hubert,,, & with bobby egging him on,, he filled them like the blues king he is,,,, key to the highway, 9 below zero, im ready,,, long distance call, iodine in mah coffee,,, & so many others, i cant remember them all,,, musically,, 3 of the best days ive ever been associated with,,, i just stood in that music room, & let it wash over me,, man, it was a BLUES BATH, !!!! it was so healing, & comforting, & warm, loving music, played reverently, by the BEST,, the very craftsmen of the blues condition,,, & just a FYI,,,Levon was FLAWLESS !!!! not once, not once, did the producer or the players ever say, we should go a lil slower or its too fast here,,, not once,,, he had it NAILED,, between MUDCAT's Bass & levon's drums, the bottom held tight, i mean tight,,, so sit tight,, after the 2nd part of the sessions , next month, with Keith Richards,,, the record will be out,, ill letcha all know,,, but till thennn,, play them Delta Blues,,, butch

Posted on Fri Apr 7 01:40:29 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Streets that are....DEAD!!!!
Home page

OBJECTION, Your Honour!!!!!........Mr Crabgrass has dissed Bob Dylans last album.......c'mon, Crabby..........have you listened to it? Do you seriously believe that ANYONE else other than Dylan could write and record songs like that? I laughed out loud when I heard it.......'cos you could tell he was purposely being a DOOM- Merchant.......'It's not Dark yet-but it's gettin' there" is great stuff........anyway, Who else exactly has been consistently BRILLIANT since 1962?.....although I must say I enjoyed what you wrote about the ASCAP computer.........scary prediction......The answer to which came first The Chicken or the Egg is, of course...."The Thought"........Peter Viney......nice quote from Robbie........good to read it in the middle of this debate................Knockin'Lost John....Great Lyrics!! Good on they say here.......... In the end, I must say .........Crabby crying "Robbies a crook" sounds alot like "BLAME CANADA!!! BLAME CANADA!!!.... they're not even a real country, anyway!!" in the South Park Movie/musical.........oh dear, my THIRD entry today......I gotta go to bed.........y'all take care, now, y'hear? HANK

Posted on Fri Apr 7 00:36:36 CEST 2000 from (


From: taexas

band names designed to get airplay... my favorite in this department has to be Doug Sahm, who named his group "The Sir Douglas Quintet" to cash in on the "British Invasion" of AM radio in the 60's. It worked very well, legend has it that Dick Clark was floored when interviewing "Sir Douglas" and discovering the young knighted one had a texas drawl and a gang from San Antonio. Sahm also put out a record of Tex-Mex music under the name of Doug Saldana.

Posted on Fri Apr 7 00:26:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Then there are the few names that worked as a ploy to get DJs to give the artists airplay (or have people come and see them) - such as "Barenaked Ladies" for groups, and the pseudonyms Engelbert Humperdinck and Conway Twitty for individuals. Anyone think of any others? I too, occasionally check the club ads and alternative record stores for amusing names. The other week I spotted a CD by a band called "The Urinals." Part of the problem is that we're simply running out of names. If you doubt this check the CD bins from A to Z in any large record store. Many groups and individuals have alarmingly similar names. I predict that in ten years all new music performers will be assigned a numerical name by an ASCAP supercomputer.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 23:37:24 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Nomad

Best band name ever: Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers .

Posted on Thu Apr 6 22:32:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: On the Road Again

It was indeed Jerry Yester who “replaced” Zal Yanovsky in the Lovin’ Spoonful. He appeared on Everything Playing, John Sebastian’s final album with the group, and on Revelation/Revolution ‘69, the Joe Butler-dominated Nashville production that was credited to the Spoonful. He currently appears with Butler and original Spoon Steve Boone in an act that uses the Lovin’ Spoonful name.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 22:22:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

band names...there's a band here in austin going by "The Banned". I like that for obvious reasons. I cant really tell the difference between a good and bad moniker. my least favorite band name probably was "Tommy and the Lifters". It's probably an ok name for a bar band though. I like "Ugly Americans" but I dont care much for their music. My mother reads the bands that are playing section of the newspaper because the band names make her laugh. I think her favorite is "Bad Livers".

Posted on Thu Apr 6 20:54:45 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Bill: According to NRBQ lore, Donn Adams (Terry's brother) jokingly came up with the name as a play on the Modern Jazz Quartet, popularly known as MJQ. Their first Columbia album, as well as the subsequent ones were released under the initalized name.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 20:39:03 CEST 2000 from (

knockin' lost john

From: Indiana

Hey Jan, thanks for makin' my lyrics look the way I wanted them to. You must be the best web host on EARTH!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 20:28:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: Toronto

Did NRBQ ever release a record as by the New Rhythm and Blues Quintet, or Quartet? I don't recall one, and always figured the name was just a reasonably clever play on the MFQ (Cyrus Faryar, Jerry Yester and two others, I think). Faryar went on to record a fair bit with Fred Neil, including the LP with Billy Mundi on drums, and Yester (unless I'm confusing him with brother Jim) replaced Zal in the Lovin' Spoonful. Reference to whom allows me to cite Zal's nifty line in a recent Mojo (the Sex Pistols issue): "We Canadians tend to drink ourselves to death rather than dope ourselves to death."

MFQ also caused an Ottawa group to call itself MRQ. One side of their one record (recorded and released in both English and French in '67) was written by Bruce Cockburn. Organist Peter Jermyn had been in Luke and the Apostles, prime Hawks cohorts from the Toronto R&B scene.

The popularity of Men Without Hats led to a Toronto bar band, Stark Naked and the Fleshtones (not to be confused with non-Torontonians, Stark Naked and the Car Thieves) to rename themselves Men Without Clothes. It didn't help.

I've never analysed why, but one of my very favourite group names is Simply Saucer from the late '70s. Sort of tied up in the Daniel Lanois / Bill Dillon / Teenage Head / Dave Rave scene based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Last weekend I cleared a trunkful of my old posters from a sibling's basement. Among them was a biggish thing for the 1965 Mariposa folk fest, with, among many others, Joni Anderson, Ian and Sylvia, Johnny Hammond and David Rae.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 20:07:15 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

Part of one's responsibility in a band is to make the music work. You never hear Robbie complaining that Dylan took all these royalties from him. That was part of his duty as guitarist/cohort. Paul Godfrey and I remember a time after the Last Waltz when Levon and Robbie were getting along great(RCO party), so this whole bitternes thing seems to be fairly recent. I still think of the two of them as brothers.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 20:04:14 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I don't see much if any relationship between Robertson's and Dylan's writing styles either. Both wrote some great songs and both slipped down a few notches in recent (like the last 25 or so) years. Dylan's "Time Out of Mind" album won a Grammy - but people only listened to it because it was "Dylan" who still holds a fascination because of his track record and influence. If that CD was released by anyone else with a similar voice everyone would have said "What the hell is this weird crap??" A dreary album - interesting only because it is Dylan and not someone else.

Picking up on the religious thread - which I inadvertantly started - I'd say "The Little Drummer Boy" is a better Xmas song word for word and note for note - no sleigh bells mentioned either. And the "Mother of God" thing is interesting. Which came first, the chicken or the egg???

Posted on Thu Apr 6 19:14:36 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I remember distinctly the first time I saw the late Townes Van Zandt perform. It was in a funky little club called The Last Resort in Athens, Georgia around the early '70s. Dressed simply in jeans and a white oxford-cloth shirt, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, Townes gave one of the most intense & mesmerizing performances I'd ever had the priviledge to witness. His songs, unadorned yet complex in that they cut deep to the bone. There's a place where the blues reach down into the dark depths of the soul, and with a song like Townes's "Tecumseh Valley", you can't reach any deeper than that.

Yes, there's two categories of music as Townes explained astutely. There's the blues, where the performer taps directly into that wellspring of the soul and shares raw emotions with the audience. Then there's "zippidy doodah," as he aptly named it. A form of music where the purity of raw emotions are filtered out in order to produce a bland, watered-down form of pleasant entertainment.

A decade after seeing Townes for the first time, I saw Levon and Rick on their "Living Room Tour," performing in a small club down the road in Decatur. Just the two of them alone with their acoustic instruments, and yet there was an intensity in their perfomance, as they stripped away any superfluous layers to cut deep into the heart of the songs. They weren't playing that night for fame or fortune. As Townes would say, they were there "for the sake of the song," as they reached deep down into the wellspring where the water runs pure blue.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 18:47:35 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nordic woods
Home page

OOOPS! I forgot to praise those many talented and creative people in this gb: KNOCKIN' LOST JOHN with the lyrics: "..put the load right on me...singing the hillbilly harmony..." I have sung it the whole day and I love it! And LIZ with her web site and her chat room entrys. Makes the socks turn around in my shoes!!! - And many more creative people, you are wonderful.

And Jan: he is doing a great jobb that doesn't always seem so clear. For instance he minimized my oversized graphic file and made it transparent and he edited Knockin' Lost Johns lyrics...did you know that?
New guest photo

Posted on Thu Apr 6 18:06:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: Ann Arbor, Michigan

I saw some great postings around town for a band called "Sandy Duncan's Eye." That really cracked me up. We have a local band called "The Ghettobillies". I like that, too. As to the name "Grateful Dead" - many people don't understand how they got it. I think its funny when you mention the Dead. People still think they are murderers. WHo'd want those folks to be fans anyway? They don't get it. Just like I don't get religion. I certainly understand what Garth was talking about.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 17:50:34 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

Hey, I think my band just broke up, although I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll offer up the name of my band as THE worst name ever! Granddaddy Bootleg!! Later.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 17:13:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

I asked my brother the record collector for bad band names and he came up with these (pardon the asterisks, but ya'al can figure the words out): Flying Sh*t, Dayglow Abortions, River City Rapists, Eyehategod, and The Sic F*cs.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 16:35:32 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nordia

TO HANKUS WAEDELICUS: I used to read Irish and American literature. Now I read this gb instead ...that says it all, doesn't it! (Catbalu, please come back! I loved your stories.) And Hank, next time you come to Nordia, please come to Josef's House of Blues and EMAIL ME!!!
About Tractatus Logico Ragtimeaeus; makes sense to me!
John Donabie: reading your post about Ragtimeaeus gives me that extra pleasure when Fennia beats Acadia next time in ice-hockey World Championship :-)

Like we used to say in the sixties (remember?): PEATHE (sorry, my teeth are falling)

Posted on Thu Apr 6 15:57:52 CEST 2000 from (


Bindy, To answer your question, yes The Band opened for the Dead in early (Saturday evening and Sunday evening) July at Soldiers Field in Chicago. It was the Dead's last concerts

Posted on Thu Apr 6 14:35:14 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Cork City,Ireland

OK.........he's gotta new diaper on and he's watchin "Thomas the Tank Engine" on TV with Ringo narrating........There were two other themes I meant to address in that last post but got carried away with the RR vs Levon thread.......... 1. Geat/Terrible Band names...........Once upon a time we were gonna call ourselves "HERPE HANK AND THE ITCHY CROTCHES"......but common sense prevailed......... 2. Hey There, Carmen.......OK, fair Mary is NOT considered a God or Goddess by The Church......but She IS considered The MOTHER of GOD.......what's the difference, in effect?......She's worshipped like a diety, prayed to like a diety.....the present Pope digs her in a REALLY big way..........If you read into seems that the Church is trying to SOMEHOW come to terms with the presence worldwide of a MASSIVE female force in the cosmos/society by designating Her as The MOTHER of God as opposed to the heavy Male presence that comes with the Roman/Judean tradition..............Joseph Campbell, a great student and teacher of World religion and mythology noted that The Church billed Christ and His Mother as "Co-Saviours" of humanity, I have'nt investigated as to how true that is, but .....the reason many other Christian religions disagree with Catholicism is for the very fact that Mary is worshipped so intensely and sicerely within The Catholic in Ireland her statue is everywhere.....people still stand there on and say the rosary......wicca witches worldwide dig the apparitons of Fatima and Loureds etc. as manifestations of The Mother Goddess........The Church usually freaks when she decides to show up and conduct investigations that take years........As for myself, I find it pretty funky that a 13-14 year old Israeli/Palestinian girl in a crisis pregnancy situation ("Who's the Father?......."Um, God...." How do you know that?"........."An angel told me".......OK, right"...."we're gonna HAVE to start a new religion around this, y'know...") could be transformed into The Mother of God/Mother Goddess.....I mean, that's the kinda girl you wanna hang out with ......That's pretty wild stuff........which brings me to answer Crabby's assertion that "Christmas must be Tonight" was the result of Robbie joining 'Jews for Jesus"........very sarcastic, I must say......but it DOES reveal how great a songwriter RR is that he wrote a Christmas song that DID'NT have sleighbells or Santa Claus and dealt with the reality of a peasant girl giving birth to a Messiah-King in a cold dirty stable........which is what Christmas is all about, really.........May God Bless and Keep you always.........Amen........HANK PS While I was writing this particular post, two elders of the Church of Latter-day saints of Jesus Christ called to my door...........I had a nice discussion w/'em but they went away without converting me.....God Bless'em........

Posted on Thu Apr 6 14:26:36 CEST 2000 from (

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

(favorite band names) -- lest we forget: 1) teenage jesus and the jerks; 2) swollen monkeys; 3)the waitresses; 4)richard hell and the voidoids. ahhh - new york in the '80's. those were the days. peace.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 14:13:43 CEST 2000 from (

brien sz

From: NJ

I'll tie the Catholic debate with the band name discussion: In Philadelphia back in the late 80's there was a band called Sons of Nuns. Cracked me up first time i heard it and never forgot it, thought that was a ballsy title. Also-- Bodast, One of Steve Howes first groups--Always liked that name.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 12:48:27 CEST 2000 from (

Hankus Wedelicus

From: Where The Bottles Break
Home page

Howzit goin' one and all???!!!!.......The Robbie vs Levon feud, eh?........OK, Crabby (I CAN call you "Crabby", can't I?) here goes.........Robbie showed up in Arkansas in the late '50ies as a kid almost on the run......with mad, bad Ronnie hear him describe what it was like to see Dixie for the first time is profound and to know now, at this stage, how he turned those feelings into songs is to come across a man who has fully lived his life and gave humanity some amazing observational songs....from "The Weight' to "Somewhere Down the Crazy River".......he got it down so much that when you hear the words of the songs and groove with the right there with him......if y'know what I mean.........

What's even more amazing about RR is that he spent from 1965-67 in the company of Bob Dylan.......and unlike other folks who hung about Bob (usually trying to get a taste of how to be a great songwriter).....RR developed completely in his own way......Y'all may disagree, but I can't detect ANY influence of Bob Dylan on RR's work in style OR content......the only thing they've got in common is that they wrote great songs.......even The Beatles tried to copy Dylan after a few listens and tokes........I think it's a measure of RRs individuality that he developed into such a great song writer.....despite being around Bob and even watching how Bob wrote (we've all seen footage of RR describing how Bob wrote "Blonde on Blonde").....this is not to mention that a very young RR hung around The Brill Building early on and exposed himself to to THAT songwritng vibe..... ......

So, Robbie Robertson......a brilliant songwriter.......a inventive guitarist/ doubt about that either.........not such a great voice........aha! this is where the thick plottens....uh, I mean, where the gravy gets heck......y'all know wot I mean, doncha? The dude had a weak voice....or so it would seem.......especially surrounded by Levon, Rick and Richard .......and therein is the problem with Robbie and The Band.

Robbie got it ALL together.....stayed pretty level-headed...but between him and Albert Grossman....they had this thing of being better'n every other rock band around......I mean, who would'nt if The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton are telling the world that The Band are THE greatest?.........but here is where it all falls down......eventually into the sad coke'n'booze fest that was their final years together and TLW.........Did y'all ever see that BBC documentary of Great albums which features The Band?....I'm sure many of you's really good and it features Robbie, Levon, Rick, Garth and John Simon talking at length about those first two albums they did, "Big Pink" and the "Brown" album ........there's a very revealing section where Levon, almost wistfully, regretfully states he thought 'Rag Mama Rag" coulda been a great single " like Blue Suede Shoes" he sez.......I actually agree with him......a great song to boogie to.......the camera cuts to Robbie and Robbie almost guffaws at the idea.....Ho!Ho!Ho!........ Rag Mama Rag?..... A TOP 40 hit? No, no, no.....That's a job for CCR in the late 1960ies.......NOT The Band.......Well, he does'nt say THAT exactly, but y'know what I'm getting at.........

At this distance from it all I think it's fair to say that Robbie took advantage of the fact that the rest of the guys in the group (probably) knew very little about publishing and it's earning potential and kept it all for himself......not very fair ,really.....but that's how it goes, it goes on all the time in the music biz............on the other hand......RR SHOULD have given some credits to Levon and Garth for helping create such a great sound.....and Rick and Richard SHOULD have written more songs, not party so much and not made it so hard for Robbie to stay on The to speak.........but hey it's easy for ME to say all these things now......I mean, I friggin' LOVE The Band and their music.......and I'm well aware of the fact that I'm only GUESSING about all my two year old bangs at a five string guitar and sings the theme from "Friends" this Thursday morning....when I SHOULD be making phone calls about my OWN gigs and keeping my OWN band together.....I goota go and change this fellows diaper now......sorry for taking up all the space..........HANK

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From: NZ
Home page

Peter V mentioned Robertson/Hudson/Helm being a great name for a band. Well I don't know if LH would be interested but I'd love to see Robbie and Garth do something together. All in all they were musically the most progressive and adventurous members of The Band and it would be interesting to see what they would come up with now.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 06:36:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: Buffalo

Ralph.... Levon was supposed to be playing in Rochester at the 12 Corners Coffeehouse on the 8th.he was to be the drummer for Guy Davis. The 12 Corners website states that Levon won't be there due to illness. I don't think that this is the reason since Levon played in Pawling the other night Hopefully The Barn Burners will come to Buffalo(soon I hope)

Posted on Thu Apr 6 06:27:43 CEST 2000 from (


From: the island

one of my favorite bands is called ;NOBODY HOME AND THE EMPTIES:

Posted on Thu Apr 6 05:18:57 CEST 2000 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Levon Helm shines on an album I never knew about before today when I stumbled onto it in a "Planet Music" store. If I had read this entire website, of course, I WOULD have known about the 1980 "Legend of Jesse James" album put together by Paul Kennerly and featuring Levon on drums and vocals, along with Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and others. It was great material for Levon to sing, taking on a persona along the lines of Virgil Cane. If you're interested, Jan has all the info (and a color shot of the original album jacket) in the discography section. The work Jan has put into this site never ceases to amaze. Simply the best!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 04:26:08 CEST 2000 from (


I always hated the name Strawberry Alarm Clock. I think Nine Inch Nails chose a very fitting name for the type of music they play. It gets played around here by my husband, preferably when I'm not home.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 04:17:13 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Joni was on Letterman this past Monday (it was broadcast very late due to an earlier awards ceremony on CBS I believe) and performed a jazz standard (one not familiar to me) with an orchestra. Okay, but I could do without it. I think a lot of other people do that better. Dylan once predicted he'd record with strings some day just to shock people I think. Then he did it on Self Portrait. Not my favorite Dylan disc. Joni's doing a show with the orchestra at The Theater at Madison Square Garden very soon - check if interested. It will be pricey though. (That's a different show than the tribute at Hammerstein Ballroom which involves mostly other performers.) Personally, I'm waiting for Joni to do a new album with just her voice and piano. (I think Joni's website says she's also scheduled to be on the Rosie O'Donnel show on April 10th. Check to be sure.)

Back to the Robbie/Levon debate - which I think is losing momentum fast! I think the last thing said was "Robbie's a crook!" Any takers on the other side?

Posted on Thu Apr 6 03:45:45 CEST 2000 from (

paul godfrey

Interesting to pick up on some of the religious joshin! I suppose my religion is the "Desiderata".

Thank you Knockin' Lost John. You write well and most likely are singin about my religion. As they say...."the dogs may bark, but the caravan still carries on!"

If you have ears to hear...Shine On!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 03:36:02 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

This is probably a dumb question but what is Aunt Patoo's? Also-not bad names but interesting: The the, Velvet Underground, Iron Butterfly, The Fug's, Holy Modal Rounders. Nobody remembers The Bannd, or The Baand back in the early 80's? I'm not familiar with them but I remember seeing that name and they even played a show around here. New Wave, I think.....And one more thing-there is a tribute to Joni Mitchell on TNT this Sun. evening. Has anyone heard her new album "Both Sides Now"? It consists mostly of jazz standards with a big band. I haven't heard it yet.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 03:34:04 CEST 2000 from (

Jeanene Van Zandt

From: Nashville, TN
Home page

I was reading the interview with Levon Helm in Rolling Stone and I learned that Levon was fond of Townes Van Zandt's famous quote, "There's only two kinds of Music, the Blues and Zippidy DooDah." I have a great T-shirt with that quote on the back. If anyone knows how I can reliably get one to him, drop me a line. Thanks, Jeanene Van Zandt

Posted on Thu Apr 6 03:27:47 CEST 2000 from (

Paul Nyman

Would any Live tape collectors have any shows from the several tours of Danko/Fjeld/Anderson they would be willing to share with me? Thank you.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 03:24:44 CEST 2000 from (


Important question!! Is it true that The Band opened for the Grateful Dead on the Dead's last show together in 1995? Please answer!!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 02:34:54 CEST 2000 from (


From: PA

I went to 12 years of Catholic School and had the best time of my life during these years. Crab, seems to me you have a hard time living in your own skin, therefore, find it necessary to hate others different from you. It is real simple, if you don't like the rules don't join. This is true for any religion, club or culture. It is well documented that there were serious problems within the Catholic church associated with certain past Popes. The current Pope however is truley a good person with no ill will at all toward any human being. I do not see any justification at all in attacking him or his message of peace for the world. What a concept!

Regarding music, the nuns always told us singing was the best form of prayer. I think this was to shame us into to singing during mass. Catholics are known not to sing in mass like some of the other protestant religions.

By the way Hank, Mary is not regarded as a god in the Catholic church.

I am assuming that the statement that RR is a crook is based on the sonwriting credit thing. If this is the case, then why didn't Dylan share songwriting credits with the BAND on Planet Waves. You can't tell me that Dylan wrote the music RR and Garth performed by RR and GH.

Bones, The song on Aunt Pat that Levon performs on is great!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 01:39:57 CEST 2000 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

A long while back, I posted here about some "Fresh Air" tapes. Fresh Air is a U.S. public radio interview program. There were two shows with Levon [11/16/93 and 8/12/94] and one with Robbie [10/18/94] and I recently found out that all three are currently available on cassette. I doubt that there will be any new music, but the interviewer, Terry Gross, is pretty good. I've never heard these, so I'm interested. Way back when I posted, I was interested in getting together a "collective" to purchase these tapes. I wanted to see how many people were interested, and if enough, I would purchase the tapes and make copies distribute them and we could share the costs of blanks and postage, etc. So, we have a few individuals interested, and I'm giving y'all one more chance to join in. Send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Posted on Thu Apr 6 01:39:25 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

There was a "Bob Dylan" category on the Alex Trebeck Jeopardy show tonight. The $400 question was something like: "Robbie Robertson was in Bob's backing band in 1966, formerly known as The Hawks". Good to see the boys getting some primetime play!

Posted on Thu Apr 6 01:16:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I surmise that Robbie must have joined the Jews for Jesus during his "Xmas Must Be Tonight" period. And although he's said that the mention of the town of Nazareth in The Weight refers to the one in Pennsylvania (where the Martin Guitar Company is located) I think he should have written the line as "Pulled into Nazareth, PA" so all this mind bending trying to figure out what the hell the song means could have been avoided!

BTW I think the Holy Koran is still on the Catholic Church's "Index" of books which Catholics are forbidden to read although it is no longer a sin to believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun rather than vice versa.

Now, let's get back to the Robbie / Levon feud!! Robbie's a crook! I side with Levon... who's next? (Great album title AND great album BTW.)

Posted on Thu Apr 6 00:23:16 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Hank and others. Catholicism and The Band:

Robbie Robertson on "The Weight" (see article on this site):

"The biggest thing was the religious connotation of the song. I remember there was this huge argument between Marty (Martin Scorsese, the director) and Michael Chapman about the mood and the lighting for ‘The Weight’. Marty was insisting that it was a very Catholic vision, it had to be. And Michael was saying ‘No, this is a very Protestant story, it’s Baptist, Marty.’ He was explaining to Marty the gospel music connotations.

I liked everything they were saying because I had never thought of any of it, though I was brought up Catholic. I thought it was quite brilliant the credit they were giving me. For me it was a combination of Catholicism and gospel music."

PV: Whatever, this isn’t the Thirty Years War revisited (good album title, BTW).

Posted on Thu Apr 6 00:01:27 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Did anyone mention The Butthole Surfers? That one has to be the grand prize winner; although the name Cradle of Filth still has me laughing.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 23:59:23 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon territory

Just to continue the religion thread: Bruce Springsteen, in his concert Monday night, called himself the "Minister of Rock." Does that mean he is starting a new church (I guess we all paid pretty well at the door). Also, remembering the references Garth made in The Last Waltz about the street musicians being like preachers and healers.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 21:38:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

I just got a copy of Aunt Pat's Patoo disc with Levon on it. Wow! This is a great CD, and possibly one of Levon's last great vocal performances. It must have been pre-Jubilation. I think Band fans would like this record.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 21:22:52 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

A name I always liked (if not the group) is "Men Without Hats", possibly because if reminded me of something I read somewhere long ago in a galaxy far far away (i.e., Rolling Stone circa 1969) - Jimi Hendrix was asked what he thought of The Band, to which he responded "The Band?...they wear hats, don't they?"

Posted on Wed Apr 5 20:55:20 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: The Streets of Rome filled with Rubble Revisited
Home page

Catholicism is Orthodox Judaism with a Messiah and Mother Goddess, really. I live in Ireland, brought up a Catholic so I think I have a suss on it.......Which one of The Band is/was/is gonna convert to Catholicism? That's what I wanna know!!!! Maybe they were all Freemasons!!!.......who knows? Does it matter? I know The Beatles were all Hindu for a while and Jimmy Page is into magick....oh well, Cat Stevens is a Muslim.....Rock Bands and religion/magic/mysticism is always gonna be an interesting thread, I guess.....The Band were like Rabbinical New Age Priests were'nt they? Heavy Presence of Male Clergy in an old fashioned sorta way.Robbie was let go by a State Trooper once 'cos the cop thought he was a rabbi!!! That's in Levons book isn't it? They even did a picture of a young naked woman worshipping them, did'nt they? ( Actually, THAT's a funny story......whoever she was, she was trying to get them to smile......and they cracked up!!!'s always great when someone takes their clothes off in unexpected places......I played a thirtieth birthday party last Sat. nite and a guy did it in the pub.....he was no stripper, did'nt have a beatbox to dance to...but dressed up like an Irish Policeman...a "guard", as they say here, and started taking off all his clothes. All the old and young ladies thought it was a hoot.....I's playing the gig......I started riffin' on "I just wanna make love to you".....a big 'diet coke' ad song here....they all started singing it and trying to rip off this guys underpants.....weird......Now THAT'S Catholic Ireland for you 2000AD..................Did y'all know that? In Ireland, Cops are known as "Guards"....and they don't carry Bob said "They don't need you and Man they expect the same!!" That's the best advice with cops in general, I think) But...hey where was I with this?....... Oh yeah, Catholicism is really Orthodox Judaism with a Messiah and Mother Goddess for they hordes of Europe running around and sacking the Roman Empire and yeah OK...we'll let you eat pigs......Which one of The Band is/was/is gonna convert to Catholicism? Ancient Footprints are everywhere

Posted on Wed Apr 5 19:47:36 CEST 2000 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: L.V. , Ca.

Ever heard of a group called Septic Death? Or, The Depth of Time, my old junior high school band? By 1969 we changed our name to Street Grease.Pretty dumb stuff, but hey it was a different world then.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 19:42:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: Dedham, MA

This week's issue of Rolling Stone has a great article about Levon and the Barnburners. A lot of positive stuff as to what the future holds for him musically. On the downside, though, it revisits the songwriting royaly stuff for the nth time.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 19:02:17 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

It seems as though some(one) may have felt insulted by my Sonny Boy Williamson remark. I appologize if I offended anyone. I was merely referring to the titles of two of Sonny Boy's songs (as indicated by the quotation marks) which were subsequently used as the names of bands.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 18:57:08 CEST 2000 from (

Ralpg G

From: Bflo, NY

Looking for Liz the Blues Lady from Rochester. Trying to find out exact location and date that Levon is playing in Rochester. Not enough snow from Bflo to Rochester to hold me back from a good show. Hope you can help.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 18:52:39 CEST 2000 from (

Ralph G.

From: Bflo., N.Y.

Doe anyone know if Levon will be playing in Rochester, N.Y. ? If so, where and when. Thanks ! Must say did two 90 minute tapes of Rick Danko's best. Got a BIG PINK T Shirt that he was nice enouh to autograph. He is really missed.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 18:47:41 CEST 2000 from (

chronically ironic

Beth is right. We should follow the long history of Catholic tolerance of other religions. I think we should treat Catholicism with the same openess and acceptance that the Church gave to the Jews of Spain, the Cathars of France, the Valentinians...

Posted on Wed Apr 5 18:23:09 CEST 2000 from (

Beth R.

From: Chicago suburbs

Being a Catholic who has found the church very comforting in my hard times, I would appreciate the opportunity to slam every other religion that at one time or another didn't follow the perfect path. Where to begin?! Oh yeah, you know what? I don't feel the need to do that because I'm comforted by my church and don't have animosity towards others due in large part to that. So might I suggest to others who feel the need to keep repeating the "past sins" of others to seek comfort in their own religion and leave mine alone? Thank you. Beth

Posted on Wed Apr 5 17:17:34 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

It takes a "Little Village" to raise a "Down Child", as Rice Miller would've said. But then again, Sonny Boy II immortalized the name of King Biscuit Flour just as Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs did with Martha White. Speaking of names--who took the Transit Authority out of Chicago and what ever happened to Pacific Gas & Electric? Remember when the New Rhythm & Blues Quintet became a quartet as in NRBQ? I think it was just after they put the garlic in the glue. And who can forget The Fugs or those southern boys that named their group after their high school gym teacher?

Posted on Wed Apr 5 17:08:17 CEST 2000 from (


From: Buffalo : )
Home page

It is snowing in Rochester, NY ..heavily.........why?... Global warming?

Posted on Wed Apr 5 16:22:00 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Knockin': Nice lyrics! I can imagine them sung by Levon, sounding something like Last Train to Memphis or White Cadillac.

Funny to see a mention of a certain group name in the Band guestbook...The day after Jubilation was released, I raced around town trying to find it, since many stores had not received it yet. I was on line at the information desk at Tower Records and noticed the woman in front of me...she was dressed in a vaguely hippie-ish way, and I kidded myself into thinking that perhaps she was also there to ask about Jubilation. She approached the desk, and instead asked for the newest release by some group called Cradle of Filth...even though we were about the same age, I suddenly felt all too old. :)

Posted on Wed Apr 5 14:47:05 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana

As a songwriter, I submit the following tribute to one of my favorite Band members, Levon Helm.

Arkansas Cracker
By J.D. Swaney

Kickin' up dust on a dirt road like an outlaw
Just outside of Turkey Scratch Arkansas
I was drivin' in my '57 Chevrolet pick-up truck
On a roadtrip that was getting long and getting rough

Then an old familiar song came on the radio
And the singer was a local hometown hero
He sang "Take a load off Fanny put the load right on me"
I tapped my toe and sang hillbilly harmony

He's an Arkansas Cracker
He had a grass roots momma
He's a drum-stick slapper
The voice of Americana
He's an Arkansas Cracker
He do the milk cow boogie blues
He sure ain't no slacker
He's a good ol' boy like me and you

He was playin in the honky tonks way back when
Back when Elvis was king and rock and roll was a sin
Then he met up with the rockabilly everybody called the Hawk
Tell me Who Do You Love come on now Camelwalk

He can sing like a bird and he can sing like a frog
He can moo like a milk cow and howl like an old coon dog
Everytime I hear him sing it sure make this country boy proud
I tune it in and turn it up boys and play it loud

He's an Arkansas Cracker
He had a grass roots mamma
He's a drumstick slapper
The voice of Americana
He's an Arkansas Cracker
Sang about Bayou Sam
He's a mandolin picker
In a famous Band

(c) 1999, John D. Swaney

Hope you like it, and if you don't, the hell with ya! It's my own personal tribute to Levon that I thought I'd share with the rest of you Band fans.

Great pics of Levon behind the drums by the way!!!

Posted on Wed Apr 5 13:57:49 CEST 2000 from (


From: whatevvahh..
Home page

I just wanted to keep this "Neville Brothers-BAND" thread going..........Is any one here planning on going to New Orleans for Jazz and Heritage Fest , this year ???? Nevilles="Mystery Train" justified from " Brothers Keeper"?? and of course as I posted before, "Dimming of the Day" [Richard Thompson] from DFA and Nevilles "Valence Street".... see you in the Big Easy.April 28......

Posted on Wed Apr 5 08:47:09 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Well, I've been beaten at my own game - Cradle of Filth takes the cake! Dead Kennedys - not sure - tasteless, but then that's what it's supposed to be. The Dead Lennons would be on my list though just for being a bad imitation of the DKs. (Probably the Dead Dead Kennedys would have been better.) I think Dire Straits is a pretty good name though it's really a one-man-band and I have all their albums but admittedly haven't listened to them lately. In fact they seem quite dated - and I thought Knophler was a great ax man until I discovered Richard Thompson. Procol Harum means something in Latin I believe but have forgotten exactly what - maybe some of the GB's Vatican experts can enlighten us!

Sorry for misspelling "irrelevant" in my previous post. BTW I do think the Band's first 3 albums are the best but Jericho and HOTH would be my 4th and 5th picks. And I think this website would not have the life it has if the new line-up had not recorded some new material in recent years. Now, if I could only think of something rotten to say I'd have half a worthwhile post here...

Oh well, on to the next topic! Anyone know if Levon and Robbie are still feuding??

Posted on Wed Apr 5 07:19:07 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

I am still flying high remembering the Bruce Springsteen concert I was fortunate enough to attend last night (a friend had an extra ticket at the last minute). His "Rock 'n' Roll Revival medley he did at the end of "10th Ave. Freezeout" was incredible, and a reminder of the healing power of music. I felt like I was in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven. So, if you're sad, go put on some of that healing music and rock on!

Posted on Wed Apr 5 07:15:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Just one name on my list: Chocolate Watch Band (a 60s band). Can be either good or bad, but I really like it.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 06:20:15 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Zealand

Does anyone else feel like a character in "High Fidelity" with this lists thing?

5 worst

Cradle of Filth ( I am sometimes appalled by the fact that I'm married to a person who owns 8, yes 8, CDs by these people)

Controlled Bleeding Penetration


Skinny Puppy

My Dying Bride

5 best

The Elders McIntorsh and Edmonds Sanctified Singers

Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard

The Carolina Tar Heels

Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers

and best of all...Prince Albert Hunts Texas Ramblers...

actually I just took those 5 best from my Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music...they don't come up with band names that good any longer...

Oh and I just thought of a band connection...the ramblers in the last two band names might be a reference to the "midnight ramble" phenomena Levon mentions in the Last Waltz.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 04:11:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: Drollsville

I agree 100% with mattk!!! ... (whatever it was)...

Here are some "bad" Band names that could originate right out of the guest book:

The Hot Sweaters (formerly known as The Turtlenecks)

The Female Strummers

Housefras from Hell

The Lawnmowers

The Quixote Windmills of Dissent

The Ducks of Questionability

The Crowded Trunk

The Pods

The Electric Wheelbarrow

99% Solution

and last but not least....


oh dear....

Norwegian Band Poll Infinity Project

Posted on Wed Apr 5 03:37:47 CEST 2000 from (


John D: Checking through back pages of this Guestbook one notices that so called "abuse" is only aimed at one who is either a pompous and pretentious ass, OR a total bore with absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to this site except beating his gums, such as the donkey who would serve a better purpose by sticking his head in a dyke.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 03:04:09 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Scandalous Yazoo Street!!!!
Home page

Alright, put up a good argument and I hadda laugh when I thought of this being the "Marshmallow Overcoat" web-site......but, hey! "Dire Straits" is a pretty Stooooooopid name for a band... but they made the name work 'cos they put out well-received, professionally made records and gave great shows.......they're not my favourite band but I dig 'em well enuff not to be bothered by their name... and IF The Band HAD decided to call themselves "Marshmallow Overcoat" but STILL put out all those great songs......who knows?....... we could ALL be "Overcoat Heads" Dead-Heads, dude.......The fact that you mentioned The Crackers and Marshmallow Overcoat at all means to me that you actually know your, but what else've you got to say 'cept being upset about dodgy band names and all that.........lots, I'm sure......looking forward to your next posting..........The thing about this site is that it attracts and inspires passion......just like The Band, in fact.........thanks Long-Distance Operator.....and thank you, Jan, for making my last posting look so structured!!! I know I did'nt do it......when I cliked on was one big paragraphy thang there on the screen!!!!!! I'm a two fingered typer.....but I'm learning...........I went to see a great band tonight....."Watercress' from Belfast......they got back from a tour of The USA last week and are touring Ireland at the moment......I'm good friends with 'em.....really sweet guys and they sing, harmonise, rap, dance, rock and roll with mandolins, guitars digereedooos, stand-up bass and drums.......their own songs .......and they bend and twist some classics in the middle of it all..............any of you folks heard of 'em or even seen 'em? Is "Watercress" a good name for a band?......I dunno 'bout that......but I DO know that Watercress is a great band.....mind yerselves, keep in by the wall and watch out for the they say here in Cork.....good night!!!!!!!.......HANK

Posted on Wed Apr 5 03:00:12 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

mattk, wait a minute. "Little Village" comes from what is easily one of the funniest in-studio bantering sessions ever. Any tribute to a bitch session between Sonny Boy and the owners of Chess deserves more than placement on a "Worst band name" list. Of course, "The Band" would have been a horrible name if the group hadn't been one of the best. Same with "Procol Harum."

Posted on Wed Apr 5 00:52:53 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

great photos of the barnburners! us fans thousands of miles away greatly appreciate the kind efforts of the more fortunate to keep us in the circle. Levon and Amy look great! who are the other musicians photographed? many thanks.

Posted on Wed Apr 5 00:33:22 CEST 2000 from (

Frank Dracman

From: nyc

Im 34 and Ive been to 46 states (Arkansas was the last new one 2 years ago) and on saturday I finally went to Lake Charles, Louisiana and I had to tell people who could share the joy. (of course IT was cranking). Happy belated to beak!

Posted on Wed Apr 5 00:02:45 CEST 2000 from (


From: near Amsterdam

Sorry Aud, although I live 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam, I can't help you there... Did you try Accord in Copenhagen? Or is that the one that closed? Donabie... the guy you mentioned is certainly not boring, but if my memory serges me well, he was a tiny little bit abusive now & then - before retiring to Elba that is... Unfortunately my musical knowledge is so limited that I can't contribute to the "crap band" thread. As a genuine Band lover I never listen to crap ya know :-)

Posted on Tue Apr 4 23:53:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: texas

the crabgrass contraversy. I agree, on the positive side, that crabs' posts at times add spice to the GB and can stimulate thinking through the "uncomfortable questions" that sometimes lay beneath the "negativity". I also basically agree to the right to say what is on one's mind generally, along with the reader's right to scroll past posts that are consistently disturbing, or whatever.

I do believe alot of what "Crabgrass" is out to accomplish here has been to irritate us with the predictable sarcasm and signature cynicism that color the postings. I remember a post of "Crabs'" that said he was off to the Bob Dylan site to irritate the people there, to which I wondered whether this person has a little too much free time. Let me say that I have not taken to his postings since Rick's passing very well at all but just tried to ignore and scroll past them. Rick's memory has given me a vigorous desire to enjoy the best of things and be cheerful and grateful for the small things and to suffer things a little better, without complaining. So IMHO I read the posts from the front lawn and know I'm in for some darkness, some pompous "I could do better than Robbie" (Yeah, right) and so on. I would like to see the CD catalogue and a resume to highlight the qualifications of this person that finds so many faults with the Band and seems to spend an inordinate amount of leisure time nitpicking through them. Whatever, Its not a big deal but my take on the irritating posts is one of "Be Careful of the Stones that You Throw", because here we are with numerous posts critiquing "Crabgrass" and the posts that come from there. My 2 cents are that Crabby's opinions arent very adventurous, namely, the opinion that the Band's first three records are the best work is one I dont necessarily totally agree with, I find it simplistic to expect artists to live in an endless state of fulfillment without having any period for evaluation. What might have been in a perfect world certainly had the seeds to grow, but life in the real world split the group we love slowly, I'd say something like a catharsis has gone on for some 20 years or more. I see this in a different light than many critics. I recognize the depth of the music, musicians, and their creative process, and find all the above engaging more than I could say. well, on to other things. I would ask as a parting favor why one would post with the desire to irritate others and knock things that are beyond one's level to appreciate and/or understand publicly?

Posted on Tue Apr 4 23:01:20 CEST 2000 from (


What the hell:

My crappy (crabby?) band name list (in no particular order):

  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Ready for the World
  • Little Village
  • Celtic Frost
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock
  • Drivin' and Cryin'
  • Angel
  • The Babies
  • New Radicals
  • Johnny Hates Jazz

In the interest of balance, here are some of my faves:

  • XTC
  • Crazy Backwards Alphabet
  • Dead Kennedys
  • Janes Addiction
  • Smashmouth
  • Steely Dan
  • Funkadelic
  • Public Enemy
  • The Mothers
  • Talking Heads

Posted on Tue Apr 4 22:53:27 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Wait! Too late, pressed submit. And I forgot Ruben & The Jets

Posted on Tue Apr 4 22:51:24 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Band names aren’t irrelevant, but let’s do it the other way round. Ten great band names: 1) The Beatles 2) The Band 3) The Rolling Stones 4) Family 5) The Who 6) The Flying Burrito Brothers 7) Little Feat (same joke as Beatles, which is doubly clever) 8) The Mothers of Invention 9) The Red Road Ensemble (well, not really, but loyalty compels the choice). 10) Helm, Hudson & Robertson (strict alphabetical order – oh, sorry, this one I just made up).

Best slogan from a band name: "Jefferson Airplane Gets You There On Time."

Posted on Tue Apr 4 22:44:28 CEST 2000 from (


All this sturm and drang over someone's opinion over band names? Jeez, folks, take a pill. I agree with the sentiment that unless they are attacking you, and you don't like what someone consistently posts, then exercise your right to NOT READ IT. Certainly there are folks here who's posts I may not get much from, and there are certainly folks here who can rub me the wrong way 99% of the time. While I've been guilty of not doing this in the past, I've learned it's a heck of a lot better to just ignore it.

For the record, I liked his list, even if I don't necessarily agree with his nominations. Still, as some have pointed out, and Peter rightly accentuates, it gets pretty slow in these parts when all we have to talk about is:

a) How much we love The Band (we all do, no?)
b) How much we all miss Rick and Richard (again, we all do)
c)Rehash "the feud" ad infinitum
d) All of the above

Folks, and I like many of you who've lashed out at Crabgrass, I need to point out that as much as Crabgrass may have annoyed you with that band name post, he was not directing it any person or attempting to deride anyone for having contrary opinions. I find it as much or more offensive to attack someone for having an opinion and/or advocate this pseudo-censorship regarding topics that are acceptable here as much as anything I've personally read here.

I like the culture of this board, even its occassional soap operas. Fact is, the greatness of this group is it ALLOWS us a jumping point to discuss and incredible range of topics in and out of music. To limit the topic matter to positive comments only about The Band and its members is to deny what makes this music great, and has allowed, at least myself, to make a number of good friends and learn so much more than I could otherwise.


Posted on Tue Apr 4 22:20:25 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn


Band names are not irrevant. If they were we might all be currently reading and posting in the Crackers or Marshmallow Overcoat Guestbook. A good band name characterizes the music being created. The Grateful Dead is a crummy name (although maybe by being crummy it does sort of characterize the music, now that I think of it) but the Warlocks is even worse! And weren't the Barn Burner's previously the Classic Blues Band? (I'd be more excited about hearing or seeing a group called the Barn Burners!) A good name can inspire a band just like a good title for a poem, play, novel, or movie can inspire the writer's creative efforts. Is The Last Waltz a better movie title than The Band's Swan Song or The Last Band Concert?

Unrelated - but I find the phrase "past sins of the Church" which someone else mentioned here sort of "oxymoronic." And didn't Mark Chapman say he was sorry too?? My, how forgiving we all are!!!

Posted on Tue Apr 4 20:29:20 CEST 2000 from (

Hip Hype

I see Live at the Hollywood Bowl listed on eBay. The definitive live Band document, no real fan should be without it.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 20:26:25 CEST 2000 from (


Just read Ragtime's plea to Crabgrass, especially the part of not being boring. I've studied Ragtime's logic. Uh Huh, O.K. Then I say......Pip pip, come on home Serge; for ye is certainly not boring.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 19:55:51 CEST 2000 from (

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

CD Now's daily news update the other day had an item on the Hubert Sumlin recording sessions featuring Clapton, Keith Richards, Levon and Susan Tedeschi (I don't have it in front of me so I may be leaving someone out). Butch referred to it in the GB within the last day or so. What caught my eye was that they said that Clapton, Richards, and Levon will "play and sing", while Susan T. will only sing. Is this a news flash, or just a false alarm? Butch? Anyone?

Posted on Tue Apr 4 19:23:33 CEST 2000 from (

Aud Irming

From: Denmark
Home page

Makes me want to get hold of some sweetgrass. The only place in Copenhagen, where I got my Sweetgrass and "Smudge-herps" has left and closed their door. Anyone close to Copenhagen - denmark that can help? (Amsterdam - Holland?)

Posted on Tue Apr 4 19:14:33 CEST 2000 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: A long distance

Hank Wedel once again hits it on the screws. God bless you, brother.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 18:51:50 CEST 2000 from (

Scott Barnes

From: Albany, New York

I am begining to collect Band concert tapes and would like some help. If anyone has any tapes they would like to trade please e-mail. I am a beginer and have only one Band tape to trade - hopefully we can work out some other arrangements. Thank you.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 17:15:09 CEST 2000 from (

Hank Wedel

From: Cork City, Ireland
Home page

Greetings one and all!!! There's a few themes I've been reading here that I want to address.......Firstly, Molly....Hey Girl, I don't know you except from these pages but maybe you'll read this and take comfort.......I arrived back to Cork after a month and a half in Northern Europe to find my wife and family well and safe and sound, thank God..... but also to find two of my very good friends were going, going, gone.....the first, a poet, writer, lover of Bob Dylans music in a serious way, had thrown himself into The Balckwater River, North Cork.......I had known him for years but had gotten really close to him in recent years by way of a cool coffee shop here in town. He wrote scripts, made low budget movies and got a compliation of haikus together from all the coffee shop patrons.....He also struggled with booze and was unlucky in love........ Still, I really can't believe he's gone.....I was away and never got to say goodbye..... At my first gig back in Cork I played "I Shall be Released" ( as opposed to Knockin' on Heavens Door") for him and felt he was released somehow although I wish I coulda been here for him and maybe help him fight off the despair I know he felt.......

I did'nt write anything in the GB this weekend because I was at a funeral of another good friend.....more of a slow suicide, really......he was a musician and like me, he was an New Yorker who chose to live in Cork. A loud, imposing mutha of a guitarist, influenced by Hendrix in a big way......we recorded together once and although we were never in a band together we both worked and socialized with the same pool of musicians in town....he would regale us with stories of being on the road with Bo Diddley, Bobby Vintons sons band and meeting Prince in Paisley Park and playing the "chitlin' circuit".....he moved to Cork for a quiet life in the early '90ies but to be honest, his bad habits follwed him and Ireland being the ultra modern place its become, he had no problem getting what ever kinda drugs he wanted and last Thursday he died of liver failure.......his sister rang me up and asked would I play some music at his funeral......Guess what song she asked for?....."I Shall be Released"......well, at the graveside last Saturday afternoon, in a churchyard overlooking a beautiful valley on the Co. Waterford-Tipperary border another guitarist and I sang it and got a coupla hundred mourners to sing the last chorus with us.....It was beautiful and spooky all at once....You see, music is for healing your soul....check out what Garth sez in TLW....That's why The Band are so great......they can heal you........No doubt They themselves suffered.....but they knew how to "cut thru".....and heal ya.........I THINK that's why we're all here on this GB.........(I hope this makes some sorta sense to you, Molly)

Diamond Lil......the person who sent you the nasty picture of Rick is just jealous of the love you send The devil is jealous of God.........

Crabgrass.....I'm only vaguely aware of what you've been posting but, really dude, bustin' on about band names is can call a band whatever the fuck you wnna call a band for a day or for years.....who cares....a band makes its own name....Also, saying The Grateful Dead and other bands were The Worst Bands is lame because it just means you're envious of the success and work those bands acheived.....Have YOU ever put a band together????....if so, what were/are they called?....tell us....don't be shy....we won't laugh.......sorry for taking up so much space folks

I gotta Healed of your troubles.......HANK

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From: work, and it's sunny outside, but I'm off at 3:00

Thanks for the new pictures of the Barnburners...Wow! Amy sure looks like a young Levon...She's the spittin' image of her Dad in some of the old Hawks pictures, when Levon was about 18 years old.

Have a great day everyone...Spring's right around the corner...

Posted on Tue Apr 4 14:48:17 CEST 2000 from (


Crabgrass, please stay. Although I disagree with you most of the time, at least you're not boring. And... we had quite a few characters in here who were far more abusive than you.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 13:25:08 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Knocken Lost John, Sorry! I stand corrected. The "L" word made me think about what I wrote and I now realize my statements were stupid.

To the BAND. Any news on the Rick Danko CD? Any RR news out there? I need a fix of some new music going into the summer!

Posted on Tue Apr 4 10:21:46 CEST 2000 from (


From: Can't remember

This is a personal message to Johnny G..something from uh...somewhere up North, that sent me the CD-R of the New Orleans Jazz Fest gig and the MPG-3 from the 1976 Carter-Baron concert: Can you please e-mail me again? I deleted your e-mail address from my "archives" and my memory. Thanks (my son claims my short-term memory nowadays is just like the Bermuda Triangle he learned about in school ... everything sinks without a trace.) Now back to the music.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 07:48:49 CEST 2000 from (

Cousin Lori

From: Insomniacs' Annonymous Club

Please pardon this post if it is redundent in any way but I don't recall seeing anything along these lines. Interesting stories about Aldzhimer's disease and made me think of "Rainman" with Dustin Hoffman. The kid with autistic syndrome kept writing "Don't Do It" on his notebook and (if my memory serves me well) the song was playing in the background. Input??? or do I have to rent that flick so I can get some sleep? Goodnight walls.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 06:16:36 CEST 2000 from (

Dr. Pepper

From: the Valley

Hey Bashful Bill...doesnt it seem that the only politically correct bashing of a religion seems to be against the Vatican? Where else can you get your rocks off and not suffer the wrath of the crowd? See you at St. James sometime...its been about thirty years for me!

Posted on Tue Apr 4 05:55:25 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Crabgrass says it best him/herself: just doesn't care what you think. So if you like Crabgrass's style and wit, continue to read the posts. If you dislike Crabgrass's entries, stop reading them. Folks, they're just his/her opinions. As far as the Catholic stuff goes, I preferred it when there were three Popes, each with his own army.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 04:52:32 CEST 2000 from (


I love the recent pics of Levon!! He looks healthy and great to me!! I still wish he could sing, but at least he still plays the drums well. I'm proud of him for that! Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 03:14:45 CEST 2000 from (

paul godfrey

From: london ontario canada

Many thanks to Joe Lores for posting the Levon & Barnburners Pauling NY photos on "Whats New"

Shine On!

Posted on Tue Apr 4 01:48:53 CEST 2000 from (

Kirk Lorange

From: Australia
Home page

I had the pleasure several years ago of opening for The Band in Sydney, Australia. They were touring without Robbie or Levon so it wasn't quite The Band, but their replacements were more than adequate (I think Levon's nephew played the drums). Rick liked hanging out in our band room, 'cause we had the bag of weed. What a down to earth guy he was too. Nothing at all about him to say he'd been playing in one the most influential bands of our time. They certainly inspired me to carry on with a career in R&R. Please, go the mp3 site linked from here and have a listen to my music, and feel free to download 'Come a long Way' which boasts the highest slide guitar note ever recorded. All the best from a Canadian living DownUnder.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 01:14:16 CEST 2000 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

RE Crabgrass' list of worst band names:I recall a band in the early 80's who went by the name of The Baand. It may even have been in lower case letters, and though I never heard them, they played locally once and I think they were a new wave type band. Details are definitely sketchy in my memory here, but they were fairly well known in their circles and had at least one album. I'll step back and wait for the deluge of info to hit.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 00:45:53 CEST 2000 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining,Ca.

I'm lucky to have a Rock and Roll mom. She got me started in music during the fourth grade on clarinet. My mom let me pay her back with my allowance for a brand new 1967 Fender Jazz Bass. She bought Jimi Hendrix Experience concert tickets for my brother and I the same year. She bought me a Fender Bassman amplifier for Christmas. Mom hauled the band I was in around to gigs before I had a driver's license. Thank God for Rock and Roll parents! Mom is 77 now and I'm turning 49 in May. Mom went to the Jerry Lee Lewis concert at the Reno,Nv. Hilton last fall and is still rockin'. She does have The Band recordings on cassette tapes I have made her.(Moondog Matinee is her favorite)Thanks for starting this parents in rock thread Lil.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 00:29:16 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Although, not really a Mother's of Invention fan I was happy to see Frank Zappa appear on a rebroadcast of a classic SNL show last Saturday because I always respected his openess in criticizing religion and revealing his atheistic views both in song and personal comments. (Same goes for the late Carl Sagan although I don't think he wrote any songs.) Also, on the same show was Don Novello aka Father Guido Sarducci who did a great bit about the Pope's election showing some phoney campaign buttons. (And while we're on the subject I don't recall the Pope Pius XII dissuading Italians from joining Mussolini's army when Italy was an ally of Hitler's BTW or harboring Jews in the Vatican either for that matter.)

Maybe no one cares (BTW I don't care if no one cares) - but I love HOTH particularly the J.J. Cale song "Crazy Mama" which has endured much criticism in the GB. Rick Danko loved this song too which is why he recorded it more than once. At the next-to-last Band show at Carnegie Hall several years back J.J. Cale opened and did this song. Then, during the Band's set Rick introduced it with something like "You heard J.J. Cale do his great number "Crazy Mama." Now you're gonna hear the Band's version!" It rocked the house - I didn't see anyone walk out. Weider's guitar playing is outstanding - watch it on the New Orleans video - and Richard Bell is no slouch either!

Footnotes: (Gee, I feel like I'm writing a term paper!) "The" is probably correct - next time I'll try to improve on my research!! The SNL classic episodes are on at 2AM every Saturday night on NBC in NYC and possibly elsewhere (technically Sunday morning) and I expect the show hosted by Buck Henry and featuring the Band will eventually turn up - tune in and keep a blank tape handy. The shows are uncut and run 90 minutes.

Posted on Tue Apr 4 00:25:59 CEST 2000 from (

Mike Nomad

From: North of Dixie -- really north

David Powell: thnx for the reminder. Also thnx for yr posts over the yrs, muchly appcd.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 22:50:15 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

Great to hear so many great reviews of Levon and The Barn Burners. It is also great to see that they are going on the road. Now all we need is some product. How about an "official" release on a blues label? Or Woodstock Records?

Posted on Mon Apr 3 22:27:55 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana
Home page

Sorry, this is the last I plan on saying about this. Overly liberal opinions about people's opinions is what's wrong with this country today. It's to the point where we are allowing people to just get away with inappropriate behavior, such as grabass, oops, I mean crabgrass. As a polite, respectable person I don't use the GB to irritate other visitors to the site, nor do I spout my opinions about Crowmatix, Madonna, Little Richard, and on and on and on. Nor do I use the GB to gain access via email to some unfortunate victim of a sick joke (such as the freak who emailed Diamond Lil). Are we to give that guy a break as well? I think not. All I'm saying is that this GB should not be a Music Critics corner, because personally I think music critics in general suck. Crabgrass would be much happier I think if he surfed the web and found a GB that dealt with subject matter that he seems to be interested in, which is criticism and annoying the hell out of people. Get lost Crabgrass. Get lost in some deep pool of negative moods and thoughts at a site called "I Hate My Life" or something along those lines. Don't bring us Band fans down, 'cause it's been a bad past couple of years anyway, with Danko's death and the loss of Levon's voice. Go away and leave us alone to discuss matters Band-like in a rational and civilized manner.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 22:01:11 CEST 2000 from (

Uh Oh

From: Crabapple Corners

Ya know. I was all set to jump in and defend Crabgrass for his right to his opinion and perhaps I still do; but when he attacks Catholics (Vatican) as well. Recently the Pope begged for forgiveness of past sins of the church. It takes a real misanthropist to take a shot at this man at this time and place. What have you done for your fellow man lately? Perhaps Crabby you should think things through before knocking music, religion etc. Think before you shoot.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 21:52:21 CEST 2000 from (

Peter Viney

Crabgrass has the knack of pinpointing some underlying uncomfortable questions.I’ll extrapolate from them and I’ll apend my answers.

Q: Is the "Crowmatix" a less than inspired name? A: What’s in a name? It’s irrelevant. But I’veheard better. As for The Honky Tonk Gurus, it displays a sense of humour.

Q: Is Levon gaining pleasure and satisfaction from playing with The Crowmatix and The Barnburners? A: Apparently so. Greatly.

A: Is this a good thing or a bad thing? A: A very good thing.

Q: Is this an example of him working at the peak of his ability? A: No.

Q: Is there a virtue in doing straightforward things perfectly? A: Definitely.

Q: Would a fantasy Robbie / Garth / Levon reunion produce more original and interesting stuff? A: Undoubtedly.

Q: Are Crabgrass’s view of the other bands on his list valid? A: Argue it out. He doesn’t asterisk The Gurus or the The The (should that be the The The or just The The?). A couple of them are fair enough to make you consider the others. I could name ten worse than the worst on his list.

Q: Is Crabgrass trying to irritate? A: Yes.

Q: Is this a good thing or a bad thing? A: Personally, I think it’s unnecessary. But it got the traffic moving again. And I respect his right to differ.

If you see Ian McLagan’s autobiography "All The Rage" pick it up. He writes as a natural writer. He describes renting Keith Moon’s house and therefore inheriting Richard Manuel’s piano, which had endured "five moves" to Malibu. He found it out of tune, and full of dust. On hoovering the dust out, he found a small vial of white powder hidden in the depths (which, he hastens to assure the reader, he flushed immediately). More cogently, he says that whenever he plays "the old Band songs" on that piano (he presumably still owns it therefore) he thinks about Richard. It made me think of the piano on which Richard wrote "Whispering Pines" with its dud key, and wonder if McLagan has explained why one key was not functional!

Posted on Mon Apr 3 21:12:42 CEST 2000 from (


From: A Republic if you can keep it!

As much as I disagree with Crabby, I do not think it necessary to force him out because of his opinion. I do not think he has ever gotten personal with his remarks. They are his opinions and he should be allowed to share them as long as he does not get personal.

There is a saying in business that if everone agrees all the time, then only one is needed!

I myself get a kick out of the Crab's input and look forward to his posts as I do with PV's , D Lil's, Pehrs, Mattk's, etc.


Posted on Mon Apr 3 20:15:05 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana
Home page

Hey crabgrass, can't you tell when and where you're not wanted? None of the rest of us here spout negative thoughts, so get lost. We're here to keep the spirit of the Band's music alive and well, as well as the music of other musicians connected with the Band. The Crowmatix disc I have is one of my favorite things to put on at home. Now, it may have its bad points, as well as some Band albums (ie, High On The Hog). Still, we Band fans prefer to focus on the positive, not the negative. So come back to the GB when you have a bit better attitude towards why the GB and the Band website exists.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 19:56:55 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Those intolerant of a diversity of opinion may find themselves happier over at the Cuban, People's Republic of China, Vatican, or Iraqi websites.

Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante are top notch musicians and were excellent additions to The Band (as was Richard Bell) - I look forward to seeing the Gurus despite their dreadful name. As for the Crowmatix - I've already seen them - unfortunately, a name change wouldn't help.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 19:36:23 CEST 2000 from (


From: Nordic Countries

TO JERRY - Go to guestbook archives, Feb 8 1999 08:39:12, Reinhard

Everyone who is interested in good web design and graphics should look at the Zimmys page mentioned earlier. Thanks for the link (

Posted on Mon Apr 3 18:06:54 CEST 2000 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

On this day in 1943 a boy was born in Stratford, Ontario. He would grow to be a man with the voice of an angel. Although he left this world too soon, he left us with music that never dies. Long live those songs we sing in our hearts.

"Why don't we get together, what else can we do?

Posted on Mon Apr 3 18:05:00 CEST 2000 from (

Jerry Hicks

From: Canada

Hey guys, I need some help. I'm planning a trip to New York state and I want to visit Big Pink. Is it still there? If so, does anyone have some good directions? Thanks. P.S. Rick Danko kicks butt!!!

Posted on Mon Apr 3 18:00:40 CEST 2000 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I heard that the people who want to be space tourists on Mir plan to listen only to the Band's Basement Tapes. Ok, it's past April Fools Day... but I don't think it's so crazy that the Basement Tapes and associated bootleg history of mystery be acknowledged as a great event in R&R history.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 17:22:58 CEST 2000 from (


From: pa

Just reviewed the 50 Greatest moments in American Rock and Pop in the recent issue of George Magazine. I thought TLW should have made the cut, however no mention of the BAND in this list.

One item of interest however is #19, The Moondog Revolution and Cleveland radio D.J Alan Freed. Dylan also makes the list at # 25 (Armegedon 1962) & # 2 (March on Washington 1963).

Neil Young at # 35 (Dylan Vs Skynard 1974) & 22 (Ohio 1970).

Live Aid, The Wall in Berin, No Nukes ,Woodstock 69 & 99 & Amnesty all on the list but no TLW???

Also in the same issue, there is a full page picture of Emmylou Harris looking good as usual.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 17:16:06 CEST 2000 from (

Knockin' Lost John

From: Indiana
Home page

Hello Band fans. It seems I've had problems interacting w/ you guys. Kinda like I'm the New Kid In Town. Anyway, just got the soundtrack for the film Carny. Side one is where you'll find Robbie, with a red-blistering-hot guitar solo on Garden of Earthly Delights. Great stuff for the serious Band collector. Anyhow, just wanted to throw my two-cents worth in.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 11:01:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: drexel hill, PA

I also had the great experience to see Levon & The BarnBurner, Friday nite. What a show! Levon just smokes on the drums! Amy, what a voice! Pat O'Shea on guitar, what talent. If you haven't seen this band play, you are truely missing out on a GREAT show. Butch, thanks again for all your kindness. dylangirl, lost your email address, write if you can.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 04:40:52 CEST 2000 from (


From: not to be confused with crabgrass!

Re: Jerry Lee Lewis. Harry B., thanks for pointing out the Jerry Lee/Band connection via the 'Let It Rock' album and video. And Bashful Bill, thanks for the info on where to purchase the video. It looks like a wonderful mix of talent. It's kind of cool to know Levon is up here in Ontario this weekend and recording with the Hawk again.

For anyone interested, there is a live JLL CD from an '89 performance called 'At the Palomino' (alternatively 'The Complete Palomino Recordings' and originally called 'Rockin' My Life Away' when first released on Tomato in '89). Even at this late period he is still remarkably tough and angry and rockin'. Nice work from James Burton here too!

Hope y'all had a good weekend and you're not late for work tomorrow : ).

Posted on Mon Apr 3 04:36:20 CEST 2000 from (

Flower Power

From: The Summer of Love

Hey Crapgrass: let's hear your tapes, man. When is your boxed set coming out? A rose by any other name would smell the same...

Posted on Mon Apr 3 02:33:51 CEST 2000 from (


What's wrong with The Greatful Dead and the Doobie Brothers? I like them, and I think they're pretty good groups. Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 02:29:01 CEST 2000 from (

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

CRABGRASS: I haven't figured out whether you just like to shake things up, or you're a very bad person. But, hey, you're good at what you do and I'm grateful to see a little spice in the ol' GB.

However, knocking the Honky Tonk Gurus (thanks for not including the asterisk) is offensive, especially to me. See, we have all gathered here with a common feeling: we love and respect The Band & their music; we also care about the Band "family" (Gurus, Crowmatix, Barnburners, and others). So this probably isn't the best place to insult these musicians. And you put an asterisk next to the Crowmatix, which happens to be my favorite group, so I don't wanna talk to you no more, you s***head.

On a more pleasant note, I bought the Dylan documentary "Don't Look Back" and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the part where Dylan is being interviewed and Bob claimed to be just as good a singer as Carrusso (sp?) was (".....but you really gotta listen......and I can probably hold my breath three times as long as him.") Glad to see Levon's Barnburner's are doing well. Jimmy Eppard played in Ct. (Georgetown Saloon) on Sat nite. The Honky Tonk Gurus are playing in Danbury, Ct. next Sat nite, but I owe one of the local fans there so many beers I can't go unless my truck sells this week. Keep up the good work, boys.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 02:27:29 CEST 2000 from (

Bayou Sam

From: newyork

.... gee I always thought the Doobie Brothers were great.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 02:01:15 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Zealand

I've been touched by peoples stories about connecting to their fathers through music. My father was never particularly comfortable talking to me as a child but one way which we did connect was through music.

From when I was about six he used to play me selections from his record collection which was fairly eclectic in a British dominated way. He liked the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Kinks, and the Clancey Brothers as well as blue grass and Hank Williams.

But, no records by the Band for some reason. I think he stopped buying records from the late 60s onwards and I suspect it might be because with a new baby (ie. me) he couldn't afford them.

Anyway, yesterday I ordered a copy of "the Band" for him. I'm sure he'll love it and having just read Supratiks post I realise how fortunate I am that he is still around and that I can share my recent discovery of the band with him.

Posted on Mon Apr 3 01:33:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: Hibbing
Home page

Another great website for Dylan From Hibbing, Minnesota

Posted on Mon Apr 3 00:53:41 CEST 2000 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa.

Hey Crabgrass, have you checked into the chatroom at ? They're holding a place for you. If you need another alias to hide behind, feel free to choose from the following list: 1) Jackass...2) Boreass...3) Horse's Ass... 4) Smacked Ass...5) Complete Ass...6) All of the above. Anyone care to join in Crabgrass' "fun with lists" routine?

Posted on Sun Apr 2 12:50:03 CEST 2000 from (


From: New Rochelle, N.Y.

I also saw Levon Helm and the Barn Burners Friday night (3/31/00). What a show! If you like the blues, its a must see. Looking forward to their CD and upcoming tour.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 11:34:40 CEST 2000 from (


From: india

This is the best site devoted to a band on the internet. Everytime I come here I get to know something new. There's so much I have known about music in general, my friends think that I am some kind of expert. If only they knew. Thanks everybody !

d'Lil / Dr. Pepper : Your stories were great. I lost my father about 3 years back when I had just started listening to The Band. He was into more of Western classical although he spent the 60s, and half of the 70s in England. I think he would have liked the guys. I always wish if I could have played some of their stuff for him.

Molly : I know how you feel. A friend of mine commited suicide sometime back. If only he knew the amount of pain he was inflicting on his parents, family and on his friends. Take care. Life has its ups and downs.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 10:09:31 CEST 2000 from (



On a more positive note i saw Levon & THE BARNBURNERS Friday night, what a great show.If you have the chance see these guys you won`t be sorry they can rock the house!!! can`t wait for their upcoming cd.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 10:01:11 CEST 2000 from (



The problem with crabgrass is if you ignore it it still pops up and spreads.why all the negativaty bud?

Posted on Sun Apr 2 08:40:25 CEST 2000 from (

Maris Sayner

From: Rostrevor, South Australia

A fan for a long while! Splendid songs! An incredible standard of musicianship! This group has created a permanent legacy that no passage of time could; or should ever erase. Few singers have even got close to the quality of Danko and Manuel; and few ever will. Great to see John Hiatt make an appearance on "Jubilation" as well.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 06:47:06 CEST 2000 from (


From: oregon

Just got online after being unable to do so for several days. Lil: have you considered putting that wacko's email address on this site? One thing it would accomplish: if anyone else got messages from this person, they could delete them before reading them.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 06:37:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: The Front Lawn


1. The Honky Tonk Gurus

2. The Crowmatix*

3. The Grateful Dead*

4. Moby Grape

5. The Electric Prunes*

6. The Sex Pistols

7. The Doobie Brothers*

8. The 13th Floor Elevators

9. The The

10. The Godz*

*Coincidentally, also one of the Ten Worst Bands.

Posted on Sun Apr 2 06:29:53 CEST 2000 from (


Hi fellow band admirers, I'm fifteen years old. Sadly I have missed out on opportunities to see who are, in my opinion, the greatest musicians in the history of the world. I am posting this to beg anybody out there to send me any tapes of live shows/interviews/ or sets which you may have. Sadly, I have absoloutely nothign worth offering back. I simply want to have a piece of this musical phenomenon before they are long gone from the memory of music lovers. If there is anybody out there, please contact me by e-mail. I would be forever grateful!!!

Posted on Sat Apr 1 23:15:23 CEST 2000 from (

Diamond Lil

Dr. Pepper: Thanks for sharing your story. Made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes at the same time. That incredible spark of rememberance is truly a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Dave Z: Your grandfather must've been incredible. Sorry you were too young to be able to appreciate it. I do hope that you have alot of family stories and such to help you imagine what it must've been like. And no, my Dad's music was not The Band. He loved Herb Alpert and The Mills Brothers..both of which I made him tapes of. In fact.. as he was listening through my door and learning Band lyrics...I was listening as well. I still have his Herb Alpert album (which I ehm..borrowed..) and can sing you the entire "Cab Driver" song by the Mills Brothers :-)

Posted on Sat Apr 1 22:30:42 CEST 2000 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Thanks for sharing your stories Lil and Dr. Pepper. I am just amazed that a parent can actually remember lyrics from their kids music at all. Maybe it was his music too. Your emotional posts get me thinking of losses too. On the lighter side,my grandfather played trumpet in the 20's and travelled the world... I would do anything to have heard him live or on recording. He lost his lip by the time I was old enough to know anything. All I got are pics and a few old Harry James singles to help daydream about the possibilities.

So sorry Molly.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 20:49:34 CEST 2000 from (


From: Dutchess County

This is spooky, but, I was trying to figure out when I saw Santana at the Fillmore East. I got out that "Live At The Fillmore East, A Photographic Memoir" book to look up the concert date. Leafing through, I got to a picture on p 21, of a Grateful Dead show, 2nd Jan 1970, and dang, there I am, clear as day, in the audience about the 8th row, next to a buddy I haven't seen in 25 years. Well, it sure feels weird to see that picture.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 20:11:12 CEST 2000 from (


From: austin,tx

thanks Butch! sure appreciate hearing about how well y'all are doing and the excitement is contagious. I hope to break out of texas to see Levon and Co. up there this summer.

I wish Molly peace in her memories and wish inspiration thru them in the future. Happy to see the guestbook getting friendlier and warmer now.

Today I am looking to find a sky-bib endorsed by the Band with a gum hook attatched. Help?

Posted on Sat Apr 1 18:34:35 CEST 2000 from (


Well, Band Friends,,, the cobwebs have cleared,,, the brownie haze has lifted,, so a quick review of The Barn Burners, @ The Towne Crier, Last night,,,,, OK ????

As is their style, Levon & The BB's just ambled out & onto the stage,, no fanfare, no big intro, just a blues quartet coming to play,,, Chris O'Leary kicked it off w/ Shake Yo Boogie, & shake they did,,, His vocals from jump street were powerful & forceful,,, his harp playing,, was sharp too,,, Pat O'Shea's guitar was swangin',,,,,,,

This was a smart BLUES audience,,, clapping @ all the right spots,, getting the nuances between Levon's amazing drumming & Frankie's acoustic dog-house bass,,, nice to have intelligent as well as enthusiastic fans,,,

Mr used to be ,,, was next,,, an original,,, uptempo, & it was swingin too, right into IM READY,, man chris OWNS this tune,, he took it & just hit it hard,, his vocal stylings,, true to the Blues,, were PERFECT,, a REAL singer,,, Rick woulda loved his style,,, then a slowwwwwww MUDYY, Long Distance Call, one of MY faves,,, & again, chris stole the song,, his interplay with Patty was classic,,,these fellas know they blues,,, The audience was hootin & hollerin on these vocals,,,,,, ANOTHERRRR MUUUUUUUUUULE,,, hooooooo hooo hooooo,,, & the audience was howlin with him,,,GREAT ! THunderous applause after this,, just went on & on,, i was gl;ad for them all,, & Levon was beaming like a proud new poppa,,,

Then they intro'd the tune they wrote for Levon that started this ,,,Jealous Heart,,, SNAPPYSNAPPYSNAPPY,,,,,custom fit for the boss,,, wanna B Loved, Country Girl, & Walk the Walk all killed the crowd,, these guys were a tight, hot unit, operating as ONE,,, knowing exactly where they were goin,, but loose enough to swing,,, Chris & the fellas changed the setlist around a bit, so MR PORTER came next,,, as Rocky,, from Ernie Williams Band says,,, Its worth the whole night just to see Levon play this train song , on his drums,, TRUE !! Rocky, U RIGHT !!! Helm owns that tune, now ,, the way he made Atlantic City, his, just the tightest beat ya could ever want,,, IMO,,,

Then the familiar strains of Howlin Wolf's version of SMOKESTACK LIGHTENING,,, then the intro of Miss Amy Helm,,, she grabbed it early & did NOT let go of it,,, for a second,,, she gets stronger & stronger,, well friday night ,,, she HAD IT ALL,,, her duet on HOUND DOG , with chris, would bring Big Mama Thornton, to HER feet, ,,,,smokin,, we all were HOUND DOGS for a minute there,,, then smoky vampy Same Thing,,, Pat O'Shea's guitar, twangin that melody, we all know sooo well, from JERICHO,,, Then Amy's homage to Mavis, in SHAKE - A - HAND,, ya could see the crowd singing along with her,,, & chris would , ever so softly, harmonize, with her,, sweet & nice,,,

Big Finish with I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU,,,then into their homegrown duet, THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER,, well its not,, cause there aint no other lawn ya'll should be waterin, while Levon & The Barn Burners are smokin em like this,,, the crowd wanted another , so they ALL came back out & did Hide & Seek, a Big Joe Turner classis,, hard to do right,, & these boyz , they had a GROOVE, a mile wide,, couldnt miss it,,,,

it was their night,,, a screaming hootin & hollerin SOLD OUT , yes , SOLD OUT !!! night,, a great night for the BLUES,,, some folks came a long, long way to see everyone,, & we thank ALL of you,,, nice to see Levon's work so appreciated , the fans were / are so supportive of Miss Amy & The fellas, & it tickles him to see the band grow,,, THANKS to YOU all, for your support & LOYALTY,,,,

see ya down the road,,, butch & the gang,,,

Posted on Sat Apr 1 17:20:41 CEST 2000 from (


From: Mass.

Dear Molly, So sorry for your loss. As you already know you have many friends here who are thinking of you at this time. Feel free to e mail me anytime if need be. When thinking of Joel, "you know we shall meet again...if your memory serves you well"

Posted on Sat Apr 1 17:10:11 CEST 2000 from (


Bashful Bill: thanks for the story. now I remember that!

Thanks for the stories about your parents, very warm.

BREAK THE BOX!!!!! (i love it)

Carmen: watch your mailbox!

Posted on Sat Apr 1 17:07:19 CEST 2000 from (

[guest photo]


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page

Hi everyone, Happy April Fools Day to one and all:^)

BTW, thats Pete Townsend in case you didn't know!

Posted on Sat Apr 1 09:59:56 CEST 2000 from (

ivor dawson

hi friends, since i'm new to the site,please forgive me if i'm covering some well covered subject but i'd like to share with those who never saw the Band play -- just what a unique group the original five were. i never before or since saw a band completely carpet the stage with dozens of different instruments. brass of all sorts, stringed things, keyboards, pipes and percussion. my favorite part of the show was watching them tiptoe through their garden of gear to re-position themselves at their different stations. richard from piano to drums, levon from drums to mandolin, garth from keyboards to horns or rick from bass to fiddle. together they truly moved as one. we know their music was unique but so was their presentation and their selfless personalities. at anyrate,just another little memory of the greatest band of all! choa for now! id

Posted on Sat Apr 1 07:51:08 CEST 2000 from (


From: across the great divide

Molly, I just read the news in the GB-I'm so sorry that you lost a friend-just remember I'm always here for you and I'm thinking of you at this time

Posted on Sat Apr 1 05:18:03 CEST 2000 from (

Martha Page

From: Georgia

So many of us have made connections with our fathers through the music of The Band that I was prompted to think again about the nature of memory—selective and treacherous as it is. Dr. David C. Rubin, who wrote a series of articles entitled “Autobiographical Memory,” found that the memories of middle age are the first to fade. On the other hand, the memories from our twenties and thirties, those memories of the dating years, early career, marriage, and births of children, are the strongest. These are the memories of our self-definition. Dr. Rubin found that a person in his seventies remembers more from the previous twenty or thirty years than he does from the more recent years. That your fathers who have Alzheimer’s remember the music of The Band is not surprising—not because it is the music of The Band, but because it is music that was special to the most important people in their lives. It seems to me that the power of the human heart wins out over any failing of the brain.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 05:09:51 CEST 2000 from (


From: the island

hey molly hang in there kiddo,life is full of tears sometimes.try to be strong.take care

Posted on Sat Apr 1 02:18:11 CEST 2000 from (

Dr. Pepper

From: only a short drive away

Hey Lil, Here's another Alzheimer's/Band story. My father is 75 and has advanced Alzheimer's also. When I brought the "Big Pink" and the "Brown Album" home when I was a youngster, he said, "they look like Jesse James and all his brothers". We had my mother and father to dinner recently and we have the Landy prints framed and hanging in one of the bedrooms. He noticed it and said, "still got the goddamn picture of Jesse James?" I couldn't believe he remembered that. And on another note regarding Carlos - I was talking with Rick late one night about the sudden commercial success of the Dead after Touch Of Grey and how The Band really didnt see any of that with the "Touch of Grey Heads" out in full force. He laughed and said that he had the same conversation with Weir and Garcia many times and just shook his head. Carlos is doing well now, maybe The Band next! It would be strange if The Band got "trendy".

Posted on Sat Apr 1 01:49:19 CEST 2000 from (


Molly On behalf of the Chatroom regulars[I hope nobody minds]Please accept our deepest sympathies.We're all thinking about you at this terrible time.You will be in our prayers.Come back soon we miss you."The clouds never hung so low before" Peace And Much love Molly...Cupid

Posted on Sat Apr 1 01:13:54 CEST 2000 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

"Moulty" had been available for quite some time as part of the "Nuggets" boxed set. In either case, it's little more than a curiosity, although the "Nuggets" set is fab gear.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 00:29:57 CEST 2000 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Molly, you have our deepest sympathies.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 00:06:08 CEST 2000 from (


From: Dutchess County

Peter, I saw Santana at the Fillmore East 68 or 69 and they rocked the house down. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Just thought you should know. Peace.

Posted on Sat Apr 1 00:00:08 CEST 2000 from (


From: CT

The song "Moulty" which the Hawks play on is now available in the U.S. on compact disc. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl by the Barbarians has been re-released. "Moulty" is a CD bonus track, and the Hawks(Band) are listed in the liner notes.

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