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The Band Guestbook, February '98

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from February 1998.

Sat Feb 28 18:25:11 MET 1998


From: Cambridge

Ferdinand the Imposter Sorry if you felt offended by verbal ramblings. You are right about the benefits of CDs. and there are many times that I listen to albums out of context. However, my thoughts on Vinyl should not condemn me to lable of "vinyl freak". There is a void nowadays of what I would call "style". A way of doing things. If I was at party or hosting one I think I would choose to throw in 5 discs. In fact I have all the band Cds and when thrilled at the bits of things that I had never heard on vinyl. For instance, at the very beginning of "get up Jake" I could hear the guys clearing their throats preparing to sing. God bless the Cd for putting me into the studio with them. All I am trying to say is that there are times to embrace the future and times to live in the past. The night that I was describing in my little declaration was not a party. It was an evening to sit back and listen to some fantastic piece of music alone and hear it in the era in which it was conceived. There are definetly flaws in my logic. I would prefer to listen to classical music on the most technologically advanced system possible. I am not a solid state kinda guy. This is not because of a refusal to accept the future. I use the future to enhance my lifestyle in the way I see fit. Like this site for instance. It is a wonderful view of the future.

Sat Feb 28 16:15:42 MET 1998


From: penna

Thank You Chris Bell for the, that's good stuff and is much appreciated! Richard: On a early 80's SNL show Rick Danko and Shredni Vollmar could be seen playing behind Gary Busey{buddy holly story} as the show ended. It was like some kind of a wild free for-all hootinany.

Sat Feb 28 11:59:44 MET 1998

Richard Whelan-Steven

From: Berkeley,CA

"And, invites you in", if I may add to the end of your posting, Pat. You guys are totally right about the importance of the diversity of styles to excellance of the late 60s/70s. I would add that this was possible because the artists of that era had the high musicianhip needed to effectivly pull it off. Much of this was due to the rigorous and brutal club experiences of the players, which was far more gruelling than most modern musicians endure. Even more important is that in those days of primitive techology they actually had to record most the music together, playing as a real band, instead of just assembling the music bit by bit in production with a 10,000 channel computerized mixer or whatever. That old fashioned approach demanded and inspired such fantastic creativity. It has been said that the music of The Band seems deceptively simple until you try to peform it. The focus that those guys must have had to make that music sound so effortless and natural is incredible. As for current music still being listened to in thirty years...IMHO not much. Going back to that peak era(which I would define as 65-72),I can think of hundreds of albums off the top of my head that still sound as vital and inspired today as in their heday. Looking ahead thirty years, I believe I could probably count the albums that will still have that resonance on both hands, maybe with a couple of toes thrown in. Another addition to ROBBIE-TV. Comedy Central airs a Saturday Night Live with Robbie as the musical guest on March 20 at 12:00PM and 3:00 PM EST. Chevy Chase is the host, and I believe it is from late 1991. He plays a Storyville song(can't remember which) and I believe The Weight. I'm keeping a lookout for the episode that had The Band right before Last Waltz. Can anyone think of anymore Band/Bandmember appearences? I know I saw Levon once, but I don't remember who he was playing with.

Sat Feb 28 06:56:17 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: skokie USA

Keith from NJ; actually, the reason I brought up the Boston-Nirvana connection is that I recall Kurt Cobain admitting to it. And, although I kind of liked Nevermind when it came out, I heard some of it the other day and it doesn't seem to be aging very well, in my opinion of course. You summed up my point exactly. I believe what fueled the explosion of creativity in the rock scene of the 60's and early 70's was a catholic view of music. Those musicians were bringing techniques from many different musical forms and letting them explode in the rock format. Now everyone gets excited when someone samples a Jimmy Smith lick over Funky drummer. It provides an interesting moment but hardly a lasting one. And I do disagree with you concerning comparisons among seemingly disparate musicians. I see a real (no pun) thread between Dylan, Hendrix, and Iggy. Your description of the Band's music is beautiful, exactly what I find so amazing about them. No one creates a sense of time and place like they did.

Sat Feb 28 05:46:48 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Re: reggae influence on the Band. I toured eastern Canada a number of times in the early to mid 70's (ouch) and was surprised to see a few reggae and calypso acts working the area. I asked a member of Byron Lee and the Dragonaires-a particularly popular act and someing of a legend-why they came all the way up to Canada to play. He said island music was very popular there and had been for some time. Did that influence the Band? Well, who knows. But take a listen to the "chorus" of Chest Fever and tell me you don't hear some of that chunky upbeat that defines reggae. As for later Band material, I'd have to assume that the boys heard Marley as the reggae master was making quite a splash around that time. Perhaps some of our Canadian posters can characterize the degree of presence reggae/calypso/island music enjoyed in their fine country during the late 60's and early 70's.

Sat Feb 28 04:53:15 MET 1998

luke warm

From: lithuania

I once read that the Americans are hung up on lyrics and that the British like the feel of the music. This sentiment came from reveiw of a Leonard Cohen album by an English reviewer circa late 70's. From Big Pink to High On the Hog, the feeling has and is there in one way shape or form, changing from day to day, for fan and critic alike. Richard Manuel stated something about feeling along time ago, and he Band still delivers. The Band today is The Band. High On The Hog is a most interesting piece of work. The title, is not an original one mind you, I bought an album called High On the Hog back in 1973 by a band called Black Oak ARKANSAS. Excuse the digression, the song selections, the new renditions, the covers, the humour, the sensitivity, the acknowlegements, the tributes, the credits(something for Stan and his family too), guitar solo barbs(if intended to you know who) and all the music that keeps popping out no matter how much one listens to it, makes for a pretty good experience. Let me share one with you. Last summer leaving Halifax for other points on a long summer holiday, I plugged in High On The Hog, to the car stereo and felt the car and the undulations in the road were in sync with the music. It felt perfect. This is a great website and I enjoy reading all the contributions. See you in the music.

Sat Feb 28 04:23:12 MET 1998

rotciv suisitram

Sat Feb 28 03:50:13 MET 1998

Keith Reehl

From: NJ.

Will the music of today be heard in 30 years? Somebody raised what I feel is a very interesting question. Yes I believe some of todays music will survive. Comparing Nirvana to the Band is like comparing The Band to Iggy Pop and the Stooges or Jimi Henrix. Nevermind is a cohesive record with inspired playing, confounding lyrics and loads of energy. I think it will age gracefully. The Band and Music from Big Pink are about the subtleties that invite the listener into a secret world of sounds, images and emotions. And although The Band and MBP are personal favorites, there are even some (crazed) critics who would give the nod to Nevermind. Somebody pointed out a few similarities between Teen Spirit and Boston's More than a Feeling and although I feel this is interesting, I also feel it is irrelevant. When listening to Dylan's masterpiece Blonde on Blonde should we discount the song Pledging My Time because it is basic blues done a thousand times before. I don't think so. Teen Spirit stands on its own with a much different flavor than More than a Feeling. It might be cooler to say you were inspired by Robert Johnson but should musicians only allow themselves to be influenced by pre 70's music or from "classic" records? All said, I must agree that rock music experienced quite a creative boom from the mid 60's to the early seventies that has remained unmatched. Perhaps this is because of groups like the Hawks who absorbed such a wide variety of music, in turn creating a new one. Check out Beggars Banquet from the Stones as another example. Great record.

Sat Feb 28 03:11:41 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: New York

To Serge, Lars, David P etal: Just heard NLSC all the way through. I feel that Jupiter Hollow like Twilight sounds reggae. Did Bob Marley or a fellow Jamaican influence the boys? If so, where and when? Thanks in advance.

Sat Feb 28 02:02:24 MET 1998

Chris Bell

From: England

Just received from Robbie Robertson mailing list.... ROBBIE ROBERTSON will appear on the following TV shows...

* POLITICALLY INCORRECT - Tuesday, March 3rd.
* CNN "SHOWBIZ TODAY" - Tuesday, March 17th.
* DAVID LETTERMAN - Monday, March 30th.

Check your local listings for showtimes.

Robbie Robertson's latest album "Contact From The Underworld Of Red Boy" is in stores March 10th, 1998!

For all the latest Robbie Robertson info, go to

Sat Feb 28 00:58:24 MET 1998


From: penna

YO ANDREW OF PHILLY! It was 2 summers ago that Danko could be heard doing a Bud ad on either WYSP{94.1} or WMMR{93.3}. I don't remember too much of it,except at the end Rick kept repeating BUD LIGHT.... BUD LIGHT..... and he was backed by what sounded like a 12 string acoustic guitar playing a blues lick. Around the same time Levon was doing an ad, but I completely forget what it was for. If you are interested I suggest you try contacting the radio stations and asking them for a transcript or info. I stayed up one night by my cassette recorder waiting to record the ads for "posterity",but they never played them. Agggggg.

Sat Feb 28 00:49:31 MET 1998

Joel Richards

From: Detroit

On vh1's Legends both Elton John and Eric Clapton cite the Band as major influences. Terrific guestbook Jan. This month has made for some interesting reading, I have learned quite a bit about the Band. Thanks everyone!

Sat Feb 28 00:47:41 MET 1998

Luis E. Loucks

From: Phoenix Arizona

Hawk; Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So appropriate and on the money!

I will look forward to reading about Rick's show tomorrow night. If I could just will myself there...

"All our past times
can't be forgotten
All our past times
cant be replaced"

(I know, I know, poetic license, fits my mood tho)


Fri Feb 27 23:57:09 MET 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

Great to see someone of Bob Dylan's stature, share his memories of Buddy Holly. I guess this must have taken place after his tenure in the Bobby Vee band, using the name Elston Gunnn. Keep Rockin' Bob!

Fri Feb 27 23:24:48 MET 1998

Johnny Rotten

From: the COROVA MILKBAR (just this once)

How many Band fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One. Serge D. holds the lightbulb and the world revolves around him. Just kidding Serge.

Fri Feb 27 20:28:00 MET 1998

Don Peterson of URBAN Online

Home page:


Impressive website! Keep up the great work!

Fri Feb 27 19:52:37 MET 1998

Ferdinand the Imposter

I love The Band's first album. The playing is superb. The songs are brilliant. The order of the tracks does not matter to me, I do not program much anyway. My stereo is not that good, and I don't care about that "warmth" (yeah, right..damn nostalgia freaks) of the vinyl. When I have a party I stuff that 5CD unit full of Band discs and just let it play all night. No worrying about vinyl (plastic, FYI) discs getting scratched or damaged, no need to change the record every 20-30 minutes. Admit it, you are living in the past. CDs rule. Levon rules too.

Fri Feb 27 17:19:51 MET 1998


From: Cambridge

Food for thought...A candle and a lightbulb.....they both give light which do you prefer? Everybody uses lightbulbs....there is no reason to use a candle if you have a light there ? Electric light is brighter, safer and pretty well accepted. Now having stated the obvious.....I will ask everyone which they would choose for a romantic evening. Which would you rather sit by on cool autumn night? Which would you choose for any night that has a spiritual feel. These are not digital evenings ! They can't be...not for me anyway. Vinyl verse the CD... A disposable plastic lighter verse a worn and tarnished brass butane lighter. Do you know the feeling you get on that first warm evening in Spring? The energy is almost visible. Your in your room. The windows are open for the first time in months. There is breeze on the edge of summer. The sun has set in fiery grave of greens and pinks. There is a candle lit. Dancing you reach for a CD? Program the numerical order in which the digitized output of the molecular substructure of the Big Pink can obtain a more user friendly version of which they had in mind when they created that album?.?. Of course you wouldn't do that.....This not a digital evening...instead you reach for the frayed album...the edges rubbed clean..maybe there is a 50 cent tag from a yard sale left on it by someone who just bought a CD player and thought the vinyl was obsolete. You slip that record out wonder for a moment what happened to the inner sleeve. When you place that needle on to the thick black ridge there is tension. Then suddenly there is a's riding the grooves.....then a song. You know what song...everybody has a song.. it is the only song that will do on this warm, early spring, incense filled and candle lit evening. ps I don't believe there is any thing wrong with CD just have to remember when not to use them. Just some thoughts Love Hawk

Fri Feb 27 15:49:00 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lars97: The song Robbie collaborated on with Clapton was "It's In The Way That You Use It" from the Color of Money soundtrack. The song was written while Robbie was finishing has first solo album for Geffen. Geffen, angry that Robbie's work on the Color of Money (which was released on another label) was delaying the completion of his solo album, would not let Robertson add any vocals to the soundtrack. According to interviews with Robbie at that time, he literally phoned-in the lyrics to "It's In The Way..." so Clapton could complete the song for the movie. While Robbie was recording with U2 in Ireland, Clapton was calling back to get the rest of the lyrics & wondering what the hell Robbie was doing over there. Robertson would later return to the states & add finishing touches to his own album in a Woodstock studio.

When Clapton accepted the Grammy for "Tears In Heaven", I recall that he thanked Robbie for suggesting that Eric should hook-up with Babyface.

Fri Feb 27 08:19:21 MET 1998


From: Long Island

Thanks for the thought-provoking responses. Ophelia‹re: "Tears"--exactly right! My point was a reference to Robertson's willingness to let others "take credit." Clapton and others talk about Robertson's "generosity." He was referring, among other things I think, to Robertson's helping him finish up a song for a Scorsese film score (someone help me out here--was it for "Color of Money"?). Robertson, though he was instrumental in exactly the way that Levon claims deserves songwriting credit, did not claim such credit. And if you believe that the fact that Robertson receives no credit for "Tears" proves he didn't write it, wouldn't you have to say the same is true for Levon?‹He doesn't get credit for "The Weight," "ŠDixie," etc. because he didn't write them.

JP: Good points about the "sides." I've had many of the same experiences. Also, the idea of the "side" forced many musicians/composers to think of an album has having a structure similar to drama. You have, essentially, two "acts." You're forced to think of an opening to the entire album, but you also have to think about ending the first side with its own minor climax and resolution before opening the second side at a new level of excitement. It has its own climax and then resolves the entire piece with the final cut.

Pat B.: Didn't sound at all like a flame. Hope you don't think I feel "left behind." I own a bunch of CD's AND a programmable changer! Hell, I can even program my VCR!! (JP, take note.) I have no quarrel with your point about REM and Led Zep.

Thanks, Bud.

Fri Feb 27 05:08:25 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA standing so close to Bob, Soy Bomb provided a superb visual example of the difference between the genius and the poser. For that, I am grateful.

Fri Feb 27 05:04:50 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

I hate to say I know this, but Soy Bomb is some kind of pigden english for I am the Bomb. As dorky and stupid as the person was, he managed to get everyone talking about him today, which was evidently his intention. However, people tend to talk about morons after a particularly blatant example of moronity so he can't be that pleased. Years from now he'll simply be embarrassed.

Fri Feb 27 03:35:12 MET 1998



can anyone give me a site were i can get cords for solo levon (new one) & rick & his trio ?plz

Thu Feb 26 22:29:30 MET 1998

Charlie Young

From: Old Virginny

Loved Dylan's lucid and moving acceptance speech on the Grammy show last night. I guess his story about seeing Buddy Holly from three feet away, and having made eye contact back in old Duluth, was a little of his old self-mythologizing (like Bill Clinton milking the old footage of his meeting JFK), but it moved me anyway. Glad Bob's boy got a couple of trophies,too. The tradition continues.

Thu Feb 26 19:07:44 MET 1998


From: England

Hello all Band Fans!! The other day I thought to myself, I know how people could look at Bob Dylan and The Band..... Bob Dylan was the poet of words... The Band were THE poets of words and music. Peace to all!!!!!

Thu Feb 26 18:43:42 MET 1998


From: brantford, ont.

it drives me crazy, makes me mad. i was at the concert held in convocation hall, toronto, dec. 93. Rick Danko apologised for not doing his homework and therefore could not perform "too soon gone". he's got a great sense of humour. anyhow, one of the highlights of the show to me was the collective shriek heard throughout the hall, after the tamdem drum solos heard in "stuff you gotta watch". I know i have never heard that reaction before. it is proof positive that the BAND has some kind of magic going on. the concert ended as usual with them leaving us wanting more. "too soon gone" Thank you all for my indulgence and once again, what a great web site!!

Thu Feb 26 17:45:31 MET 1998


From: Cambridge Mass.

OPHELIA......Thankyou for the Info...It is amazing thatRichard didn't get it.....cause I think most of us agree.....he got it, from the sounds of it. Anyway if anybody is in the Cambridge mass. area check out a fella named Kevin Tso..He is playing at a bar called Tallula's in Davis sq. somerville at 9:00 pm till close. say hello to the mandolin player...he is a big fan and has an interesting Levon story..PS...this is not an advertisement is simply a recomendation...I think you may enjoy it... no cover charge...thanks again....PPSS...ask their drummer to do a card trick.....

Thu Feb 26 13:39:05 MET 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Anybody know who that chatty -- almost giddy -- Dylan look-alike was who accepted Bob's Grammy for him last night?

Thu Feb 26 09:31:15 MET 1998


congrats, bob (and jakob)! ...anybody have a clue about the soy bomber? i'm a lacto-veggie, but i swear, i have no idea. i thought the dude was a cool addition to the performance, as it turned out, though.

Thu Feb 26 03:13:22 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

Picked up two Band bootlegs- "Royal Albert Rags" and "Crossing the Great Divide" today at "Rocket Scientist 43 Carmine Street- Lower Manhattan. Lot's of catchin up to do. Can't wait to hear LooK Out Cleveland. Jon: Lookin forward to your setlist and review of Rick at the Bottom Line 2/28.

Wed Feb 25 23:20:39 MET 1998

Ben Stear

From: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Home page: hotpage

The Band, is the best Band in the entire world!!!

Wed Feb 25 23:05:20 MET 1998

Serge D. ( just this once)

From: London Ontario

I don't recognize the Guestbook..Nice entries, intelligent thoughts, informative material...The riff-raff and is all but gone ( I hope ) Thanks Bud, Pat, Lars...

Lars97 please email me so I can get in touch with you..Please! I'll honour your desire for anonymity.

Wed Feb 25 22:28:07 MET 1998


From: Toronto

I found this about "TEARS OF RAGE" if you're interested HAWK:(It's from "All Across the Telegraph - A Bob Dylan Handbook by Michael Gray and John Bauldie): "Richard Manuel explained: He (Dylan) came down to the basement with a piece of typewritten was typed out-in line form- and he just said 'Have you got any music for this?' I had a couple of musical movements that fit, that seemed to fit, so I just elaborated a little bit, because I wasn't sure what the lyrics meant. I couldn't run upstairs and say 'What's this mean, Bob: "Now the heart is filled with gold as if it was a purse"? pg.96 [to Ruth Albert Spencer, Woodstock Times, March 1985] I know it's not deep but then again Richard Manuel didn't get it either! Also, LARS: Robbie Robertson did not get a credit for this song because Dylan and Manuel wrote it! It's one of my favorites. I myself think it's about a father/daughter relationship.

Wed Feb 25 21:09:13 MET 1998

Luis E. Loucks

From: Phoenix Arizona

Don Pugach & All: Hello; On Clapton... I believe the exact quote goes something like, "In 1967 or 68, I heard a record called Music from Big Pink. It changed my life and it changed the course of American music". Just thought I'd add my 2 cents... Peace

Wed Feb 25 15:39:02 MET 1998


From: Washington,DC USA

Lars97 A couple more thoughts on the LP discussion. I still listen to CDs front to back several times to give it a chance. I think many listeners must. Consider that unless you are at the controls you would have to program the track order to get only select tracks. I suspect that this feature is as rarely used as delayed time video taping by most people. I happen to love programming a list of songs and think it greatly enhances my enjoyment of a cd. One of my favorite ways to fresh hearing is to play songs in reverse order. One aspect of LPs that has been lost is experience of album sides. I was introduced to the band with the Stage Fright album and just about wore out the side two before really discovering the gems on Side one. A side was also a nice chunk of listening time. Now I often find myself listening to a good 70 minute CD but wishing I had broken it up. Jim

Wed Feb 25 06:21:46 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: you know

One more thing. I want to state unequivocably that in no way did I intend that last post to be some flaming exercise on Lars 97. He and the article make some strong spoints. The technocratic age can be very scary, especially for those left behind. It has obviously effected the arts, and as video killed the radio star, perhaps bits are destroying the music itself. But I do think the musicians have gotten awfully lazy about their supposed art.

Wed Feb 25 06:13:52 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Lars 97 and all. A very interesting argument and one with a number of good points. I'm wondering though. As I slip into middle age flailing away, bemoaning the dearth of recorded talent, I try to avoid that old-timer's thing of hating anything that I didn't grow up with. But goddammit, put on Big Pink or the Brown Album then play me something from the 90's that matches it. Nevermind? Shoot, that's more of a signpost now, and not aging very well at that. Somwthing else? Electronica? You think there's gonna be a Prodigy page posted by some New Zealander thirty years from now that gets thousands of hits a day? What is it that has killed the great albums? Is it the medium? I don't know. But I do know this. Most of the musicians mentioned(I'm sorry, I don't class REM or even LedZep in with Dylan/Beatles/Band) in the article shared s similiar experience that the young musicians of today don't. The Beatles slogged it out in the English and German bars playing all different kinds of music. And they listened to everything they could get their hands on. Who'd they listen to? The people that invented the shit. Their musical formation was based on hard listening to the roots: Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Carl Perkins, Elvis, blues, etc. And don't forget. Being British, they heard a lot of dancehall/vaudeville material and a lot of pure simpy pop. Add all those influences and you have, well...The Beatles. Plug the Band in there and you see the same thing. Years of slamming rockabilly and pop, twisting into hard R&B and blues, meeting Dylan and learning the whole mountain/American thing. Shake that all up and you have, well.. the Band. Fast forward. You now have musicians that are learning their trade off Kiss records and Lynyrd Skynyrd records and Boston records (play More Than A Feeling against Smells Like Teen Spirit and act surprised-don't forget the quiet acoustic to full electric roar)... My point being that these Americana bands--heck, any bands--sound like tepid shadows of the real thing because they aren't searching out the real thing. Robbie Robertson was conversant in a host of musical forms-that's why those songs resonate so deeply. So, maybe it is the medium that's destroying the message, but I haven't heard a message worth receiving for quite some time.

Wed Feb 25 01:59:26 MET 1998

Curtis Ericson

From: Gainesville, Florida
Home page:

Great site, Great Band. Robbie, come to Gainesville!

Wed Feb 25 01:34:50 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

JAN, If anyone has been loyal and allowed people like me access to The Band, it is you and if it would help you, then sell some Ads, sell what ever you want, you are the BANDMASTER OF THE WEB.

On another note, just received The Cream Box Set, and everyone is now saying , what does that have to do with this site, well here goes, to quote" For Clapton, discovering The Band's richly textured Music From Big Pink was a revelation. Like a lot of people, Eric was deeply influence by the first Band album, explains Jack Bruce. We feel in love with that record and began to think that what we were doing was OK, but kind of florid. I think the idea of us getting back to the roots indicated to me that we had lost a bit of our confidence in what we had been doing.

If The Band's earthy sincerity shook Clapton's confidence in Cream, a scathing article in Rolling Stone only heightened the guitarist's private misgivings about the group validity."

So when people ask about the impact of Big Pink or The Band, reread the last two paragraphs, it answers lots of questions

Wed Feb 25 01:23:05 MET 1998


From: Cleveland


Great entry - both you and the article you reference accurately and interestingly describe a phenomenon that I have been trying to articulate (without nearly the success) for quite some time: CD's have killed the album experience.

The preferred album medium in my own age of musical enlightenment was the cassette. Rewinding and fast forwarding were just too tedious to select and play only my favorite songs on an album, so I'd generally let the album play through, gradually developing an appreciation for those songs that failed to make a great first impression on me. I learned entire albums note for note, grunt for grunt, etc. Unfortunately, my taste back in the day did not include The Band, but there's hardly a Kiss or old Aerosmith tune that I don't know inside and out.

But the digital onslaught with its capability of track selection and song programming has reduced me to the instant gratification sort of person described in the entry of Lars - and its changing the music industry for the worse. Bands and record execs know that 3 or 4 (or even just 1 or 2) good tunes can carry an album to incredible sales figures even though the rest is truly just filler. Such albums have existed throughout the history of recorded music, but now it's virtually a plague. Look no farther than to High On The Hog as evidence.

Anyway, thanks Lars. While your piece wasn't as Band-centric as some regulars to this establishment would like to see, I find your entry to be of the type that truly serves all music fans well. For what it's worth, on the plus side of digital music, I really know that I'm on to a great album if I can listen beginning to end without skipping ahead, as is the case with most of The Band's albums.

Tue Feb 24 20:20:58 MET 1998

Einar Kippersund

From: Norway
Home page:

The nicest site I have seen. Honest!

Tue Feb 24 17:07:16 MET 1998

Joel Richards

From: Detroit

Unfaithful Servant from Rock of Ages is as beautiful and intense as a rock solo gets. It gets my vote.

Tue Feb 24 11:27:14 MET 1998


Home page:

lars: do you have an e-mail address? if so, contact me at mine. i would very much like to discuss this information-age dilemma with you. by the way, your writing skill is such that i must conclude that you are a professional journalist: masquerading, perhaps? as dylan once intimated...

Tue Feb 24 08:19:13 MET 1998


From: Long Island

This past Sunday's NY Times Magazine (Feb. 22) featured an article titled "How the Album Got Played Out" by Gerald Marzorati which makes the claim that "CD's the Internet and computer-programmed radio have made the rock LP irrelevant." His point is that adolescent solipsism and its drive for instant gratification--coupled with the capabilities of the technologies listed above to feed that solipsism and deliver on that drive--has effectively killed what he calls "The Big Album", "the album that is the realization of an artist's or band's vision" albums that are "remarkable in [their] insistence that [they] be comprehended as albums." These kinds of albums have truths and recognitions that "can be gotten nowhere else. But they cannot be gotten quickly or piecemeal." Band fans will be happy, I assume, that The Band's early work is included by the writer to be in the tradition of the "Big Album," which also includes "Sgt. Pepper," "Revolver," "Rubber Soul," "Bringing It All Back Home," "Highway 61," "Pet Sounds," "Nevermind," and unnamed albums by the Stones, R.E.M., Zeppelin, Springsteen, etc. He offers the bleak prospect that we may see less and less of these sorts of works: "The promise of all that is now coming to bear on the album experience is essentially that you already know all you need to know; you just need the means to get to it, get to it fast, again and again until the pleasure stops, when you--phtt--move on. This is something for sure, but it is not, well, Art."

What's interesting with respect to The Band is that ALL of their original albums are considerable works of cohesive vision with respect to lyrics, music, production etc. Even "Moondog" and "Rock of Ages" are cohesive experiences. ("Islands"--a contractual obligation--may be the one exception to my mind, but one could argue that its disjointedness is signalled by its title, thus providing a theme, but that's not my argument.)

But The Band has also had its catalog done and redone several times, rearranging song orders in ways that were not the original intention of the artists. There are, I know, artists whose aesthetic depends to a degree on the participation of their audiences to arrange and rearrange aspects of the work to construct meaning, but that was not the original intent of "Big Pink," "The Band," "Stage Fright," "Cahoots," and so on. I find it interesting that some people even claim they prefer Capitol's idea of how a Band album should be constructed over The Band's idea.

Which is not say that there is no value in "The Best of The Band," etc. But the value seems to me to be to introduce outsiders to the broad body of work. On the other hand, I do appreciate "Across the Great Divide" because of the outtakes and otherwise unreleased material, and the fact that it presents itself as a kind of documentary record. But then again, this is not a "Big Album," this is a different type of artifact--a "Boxed Set."

With respect to the post-Robertson Band, I don't feel as though they have yet produced a "Big Album." BTW, I don't think that they HAVE to, either. Roughly, half of "Jericho" comes close. And nearly all the songs AS INDIVIDUAL SONGS are more than worth listening to, certainly more worth listening to than 90% of what gets produced these days. Robertson, on the other hand, still seems committed to the "Big Album." In fact, it seems to be completely tied up with the way he works. (It's also worth remembering that the word is that Robertson fought to have "Tears of Rage"--a song he receives no songwriting credit for--as the kick-off to BP because it states decisively what he imagined The Band would stand for: a mature, sympathetic, unorthodox view from challenging perspectives set to sophisticated, soulfull, rootsy, gutsy music.)

Sorry to go on for so long, but I hope that some one or two of you might be interested in checking out the article and/or giving me a reaction (a serious reaction, please--I'm not interested in picking fights, fanning flames, or trying to play "can you top this." And BTW, Lars97 is the ONLY name I use online.)

Tue Feb 24 07:17:16 MET 1998

Zat Petrovski

From: Perth Western Australia

Can someone help me in tracking down the CD Music From Big Pink. I have tried most avenues without any luck. Please email me with any info. Zat Petrovski

Tue Feb 24 06:11:27 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: skokie USA

Greil Marcus presents an interesting interpretation of "Tears of Rage" in his latest book, Invisible Republic. You may find some of his work a bit strained, but it is the first study of the Basement Tapes and that collection's place in the vista of American music. It's available at Amazon.

Tue Feb 24 03:48:27 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

To Tommy a/k/a David Powell The album- "Duets(1990). Emmylou Harris/The Band Evangeline. Emmylou Harris/Jimmy Buffett- Gulf Coast Highway.

Tue Feb 24 02:37:42 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

Jan - Please get as many advertisements as you need. You are doing a great job and deserve to be compensated for your time and equipment expenses.

Speaking of advertising, anyone have more information on the Budweiser ad done by Danko (mentioned on this site recently). Maybe we should have a page set up featuring ads done by the Band members? I would actually like to see that.

Speaking of Bud, right after Richard died in 1986, The Band played a sold out show at The (late, great) Chestnut Caberet in Phila. I had the pleasure of being there. They played as a foursome (with Jim on guitar) and were incredible. My main memories of that night were buying Rick a beer (Budweiser so if Rick sings about the beer I can vouch that he definitely drinks it) and Levon hitting on my grilfriend right in front of me ("come on honey do you want to get on the bus" - he's got balls to go along with that stick). A great night had by all (except maybe Levon).

Tue Feb 24 02:11:43 MET 1998

Bill Krohn

From: Michigan
Home page: OR

Jesse Winchester vinyl lps for sale at Krohn's Boulevard Records, along with vinyl from the 60s to the 90s; Blues & Jazz lps from the 50s and before. Used CDs and singles; back issues of music magazines from the 70s & 80s. ( & (

Tue Feb 24 01:48:06 MET 1998


Robertson's use of amp and volume in the title track (from John Hammond's "I Can Tell") is excellent. His fills are unlike any other guitarist before or after. His lead smokes on "I Wish You Would". I would like to know what song, contains in your opinion, Robertson's best guitar work? It's not an easy question, but I would love some feedback!

Tue Feb 24 00:42:30 MET 1998


From: Cambridge

Thanks Keith for writing something down about "Tears". I do have some ideas about the song but it seems that there isn't alot of info. out there. It would be great to know some deep stuff about it. I have listened to it so many times I guess I'm just looking for something new. .....GO AHEAD JAN.....nothing to flashy if ya can help it.

Mon Feb 23 23:09:48 MET 1998

Benny the Barber

From: Lucy's Chicken Coop

Jan! Your contrymen did very well in the Winter Olympic in our country! Congratulations! The Band web page will be best as it has been now for so long. Please keep up your good work. Advertisement do not bother me. You do what you think best, Jan. I hope The Band will be back here some day. I saw Levon Helm with his RCO All Stars many, many years ago in Japan. They were great and I even talked to Levon back stage. A great guy!! Please record more, Levon & Rick!

Mon Feb 23 17:38:12 MET 1998

bob wigo

From: havertown,pa

thanks to all those responsible for keeping the band accessible.

Mon Feb 23 16:08:41 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Whoops--hit the wrong key there while trying to keep my coffee from spilling. In answer to Ken Blood's query--The Canadian "Festival Express" tour took place at the end of June 1970. As Kevin from Pittsburgh previously mentioned, the tour was comprised of three mini-festival concerts in Toronto, Winnipeg & Calgary. Groups on the tour included The Band, Janis Joplin & her Full-Tilt Boogie band, The Grateful Dead, Delaney and Bonnie & Ian and Sylvia, with the musicians & their entourages traveling in a train caravan.

Attendance at each of the concerts was less than anticipated, the tour ending up hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red, although the muscians seemed to have enjoyed themselves partying on the train. In accounts reported in Rolling Stone magazine and later in Barry Hoskyns' book, the focus is more on the impromptu performances among the various musicians aboard the train between stops. It was reported that Janis and Rick Danko, in particular, enjoyed drinking & singing together.

As others have mentioned, Janis' group at that time included Rick Bell on piano, who Janis & her manager Albert Grossman recruited away from Ronnie Hawkins. Ken Pearson, a veteran of the Canadian tour circuit who also appeared on Jesse Winchester's debut album produced by Robbie Robertson, played organ in the Full-Tilt Band.

Those of you who are interested in reading more about Janis should try & find the book BURIED ALIVE by Myra Friedman. Ms. Friedman, who was a publicist working for Albert Grossman at that time, writes a very sympathetic yet honest account of Janis' life. The book also includes an inside look at Grossman's organization, who's client list of course included The Band. Some of the same people who worked with Janis also worked behind the scenes for The Band over the years.

Jan--do what you want to do to help keep your ship afloat. You've done such a fine job keeping this website going. I for one trust your judgment as to the proper placement of commercial ads.

Mon Feb 23 14:28:03 MET 1998

Steve Hoffman

From: Boston

Jan - this is your site, your hard work, so try to sell some ads. However, given the demographics of the visitors, I don't know who would be interested in buying (except maybe E-Z-Wider and Boone's Farm Apple Wine)!

Mon Feb 23 09:16:29 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden Norway

The Band web site was off-line from 02:11 to 09:06 MET, Monday 02/23. Sorry.

Mon Feb 23 01:52:56 MET 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto

I was watching Bravo the other day and saw the moview "Janis" which I had not seen in a long time. The film put together by Howard Alk; who also did Eat The Document. It was great to see yet another alumni Band from the Ronnie Hawkins stable. After "THE BAND" I guess the most famou group Ronnie assembled was the "Full Tilt Boogie Band" featuring a young Richard Bell on piano backing Janis. Nice memories. Janis was on the "train" tour with The Band here in Canada. Saw them all in Toronto.

Sun Feb 22 20:35:59 MET 1998

Keith Reehl

From: NJ.

It's a shame that Tura Lura Lural wasn't included in the film version of The Last Waltz. This duet is one of the evenings best performances. Richard is right on the money. Don't you agree?

Sun Feb 22 12:05:58 MET 1998

Peter Tetteroo

From: Holland

Hi, This is Peter from Rotterdam, Holland.

In the early 70ties some friends and I made a sport of sneaking into concerthalls without having a ticket. When we heard of the concert that the Band was about to do in the Rotterdam concerthall, we decided to be there. I didnt succeed in peeping in. I was nearly on my way to the pub when I ran into somebody from the recordshop. He offered me a free ticket for the concert, so luckely I went in after all. I didnt know much of the Band (1970) then. I knew they had played with Bob Dylan. The concert begun and from the start I was sold. I knew instantly this was my music. The concert was like a stampeed. So much energy. The day after the concert I run to the recordshop to buy the first tree albums.

Later on in that year I changed form school. At my new school I ran into a couple of Band die- harts. Our friendship (over 25 years still lingers on). We tried to collect all Band records and those records of conected artists.

In 1977 I went to America with my friends. One of our friends’ sister, Annelies Steekelenburg was living together with the manager of the Band, Larry Samuals. Here picture is among those on the sleeve of the album of Rick Danko. So we stayed by them for a few weeks in Malibu, in their beachhouse. We saw the extended Mercedes wich belong to Robbie Robertson. We visited the Shangrila Studio’s were they we’re mixing the “Last Waltz tapes”. We made pictures and payed the guitar of Eric Clapton and the accordion of Garth Hudson. We were about 20 years old and we were in heaven. This first America Holiday was one of the greatest expiriences of my Life. Now we are still playing our Band recors and cd’s. The only two wishes I have concerning the band are :”I hope Robertson will join the group again and that they are coming to Rotterdam one time to do a concert”. At theat point the circle will be round.

Greetings from Peter Tetteroo
Rotterdam, Holland.

Sun Feb 22 10:07:45 MET 1998

Jon Rider

From: Burnaby,B.C.

Great tribute to a great band. I saw them at Place des Arts in Montreal in about 1969; they were all dressed up in suits - Jesse Winchester opened things up - the thing about the band was they were really alive and they played like an organism - the rapport with each other was almost tangible.

Sun Feb 22 00:16:50 MET 1998

wesley creek

From: London Ontario Canada
Home page:

Great site who ever did this page up well informed Thanks Wesley Creek

Sat Feb 21 22:41:42 MET 1998

Charlie Young

From: Old Virginny

To the young fan who wanted to know "how popular" The Band was in their heyday, I'll put it this way: in 1970 the group was featured as the cover story on TIME magazine, and I remember one of the songs from the STAGEFRIGHT album as a Rate-a-Record on American Banstand (really), but they were never really mainstream. Just beloved by those of us who thought they were the best. And they were...

Sat Feb 21 21:59:44 MET 1998

Keith Reehl

From: NJ

Thank you Stephen Novik for getting back to me about the Key to the Highway sessions. I had posted the same entry many times without any response and was about to give up when you saved the day. I hate fires. The Hawk from Cambridge Ma. was looking for some insight on Tears of Rage. I am certainly no expert on this subject, but I'll give it my best. The opening lines ("We carried you in our arms on Independence day and now you put us all aside...") could hint at America as seen by our founding fathers, a representation of their pain at how freedom has turned her back on the ideals in which she was born. ("What daughter would treat a father so?"). Other lyrics don't quite fit this explanation, leaving it open to other things. I suppose it is about love, regret and fathers and daughters on another level. The only thing I know for sure is that it is a lovely song with incredible performances. Levon's drumming is untouchable, Rick's harmonies convey the grief and lonliness, Garth holds the song together with his organ while making the sound bittersweet with his horn and of course it's one of Richards best. Draw your own conclusions or just enjoy it for the beautiful music that it is. John from Penna, just wondering if you made it down to Mid Muscle Creek to hang with Muscles Shoal? You are truly twisted Miss Jane Simcoe. Just kidding John. Yes Jan go for it you deserve some compensation. Thanks again Stephen. Your insight on The Band is considerable!

Sat Feb 21 21:45:12 MET 1998

Pelle Ganslandt

From: Sweden

FOR SALE: I have one unplayed ex of "On the beach" for sale. Please contact me if you are interessted.

Sat Feb 21 20:59:10 MET 1998


I'd just like to say, before I start, that it's one of the pleasures of my life to be on stage with these people tonight. Anyone know where I can get the Genuine Basement Tapes (all five volumes) on CD or tape (CD preferably)? Thanks. Please email me privately.

Sat Feb 21 18:46:29 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Jan, No need to advertise. Tommy is overflowing with royalty money. I'm sure he can send you some.Advertising would definitely screw things up. Seriously, if you need some green, just ask and provide an address for us to send the check. I will, but the name on the a/c won't be Spider John or Freddy Fishstick.

Sat Feb 21 18:34:19 MET 1998


From: vancouver island canada

go for it jan .do whatever it takes to keep this site happening

Sat Feb 21 18:05:11 MET 1998


From: melrose,ma.

jan, do whatever it takes to keep this sancuary going strong. i say advertise all you like. and congradulations to your fellow countrymen and women for such a fine showing at the olympics!! i had beatles for breakfast and the band for lunch. dinner is up in the air.

Sat Feb 21 15:06:14 MET 1998

Joe frey

From: albany, ny

Jan, I'm sure that most folks would agree that we would rather have you spend time on the web site instead of trying to fix your car! Let the advertisers in. You deserve it!

Sat Feb 21 14:55:13 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Hey, Jan what happened to your day job? Advertisements would definitley change the 'feel' of The Band pages, but what the hay. I get a commericial thing every now and again through email but I know it's because I post my address.

About your car, tell me what's wrong, I can fix it. I drive a 1964 Dodge Dart. Have you tried "standing on the rock where Moses stood?"

Sat Feb 21 06:59:50 MET 1998

Jonathan Katz

Jan: Advertise as much as you need to. I've got complete confidence that you won't compromise on the quality of this site.

Sat Feb 21 06:15:32 MET 1998


From: ulster

bring on the ads !a site this good should be able to cash in without selling out. By the way, Jose, if 10 minutes of the blues makes you want to slit your wrists, I feel sorry for you. You really must not get it. get it ?

Sat Feb 21 05:03:24 MET 1998


From: Decatur NY

Just purchased Tom Pacheco, Woodstock Winter. All members of The Band back him up throughout the entire cd. Jim Weider produces the album. A creative effort, worth checking !!!!!

Sat Feb 21 04:07:55 MET 1998


From: penna

Well samchaz let me tell you what the "hell" I'am talkin about. Don't put words in my mouth,I never said selling out. To me selling out means prostituting your name or services. Going commercial to me means designed for profit or mass appeal. Nothing wrong with that at all. I'am not questioning their motives at all. More power to them. I was referring to the early days when they were satisfied with making records and touring. Geez, they were so reclusive they rarely did interviews. Now you hane Rick's web site selling hats, shirts, autographs,etc and all the stuff sold at Band and solo shows. Also Rick and Levon can be heard from time to time singing in radio ads. Did you recognize Danko doing a budweiser spot this summer? It was great, but I couldn't beleive, totally surprised me. You must admit sam there was a certain appeal to the Band when they had a lower profile. This "mysterious" quality was respondsible for their success. Living in the mountains more concerned with making music then money or fame. The priorities now seem more to "earn a buck"{like most of us}, then to make music. SIGH! Watch those sour grapes they make baaad wine. GO BLUE HENS!!

Sat Feb 21 04:00:56 MET 1998


From: New Jersey

To Eddie Hodel: No you cannot stay for the next show. And let me give you some advice go to the 10:30 show. The 7:30 is a but rushed and cramped. It's a small club and the chairs & tables are even smaller. Don't get me wrong as far as nightclubs go the Bottom Line, NYC is a big deal. I've seen him 3 times in the last 6 months and I cannot understand why he keeps to the same song list. It's not like he has this big stage show and well choreographed light work. In an intimate setting like that you should take more risks. I mean it's kinda moronic to close every show with that "Sunnyside Song". I also wish he wouldn't do so many bluesey numbers. I guess that was the magic of the Band, they took all those styles and combined them into a great form of entertaining music. I mean the blues is great for about 5-10 minutes...tops. After listening for more than that you want to slit your wrist. I hope Danko would read this or maybe I'll try telling him without offending him...he is still one of my heroes.

Sat Feb 21 03:36:19 MET 1998


From: Toronto, Canada

JAN: I definitely support you if you choose to put advertisements on these wonderful pages. You have done such an excellent job that I must thank you again for your complete dedication to the BEST BAND EVER!!! You seem to be an honest, very polite and very professional man and you certainly deserve some sort of compensation for all of your hard work. I am looking forward to the updates this weekend! Hope Spring comes soon to Norway! All the best from southern Ontario!

Sat Feb 21 03:19:24 MET 1998


From: MA

Hey Rick: Give it a break, call up Levon and Garth and lets get it goin again. How many more drawn out stagnant shows do we have to listen to before you get back with the boys? Jan, do it. We all need to eat. I guess thats what Rick must be sayin too huh?

Sat Feb 21 01:39:12 MET 1998


From: wilmington,DE

John from Penn., what the hell are you talkin' bout? The Band selling out? Are you crazy? They may be the only band that hasn't sold out from that era that hasn't sold out. Even the Dead sold out in the end(what with the majority of shows in the 90's being sub-par, mtv videos, and the like} Hell, Dylan even cancelled his show at my alma mater, the lovely University of Delaware, so he could play the Grammys and promote his album. This isn't a case of sour grapes, merely a statement of the facts. Making a buck in this world is hardly equivalent to selling out if that's what you mean. Jan, I support you whole-heartedly if you decide to advertise on this page. You put in more than your share of time and it's not like we're going ot have to pay to get on the page. Thanks for the work!

Sat Feb 21 00:09:49 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh

Dan Blood, are you refering to the Canadian Festival Express tour in June/July 1970? Some details of the tour are on pages 245-247 of Barney Hoskyn's book. He refers to it as a "stoned rock'n'roll caravanserai - 140 musicians and their pals crammed into twelve train coaches', including The Band and Janis Joplin. They played three festivals in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary. Some of Janis' performance at Toronto (6/28/70) and Calgary (7/4/70) is included on her "Janis Joplin In Concert" album released in 1972. Just looking at Jan's "Tape Archive", I can see there aren't any tapes of The Band's performances from these shows. However, one week after the Calgary show was the remarkable Hollywood Bowl performance captured for posterity by the Rubber Dubber. Of course, according to Levon's book, they were awful that night.

Fri Feb 20 23:47:50 MET 1998

Joel Richards

From: Detroit

My hat goes off to the satirical sweetheart of the site, Jane Simcoe ( somehow I don't believe that ). Thanks for the info on Izzy's records. Don't away be to long. Just wondering what new bands your all into? What do you think is the best of 97? I would love some feedback.

Fri Feb 20 23:43:38 MET 1998


From: penna

HEY JAN, Absolutely! Go for it. I put in my two-cents on this issue on the 15th this month. We all trust you won't overdue it with ads. If the Band won't throw ya a bone; ya got to go diggin' for your own! After all the Band went commercial a long time ago.

Fri Feb 20 23:10:04 MET 1998

Vincent Cortese

From: Las Vegas

I hope that many of you still have working turntables and have heard or purchased the recent EMI anniversary 180 gram virgin vinyl L.P. from the analogue master of "The Band". After listening to it for almost thirty years, I was completely overwhelmed by hearing the best issued version ever on this amazing LP. The mandolin and fiddle on "Rag" are amazing, the piano, drums and vocal interactions ("Whispering Pines" for example) are distinguished in tone and character-the wooden drums (recorded flat and dead on purpose) are perfectly rendered-the dynamics are amazing all the way around. I have the gold CD's of "Big Pink" and "Stage Fright," but this was the ultimate. The dynamics of the album have never been better represented.

Fri Feb 20 22:54:32 MET 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York

RICK DANKO AT THE BOTTOM LINE, FEB. 28. There are two shows. Can anyone tell me if we must but tickets for each set or can a ticketholder for the first set stay (free of additional charge) for the second set? PS: Thank you Jan for you consistent information on THE BAND. I wouldn't mind advertisements on this site. I definetely think you you deserve compensation. I just hope the quality of this wonderful site does not suffer; but you have always demonstrated professionalism and a passion for THE BAND. Go for it, I'm for it!

Fri Feb 20 22:25:37 MET 1998


From: England

Greetings beloved band fans! Just wanted to say, the box set of Accross The Great Divide is being sold at virgin stores. Its 3 cds with 58 songs all in all, some rare ones too. Some great pictures of the boys in the booklet that comes with them! Love richards hat! Anyway, peace too all!!!!!

Fri Feb 20 22:16:21 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From:All places look the same after a few

Hey! It's a little too late to do the job now, but watch this site tomorrow (or perhaps Sunday (Monday?)) for:

  • Everything about Jim Weiders's new solo album Big Foot, featuring all Band members.
  • Exclusive interview with Jim Weider, by the great Lee Gabites from the UK.
  • New 1965 and 1974 pics of The Band and the Bobster, fresh from the scanner of Dag Braaten.
Sometimes I wish I could make a few bucks from this site. My car broke down big time today. Loads of dough needed for repairs or a new one. would all you people feel if I invited some selected advertisers into these pages? You know those little graphical ad things on the web?

Fri Feb 20 21:16:40 MET 1998


From: Cambridge Ma.

Hello friends.... This is my first posting on the guest book. I wanted to ask everybody who knows a little something about "Tears of Rage" to write it here. I love the song and I know very little about it other than the lyrics, that Dylan and Beak wrote it and that Beak sang it. I would appreciate any insight. The Crowmatix New Years show in Tarrytown NY was excellent. It seemed short though. Levon sounded a little rough but warmed up quickly. I had a chance to talk to Randy before the show and he mentioned that he was doing some shows on the side and that he put me on the mailing list, however I haven't received anything so far. I'd like to thank Jan for this site and the Band fans for the great insight. I hope I can add something to it eventually.

Fri Feb 20 19:06:28 MET 1998


From: Upstate NY

Good riddance, Tommy. You know a lot of stuff, but you don't know how to tell the truth.

Fri Feb 20 18:50:41 MET 1998


From: The Sporting Club

This will be my last posting for a while. I'm foolish to be here on the first place. Seems I've been subpoened to testify before the Grand Jury. The ATF boys have some questions about some Cuban cigars. Then there's the problem of those bootleg tapes they found at the ranch. The one's of The Band playing with Sonny Boy #2 Rice Miller. That Judge down in Arkansas is claiming jurisdiction. See the tapes were alleged to have been made in some little village down there. All I've got to say is I never had sex with that woman your honor. Ain't but one way out and I'm not goin' out that front door. Cuase there's a man down there--may be your man I don't know.

Adios partners. May the ashes grow long on your Cohibas.

Fri Feb 20 17:16:59 MET 1998


From: La

Rick,Levon,Garth- Lets do lunch. We can talk about it now.

Fri Feb 20 16:22:08 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

The release date for Robbie's new album is almost upon us. Some grumblings about this electronica thing or whatever have begun. I grew up listening to the music of The Band. At my "advanced" age I have to admit to some misgivings about these new forms of music, but I guess I will try to keep my mind open. Maybe Robbie will drag a few of us kicking & screaming out of the safe shelter of the past into the new millenium.

Working with Scorsese & others on movie soundtracks has given Robbie new brushes & colors to paint with. Like a cinematographer, he has a lot of tools to work with. Different lightings, camera lenses & angles to shoot. In the editing room, the rhythm & pace of the film can be developed. The same is true in music. Different ingredients can be stirred into the mix. Robbie's not afraid to experiment. Some of us may not like the results, maybe it's too spicy for some tastes.

At least we'll be getting some truly new material, which is something that hasn't happened in years. Just remember that stasis, standing still or the process of stagnation, leads to atrophy, the progression of wasting away or degeneration.

Fri Feb 20 13:30:10 MET 1998


From: charleston, wv

anyone who thinks it's hip to waste space on this site with ficticious entries by multiple personalities: grow up, get a life, or take it to some jive chatroom or someplace.

you can be just as clever and interesting as yourself in the first person, and frankly, if you need to create characters to state your case, either you have no faith in it, or you are terribly bored.

i don't use my given name because i have been called gopher for years, but i have never used that nickname to run numbers on y'all. how silly.

Fri Feb 20 09:49:29 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Does anyone know any stories or details of a tour that Rick was supposedly part of back in the late 60's, in which Janis Joplin and a bunch of fellow rock musicians toured Canada by way of the Trans Canadian Railway? I caught a glimpse of this on a VH-1 Special about Janis.

Fri Feb 20 07:51:37 MET 1998


From: Hudson, NY

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning: the bored individual I spoke of (let's call him "Jane Simcoe") has admitted to fabricating a long list of names and running them through the guestbook. Thanks for coming clean. We both know you omitted a few, but as long as you've cleaned up your act it will be our little secret. I'm glad you held onto Tommy, he's my favorite.

Fri Feb 20 06:20:25 MET 1998

The Wanderer


"liftedsome stones saw the skin and bones of a city without a soul" BV. I have quoted him several times since I first appeared in the guestbook, Feb12. I'm sure most of you probably think he's tacky but I think he's slick. My name is Jane Simcoe, I'm a 17 year old senior at Phillipsburg High in Jersey. I fell in love with The Band a few years ago when my older brother showed me The Last Waltz. I have only appeared as myself in one entry. I never meant to scare anyone from the site. If I have I apologize. It's true I am bored and perhaps more than a little immature but I can't help myself. Just a kid looking for a little attention from some other Band junkies. I'm taking a leave of absense, I'm getting tired. I liked Typically Sensitives response. Clever and Clearly Canadian. Tommy's cool. Believe it or not I kinda liked Serge. I liked his Django entry and it's the one that got me interested. Seemed a little uptight but cool. Seemed laid back compared to Jonn from Penna though. I have never posed as someone else from the sight nor have I ever left a false E mail. I'll see you in about a month, you'll know when I'm back. Here's my gang in order. X, JAKE from Miami, BUZZY SCOOTS, SILLY SALLY, LOLITA, LUCY, CARMEN, EVE, THE FLY, TEENAGE PRAYER, THE HOUSEFLY, MUSCLES SHOAL, A WOMAN OF CONSTANT SORROW, ALZOUS HUSLEY (my favorite), THRUSTY YOUNGMAN, SLIM SLO SLIDER, FOREVER FIVE AND CHERRY PEACH PARFAIT. I am happy to tell you I am not Fishstick Freddie or Spider John. Their style is a turnoff. Good night.

Fri Feb 20 05:23:45 MET 1998

Stephen Novik

From: Edmonton Alberta Canada

Just to answer the question asked by Keith Reehl in the guestbook- try finding the issue of "Guitar Player" May 1995, an article there has Q&A's from both Robbie and Rick, and Rick says in reference to recording in '68, "....Gold Star studios, this famous old studio in Hollywood, and having some fun on some old blues and country and R&B stuff-- "My House Ain't But A Mile And A Quarter", "Sitting Here A Thousand Miles From Nowhere", "Back At The Old Country Shack", "Liza Jane", that sort of thing..... Then, in 1970, right after Bearsville Studios were built in Woodstock, to check it out we went in and recorded another bunch of covers. But those tapes burned up in a fire at Garth's house in L.A. years ago." The author of this article was Kevin Ransom. I myself haven't seen the magazine, but you sure can find some great stuff in your public library. I just wanted to share... Any comments from other serious Band fans?

Fri Feb 20 02:48:38 MET 1998

Cherry Peach Pafait

From: Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory

The 76 KBFH can be obtained at Izzy's records in Linden NJ, 908 486-3303. Many other rare gems, from A to Z can be found here as well including CGD, mail order is no problem. Gotta run, I believe I'm being eyeballed by Augustus. Enjoy.

Fri Feb 20 02:01:43 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Paul from Hudson, Your entire entry consists of reviewing the postings of others. Talk about boring. Where are your brilliant insights/comments about The Band? If you've got the time and interest to track my many identities, what's that say about you? Give it a rest.

Fri Feb 20 00:35:42 MET 1998

Joel Richards

From: Detroit

This is an incredibe page to whoever is responsible. What a find, I can't wait to tell my Band mates about it. Muscle Shoals made me laugh out loud yesterday, you should apply for a job with Howard Stern, I'm sure your qualified. If you are also Forever 5 I was wondering where I could get a copy of the King Biscuit cd. Anybody? I heard Levon has a new one out. How about some feedback on this. Not interested in solo Robertson. See ya.

Fri Feb 20 00:17:29 MET 1998

Forever Five

From: Gymboree Class

"screaming she moans 'I've just been made', and asks for the doctor who pulls back the shades, and says 'my advice is to not let the boys in'" from Tombstone Blues. At class trying to make the girls giggle, not much success though. Do yourself a favor and get the King Biscuit Flower Hour 76 live show. It has great versions of Ophelia and It Makes no Difference. Garth's sax has never been better then this version, careful though, you may need a box of tissues. The girls don't giggle no more.

Thu Feb 19 20:13:26 MET 1998

Amanda Hannon

From: Blytheville,Arkansas

I am so excited about discovering this web page. I fell in love with The Band through my study of Bob Dylan and his work. I guess you can say Dylan turned me on to The Band! Through this web page I found out about Levon Helm's book "This Wheel's On Fire." I am on page 133 and lovin' it. I am from a little town in Arkansas, not far from where Levon grew up. His book is filled with so much history about the area that I never knew. It is so cool to discover the talented people and magical, historical moments. I am seeing that Delta land through new eyes. And to think I thought I came from the most boring place on earth! I want everyone to read this book! Levon Helm is the best. Wow! If only I had been born 27 years earlier, we might have run into each other, wouldn't I have been the lucky girl!! Thanks for your "shining light" in internet space. Keep up the good work!

Thu Feb 19 20:08:07 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Great news about Rick appearing at the Bottom Line. I will definitely be there. While on the subject of Rick, can anyone tell me if "Ferdinand the Imposter" is the first known instance that Rick took lead vocals on a song?

Thu Feb 19 19:27:07 MET 1998


From: Hudson, NY

To "Muscles Shoal": I found your entry mildly amusing. But entries like that tend to drive the more serious students of the Band away. Last month we had a lot of interesting entries in this guestbook, but people like Serge D.,David Powell, Dan Blood, and Carole of Boston-and many more- don't come in here anymore because of entries like your last one. If you are one of the two dozen characters that have sprung up from one bored individual from Sag Harbor,NY, could you please at least keep it in good taste? Your fellow character Tommy, while spinning his country humor (which I happen to enjoy) at least talks about the Band as he runs through his act. Humor is good, but let's keep our eye on the ball and remember that this is Jan's website, it's about The Band.

Thu Feb 19 16:43:39 MET 1998


From: LA

It's not like it used to be.

Thu Feb 19 15:59:44 MET 1998


From: The Sporting Club

Get up Jake, it's late in the mornin'. The rain is a pourin', we got work to do. I'm sittin' here smokin' one of the Montecristos I brought back from Panama as Roger Tillison's album spins on my turntable. That Jesse Edwin Davis sure played some bodacious bottleneck. There's nothing better than good Cuban sticks and mean guitar licks except for those fine chicks. Loving you has made my life sweeter than ever. Ivory Joe, I gotta go. Gonna take Flo to the picture show.

Thu Feb 19 06:32:34 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA


Thu Feb 19 02:29:03 MET 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Don't answer that John. I guess this proves the old theory: Never give a baby a crayon unless you want writing on the wall.

Thu Feb 19 02:06:25 MET 1998

Muscles Shoal


Deer John from Penna, I have noticed that in most of your entrees you seem to be preocupied with Robbie. As a certifide siciatrist, I feel I must brake the news to you. You are in denial. You have what is nown as a latent love affare. Don't you think you aiming just a litle too high tho. After all he is one of the Gratest songriters in the history of rock. He is probable taken to. But John I am not taken. You sound feisty and cute!!! Why don't you come down to MID MUSCLE CREEK and see what MUSCLES SHOAL has to offer yoo. I am brawne and bolshy just like my name (MUSCLES SHOAL) and I would love to show yoo around MID MUSCLE CREEK. I will be angshosly wating for your repli. John from Penna you are the GRATEST and propably a GENUS to. In case yoo hav not notised Bob Dillon has been a grate big perspirashon in mi life!!! I luv yoo John from Penna!!!!!!

Thu Feb 19 01:40:31 MET 1998


From: NY NY

New Rick Danko Concert Date Sat 2/28/98 at the Bottom Line NY NY ( West 4th and Mercer 212 228 6300) 7:30 & 10:30 See you all there

Thu Feb 19 01:16:15 MET 1998

Chris Rollins

From: Amherst, Massachusetts

Have been appreciating the Band since Big Pink, 1st saw Phila. Spectrum1970, geeked at the Glen,etc.-try and catch them every now and then. Garth H. appearance in church in Brooklyn was cool-more like this please? Haven't heard much since Mr Danko's problem in Japan-? Whats up?

Thu Feb 19 00:50:06 MET 1998


low and behold whoops

Thu Feb 19 00:46:13 MET 1998


From: penna

Ophelia, the attractive young lady singing with Rick at the end of the video is folk singer Eric Anderson's daughter. I forget her name. Rumour has it Mr. Robertson new stage name is RR Cool J!

Wed Feb 18 23:33:41 MET 1998

Slim Slo Slider

From: Astral Weeks

Yes Mr. Thrusty Youngman, the book has been ablaze of late. Thanks Jan.

Wed Feb 18 23:09:59 MET 1998

Thrusty Youngman


Dear David, Im writing in my older sisters (a woman of constant sorrow) behalf. She is in bed battling a heavy bout of depression at the moment. It's not likely that she'll be up any time soon though. The double doses of proszac don't seem to be helping either. She has been in the dumps as our efforts to get an advanced copy of RR.'s new record have been for naught. I did see a faint smile come to her face when I told her of your proposed name change for RR. She seemed to prefer Shake and Bake Robertson though as she is certain he has cooked up yet another sweet serving of modern soul. If Eve from the Gates of Hell is out there, I'm available and I share at least one anatomical feature with Levon, the man that you seem to be in such hot pursuit of. The guestbook has ablaze of late and you should feel right at home here. Shake and Bake's solo on Forever Young from The Waltz is extraordinary. Goodbye and a Woman of Constant sorrow sends her love.

Wed Feb 18 19:12:32 MET 1998


From: The Sporting Club

Back at you partners. Been hidin' out down in Panama tryin' to skin a cat. I'm back at the ranch now and there's nothing but blue skies with a blanket of snow on the ground here. Glad to see some of the women folk have returned to the guestbook. You boys behave yourself now and don't get ornery and run them off again. I was out ridin' in the pick up yesterday when "Hello Darlin' " came on the radio. I sure do miss that Harold Jenkins. You know before he started callin' himself Conway Twitty he told The Hawk he ought to camel walk up to Canada. Lucky for us the ole boy took his advice. Don't pay no mind to that fellow down in Georgia. Those folks down there are still upset over what Uncle Billy Sherman done. Look out now, my coon dogs got a biggun up a tree. Knock um out John, one of us needs some relief!

Wed Feb 18 17:08:24 MET 1998


From: Toronto, Canada

I have been visiting this site regularly since I discovered it and I am really enjoying this guestbook! JAN: THANK YOU for such an excellent job, please keep up the great work. I have one question: who is the girl singing "It Makes No Difference" with RICK DANKO at the end of The Band's The Authorized Biography?

Also, DAVE POWELL: don't forget ROBBIE ROBERTSON sings the beautiful "Out Of The Blue" on The Last Waltz soundtrack. He and Richard also share vocal duties on "The Last Waltz Refrain" on the same album. Cheers to you all!

Wed Feb 18 15:59:30 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

While listening to the Basement Tapes last night, I was thinking about what makes "Ain't No More Cane" a rare gem in The Band's catalog of recorded music. What makes it special is that each member of the group (with the exception of Garth) sings a verse of the song. Following a chorus sung in unision (which is repeated between verses), Levon sing the first verse, followed by Robbie, Rick & Richard in that order. I know that Robbie sang on several other Band songs, such as "Bessie Smith," "To Kingdom Come," & "Knockin' Lost John." Does anyone know of any other examples like "...Cane" where everyone takes a verse?

For "a woman of constant sorrow," who was asking for some humor: Since Robbie's upcoming album includes electronic dance mixes, do you think he'll be changing his stage name to D. Jaime R. Robertson?

Wed Feb 18 11:47:36 MET 1998

Vivek Basrur

From: Mumbai (Bombay), India

I've been a Band fan since 1970 when I persuaded a friend in America to get me the brown album (perhaps the only copy in Bombay then)... and been visiting your site off and on since '96... Just visited you after a couple of months - it is getting better and better ! Cheers

Wed Feb 18 10:24:31 MET 1998


From: Oslo, Norway

Still great work, Jan! I spoke to Robbie Robertson in The Grand Hotel in Oslo last night. He's very concerned about Leonard Peltier's health. Let's appeal to every visitor on this page to write to President Clinton in order to put preassure on The White House to set Peltier FREE! Peltier was sentenced to life for a crime he did not commit, but the FBI thought it was a great idea to put him away for life. He was, and still is, a spokesman for the native Americans, through AIM.

Wed Feb 18 06:10:21 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

I only go back a year at most, but I can't remember a time when the writing in this guestbook is as good as it's been the past few days.

Wed Feb 18 03:32:24 MET 1998

Alzouz Husley


I'm sure I am not the only one who appreciates all of your hard work Jan, thanks again. Sounds as if I'm on the same wavelength as you TIM ***. Yes Robbie is the King of Swagger but always remember that Rick is the Sultan of Swing, Levon is the Hootenanny of Holler, Garth is God and Richard is a Saint(compliments of GOPHER). Please show up soon TOMMY, (you Hemmingway junkie) the guestbook needs your kind of lovin. I feel I must tell you though, I believe one DAVID POWELL, has been masquerading as you of late. Try and take it easy on him, he's a bit sensitive. Who needs drugs with a guestbook this intriguing?

Wed Feb 18 03:32:05 MET 1998




Wed Feb 18 03:27:17 MET 1998




Wed Feb 18 02:07:33 MET 1998

kevin mccarthy

From: new jersey

loved the website. i first saw the band at the fillmore east in nyc - first time on east coast. actually went to see a rumored appearance by dylan. all we knew about the band was "the weight" being played on fm. black suits. black hats. old wooden instruments.who are these guys. highlight of an eye opening show was an extended garth hudson solo to begin "chest fever" with the Joshua Light Show - house group that supplied videos and special scenes on a screen behind the groups - providing a wall of flames that rose and died accordingly with the organ music. when the show ended it was bob who? also saw them 2 years later at the academy of music in nyc where poet alan ginsberg opened for them. the shows i saw after those two were not quite as magical.

Wed Feb 18 02:00:46 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

First let me say nice work to David Powell a/k/a Tommy. Second, The Band are head and shoulders musically above Buffett. That said, I dig them both. continue the links: In 1984, Jimmy covered VTM's Brown Eyed Girl and has since always included it at summer shows. Jimmy also covered Winchester's L'Air de la Louisiane and Defying Gravity. Of late he has covered CSN's Southern Cross and The Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band. I'm sure Rick enjoys a Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Wed Feb 18 00:47:44 MET 1998


From: England

It's many thanks to Stu for earlier posting the Jim Weider & Honky Tonk Gurus CD info, and also to Jan for new page (& other recent Band goodies too, Jan) Well, here be one very happy lady indeed!! "Big Foot" - what a great title - and wonder what the story is behind that tune - is it "Big Foot", as in Sasquatch? (hey, I've enough with UFO's in my life---don't need big hairy monsters as well!) Or are we way off-the-mark here & it refers to something else, probably. Seriously, the track listing looks great and---besides (the beautiful) "Deepest Cut"---includes other tunes that we hoped would be on the album too. Great to see all those involved, and especially pleased about the Colin Linden involvement - another fave musician. We always said there must be more from where "Remedy" came from, & that great writing partnership. (BTW, Colin - where the heck are you these days, we've missed you!) And so Jim, Go for it man! And have some BIG fun with this album. I know folks are sure gonna enjoy it - as much as you did in creating it, and thanks for seeing this thing thru.

Wed Feb 18 00:24:37 MET 1998


From: Cleveland

A recent article in the magazine Maxim named the 100 Greatest Guy Movies of All-Time (I'd never seen the magazine before, but I was in an airport looking for something to read and this had a provacative covershot of Alyssa Milano, who, for those of you with the good sense and good taste to avoid Melrose Place and late-night Cinemax movies, has matured (physically, anyway) considerably since her days on Who's The Boss. But I digress ...).

Anyway, this list suprisingly included The Last Waltz at # 53. I know most of us would rank it a little higher, but honestly, I was suprised to see it get any recognition in this type of list or magazine. To give you an idea, the author consider it a greater "guys" movie than Mean Streets or Midnight Run. And if you gander at the 52 movies that preceed it, it's not in bad company at all.

None of the narratives describing the movies were very lengthy, and The Last Waltz was summed-up in the quote, "Son, you might not make much money, but you'll get more p---y than Frank Sinatra."

For those of you who are curious, Slapshot is apparently the greatest guy movie of all-time.

Tue Feb 17 23:44:38 MET 1998


From: penna

tiny: Serge ain't no baby. Robbie a visionary? This is true. I sure wish he could imagine himself playing music in the genre he is best and most exciting. Electronically generated music is the easy way out,relying on technology. Hence devoid of feeling,depth and that subtle human quality, a sameness creeps in encouraging apathy and dissolution!

Tue Feb 17 22:39:00 MET 1998


From: out west

Serge, I am using lower type just for you baby. I hope all of you BAND web surfers did not get put off, on Robbie's latest musical voyage, from my comments. Surely anyone who spends time reading through all these postings can take an hour and hear, Robbie's lastes waltz, for themselves! Robbie is a visionary and an artist, and freedom is all any creative mind could ever ask for! However, for me it's back to "Crossing The Great Divide" AND MY CONTINUING SEARCH FOR THE HAWKS PORT DOVER SHOW! GOODNIGHT,GOOD-BYE....

Tue Feb 17 19:01:53 MET 1998


From: Upstate NY

I recently got together with some friends for dinner, all of the people are die-hard Band fans. We were talking about the recent Crowmatix concerts and how this group is making some really good music right now. If you can make one of their shows, you'll be in for a treat.

Speaking of treats, our dinner included some cabernet sauvignon labelled "Celebrity Cellars" from Manteca, Ca. Apparently some musical celebrities have allowed their names & likenesses to be put on the labels of these wines. I found it interesting that the "Jerry Garcia" wine had less than 1% alcohol content, the "Neil Diamond" wine probably should have aged more (1996), and the "Bob Dylan" wine, consumed last, made us feel pretty good although we didn't really understand it.

Tue Feb 17 17:44:49 MET 1998

Al Bundy

From: Camillus N.Y.

Who is this Crazy Schredni guy and how does he seemingly know so much about A.P.?

Tue Feb 17 17:32:37 MET 1998

J.L. Avis

From: Ontario Canada.

Hey everyone, Im Bill Avis's son and this is the first time on the site. I recently sent a note to Jan, and soon you will see some photos of dad and the guys. For those of you who are wondering who is Bill Avis, he was one of the road managers for the band, from the begining's with the hawk, off and on untill 1983. I would gladly get back to any who contact me. Thanks from Levon's godson J.L Avis.

Tue Feb 17 16:35:05 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

For the purpose of injecting a modicum of civility back into the guestbook, I would like to post the following:

Recently, with the appearance of Spider John, some dispute has arisen regarding th connection, if any, between Jimmy Buffett and The Band. I have been waiting for Spider, a self-professed parrothead, point out a truly valid relationship. So far he has overlooked what I believe is a valid connection. In the interest of harmony, I feel obliged to mention this connection.

On his 1977 album, CHANGES IN LATTITUDES, CHANGES IN ATTITUDES, Mr. Buffett included a version of "Biloxi", written by Jesse Winchester. This song originally appeared on Mr. Winchester's self-titled debut album, released in 1970 on the Bearsville/Ampex label. Robbie Robertson produced & played guitar on this Winchester album. Levon Helm played drums & mandolin, and Todd Rundgren engineered the sessions. In addition, Kenneth Buttrey, who played drums & percussion on the aforementioned Buffett album, also played drums on Bob Dylan's BLONDE ON BLONDE. Robbie Robertson was the only member of The Band to appear on these sessions with Dylan which were recorded in Nashville.

In response to the "woman of constant sorrow," a moniker is a nickname. I really have nothing against the use of pseudonyms by people who engage in intelligent & relevant conversation, which you have done. What angers me though is when someone hides behind a mask to make outrageous & insulting comments. The only way to respond, since they leave no personal e-mail info, is to ignore their comments or to post retribution in the guestbook, which in most cases only perpetuates the flames. I am not totally devoid of humor, as the recent postings by my alter ego tommy can attest. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at. "I've seen trouble all my days / I'll say goodbye to Colorado / Where I was born and partly raised." Peace.

Come back Serge!

Tue Feb 17 15:08:08 MET 1998


From: Cleveland

John, Thanks for setting the record straight - I knew that as I typed the entry I didn't have all the facts. It's a helluva legend nonetheless.

As for "Mystery Train," The Band actually recorded the TWO Best versions of that song - Levon may not have been crazy about The Last Waltz as a whole, but his vocals on that song were by far the most energized (and energizing) performance of the show. As for the studio version, simply incredible.

Tue Feb 17 14:42:01 MET 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

I also saw Levon & The Crowmatix on Valentine's Night in Pawling NY, and can recall a few songs from the setlist that haven't been reported here yet by others: Rag Mama Rag was the opener (a little rough, as Levon pressed to clear some cobwebs from his throat) followed by TWO versions of Back to Memphis (first, from High On The Hog, second, Chuck Berry's). The rest of the show included The Weight, Hand Jive, and Rock & Roll shoes (all of which feaured Levon back on drums!) Atlantic City, and Youngblood. The encores were High Price of Love and Java Blues. Levon looked well and, except for a rusty couple of bars at the opening and some tired hoarseness near the end, an hour and a half later, he sounded super. What a treat.

Tue Feb 17 05:14:14 MET 1998


From: penna

Rick in Jersey- 1]very 2]yes 3]yes

Tue Feb 17 05:10:13 MET 1998

Jane Simcoe

From: NJ.

Robbie's first album was rock, his second was New Orleans tinged r&b, his third was almost new age with some beautiful guitar work and some never before heard special effects (Twisted Hair) and now it sounds as if he will take us on a new journey in the new record. Perhaps the reason I respect him so much is because he is not afraid to take chances. I understand he fought against considerable opposition to lead Pink off with Tears. A bold and smart move. I would like to make a toast to the Bands Chief songwriter, RR.

Tue Feb 17 05:01:55 MET 1998


From: penna

Bud of Cleveland: Elvis first 2 cuts were recorded at the Memphis Recording Service a do it yourself operation set up by Sam Phillips before Sun Records took off. And it is kind of a legend that Elvis did this for his mother's birthday. More likely he did it for himself to get noticed. These recordings were done in June,1953 and her{Gladys Presley} birthday was in April. Of course it could have been a belated present! Mama brought Elvis his first guitar to "keep him out of trouble"! Thank you mama! This info is from Greil Marcus book "Mystery Train", which incidentally was the last record Elvis put down at the Sun label. And we all know who did the best version of Mystery Train don't we? That's right, THE BAND.

Tue Feb 17 04:37:48 MET 1998


From: New Jersey

I'm 18 years old and have been listening to The Band for about 2 years. Since I wasn't alive at the height of The Band's popularity, I was wondering how popular they were. Were they well-known all across the country?

I listen to the radio all the time, but I never hear any Band songs. Were their songs ever played on the radio very often?

Tue Feb 17 03:25:19 MET 1998

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

I spoke with Jim Weider today. If record sales could be judged by an artists excitement and satisfaction with his work then Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus have a big hit on their hands. And I truly hope thats the case. The new cd can be obtained through Moon Haw Records PO Box 208 West Hurley, New York 12491. The cost is $15.00 plus 3.50 shipping and handling plus 7 3/4% New York State sales tax. I was a little unclear about what Jim said about the cost in the UK and Europe, but it will be posted later. Jim said he was currently working on setting up his own website.

The title of the new cd is "Big Foot" and cover is "Music from Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus" Although I'm anxiously waiting to hear the cd. I did hear some of the cuts a one of their recent live shows. The cuts are "Big Foot" written by Jim Weider, "Little Miss Love" written by Jimi Hendrix, "Deepest Cut" a song Jim wrote after his mother passed away, "New Orleans Boogie", "Love's Like Rain" featuring all The Band members except Levon and written with Colin Linden who also collaborated with Jim on the song "Remedy" from the Jericho cd, "Sliding Home" another Colin Linden song, "Deep Feeling" written by Chuck Berry and recorded live at Levon Helms home featuring the late Stan Szelest, "Groove Me" a King Floyd tune, "I'm In Love" a Wilson Picket tune written by Bobby Womack featuring Ernie Cate of The Cate Bros. with David Sanchez on piano, "Texas Shuffle" written with Richard Bell of The Band, and the last cut is "Many Rivers to Cross" a Jimmy Cliff cover.

Besides The Gurus, Randy Ciarlane and Richard Bell, all the other members of The Band appear on the cd. In addition Tommy Lavin of Peter Gabriel's band appears with Harvey Brooks, David Sanchez and vocals by Jonell Mosser

Tue Feb 17 02:48:29 MET 1998

A woman of constant sorrow

From: The Doldrums

I am down because I am afraid I'll never get to hear the 64 Port Dover Hawks show in its entirety. If Do the Honkeytonk is an indication of the performance, well then we are all missing out. The set lists range has to be unmatched at the time. It would be great if this was put out on disc in its entirity. Jerry Penfound must have contributed to the R&B flavor they had at the time. I would especially like to hear No Particular Place To Go, Robbies blues and more of Richard's singing.

I have a question for DAVID POWELL. What does monickeres mean? I haven't left an E-mail address David, because I figured it would be easier. See, this way you just ask for a Woman of Constant Sorrow and I will get back to you. Less typing. Or as you've already suggested, just scroll away to whatever else may catch your fancy. Do I not have a right to express my opinion? It doesn't matter if my name is Sue Smith from NY or Madame Butternut from Madagasgar. A few people here take things to seriously, or even worse take themselves to seriously. You gotta learn to laugh David. "Give the woman a mask and she will show you the truth" or in your case, the man. Grab a mask David, or are you scared you might have too much fun? If you do reply to this please do add some humor, even if its at my expense. It will add a little flavor to the guestbook. SERGE left because some idiot impersonated him. Its not likely that he left because of pseudonyms. Serge didn't seem that weak. Besides people have been using them since the beginning of the book. I just wan't to make it clear that I would never impersonate anyone from this site, in fact I would'nt even take anyones nickname. It's absurd to imply that I (a woman of Constant Sorrow) am hiding. I choose to participate in an open forum (the guestbook) for ALL to see. I love you and please forgive my grammar.

Tue Feb 17 01:16:39 MET 1998

Tim ***

From: Fall River, NS

"Listen I am Dancing Underneath You!"

I haven't heard any of the new Robbie CD but by some of the reviews posted on this guestbook it sounds like Robbie has taken another step into dance music as well as honouring his(our)ancestors.

I can understand why some people are disappointed with this dance trend. Here's a man that, to most of us,literally lived and breathed coolness. Seeing him on the Last Waltz is like watching James Dean.

"The Beginning of the Beginning of the End of the Beginning."

The problem here is that this page is mainly used by really big Band fans like myself, and sometimes after watching The Last Waltz for the 200th time (and burning my fingertips every time) or listening to Rock of Ages on repeat for two weeks I forget that Robbie has had a solo career outside The Band that is quite different from Band material.

I am also a huge Robbie fan, but you have to seperate the two. If the new CD is very "dance", then I am not at all surprised, he has been going in that direction since his first album in 87. "American Roulette" and "Hell's Half Acre" are examples. And "Shake This Town" and "Go Back to your Woods" from Storyville are good to shake your hips to. Then if you throw The Native Americans in the player you get Robbie using the heartbeat of the natives to move the tales along. And since he produced the project, it must've been him who increased the bass to a club-thumping high!

For Robbie's solo cd's, this doesn't matter, his writing and his thick-smokey voice is enough to make the album worth while and a regular on my play list!

So let's all give Robbie a chance, if not for the enjoyment of the CD, but just because he has provided all of us with so much straight up, pure, kickass music in the last 30+ years! We owe him, or at least, I owe him.

"Coyote - The Trickster
There is much the Indian has learned from old coyote
He is an actor - he would play dead
A magician, a Survivor and a Powerful Singer
He always wants it both ways
Is he like us or are we like him?"

Mon Feb 16 23:46:23 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: NY

A year ago today I stood in the cold for several hours outside Carnegie Hall to get tickets for the March show. We had saints and sinners, losers and winners. Two days later I saw Danko up close and personal at The Brokerage. What a long strange trip its been since.

I look forward to next year and a new studio album with lots of offensive songs.

Mon Feb 16 23:43:41 MET 1998

Luis E. Loucks

From: Scottsdale, Arizona

Gretings all; Been off-line for a while as my wife and I have relocated to Phoenix Arizona. Has Rick been playing consistently in and around NY hee recently? Is Carnegie hall on for this year? (YES) I WILL fly there for the show! Peace... Luis

Mon Feb 16 22:31:48 MET 1998

Muscles Shoal

From: Mid Muscle Creek, Mysssisippy PO. box 96

Bud from Cleveland makes a lot of sense in a recent entry. Everyone should give it a read as it is worthy. But look out Bud, a storm is comin' thru.

Mon Feb 16 22:15:24 MET 1998

The Housefly

From: Highway 61

"The wind is blowing harder now, blowing dust into my eyes and I am hovering like a fly, waiting for a windshield on the freeway"PG. About the only thing that keeps me alive anymore is John Simon blowing tuba on Rag Mama, Robbie's youthful sollo on Ronnnie Hawkins Matchbox, Danko's fidddle on Daniel and the Harp, Richard's drumming on Yazzzoo Street (he almost plays behind the beat), Garth's studioe freeway"PG. About the only thing that keeps me alive anymore is John Simon blowing tuba on Rag Mama, Robbie's youthful sollo on Ronnnie Hawkins Matchbox, Danko's fidddle on Daniel and the Harp, Richard's drumming on Yazzzoo Street (he almost plays behind the beat), Garth's studio work on NLSC and Levon's thump on We Can Talk. The Jerricohi outtakes on CGD are better than the others. They did'nt need so many coats of varnish. A big hint for Peter from NY. He is a she. Yes John from Penna, Roy Buchanan was supernatural, if you don't mind me using the term. Wayfaring Pilgrim fom the Sweet Dreams anthology is one of the most beautiful instumentals I have ever heard. If you don't already have it then go get it. Gotta go now, its 4:30 and trafffic is getting heavy.

Mon Feb 16 20:08:02 MET 1998


From: England

Hey, a big thanks to everyone for posting all the wonderful show reviews here. Especially it was nice to see the reports of Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus. The Honky Tonk Gurus are not a new idea by-the-way, they first appeared in Jim's Homespun guitar videos a while back. Playing in a very understated way, for the purposes of the videos - but you could tell there was great potential, & that they'd sure be HOT if they really let loose!! So those reports of the recent shows didn't surprise us. HEY JIM, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE FORTHCOMING RELEASE OF YOUR FIRST CD!!! We're really looking forward to this album - been waiting since it was first mentioned in 1990. I've heard the release is in about 2 weeks. Does anyone know the record label? Maybe it's Sweetfish Records - Jim's already done some excellent work for Sweetfish. Sure hope it's World-wide release. I've already been pestering the record stores, and warned them, WEIDER-IS-ON-THE-WAY!! If anyone hears of any Radio/TV appearances or other events, please post here------P.S. To anyone else who's heard the wonderful "Deepest Cut" by Jim (& written by him) - don't you just agree, if *that's* anything to go by, then this sure is gonna be one fine album! ("Deepest Cut" not to be confused with another tune called "Deep Feeling" - they're different).

Mon Feb 16 19:45:05 MET 1998


From: Cleveland (and atop my soapbox)

As is my custom, instead of contributing an original thought, I'll weigh in with another dose of "Yeah, what he said." This time I echo the sentiments of David Powell and the others who support the contributions of Serge Daniloff and wish him to return.

One only need to read his entries carefully to see that no personal attacks are ever levied against anyone. Clearly he loves to put his opinions head to head with any Band fan willing to participate, but the gesture is more playful than anything else. Serge can correct me if I am wrong (and I hope that he would), but my sense is that his belief is that if someone is going to take the time and effort to express an opinion, then that opinion should be worth defending and debating - In other words - You said it, now stand up for it and make it stand up against those who disagree. How can any opinion about music be right or wrong? The proposition is ludicrous. But any opinion about music or anything else should at least be capable of articulation.

The purpose of this guestbook shouldn't just be for Band fans to form a "mutual admiration society" and proclaim our unconditional love for all things "Band." Let's have a little fun, push each others' limits a little bit.

I've been accused of taking myself too seriously in these pages on previous occassions, so for now, goodbye from atop the soapbox.

Serge, come back and bring Donald Joseph with you.


P.S. Greatest Moment in Music History: A young truck-driver named Elvis walks into Sun Records to make an acetate recording of two songs for his beloved mama.

Mon Feb 16 18:24:20 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Serge is an up-front guy. Often his opinions are strongly worded and not watered down with a dose of sugar. He has a right to express his opinions. You may not agree with him, so I suggest you just scroll away to what ever else may catch your fancy.

When posting his comments, Serge does not hide behind a pseudonym. He gives his e-mail address, so you can communiciate with him directly if you wish. The man enjoys intelligent discourse.

I think what has angered Serge, as well as myself, is the recent preponderance of postings by people hiding behind what they believe are clever monikers. One person, apparently using more than one pseudonym, recently attempted to get quite a bit of mileage with a reference to a cover song by an artist unrelated to The Band. The song was actually written by someone else on whose album a bass player appeared, who wrote a song that Rick Danko seemingly misappropriated on his own solo album. "Oh what a tangled web we weave.."

We need Serge. Sure he's strongly opinionated and he sometimes adopts a harsh tone, but he brings a dose of reality to the proceedings when others of us get a little carried away. He is a source of reliable information relating to The Band, its members and music in general. If you don't agree with his comments, let him know by stating your own opinion under your real name & address. This is what is known as a "level playing field." Don't cry "wolf" and try to silence his viewpoint.

Mon Feb 16 16:47:01 MET 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto

To Pat Brennan & Dan Blood

Here in Toronto the Imax theater here regularly show films in 70mm and sometimes 35mm. Maybe it's the environment there trying to provide. Dan is correct when he says the Last Waltz cannot be show in IMAX form. An IMAX film must be shot that way. To use a computer can't upgrade to IMAX. I saw Lawrence of Arabia on 70mm at the IMAX theater here and it brought in a lot of people. I was at the Last Waltz and they were certainly shooting in 35mm with cameras burning out from time to time. They got a good work out that night from 9:00 pm till about 3:00am.

Mon Feb 16 15:42:34 MET 1998




Mon Feb 16 15:08:46 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Dan Blood-I had similiar concerns but someone told me that 35mm film can be transferred to 70mm which is supposedly the host film for IMAX, not OMNIMAX. I'm no expert on these things and I'm relating someone else's comment on this. I plan to go and will report.

Mon Feb 16 08:55:31 MET 1998

Rod Prowse

From: New Zealand

This is a great website and for someone who lives in a country that never gets any Band concerts, it's great to read peoples comments on various live shows. It is a pain to have to scroll through pages of bickering and personal insults. People should be able to state their views on The Band (they are not beyond criticism) with out being slagged of. I'd love to get a copy of Crossing The Great Divide.

Mon Feb 16 07:05:28 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Pat Brennan: I'm a long way from the town I was born in, Chicago, but the Last Waltz at the IMAX???

The IMAX theaters I'm familiar with usually show short 40 minute films, shot on a giant (super wide) reel of film. This is the reason for the brevity of the films. This is also the reason that the image is so clear when it's 6 stories high.

Anyway, if the film, such as the Last Waltz, wasn't shot using IMAX cameras and film, then what you will see is just a regular sized film taking up a fraction of the IMAX screen.

However, the sound system should be fantastic!!

When I view the Last Waltz, the guys look too skinny and too cool. I agree with Levon that there's too much Robbie in it. When Hollywood saw it, I heard they wanted to get Robbie into something commericial just because he was the coolest dude they ever saw smoke a cigarette. Carney was the result???

Serge: I tried to get through to you to tell you "enough of the attitude", but like the others have said, you add much to this discussion. Come back, Shane, come back!

Mon Feb 16 04:01:58 MET 1998

Teenage Prayer

From: the mirror

Take a look at me babe. Great website Jan, I appreciate the hard work. I have something I would like to say. It is wrong to use profanity in the guestbook and it is even more wrong to impersonate another (key) member of the website. All it shows is lack of imagination and vocabulary not to mention character. If you have a problem with someone don't deal with it by putting words into their mouth. That is a cowards route. Differing veiwpoints make the site interesting, impersonating others is stupid. No Teenage Prayer is not my real name but I would never steal anyone elses on Jan's site. If somebody wants to discuss something all they have to do is address me. Thanks and try and behave civilly.

Mon Feb 16 03:34:28 MET 1998

Kim Krieiger

From: NJ

It seems that of late, the number of female contributers to the guestbook has dropped dramatically of late. Perhaps this is due to the overbearing nature of some of the guys on the site. Maybe its because everytime a lady expresses an opinion someone has to jump down there throat. "yes, you are right from your side and I am right from mine" Dylan. And please, I am not leaving my E-mail so that I can receive hate mail. I would love it if some of our female companions would resurface. Come back MEGHAN, CARLEEN, HEATHER MARCEAU, LACEY, MARY, LISA AND MOST OF ALL THE OBERG FAMILY RENEE AND JOLENE (a beautiful name by the way). Got a kick out of Eve's two Feb15 (today)entries, to check these out go to the bottom of this page and click on seperate file. I love all you big lugs out there, but just remember that women are from Venus. "steppin' lightly, like a ballerina" Van the Man.

Mon Feb 16 02:54:47 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Serge: I told Jan earlier today that the "apology" and the attack on Buffet(sic) didn't sound like you. Though I rarely agree with you and think you take it all a bit to seriously, I respect your knowledge and appreciation of The Band. In exchange for your return, I'll return to Montana with Slim effective COC (close of concert) 2/19/98 MSG.

Mon Feb 16 02:09:08 MET 1998

The Fly

From: The Headlights of a Stretchcar

I hope stars are welcome here. On a more serious note, I would like to say that having more than one identity is one thing but impersonating someone who is a fine contributer to the site is very uncool. Please stop the nonsense. "give the man a mask and he shall tell you his truth"

Mon Feb 16 01:59:33 MET 1998

Keith Reehl

I have a question for Jan or any other big Band fans out there, Does anyone know what the other 3 songs are from the 68 Gold Star recordings are?. I know that one of the tracks is Key to the Highway. It would be nice if they put these on a rarities set, don't you agree. I am using my brothers computer, would someone please put a response on the guestbook.

Mon Feb 16 00:55:24 MET 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

To Serge: I just mailed you an e-mail, but in case it doesn't go through I would ask that you reconsider leaving the Band guestbook. I asked that you not be so rude and aggressive in one of my recent entries. It was never my intent to see you stop participating, I just wanted a touch of civility from a voice that still, I hope, has much to say.

Mon Feb 16 00:32:45 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

I would like to publicly encourage Serge not to abandon the site. He has added much to the archives and certainly keeps the Guestbook interesting. C'mon Daniloff, stick around.

Mon Feb 16 00:18:52 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Sorry to post again, but THE LAST WALTZ is playing this week at the Navy Pier IMAX in downtown Chicago. Email me if you need a phone or directions.

Mon Feb 16 00:17:41 MET 1998

Manuel Soreano

From: Spain
Home page:

I love The Band! I love this web site! Thanks you all nice people.

Sun Feb 15 23:58:12 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page:

The entries in The Band guestbook from Feb 1-15, 1998, have been moved to a separate file. This is done to reduce download time for the guestbook. 110K of guestbook entries generated so far this month, we're heading for a new record again.

Sun Feb 15 23:27:39 MET 1998

Post-script from Serge

Dan Blood, Lars Pedersen...Sorry, but I cannot explain why your email have not reached me. Please try again. My Email address is REAL, and is as I always entered it. Unlike Dave C. of Coldenham NY who seems to have supplied a phoney, as have others. Therefore I cannot reply to them. What cowards...Oh well.

Continue entering set lists of concerts you've seen out there. Makes for great and stimulating reading and for an intelligent website.

Sun Feb 15 22:41:30 MET 1998

Keith Reehl

From: N.J.

I have a question for Jan, Serge or any other BIG!! Band fan. Does anyone know what the three other tunes were at the Gold Star sessions recorded in 68? I only know of Key to the Highway. It sure would be nice if they released these in a legitimate rarities set, Don't you agree? Please post any reply on the guestbook, as I have no address.

Sun Feb 15 22:30:01 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London Canada.

I just returned from a trip out of town, and found two entries that I DID NOT write. The Saturday Feb. 14 at 13:57 and the " aplologetic one " of Sunday Feb. 15 at 3:54. Some fool is playing games by posting garbage under my name. I would never apologize here to anyone for anything. I know that " opinions are like rectums, everybody has one. But some of them stink..."

John from Penna..Mr Eiriksson from Iceland... Steve Novik, thank you for thoroughly reading and understanding my entries.

I've lost all interest in the Guestbook, it has degenerated and I'm bowing out..Larry O. Thorne I pity your ignorance..You who impersonated win, you're the straw that broke my back. I leave it to you to start contributing meaningful entries and valuable material or at least stir up itelligent debates on Band matters..And please supply your Email so I can be sure to write you, and thank you. I'll be watching and waiting to see how you will enrich this Band site. I give up.

Sun Feb 15 22:25:24 MET 1998


From: Gates of hell

Dear Band groupies, In my haste, I forgot to mention that it was Levon I'm inquiring about. It doesen't help that it's as hot here as Robbie's Telecaster was at the Last Waltz!

Sun Feb 15 22:22:35 MET 1998

Wally Gensemer

From: Birmingham, Al.

I bought "big pink"when it came out. Been a fan through the highs& lows, first saw them at Atlanta's Omni in'74 on B.D.'s"b4 the flood"tour. In '95 Rick Danko came to play at a club here. He was incredible. I was fortunate enuff to spend his"break"with him. He was very nice and unpretentious. I still feel the Band at their peak circa '76 were the best R&R band in the world,, incl.Stones,Who,etc.

Sun Feb 15 22:07:07 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Whoa! Very Big Alert!!!! On Navy Pier in beautiful downtown Chicago, THE LAST WALTZ all week at the IMAX Theater. Absolutely no advertising. For those of you who haven't experienced IMAX, this is a MUST. Excuse the capitals, I'm excited. 9:00 pm every night.

Sun Feb 15 21:35:19 MET 1998


From: The Gates of Hell

I have a question for all you Band groupies out there. Is it really true? I mean is what Ronnie Hawkins says about him true? If so, does anyone know his E-mail address? Jan? Love you all, and Go Go girl power!!! I miss Jolene, Caledonia and some of the other Chillin' gals that were scared of by the net bullies! Please excuse my grammar and spelling. It's just that with Valentines day so close its just too hot to think straight. I love you all from the deepest part of my soul, EVE

Sun Feb 15 21:25:40 MET 1998

Eirikur Eiriksson

From: Reykjavik, Iceland

About 15 years ago I was introduced to THE BAND by an American Air Force officer serving here in Iceland. Having read this site for over a year now, I must say that Mr.Daniloff from Canada is a very valuable source of information for us "new" fans of THE BAND. From the photos on this site I understand that Daniloff is about the same age as the members in THE BAND. So, people, please give him some space here, how many people his age and with his knowledge of THE BAND would, 1) Be on the net at all? AND 2) Be willing to contribute to a website for THE BAND? Look around here and see how much of the stuff about THE BAND that Daniiloff seems to have put in. I also believe he is a little grumpy, but I HATE it when so many of you gang up on an older man that has so much to contribute. Read some of his more informative articles in the guestbook, and try to ignore hime when he is angry. If you have read Levon's book you will all know how angry HE can get!! The Best to you all from ICELAND!!

Sun Feb 15 20:09:24 MET 1998

Stephen Novik

From: Edmonton Alberta Canada

Yes, Serge, PLEASE! DO NOT GO!!

Sun Feb 15 19:59:25 MET 1998


From: wilmington, de

Did anybody out there in netland happen to see the Danko show at the Mangy Moose in Wyoming last night? This luckless Irishman is going skiing out there a week too late and a dollar too short. I talked to the manager of the bar and he said that Rick was slated to play two 45 minute setswith the help of some local musicians. Somebody gimme an update. thanks.

Sun Feb 15 17:11:53 MET 1998

Buddy Bear

From: Woodstock

Peter of Hudson: Long May You Run. Am I crazy, or did Martha Stewart do the vocal and floral arrangements on Planet Waves? Forever Young & Crazy.

Sun Feb 15 16:16:08 MET 1998


From: Hudson, NY

It's great news that Levon's band did such a good job last night. I know a lot of people were concerned about his well being. As for the "Serge problem" I think a few people are missing the point: no one wants Serge to stop writing, but it would be nice if he could not be so overbearing about his viewpoints. This guestbook has some interesting characters: one person on Long Island has about 17 different identities, purposely misspells words for some of his characters, and has even got into arguments with himself. That's cool- I enjoy him er.. them. Long may he run. Let's just try not to run over each other: be kind.

Sun Feb 15 15:35:38 MET 1998


From: Pergatory

Jan, I just found this site and I am very impressed, it is splendid. I urge you to keep the guestbook on because, for me it is the best one of its kind and the most interesting part of the site. You've gathered together an intriguing bunch of opinionated characters. The humorous entries make for good reading but I'm afraid the serious ones may scare off Serge and without him we would have missed out on the rhetoric of Mr.Buzzy Scoots. For a good laugh check out Mr.Scoots Feb 13th or 14th entry (not sure of exact date but its in caps). It's my first time here but not my last. Sorry I haven't left an E-mail address but I feel it's better not to leave one than to leave a false one. Remember what that big headed fly said, "it's no secret that a liar won't beleive anyone else". Maybe we have our explanation. Always remember, taste is the enemy of art and one cannot achieve true balance without contradiction.

Sun Feb 15 14:53:15 MET 1998



that muddy waters song is the title track to his '78 "comeback" lp on blue sky(epic), produced by johnny winter. the album features winter, as well as pinetop perkins, jerry portnoy, willie "big eyes"smith, and other great chicago players. it's well worth having, and surely available on cd.

Sun Feb 15 14:53:01 MET 1998


From: penna

I agree with Serge, parrotheads put on your fins and swim away to a buffett web site. The Band,related artists and the like are what make this such a unique and high quality site. Jan: Party on! Norway is awesome with 15 medals! Bjorn Daehlie winner of the gold in X-Country sking is a class act, you must be "bursting with pride". Hope they upset the u.s.+canadian "pro's" in hockey. P.S. I always thought you should receive some sort of residuals fromm the band/robertson managment for all the interest generated here. Nowhere, not even the record companies advertise their music and other projects so completely!

Sun Feb 15 14:46:05 MET 1998

Dave C.

From: Coldenham, NY

I saw Levon Helm and the Crowmatix at the Town Crier in Pawling, NY, last night. A very good show. I would have to agree with Mr. Thorn's entry that Levon looked very well. The Crowmatix played a short set without Levon to kick it off, then a break, then the whole group came on. At one point someone in the crowd said that some sherriff (?) had sent his greetings to Levon, and Levon smiled, squinted out to the voice and said,"Jim? Sure, I remember him. He could have put me in jail one night, but he didn't."

I can't remember the setlist, but I know "Rag, Mama Rag" started it off. Others were "Back to Memphis, Atlantic City, Poor Little Fool, I Finally Got You, 300 Pounds of Joy, The Weight, Hand Jive, I'm Ready, & Rock and Roll Shoes."

As for the oft discussed problem with the feisty Mr. Daniloff of Canada, I think my experience as a first grade teacher might shed some light on this problem. Mr. Daniloff is bored and lonely, have you ever noticed that when the Guestbook quiets down, THAT'S when he fires off his next salvo. As soon as he's upset enough people and the guestbook is writing more about him than the Band, then he backs off and wants to tone down the rhetoric. Mr. Daniloff is the little boy who strikes another child, then hides behind the teacher. "Love me, hate me, just don't ignore me," he seems to say. Come on, Gang, let's not let Mr. Daniloff ruin this fine effort by Jan. If we can't overlook this limited intellect, what's that say about us?

Sun Feb 15 07:22:21 MET 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush,NY

To Serge of Canada: I've been trying to reach you for some time now, but my e-mail never goes through to the address you've posted. So I'll say it in the open: please keep your offensive remarks to yourself. I've been on this page as long as you have and I've watched in awe as you've attacked everyone who displeases you. You are just a fan like myself, no more. Let's concentrate on the Band, not your unbridled aggression.

Sun Feb 15 07:05:52 MET 1998

Larry O. Thorn

From: Somers, NY

I was at Bodle's Opera House last night to see Rick Danko and Prof. Louis. A good show, at times very good. Rick is a nice guy who has a way with the crowd he's performing for.

Tonight I went to the Towne Crier in Pawling to see Levon Helm and the Crowmatix. A GREAT show, Levon is back (I know, someone may say that he's not been gone, but his illness of this fall DID make both his voice and body weak, much to our alarm). Lee sounded strong most of the show (got a little raspy at the end-anybody who sings like that would) and he looked strong. The Crowmatix were red hot and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I never heard Marie sound better. Jimm Eppard turned in a great performance; I loved his contribution in "Young Blood." They played a Muddy Waters song ("I'm Ready) that I'd never heard before. Everyone had a great time.

On an entirely different subject, did Serge Daniloff actually say that we can't talk about other artists in the Guestbook? When did HE take over? Jan, this man is VERY hard to take. Serge, you are an asshole, do I make myself perfectly clear?

Sun Feb 15 06:52:14 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Serge: the email you've given us don't there a reason?

Michael Lord: The one song on your site sounds more like Elton than The Band.

The Band's music is like a fine cheese, unforgetable and tart.

To all the J.R. critics: I think it could safely be said that the Native Americans did the first disco dancing in this land. Of course, that mirrored sphere that shines all the thousand points of light wasn't around then, but a good camp fire served the same purpose.

Anyone hear Paul Simon say that he's not the same person now that he was when he and Art made music together.

Sun Feb 15 06:05:05 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Michael Lord: Thanks, I listened and it was good. Put more samples on your site.

Sun Feb 15 04:09:34 MET 1998

Michael Lord

From: Los Angeles
Home page:

First off I am obviously a fan of the group or I wouldn't find myself at their web site. The Band's music has definitely inspired me as a musician. I think what I like best is/was the way they all played sveral instruments and the variety of instruments they used. I too, believe in that concept. than just the standard bass,drums, guitar, thing. So here's the pitch. I already emailed many of you to visit my site to find out more about my music. I hope that you will be open minded and give this a chance. I can't help but think about the booing the Band endured during their tenure with Dylan because of closed mindedness. It's not that the music they were making was bad it's just that it wasn't the flavor of the month at the time. So all I ask is give me a a shot. Graham Nash (CSN) has taken a lot of time to help me so I can't be that bad. I have some great musicians backing me which you can read about at the web site. I apologize for using this site for my own self protiion but with the way radio is these days I really have no choice. Thanks for everyone's time Peace, Michael

Sun Feb 15 03:54:42 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

To Spider John: Do not, I repeat DO NOT waste our time with this nonsense about heads of parrots. Neither Jimmy Buffet nor his music (if you can call it that) has any place on this Band website. I hope I've made myself perfectly clear!

Sun Feb 15 03:49:51 MET 1998

Ben Pike

Bootleg Morals: Sergey, my main man: If the Band want to issue a quality collection of rare live performances and rarities, I'm the first to line up for a copy. Maybe if ego infighting hadn't been so pointed, they could have retained the rights to some of this stuff instead of bitching and snorting away millions. It seems to me as a record buyer over the years I have more than once ponyed up for material I allready had to get newly issued teasers; from "The Best of The Band" to "Across The Great Devide." I wouldn't ask for a dime of it back; but neither do I have a problem with buying a bootleg.

Sun Feb 15 01:06:20 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Some here have said there's no room for parrotheads. I've already shown the link between Buffett's cover of The Ballad of Spider John (Willis Alan Ramsey) and Tim Drummond(Sip the Wine) who is on Ramsey's album. I've got a topper. On June 6, 1982 Dylan covered Jimmy's "A Pirate Looks at Forty". It was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. You can look it up.Good music is good music no matter the source or artist.

Sat Feb 14 23:31:07 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Anyone interested in trading either taped recordings or VHS recordings, e mail me. I am looking to trade for Crossing the great Divide, The making of the Band VHS, have excellent material to barter. I have been very successful with many Band Fans on this web site, and have expanded my library, so let go!!!

Sat Feb 14 22:59:30 MET 1998


From: The chicken coop

Dear Lolita, You have my vote for the best of the most recent entries. Although I love Django's music with a passion, I must agree that Dylan's GREATNESS is more influential. When an artist shoots for greatness there is also the risk of failure. I don't know of any artists who have achieved greatness without suffering through some kind of failure as well. The Band was OK on Planet Waves (especially Robbie on Dirge) but I doubt Dylan considers it a masterpiece. Yes, Reinhardt has certainly achieved greatness during his career. When speaking of Django and Dylan I would much rather see words like greatness than phrases like "Django weaving his magic", adjectives like weaving make me want to puke. Loved Buzzy's entry especially the proctologist comment. How about leaving your phone number Mr.X, you sound cute. Keep in touch Lolita from L.I. Go go girl power!!! I'm sure I'll catch hell for that one. I don't care though, like Buzzy Scoots I have a sense of humor. Love, Lucy

Sat Feb 14 21:03:09 MET 1998


Jan,thanks for your reply with the info about the Band and this website. And, MANY thanks for all the time and effort you put into this website. Jethro.

Sat Feb 14 20:22:35 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page:

Reply to Jethro (the horse):

I do know that Rick, Levon, and Garth have been shown this web site on several occasions. None of them are regular net-users or (how surprising ...) computer freaks. Richard Bell is on the net, though, and checks the site from time to time. Bell has also contributed some stuff. A lot of people in the "inner circle" of The Band family, like Colin Linden, Elliott Landy, and George Lembesis, are regular visitors here. The Band's previous management was involved in developing the web site for a short period, before backing out in May last year.

Those of you who have been here long enough to remember the days when this site was mirrored (for faster US access) in Austin, TX, may also remember that the mirror system was run by people involved financially with The Band.

Nowadays there is no official Band involvement here, but we have a sort of semi-offical "blessing" from The Band organization. The site is 100% non-commercial. I have not made one single penny from all these hours of work with the site since the fall of 1994. The only ones making any profit from the site are (hopefully) The Band and Robbie ... the ca. 20.000 hits here per day must have some effect on peoples interest in The Band and consequently on album/video/book sales and such.

Talking about Robbie, I have not heard anything from him either, not to mention his lawyers :-) (I'm rambling here ... this is the last time I'll combine vodka and the guestbook. We're celebrating all our Olympic gold medals %-)

Sat Feb 14 19:09:01 MET 1998

Dave C.

From: Coldenham, NY

I saw Rick Danko in Bodle's (Chester,NY) last night. He was with Prof. Louie, Randy was on a ski trip & couldn't make it, he said (this may have been some private joke, I just know what he said). Full house. Rick did the same routine he's been doing all fall, it was still a good show (but not great). One moment that was kind of special was when Rick did an encore of "I Shall Be Released" and, for a while, his falsetto was like magic: I closed my eyes and it was Richard, back up on stage again. Moments like that stay with you. Bless Rick and the Band. And bless John from Penna., four postings in three hours, his life must be pretty empty.

Sat Feb 14 17:53:55 MET 1998


From: penna

Hope that John Hammond isn't going high-brow on us. Rubberman you saw him get into a ford taurus? I saw him leaving a folk festival once guitar case in one hand,his pretty little daughter in other, then got into a older model sedan!

Sat Feb 14 17:37:34 MET 1998


From: penna

I agree John Hammond is a wonderful performer and authentically nice person. If he comes to your area get to his show, John is an american treasure. Magical and memorable live shows I have seen at small clubs I rate as follows. 1) any individual member of the Band. 2)Roy Buchanan 3)Delbert McClinton 4)John Hammond I know that Roy and John played with the Band, but Delbert and the Band together that would be "great". With Delbert's voice and harmonica skills and his blues/country leanings,it would be a perfect match. A couple of albums together is all i ask, they wouldn't have to tour! Stop dreaming out there about a Robbie Robertson reunion. It ain't gonna happen. Delbert and the Band now that would be dynamic and would rejuvinate all involved in the project. Is this possible? Or just wisful thinking?

Sat Feb 14 16:53:24 MET 1998


From: NJ

Although I love the Band, I feel that I must be honest about some of their recent performances. I was very excited on my way to see Levon and his band at a small Jersey club, but I left feeling quite sad. The band cooked but Levon looked and sounded poor. I will always remember him as the man belting out the lyrics to Dixie at The Waltz. Also got to see Danko in a similar setting and this is not the way I would like to remember him. Robbies version of The Weight at the opening of the Hall was also pretty poor. If you wan't to see a great show, go see John Hammond. He may be the best living interpreter of folk blues today. I saw him at a small club of about 50 people and it was the best show I've ever seen(including BB and Clapton), he is a one man band wailing on steel guitar, harmonica all the while keeping time with a foot stomp. From time to time he also slaps the guitar with his palm while simultaneously picking. His voice has come a long way since So Many Roads and may be his best instrument. John is very down to earth and we had a chance to talk with him before and after the show. I asked him of all the great electric guitar players he has played with including Allman, Bloomfield and Hendrix who was his personal favorite and a smile came to my face as he said "Robbie, well that boy could sure play the blues" He doesn't seem bitter about the Dylan/Grossman takeover although one wouldn't blame him if he did. He's to secure for that. We watched him drive away that night, not in a limo but in a Ford Taurus, it was a moment and a night I will never forget.

Sat Feb 14 16:51:44 MET 1998


From: penna

Hey Lolita, no offense taken. But Dylan isn't the"Greatest" anything as he would be the first to admit. To call him the greatest is to diminish the talents and contributions of many other wonderful poet/rockers. Dylan is certainly influentail and is popular and succesful, but you must admit he has created his share of "junk" in amongst his celebrated "gems". I think to tag someone "the greatest" the artist's body of work has to be almost flawless. Besides comparing dylan to rheinhardt is like apples to oranges. First, they are from a different genre and their acheivements relate according to "your" interests. For instance my own interests are not anything relating to allan ginsburg so I could care less what he thinks about anything. Also Dylan is a wordsmith who can play music, while someone like Django Rheinhardt is merely a pure and innovative musician. Another example: my parents love big band jazz and because of the exposure I do to. But no artist is "the greatest" of that era. There were people who stood out but no one was "the greatest". Ma and Pa don't give a twit for Dylan but thanks to me they appreciate "the Band" to a degree. Just a little too loud for the folks. For me Dylan's best moment on record was with "the Band" on Planet Waves.

Sat Feb 14 15:38:10 MET 1998

gopher(as i have been addressed for almost 25 years by all that know me)

jake: well, i'm not the world's biggest robbie fan, but you sure make an interesting point.

"bill graham presents" may have been one of the best books i have ever read, by the way. his sister's account of the train trip to the death camps, alone, is worth the book's price... not to mention bill's story, which is priceless.

happy valentines day jane... and my dearest love, christine!

Sat Feb 14 15:32:21 MET 1998


From: Long IslandWhen asked before his death to

When Alan Ginsberg was asked before his death to name the greatest poets of this century, Bob Dylan was at the top of his list. When Dylan combined his poetry with a very dynamic type of rock and roll it exploded into a new artform that is arguably a greater achievement than that of Django Reinhardt's. In my opinion Dylan was the more influential artist. Hope I haven't offended anyone. DYLAN IS THE GREATEST!!!!

Sat Feb 14 14:52:19 MET 1998


From: penna

Serge: I think your last several postings are "right on" and should be viewed as enlightening to those less grounded in reality. I always thought the terms "the greatest" or "a genius" where overused. For those who care, old R.Robertson interviews point to Djhango Rheinhardt as an early influence and inspiration. Mr D. may your voice of reason,common sense, knowledge and construction criticism never be stilled on this site. Jan H.: Thanks again for this site. Its simply the best of its kind around. Mucho Kudos!!

Sat Feb 14 14:27:26 MET 1998

Jethro (the horse)

From: PA

Quick question? Jan, Serge or anybody else. Does anybody know if any of the current Band members or Robbie access or know about this website? Thanks.

Sat Feb 14 14:12:33 MET 1998


From: Miami

I often wonder what would have happened to the Hawks, if like Levon, they lacked the perseverance needed for the 66 Dylan tour. We surely would have missed out on, in my opinion there best Dylan collaboration, the Basement Tapes. If Levon had stayed we may not have found out that Richard was a very unique drummer. I agree Buzzy, Rag Mama is proof of this. Of course The Band would'nt have been the Band without Levon's amazing talents but I wish he had shown a little more backbone and stayed, although even Levon wasn't going to top Mickey Jones on Ballad of a Thin Man and Tom Thumb. My hat goes off to Robbie and the boys. "Robbie was the leader of the Band since I first met them in 1968" Bill Graham, from the book Bill Graham Presents. SERGIO, those grapes your sucking on must be mighty bitter!!!

Sat Feb 14 13:57:42 MET 1998


From: London, Canada

My deepest appologies to all of my fellow Band fans, I was wrong and am truely sorry if I offended anybody or caused anybody any anguish. Please, please forgive me. You have made me see the light, the truth and most importantly, the error of my ways. I am now a better person. Bless you all.

Sat Feb 14 04:06:12 MET 1998

Silly Sally

From: Sarasota

I have a suggestion for Sergio the self proclaimed storyteller of our website. Each week you could enlighten us with one of your 30 plus stories of musical greatness. This way I don't have to waste my time and energy forming my own opinions. Got a pretty good chuckle from Buzzy Scoots, Jake and Mr.X. You don't seem as pompous and pretentious as others. I've heard rumors of another set of Band music from the genuine bootleg series. SMASHING!!! Garth's organ in We Can Talk, Richard's drumming in Rag Mama, Rick's backing vocals on Tears, Levon's vocal on Muddy's 19 years old, Robbies blues on the title track of John Hammond's I Can Tell, all make me weak in the knees.

Sat Feb 14 00:45:34 MET 1998

Al Pierce

From: Woodstock, NY

To Serge of Canada: I am a patient mam, but I am running out of patience with you. You are a blemish on this page, I don't care what you've donated to Jan. You are abbrasive, unfair and mean spirited, you are everything I strive not to be in my life. Gopher has posted his e-mail numerous times and has given of himself in the spirit of this guestbook: many people meeting to discuss something that they love (the Band). You have remained arrogant and aloof, as if you are better than the rest of us. If you know Levon so well, maybe this will ring a bell, " Son, if you can't get it right the first time, there ain't gonna be a second time." If you can't treat your fellow man better than this, you are lost.

Sat Feb 14 00:27:59 MET 1998

Buzzy Scoots

From: Tuledo


Fri Feb 13 23:47:53 MET 1998

Serge D.

From: London, Canada

Gopher is again distorting what my point was. It warrants a reply here as he won't identify himself, and I cannot contact him by Email.. I did not put down the Dylan/Hawk music. Matter of fact I was there, saw and heard it, and loved it.. I simply said that I ( Me, Moi,) don't consider the 1966 concerts as " the one most significant and important moment in the history of music " as someone here declared, probably due to ignorance of better and more lasting things.. Gopher, I am sorry but you are NOT trying to honour ( Canadian spelling ) Jan's request to be civil, or you would not insult me by hiding your identity and Email..THAT is being smug, MAN. Therefore in the future I won't dignify anonymous entries aimed at me with a reply, MAN ( Emulating Gopher here..). You have my Email location...use it or ignore me. As Jan requests "think before you type."

Mr X. ( another brave incognito ) What does Jimi Hendrix have to do with the Band.?? Is he that left-handed guitar genius who entertained by burning his fluid soaked instrument. Sorry I am not familiar with circus acts.

Fri Feb 13 22:59:07 MET 1998


Levon's "jesse james" is now avail on english CD and can be ordered from rpm records at 1-888-277-6732 for about $18 US - it is backed with kennerly's other civil war release called "white mansions" -the 2CD set is called "confederate tales" (as talked about in the web pages of jan's, where i found out about it myself)

Fri Feb 13 22:41:55 MET 1998


From: Erkelenz, Germany

hey pals, great web site. i`m looking for the complete last waltz recording. who can help? please mail back. anyway, when will the band play the next time in the western part of germany?

Fri Feb 13 21:05:47 MET 1998

Crazy Sredni

From: Gatorland

A.P from Woodstock???? hmmmmmm!

Fri Feb 13 19:37:31 MET 1998

Dave C.

From: Coldenham, NY

The local paper (Middletown Record, today's paper) carried a nice plug for Rick Danko (in honor of his appearance tonight in Chester, NY). It describes Rick as a local Woodstock artist who always helps charities and good causes. He will talk to his fans, he's very low key about his stardom. One day in Woodstock, the story goes, Rick was shopping for groceries. An old-timer stopped him and asked, "Aren't you one of those guys who played (a benefit to save a bridge) last night?" "Sure am," said Danko. "You know you guys are pretty good," said the old timer. "You ever think of doing that professionally?"

Fri Feb 13 15:50:57 MET 1998

Joe Frey

From: albany, ny

Levon's 4th album has been rereleased on cd by Edsel reocords on 2/10/98. I just ordered it from cdnow.

Fri Feb 13 15:13:28 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

I am resurfacing from my brief self-imposed exile from the flames to post a Valentine's Day remembrance of sorts.

On Feb. 6-7, 1975, Levon Helm & his mentor Henry Glover recorded the Muddy Waters sessions at the Turtle Creek studio in Woodstock. With backing provided by Levon, Garth, Paul Butterfield, Fred Carter, Howard Johnson, Pinetop Perkins & Bob Margolin, they laid down some of the most energetic tracks ever recorded by Muddy. On Valentine's Day following the sessions, Muddy was presented the key to the city in a ceremony held in Woodstock.

I was fortunate enough to have seen Muddy perform several times before his death and have many of his great recordings. Those of you who have seen THE LAST WALTZ got an all too brief glimpse of the wonderful exuberance that he brought to the stage. Levon, in his book, asserts that he fought to keep Muddy's performance in the final cut of the movie. God bless you Levon.

The inspired performances on the Woodstock Album, especially Garth's accordion & organ work, are a testament to Muddy's infectious influence on those fine musicians. Tomorrow on Valentine's Day, listen to that album or watch his performance of "Mannish Boy" in THE LAST WALTZ, or just remember Muddy Waters (ne McKinnley Morganfield) in your hearts. He was a mighty, mighty Man.

P.S. Hope I didn't write too much for you to handle Spider John. And Tommy--you're starting to sound more like H. Ross Perot than McGuane.

Fri Feb 13 14:05:42 MET 1998


oh, knock it off, serge. aside from being the band site cop, you wanna be their lawyer, too? i'm sorry. jan asked us to be civil, and i'm trying to comply. but really man, you're such a bloody boor... even when you make a valid point or supply a unique insight, rare information, etc., you're so damn smug about it, it's pathetic. happy valentine's day. check out some dylan/hawks '66, and fall in love, babe.

Fri Feb 13 09:57:49 MET 1998


From: hi

Recently on a trip to Zulu, Wisconin, the only decent hearing aid repair shop anywhere,i was doing my civillian best to help an aged lady to cross the street.Everything was going fine i even changed the hip hop tape in the ghetto blaster and carefully concealed the roach she had not noticed stuck to her lip, when to my total amazement her gaze met mine, Jimi Hendrix.

Fri Feb 13 07:54:03 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

When your arms are empty, got no where to goooooo!, come on down 'n catch the show.

Ba ba boom ba boom boom

They'll be saints 'n sinners, you'll see loosers and winners, all kinds of people you might wanna know....

Fri Feb 13 06:09:56 MET 1998


From: New Jersey

Right on Tommy! I more than share your view on Robertson.

Fri Feb 13 05:10:47 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

To Typically Canadian-many thanks. After hearing the appelation for years, I finally got to be da man. Anytime, TC. BTW, I've read in a number of sources that certain tunes from the official release of the Basement Tapes were subject to later overdubs. I listened to the four sides today and I'm pretty sure Bessie Smith is one of them. Any comments?

Fri Feb 13 03:29:10 MET 1998

Slim Pickens

From: Rancho Deluxe

Tommy: My cus's remarks got you confused. Put your hat on, its Ninety Two in the Shade. Either you're a Coral Reefer or you ain't my bro Tommy. Take care of your sick pups, could be contagious.

Fri Feb 13 03:04:48 MET 1998



i would like to wish OPHILIA ,form TORONTO, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Fri Feb 13 03:02:10 MET 1998

Buzzy Scoots

From: Tuledo

Yeah, and with a little work maybe we can get Serge on VH1's Storytellers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Feb 13 02:51:17 MET 1998

Jay Evans

From: Milan Georgia

J.D always out to get them in trouble.. Bo and Luke kiss ass all the time... I love it, I love it, I love it

Fri Feb 13 02:49:58 MET 1998


From: Miami

Maybe if enough of us make requests, we can get Jan to put some Django Reinhardt sound samples on the website. Gee wouldn't that be terrific! tHe bAnD Is SiMpLy SuBlImE. OOOps hope that wasn't hard to read.

Fri Feb 13 02:07:01 MET 1998


From: Jersey

"A man who is not busy being born, is busy dying." When I look at Robbies musical direction, I am reminded of this Dylan quote. More insight from Sergio please. I would like to know your opinion of Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix. Maybe this music isn't sophisticated enough for your delicate ears. Why don't you try to play some Jimi tonight and get back to us on this one. Or better yet, dazzle us with some of your poetry. Thanks,X

Fri Feb 13 01:26:21 MET 1998


From: Skokie USA

If the Band would put out something as historically significant and musically interesting as Crossing The Great Divide, I'd gladly shell out for it. However, they chose to release the same greatest hits package three times, augmenting the last one with a fair unreleased collection. The nice thing about opinions is that everyone has them. If you think the Dylan/Hawks '66 shows were the greatest in history, God bless you because, for you, you're right. BTW, Art Tatum was not totally blind.

Thu Feb 12 22:40:22 MET 1998




Thu Feb 12 18:06:10 MET 1998

thomas achilles

From: europe, germany, berlin
Home page:

Hi, as a small Bobcat I#m trying to get some band-shows. 10/1/72, Isle of Wight, 1965 - 66 and more the show where they played Crash on the leevee the opener for two years for bob. in exchange i could spin you tapes of Bobshows from the last years where he preforms a lot of band stuff! so take care tom_a

Thu Feb 12 17:50:17 MET 1998


From: Woodstock, NY

Please note: Rick Danko is playing Bodle's Opera House on Fri, Feb 13th, phone there is 914-469-4595; and the Crowmatix are playing the next night in Pawling at The Town Crier, phone 914-855-1300. And "Tommy": this is getting scary- you're starting to make sense- I enjoy your entries in the guestbook.

Thu Feb 12 16:29:19 MET 1998

Heather Marceau a/k/a Caledonia

From: Acton, MA

Just making this post so you know who I am...wouldn't want to be accused of not giving my name as a way to hide.... When I say nasty my meaning is basically that I just get tired of seeing people put each other down and use negative words here all the time....seems that if you don't agree with someone you get jumped on... Heather

Thu Feb 12 16:15:56 MET 1998


From: too hot in the shade

John boy, glad to hear you like The Band. Why don't you try and stay focused on that? You kinda lost me there with the rest of your comments. Listen up good buddies, here's the deal with Robbie: Pop trends + MTV videos = radio air play = $$. The boy's a genius and he ain't livin in the past like a lot of you people. Don't criticize what you don't understand and if you're lookin for the real thing, he can show you where it went. Sure his new stuff sounds different and you wanna know why? Because the boy likes to play new grooves rather than repackage the same old stuff over and over again. Well I don't want to rile up anybody, just get you to face up to the facts. I'm a Hemmingway type of guy. Hone with stone and cut to the bone. Gotta go now partners. My bird dogs are spooked and just went runnin off across the Missouri breaks.

Thu Feb 12 16:03:15 MET 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Home page: http://Sergedaniloff Fan

Hey Serge: I ordered the BOOTLEG "Crossing the G.D." and I'm PROUD of it!! I wouldn't call interest in different Band material 'robbing'. Maybe the boys should have released this stuff themselves and we would not have to go this route. I can't wait till my copy comes in!! Hey BEN PIKE, you can order "Crossing the Great Divide" from Generation Records by dialing 212-254-8008 and asking for Eva (pronounced Eh-Vah as she told me when I called-Ha!) Thanks to Pat Brennan for posting this # in Jan. You da man Pat! Long Live the Band

Thu Feb 12 14:32:01 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: Canada

What IS "Nasty" Miss Caledonia (?)is the number of so called Band Fans openly using this web site to get info. on how to acquire a bootleg record that robs "The BAND" of remuneration for their musical efforts. That is NASTY. Not discussions on the merits of Robbie's electronic forays, or Bob Dylan/Grossman strategies.

Thu Feb 12 06:34:22 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Hey, no big story, it was wedsday evening, I just happened to be the first to inform everyone about the seriousness of the impending storm. Thats all. Hey, I got a buddy in LA wants that croxxing the devide thing, do you know where he can get it there?

Thu Feb 12 05:43:26 MET 1998


From: Acton, MA

Nasty Nasty Nasty, makes a lady not want to come here anymore. It's too bad because sometimes there are some good posts on here. I am almost ashamed to be grouped with some of you who call yourselves Band would think we aren't that nasty. Sorry Jan, but postings like the ones made recently aren't worth even coming here. Caledonia. P.S. Anyone disagree? me...

Thu Feb 12 05:20:37 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London. Ontario, Canada

Mr X...( now there's an original handle to hide behind)..The Dylan/Hawks 1966 tour "one the greatest stories in the history of music"..???

Mozart a prodigy at age of 5.....Beethoven writing his latter works in total deafness....Django Reinhardt weaving magic on an acoustic guitar, still unequalled, and this while fingering with two paralyzed fingers on his hand...( Eric Clapton unplugged..!? Give me a break!)...Art Tatum's piano playing in total darkness since birth.... Those are some of the greatest stories in the history of music....But Dylan, seeing the writing on the wall, his protest songs having dried up, and going rock and roll ( a great career and business move, with Grossman in the driver's seat) figure THAT one the greatest sories in the history of music...?? Get real..!

Give us your name and Email, and I'll send you 30 pages of greatest stories in the history of music.

Thu Feb 12 03:55:23 MET 1998


"Not gonna spend my hard earned money on electronic, dance rave music no matter how good of a talent Robertson is. An ignorant statement when one considers the fact that this person has not yet heard the record. I imagine this is how the early Dylan folk purists felt when they tried to deny Dylan the right to create the amazing and quite artistic Highway 61,Blonde on Blonde, and perhaps his greatest achievment, the 66 tour with the Hawks minus Levon. This is one of the greatest stories in the history of music and please don't mistake the point of artistic integrity as a comparison between Robbie and Dylan. And if the album should happen to recieve critical acclaim, please don't buy it and prove to be a hypocrite as well as ignorant. ...X

Thu Feb 12 02:55:27 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Pat Brennan: "The Golden Headband" is an award for distinguished writing. I just coined it, but I offer it to Jan & Co. Tommy: I was a parrothead before I became a Headband. Deal with it. I said I preferred The Band's version of Dixie to Joan's, but her's @ Carnegie is better than none. My "Move to Japan" is putting on Jericho;t Jimmy don't play there anyway. Bottom line- I love The Band.

Thu Feb 12 02:00:09 MET 1998


From: penna

I've got Robbie's 3 solo albums but the buck stops here! Not gonna spend my hard earned money on electronic pop,dance,rave music no matter how good of a talent Robertson is. Tiny: How far has Robbie really come? Maybe his next solo album will be pure Disco! I wonder if he will ever do an album with Eric Clapton,which was proposed about a year ago. I'd bet the similar musical backrounds and the creative juices of robbie and eric would result in an awesome recording.

Wed Feb 11 23:03:32 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Tiny..thanks for the report on Robbie's latest pursuit of commercial pap. Please do not type in caps.It's so hard to read. And please Tiny... use your real name, the one your parents gave you. Don't be ashanmed of it.

Wed Feb 11 22:31:41 MET 1998




Wed Feb 11 22:19:50 MET 1998




Wed Feb 11 15:43:41 MET 1998


From: too hot in the shade

What's the matter John boy, did I bushwack your piano? Seems to me you're barkin up the wrong tree cause there ain't no coral reefers in this here Band. Virgil Caine is the name and I hang out at the sportin club where I tie flies, tell lies and shoot buckshot at screen plays. Hey good buddy you write like you been trippin with that Skelton boy down the key. If you don't like it round here why don't you trade in your surf board for a snow board and move to Japan?

Wed Feb 11 07:42:33 MET 1998

Bill A.

From: Friday Harbor Wa.

I am looking for Robert Ellis/Repfoto,and or photos from concert in 1976 at Santa Barbara County Bowl,also any photos from (LFI).These pics appeared in the book THE BAND ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE I am looking more,Thanks.I remember that day as a very hot day in July S.B.,C.A.

Wed Feb 11 05:44:26 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Spider John. Really, man. "Til so much cavalry came..." Very choice substitution on Joan's part. Hopefully she'll sing that version at Carnegie and General Stoneman can spin in his grave. Or maybe the Golden Headband remark was actually a compliment to Peter Viney. Gosh, then, I take it all back. How about posting your real Email?

Wed Feb 11 02:24:19 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Pat Brennan: My apologies. Give Viney the "Golden Headband" for 1998. Tommy a/k/a David Powell? You are a neighbor of Jake the Snake after all? Touche'.

Wed Feb 11 01:12:46 MET 1998

javier lago

From: madrid, spain

simply the best

Wed Feb 11 00:26:18 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Nice to hear that some other folks on this site saw "Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus" Friday and Saturday. I saw the Saturday show at the Rodeo Bar. (Funny thing, too -- I hadn't seen an ad or anything, and was just walking past the Rodeo Bar that morning when I saw a sign that they were playing that night. Three of my favorite musicians, playing 2 blocks from my apartment, with no cover charge! I'm still in shock.)

The show was great fun. It was interesting to see the three "junior" members of The Band on their own. The songs of interest to Band fans were great renditions of Remedy and Don't Do It (Randy on lead vocals). The rest of the setlist I didn't recognize, but was quite good also. Many instrumentals as well as blues/R&B-type stuff, all very well played & got the crowd going. All 3 of the Band members stood out with their playing -- and Randy with his vocals -- but I was particularly impressed by Richard Bell's piano work. It sounded so loose & fresh, akin to his great playing on Back to Memphis (High on the Hog version). At one point, the other players stepped aside while he played various songs & bits of songs on the piano -- reminded me of Garth's great "Genetic Method" improvisations.

Tue Feb 10 23:29:01 MET 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York

I saw Jimmy Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus last Friday night. Read Stu Hruska's entry here on Feb. 9 for details. They played a few BAND songs including REMEDY and many great originals. All I can say is the show was excellent, the band was very tight and Jimmy Weider is the most underrated guitarist in the business. Jimmy says that they will be coming back to the area soon so keep on checkinbg the Village Voice for details. EDDIE

Tue Feb 10 21:14:15 MET 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Robbie Robertson is quoted (very briefly) in the Feb. 14 edition of TIME, in the "Verbatim" column. A sentence about people who read too much into Bob Dylan's lyrics. You're welcome, Carole.

Tue Feb 10 17:30:46 MET 1998


From: too hot in the shade

Who's this guy using my persona? Sounds like my old brother in law Jimmy. Any damn fool knows Baez messed up those lyrics. Pay attention to the words boy. Two can do it too (not to).

Tue Feb 10 15:54:55 MET 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Can anyone help me find the Bob Dylan Bootlegs "The Genuine Bootleg Series" and "The Genuine Bootleg Series,Take 2"? I read about them on this page, but so far have not located them. I ordered the boot "Crossing the Great Divide" last week and I am more excited then a kid at Christmas. Please Santa, don't forget where I live!! Also: !!Only One Month till Robbie's new CD is in my stereo!!

Tue Feb 10 05:22:55 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Peter Viney has posted an excellent article on Shootout In Chinatown as a result of the ongoing discussion here. Check out Recent Updates for it. And Spider John, it's fine if you don't appreciate others discussing various aspects of the Band's music. What is it that you'd like to talk about?

Tue Feb 10 02:19:31 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

Butch: Joan Baez's cover of "Dixie" was probably as popular and well known as the original. Though I strongly prefer the original, hers is not to shabby. Lacey, if The Band can't physically be at Carnegie Hall on the 25th, they'll be there when she does "Dixie". Much ado about nothing (Shootout in C Town). Now another article, atleast I "m an anonmous cite.

Mon Feb 9 17:46:48 MET 1998

Steve Harding

From: Driftward

I haye been in a coma for the last 25 years Bob D and the BAND woke mi up to write this Thankyou so much and thankyou Jack DANIEL Love and play on

Mon Feb 9 15:35:46 MET 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hey Levon and Rick! Get your butts up here and perform for us Canadians!! I don't have to remind you of your Canadian roots do I? Canadians are HUGE Band fans, it's almost a right of passage. So please come and see us, especially us Maritimers in Halifax. See you soon (I hope)

Mon Feb 9 07:13:47 MET 1998

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

I posted that Jim Weider, Randy Ciarlante and Richard Bell would be appearing at The Louiaiana Community Bar and Grill on Friday evening. Unfortunately my son had a basketball game friday night so it was no go for me. I was really disappointed as I missed their gig a few weeks ago. Spent Saturday night at a hotel in NYC to celebrate my Birthday as we do every year. When I checked into the hotel I called the Louisiana Bar and Grill on a hunch that the boys would be there on Saturday night. No such luck! Went out to dinner at a really nice jazz club with my college buddies and their wives. After dinner we drove down to Generation Records to buy the new bootleg Dylan and the Band three CD set The Great Divide, but they were out of copies. Back to the hotel where I am reading through the Village Voice and I see that Jim, Randy and Richard are appearing at a club called Rodeo on 3rd Ave and 27th Street last set at 11:30. I get out of bed and dressed and off to see the show. My wife was too tried to join me.

I arrive as they are doing their last set. All I can say is they were great. They were joined by Chris Zaloom on the guitar, who Jim said he was his mentor and Lamont Depew on vocals. Sorry I have no set list, but take my word they were really cooking.

After the show I remind Jimmy that tonight was the 13th anniversary of seeing him perform with The Band at the Lonestar Cafe. I know because its my Birthday! In fact that night was the last time I saw Richard Manuel perform with The Band. Actually Jimmy looks the same as he did 13 years ago. Wish I could say the same about me! Randy reminded me that he Levon and The Crowmatics would be at The Town Crier Cafe in Pawling, N.Y. this weekend. I also spoke to Richard Bell for some time. Actually It was the first time I've ever spoken with him. We spoke about his involvement with Janice Joplin, The Band, Ronnie Hawkins Colin Linden, and Albert Grossman. I mentioned that I had seen him performing with Janice Joplin on TV this year on old Dick Cavitt reruns. He looked much younger.

While I was sitting in the audience listening to how well the boys played together I couldn't help thinking how much they have added to the sound of the current lineup of The Band. Jericho, High on The Hog, Carnegie Hall 96 & 97. Many gigs that Marcia and I were right up at the stage enjoying the music we love the most. The boys said that all the Band members are doing their own things at the moment. Something they've done in the past. They hope to get together for a new cd in the Spring.

Mon Feb 9 03:53:41 MET 1998


From: Upstate NY

Lacey of Mount Pleasant,SC: I agree with you that Joan Baez is a fine singer (with a million dollar smile), but I'm at a loss why you connect her with the Band, except that she's taken the March time slot at Carnegie Hall that the Band cancelled. Good luck to her.

Mon Feb 9 03:38:41 MET 1998


From: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mrs. Joan Baez, I think that I am your youngest fan. My mom used to sing me your songs so I'd sleep and now I still am in love with your voice and your music. Please come and play a few songs or stop by and see your admirers in Mt. Pleasant. You are my idol and I think the song "You're aging well" that you sing with Dar Williams is about you. You were beautiful then and still are now. You are so talented and you have lead the most interesting life. You have experianced so many things. I hope that one day I could meet you. So maybe you will consider visiting. Thank you for your voice, your time and your music.

Mon Feb 9 02:50:38 MET 1998

Mrs. Elston Gunn

From: The North Country

I have always wondered why Elston wanted his blue jeans washed and ironed just so on that January day in 1993. Elston said they had to look just perfect. So i carefully ironed them until they were just as smooth as could be. Elston said his jeans had to look really fine at the bash. Now i know why. Thanks to the pictures from Dag I see that he did indeed look great in them that night. Love the site Jan. Now i gotta get back and iron some of Elston's polka dot shirts.

Mon Feb 9 00:10:39 MET 1998


hey 'friend' i disagree. it's even harder than that. hats off to all who manage, indeed. well put.

Mon Feb 9 00:06:03 MET 1998




Sun Feb 8 22:52:15 MET 1998




Sun Feb 8 21:09:10 MET 1998

A Friend

From: U.S.

Maybe I can start a little good conversation. Remember when Robbie wrote and Richard sang "Funny how people think your life is so complete, when it's really you who envies the man on the street." Remember when Robbie said of life on the road, "It's a Goddamn impossible way of life." How many of us have given much thought to what it must be like to be one of our heroes? The music business treadmill only runs in one direction. Imagine having to get up on stage night after night singing the same songs and pretending to be having the time of your life when maybe you'd rather be doing something else just then. I can't imagine the pressure with fragile egos, uncertain income and trying to live up to everyone else's expectations. Behind the image, these are real people with problems and fears like the rest of us. They put their reputation on the line with every show. We wonder why they don't do "Dixie" when perhaps we should be amazed they manage to play at all. My hat's off to them all. Anyone care to agree or disagree?

Sun Feb 8 18:24:03 MET 1998


From: wilmington de

yo cosmo. hold your horses. i don't think rick is on his death bed and sure doesn't wanna hear that kind of talk. sure he could afford to lose a couple pf pounds, but couldn't we all. the luck of the irish has struck me again as i am going to Jackson Hole Wyo. on Sat Feb 21 and Rick is playing at the local pub on Sat Feb 14th. I can't believe it.

Sun Feb 8 15:19:26 MET 1998


From: melrose,ma.


Sun Feb 8 11:45:02 MET 1998


Home page:

hi. i just scrolled down a bit. y'all are getting a bit testy again... ya done ran most of the womenfolk outta here already. c'mon, this is too good a scene to waste, and jan has put so much into it. if he nukes it you'll be sorry, and only have yourselves to blame.

i just heard about carl wilson. what a drag. r.i.p.

Sun Feb 8 11:31:29 MET 1998


Home page:

...and richard manuel is a saint.

Sun Feb 8 05:03:39 MET 1998

Sweet William

Robbie is a king and well,Garth is God.

Sun Feb 8 03:49:56 MET 1998

Hank Chinanski

From: the gutter

LOOK OUT, a discriminating Band fan has got him self a computer. I'm glad to able to finaly voice my opions, on who i consider to be the greatest musical group, stillstanding. Of course i speak of "The Band". I've had the good fortune of seeing quite a few shows. Some of the shows with the likes of, Sam Chaz, and we've seen some dandies!! I look forward to seeing The Band playing live again. Hopefully soon (fingers crossed) as im starting to jones, and only a Band show can give me my fix! a

Sun Feb 8 03:32:38 MET 1998


From: Brennan USA

Spicoli-obviously I'm the same Pat from SNL. Duh. Send cash to anywhere in New York. I'll get it.

Sun Feb 8 03:07:43 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: NY

Stu Hruska and Eddie Hodel: How's about a review and setlist for 3/5 of The Band (BAN) Friday Louisiana Bar. Spicoli: Write back when the drugs wear off.

Sun Feb 8 02:33:50 MET 1998


From: LA

Pat, if I send u the money would you pick me up a copy? Are u the same Pat from S.N.L?

Sun Feb 8 02:30:13 MET 1998


From: Los Angeles

Ben Pike: Could you please tell me about "Look Out Cleveland"? Are u 4 real?

Sun Feb 8 01:16:05 MET 1998


From: Brennan

Crossing The Great Divide is available at Generation Records. Their phone is posted in the guestbook under my name towards the end of January.

Sun Feb 8 01:12:15 MET 1998


From: Los Angeles

Mark from Canada, Dude, who the heck is Sans Levon?

Sat Feb 7 23:09:31 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

It should be noted that the problem of Racism with "Shootout In Chinatown" was first noted by Greil Marcus in "Mystery Train." I have always seen the tune as a bouncy period peice....this song WAS done live at some shows.....That "Crossing The Great Devide" sounds awsome, anyone know how to get it?

Sat Feb 7 11:25:42 MET 1998

Richard Whelan-Stevens

From: Berkeley, CA

Thanks AHROOO for the idea about E-Mailing VH1 to show videos from the upcoming Robbie album. I hear the advance word on this album is that is awesome, by far his best ever. While we're E-Mailing our requests to Vh1, why not request some old videos of old Band clips and performances? Vh1 has been quite "Band friendly" with their showing of the special on the making THE BAND and their use of Levon as the narrator for other programs. It's great that they are aknowledgng the importance of The Band, and we should urge them to continue the good work.

Sat Feb 7 05:16:30 MET 1998


From: west Toronto

The Horseshoe Tavern on Queen Street West. Is celebrating it's 50th Aniversary in 1998. For those of you that don't know, The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Is one of the pillars of live music.

The owner is quoted in the papers as saying, The night the Rolling Stones played here ranks up there. right up there ... but

The best night was in 1989. When The Band got their Lifetime Juno Award, The Band was playing at the Horseshoe, and Robbie Robertson showed up at the back door, with his guitar. He apparently joined The Band on stage. And the owner apparently bought drinks For the entire bar for the next two hours.

I remember the CBC broadcast of The Band playing with Blue Rodeo behind them. The Band being Robbie, Rick and Garth. Sans Levon. Was anyone there? If you were, let's hear about it.

Sat Feb 7 01:30:17 MET 1998


From: anywhere from the states

In a current issue of Billboard, Robbie is mentioned. This is in reguards to his upcoming release, "Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy." Capitol Records' VP of marketing in the (U.S.), Steve Rosenblatt says that the label is hoping to get VH1's support in a major way to promote Robbie's new album. They are hoping to get him on "Storytellers" and possibly an installment of the show, "Legends." We as fans can make this work! If you adore Robbie as much as me, please join in and e-mail VH1 at Tell them you want to see more of ROBBIE on their programming! The man needs more support! Don't let this great legend collect dust!! Show him YOUR support!!! I for one, would LOVE to see this happen! Hey, no offense to the other guys in The Band......just consider this a time for him to get the rightful recognition! Jan, GREAT website!! Sir, keep up the excellent work! Thank you. AHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (enthusiastically) ;)

Fri Feb 6 23:03:03 MET 1998

John Doe

From: Somewhere down the Crazy River

Looking forward to Robbie's new CD. Great web site.

Fri Feb 6 15:14:14 MET 1998

Stefan Schmidt

From: Berlin, Germany

The Band is my favourite group for over 20 years now. I never get tired of hearing the original five members at their peak. What a unit!

Fri Feb 6 07:56:55 MET 1998

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon (near Portland)

Hi! We are fortunate here in Portland to be listening to the first cut from Robbie Robertson's new CD, Contact from Underworld of Red Boy. The song is titled "Unbound" and is a haunting tune with a definte Robertson stamp! It is different than anything else he has done to date, but then I think he is so imaginative in his writing, he has to have a different theme each time! KINK Radio in Portland plays the song every four hours or so.

They play other Robbie works, Somewhere Down the Crazy River, Broken Arrow, Testimony...and they play The Band, Weight, Cripple Creek, etc. Also! Muddy Waters, Mannish Boy was on as I drove home tonight.

If you didn't catch Robbie's appearance on VH-1 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction was a splendid night. Not only did RR narrate all the stories about the Inductees (Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Mamas & Papas, etc) he also presented an award to Allen Toussaint and talked about one of the highlights of his life Rock of Ages, LIVE...which Allen arranged the horn charts on. Long live The Band, and Robbie's talents!

Love ya all,
Jolene Oberg

Fri Feb 6 02:52:58 MET 1998




Fri Feb 6 02:11:58 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Tiny M: Wire me some money so I can go get Crossing...ok?

The Band's oriental connection dates back to at least Rockin Chair. Remember John Simon and Levon on the VH-1 special asking whose idea it was for that song's ending?

Thu Feb 5 23:51:39 MET 1998

all our pastimes

From: kansas

this is great.

Thu Feb 5 22:50:03 MET 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York

Great site, Thanks again Jahn et al. Three members of THE BAND WILL BE PLAYING ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 AT THE LOUISIANA BAR AND GRILL IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN. I hope some fans will attend.

Thu Feb 5 15:21:53 MET 1998


From: Acton, MA

ok...I am throwin my hat in this ring... I think that if you stop and thikn about it, all music speaks of life itself...whether it's Japan or the South or Racism or what have you....isn't that what the music is for? To celebrate life whether it's the good or the bad communicate thoughts and feelings...whether they are good or bad... This whole idea about the Band and their ties to Japan and prejudice in their songs is a good argument...but one that I don't think should be singled out....or we can just start criticizing all music as well and look for underlying prejudice in everything.

Thu Feb 5 15:21:25 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Definition of facetious: 1) Jocular in an often clumsy or inappropriate manner. 2) Characterized by pleasantry or levity.

Last time I checked, this was a web site for discussing The Band, its members & their music. This is not the appropriate place to attack other individuals, especially those who don't conceal or obscure their true identity.

No further comment.

Thu Feb 5 09:49:45 MET 1998

Richard Whelan-Stevens

From: Berkeley,CA

I think the comments raised by David Powell regarding possible anti-Asian prejudice in The Band's music are worthy of serious thought and shouldn't be automatically dismissed. It's a close call. Songs like "Shoot out" and the others mentioned seem to be based on broad stereotypes, but the fact is that alot of music and literature is based on broad stereotypes. One could argue that The Band's music is based on alot of broad stereotypes of Southern and rural folk. Other stereotypes could be found. One could argue, for instance, that "Jemima Surrender" is racist(as well as the Condederate sympathies of "The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down".) It's also possible that "Cripple Creek" and many other songs are sexist, that "Hobo Jungle" insults the homeless, that "Sleeping" is a slur against narcoleptics, that "Blind Willie McGee" and "Tiny Montgomery", well, you get the idea. The line between being hurtful and offensive and artistic expression is not a clear one, and I certainly can't define where it is. Perhaps the best way to evaluate the racism/non-racism of an artist is to look at the overall spirit and intent of their work. In this regard, The Band, both collectively and individually, have exemplary records for devotion to progressive causes, and for celebrating and honoring the accomplishments of African-American and Native American musicians. Based on this, I don't see any real racism, anti-Asian, or otherwise, in The Band's music, but it is understandable and regretable if some people's sensitivies have been offended.

Thu Feb 5 08:39:07 MET 1998


From: Arkansas

David Powell you are a man of grace and patience hang in there brother. Flames die from lack of fuel or liberal dose of extinguishing material, both delivered in quantity!

Thu Feb 5 05:17:03 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Anyone interested in purchasing Crossing The Great Divide should check out the guestbook entries at the end of January. Generation Records' phone is posted there. Ask for Eva-she'll take care of you. Although Shootout In Chinatown isn't on my top 10 list, I didn't realize that was the gist of the discussion. If, in fact, you could go to Frisco's Chinatown at some point in the past and find saloons in the back of laundries, brothels, and opium dens, then how could that be construed as anti-Asian? No doubt Robbie, as is his wont, read about the wild times in some history of SF's Chinatown and composed a little ditty based on it. If some listener thinks that all Asians own laundries that cover for speak-easy's as a result of listening to this song, then I imagine the fault is in the ears of the listener. I recall a similiar point being made about Smoke Signal which was a song about a young person's viewing of a Cowboys and Indians movie. Move to Japan? Well, Dave, I'm with you there.

Thu Feb 5 04:23:01 MET 1998



tiny M.-I want "crossing the Great Divide" bad. Can it be bought in stores? How do I get it? or is it a boot? Thanks.

Thu Feb 5 04:21:35 MET 1998

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Jim Weider and The Honky Tonk Gurus, Richard Bell and Randy Ciarlante of The Band will appear at The Louisiana Community Bar and Grill on Friday night at 11PM. Located at 622 Broadway corner of Houston NYC.

Thu Feb 5 02:06:48 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

I like "Move to Japan" , haven't heard "China Girl" and know that "Shootout in Chinatown" wasn't exactly one of the boys most frequently played songs. It doesn't take an English major, amateur music critic type to know that The Band is not into attacking Asians. Mr. Powell you write to much and are to taken with yourself. If you really were the musical genius you think you are you could figure out my "cryptic" pseudonymn and origin. If you can write lyrics better than Robby then go right ahead. Don't use a pseudonymn.

Thu Feb 5 02:05:57 MET 1998




Wed Feb 4 23:47:23 MET 1998


From: DC

If anybody in the DC area is interested in seeing Levon & The Crowmatix this weekend, I've got a little information about the show. Tickets are $20, show starts at 8, although the guy on the phone said there are two opening acts and Levon probably won't come on until 10. The venue is a place called JAXX in Springfield: JAXX, 6355 Rolling Rd., Springfield., VA, (703) 569-5940

Wed Feb 4 23:03:51 MET 1998

David R.

From: DC Area

"Move to Japan" seems to me to be a lighthearted song, poking fun at the rise of Japan in the world at the same time as the relative decline of America. As Levon says in his Autobio, he and the rest of The Band loved Japan and the Japanese when they toured there in the 80's. As Levon says several times in his book, his alltime favorite food in the whole world is sushi. He even claims, in a tounge-in-cheek sort of way, that his decision to move to California was influenced by the greater availablility of sushi there!

Wed Feb 4 23:02:21 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario.

All you Band must give this Russian singer a listen..( See the recent updates ) It's terrific..on some tunes it's like listening to vintage Dylan with the Band. The whole CD is available for downloading to Real Audio...and it's free. Jim Weider's playing is great and Garth's B3 Hammond work alone is worth the 15 bucks. Check my Guestbook entry Feb. 2nd. and watch for more in the updates.

Wed Feb 4 16:26:27 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Okay people, lighten up. Amidst the recent flame wars that became prevalent on this web site, I made some rather facetious comments in an attempt to steer things back to musical matters. I did not mean to offend anyone, but sadly, satire oftens brings out vindictiveness.

First off, my comments regarding the "Spider John" reference were made in response to "Brilliant Guy from NYC" and those of "Spider John (himself?) from Rancho Deluxe." --Why do some people adopt pseudonyms & vague places of origin when posting their comments? I facetiously carried the Spider John reference to a music topic extreme. Well excuse me! Granted, the subject of the "Ballad of Spider John" (written by Willis Alan Ramsey) may indeed be a card shark & desperado, but in the world of traditional folk & blues music, songs don't literally exist in a vacuum. Songs often contain references to past traditions, including people's names. Is it a mere coincidence that one semi-legendary songwriter would borrow the name of the semi-legendary Mr. Koerner for the title of a song? Enough said about that.

Secondly, I stand by my comments about the three songs with the "Asian motifs". Not only are these songs musically forgetable, the lyrics are simplistic. For example: "They came in undercover / To the laundry's back room / And right before their eyes / Was a Shanghai saloon."..."For about five dollars / Or one thousand yen / You could gamble n ramble in a brothel / Or take it to the opium den." Associating people of Chinese descent with laundries, brothels & opium dens are not only tired cliches, but insults as well. One more example: "Girls with almond eyes / Eatin' seaweed and rice.." in "Move to Japan."--These lines, like most of the lyrics to this song, are not only simplistic, but contain almost every traditional insulting way to refer to the Japanese people. Now tell me seriously, would any of these songs really be on your list of material you like to hear performed by members of The Band the next time you see them live?

Once again--lighten up guys. It's the music that matters. These days, with the exception of Robbie Robertson's efforts, new material is a precious commodity, and I was only pointing out some songs that I would rather not hear performed again. I welcome intelligent feedback as always. Later

Wed Feb 4 15:35:03 MET 1998

craig webb

From: canada

Enjoyed the site greatly! Starting seeing The Hawks @ the Club Riveria in Norval, Ontario when I was about 15 (36 yrs. ago!). Every guitarist in Toronto like Domenic Troiano, Freddie Keeler and Mike McKenna all watch him and copied everything. I guess Roy Buchanan was the father of the Toronto Sound guitar. Met levon years later in London, Ont. playing with the Cates and we partied and had a ball. What a down to earth guy. It's a shame that most of the Band fans around the world never got to see the boys do Toronto R&B because they were the toughest around." Mr. Dylan" changed that forever but the Band is still one of my alltime faves.

Wed Feb 4 15:32:41 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA.

My spelling's not too flattering either...that's economy, not ecomonomy or whatever I wrote. Geeze!

Wed Feb 4 15:29:52 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

China Girl is a love song. I have wondered how Levon would get along with sushi. He just comes across as a grits and chitlins kinda dude. And Move to Japan isn't too flattering, because it's about a little too much Japanese influence in the ecomonmy. A good Reagan era song. Patriotic?

I remember Shoot Out to be a kinda Oriental gangster song with opium dens and such.

Wed Feb 4 06:54:45 MET 1998


Oops that was Nick not Rick.

Wed Feb 4 06:52:53 MET 1998

Miles Langham

From: Rogers AR

I agree with Rick. I love Move to Japan. I think China Girl is a solo Levon from American Son. Fred Carter Jr. plays a great guitar ride on that one. Same song as John Cougar Mellancamp on "American Fool" ??? I think that's the album. Many thanks to those who responded with info on Levons solo stuff.

Wed Feb 4 06:02:40 MET 1998

nick tovo

From: newark, de.

david powell, your comments must be unfounded. "China Girl" I know nothing about, but "Move to Japan" off "Jericho" is truly a positive ode to Japan. The BAND has always been popular in Japan and that was Levon's and Jim's way of recognizing that. To make a comment about Danko, who was only touring in another country that appreciates him, rings of bad taste. The only thing that is coming around is hopefully, THE BAND, DANKO or HELM & THE CROWMATIX.

Wed Feb 4 05:42:06 MET 1998


From: Brennan

Regarding Dave Powell's observations about the Band's Asian bias. Shoot Out In Chinatown seems to be a song about a past incident in San Francisco's Chinatown. I don't detect any anti-Asian bias in the song. It's more of a narrative with a subtle rip on the civil authorities. If you saw the 1983 comeback tour, you would have seen the Band flying the Japanese flag behind them onstage. Much of the concert swag also had a Japanese motif. It was in obvious tribute to the rapturous greeting the group received when they toured there just before they returned to the States. Move To Japan seems something of a tribute to that country (Levon is indeed a Sushi addict), albeit one that could easily be misconstrued. China Girl I'm not familiar with. While I liked Shootout, I agree with Dave that Move To Japan is indeed forgettable. As far as the perceived bias entering into Rick's problems in Japan, I'll leave that to the believers.

Wed Feb 4 03:27:32 MET 1998


From: NA

Spider John- David Powell is probably the most dedicated participant we have in the Band guestbook. No one's looking for trouble here. Chill out.

Wed Feb 4 01:52:35 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

David Powell, Your comments about the Band and Asians are provocative and seem designed to start a war. I don't want to be censored so I'm toning down my remarks. You are obviously ignorant of The Band. You also never admitted you were wrong about my namesake. People like you do start the bad feelings around here. Then when people get upset about it and call you on it you whine and cry. Guys like you don't get censored, to bad.

Tue Feb 3 22:44:50 MET 1998



Hey, George! Howdy, I hope you read the Guestbook from time to time. I would appreciate any info on Rick and Levon and the rest of the Band, if their gonna do any solo´s or Band tours over here in Europe Thanks, wish you all the best of health. Easy Ed!

Tue Feb 3 15:55:26 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Has anyone else noticed that the members of The Band have recorded several songs that are not only forgetable, but could also be construed as demeaning to people of Asian descent? I'm talking about "Shootout in Chinatown", "China Girl", & "Move to Japan".

If one believes in karma, one could say that this came back to haunt a least one Band member on his recent visit to Japan. It all comes back.

Tue Feb 3 05:38:13 MET 1998

Miles Langham

From: Rogers Arkansas

I just ran across this wonderful resource this evening it's 10:30 PM here. I am a huge fan of the band, 36 years old so a little behind the curve of things so to speak. I play music, live for music, please Lord take my sight or my life before you take my hearing. I have had the pleasure of meeting all of The Bands current line up. I even drove Jimmy, Randy and Richard from the Ramada Inn in Fayetteville Arkansas to the sound check before there show at CountryLand in Springdale Arkansas. Hey that was a big grin for me!!! But a lot of the people outside of musicians that I know don't know who these people are until the song comes on classic rock radio. My point is simply that if Jan want's us to be civil and all let's do it. The people who post on this board will I am sure be a source of knowledge and hopefully sources of music for youngins like me . Now which one of you folks can point me to Levon's American Son album??

Tue Feb 3 04:53:31 MET 1998

Miles Langham

From: Rogers Arkansas

Many a web site my browser has crossed few as well done or as informative as this one. NONE with better subject matter or readers I AM SURE. Levon if you read this we need you AND/OR THE BAND back in N.W. Arkansas. Still miss OATIS.

Tue Feb 3 03:03:43 MET 1998

Tim ***

From: Fall River, Nova Scotia

With The Band cancelling Carnegie and both Rick and Levon adding dates to their "solo" tours, it looks to me like the band might be done. Let's hope not. Anyone know the inside scoop on this? "Please let these crops grow tall"

Tue Feb 3 02:44:38 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

Don Pugatch: Your photo in the Band fans with their heroes section...that's Martin Scorcese, isn't it?

Tue Feb 3 01:13:49 MET 1998


From: Toronto

This is such a great web site! I've been a huge fan for years and I thought I was a bit obsessed until I started reading the guest book. I've seen The Band several times here in Toronto over the past 10 years. I've seen Rick play with Colin Linden a few times and I've even taped Rick's visits to Q107's "The Six O'Clock Rock Report"; he performs too! I've had the honour of meeting Rick several times,(Levon and Garth too), and they are really great guys. Rick, PLEASE come back to Toronto soon for a 'family' get- together! I still have a HUGE crush on you! Stay well and clean!

Mon Feb 2 23:17:12 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario

Re: the Russian CD " Lilith " featuring Band members.(1997) The CD is available for $15.00 US from:

Dmitri Strizhov 106 West 69th. street #5D New York, NY. 10023. phone +212-362-9216

A warning is posted on the Russian website that this is a release for the USA, differing from the version sold in Russia. There's also a warning that an illegal copy is being peddled from Bulgaria..Avoid the ones that have a label: "Not for sale in USA. A cassette for $10.00 is also available. Sound samples are apparently on Real Player. More to come from Jan in "updates".

Mon Feb 2 19:49:24 MET 1998

Tom Larsson

From: The Big Apple

This was a nice surprise: An extensive, well-structured, fast loading, slick-designed web site about my all-time favorite music group. Thanks!!!

Mon Feb 2 10:12:35 MET 1998

Dave Albano

From: Ottawa, Ontario
Home page:

This is to inform you that I've included a link to this site on my site which is entitled Great Canadians- Great Music. I hope this will generate more traffic to your site as The Band is a great example of Canadian Music at it's finest. My site can be viewed at .

Thank You for your time Dave Albano

Mon Feb 2 06:47:53 MET 1998


From: little rock

jan- has levon split fom danko and garth and going out on his own hope not. thanks jerry donoho

Mon Feb 2 03:46:42 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Thanks the JK for the Rick Danko copy of his first album. To anyone who has this recording, listen to the last sentence of the last song. Quiet a touching remark and think about some sad history. Another remark, with what is going on in The White House now, listen in sequence to Rocking Chair and then The Unfaithful Servant, also a little history to think about

Mon Feb 2 03:29:17 MET 1998

Stuart Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Passed by the Turning Point in Piermont, New York this afternoon. Their new entertainment schedule lists Rick Danko on March 20th for two shows at 8:30 and 10PM. Tickets are $18.50 914-3591089. See you there!!

Mon Feb 2 00:35:35 MET 1998

[guest photo]

Michael Morozov

From: San Diego
Home page:

Did you know that The Band has recorded an album with Boris Grebentshikov? The album is called "Lilith". The album was released in December 1997. Boris Grebentshikov has always been presented to American public as "Russian Bob Dylan", and thus this album is very symbolic. For Boris, this is not the first album made with American musicians. You may have heard about his "Radio Silence" album recorded with Dave Stewart and Anne Lenox. Good luck to all fans out there. This site is awesome.

Sun Feb 1 23:12:13 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

More Band/Beatle connections.....Don't forget all the Band except Richard play on a Harrison tune on "Ringo" one of the best selling Beatle solo albums. Also, there are bootlegs where Harrison backs Dylan singing "Yestereday"(!) around 68. In his first Rolling Stone interveiw, Robbie sizes up the still unreleasted "Abby Road". In retrospect Robbie was a pretty tough critic, most would view "Abby Road" as a better swan song than "Islands"!!

Sun Feb 1 21:59:09 MET 1998


From: central pa

hello-great site about my favorite musicians - the bio of Garth is interesting .These are my two (or three)cents: The organ on "We Can Talk",the sax on "It Makes No Difference",The organ on "When You Awake".such great music.Truly music that will endure.

Sun Feb 1 17:14:51 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh

I seem to remember the entries from May 12, 1997 being (temporarily) censored, but rightly so.

Sun Feb 1 08:31:44 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

All guestbok entries from January '98 have been moved to a separate file, to reduce download times for the guestbook.

The guestbook script generated 179K of HTML codes and text last month, not including the 10K of entries that was removed. This was the first time in nearly 2 years that the Band guestbook "needed" censoring. May it also be the last.

Sun Feb 1 07:58:15 MET 1998

Richard Whelan-Stevens

From: Berkeley,CA

Rob in New York: I read your comments about the Band's influence on the later day Beatles with great interest, since the Beatles are my other favorite band. Yes, The Band had a huge impact on the Beatles and everything that followed. The Beatles' exposure to Dylan with the Hawks and early bootlegs of the Basement Tapes was instrumental in their desire to "get back" to a more simplified, rock 'n' roll sound beginning with the White Album. In the Beatles anthology video series, Harrison mentions that after spending time with Dylan and The Band in Woodstock, returning to the tension and competitive struggles of the Beatles made it impossible for him to continue. The desire to find a relaxed, cooperative and spontanious musical atmosphere was certainly evident during the "Get Back" sessions, but was impossible to find due to the ego pressures within the Beatles. This is very ironic, in light of the later tensions within the Band and the Levon-Robbie feud which makes the Beatles breakup look like a lovefest.

I think that while the Beatles showed us how music could approach the limitless frontier of our imagination, The Band showed us the equally limitless realm within our hearts,experience,tradition and mythology. All subsequent music that is honest and in the tradition of the storyteller is at least indirectly influenced by The Band.

Sun Feb 1 05:46:09 MET 1998


From: Acton, MA

This is not really my first post here...but I am hardly a regular compared to most of you, but I wanted to share something that I thought was very cool to me. A friend of my late husband Rick came to visit myself and my newborn daughter Abbey this morning and gave me a photo album with pictures of Rick over the past 20 years or so..and in those pictures were some very cool pictures of Richard Manuel at a show that they saw together. I never knew my husband had the honor to see Richard...but I was so pleased he did, I never had the chance.

Also, I only wish that the AOL Band Board was as active as this one :)

Love to all Abbey's extended Band family (you know who I mean).

Sun Feb 1 05:36:02 MET 1998

Lisa ;)

From: Northport, Long Island

Love You All.....Thinking of you often........ Lots of happiness and success always!!!!!
Mama ;) .******

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