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The Band Guestbook, September '98

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from September 1998.

Wed Sep 30 23:56:18 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Bones...Thank You...Have any gone platinum?? Is there a web site for Billboard Mag...?

Wed Sep 30 23:48:53 MET DST 1998


From: The Top Deck

If Whispering Pines ain't poetry, then tell me what is Rag Time Silly. When Levon said that the words don't matter to him, it was just a pose. Why even have them? Oh yeah Richard was a poet too, at least while he was writing the words to " In a Station." I hope Rag Time Silly isn't some crazy stalker out to get RR. Shouldn't you be on the Led Zeppelin website?

Wed Sep 30 23:45:30 MET DST 1998


From: Cleveland

I've tried for a couple of weeks now to summarize my opinion of _Jubilation_ in some manner that would add to the level of discourse in these pages. Still unable to deliver, I will instead offer a list of almost pointless Larry King-esque observations on _Jubilation_ and the reviews it has generated here:

1. Levon's harmonica is a pleasant surprise that makes itself heard on most of the tracks. While not the work of a virtuoso, it compliments every song nicely.

2. The "rainbow in the sky" lyric has made me think of Kermit from the first listen. Thanks to whomever first mentioned here. It almost sinks the song in the way the the "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" scene almost destroys _Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid_.

3. It is our duty to compare the work of The Band today to their work thirty years ago. In a sense the name "The Band" is a brand name that conveys a certain message of quality. A Chevy Cavalier is a fine car, but call it a Mercedes, and it's a huge disappointment. If the current line-up wants to trade on the name "The Band," they better deliver. Do you think anyone will say that Mark McGwire had a good year if he only hits 25 home runs next year?

4. It's great to see the boys actually participating in the songwriting process. It's this honest effort that keeps me listening and not dismissing this album like I did with _High On The Hog_

5. It's also great that the songs reflect the age of the original members of The Band. The songs are still vibrant, but they aren't written to woo youngsters or convey never-ending youth. More honesty, I like it.

6. God help anyone who would try to base his or her decision to purchase _Jubilation_ on what is written here. But at least the regulars who have offered reviews know enough not judge the album on its "Garcia-like" qualities. That's idiotic.

7. The above-mentioned idiot cited "Kentucky Downpour" and "White Cadillac" as examples of the album's strengths. These are the only two songs that I never listen to. They are completely disposable and utterly generic ("This album still needs a couple of more cuts..."). Ronnie Hawkins is deserving of a much better tribute.

8. "High Cotton" makes me happy.

9. David Powell rules.

10. Where the hell has Donald Joseph been all these months?

Wed Sep 30 23:22:50 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN


I'm looking forward to the deluge of opinion and information on your question. I'll give you some data based on my own experience of putting out a CD about this time last year.

I had a four-piece folk rock band, recently and sadly defunct, and we found that a CD is pretty much mandatory for marketing yourself these days. We decided to have someone else produce it because we wanted to benefit from a neutral set of qualified ears. We brought Chan Poling, who fronted the band The Suburbs back in the 80's and now scores for TV and film.

His job as producer was to do just that, produce the product, the product being the final mixed tracks going to CD. He took us into rehearsal weeks before we ever went into the studio, deconstructed each song to it's basic groove, and built them all back up piece by piece.

Since most of the material was original, he was concerned that the vocals be crisp and up front.

The engineer, Tom Herbers, a well-known fellow in the Twin Cities, worked the board, set up all the mikes, set the levels, and worked any effects added to the tracks after recording.

We recorded to 24-track analog tape and mixed down to stereo DAT prior to mastering to CD. Both Chan and Tom were in the control booth for all the recording, and both had input into the recording, Chan with the arrangements and Tom with the quality of the takes. Nothing was a final unless both agreed that it was as good as it could get.

Anyway the base track was drums, bass, rhythm guitar and scratch lead vocal. The bass and rhythm guitar tracks were then spiffed up with patch tracking over flubs and mistakes and the scratch lead vocal replaced with a final lead. Then all additional instrument tracks and harmony vocals were laid in singly, track by track, over the base tracks.

Mixing is basically sitting at the board and dialing in the final levels of all the final, sweetened tracks, including various percussion effects when needed. For each tune's final mix, the engineer got the tune where he thought it was OK, the producer sweetened it from there, and then I listened to the mixes and made whatever adjustments I thought were appropriate. I'll bet we spent two to three hours mixing for every one hour recording.

From the final stereo DAT, we made a master CD, which basically meant copying and then setting levels song by song. I also drove around in my car for a week beforehand listening to the 9 songs in 5 different orders of progression and heard the master CD played through car stereos, home systems, club systems, and dumped to cassette. SO it was quite the experience. By the way, I'm not sure myself what editing is. Oh, and I have these three massive 24-track analog tapes at home that for some reason give me great pleasure just to bring out and look at over a beer.

So let the rest of the responses begin!

Wed Sep 30 23:21:02 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Bluesymama: Recently, in Billboard magazine, RIAA announced that Capitol's Best Of The Band(1976) had just gone gold. They claimed that this was the Band's fourth gold record, but I thought it was their fifth with Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright, Rock Of Ages being the others.

To Jan: Thanks for the sound sample on the Largo page. I wanted to mention that Garth's name was beside the song "Largo's Dream", but I do not think he was involved with that song.

Wed Sep 30 21:53:13 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

I have decided to let my ignorance be known in hopes of enlightenment. I am ignorant as to what constitutes the various technical roles in creating an album. The following roles are regularly listed: producing, engineering, editing, mixing and mastering. What does it they all mean? What is the difference between them?

Wed Sep 30 21:47:50 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Gerard, my intepretation of Scott Richardson's point is that the Band has contained a diversity of individuals before. I thought your original question was valid though very open to odd responses. I think of John Simon as a part of Big Pink and The Band. Similarly Hurowitz has been a part of Jericho, High on the Hog and Jubilation. As to why he isn't considered a member of The Band....who knows?

Wed Sep 30 21:30:30 MET DST 1998


This Virgil's answer to my question horrified me so that I didn't notice he had already been dealt with adequately by someone else. Thanks for givingmeabreak. But I don't see what point Scott Richardson wants to make. Don't want to know either. I wish I'd never asked my question.

Wed Sep 30 20:52:41 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Can anybody on this site name every Band Record that went Gold or Platinum??? Please email me...Thanks..Lisa

Wed Sep 30 20:37:09 MET DST 1998


From: New York City

Listening to "Katie's Been Gone" today. I think this is one of the best songs the Band has ever done. Very moving. Richard is trying to be positive; the girl will come back, their love is alive, yet we all know (and so does a small part of him) that their love is dying. Really beautiful. Does anyone know of any other recordings of this song besides the Basement Tapes version?

Wed Sep 30 16:40:16 MET DST 1998


Dont' like this crap about jewishness. Please don't even think of stumbling into this kind of thoughts

Wed Sep 30 15:27:11 MET DST 1998


From: Nova Scotia

For all the Canadian fans, I received an email from Bill Paige saying he was told Jubilation will be released here Oct.9.

Wed Sep 30 15:18:36 MET DST 1998

Scott Richardson

From: Lawrence, Kansas

Re: Virgil Cohen's comments. Sure I'm not the only one who may want to offer the fact that Robbie is half-Jewish. Also -- I'm one who has really enjoyed the lyrics on JUBILATION -- especially BOOK, DON'T WAIT and IF I SHOULD FAIL.

Wed Sep 30 15:06:08 MET DST 1998

Piano Man

From: Fabius N.Y.

Gerard: Cause Richard Bell is one fantastic human being man; a real road warrior who up until recently could withstand the rigors of the road and the wild and crazy people met along the way. And, he plays a mean piano. Hes also experienced and gets along well with the rest of the guys (especially Rick). This is not intended to diminish A.H. who as we know is also a very talented fellow. Different priorities and that type of thing I would imagine.

Wed Sep 30 14:26:06 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

From the attribution department, the following lines are from "She's Nineteen Years Old" by McKinley Morganfield, a/k/a Muddy Waters:

"Can't know where she's going / She tell me where she's been / She start a conversation / That don't have no end / She's nineteen years old / She's got the ways of a baby chile / Ain't nothing I can do to please her / To keep this young girl satisfied."

Wed Sep 30 14:24:31 MET DST 1998


Willie (again), I just wanted to add a thanks for reiterating your idea--I understand what you mean. Also, glad I could share my pain regarding Book Faded Brown.

Wed Sep 30 14:21:24 MET DST 1998


Willie: I not Peter Viney who asked you about "snob appeal" (just so Peter doesn't wonder what you are talking about)

Wed Sep 30 13:47:10 MET DST 1998



I think I speak for many of us here when I say:


Wed Sep 30 11:46:45 MET DST 1998

Virgil Cohen

From: Southern New York


Regarding you query concerning Aaron Hurwitz's non-admission to The Band. A high placed and confiedential source suggests that Professor Louie was denied membership on the basis of him being Jewish. Having unsuccessfully attempted admission to The Band, such Rumor could be correct.:-) :-)

Wed Sep 30 11:05:41 MET DST 1998

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

A very happy birthday to my very favorite bear.

..."And I'm truly glad I found you" :-)

Wed Sep 30 10:02:53 MET DST 1998


From: NL

Can anybody tell me why Richard Bell (who is credited for only 3 songs on Jubilation) is a member of The Band and producer Aaron Hurwitz (who plays and sings along on almost every track) is not?

Wed Sep 30 09:22:34 MET DST 1998

Ragtime Willie

If I am to believe LH's "This Wheel's On Fire", RR took the credits for songs that where products of teamwork in the first place. So RM didn't fare so bad when he managed to get his name on some of the best songs (I particularly like "We Can Talk"). By the way David Powell, you forgot some great RM songs included in the Basement Tapes. Indeed we'll never know who did what. To Peter Viney; when I mentioned _snob appeal_ referring to Cahoots, I ment RR's obvious assumption that he was a poet now, rather than a songwriter. Pretty pretentious stuff, these lines. I think the greatest lyrics on Jubilation are those of Book Faded Brown, even the "rainbow in the sky" lines that were accredited to Kermit the Frog (thank you Ned, I can't hear this song any more without associating RD's voice with the little green screamer!). Turned out to be an old Carl Perkins song, mind you!

Tue Sep 29 21:28:00 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Bill Paige: Thanks for the info - enjoyed the 'Daily Vault Review' but I did think that describing Rick's vocals as "Garcia-like" was weird and totally cloth-eared. I think the review as a whole was positive. Lots of people have contacted me expressing their liking for 'Kentucky Downpour', This review goes further and disparages my favourite track (Don't Wait.) But what a dull world it would be if we all thought alike. Keep posting any more you discover.

Tue Sep 29 20:39:28 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Lyrics: Thanks Simon for keying in the great quote from ‘White Man’s Melody’ that I was too idle to key myself … it was in my mind at the time! The Hooters are a recent discovery for me too. The Lauper / Hyman ‘Time After Time’ is an all-time classic, whether by Cyndi Lauper or Miles Davis, and they’re the basic band through the whole album. They reunite with Lauper on 1993’s ‘Hat Full of Stars’ which I found post-Largo, and in a cut-out bin. They have some great songs on there - ‘That’s What I Think’ and ‘Feels Like Christmas’ - and the rest. They try out the ‘old lady voice’ introduction that they repeated on Joan Osborne’s ‘One of Us’ (Her ‘Relish’ album is another major contribution from them). I’ve obtained The Hooters back-catalogue since Largo, and am working through it!

The other joy of ‘Largo’ is the way they use different singers to switch moods - just as The Band used to do. Among them, Taj Mahal, which brings me to your other quote, ‘Mama got ways like a baby child …’ The most difficult thing is recreating something as deceptively simple as an original blues lyric (which RR was much-praised for doing in his additions to "Mystery train"). Taj isn’t prolific - he just slips one or two originals on each album, but he has superb quality control. ‘Queen Bee’ is a wonderful lyric.

I don’t agree with Willie that the current line-up is not really interested in lyrics. I think the careful way the new album is sequenced, and some of the interpretative singing shows they are. If you don’t care what the lyrics are, you can’t be a great interpreter, which both Levon and Rick assuredly are (look at ‘Atlantic City’- and that took courage to do as well.) I agree that they’ve crafted the new album beautifully, and they’re using their brushes and palette well. But the lyrics are not its strongest point (though there are still some fine, quotable moments on there). I’d agree that they also seem to like songs where the lyrics aren’t so important, but this doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the ones where they are.

On an earlier post, I’m sure RR would be the first to admit that he can’t sing like Levon or Rick. (Nor can Dylan, Neil Young or several other great songwriters.) I think Rick would admit just as easily that he can’t play guitar as well as Robbie. What RR can do, very well, is convey a mood, and he can support his voice with carefully-chosen other singers (Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, the Coolidges etc) to enhance the mood. My apologies for crediting ‘Twisted Hair’ to RR - it just fits so well with his voice. Careless.

And David is right - Richard was a great songwriter too. This is a major story that we need to discuss. But we’ll never know who did what.

Tue Sep 29 20:33:27 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thank you to those who answered my Robertson/Hammond question. I now have another question. On the Tom Pacheco album(Woodstock Winter), there is a song called "They Never Killed Billy The Kid". Levon and Rick are listed in the liner notes as playing drums and bass on this track. Once I listened to it a couple of times, I could swear that Levon is also singing back-up. No one is listed for singing background on this number. Is it Levon?

Tue Sep 29 19:33:08 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Just thought I would share the location of another online review of JUBILATION, at The Daily Vault. Not exactly a four-star appraisal, but it does a fair job of reflecting a number of the comments that have been registered on Jan's site.

Tue Sep 29 17:19:04 MET DST 1998

Svante Pettersson

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Great page. When will "Jubilation" be available here in Scandinavia?

Tue Sep 29 17:07:07 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Regarding comparing Jubliation with Big Pink or the Brown album, publicity for Jubilation emphasized that its release celebrated thirty years since the release of Big Pink, in effect asking for us to make the comparison, and it has been stated on this page that "the remaining trio of Band members try to recapture the old sounds and spirits". If that is what Jubilation is about than the comaprison MUST be made.

Peter Viney, I find it odd that when discussing Robbie's songwriting you picked Twisted Hair as an example. The song is composed by Jim Wilson and Dave Carson. I think the most interesting part of that song is the crickets(should they have a songwriting credit?)

I agree with David Powell's points on the effect of lifestyle and touring in the early 70s on songwriting. I don't understand Ragtime Willie's concept of snob appeal. Ben may be right when he says that Robbie hasn't written a great song since 1975 because his albums contain only excellent, outstanding and fantastic songs.(We all have our points of view.)

Tue Sep 29 15:53:13 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

David Powell,

Thanks for the reminder on Richard's contributions. 'Tears of Rage' is an uncommonly beautiful and sophisticated song. I wonder whether the good life eventually interfered with Richard's songwriting.

WHich is not to say that there are no longer songwriter's of their ilk today. I think an interesting collaboration would be a guy like Mark Knopfler with the Band. He's pretty much the complete package: songwriter, guitarist, vocalist. His 'Goldenheart' album was about the closest thing to a Band album I've heard in years, albeit with a certain Brit feel to it.

Tue Sep 29 15:22:51 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

When discussing the songcraft on The Band's early albums, one should not overlook the significant contributions of Richard Manuel. Not only did he lend his beautiful voice, keyboards & drumming to the mix, but contributed as a songwriter as well. Richard wrote "In A Station," "We Can Talk," & "Lonesome Suzie," and co-wrote "Tears of Rage" on Big Pink. On the brown album he co-wrote "When You Awake" & "Jawbone" with Robertson. On Stage Fright he co-wrote "Sleeping" & "Just Another Whistle Stop" with Robertson. After Stage Fright, not only was Robertson's decline as a songwriter a significant factor, but Richard's absence as a writer was also important.

Most, if not all of the songs, on the first two albums were composed during period of rest in Woodstock. For the first time in many years the group was not constantly touring on the road. working together as a group, they were able to produce these wonderful songs. With the release of the first two albums came success & the requisite touring. Back on the road, the chemistry that had produced the earlier work began to unravel. Robertson, who had before written from a wider, mythological perspective, with cinematic vision, seemed to narrow his focus, writing on more mundane subjects & events going on around him. Richard, as a songwriter, disappeared altogether.

Tue Sep 29 02:46:48 MET DST 1998

Ragtime Willie

Still thinking about mythology. At one point, from Stage Fright on, the cohesion felt apart.That's where it all went wrong: when subjectiveness crept into the lyrics. The need to express personal feelings in songs like "The Shape I'm in", "Endless Highway", "Out Of The Blue" ended the purity of their American myth. And on top of that Robertson felt the urge to save the earth. That's why Cahoots turned into a politically involved album. I personnally couldn't stand lines such as "Van Gogh, Cocteau and Gerolimo / They used up what was left", because they made me clear that The Band had reached snob-appeal now . Robbie Robertson's first solo album is the consequence of that. What I like about Levon Helm is that he never cared for snob-appeal. By the way, I think David Powell is quite right when he says that our expectations, based on the early albums, are too high. But it is The Band itself that set the standard in the first place. It was the unique combination of these five talented men that can never be repeated.

Mon Sep 28 23:43:50 MET DST 1998


If you would have told me that these guys were the Hooters I would have told you to get lost. I wasn't that fond of the early hits but now I'm wondering what these guys have done that I'm missing. How bout some help Peter. Anything worthy of a purchase?

Mon Sep 28 23:35:35 MET DST 1998


Thanks for the tip Peter Viney, Largo is poetry. With this, Hyman and company have proven themselves to be todays best songwriting team. Better than L. Williams , Massive Attack and Dylan's TOM. The fact that they produced the record proves the sound achieved was no accident. Words cannot describe Garth's Largo. You just gotta hear it. Be prepared to shed a tear of joy when Maude says "and all our friends are there". David Forman's voice reminds me a bit of Newman's with a bit more soul. Great phrasing. Hyman creates a wide palette of textures on the keyboards, obviously influenced by Garth. The sound he gets on Largo's Dream is remeniscent of Garth's in I Shall Be Released. Great originals include, Freedom Ride, Gimme a Stone, Disorient Express, White Man's Melody, Largo's Dream and Banjoman ( the Cripple Creek jews harp makes me smile) among others. Can't help but think of Levon singing She's 19 when Forman says mama got ways like a baby chile in Banjoman. This is classic songwriting. Unfortunately something that is missing on Jubilation. I hate to admit it but I am not at all impressed with it. Thanks again Peter. You might want to check your notes though. I think you gave Lauper a few extra singing credits. " In the bosom of Europa, Little Liza was caressed, by the music of the angels, playing underneath her dress, she saw the great Caruso, and that's when she fell in love, she'd think of him as Elvis, if she knew who Elvis was, spinning round and round you can hear her moan, she's all by herself but she's not alone" Hey Bones, try " I Can Tell".

Mon Sep 28 23:04:28 MET DST 1998


From: CT

I agree w. David Powell- If anyone is hoping for a "classic" Band album, they won't find it in _Jubilation_. A nice set of tunes, well done, but any comparisons to _Big Pink_ or the brown album are ridiculous. Picking the right songs, post- Robbie, has been hit and miss. Sometimes they nail it("Blind Willie McTell")more often they don't. 30 years after _Big Pink_ and we have these tough SOBs still standing. Trying to get a sound, a feel, a groove- and keep it going. I'm happy they are still alive and kicking. And so is Robbie in his own way, love him or hate him.

Mon Sep 28 22:39:49 MET DST 1998

Know it All

Five long years is from Hammond's '67 I can Tell lp

Mon Sep 28 22:22:56 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Jay: You mentioned that you loved RR and Hammond's playing on "Five Long Years". Will you remind me where this comes from? My memory is not what it used to be. Thanks.

Mon Sep 28 22:21:30 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Pete Rivard & Peter Viney have raised some valid points concerning the songwriting in general on _Jubilation_. Without getting too "Marcuseque," how would I respond?

What do we think of when we think about what makes an album great? Certainly the songs should be thematically somewhat cohesive, rather than a mere collection of singles. Perspective, lyrical content and characterization are also important factors. It is in these areas that I admit I tend to agree with Pete on the deficiencies in Jubilation's songcraft.

In certain other areas such as musical presentation, enthusiasm and conveyance of moods I think the songs are more successful. Let's face it, The Band has to rely on others to some degree for songwriting contributions. I think they found a group of songs for this latest album that they felt comfortable playing and the music reflects a lived-in & feel good quality. The album is well recorded and produced; a lot of time, effort & sweat evidently were pored into the effort.

I've always felt that most Band fans, myself included, sometimes expect too much. The group raised our levels of expectation to such a high degree with the excellance of their first several albums, and rightly or wrongly we measure each subsequent album to those same standards.

With all the challenges facing the group of late, maybe we should just be grateful that they were able to record, produce & release such a good, albeit maybe not a classic, album. I do, however, hope for more & better in the future, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don't rise. I'm very interested in what others think about this.

Mon Sep 28 22:00:03 MET DST 1998

Ragtime Willie

I'm not so sure that "their colors and brushes" have changed. At least the remaining trio of Band members try to recapture the old sounds and spirits. It's Robertson who deliberately changed his "colors and brushes", saying "I've been there and I've done all that", but at the same time he tried to find a new (for him old and genuine) Indian mythology. That's where he failed because of the musical weaknesses of his new approach, not because the integrety of what he wanted to say. And Levon - who has always been the more lovable of the two - mainly wants to make enjoyable music. And succeeds. Doesn't care about lyrics at all. Which is a pity.

Mon Sep 28 21:31:21 MET DST 1998


From: New Jersey

The one lyric on "Jubilation" that doesn't ring true is on "Last train to Memphis" ..."Take the last train to Memphis/You better get on board/If you wanna see where the King comes from/When he was a little boy"... The place where the King comes from is Tupelo, Mississippi. He moved to Memphis when he was around 13, I believe. I like the mention of C.W. on "High cotton", maybe he doesn't resonate like Virgil Kane , but I saw him do a couple of songs with Danko at the Bottom Line a few years ago. J. Robbie hasn't written a great song since 1975, and he sure can't sing as good as Rick or Levon .

Mon Sep 28 21:09:57 MET DST 1998

Ms. B. Foxhole

Thanks guys, just got my copy of "Jubilation". Love the songs.

Mon Sep 28 20:24:48 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Postscript: several mistakes in what I just posted (it's after dinner here and wine doesn't help). I meant that 'Charlie Hawker' as a name contrasted with the Irishness of DON'T WAIT and I was commenting on the LYRICS of White Man's Melody (but the tune's good too). Anyway, same reason as everyone else for the typos, I guess.

Mon Sep 28 20:19:10 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I e-mailed Pete directly, but it seems that the discussion is of general interest, so I'll repeat what i sent him here:

Yes, I agree with you that the lyrics aren't chasing RR's classic standards. I agree that they might be trying too hard on the namechecking, too. Nazareth is a far more interesting location than Memphis or Kentucky because it has resonance - whatever RR has said, I see Nazareth as being a lot more than the Pennsylvania home of Martin guitars (and Robbie then goes on to talk about the religious dimensions).The trouble with Charlie Hawker is you don't get the name clearly until you see the printed lyrics - I had no trouble catching Virgil Kane the first time round!

I still think DON'T WAIT is the best lyric on there, but it clashes with the Irishness of the song. Everytime I hear 'Kentucky Downpour' I'm afraid 'CONVOY' comes into my head (not because of the tune), so I liked your Smokey & The Bandit reference. If you're going for a truck driving song, the points of quality reference after CRIPPLE CREEK (and that's enigmatic) are either WILLIN' (Bet they'd do that justice) or SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD - I just picked up 'The Best of Taj Mahal' which has a stunningly clean recording of this. Oh, and I like WHITE LINE FEVER (Flying Burrittos version).

My ideas on various Jubilation songs shift, but (as I said in my review) they haven't got RR, Dylan or Springsteen writing the lyrics for them. 'Bound By Love' a nice tune, but John Hiatt wasn't a replacement wordsmith. Just in terms of quality lyrics I reckon the elite is Robbie, Dylan, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Springsteen, Randy Newman. And now I think about it you've got three Canadians in there! I think Robbie certainly kept up the quality in 'Storyville' and in isolated Native Americans tracks like 'Twisted Hair'. I think on CONTACT the lyrics are almost always subservient to the music. I think I said this in my review - or implied it - Hyman & Bazilian take the lyric prizes this year (White Man's Melody is a really memorable melody.) Wonder why The Band don't use them?

Mon Sep 28 20:11:11 MET DST 1998

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

As Bill stated last week, WRVG in Georgetown, KY added Jubilation to its play list about ten days ago. They featured the Band with about 2 hours of older stuff, mostly from Big Pink, the Brown LP, Basement Tape, Stage Fright and then played the new album in its entirety.Since then, one of the DJ's has played "Kentucky Downpour" just about every day. He said one day that its his attempt at a rain dance. We haven't had a substantial rain since the last week of July. Take Care.

Mon Sep 28 18:59:27 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

David Powell,

Being compared to Marty Robbins and Roy Acuff are certainly not bad things, they're just different locales than the Band has previously trod. I do feel that a lot of the imagery in JUBILATION is standard stock Nashville stuff, more two-dimensional than I would hope for in a Band album.

There's got to be songwriters out there that can offer something better for Levon and Rick to sing about than your standard 'Get On Board This Train' or 'I Got the Hammer Down on my 18 Wheeler' fare.

And do we need any plainer references to Elvis, Memphis, et al in a song than Levon's voice itself. It's almost redundant. And the sophistication of the arrangements, I feel, make the weaker lyrics all the more evident.

What do you think?

Mon Sep 28 17:43:59 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Pete indeed has brought up an interesting point. As far as attempting to recreate that same mythology from their earlier work, it would be difficult to do now that their palette of colors & brushes have changed.

Robertson has also abandoned that approach, taking a "been there, done that" attitude. I wonder if the other guys also wish to distance themselves from the past & try new things.

Is having your new work compared to that of Marty Robbins & Roy Acuff, rather than something you've already done before, really all that bad in the long run?

Mon Sep 28 16:18:30 MET DST 1998

Ragtime Willie

To Pete Rivard: I think you made the most interesting comment in weeks. And I'm sure you're quite right. I'd like to add that it's the much-maligned Robertson who is responsible for this old mythology. And he's the one who tried to continue this approach, but he needs the creative power of the rest of The Band to get the same results as before. I think Jubilation is Levon Helm's honorable effort to catch the old spirit again. I'm hoping for a good discussion on this them, but please not on a pretentious Greil Marcus level.

Mon Sep 28 15:40:05 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Little John

I think one of the more interesting discussion points about JUBILATION is the dichotomy between the music/arrangements (most excellent) and the lyrics (fair to weak) and why that is important as part of any Band work.

Every Band album from 'Big Pink' to 'Northern Lights, Southern Cross' including 'The Basement Tapes' built and enlarged upon an original American mythology. Greil Marcus tries to stretch this theme into a whole book (Invisible Republic) with mixed results, but the point is well taken. Fanny, Miss Moses, Virgil Kane, Daniel, Ophelia, Jawbone, all these archetypes peopling Southern and Western small town landscapes, but the characters and locations always vague enough or mysterious enough to allow us listeners to fill in the rest. For me, one of the reasons I keep going back to the Band is to revisit these characters with a few more years of experience to draw upon and see how I regard them now.

In JUBILATION, it seems to me that the songwriters are trying to tap back into that mythology, but with throwaway charaters like "C.W." "Charlie Hawker" et al that seem plucked from a Smokey and the Bandit flick. And the locations have gone from Nazareth and who knows exactly where to Memphis and Kentucky, and a landscape less like that of the classic Band and more like Marty Robbins and Roy Acuff.

I'm interested in anyone else's thoughts on this.

Mon Sep 28 15:14:42 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Mike, of course you're correct; it is Paul Shaffer, another talented Canadian musician. The bass player is Will not Bill Lee, as I also misidentified him.

Buddy mentioned "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat" which has a playful quality about it, as does "Rainy Day Women." Many of Dylan's songs of this period have a vituperative edge to their lyrics. You can also see him sneer as he spits out the lyrics.

John--having seen Barefoot Jerry play live in a club, they truly are a group I'll always remember. The line-up of the group changed over the years, due to the fact they were Nashville's most in-demand session musicians. Another guitarist who was associated with them was Mac Gayden. Mac, of course, played the wonderful wah-wah slide on J.J. Cale's original version of "Crazy Mama."

Mon Sep 28 11:42:56 MET DST 1998

Ken Aidekman

From: New Jersey
Home page:

Many thanks to Rick Danko for performing at the Doctor Parkinson's Remedy Romp Friday, September 18th at Irving Plaza NYC. Beautiful quiet opening numbers with Al Hurwitz. Wonderful experience listening to THE WEIGHT & THE SHAPE I'M IN with back up by KINGS IN DISGUISE (violin, pedal steel, mandolin, keyboards, bass, two in chorus. It rocked and Rick was a happy chappy. Thanks for the good words on radio regarding The Parkinson's Unity Walk and curing Parkinson's disease. You're the greatest.

Mon Sep 28 04:33:37 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


Mon Sep 28 04:02:14 MET DST 1998



Just heard JUBILATION ! A fan for 30 years plus ! Keep on going strong boys !

Mon Sep 28 03:13:10 MET DST 1998


From: NS reports that "Eat the Document" will be shown in NY and LA to coincide with the "Live 66" cd release. Personally, I have been waiting to see that for years but probably(definetly) will will not be able to make it. Maybe this means it will be released on video in the near future. I can't wait to to hear the cd, I am one of the few people out there without a bootleg of the Royal Albert concert.

Mon Sep 28 01:48:26 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

With all the recent sitings on the guestbook, about Al Kooper, who currently resides in Nashville, for all the New Yorkers in the group. Does anyone have any Al recordings that they would like to trade. All mine are either on 8 tracks, or records in poor shape. I do have an excellent live CD, Soul of a Man, as well as Child is the Father,and a pretty good 2 record live set of the Blue' Project, but looking for Al solos or with Stills or Blumfield, or any ideas. Let me know, Another tastly tidbit about Al, he was the original producer of Lynard Skynard, and some say, he was the Albert Grossman of Skynard, is that a compliment?

Sun Sep 27 23:01:01 MET DST 1998

jim and monica

From: texas

levon will be in new orleans thanksgiving any chance of hooking up regards to sandy j@m

Sun Sep 27 20:39:16 MET DST 1998

anthony frisina

From: west warwick ri usa

one of the best bands to come around and stay around for a long time.

Sun Sep 27 20:31:35 MET DST 1998


From: American Son - Levon Helm

"...But nobody taught her that it takes alot a water to wash away New Orleans"

Sun Sep 27 16:40:07 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

For the Internet challenged and yea of little faith.September 23 update From now through October 1st at 12:00 PM EST, anyone who comes to CD Now through the CoB,O will automatically get $5.00 off their purchase.

Sun Sep 27 11:53:05 MET DST 1998

john donabie

Noticing many people (especially here in Canada) having to order from CDnow and other mail order areas on the internet. I personally use CDnow quite a bit. Even though; with our dollar. For every American dollar I spend, it works out to over $1.60 Canadian

Many record companies have said to me that as the years roll by, most purchases of CD's, videos etc., will be purchased over the internet. Why drive for parking and find out what you want is not there. I find ordering from CDnow and losing a little extra money because of our sagging dollar, is definetly worth it. Great service and right to your door.

Sun Sep 27 11:06:39 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Re Jubilation thru Church of Buffett just "enter the "Hallowed Halls" and click on "Gift shop".

Sun Sep 27 07:23:57 MET DST 1998


Hold your horses, Doctor, I didn't demand anything. It was just a reminder. I feel sorry for you guys in Canada for having to wait so long for your copies of Jubilation. I bought mine already on Friday the 18th in the Dutch provincial town of Utrecht.

Sun Sep 27 03:49:03 MET DST 1998


From: The Maritimes

Thanks for the CD now info! And THANKS to J.Croce for the Buffett link. I just ordered mine. I guess The Doctor didn't look very hard! I'm so glad I don't have to wait for Jubilation to be released in Canada. I think I would h have been waiting a while. I asked another music store on Friday and they too had never heard of it. Thanks Again J.Croce!

Sun Sep 27 03:35:10 MET DST 1998

The Doctor

Sorry Croce, couldn't find a link to cd now on that web site, if I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a ploy to get us to view a very crappy page. Oh, and by the way, Gerard, this is not 411, do not demand that people answer your questions.

Sun Sep 27 01:34:54 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

To illustrate the spirit expressed by The Hand of the Band (THOTB) I offer to all Headbands who have not as yet ordered Jubilation to do so via CD Now @ $11.99 plus Shipping and handling. If you access CD Now thru (The Church of Buffett) you will get an additional $5.00 off your purchase if made by 10/1. What better way to cement the Buffett/Band connection?

Sun Sep 27 00:20:38 MET DST 1998

Big Jim

From: Louisville, OH

I just saw Great Big Sea last Wednesday at Wilbert's in Cleveland, OH, and I would have to say that was one of the best live performances I have ever seen. I think alot of you Band fans would enoy what they have to offer, and I would suggest keeping an eye out for 'em if they're in your neck of the woods.

Sat Sep 26 23:41:49 MET DST 1998

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Spider John: Come Monday when you start to jubilate, I sure would be obliged if you would share your company :-)

Sat Sep 26 23:32:11 MET DST 1998

Spider John

From: Javaritaville

CD Now has Jubilation at $11.99 plus S&H. My copy was sent out on September 25th. Come Monday it will be allright. $11.99, now that's Jubilation.

Sat Sep 26 20:40:07 MET DST 1998




Sat Sep 26 19:22:31 MET DST 1998



Welcome back,boys, with Jubilation.It's got that good old Band feel.Congratulations to Eric Clapton.He finally made it!Don't stay away too long Rick,Levon,Garth,and the rest of the boys.

Sat Sep 26 18:08:38 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,mass.

Little John Tyler- I agree with your assesment of Book Faded Brown. I also think there is a certain charm to the rainbow lyric. It doesn't hurt to keep things simple sometimes. PEACE..... Cosmo

Sat Sep 26 17:14:58 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Gerard, I don't know the answer to your question about Endless Highway, but "Book Faded Brown" may not be as old as you think. Carl Perkins didn't record it until late in his career: 1991. Don't know how long before then it was written.

Pete Rivard, I undestand your concern about lyrics, but don't feel it's a major drawback. I don't at all share your feelings about the rainbow line in "Book faded Brown"; I think it's rather charming, in fact. My problems are in the two Pacheco-written songs: The very forced use of the word "expired" to rhyme with "fires" in "If I Should Fail", and the verse in "High Cotton" where it lapses unnecessarily into a jingle for a particular soft drink corporation.

Sat Sep 26 16:45:21 MET DST 1998

Band fan #1

From: NY

hmm...i see more stuff about Robertson's old boring soundtracks have been added to this site. Why not focus on "Jubilation" and The Band instead, now that the new album is out? Robbie gets more than enough publicity elsewhere.

Sat Sep 26 15:22:48 MET DST 1998


From: New York

I purchased the Band brown album (Japanese - remastered version) over the internet out of sheer desperation. I was dying to hear those old songs from my college days. (I had a "Band/Dylan" epiphany in the mid-eighties). This version is truly wonderful. The sound is sharp and clear as a bell. You almost feel like you're in the room with them. Amazing. However, I think that a Japanese person deciphered the lyrics (which are included), because when you read them, there are glaring mistakes. I mean mistakes in the English language as well as misunderstanding what the lyrics are to begin with. It's a small thing. It's actually charming. We all know the lyrics anyway. The one thing to beware of this re-mastered version is the price - $30.00. I told you, I was desperate for the album! Be well!

Sat Sep 26 10:04:37 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

Did any of you Band afficionado's notice my two questions about Paul Jost and "Endless Highway?

Sat Sep 26 05:58:57 MET DST 1998

Bill C

From: DC

Open letter to Jaime R. Robertson From Bill C. Ya know I used to catch a few Hawks shows back in Little Rock. A more simple time.

Have I got a deal for you!

I'll grant a full pardon to Peltier if:

-you apologize in writing to Levon, Rick and Garth

-you pay them for back songwriting credits

-you beg them to consider taking you back What do you say. Deal? Bill C.

Sat Sep 26 05:50:07 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

Paul Shaffer from Thunder Bay, Ontario on Lake Superior.

Sat Sep 26 05:27:50 MET DST 1998

Mike Nomad

From: Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.

David Powell: I guess you mean Paul Shaffer, right?

Sat Sep 26 03:09:05 MET DST 1998

john donabie

Bud mentioned the fact he saw The Band (Brown Album)Japaese Version at the cd universe site. It appears to be the only site with this particular Japanese Band re-issue. However at cd world I found something interesting that might answer a number of Band fans questions about the Japanese re-issues and there is more that one "type" of re-issue.

While some say "Limited Edition" There are others at the cd world site that say.... and here comes the answer to many of your questions in the past folks.....REMASTERED! YES REMASTERED! I can only think that being remastered and coming from Japan...they should sound great.

Fri Sep 25 22:40:58 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Bought my copy of JUBILATION yesterday and listened to it twice. I think in this case the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. There's lots to like about this work, Garth's superb artistry, Rick's vocals, the arrangements. In my opinion, the one area where it falls short is lyric content. "Book Faded Brown" is a great example, they should be able to do better than "Did you ever wonder why/There's a rainbow in the sky..." Yeeeeesh! It's a credit to those guys that they make lines like those sound as good as they do. And that may be the thing that's missing most from the post-Robbie Band, not guitar chops, but compelling lyrics. "You See Me" and "Bound By Love" are my two favorites, thus far. I agree that John Hiatt's voice suggests the soulfulness lost when Richard checked out. All the credit in the world to Levon for giving it everything he had vocally. Great arrangements,too. And that is a startling, completely unexpected sound effect linking "You See Me" to "French Girls".

Fri Sep 25 22:39:15 MET DST 1998

Colonel Capricorn

Mr. Viney I in no way intended to say you were wrong but as you noted, there are some descrepencies. I was just adding some input and I've enjoyed your posts here for awhile. Most of the songs I listed are outtakes of Blonde on Blonde as you no doubt know and some I've herad from multi-sources, Heylin, Helm, Hoskyns as well as some interviews from Dylan, Kooper, Robertson and regular newspaper articles from the period. I would appreciate any information you have on Dylan session information or how I could get a copy of the Telegraph. My email address is above. I'd appreciate any help you could give. Thank you and keep posting.

Fri Sep 25 22:11:17 MET DST 1998



one thing is for sure, it is robbie that solos is the middle of leopard skin hat. listen closely and there's no question. i know the liner notes say dylan's on lead but this is only in the very beginning of the song. visions may not be robbie but it is the great guitar work, just love the way the guitar echoes the vocals, this is without a doubt my favorite dylan song. it is impossible to pinpoint one emotion on this song. a VERY rare quality in a song, can anybody think of another? i hope you won't let me down david powell. thanks for the info on twilight, peter viney.

Fri Sep 25 21:55:31 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


Fri Sep 25 20:38:36 MET DST 1998


For those in search of it, The Japanese limited-edition issue of the brown album is available through the cduniverse site for $28.47.

Fri Sep 25 19:35:55 MET DST 1998

Charlie Hawker

From: The low way, along the sea

"In this space lies all the things I'll never know". Thank you, Levon. You've never been better or more brave. Long live The Band and their timeless, good music for our hearts and souls.

Fri Sep 25 15:37:55 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

It seems that there remains dispute over who played what on Blonde On Blonde. Peter Viney & Col. Capricorn have both posted some great information regarding the session line-ups. The one point that shouldn't be overlooked though is that Dylan was obviously experimenting & trying to find the sound he wanted on these songs. That fact that he recorded sessions in New York & later again in Nashville indicates that he wasn't satisfied with the New York sessions. This was a radical change but may be explained by the fact that Bob Johnson was brought on board as producer. Mr. Johnson did most of his work out of Nashville, as opposed to Dylan's previous producer, Tom Wilson, who worked in New York.

Herein lies the rub; just because there is accurate information as to who played in the New York sessions, that doesn't necessarily mean those tracks actually were used on the album itself. Dylan & his producer may have decided to go with tracks taken from the Nashville sessions.

My motto is: Go to the Music. The music on Blonde On Blonde sounds completely different from that of previous sessions that Dylan had recorded with The Band. I can hear traces of Robertson's playing on several songs but I can't say that I detect Rick's distinctive bass sound. I am familiar with the playing of the Nashville pickers listed on the album's liner notes and definitely hear that style on the album.

BTW--Wayne Moss did some fine work playing in a group called Barefoot Jerry. Atlanta, Georgia-based Joe South also played on sessions with Aretha Franklin and Simon & Garfunkel. I'm very familiar with his guitar style & can detect his playing on "I Want You." Charlie McCoy, the comsummate Nashville Cat, went on to gain notoriety leading the band on the popular Hee Haw televison show. I wonder if the William Lee mentioned by Peter is the same Bill Lee who is the veteran N.Y. session bass player and longtime member of Paul Shaver's band on the David Letterman show?

Fri Sep 25 12:30:49 MET DST 1998


From: central pa

Jan - continued congrats on a most literate web site and your tireless efforts. the thing to me about the BAND is how a song or two from each lp sticks in your head. I've been bouncing Book Faded Brown around inside constantly. I really like Levon's screech/howl/moan on You See Me at the second chorus ' I hear a "trouck" whistle....'. this is surely "music that will endure". congrats to The Band.

Fri Sep 25 12:11:06 MET DST 1998

Lost john

From: England

Good review from my compatriot, Peter Viney.I agree with most of his comments: Jubilation is very good, probably the best since SF. I felt Jericho and HOTH were a little forced, with the boys trying to be on their best behaviour. Jubilation is much more relaxed, with that woody brown feel.

i don't agree with all the GB comments about Book faded Brown. It's nothing like Xmas must be Tonight. High point for me(apart from one of Rick's top vocals, they're weathering like an old tap root) is the swirling Band organ-interestingly not Garth.

levon's voice on Don't Wait sounds like one of those old recordings of the Blues in the twenties recorded in a box: and it also has superb mandolin (the instrument that runs thru the album)

Last Train is a stand out. It reminds me of the title track of an old album by Link Wray: Beans and fatback. It got 4 stars for the album and 0 points for the hi fi quality. It's got that same recorded in a shack sound, as if using the old bean cans to tap out the beat. The rag piano and those old 3 part Band harmonies, bliss.....Uncle Eric's guitar reminds me of Ry Cooder or dare I say RR on Raised on robbery.

High Cotton sounds like country (or even cajun) like only the Band can play it with blues. Understated with that wonderful mandolin again.

I've struggled with Kentucky Downpour as well; it has the weakness that Levon and the RCO all stars had; a little stilted, nice harmonies though.

I love Bound by Love. I think it shows once again that the Band really ceased in one form not when Robbie left but when Richard died. I'm not saying Richard sounded like John Hiatt but another strong soulful voice shows that extra dimension, and Richard was the lead singer!! Levon's mandolin again and Garth's accordion give that Evangeline sound; Levon in 7th heaven playing with Emmylou again maybe!

White Cadillac is the most ordinary track to me. I like the chorus and the Elvis joke is nice.

I disagree with Peter about If I should fail; I don't see how Rick would set out to insult Robbie, after all he's still played on robbie's new stuff. As for LBV being ironic; I think they played it as one of those timeless country songs. I think a lot of Big pink was experimental; lots was an accident, a process in getting to the Band album. Somtimes we read too much into artists' plans, especially the anoraks attracted to web sites. We should get out more....Sorry all the philosophers out there! You know who you are.

Spirit of the Dance: Men without Hats?? I like the spanish sound to it but overall i'm not sure it works.

I agree with Peter ref You see me; it's effortless, a real levon song and superb.

french Girls delights and depresses me; a glimpse of what the Band could do still. go back up that mountain one more time maybe.

Overall the group work as a unit again (Randy's drums are sounding like Levon!). As for that mandolin...

So my wish list:
1 A Garth inspired album: fully experimental but with all the boys
2 A Richard album, posthumously touched up by the band
3 A fully unplugged album; folky/country stuff (Jubilation is close)

So finally thanks to the Band for what we have got from them this time. good health and respect to all

Fri Sep 25 09:38:32 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Postscript: I remember seeing an interview with Al Kooper - he said something like "half the tracks they say are me, are the Hawks. Half the tracks they say are the Hawks are me."

Fri Sep 25 09:33:55 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Colonel Capricorn:

WARNING: Non-Dylanologists should skip this incredibly detailed entry!

The debate among Dylanologists about Clinton Heylin versus Michael Krosgaard is at a level of battles within the Anglican church in the 1530s on transubstantiation, or even here on the Band site about Hoskyns v Helm. Michael Krosgaard conducted his research for The Telegraph (the ultimate Dylan magazine until the editor John Bauldie died), and this had the stamp of actual session lists and payments, some of which are photographed. Clinton Heylin also had access, but the general consensus was that Krosgaard got even further in. Heylin also (like myself) has the tendency to speculate. Krosgaard lists every take meticulously - so take "19C" of Fourth time Around is on ‘Blonde on Blonde.’ The details discovered by Krosgaard amazed many people, and came out about the same time as Heylin’s ‘The Recording Sessions.’ which are much more readable. Heylin says (correctly) that ‘The Bootleg Sessions’ notes are "a disaster" but is fond of saying things like "but that must be Dylan on piano" while Krosgaard is totally factual - mind-numbingly so at times.

The Hawks sessions are listed in THE TELEGRAPH 52, Summer 1995, while the Nashville (with just Robbie) are in THE TELEGRAPH 53 Winter 1995. The take of ONE OF MUST KNOW (SOONER OR LATER) used as a single and on album was 25 January 1966, Take 21 (out of 24) and was as listed on my last posting, at least according to Krosgaard. But check Heylin out again - he also says it was Robertson and Danko + Al Kooper on organ and Bobby Gregg, who was then a Hawk, on drums. He misses Paul Griffin and William Lee, who got paid whatever. Maybe they were booked but not used. Who knows?

They did more takes on 27 January, cutting ‘I’ll Keep it With Mine’ (which appeared on the bootleg series) + three further attempts at ‘One of Us Must Know’ with Robertson, Danko, Kooper & Gregg. Robertson & Kooper proceeded to Nashville and are on the rest of the album, but Wayne Moss was more prominent than I’d thought. I hear that Kooper’s autobiography - out of print for years - is due for re-issue, which should tell more.

There are the great Hawks out-takes you mention - all listed on this site, under bootlegs - Dylan & The Hawks. "Thin Wild Mercury Music" is a good one - where the backing is "all-Hawks" (though drummers vary). These were mainly earlier, in the fall of 65.

Anyway, given your military rank, I’d be happy to send the notes to parts unknown.

Fri Sep 25 07:06:45 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

"Twilight" certainly has some charm, but I think it should benefit from a heavier approach in the instrumental field. Danko's singing is the best part. My next question to all Band scholars: did The Band ever record studio tapes of "Endless Highway"? I know ther are 3 live versions: on Before The Flood (featuring Robbie's guitar solo), Watkins Glen and the To Kingdom Come compilation (both featuring Garth's organ but slightly different from each other). I think this song is a key to what happened to The Band later on. And this is to Eureka: you're a waste of space. Thanks Serge.

Fri Sep 25 02:51:33 MET DST 1998

Spider John

From: Javaritaville

Waitin for my Jubilation to get here. As Rick says, "I'm Tired of Waiting".

Fri Sep 25 00:37:09 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

Thanks Serge. If I weren't so lazy, I would have gone & looked it up. The old memory bank didn't kick in. Thank you Serge.

Fri Sep 25 00:28:38 MET DST 1998

kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

regarding my previous post:

The term 'reissue' was mine. Goldmine refers to them as simply 'later covers'. All had an issue year of 1966.

Goldmine also has the album listed as being issued again in 1970 and 198? (no year listed).

I would think these later years would be the reissues. These are worth between 2.40 and 10.00. The a

Fri Sep 25 00:22:50 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

re; Blonde on Blonde

Goldmine's Price Guide to Collectable Albums has this to say:

"Original covers have nine photos on the inside, including one of actress Claudia Cardinale.

"later covers delete two of the inner photos, including the one of Ms. Cardinale. The remaining seven photos were rearranged."

prices on the original: Mono VG = 40.00 Mint = 100.00

Ster VG = 20.00 Mint = 50.00

prices on the reissue: Mono VG = 150.00 Mint = 300.00

Ster VG = 12.00 Mint = 30.00

The most valuable one is a Mono issue on a white label. - Suggested value of 1,000.00 - 2,000.00

Don't know if these are just US issue but they are all on Columbia.

Thu Sep 24 23:57:53 MET DST 1998


From: London Ont

Eureka, I find your mocking the Norwegian language and therefore Jan Hoiberg in very bad and ignorant taste. The man is providing at his expense a FREE web site for people interested in a particular musical group. You pulled this crap before, and if you think that it is funny, you are way off course. Go screw around elsewhere.

Thu Sep 24 23:35:57 MET DST 1998

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

This would seem to be a minority opinion, but Twilight is one of my favorite Band songs, and I really like the studio version. I saw them perform it in Wash DC in the summer of '76, but had not then heard the studio version, so had no basis for comparison. It may well have been more punched up.

I read somewhere Robbie's thought that he never felt Twilight was quite right for The Band, and that he always pictured George Jones singing the song.

Thu Sep 24 23:16:37 MET DST 1998

George Borden

From: California

I'm so glad that I finally found the home page of one of the greatest bands in the world. The music of The Band has influenced my life profoundly. It is some of the most honest, soulful music ever to be recorded. Thank you for the music.

Thu Sep 24 23:13:45 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

To David Powell on the subject of Paul Jost. Does ASCAP give any datings? This Carl Perkins song must be pretty old stuff. Book Faded Brown cannot be a cover. Must be newly written. So this Jost Jr. must be Senior now. Great great songwriter though!

Thu Sep 24 22:32:27 MET DST 1998


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Thu Sep 24 22:23:18 MET DST 1998


This is NOT a flame Dear John..: The 1984 made for TV film starring Jane Fonda and Levon was called : The Dollmaker.

Thu Sep 24 22:19:19 MET DST 1998

Colonel Capricorn

From: Parts Unknown

The Hawks did appear on certain select tracks (alternate versions and B-sides as well) on Blonde on Blonde. People need only check Clinton Heylin's book, "Dylan: The Recording Sessions." Heylin went to the actual studio tapes, Columbia's vaults and union records to find what tracks were recorded where and who played on them. The Hawks played on Sooner or Later (minus Levon Helm) but with Bobby Gregg. They did record a number of tracks with Helm though in LA. "I want to be your lover," "Can you please crawl out your window," (which shouldn't be confused with the Bloomfield/Kooper version recorded around Highway 61, the instrumental "Number one," "(Seems Like a )Freeze Out," "Visions of Johanna (electric version)", "Jet Pilot(Eyes)," "Just a Little Glass of Water," "She's Your Lover Now," and others. I think Levon Helm departed after "Freeze Out." TO be precise, check Heylin, who is a respected British Dylanologist. Robbie Robertson did play on some songs with the Nashville gang, as did Al Kooper. Obvioulsy Five Believers, Just Like A Woman (I believe) and Rainy Day Woman. Also Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat and others. Any comments, please post and I'll reply. I have recordings of all these songs and others.

Thu Sep 24 21:46:07 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: me, again


Many sources refer to One of Us Must Know as being backed by The Hawks. This is about three fifths correct. It seems that several future Blonde on Blonde tracks were tried out in New York on 25 January 1966 with a line up that included Robbie Robertson - guitar, Rick Danko - bass, and the then Hawks drummer, plus Paul Griffin - piano, Al Kooper - organ.

John Bauldie, (Q sleeve notes) states that it was Sandy Konikoff on drums, but the definitive session notes in The Telegraph by Krosgaard show that the drummer was Bobby Gregg, and that a second bass player, William E. Lee was also present. One of Us Must Know was released as a single, and was the only New York track included on the final album. Two versions of Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat were recorded on the same session but never used. Although not mentioned on the session notes, Dylan has always said it his lead guitar on this song. The line-ups were ignored on the album credits. It seems Dylan wasn’t happy with the New York sessions, and only retained Robbie for the album, in spite of having played with The Hawks for three months.

The Nashville sessions consisted of a central ‘non-Nashville’ core of Dylan, Robbie Robertson and Al Kooper backed by Nashville’s best session men.

It was only in the Winter 1995 issue of The Telegraph that definitive session listings appeared. It seems that the many who praised Robbie’s guitar fills in Visions of Johanna (including me, it surely sounds just like him) were wrong - it was Wayne Moss. Robbie was not listed on the first set of sessions (Feb 12 - 17) but is listed for March 8 onwards. However, Clinton Heylin has him there (and I still think this sounds like Robbie).

I had an original UK mono copy, and it had the normal everyday sleeve. I’ve never seen nor heard of the alternative. It must be worth a fortune. Sure we’re not talking about ‘Highway 61 Revisited?”

Thu Sep 24 20:44:32 MET DST 1998

Cap'n Anger (Tom Gamble)

From: Kent, Washington

Garth is still the greatest. The new album is strong on writing, (esp. "Book...") and I feel that their legacy is still in tact. Levon sounds very strained, however. He's been the rock 'til now. Rick (my favorite member) is still not what he used to be, but he definitely takes a lead here. What good men they all are. I hope the best for all of them, and I look forward to seeing them (hopefully at "The Moore" again) when "...the wheel comes back around...". P.S. Rick...Thanks for helping the neighborhood. God Bless.

Thu Sep 24 19:36:57 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Since someone asked to know where JUBILATION is getting played on the radio, I thought I'd provide the first two weeks' adds.

If you know of a station that SHOULD be playing it, don't be shy about sending me an e-mail and we'll see what we can do from here to at least make sure they get the disc for consideration.


  • WUMB, Boston
  • KERA, Dallas
  • KDHX, St. Louis
  • WCLZ, Portland, OR
  • WDET, Detroit
  • WERI, Providence, RI
  • WEVL, Memphis (wonder what song they're playing!?)
  • WFUV, New York City
  • WNKU, Cincinnati
  • KPFT, Houston
  • WRNR, Baltimore
  • KRXS, Phoenix


  • KTHX, Reno
  • WRIU, Wakefield, RI
  • WERU, E. Orland, ME
  • WNCW, Spindale, NC
  • WEAG, Starke, FL
  • WETS, Johnson City, TN
  • WRVG, Georgetown, KY
  • WWHP, Farmer City, IL
  • KFAL, Fulton, MO
  • KSUT, Ignacio, CO
  • KOTO, Telluride, CO
  • KLOA, Ridgecrest, CA
  • KPFA, Berkeley, CA
  • KPIG, Watsonville, CA (Monterey)
  • KZYK, Philo, CA
  • WHAY, Whitley City, KY
  • KEGR, Contra Costa City, CA
  • WFHB, Bloomington, IN
  • WKZE, Sharon, CT (where The Band hears it!)
  • WMKY, Lexington, KY
  • KRVM, Eugene, OR
  • KURW, Cheyenne, WY
  • KFAN, Fredericksburg, TX
  • KOET, Mendocino, CA
  • KTAO, Taos, NM

Thu Sep 24 19:20:07 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Ben: Although I have mono LP copies of Dylan's _Bringing It All Back Home_ & _Highway 61 Revisited_, I've yet to find the mono _Blonde On Blonde_ and haven't seen the alternate cover. I'll make a guess though, if there's a girl on the cover it's probably Sally Grossman or Sara Lownes. BTW--to my knowledge Robbie Robertson is the only member of The Band who played on _Blonde On Blonde_. The main reason that mono copies of these Dylan albums are much sought after is that they contain versions of the songs that are different from stereo versions.

Don: I too hear similarities between Rick's singing & that of Jerry Garcia, although I have to admit that _Terrapin Station_ is one of my least favorite Dead albums. Perhaps a better recording to compare with Rick's voice on "Book Faded Brown" is the album _Shady Grove_ that Garcia recorded with David Grisman. Released on Grisman's Acoustic Disc label, this album contains traditional folk songs & ballads with all-acoustic instrumentation.

I did a quick search of ASCAP's web data base and found two other songs listed that were written by Paul J. Jost, Jr. The first was "Figuring All The Angles Cue" with no performer listed. The other was "Half The Time" which was recorded by Carl Perkins.

Thu Sep 24 18:36:20 MET DST 1998


From: N.Scotia

Bill Paige,

First off, thanks for the posts, it is nice to hear some credible information from the co.

I think my question is obvious, when will the album be released in Canada? Is it Oct.6 as mentioned earlier in this I would appreciate a response, Thank You.

Thu Sep 24 18:08:33 MET DST 1998

philip floyd

From: greenville sc

Thank you to the Band for all their incredible work and sound! Thank you to Levon for the wonderful book. I've been a fan for 30 years. Seen you in 3 incarnations. Keep it coming.

Thu Sep 24 17:20:11 MET DST 1998


From: DC

I encourage everyone to read the article about Jan's web site -- it is insightful and well written, although frankly I do like their earlier stuff more than their recent efforts. Also, I don't understand Norwegian, but other than that it is great. Congratulations Jan.

Thu Sep 24 16:44:53 MET DST 1998


From: Trondheim Norway

HEI NORGE , SVERIGE OG DANMARK!! Jeg søker herved kontakt med Band-elskere i nevnte land! Send meg en mail så vi kan "snakke" sammen.

Thu Sep 24 16:06:30 MET DST 1998


Congratulations Jan!

Thu Sep 24 15:36:19 MET DST 1998


From: Norway

The nice credit on Jubilation is starting to generate some publicity, here's a page from a local newspaper today. It's in Norwegian, and the photo in the actual printed newspaper was better...

Thu Sep 24 15:27:28 MET DST 1998

The Horse ( again)

From: well, Ive been alot of places.

COSMO: Thanx for the acceptance of my apology. What was it that Ray Davies said about a "outside of a small circle of friends"? Last time my vocabulary was seriously questioned however was at Watkins Glen after 36 hours without food or beverage. The sacrifice was worth it though. "What a show - What a show". Of course if my friend from the hills of beverly is who I think he is he was much too young at the time to attend such an historical evevnt as that show in the rolling hills of upstate New York or even at the Garden when the band accompanied the man. What great memories. Anyway thanks again cosmo for acknowledging my apology. By the way, there is a Pizza shop on the campus of Syracuse University on marshall st. called cosmos. Excelllent pizza. Can't use this keyboard one second longer ( those pesky paper cute are kiiling me).

Thu Sep 24 15:18:49 MET DST 1998


Feeling an upswell of adoration for Garth this morning: Love his piano in Don't Wait and Last Train to Memphis, sax in Kentucky Downpour and You See Me, siren in White Cadillac and everything about French Girls. I like to listen to the last two tracks together because you hear, in the last second on You See Me, the screeching of the falling bombs which then explode, in the first second of French Girls, leaving Garth alone at the organ. The last ten seconds of the song are also intersting. Remind me a little of the ticking of clocks in Pink Floyd's Time.

Thu Sep 24 14:56:37 MET DST 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

About filmographies and The Band web site:

I trust the Internet Movie DataBase to keep track of this, the links on the "Filmography" page here mostly lead to the IMDB. If you check e.g. their Levon Helm filmography you will find loads of stuff about Levon's acting career. They list a 1998 film titled The Adventures of Sebastian Cole featuring Levon. Anyone know any more about it?

Thu Sep 24 14:49:42 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


Coal Miner's Daught is available any any video store. I'm not sure about End of The Line. I have seen it for rental, along with The Doll House with Jane Fonda & Levon.

Thu Sep 24 14:37:38 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

Many thanks to Peter Viney for your explication about "Twilight". I'll have some digging to do and it won't be easy from where I live, but at least I know where to dig now. Yes, I bought "Best Of The Band" only for this (disappointing) track and yes, Hoskyns was my source for the story that The Band turned the song into something far more powerful than the (what he calls) "insipid" studio version. By the way: I think this website is Norway's best musical achievement since Edvard Grieg's lovely '"Fra Holberg's Tid". Or was it "Fra Hojberg's Tid"?(

Thu Sep 24 10:06:15 MET DST 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Hi guys......well, got a toughie here, an old triva question I don't know if it was ever figured out. Well all know that The Band played on Dylan's Blonde on Blonde. And some of us know that on the rare mono edition there was a photo of a girl instead of the more familair Dylan photo's. So, did anyone ever figure out who that gal was?

Thu Sep 24 08:37:26 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

TWILIGHT: How many of us bought ‘The Best of the Band’ just for this track? (Supposedly a Northern Lights left-over).

Hoskyns falls into the trap that many rock writers fall into - telling everyone the ultimate version of a song is on an unobtainable bootleg. Always annoying (but let’s be even more annoting). Actually the Palladium show (18 September 1976) was an FM broadcast, so a lot of people had it on tape, and a CD is around (though I’ve never turned it up). Hoskyns has pushed the story that it’s their finest live recording. They do an excellent ‘Twilight’ with lots of horns and a much greater urgency than the studio album, or any subsequent version. It’s taken faster. It’s fun because it’s such a long way from the original version. Rick Danko sings it quite differently, and the singer is commanding not to be left alone rather than pleading as in the original.

As to fitting the lyrics (rather than as an in concert experience) I’d prefer either the studio or (more probably) the Rick Danko / Garth Hudson version from ‘The Best of Mountain Stage Vol 1’ - this (and the Canadian compilation with the same cut) aren’t that hard to get. Rick has revived this slightly obscure song and given it a full make-over. I like the way Rick does it nowadays - he hams it up and overacts it slightly, half-speaking bits, then hitting the notes perfectly in the next sung section. The Mountain Stage is a very gentle version with Garth on piano and Tommy Spurlock on slide guitar. There are good harmony vocals from drummer Andy Robinson. I’d prefer this to the ‘Rick Danko-In Concert’ one.

The current line-up of ‘The Band’ have performed it, though they do the Danko version rather than the original-Band version (if you see what I mean) with very light backing. Nice Jim Weider solo. I’ve heard a late 1996 version.

Shawn Colvin’s done a good one too - she says that she learnt it from the Danko version, not from The Band.

Thu Sep 24 08:31:11 MET DST 1998


From: MA

Bill Paige and anyone else: How about telling us call letters/cities where the the music is on the air. Songs too! Thanks.

Thu Sep 24 05:59:07 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

Thanks all of you for answering my question about "Twilight".

Thu Sep 24 04:49:40 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: RNR

sorry this is so small, but I think you can get the general idea; here's a new Jubilation image we'll be making into a 18"x24" poster (and maybe a postcard, too) for servicing to retail stores, and a few magazine ads as well.

Thu Sep 24 04:02:06 MET DST 1998

Dash Riprock

From: Beverly Hills, California

"I was wrong to in my effort suggest a stop to this battle od point - counter point in its most fulminant forms. Begins to sound like poetry reading night down at the Tinker St. Cafe after ones had several beers. Speaking of beers; "an honest brew ( like an honest comment ) makes its own friends". I hereby submit to total and complete surrender. I capitulate to the overwhelming will of the people. Im damn sorry I made these suggestions. I can only hope that unlike the republican majority in the big house that you all will accept my apology." This sounds like a post-fight interview from Mike Tyson! Throw a few vocabs-of-the day in to augment the syntax and synapse-gap problems! Don't get any paper cuts on that dictionary, Horseman!

Thu Sep 24 03:44:02 MET DST 1998

Tami Chandler

From: Jonesboro, Ark.

The web site's nice. I've been here quite a few times. Do you know if the Band will be playing the Helena, Ark. Blues Fest in October? Also: in Levon's film history you don't have "End of the Line", "Coal Miner's Daughter", or many of the other films he appeared in. Did I miss something? Keep up the great site!

Thu Sep 24 03:32:04 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA


A few months ago I found the hardcover for 20.00 @ Don't know if they had multiple copies.

Thu Sep 24 02:28:35 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Believe me, the minute I find out anything about and (lack of) fulfillment of pre-orders, I will let everyone on this site know. They appeared to be trustworthy people, although I know their attention must have recently been focused on their new alliance with Warner Bros and ambitious project of webcasting an event on a different WB every day during the month of October. But we are trying to find out what's up with them, even though we have no control over what they do (obviously).

as for the site, it still exists at, but caveat emptor.

BTW, Jubilation did pretty well sales-wise in its first week, and nearly 30 radio stations have reported adding it to their playlists. we're encouraged, but just getting started.

a poster has been created -- I will try to give ya'll a sneak peak in a day or so (if it's OK with Jan to post with pictures).

Thu Sep 24 02:19:11 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page:

TO DON PUGATCH WED SEPT 23 21:22:05, I did the side by side on both songs and I must say that it kinda freaks me out, I don't want to get people ripping me apart either, but I do CLEARLY understand what you posted and you said it very well. I've been sitting on the side lines of this website for a little while cuz "JUBILATION" is now getting memory's for me... example, we were on the lake on Sunday and I made a tape of "JUBILATION" for the boats tape deck, and we play it about 4 times that day, good memory's of a grateful day, with the songs of "JUBULATION" for each memory event!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran. P.S. EVERYONE HAS GOT TO TAKE "JUBULATION" OUTSIDE, BEFORE IT SNOWS!!!

Thu Sep 24 01:01:18 MET DST 1998


according to Hoskyns, the live performances of twilight in 76 had a magic that was missing on the studio version. I think it is on the 76 Palladium bootleg. has anybody heard it and is Hoskyns on the mark? love RR and Hammond's playing on Five Long Years.

Thu Sep 24 00:59:02 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

I guess it's official that is tapped out. I don't see the link anymore. Some official word or excuse would have been nice but c'est la vie. From now on I stick with CD Now.

Rick and Co did wonders with Twilight on Ridin on the Blinds. Of course hearing it live on Long Island at Twilight with a very good friend of mine was quite special too.

Thu Sep 24 00:34:02 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Ned, Terrapin Station is an excellent Dead album and also the lead song, which is about 16 minutes long. If you are a music guy, worth the investment. Also a great live performance to behold. Book Faded Brown, the author is Paul Jost, any info, on Paul. Also Tom Pacheco, inquiring minds would like to know. One more note, David, if you have a chance, email me, we need to work on the radio stations here, and I have been very unsuccessful.

Thu Sep 24 00:17:49 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

Liam Palmer:

Levon's book has been in soft cover for awhile. You should be able to find it. If not, you could probably special order it. To the best of my knowledge it is still in print.

Thu Sep 24 00:10:22 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


Gerard, there is a live version of Twilight with Rick and Garth on one of the Mountain Stage CD's; which depending on where you live can sometimes be hard to find.

The name of the CD is "THE BEST OF MOUNTAIN STAGE" VOLUME 1 LIVE. It is on the BLUE PLATE Label out of L.A. It was released in 1991. There is also another Mountain Stage CD which this track orginally came from; which is an all Canadian Artist CD. Bruce Cockburn and others are on it as well. I do not know of a legitimate complete Band" version live. There maybe a boot.

Wed Sep 23 23:59:32 MET DST 1998


From: NS


You can find a live version of "Twilight" on Rick's Solo cd "In Concert", Jan has ordering info in the discography section.

Wed Sep 23 23:57:21 MET DST 1998


Wed Sep 23 23:49:58 MET DST 1998


From: NS

We still haven't received Jubilation here in Canada, anybody feel sorry for us? Can't Wait!

Wed Sep 23 23:38:24 MET DST 1998

Tim Evans

From: Burlington, Vt.

Love "Jubilation" their best effort in some time. Has that timeless quality to it that they are so good at. Feels like seeing great old friends again.

Wed Sep 23 23:34:23 MET DST 1998


From: Leiden NL

Can anybody help me? Are there live performances available of "Twilight"? The studio version sounds a bit bleak to me - a rather commercial reggae song uncharactistic of The Band. In concerts they are reputed to sing and play it far more forceful.

Wed Sep 23 23:08:19 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Well done, Ned. It's not easy being green.

Wed Sep 23 23:03:19 MET DST 1998


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Wed Sep 23 22:56:56 MET DST 1998

Kermit the Frog

"And those who think they're the outsiders, are only easy riders on a horse that going lame"

Wed Sep 23 22:50:16 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Hello Kicking Horse, Your apology is accepted, and all assault forces have been withdrawn. It takes a strong and noble man to say he is sorry and mean it. p.s.- I feel a strong bond of kinship to everybody that frequents this guestbook, and yet I know not any of you personally. Peace to you all! My favorite new song at the moment is Kentucky Downpour. Cosmo

Wed Sep 23 22:02:21 MET DST 1998


John from Penna: You are right on about Malone--fantastic horn section on a couple tracks (Kentucky Downpour & You See Me)and interesting to realize that it is just Hudson and Malone. Don Pugtach: I am not all that familiar with Terrapin, but your point doesn't sound that odd as I am familair with the wonderful vocal qualities of Garcia. However, I will confess my own odd association during Book Faded Brown. The other night I was lying back on the sofa listening with headphones and my eyes closed. At about a minute and a half into the song when Rick sings "Have you ever wondered why there's a rainbow in the sky?" a sudden, and rather strange, image of a singer entered my mind: Kermit the Frog! Now it is my turn to expect the slings and arrows.

Wed Sep 23 21:49:39 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Diamond Lil: I loved your last post! There are times on this site when we tend to over-analyze things. I'm as guilty of this as the next person. The most important thing is how the music moves us. Like Garth said in the Last Waltz, you want music to "cure and make people feel good."

Wed Sep 23 21:22:05 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I have now listened to Jubiation about 10 times, and keep coming back to Book Faded Brown. I know this may strange, but Rick's voice has an angelic magic to it, just as Jerry Garcia's does on Terrapin Station. Before the "Crew" starts ripping me apart, just spend some time listening to Book Faded Brown and then Terrapin Station. If you still want to attack, at the count of three, begin.

Wed Sep 23 20:58:59 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Congratulations to the Band,Jubilation is a real triumph! This is a well conceived,wonderfully written and beautifully sounding album. Much obliged to E.C.,Haitt,and Toussaint for thier contributions. Having "Bones" Malone play some brass on 3 tracks is a perfect fit plus it takes some of the load off of "Honeyboy" Hudson.I say sign him up to be a regular member!

High Points: Levon's harp on 4 songs-more than any other Band album. Those glorious horns! Simcoe Sensation-the man,the voice,the distinctive harmonies. Garth-the legend who is effective at painting the Band's musical canvass with such brilliant and vivid colors,amazing. Greil Marcus liner notes-very poignant and well-crafted. Sets the mood. This is great narrative writing.

Low Points: The cover. I imagine this was an attempt to symbolize a offering of some kind. Anybody have any clues? Never was much of an art appreciator. Would rather see Elliott Landy attempt to capture some magic with his camera-again!

Observations: At one point during Spirit of the Dance Randy Ciarlante sounds like Steve Miller when harmonizing with Danko. Am I nuts! When performing this song in concert i can see Rick shaking his booty as the audience yells; "Play that Funky Music White Boy"! Clapton's understated but true to the song riffin'and solo. If E.C. joined the Band in the early days he probably never would have been know as a guitar "God". He always hated that tag. Not much lead guitar througout this album. This was by design of course but I admire Jim Weider for his restraint,as he is one of the hottest chicken-pickin' tele-playin' amp-tweakin' dudes around.

This album puts me in a nice mood of reverie close to that of Pink,Band and Stagefright. This is a great album to listen to in the great outdoors. So go for a ramble{walk,run,hike} and take along Jubilation,it will inspire and uplift you,guaranted.

Wed Sep 23 19:50:16 MET DST 1998

Charlie Hawker

From: Dallas, TX

I must be dreaming. This site is incredible. So is "Jubilation", Thanks to The Band and the people behind this home page.

Wed Sep 23 18:35:24 MET DST 1998


From: MA

If you haven't checked out Peter Viney's review, you ought to. No, I don't agree with everything he has to say (I for one, like "Kentucky Downpour") but the review is excellent.

Liam: There are used book search services available on the web, but it takes time and is expensive. After looking all over for Levon's book, in shops and on the web, I found a copy at my local public library. Free. It's worth reading.

Wed Sep 23 17:47:40 MET DST 1998

dale hartis

From: charleston sc

I have been a fan since 1969.. Spent money to buy albums and gone to concerts. Simply the greatest. This site is incredible. Why must everyone argue so violently. Get on with it. State your opinions but give the other person the right to theirs.

Wed Sep 23 15:54:40 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Apologies as well as compliments are humbly accepted. I will be the first to admit that my writing often borders on the level of excess, but only as a result of that same degree of passion that I have for the subject music, especially that of The Band.

Jan's website provides all of us with a wonderful place to exchange ideas, which is what communication is all about. Ideas, when shouted, will resound; insults will only ring hollow. Peace.

Wed Sep 23 15:32:15 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: where Greil Marcus is thought to be a Texas department store

Happy birthday wishes for Brother Ray and the Boss.

In response to Kevin Gilbertson's posting regarding _The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album_, I checked my copy of the LP (a first pressing purchased when it was released in 1975). The song "Born With Nothing" is listed twice on the album's cover. It is listed correctly as being the third song on side one, but incorrectly listed again as the last song on side two. The labels on both sides of the record, however, list the proper playing order.

"Born With Nothing", beginning with Muddy's distinctive slide guitar and featuring his powerful vocal style, is a great example of Muddy's style of blues. Against a backdrop of Pinetop's piano, Butterfield's harp, Garth's accordian, and Levon's solid drum & cymbal work, we're taken on a ride down to the Delta. To me there's always been an other-worldly quality to the music of this album. Just sit back & listen as it takes you to places you've never been before. With Henry Glover's great less-is-more production, the small ensemble of musicians leave Muddy plenty of space to shine.

Muddy was indeed born McKinley Morganfield. In his definitive book, _Deep Blues_, the late Robert Palmer wrote that Muddy was born on April 4, 1915, in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, "which is in the southernmost part of the Delta on Highway 61, about halfway between Vicksburg and Greenville." Raised by his maternal grandmother after his parents separated, they later moved north to Coahoma County , where his grandmother becam a housekeeper on the Stovall plantation. According to Mr. Palmer, it was in this same area of Mississippi that the pioneer bluesmen Tommy Johnson, Harry Sloan and the legendary Charley Patton once lived & played their music.

As Mr. Palmer recounted, McKinley had been rechristened "Muddy" before he got to Stovall's plantation: "When I got big enough to crawl around, I would play in the mud and try to eat it," Muddy said. "My grandma started that Muddy thing, and after we were up there near Clarksdale, the kids started the Waters (name)."

Wed Sep 23 14:41:40 MET DST 1998

Kicking Horse

From: Who Cares

Just want to take this oppotunity to apologize to Mr. Powell and everyone else that took offense with my comments of 9/22/98. My only intention was an attempt to cut back on the editorialization of one or two subject areas that are interest to only a few. I was wrong to in my effort suggest a stop to this battle od point - counter point in its most fulminant forms. Begins to sound like poetry reading night down at the Tinker St. Cafe after ones had several beers. Speaking of beers; "an honest brew ( like an honest comment ) makes its own friends". I hereby submit to total and complete surrender. I capitulate to the overwhelming will of the people. Im damn sorry I made these suggestions. I can only hope that unlike the republican majority in the big house that you all will accept my apology.

Wed Sep 23 14:35:31 MET DST 1998


Though when I first heard Jubliation I was drawn to Rick's vocals such as Book Faded Brwon, after repeated listening I have lost interest in those tracks. Now it is the Levon tracks which bring me back to listen some more. Though overall I enjoyed Peter Viney's review, I reacted differently than he to Kentucky Downpour: I feel that it is the second best track after Don't Wait, with You See Me third. CAP: I've alays thought of you as a music guru, so keep talking bro'.

Wed Sep 23 13:38:47 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia, USA

In the midst of a wonderful new offering by The Band, how unfortunate it is that Jan's site (which surely must be attracting new visitors thanks to "Jubilation"'s release) is being trashed these days by some who either (a) having nothing better to do than run down another visitor to the site or (b) seem to believe that The Band's music, like any other artwork, can only be viewed in one way. How silly. With Jan's considerable efforts at putting together an extraordinary site and with "Jubilation"'s generally well-received arrival, this should be a time of celebration. Instead, some seem more content to bicker. Personally, I feel that "Jubilation" is one of The Band's very best efforts, but I can see how others would differ in their opinion. A little more tolerance by all would be appreciated by this frequent visitor to the site. Rational discourse is one thing. The trading of insults is quite another. For those of you have not read it, Peter Viney's review of "Jubilation" is a masterpiece of insight and appreciation for what The Band was, is, and may yet be. Thanks, Peter, for your considerable efforts. And thanks again, Jan, for yours.

Wed Sep 23 12:28:11 MET DST 1998

Liam Palmer

From: Maryport

Can you please tell me if `This wheels on fire`, the book by Levon can still be found anywhere and how much is it.

Wed Sep 23 10:17:09 MET DST 1998

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

hope this post isn't too boring for some of you as I'm not going to compare the old with the new or take the jubilation cd apart piece by piece. I just want to say that I love the new cd because it makes me feel good. Go figure.....

Wed Sep 23 06:33:31 MET DST 1998

Kors Mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

I've been a BAND fan for 30 yeard, but I am new to the Internet. I like Jan's site and I admire the completeness and depth of all the information. But what about all these childish personal attcks in the guestbook? Is it always like this? I quit.

Wed Sep 23 03:12:06 MET DST 1998

Private Parts

From: CIC

Brig Gen Cosmo:

Regret to inform you that Gen Wayne is indisposed at a Haitian community college girls' dorm, where he is riding out the storm (Hurricane Georges).

He leaves the problem in your capable hands.

Wed Sep 23 02:50:14 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Uncle Hangover, I must admit that I like your idea also! If negotiations are favorable to the General, I propose that we all meet at your place and celebrate with extreme JUBILATION. Cosmo.

Wed Sep 23 02:01:23 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

General Wayne, Would you please come back from r+r and lead an all out assault on the renegade known as mr. k horse? My intelligence reports state that this individual is dangerously close to causing widespread panic, and he is very capable of using terrorist tactics. I am sure that Lt. Blood will be available for duty. I am pretty sure that the guestbook " elite" will even give you blessings on this important mission. Lars, if the General does not receive this message, I implore you to get this message through. 10-4 , Cosmo.

Wed Sep 23 01:11:46 MET DST 1998



There are those on this site that will try to intimidate you from thinking. Don't pay any attention. Like many of us on this site, you will begin to get a tough hide, as people will mock you for putting forth your opinion. Talk on Cap. All opinions are welcome.

For those who sign on just for the sake of being negative like K. Horse? Well I understand they found the Hanson site too crowded and intellectually challenging.

Wed Sep 23 01:06:35 MET DST 1998

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

Anybody have any information on a release date for Jubilation in Canada?

Tue Sep 22 23:14:09 MET DST 1998


From: DC

Strange that with all of this talk of Griel Marcus's reference to Wim Wenders in the JUBILATION liner notes that none of the BAND AUTHORITIES pointed out the obvious link... at the end of the movie UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD when William Hurt is standing over his father's grave in a very majestic and moving scene, with the camera swirling over him looking down, the song that is playing is Robbie Robertson's BREAKING THE RULES (a STORYVILLE song). Although this song is not on the soundtrack (a soundtrack that features Daniel Lanois, among others) it is played in its entirety, or close to it, in the movie.

Tue Sep 22 23:00:59 MET DST 1998


From: DC

This guestbook would function much more smoothly if we were to designate some of the contributers as "BAND AUTHORITIES" and others as "INFERIOR." Those of us who are less enlightened could then defer to the more important or respected fans when we don't know what to think. For example I recently posted some comments about JUBILATION which were somewhat critical, but I now realize that you can't compare albums to other albums by the same artists if those other albums were recorded too long ago. I also did not realize that if an album sounds lacking in passion and energy to the listener than that is a good thing if the performers of the album are either older than they once were or playing with different musicians than they once played with. I apologize for making this mistake, and hope that it will not be held against me if I am ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to apply for BAND AUTHORITY status. Until then, if there is a BAND AUTHORITY out there who could simply tell me either what to think about JUBILATION, or at least give me some guidelines for how best to listen to JUBILATION, I would greatly appreciate it.

Tue Sep 22 22:45:33 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I agree with Bill Paige's comments about Wim Wenders. For those of you who are interested, Wenders up-coming film about Willie Nelson and his Teatro album includes none other than Robbie Robertson. Evidently, Lanois invited him over to the sessions.

By the way, the last post by "Bones" was not me.

Tue Sep 22 22:22:03 MET DST 1998


K.Horse's ass: Don't you wish you had the intelligence (or the talent) to put a reasonable paragraph English. I bet you do.

Tue Sep 22 22:03:56 MET DST 1998

Christopher Pelham

From: New York, NY

I've been trying to research the musical influences on The Band and Bob Dylan and have so far been unable to find any recordings of traveling medicine or minstrel show acts such as the F.S. Walcott Minstrels whom Levon Helm describes in his book. What kinds of music would be found at these shows (and in southern/rural bars) in the 1946-1953 era before rockabilly hit? Chicago blues? Acoustic blues? Ernest Tubb/Red Foley/Hank Williams types? Carter Family descendants? Or something a bit different? Any help would be much appreciated!

Tue Sep 22 21:56:00 MET DST 1998



It's very well known what kind of horse you are Mr. K. Horse. A jackass. Powell has the best entries here, has for a long time. It's ok if your more than a tad insecure. We all know that you really want to be the star here. And in fact you're a big smash. The problem is that you wear it like a rash. Just be cool and we'll all love ya. Dear David, Maybe what Mr. Horseshit meant was that your last entry was just a tad Marcusesque for some.

Tue Sep 22 21:47:20 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Please, you horsemen and riders and poets and idiots and whatever, stop this nonsense. A lot of new fans are coming to the Band site right now because of the new CD. Don't scare them off right away, eh? Listen to Uncle and calm down. Come down to Joe's and have a few and we can talk about it now.

Tue Sep 22 21:21:14 MET DST 1998

Mr. K. Horse, PHD

From: Lynchburg Tenn.

Mr. Powell and his loyal group of whatevers. God, don't you still wish you had had the talent to be real rock star? I bet ya do! Actually K. Horse cares little for the cumulative opinions of the masses. I dig the band cuz they make the sounds that is "music" to my ears; thats all. Mr. Powell speaks of perfume. Well he can stand in back of Mr. Horse for a bit and I'll give him somethin to smell since this seeems to be the part of Mr. Horses anatomy Mr. Powell seems to be attracted to. Umm? I can only assume that regardless of how eloquent Mr. Powells prose may be to some that he jnows little of the horse much less ridin one. Stand in back of K. Horse and Ill give ya some perfume. All I'm really tryin to say is that your beatin the " horse to death " enough already..

Tue Sep 22 20:41:42 MET DST 1998


Actually it was David Powell that had me laughing My apologies

Tue Sep 22 17:52:07 MET DST 1998


Oh Donabie, you made me laugh. I suppose looking a gift Horse in the mouth is better than looking at it elswhere.

Tue Sep 22 17:20:39 MET DST 1998


David Powell certainly doesn't need me to defend him; but this obvious fictitious K. Horse, should only dream that he could write like David Powell. Not that its anyone's business; but David who has become a friend, has a very busy life. We are the lucky ones that he shares his passion of writing with.

Tue Sep 22 17:20:06 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Obsession: excessive preoccupation or merely a perfume that arouses the senses? Perhaps it depends on from which direction you view the horse.

Tue Sep 22 16:19:36 MET DST 1998

Mr. K. Horse


TO: Mr. D. Powell et al.. Hey enough already.. Don't you have anything else to do with your life? You have sliced and diced the subject of the band to death with your endless commentary on this very ggo and venerable group but I'm concerned for a person that apparently has little or nothing else to do but sit around and repeat the same information almost every day.. GO OUT and PLAY or something. Obsession can be a very dangerous thing.. You are obviously very obsessed or at the very least a very lonely person.. Seek help my friend. There is more to life than preoccupation with this group.. I'm sure they would be the first to agree. If I was of the boy's I'd be sittin around havin myself a big belloy laugh reading your continuous dribble day in and day out.. Good Day!

Tue Sep 22 16:00:36 MET DST 1998

Scott Richardson

From: Lawrence, Kansas

Well, now, I've been listening to JUBILATION damn near non-stop since the 15th. Lucky my wife likes it too. It's great -- but why try to compare a new CD with classic recordings of 30 years ago? No way to do that, and why try? "Book" is a great opener, and "If I Should Fail" will go down as another Danko classic (I know there's a shift in logic, but oh well...). The more I listen to Levon's songs -- "Don't Wait," "Fool," "Memphis," the more I love them. The whole album has great tunes, some really nice original lyrics (not always the case on "Hog"), and of course the great Garth. This is 1998, and these guys have come up with a terrific album. Good enough for me. Let's hope they tour outside of the N.E. And you gotta love the photos Levon picked -- could he look any more like an old blues guy?

Tue Sep 22 15:58:37 MET DST 1998

Robert Bruce

From: Berrien Springs, Michigan

First of all, Congrats to Jan for the mention in the Jubulation acknowledgements! Well deserved, as this is one of the finest Web Sites around! Nice to see Jan getting a mention from the very people that he works so hard to promote!

Second of all...okay, everyone, we KNOW that this isn't the original version of the Band...and to judge "Jubilation" based on their early classics is patently unfair! It's a different group with Jim, Randy, and Richard B. Yeah, we all miss Richard Manuel (my favorite singer of all time), and Robbie made a great contribution, but they're not with the group anymore...I prefer to judge them CD to CD, and not by some ridiculous standard (like the Brown Album and "Big Pink"). The fact is, they still put out quality, enjoyable, and listenable music!

I haven't listened to every cut on "Julilation" as in depth as I would've liked yet, but I believe that "Book Faded Brown" is one of the best songs that they have done in quite awhile...takes you on a history tour about as well as "Night/Dixie Down" (my personal Band alltime fav)...I realize that the song wasn't written by the group per se, but the music does just as much as the lyrics in transporting you back in time. "If I should Fail" is another great one for that!

Sad to hear about Levon's health problems, if indeed there is one! It's almost painful to hear him struggle to sing on "Jubilation", especially on the last song that he sings (can't think of the title at the moment) important as Garth is to the Band, Levon is the heart and soul of the group wishes, Levon!

Tue Sep 22 15:24:10 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Reflections on _Music From Big Pink_ Part II:

There is a sense of timelessness about the songs from Big Pink and from the self-titled follow up album from The Band. The music both embraces the traditions of the past and looks forward to the future, without locking in on any one musical trend of the present.

It is easy to imagine that The Band secretly kept a copper moonshine kettle in the basement of Big Pink where they took the raw organic mash of so many forms of music and distilled them into a pure but powerful essence. A place where old folklure tunes, ancient myths, and Biblical stories mixed with gut-bucket rock & roll, delta blues and country laments. What evolved was something new and different.

The years spent on the road with Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan were like a under-graduate course in music for the members of The Band. The months spent playing music in the basement at Big Pink with Dylan were the research for their post-graduate work. Where the Basement tapes were their graduate thesis, with the release of _Music From Big Pink_ they earned their masters degree, and "the brown album" brought them their doctorate.

Despite the analogy, there's nothing academic about the "feel" that this music brings the listener, rather, there is something deeply emotional in its effect. The images and the moods conveyed in the songs must be felt before one can really attempt to rationalize their meaning. On both these levels The Band ultimately succeeds, and in my opinion, this is where the music sustains its power.

Tue Sep 22 14:51:58 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

Peter Viney: Thanks for the review of "Jubilation". I agree with you, "Don't Wait" is my pick too.

Tue Sep 22 14:30:51 MET DST 1998


Karen: Thanks for your response to my thoughts. You have some good points. Once again I am reminded how subjective all of this is. Contrary to others oft expressed opinion here, I feel that Robbie's four albums are all far superior to the three recent Band albums.

Tue Sep 22 13:53:15 MET DST 1998


From: Melbourne Australia

Fantastic Web Site guys keep up the great effort!

Tue Sep 22 13:52:33 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

I just read the Rick Danko interview and am dissapointed that Jan's website got a mere "my kids do". Considering Jan's hard work and personal expense, it seems (to me) that RD would be a bit more enthusiastic about this web site. Like maybe check it out himself or even post from time to time since he's got at least 2 computers.

Tue Sep 22 11:33:29 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Elliot Landy, Photography etc.

Photography, like music, has elements both of craft and of inspiration. I’m sitting here with 3000-odd transparencies that have to be sorted, appraised, selected and turned into a book (using about 150 of them). When you’re trying to capture unfolding events (such as a concert) you have to take a great number to hit the exact magic moment. In an ideal world you’d use two photographers (and I’ve done this). One would have the half frame / full frame camera, a polaroid back for trialing, spend a lot of time and shoot just a few perfect images. Next to him you have somebody shooting 35 mm, bracketing everything, sometimes (heresy) switching over to Ph.D. mode ("push here dummy" = fully automatic programming). Sometimes the second guy would get magic, and not just by chance, but knowing that you have to sometimes shoot fifty to get one. Well, I can see the music metaphor.

As with music too, you can ruin the whole thing in the printing (or mastering) process. Take a look at the Elliot Landy on the brown album CD, then put it next to the vastly superior version on the Japanese cardboard cover. I happen to think that this is a great portrait. The faces are flaring slightly - they’re overlit in contrast to the clothes. This gives the faces a stylized look, a strong simple facial image, suiting the mood. You can do this all in Photoshop, you can "posterize" to get a similar but usually (in practice at least) less subtle effect. I guess this had been done a lot before the brown album - I’m thinking of the 60s Dylan and Hendrix posters, but while these were heavily "posterized", the brown album has the same effect while appearing on the surface to be a normal everyday posed photo (which it’s not). As I look at it, I think some of the essential dynamic is revealed. While Hudson, Danko and Manuel face forward, Levon and Robbie are slightly in front - facing in opposite directions, opposing almost. Richard in his Carnaby Street shirt is marginalized, cornered (as on the Moondog Matinee painting). Garth is a Rock of Ages with Rick solidly in the centre.

You can do wonders in Photoshop, but you can’t make something out of nothing. Don’t pull me up on terminology - I’m not a photographer, so stand ready to be accused of talking bullshit (which I might well be), but I do work with the photographer’s products. And yes, photography is an art.

Bill Paige: yes, I agree that the outside eye can sometimes see more than the "insider" eye. You’re absolutely right about Daniel Lanois and also the British influence on the re-appreciation of blues. The logical extension (and the most quoted example) is Robbie’s take on the USA - seen afresh from a Canadian viewpoint.

Tue Sep 22 05:13:49 MET DST 1998

Dr. Pepper

Serge, email me privately for some info on your photos! Thanks in advance.

Tue Sep 22 03:36:21 MET DST 1998


Serge writes "I am not butting in..but defending something that I was instrumental in bringing to this site."

This is already gone too far. What's to "defend" Serge? All I said was I wish the word "sample" wasn't written across the pics; but I understood why. I repeat..."I understand why." I get it Serge. It was just an opinion


Tue Sep 22 01:34:38 MET DST 1998

Tiny Montgomery

From: going out west

I attended The "Newport" Folk Festival in Concord over the weekend. As with any BIG bill show there was good, bad and just plain ugly! Joan Baez did indeed drive "Dixie" down! Sometimes music hurts, enough said. Nanci Griffith was the headliner, Wilco played (very well as usual), and John Hiatt performed a solid set with his very pretty Gibson "Country and Western" twang (guitar that is). My friend and I were in the fifth row, so naturally we could not resist the obligitory screams for request! We yelled out for "Bound" several times (more realistically 10) , John did hear us (his response was a brief look of surprise followed by a shrug of the shoulders), but for some reason he choose to stay away from his Band connection. Perhaps, John too has not learned the song well enough for performance. I should hope both Rick and John would give this great tune the courtesy of a live performance sometime in the very near future. On a seperate note (no pun intended)Bela Fleck's BANJO was brillant, as usual. Good bye, for now.

Tue Sep 22 01:17:41 MET DST 1998


What's this idiotic word" flame" mean anyway?? Donabie, I am not butting in..but defending something that I was instrumental in bringing to this site. I don't just beat my gums, I contribute things to look at, or listen to. Re-read your entry. You THANK Landy for NOT stamping SAMPLE on his pix. Next paragraph: "BUT FLEMING STAMPED "SAMPLE".. blah blah. Well I say again out of 50 takes a few turn out good! I am no Karsh, and Gee! after a few rolls I end up with what people think is one of the best portrait of Beak in action, and a Danko that has been appropriated by his website.( That's cool, I gave him a copy years ago.)And guess what, I never tried to sell them. People just steal them. If you're not ready to shell out one fifth of what you blew on Landy for a work of art that you find "wonderful" then you're sucking and blowing at the same time. ( Love this line.. saw it here first) This is in NO way a "flame" John. I love and appreciate art. Stick your picture on this site sometime so everyone can see what you look like, and maybe Fleming will paint you. I may even come to Trawna and photograph you. After 14 rolls I guarantee that I'll end up with a classic "Donabie" suitable for framing.

Tue Sep 22 01:14:11 MET DST 1998


From: Harmony, NC

I feel that The Band is on of the greatest influences in Rock N Roll. I especially like their work with Dylan and on the Rock oF Ages Album. In my mind they are a definitive rock band.

Tue Sep 22 00:47:11 MET DST 1998


From: New Jersey

It seems like there's a backlash against "Jubilation" developing here, less than a week after it's release. I think people should listen to it some more before judging it inferior to the original lineup of the Band. I've gone back and listened to several of the earlier albums this weekend, and I can honestly say that "Jubilation" is the most consistent Band album since "Stage fright". Even if it doesn't achieve the brilliance of the first two albums, remember the original lineup was never able to either over the course of an entire album. "Cahoots" was a pretty schizo album featuring one of the beat Band songs "Life is a carnival" alongside surely the worst "The moon struck one". "Moondog matinee" is a good album of covers, but not something I listen to often. "Northern lights" is an album with three great songs and the others not that memorable. "Islands" was just a collection of songs rushed together to fulfill their contract. I like "Jericho", particularly "Atlantic city" and "Remedy". "High on the Hog" was a mixed bag. "Back to Memphis" and "High price of love were fine, but the remake of "Forever young" , "She knows" and "Ramble jungle" should have remained in the archives. I don't know how they decied to use the same version of "She knows" that had been on the box set here. I remeber reading that "Chain gang" was gonna be on this album, what happened? Anyway, I've listened to "Jubilation" over and over and I think it's a really strong album. "Don't wait", "Last train to Memphis" and "High cotton" are the standouts to me. It's just unrealistic for people to expect another "Big Pink" or brown album in 1998. Robbie sure hasn't done anything this agood in his solo career.

Mon Sep 21 23:47:30 MET DST 1998



Even if Garth's accordian flurry at the end of Bound By Love was the only thing on Jubilation, well then I'd still have to buy it. Priceless! Is that an accordian or angel wings that he is playing.This is the best song on the record. A decent song, that evolved into a great one thanks to Garth. Same thing with Book Faded Brown. Remember what Levon said, As long as there is Garth... You can finish the rest. As far as the rest of the record goes, I'm not sure. I know that I definitely don't like the title track. Yes, I'm afraid it's boring despite bionic studio steroids. Rick sure doesn't sound like he wants to dance, on that cut. Although, he is good on his other leads. I hate to say this, but I find it very difficult to get through the songs in which Levon sings, for obvious reasons. However, Levon contributes to a record in many ways, as all of you are aware. Gotta go, Van's Philosophers Stone is calling me. By the way, I prefer the original Wonderful remark over Robbie's. " Everybody wants to be my friend, but nobody wants to get higher " . Miss you Richard

Mon Sep 21 23:33:09 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Rick Danko performed on Sunday 9/20 at the Hudson River Arts Festival in Poughkeepsie NY, with Aaron Hurwitz accompanying on keyboards. His set opened with Twilight, and included - in no special order - Crazy Mama, Stage Fright, It Makes No Difference, Blue River, The Weight, Caledonia Mission, Blind Willie McTell, and maybe a couple of others. No surprises. He did The Shape I'm In as an encore.

One disappointment, however: When Rick asked for requests, several voices up front yelled out Book Faded Brown. He apologized for not really knowing any of that new stuff quite yet, promised he'd try and learn it soon. He did sort of "feel his way through" a verse, and he sang it well enough, but just couldn't find the guitar part, as much as Hurwitz attempted to lead him along. Not one of his better performances. But I must say, he's never been bigger. Shockingly so.

Mon Sep 21 23:15:10 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

I won't make it a habit to drop in with just any thought that crosses my mind, but I read something today that gave me a chuckle.

I recall a post several days ago that vehmently disparaged Greil Marcus' liner notes, especially his quotation of filmmaker Wim Wenders. The poster suggested Wenders knew nothing of American music. Well, apparently someone thinks he knows something about it, as Wenders is directing a 60-minute B&W film based on the recording sessions for Willie Nelson's new album, Teatro.

I don't find it surprising that folks like Wenders, and Daniel Lanois, who produced Willie's record (and of course contributed greatly to Robbie's post-Band direction) could have a great appreciation for American music. Remember that it took the British rock establishment to play back Chicago blues before Muddy and Willie rec'd their due.

Mon Sep 21 22:50:25 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


For someone who gets very angry about people reading mail correctly, I'm surprised at your comments. I mentioned why I thought Fleming used the "sample" across the painting (Photoshop etc.) He is a fine artist.

Referring to Elliott Landy's Classic photo as a "snapshot" and not a work of art shows your ignorance for the meaning of art. I am sure there are many great photographers out there who would agree with me. Ever heard of Karsh from Ottawa?? Just a snapshot kind of guy I guess. I realize your passion for Flemings work; because I understand you had something to do with them. I think there wonderful, and any brother of Gord's is O.K. with me.

You have, many times asked people not to butt into your comments. Perhaps you should take your own advice. Go ahead...flame me some more. You know it's sad. Your so bright and you channel it through anger. Oh well it's your life.

Mon Sep 21 22:49:56 MET DST 1998

Kors Mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

I agree with most of the latest reviews of Jubilation in this guestbook. Glad to see that not all Band fans lost their minds listening to the album. Sure it is fine music, but just as some of you said before, it lacks the impact of the early lp's (not only BP & TB, but also SF, MM and NL). For someone who didn't live in the late sixties, it must be hard to imagine what a shock the release of Big Pink was. That unique moment can never be repeated. Later albums sound somewhat repetitive to me, their melodies as well as their refrains. But still: any of the post-Robbie albums has it gems: songs you want to hear over and over. On RICK DANKO it's "Once Upon A Time", on LEVON HELM AND THE RCO ALL STARS "Sing, Sing, Sing", on ROBBIE ROBERTSON "Broken Arrow" (not that awful Lazy River thing), on STORYVILLE "Go Back To Your Woods" (I wish Levon Rick and Richard had sung that song) and on JERICHO there are even more ("Remedy", "Blind Willie McTell", "Move To Japan", "Amazon", "Shine A Light" and of course "Country Boy". On HIGH ON THE HOG "Stand Up" is my favorite. "She Knows" is moving and endearing, but not like The Band at all. On Jubilation "Book Faded Brown" stands out. Not only the music (OK - it's a bit like "Christmas Must Be Tonight" - so what?), but the wonderful lyrics as well. It reveals The Band's nostalgia to rural life. And Rick sings beautifully. So: that's what makes The Band always worthwile. Even if it's only one song per album.

Mon Sep 21 22:43:21 MET DST 1998

Vicotria Wolfe

From: new york

You have a reference to Jack Knife and the sharps, do you know how to contact, or where to buy their CD. Old Fan from Minnesota originally

Mon Sep 21 22:11:46 MET DST 1998

Serge (again)

Karen..with all due respect... : Yes, who's holding the brush is right. In watercolours as you may know, once the brush touches the paper the mark is there to stay ! In photography, I agree that the composition means a lot, BUT after burning up enough rolls of films surely a few will invariably turn out great.

Mon Sep 21 21:45:12 MET DST 1998


To Ned: I imagine it is all a question of how technology is used to create music and what the motivation is behind it. For years there was debate over whether photography should be considered a fine art. Those opposed argued that the camera created the image and there was no real talent or craftsmanship involved. But any serious photographer knows that the camera is simply a tool, a means to communicate personal vision, just like a paint brush is to a painter. These days photographic images can be enhanced and altered digitally. So once again, the medium is changing. A purist may say that if a photo was not printed in a darkroom then it is not legitimate, while in reality, a new and original image has been created and its nature is determined by the tools used.

There is no question that electronic music has evolved significantly over the past few years and a CD produced with state-of-the-art tools by talented musicians and producers will have a quality that is uniquely its own. So when would music be considered over-produced? I see it as a question of motivation. I would call a CD overproduced if 1: technology is used to compensate for lack of talent or skill on the part of the musicians or 2: technology is used to create "cool effects" that don't make any significant contribution to artistic merit.

So it all comes down to who's holding the paint brush.

Mon Sep 21 21:42:01 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Bill Paige for the review. It is wonderful having a record company guy here to tell us about up-coming events and articles. Thank you!

Mon Sep 21 21:39:44 MET DST 1998


Sorry 'bout the typo....Long day.!

Mon Sep 21 21:36:45 MET DST 1998


David Powell, very nice writing. I look forward to your entries. You knowledge of and insight into pop music is uncanny. Take up writing for a living. You can outdo Hoskyns and his shopping lists of who went where, who ate what, who played when, who got screwed, not to mention all the copied and guessed at stuff, any day...

Yes Donabie, electronic copies CAN be made easily. Landy's 30 year old pic. looks a little blurry here ( on purpose ?)Is he protecting from "electronic" theft also? Why don't you purchase your fave Fleming print, have it scanned and make IT a wallpaper. Or better still send him cash and he'll Email you the copy you like without " SAMPLE " on it. At least it's a work of art, not a snap shot. Then you can alternate wallpapers between Fleming's and Landy's blurred one.

Mon Sep 21 21:30:48 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

Cap, you are missing it. "Don't Wait".

Mon Sep 21 21:03:04 MET DST 1998


From: DC

Ultimately the standards that I impose when judging music are whether or not I like it after listening to it over and over. I have never encountered a group like the Band that continues to grab me time after time after time, and I think that they are the best rock group ever. As an honest opinion from a devoted fan, without any bitterness or resentment, I would like to say that I don't find Jubilation to have the energy or passion or creativity of their past efforts. I love almost everything that they put their hands on, but Jerico only had a few songs that I find myself going back to, and High On The Hog and Jubilation don't really have any. I do not regret buying the album, and I'll listen to it now and then I'm sure, but I do not find myself wanting to put it back in my stereo the way I do with the rest of my collection. This is not a knock on Garth, Levon, and Rick. Rick's solo album, and the Bobby Charles album, and the Muddy Waters Woodstock album are all among my favorites and those did not feature Robbie or Richard too prominently. This current line-up of The Band is capable of putting out some awesome music. I am glad that so many people here are enjoying it, but it doesn't do much for me personally.

One last word: if anyone reading this page works for the Woodstock label and has anything to do with the release of any archived music (something Rick mentioned in his recent interview) I hereby promise to buy several copies of anything that you release involving Band members. Please do not take lack of sales or lack of excitement over Jubilation as an indication that interest in new material has waned. I can't wait to sniff that air.

Mon Sep 21 20:33:55 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

For what it's worth, I have to throw my lot in with the fans who have commented on the relative futility of comparing JUBILATION, an album that has been out only a few days, with Big Pink or The Band, which have had three decades to affix their sounds to our collective conscience. One is hardly meant to replace the other, and what would the critics say if JUBILATION somehow was made to sound just like those first two albums, only different?

You might like to check out Jeff Tamarkin's review of JUBILATION at the Electric Village.

Mon Sep 21 20:29:52 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

As the issue has surfaced here and as this is one of the few places where I feel people discuss this sort of thing, I want to discuss a music issue that isn't neccessarily related to the BAND: production quality. What triggered me to talk about this is the recent use of the term produced-to-perfection as a negative description. Perfection is usually considered a good thing. I assume the term used like the term over-produced. But I have to confess I don't understand these concepts very well. We live in an age were production, mixing, mastering and engineering are a big part of all albums (notice the recent burst of praise for Bob Ludiwg's work). So what does it mean to be overproduced? I am not sure and would love to hear other peoples views.

Mon Sep 21 20:15:38 MET DST 1998


Though other people have focused on Rick's comment (or noncomment) about Robbie, I found the most intersting part of the recent interview to be his remark about touring: "We're not going to go out there and do a grind tour anyway because we've been together too long and we're too old to act that way you know. We're not going to go and run it into the ground. We'll do some stuff, we'll film it, document it and get on with our next project." Sounds similar to Robbie's decision to stop touring twenty years ago. Will we see a live performance of the Band? or will we have to sufice with performance by Rick and separate performancs by levon and the Cromatix? The other interesting thing Rick said was how Clapton's guitar work became part of Last Train to Memphis. One likes to imagine the circle of friends around the microphones, smiling and nodding as music flows. But this is the 90s. A tape is sent across the Atlantic, guitar track added and the tape sent back.

Mon Sep 21 16:18:50 MET DST 1998

Toralf Høyer-Hansen

From: Trondheim

Jeg lurer på om det er mulig å få kontakt med norske Band-tilhengere på denne måten? Hvis det er noen som leser dette - ta kontakt med meg!

Mon Sep 21 16:15:07 MET DST 1998

Ian Cohen

From: NYC

To Diamond Lil: You're right. That is what it is about. And I am thankful that Garth, Levon and Rick make wonderful music, but to achieve masterpiece status (as BP and TB are), there has to be a bit more. Please don't get me wrong, I love the Band. I love their music. And I've supported them over the years, but I recognize the difference between an album that has purpose and an album of beautiful songs.

Mon Sep 21 16:05:25 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: The Original Home of The Hawks

i just received my Landy "The Band" litho back from the framer and what a great sense of 1969 and the music that I have always loved; to have on my wall.

On a personal note. I know everyone is entitled to conduct their business on the internet in such a manner, as to make them comfortable; however a bigger thanks to Mr. Landy for not stamping "SAMPLE" on his works. I can now use the electronic version as a great desktop. Again thank you.

Mr. Fleming used the word "SAMPLE" across his works. This is not a putdown of Mr. Fleming in anyway shape or form. I guess with Adobe Photoshop and all those high tech programs I don't could make a pretty good reproduction off the internet.

Mon Sep 21 15:18:36 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

In August 1968 _Music From Big Pink_ was released. Now, thirty years later, what was it about that album that initially attracted and still attracts so many of us to this music?

The times they were confusing in 1968. In the United States, assassination had destroyed the political process already torn apart by dissent over a war in Asia. There were riots in the streets and on campuses; cities burned in the dark nights. Young people questioned authority; some rebelled with a fervor that angered an older generation that had emerged from the ashes of a previous war through hard work, sacrifice & respect for authority. The absence of understanding widened a gap between generations.

The music scene at that time had been dominated by young Englishmen who emulated older American bluesmen & rockabillies, and ironically reawakened an appreciation for those forms of music in the minds of young people everywhere.

Young musicians across America, in turn, emulated the English bands. Dressed in garish clothes, defiantly singing in tones of anger, they played songs at high volume in a total assault on the senses. Adding to this mix was the emergence of mind altering drug use. Everything was blurred, like light filtered through the chemical mixtures that illuminated the psychedelic performances of the times.

Out of this distorted & chaotic mileu came a breath of clear air. Like a cool refreshing breeze, the music of The Band drifted down out of the mist from the mountains outside a place near Woodstock, N.Y.

To be continued.

Mon Sep 21 14:59:20 MET DST 1998

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Ian Cohen: Not interested in arguing. Just trying to understand. Are you saying that now that Robbie is out of the picture, Rick, Levon, and Garth have no vision and no purpose? What about the vision of living and loving the music, and the purpose of making so many people happy just by doing it? Isn't that what it's supposed to be about?

Mon Sep 21 13:20:01 MET DST 1998

Ian Cohen

From: New York City

There is no question in my mind, that though Jubilation is wonderful, it doesn't compare with Big Pink or The Band. The new Band lacks vision. Yes, the album is beautiful and I love it, but what Robbie gave them was purpose. When you read interviews about Big Pink and The Band, you find that the sound was created. It didn't just evolve by some accident. They sat down and said, "we'll have the drums sound like this, the vocals like that, etc." There was a point. A vision. They're post-Robbie albums, though they sound beautiful, don't have the same intensity.

Mon Sep 21 13:10:53 MET DST 1998

It's Me

From: Down here

Jubilation is just wonderful. Please STOP all this comparing. We live NOW. And so does THE BAND.

Mon Sep 21 12:49:42 MET DST 1998

Kors Mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

Quite right Rockin' Chair. But Robbie has no exclusive claim to The Band either. They started as sort-of-lumberjacks. Can you stand the sight of Robertson and Clapton sipping champaign at Hollywood parties, dressed up in tuxedos?

Mon Sep 21 11:12:45 MET DST 1998

Rockin' Chair

From: Old Virginy

To Potsy from Weedstock and to Buddy from Budsville: I like your comments and I couldn't agree more. There must be lots of exciting stuff from old tapes to fill a rarities album. I'm still waiting for a complete version of Ferdinand The Impostor of a more elaborate Ruben Remus (Ain't No Doctor!), to name but a few. BTW: THE BAND includes Robbie and Richard. I think the reincarnated Band should have chosen a new name. How about The Lookalikes?

Mon Sep 21 07:26:08 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Norway

FYI: The Band web site was off-line 9 hours yesterday.

Sun Sep 20 21:13:21 MET DST 1998



I wonder if in the Rick interview posted here , he was implying about the future release of a rarities set? This would have made an interesting follow up question. Jubilation is fine, but a rarities box set full of Manuel vocals and Robertson's funky guitarwork is what I would really love to see happen. There was an interesting John Hammond interview on New Yorks WNEW last weekend that anyone here would have enjoyed. He spoke of the 64 time period with the Hawks as a magic time. He went off for some time about Robbie, describing his playing as the hottest around. Apparently Dylan was at the So Many Roads sessions and was also blown away, as was an intimidated Bloomfield. He Also speaks of Beak as the most phenomenal RandB singer he had ever heard live, saying that seeing them as Levon and the Hawks was the ultimate. Give us what we wan't

Sun Sep 20 13:14:18 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

To Moore or Less from Upstate NY

Reducing Jim Croce's music to Bad Leroy Brown is like saying The Band is Cripple Creek. Listen to all his music, then judge. I suggest the 3 CD 36 song Greates Hits including: I Got A Name, Roller Derby Queen, These Dreams, Operator, New York's Not My Home,Lover's Cross, Photographs & Memories, Alabama Rain, Walkin Back to Georgia and One Less Set of Footsteps. He could have written & covered many other great tunes had he lived.

Sun Sep 20 06:53:09 MET DST 1998


From: Holland

What happened to Paolo and his Band Poll? Is it sleeping? I sent my votes weeks ago, but the list was never updated.

Sun Sep 20 06:29:52 MET DST 1998


From: Phila.

I have listened to Jubilation at least 15 times since I got my hands on it 9/15. My appreciation of it has grown with each listen. I made a tape of it with the The Brown Album on the other side. While I drive in my car I switch between both albums.

Now I am not going to say (not yet) that the latest release is as great as The Band album ( a very high measure), but, IMHO it is quite consistent. I provides further proof to me that The 1998 version of The Band is just as good as the 1968 version (and in some ways better).

Sun Sep 20 06:28:52 MET DST 1998

Rockin' Chair

From: Old Virginy

I think Book Faded Brown is one of the best tracks on the new album. But still it reminds me of Christmas must be tonight. And that's my problem with all the things the remaining Band members do. It is very hard NOT to compare new material to the old songs. French Girls is a remake of To Wet To Work, including the thunderstorm. We heard all before, and better. Not the performances, they are great as ever - especially Garth's - but the compositions are very dejavue. Will I be topped now? Band fans: you BETTER be honest about this. Robbie was the best songwriter they had. And he badly needed the others to be creative (without them he is a pretentious nobody).

Sun Sep 20 01:30:54 MET DST 1998

Kurt Leavins

From: Calgary, Alberta

I'm not sure of the chances of Levon seeing this, but Levon...our mutual friend John Donabie from Toronto put me on to this site, and you new album. He mentioned you hadn't been feeling 100 per cent. Hope that's turned around soon. Been a fan for years, and will continue to be. Best of luck.

Sun Sep 20 00:40:47 MET DST 1998

Moore or Less

From: Upstate NY

I think it is nice for anyone to enjoy making some money from selling records that are popular and have nor artistic value. I just don't see how this relates to folks like The Band. Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown? YUKK!

Sat Sep 19 22:03:41 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Like Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, Jim Croce was born in 1943. Like Richard, Jim is Too Soon Gone. Jim counted as his idol Gordon Lightfoot, but listened to the Mills Brothers & Bessie Smith. In July of 1973 Bad Bad Leroy Brown was #1 on the charts and The Band was about to go to Watkins Glen. I'd have loved to hear Jim do "Endless Highway". if you ever need a good laugh listen to Jim's cover of the Ball of Kerrymuir. Rest in peace Jim.

Sat Sep 19 21:51:30 MET DST 1998

Teitur Gudmundsson

From: Reykjavik, Iceland

My copy of "JUBILATION" came today in the mail. I want to thank Rick, Garth, Levon, Jim (loved your solo album!), Randy and Richard for this wonderful music. Rick's singing is great, as many have said, but the magical moment for me on this CD is Levon's "Don't Wait". There's nothing like The Band and dear, brave, wonderful, Levon Helm. Good luck with the future, and many thanks to all the people behind this incredible web site.

Sat Sep 19 20:55:48 MET DST 1998


From: kentucky

Yes I do

Sat Sep 19 20:52:45 MET DST 1998

Tony LoBue

From: New York

I think BIG Congratulations is in order for Jan!! All of his efforts have been recognized by the mention of this website on the new Jubilation CD cover. He can be very proud of his accomplishments...... Good Luck and Thanks

Sat Sep 19 20:37:08 MET DST 1998

kors mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

To Potsy: Rick just said he'd given Robbie enough publicity. That's the whole interesting comment he made. Another proof of his honesty and integrety. Does Downpour read this?

Sat Sep 19 20:11:30 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Frozenfoodsection

September 20, 1998 marks the 25th anniversary of the tragic death of Jim Croce. Granted that there are no recorded links between The Band and Jim; as has been noted before Jim first serenaded Ingrid with "Country Boy", later covered by Richard Manuel. Jim wrote a lot about loneliness and life on the road, themes familiar to The Band. While a remarkably close friend of mine visits this site under the name J.Croce as tribute to the man and because of a resemblance noted by Rick himself, said Croce is "quiet and shy" and has "asked" me to do this tribute.

If we could save "Time in a Bottle".

Sat Sep 19 18:33:27 MET DST 1998

Roger Woods

From: Moseley, Birmingham, UK

Jubilation's available in the UK! I bought it in Birmingham - Swordfish Records. They'd had 3 copies - all now sold (15.99 pounds), but it will be restocked. Neither Virgin, HMV or Tower had heard of it! It sounds great so far.

Sat Sep 19 17:47:58 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I'll agree with 'Stop Right There'. I've never commented on any health issues, and don't think it's our place to do so, but like everyone else I was delighted and relieved to hear the good news from Rick.As to reactions to Richard's death, people have played God and made judgments on Robbie's reactions, don't let us start on Rick's as well. For once I find myself agreeing with those who say "We don't know." We don't. And it's not our business to.

Sat Sep 19 17:03:47 MET DST 1998



What was the interesting comment that Rick made about Robbie? It's great to have a new Band record. Does anybody know who wrote the words to the lovely, If I Should Fail. For that matter does anybody know who wrote the words for each of the songs? I didn't see anything in the extensive liner notes. Book faded Brown and French Girls are standouts as well as the Hiatt song Bound By Love. I like it very much, but I have to laugh when I see comments that say this is the best recotd since Stage Fright. If I remember Richard played a big part of the great NLSC. And what about the quality of the songwriting. Songs like Acadian Driftwood and It Makes no Difference aren't easily topped. Both the playing and the overall sound achieved on No Difference make it one of the Band's finest achievements. Jubilation is a fine effort and it is nice to see so many fans show interest but it is amusing to read some of the reviews here. A few are downright goofy, given by starved and spellbound Bandjunkies. It is hard to give an accurate review before at least a few months but I saw fawning reviews here even before it's official release. Just one thing. Greil Marcus, and his liner notes are full of shit. What the FK does Wim Wenders know about America?

Sat Sep 19 15:30:58 MET DST 1998

Stop Right There

From: A Friend

Downpour: Let's _not_ start questioning Rick's honesty or integrity here, ok? We should all be thankful that Levon's health is improving and not start a debate on whether Rick is sincere. He _is_.

And BTW, Rick's reaction to Richard's death was a personal one, one that he was entitled to with no input from anyone. I Was at Richard's memorial service. I saw Rick. I hugged him. Don't even begin to speculate on what his reaction was.

Sat Sep 19 15:21:03 MET DST 1998


From: Kentucky

Got an uneasy feelin' Don't ya fellas know that Rick is a wishful thinker? Remember how he reacted when Richard died

Sat Sep 19 14:41:19 MET DST 1998

Wanda 'n Dennis

From: West Saugerties, NY

As icing on Sunday's show in Poughkeepsie, after Rick plays, Roger McGuinn takes the stage. I believe it's a freebie! For those that can't make it, ya might want to check out the San Francisco Blues Festival, live on's summer series. Ramblin' Jack Elliot's scheduled to play at 4:00 Eastern. Also, on October 9-11th, is broadcasting the King Bisquit Blues Festival from Helena, Ark. The Band played that show back in '94.

Sat Sep 19 04:13:55 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

Question for owners of 'Muddy Waters Woodstock Album. (A great album by the way).

This is in regard to the vinyl, not the CD.

The jacket lists a track called 'Born With Nothing', credited to McKinley Morganfield (this is Muddy, right?). However, this track is not actually on the vinyl.

Can anyone verify this with a copy they may have?

I understand the CD does not have this tack but had a bonus track (thanks peter), but was wondering about other copies of the vinyl.


Sat Sep 19 04:04:45 MET DST 1998

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

My two cents.

Absolutely GREAT news about Levon.

Can't stop playing the new album. Find that I keep singing 'High Cotton' to myself over and over.

Personally, never really got into comparing albums from the past. Oh, I have my favorites. But they change every other week. Right now the fav is the new one.

Same with voices. No way I sound the same as I did in the late sixty's. Why should Levon or Rick?

However, the record company initially made the reference to Big Pink so they kinda got the ball rolling.

Also ordered the CD and vinyl from Have not received anything.

Nice to see Jan's site mentioned in the booklet and Jan and Lee Gabites given 'Special thanks' to.

Interesting comment Rick made about Robbie.

Sat Sep 19 03:12:29 MET DST 1998

steph stone

From: wash d.c. area

Jubilation is truely warming the cockles of my heart. Before I die I want to learn "bound by love" on my mandolin...and it may take that long since at 42, I just started learning to play. Its a collection I think that would sound best outside...ya know what I mean? Some music is like that...sounds best outdoors. It has a nice mellow feel to it and yet there's a few songs that make me wiggle...I agree with other stuff people have already said about the pleasure of the "family-ness" of the collection, both in production and lyrically. Thanks everyone for this music...still waiting to cook you all a meal when you get to D.C. It s the least I can do. warmly, stephie

Sat Sep 19 02:20:50 MET DST 1998


From: Minneapolis

A few weeks back, me and several friends stood in a garage and listened, grooved, replayed, and reminisced, listening to the Brown Album. It was a special night. Having an ongoing musical connection to several folks who frequent this web site has made my enjoyment of the Band even better.

This winter, I invite all Minnesota Band fans to my rendition of "Band Marathon II", this time featuring strictly unreleased Band material. Band Marathon I, held in 1980, was a continuous party featuring every Band recording available up to that time, in chronological order. Being a senior in high school, it was a big task keeping my friends from putting "Free Bird" on the turntable. But in the end, approximately 26 hours of Band material was played, in order, with the exception of "I Came Here to Party", which of course had to be played at "3 o'clock in the morining". Yes, "Jawbone", was sung in the bathroom.

So, all Minnesotans (hell, Cheeseheads too), send me an e-mail, and maybe you'll get an invite to Band Marathon II. North Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) will be the place to be that evening.

Jan, Serge, Mr. Amused, Andrew, and especially Stu H. and Mark A., I have an extra room if you're willing to make the trip...

Sat Sep 19 02:04:05 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: T.H.N.D.


Rick's Poughkeepsie show on Sun. 9/20 starts at 2PM, not 3. Sorry.

Sat Sep 19 01:51:45 MET DST 1998

Diamond Lil

From: Upstate NY

Took the Mystery train down to NYC today, got the Java Blues at Starbucks,and almost caught Rick's show at Irv's place. Thanks Virgil for a wonderful day!

Sat Sep 19 01:46:48 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Rick Danko's performance time Sunday at the Hudson River Arts Festival in Poughkeepsie NY is 3PM according to a local newspaper feature today. Following him on stage is Roger McGuinn. The price is right, too. Free. See ya' there.

Levon, stay strong.

Sat Sep 19 01:26:22 MET DST 1998


From: Never moved

Great news about Levon, our collective hopes and prayers seem to have been answered, now that we have the facts from a reliable source. Thank you Rick.

The moron who repeated the unsubstantiated "cancer" news read in some two bit east coast rag, and then grandiosely announced it here a few weeks ago, should feel like the total ass that he is. That goes for all others who jumped on the bandwagon repeating something they knew nothing about. I mentioned at the time about the dangers of jumping to conclusions. But..that's a favourite sport it seems in the land of "e pluribus unum".

Sat Sep 19 01:19:01 MET DST 1998

Virgil Cohen

From: Southern New York

I posted this before but it Bears repeatin. I pre-ordered Jubilation on August 15th from for $16.98, even got a confirmation. Here it is over a month later and while my fellow HeadBands are enjoying it I'm left with Joan Baez. I see that good old CD Now has it on backorder for $12.99 (15.98 delivered). Just placed my order. You cant even contact tappedinto to cancel. If they ever deliver I'll make it a gift to a friend. Jan tell the turkeys at tappedinto that they only seem to be tappin my kidney. The wonderful news about Levon makes my earlier wishes for his refuah shlaima now feel delivered.

Almost caught Rick today at Irving's Place; Diamond Lil just to responsible of a mom I guess. Hope her crew appreciates her concern.

Fri Sep 18 23:02:02 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Great news about Levon! Thank you for your quick post, Jan. I think the word is starting to get out about your wonderful site. It may be time for advertisers.

Also, Thanks to David Powell for your post on Ludwig. No offense to Woodstock records, but you can tell the difference between this album and Rick's Live in Concert CD. The sound is great.

Fri Sep 18 21:32:24 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia, USA

Jan, thanks so much for the prompt posting of information in the "What's New" pocket. Let's hope that Rick is bullseye accurate in what he says about Levon's health. How wonderful it would be to see the boys perform full-tilt and in great form again. As Rick hints, maybe that's what December will bring. If so, what a holiday season it will be!! I thought Rick's comments about the musicians being the best of friends were telling. My guess is that, nine times out of ten, an ensemble can't produce something as warm and inviting as "Jubilation" without being the best of friends. There's no faking it with these six or with Aaron Hurwitz or with the mixers and other musicians and technicians associated with The Band. That central truth comes through loud and clear. Rick's vocals are perhaps his best ever, on par with his best live performances of "It Makes No Difference." And Levon's vocals, while not the strong, punchy voice we've come to know and love, are absolutely endearing. We see him struggle, but we also see him cross the finish line in truly inspiring fashion. "Jubilation" -- what a wonderful sight and sound to behold!!

Fri Sep 18 21:13:21 MET DST 1998

Kors Mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

Dear Uncle Hanover, I never said I'd prefer 25-year-olds to The One And Only Band. It's just that I didn't hear the powerful voices I expected. And I still mourn for Richard Manuel who had the greatest voice ever. By the way: I think Book Faded Brown and White Cadillac are absolute germs and the very best songs on the album. And French girls of course. Needless to say.

Fri Sep 18 20:05:56 MET DST 1998

Tiny M.

From: saya hello

Great news about Levon? The world would have been a darker place, without that voice around to sing all those songs that just make you feel GOOD! I have a feeling that this set of songs "JUBILATION" are really going to come alive when the guys play live again. I for one would love to hear Levon sing "White Cadillac". Levon must be celebrating his renewed lease on life! I'll drink one for him tonight. I sure hope he brings that old Gibson mandolin out west sometime soon! On a seperate note I received my advance copy of the new Son Volt album "Wild Swing Tremelo" yesterday. Great set of songs that could only come from Jay Farrar. However, the record is quite a bit different from the first two. More electric and much more layered. There are some down right manic sounds, but the recording is very impressive (for the first time out in the band's new studio). Could have been a little more TWANG to suit my personal taste, but overall this is a very fine record, from one of America's best modern bands! They are doing a very small acoustic tour before the album is released, if it comes anywhere near your town DON'T MISS IT! It sounds like the tour that follows the album's release will be drastically different.

Fri Sep 18 19:33:40 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

As I mentioned yesterday, mastering engineer Bob Ludwig's contribution to the sound of _Jubilation_ shouldn't be overlooked. Mr. Ludwig has mastered hundreds of classic albums over the years. He worked at Sterling and Masterdisk studios prior to establishing his own Gateway Mastering Studios several years ago.

Mr. Ludwig has been one of the most successful technicians to make the transition from the age of analog recordings to the present day digital format. Through painstaking work he is able to combine the best of both worlds by achieving the warmth of analog along with the detail of digital. As the mastering engineer he sees that what was recorded on tape is accurately transmitted in the final product that reaches the listener's ears.

One fine example of Mr. Ludwig's expertise in LP mastering is Steely Dan's _Gaucho_ album. Although different mastered pressings of the LP exist, it's easy to identify the Ludwig version. Just look for the initials "RL" and "MASTERDISK" etched in the vinyl between the inner grooves & the record's label. Mr. Ludwig also did the original LP mastering for The Band's _Moondog Matinee_ album.

More recently, Mr. Ludwig mastered The Band's _Jericho_ & _High On The Hog_ CDs, along with Scotty Moore & B.J. Fontana's _All The King's Men_. He also mastered Robbie Robertson's first solo & _Storyville_ albums. In the past year Mr. Ludwig mastered Eric Clapton's _Pilgrim_, Bonnie Raitt's _Fundamental_ and Lou Reed's _Perfect Night_, among many others. In addition, he has mastered all of Shawn Colvin's albums.

At the last Grammy awards, 7 albums and 17 songs mastered by Mr. Ludwig were nominated for 30 awards. The Ludwig mastered _Blue Moon Swamp_ by John Forgerty won the best "Rock" album award, and Shawn Colvin's song "Sunny Came Home" won two awards.

Fri Sep 18 19:20:13 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

Kors, how CAN you say Rick's singing is weak? Have you listened to the new CD at all? He has never sounded better. You're just another one of those "I wish they could do Big Pink over again and again and always sound like they're 25" guys. Accept that they are approaching 60. Kors. We all know that Lee is having problems with his voice, and we are happy that it looks like it will be OK again soon. If you have a problem with age or health problems, then go buy some slick, produced-to-perfection crap from someone that _is_ 25. To me, _Jubilation_ captures the SOUL of The Band. Their age don't bother me.

Fri Sep 18 18:11:42 MET DST 1998

Kors Mokkenstorm

From: The Netherlands

I just heard Jubilation for the first time. Glad to hear wonderful news about Levon's health, but I cannot ignore the fact that his and Rick's voices are shadows of what they used to be in the old days. Compare Don't Wait or You See Me to classics as Don't Ya Tell Henry, Rag Mama Rag, All La Glory or even Move To Japan and we can only pray that Levon's voice wille be strong again a.s.a.p. And why is Rickie Bell playing on only three tracks?

Fri Sep 18 17:54:50 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut, USA

To Rod in New Zealand: It sounds like you have good ears. Garth's intro to Daniel and the Sacred Harp is probably a quotation, or what he calls a fragment, from an old hymn (though I don't know offhand which one). Indeed, integrating music from various interesting (and often overlooked) sources is part of Garth's style and he's quite a scholar of the hymn books, classical, early jazz and popular musics, among others. I wonder if the pianist on the Barry Saunders song had been listening to Stage Fright. By the way, I love NZ. First-class country in my book.

Fri Sep 18 17:36:14 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Jubilation gets better every time I listen to it. And thanks to Jan's wonderful site I now know Levon will be OK again! Jubilation, indeed.

Fri Sep 18 15:44:01 MET DST 1998

Wolfgang Schröder

From: Germany/Hamburg

Hallo The Band/Hi liebe Fans, Gratulation zur neuen Studio Cd! Ich hoffe ich sehe Euch hier mal in Hamburg ein Concert geben.Euer Manager könnte sich hier vieleicht mit Clubs Größerer Art ja mal Contakten. Ich habe da an Läden Wie zum Beispiel die Fabrik gedacht.Ansonsten könnte Euer Manager mich auch Contakten,ich kümmere mich dann um alles! Es grüßt The Band/und die Fans Wolfgang Wolfgang Hamburg/Germany Tel.0049-040-4220418 Ps.Mein Englisch ist leider noch nicht so gut,deshalb Heute mal in Deutsch.Sorry!!!

Fri Sep 18 15:09:39 MET DST 1998



Are the band ever going to play England at all?? By the way nice web site

Fri Sep 18 13:22:32 MET DST 1998


From: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada


Now THERE is reason for JUBILATION!!WOO-HOO! The transcript for the Paul James interview with Danko greeted me and my morning coffee and it made my day!

RIGHT ON LEVON! I'd have a parade for you if I could. Thanks to Rick for clearing that up and for sharing your thoughts at CBS.

Rick said his kids are "aware" of the web site. Hi Dankos! Why don't you drop us a line or two on this guestbook? (Maybe you already do?) Do me a favor, tell Daddy (Ha Ha) that there are still huge fans up here in Nova Scotia who would love to see either him or The Band in this area if he decides to tour. Thanks.

Thanks(again)Jan for the "quickness" in getting that transcript on the Page.

Fri Sep 18 11:40:38 MET DST 1998


From: Wellington NZ

Great news about Levon. On another matter, I was listening to an album by a local country singer Barry Saunders today. One track starts with the same intro Garth played on Daniel and the Sacred Harp - except this time it was on piano. Is this intro a Garth original or something he borrowed from some one else? (he has been known to do that before).

Fri Sep 18 08:25:32 MET DST 1998

Paul James

From: NY

In a CBS (network radio) interview, Rick Danko says "We've got a clean bill of health on Levon's problems that he had, which is the best news of course. A little more healing time needs to go by there. I think it's fair to say we'll be doing some stuff together. Live stuff."

PJ: How is Levon doing?

RD: He's got a clean bill of health

PJ: Meaning....?

RD: We're out of the dark there. We were worried for a few minutes. There's no cancer.

PJ: Throat cancer.

RD: Polyps in the throat. He didn't have to have the opeation many people have to have.

PJ: And his voice, the doctors think is going to be okay?

RD: Absolutely. I talked to him just yesterday (9/16) and his voice is getting stronger by the day

PJ: So whether or not the Band tours is not a question of Levon's health?

RD: No. We're not going to go out there and do a grind tour anyway because we've been together too long and we're too old to act that way you know. We're not going to go and run it into the ground. We'll do some stuff...."

Thu Sep 17 22:32:48 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I beg all Band fans to not compare Jubilation to the first two albums. Music From Big Pink and The Band were two of the greatest recordings in the history of popular music. This fact is pretty much undisputed. Jubilation far exceeds my expectations, and I am thrilled about it. The music, the packaging, the production, and the sound are all first class.

I have always been upset by the fact that every album(from Stage Fright on) has been compared to the first two. By doing that, people have missed out on some incredible recordings. It is interesting that Stage Fright is now considered a near-masterpiece, but it had mixed reviews when it came out. Time will tell.

Thu Sep 17 21:22:26 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Wandered into Virgin, London today. They have every Band Cd - except ‘Jubilation’ of course. I picked up the Toshiba-EMI "The Band" - couldn’t resist this beautiful artifact. The cardboard sleeve is stippled exactly like the vinyl. Exceptional painstaking job. Congratulations on packaging to Toshiba - but did they have to follow the EMI-Japan tradition of not checking the lyrics? The printed notes are full of beauties:

And at the still had my fill And I took her kill In moments she had a queer And nearly took a bus

I called her to the railroad track Like a boy 19 scratching my back

Hope it’s not the nest egg for just another dream Just another Southern price called noise on fate

I’m going to get this day I’m a union man all over

So how come they can spend this much money on packaging and fail to spend half an hour checking this site? I mean they have a business relationship with the publishing company - why didn’t they just ask them for the words? But the packs are so good I wish I’d bought ‘Big Pink’ too - but at £25.99 for the Toshiba-EMI version against £10.99 for the Capitol-UK version it’s seriously expensive and hard to justify. Tonight I’m going to check sound quality directly against the Capitol-UK version. First impressions are promising.

Thu Sep 17 19:05:02 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

David Powell mentioned this, but it bears repeating. Part of the success of the sound on "Jubilation" has got to be due to the mastering by Bob Ludwig. He always makes things sound great.

Thu Sep 17 18:57:41 MET DST 1998


Jubilation is a good album when compared to the world at large, but when compared to the Band's past efforts, I think it does not get high marks. Of the "New" Band albums I still prefer Jericho. I think it was a misfortune for North River Records to link the release of Jubilation with the 30th anniversary of Big Pink as the new work falls short of the masterpiece and one can't help but think about how different they are. I agree whole heartily with David Powell's post that support from family and friends is more siginificant than backing by a set of disinterested session players. However, some of the tracks on Jubilation give me a crowded feeling, like there are just too many people playing. Listening to Big Pink last night, I was floored by the arrangements and interaction and the sense of space both between the musicians and within the music. Maybe it is a good use of the left/right balance or maybe its my imagination, but I sense a physical placement of the musicians during songs on Big Pink. As the dominant instrument changes within a given song, this physical spacing is powerful. Jubilation is so well mixed it just come through as amorphous. More importantly, I was impresssed by the effect that space within the music had on me like in the opening of Tears of Rage or Caledonia Mission. As the multitude of voices and instruments combine, it never seems crowded. Their individuality is apparent but so is the interaction. In general I feel this is lacking in Jubilation, instead the sound is thick.

Thu Sep 17 18:38:33 MET DST 1998

Tom Izzo

From: Ct.

Re: Sundog's post Last year my wife and I posed as prospective buyers and were allowed to tour Big Pink unescorted (and take photos inside and out) The place is in pretty good shape. A separate one bedroom apartment has been added to the attic.The famous basement houses a mail order record business (Parnassas Records). This past summer, while in Woodstock and having lunch at the Tinker Street Cafe, we noticed a photo of Big Pink in the real estate section of The Woodstock Times with a banner across the photo stating "SOLD". It's amazing to view the old photos of Big Pink as compared to the ones I took last summer. The pines are huge behind the house. In closing: Jubulation is cause for celebration. Great cd guys! Cain't wait for the supporting tour! Peace,Health,and Happiness to all!!! Tom

Thu Sep 17 17:15:08 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Even though I've had a promo copy of _Jubilation_ several weeks now, I set out last evening after work to purchase a copy of the CD in order to show my support for the group. I ran into no difficulty & found it right away at the neighborhood Best Buy store in Stone Mountain. The nearby Media Play also had copies, along with the _Cahoots, Stage Fright, Last Waltz & Best of The Band_ CDs.

Since the promo CD did not come with one, I was pleased to fing such a nicely prepared accompanying booklet. Not only does it include short introductory notes by Greil Marcus, but it also has 15 pages of group photos along with the complete lyrics & notes on who played what on each song. The photos are great, including close-ups of each member of the group. My personal favorite is the shot of Levon posing with daughter Amy. The picture is priceless; capturing the look of a loving & proud father with his beautiful "little girl."

The detailed notes inform us that this album was indeed a family affair, with Maud Hudson & Amy Helm lending a hand on vocals. In addition to Eric Clapton & John Hiatt, the contributing cast of characters includes Aaron Hurwitz, Jimmy Eppard, Marie Spinosa & Mike Dunn of Crowmatix, Tom "Bones" Malone, Bobby Charles, Kevin Doherty, Tom Pacheco and Marty Grebb. I think it is important to note that using close friends & family as accomapnying musicians gives the album a certain spirit that is often hard to attain when "disinterested" session players are used in recording.

In addition to the superb production, engineering & mixing work of Aaron Hurwitz, the album was mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios in Portland, Maine. Mr. Ludwig, known for having the "best ears in the business", as always makes sure that the sound on the CD is an accurate, detailed & balanced presentation of what was captured on tape in the studio.

The Band & River North should be commended for their excellent efforts in the recording as well as the packaging of this album. River North may be a small label, but the loving attention paid to the many important details in presenting _Jubilation_, exceeds the efforts that many of the major labels have put forth on their recent releases. Here's hoping that they will succeed in getting enough copies out & into the hands of eager listeners everywhere around the world.

"I'm drinking Coca-Cola in a bottle that's frosty green / And C. W. turned up with an authenic '50s Coke machine / The old crowd is comin' this afternoon / For a good time rock 'n' roll barbecue / I'm in high cotton / I've forgotten that I had the blues."

Thu Sep 17 15:45:52 MET DST 1998


Jan: I don't know whether to congratulate you or not. The new CD lists your site as if it were the official Band webiste. Does this mean you are getting offical support?

Thu Sep 17 15:27:22 MET DST 1998

Mr. K. Horse


D. J. P.: Hate to say this - but - " There you go again"

Thu Sep 17 15:19:26 MET DST 1998

Ian Cohen

From: New York City

I wish you guys could make music forever. Your music is so rich. From the very beginning, walking home from school, I heard a commercial for Music From Big Pink and I ran out and bought it, and I've been a fan ever since. Through all the changes, I've been there. When Jericho came out, I stumbled onto it in Tower, I brought it home immediately and smiled from ear to ear with tears coming out of my eyes when I heard Levon's voice again. After all these years! I can't afford to go to all your concerts now (though I used to), I have introduced your music to my three children and they love it! My wife doesn't care for it all that much, "Too much going on! Why can' they just play the song???" If she didn't like Van Morrrison, I might've not married her! Funny, she loves Jubilation, though.

Thu Sep 17 05:40:06 MET DST 1998


From: Living in Oregon City, Oregon (near Portland)

I ran into fabled Band engineer Aaron Hurwitz the other night at the Aladdin Theater here in Portland -- he's putting together the new CD for the David Nelson Band...wish you could've been there it was a GREAT show -- the sound was mixed "just right." To make the evening extra special, Aaron played the new "Jubilation" CD between sets -- it sounds really good -- I'm still waiting for my copy. BTW -- I don't understand how people can't get into a band having two drummers. The Band sounds amazing with two drummers, especially live. It just kinda rounds things out...Oh well, it's a free country. Thanks again Jan for all you do for this site. Levon, I'm praying for you. Peace, Mike

Thu Sep 17 05:01:11 MET DST 1998

Dr.John Pepper

From: Tornado Town

Jan, If you are going to wear those spiked high heels to show off those beatuiful legs, you have got to wipe the dust off the sunglasses!

Thu Sep 17 03:14:55 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wisconsin.
Home page:

Hey Dennis and Wanda, is 'OL BIG PINK still for sell up there, and what kind of condition is it in anyway? Once I walked through the halls of the station!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Thu Sep 17 03:02:56 MET DST 1998


From: Philadelphia

I got a copy of the brown album from Play at Columbia House ( They have Big Pink as well.

Thu Sep 17 01:52:55 MET DST 1998


From: Same place

JOHN PIEPER of Dallas, Jan thanks you for the medal and says that she loves you too. :))

Thu Sep 17 01:33:05 MET DST 1998

Dennis 'n Wanda

From: Beautiful Downtown West Saugerties, New Yawk

Hi folks...over the years we've met a BUNCH of you! Wanda 'n I were Not Fade Away's main t-shirt folks for THE BAND! It's just fantastic to hear all of the enthusiasm for the boys and their newly released collection. Just to let y'all know, we took a quick ride down the block earlier and everything's just fine 'n dandy at Big Pink: you could feel the vibes eminating from that old clap-board museum. Keep up the enthusiasm, Overlook Mountain was smiling on the whole world-wide scene....we'll speak again with ya soon and we miss each of your smiles...

Thu Sep 17 01:04:38 MET DST 1998

Dr Ugg

From: Quincy MA

I think I just ordered the new cd. It is from River North but the title is "SPIRIT OF THE DANCE" it has the same cover & the same tracks . Could it be comming in the stores under this name in stead of "JUBALATION" ? (sorry for the spelling) well it will be here in 5 days . If your still looking for it then I"ll let you all know if it is the rite one . TILL THEN (A BROTHER IN BAND

Thu Sep 17 00:38:12 MET DST 1998

Virgil Cohen

From: Southern NY

Pre-ordered Jubilation bout a month ago. Ain't got it yet. How long must I wait? Think I'll have it by May 10th , :-) Hey Rick, give Irving my best on Friday.

Wed Sep 16 23:54:00 MET DST 1998


From: Paramus + Decatur

I tried to email "" -which is the address the new cd offers for a mailing list. I could not enter to send a message.... Anyone out there know what's up ???? and is the mailing address for the same purpose accurate ???.....

Wed Sep 16 23:06:47 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Jubilation is wonderful! Although I agree with earlier posts about the strength of Levon's voice not being what it used to, the soul in his voice is still very evident. His voice now has a weathered quality that sounds great on this album. An old-timey voice which is perfect for an old-timey record.

Danko sounds great as always. Nobody sings harmony any better.

Wed Sep 16 21:53:21 MET DST 1998

John Pieper

From: Dallas, TX

This site has been on the web since '94? Damn! I _knew_ I should have joined the techno-crowd earlier. I have been looking for The Band material on the net since I got on-line a few weeks ago. Finding Jan's site is like heaven for an old Levon-fanatic. Somone give this woman a medal. We love you, Jan!

Wed Sep 16 21:25:13 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Thank you Brin & Jonathan for the information regarding Capitol's distribution. This confirms the point I was trying to make. On the 30th anniversary of the release of "Big Pink" you can't walk into your neighborhood music store here in the States & find the CD in stock. For those younger listeners who have not previously had a chance to experience this monumental album, they have to go through the hassle of special ordering it due to Capitol's neglect.

As Peter points out, there are many other albums that are unavailable in the CD format. This is one of the main reasons that I still collect LPs. Many great recordings can be picked up in used record stores, often at a fraction of the price of a new CD. A few weeks ago, as I mentioned here recently, I found a first pressing LP copy of "Big Pink" in excellent shape.

John Donabie--The video you mentioned appears to have the same catalog number that Rhino lists for its Classic Albums box set of The Band video / CD combination.

Wed Sep 16 20:36:48 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Isn't this a weird decade? You guys in North America can only get 'Big Pink' or the brown album by importing it from Britain (try any ad in Mojo or Q) while we can only get 'Jubilation' by importing it from the USA. All that wasted aviation fuel.There must be weays of keeping this stuff in print. But Capitol STILL in 1998 have not released two Steve Miller classic early 70s albums anywhere. It would be interesting to note stuff that has never been unavailable and compare it to stuff that took years to emerge on CD and has been in and out of the stores ever since.OnE small example, the very first Supertramp album, recorded 5 years before their success, has never been off catalogue. Says something for the label (A & M). Then again, a Dillards classic we mentioned a few months ago, Wheatstraw Suite has never been released on CD. Ah, well.

Wed Sep 16 20:19:20 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

This should not be considered an endorsement, but there has been intermittent discussion regarding the availability of "Big Pink" and "The Brown Album." Both have been available through the BMG Record Club []. In addition, there are the Japanese reissues floating around, on which we still do not have a full story.

Wed Sep 16 19:57:29 MET DST 1998


From: NJ

This information may have been posted previously, but people (including David Powell today) are still asking about the U.S. availability of the first two Band albums so I'll pass on what I've gleaned from my own search for a digital copy of the 'brown album.' When 'Big Pink' and 'The Band' were widely available on disc they were distributed by E.M.I./Capitol, as they always had been. At some point, however, E.M.I. turned over exclusive distribution of many, but not all, of their key catalog titles to a company named Alliance Entertainment. Alliance filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the summer of 1997, and the product they distributed graudually disappeared from the market, leaving no source of replenishment. The Band aren't the only artists affected--Sinatra and some Ringo solo albums were both mentioned by the record store owners I spoke to. These titles are not so much out of print as in limbo; Capitol will apparently reissue them, but no date has been announced. In any event, they cannot be ordered at this time, and the only way to find a copy (other than an import) would be to happen on one that had been sitting in the bin for over a year.

Wed Sep 16 19:02:39 MET DST 1998

J. R.



Wed Sep 16 18:45:50 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

Found the following posting at the CD World site.

BAND . . + + NEW RELEASE + + . . BAND CLR (PRBK 04/28/98)/NR/INCL. CD Category: Video RHINO VIDEO #2388 . . Streetdate: January 1, 1999 List: $34.95 . Video Available January 1, 1999

Wonder what it could be. I thought it was the Classic video; but the street date is for 1999.

Wed Sep 16 17:47:28 MET DST 1998


From: North Carolina

What a week! My wife and I welcomed our first child (a beautiful daughter) into the world, and the Band gave us all one of their sweetest albums ever. Jubilation indeed.

Wed Sep 16 16:16:55 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Last night I received my Elliott Landy litho of "The Band." It was well worth the wait. The quality of the print is the most stunning and immaculate version of this classic photo I have ever seen. Mr. Landy is correct when he says that the photos, as shown on this site, do not do them justice. I have never seen this classic picture so crisp and clean.

Thank you to Mr. Landy and his people for the excellent work and always making me feel comfortable when I would e-mail them wondering when it was coming.

If you have the opportunity to purchase one or both of these prints, I would encourage you to do so. This is a wonderful momento to the world's greatest Band. As I type, my Litho is being mounted and laminated.

Wed Sep 16 16:16:17 MET DST 1998

Dannny Lopez

From: Iowa

Yesterday I bought both Jubilation and Robbie's Red Boy. The store at which I bought it (not a major chain) had one copy each. Comparatively speaking, the Band wins hands down. While Robbie writes and plays some interesting music, it's not the genre that endeared me to the Band in the first place. In this sense, the reconstituted Band truly deserve their namesake. A thought on promotion: rather than call rock stations, it seems to me country radio would be far more open to airplay, especially a cut like "High Cotton." Finally, is it just coincidence or the "spirit of the dance" that both new releases by Robbie and the Band would have the word "fade" in the opening title?

Wed Sep 16 15:46:03 MET DST 1998

Tim A

From: The Maritimes

Today I called the two biggest music stores in Halifax, "Sam the Record Man" and "HMV", and asked about Jubilation. Guess What? Neither had heard of it and DO NOT have it listed.


Wed Sep 16 15:12:40 MET DST 1998


From: nyc/woodstock

i have been listening to the band for over 25 years. yesterday i literally ran out of my nyc office to pick up a copy of jubilation. my plan after hearing the album twice was to write of my feelings about the new music. however, all i really want to say at this time is that i am deeply grateful to the band for the joy they have brought me to date. there is simply no benefit to airing my feelings about this most recent effort. good health and happiness to all and my thoughts and prayers are with you, levon.

Wed Sep 16 14:56:55 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Since last month marked the 30th anniversary of the release of _Music From Big Pink_, I'm curious if any of you out there have seen copies of this CD for sale in stores or have successfully been able to order it.

Wed Sep 16 08:09:09 MET DST 1998

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Found a copy of the official "Jubilation" CD today. Jan is credited on it and the address of this site is in there too!! I love "Jubilation", the album gets better every time I listen to it. This is Danko's album indeed, his singing is the best he has ever done. Of course, if you expect "Big Pink" or the "brown" album over again (as some people here seem to do) you will be disappointed. Myself, I would be disappointed if they did try to "copy" the old style they had when they were 30 years younger. "Free your mind".

Wed Sep 16 05:48:17 MET DST 1998

Jason Knudson

From: Gold Coast, Australia
Home page:

The BAND is Brilliant! It's good to see people still into their music. As for your site, also Brilliant. I can see you have put alot of time in to the site. Keep up the good work.

Wed Sep 16 04:55:38 MET DST 1998

Scott Richardson

From: Lawrence, Kansas

Well, I was also awaiting my CD in the mail when I got anxious and went ahead and called Kief's, the legendary local music store. They had a copy, and I got there right before the store closed. Man, I love it. Rick's opening song is a killer, Garth's closer (along with his Largo song) make me wish for a solo album, and of course, there is America's son -- Levon's harp, his drumming, his timing, himself -- what an original. Let's all hope he recovers as it appears George Harrison has. What a fine piece of work JUBILATION is. I'm not a Robbie-basher -- can't help but love him for THE WEIGHT, ACADIAN DRIFTWOOD, IT MAKES NO DIFF, etc. etc. -- but this is the first post-RR Band album that has song after song written by The Band that cuts the mustard. I love JERICHO, but on first take, this may be the best. One question -- why is Richard Bell only on three or four of the songs? Congratulations, Jan, for your credit.

Wed Sep 16 03:56:43 MET DST 1998

Rick V.

From: White Plains

My wife was going out to the local Coconuts to return a movie tonight, and I asked her to see if they had Jubilation. She came back with a copy and said the sales girl told her it had just come in today, and they were already sold out of the cassettes, and only had a couple of CDs left. Don't know how many they stocked, but they seem to be moving, at least here in Westchester.

Wed Sep 16 03:48:53 MET DST 1998

Jay Wardlaw

From: Atlanta, GA

A few observations after a listening to JUBILATION. Levon's voice is definitely raspy and lacking the power and the "honk" we have become so accustomed to (I assume due to the rumored throat cancer). I had noticed on the Classic Albums special that he sounded like he needed to clear his throat throughout the entire show. A similar sound on the album. As a result, the album has required multiple listenings to gain a full appreciation for its gifts. I too miss the verbal interplay of Rick and Levon, although it may not have been possible given Levon's condition at the time of recording. Nevertheless, the album has begun to grow on me. "Book Faded Brown" is somewhat reminiscent of "Christmas Must Be Tonight," while "Kentucky Downpour" brings "Smoke Signal" to mind. Curious if anyone had similar thoughts. Overall, I think it's a quality product, although at this point I would have to say JERICHO remains my favorite post-Robbie outing, due primarily yo to the fullness of Levon's voice on that album and the more significant sharing of vocals between Rick and Levon. I certainly don't mean to harp on the issue of Levon's voice. I'd take his voice over almost any other in any condition. Like Richard's late period voice, it is still extremely affecting. Godspeed to Levon and the rest of The Band. Hope there are many more to come.

Wed Sep 16 03:45:46 MET DST 1998


Just wondering when the Bells of England will give their review? Just wondering?

Wed Sep 16 02:04:43 MET DST 1998



I Agree with Boris from Lansing. Jubilation has it's moments, but overall it's a disappointment. There a few good songs, but I'm ready to slit my wrists after listening to "If I Should Fail", while "Kentucky Downpour" is just a throw-away. However, It's more than just substandard songs, though; it's the overall sound that disappoints. For the life of me, I can't understand the reasoning for a 2nd drummer (this isn't the Dead or the Allman Bros. here) , let alone giving Randy a lead vocal; he can carry a tune alright, but there's absolutely nothing special about his voice. OK, so maybe Ray Charles wasn't free to do a session, but there's gotta be someone else out there with some soul who might at least approximate the large hole left by R. Manuel. Rick sounds pretty good, but what about Levon? I've only read a couple of references to rumors about a medical (?) problem and I can only guess what this might be, but his vocals on this album don't even measure up to High on the Hog standards. Where's the interplay between Rick & Levon's vocals on this album?! As for the instrumentals, everything's gotten to overblown into one big sound. It's nice that they got a little help from their friends, but at times it's too much. In the old days, the voices and instruments blended so well, but it was a delicate balance where everyone also stood out individually. I realize that this is not the old days, but the frustrating thing is that I've seen them in concert a few times (although it's been a couple of years now) & I know that they can sound better than this.

Wed Sep 16 01:58:12 MET DST 1998


From: Philadelphia

I found two copies of Jubiliation in a independent record store in West Chester PA. Sad to say they now have none.

I listened to the album three times already and am extremely pleased. This is a masterpiece and I hope to do my part to bring the album to the radio stations and my friends in this area. I already have a convert in my 7 year old daughter who upon hearing White Cadillac began to dance around my living room with a glee that she has recently reserved for her beloved Spice Girls (although her favorite song still is The Weight, particurarily the ALL Starr version).

My favorites so far? High Cotton and Bound By Love (I agree with Bill Paige that this could get some airplay) with a nod to You See Me.

I do have a few questions. What are the sales expectations for this record, and what were the sales for Jericho and High on The Hog? Just curious.

Congratulation Jan on your recogintion.

Wed Sep 16 01:08:13 MET DST 1998

Big Jim

From: Louisville, OHIO

I loved the new album. I hope they do another, and another, and another, and another,,,,, By the way I found Jubilation at Best Buy and Borders.

Wed Sep 16 00:34:33 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

So many kindred spirits sharing in the Jubilation already! That's great!!

I just did a quick drive-around to three of the biggest music retailers here near the house next door (actually Dutchess County, NY, just across the bridge from Woodstock) I found one copy of Jubilation at my first stop, a Media Play location. A nearby Circuit City and Barnes & Noble Superstore turned up nothing. Anyway, I'm encouraged about the good domestic distribution being reported elsewhere, and Im real glad to hear that River North is still working on promotion, and kicking it up a notch now that the product's out there. Enjoy, all.

Wed Sep 16 00:04:30 MET DST 1998


From: Paramus+Decatur

WOW !!! I have just listened to Jubliation for the 3rd time today. Truly a team effort with many of the Band "family" pitching into the mix. I also find that the original compositions are quality songs that could be proudly placed on any Band album..... "If I Should Fall" and "Spirit Of The Dance" are first rate songs with great arrangements, structure, melody, heart and soul..... "Don't Wait" and "High Cotton" make want to close my eyes and wake up in the 19th century, circa 1830 and help the original owners of my farmhouse in Decatur build the place.....This cd is music at its best....

Tue Sep 15 23:15:28 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Special thanks to Bill Paige at River North for his comments. Please keep us informed of magazine reviews or TV shows involving the Band. I have been in North Carolina on business, and I was able to pick up a copy of Jubilation at School Kids Records in Raleigh. What a thrill! I am only listening to it for the second time, but I can already tell that it is better than High On The Hog. Thanks again Bill- Please keep in touch.

Tue Sep 15 23:06:36 MET DST 1998


From: NYC

I will make this short and simple....Rick, my dear, dear Levon, Randy, Garth, Richard, Jimmy and everyone else involved with this album..... JUBILATION IS PURE, PURE JOY. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Tue Sep 15 22:39:11 MET DST 1998

Jay Wardlaw

From: Atlanta, GA

As always, Jan, great work on the site. It was very exciting to see it listed in the liner notes and to see you among those thanked. In any event, I was surprised to find Jubilation readily available at a major appliance retailer like Circuit City (once I made them open the box of new discs). I was there with my wife to buy "Lady and the Tramp." Glad to see it's out and available, at least domestically. I tend to agree with Bill Paige that it's really better to promote a record from a "mature" artist like The Band post-release, when people can immediately go out and buy the album. That's a more likely way to garner purchases from those with a casual interest. Let's face it, the success of this album will not be measured in first week sales. The Band have never been the type of group that goes Top 40 with a bullet. It will be a gradual building process. I already may have convinced my waiter at lunch to pick a copy (he saw mine and asked I whether I had heard "Before the Flood"). My thoughts on JUBILATION are very limited at this point, as I have only been able to listen to the album at low levels at work. One disappointment is the lack of shared vocals between Levon and Rick. I love to hear those voices meld. Although his condition remains unconfirmed at this point, my thoughts and prayers certainly go out to Levon if the rumors are true. Nevertheless, it's very exciting to be able to pick up a new album, and to renew the excitement in a band that surely ranks among the very best in the history of music--not just rock and roll.

Tue Sep 15 22:33:06 MET DST 1998



I picked up my copy of JUBILATION today at Newbury Comics, so all you Boston area folk, they defenitely have copies. The boys are on top of their game. Levon's spirit and guts come pouring through my speakers. Ricks voice still melts me. Isn't this the wholesome warm feelgood sound we all love? PEACE TO ALL, Cosmo

Tue Sep 15 21:05:57 MET DST 1998


From: NJ

Jan: Thanks for the Barbarians link. I should've known. In any event, 'Moulty' sounds nothing at all like the better-known music the Hawks were making in late '65.

Tue Sep 15 20:54:09 MET DST 1998


brin, the whole story behind the Barbarians-Hawks connection, told by Moulty himself, is available at this site, see the page for the 1966 Barbarians album.

Tue Sep 15 20:44:45 MET DST 1998


From: NJ

Connections everywhere. Today's other big new release is Rhino's expanded, 4-disc 'Nuggets,' 118 garage-band classics from the first, post-Bitish Invasion, punk era. Included is the Barbarians' 1966 almost-hit 'Moulty,' which in addition to being the you've-got- to-hear-it-to-believe-it inspirational saga of their drummer, who had a hook for a left hand, carries the folowing parenthetical personnel note: "It's been suggested this recording featured session musicians: Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson, Rick Danko, and Levon Helm."

Tue Sep 15 20:23:17 MET DST 1998


From: Lansing

JUBILATION is a dissapointment. I have anticipated this album for some time, and though I am a big fan of The Band, the new album was a letdown. The largest flaw of the album is the sogwriting. The Band are great musicians, arguably some of the best in the business. Their sound is great. But no amount of great musicianship can aid a band when the songwriting is poor. This is why I have always felt that Robbie Robertson was such an integral part of The Band. Of course, neither Robbie nor the rest of The Band could ever re-create the majesty of their first two albums. But even the worst of Robbie's songwriting is better than Jubilation. I would advise all Band purists to avoid this album. I'm sorry to those who would disagree with me (and from the looks of the current guestbook, it looks as though there are many), but this album is at best, marginal, and fails to capture the timeless quality of their past music.

Tue Sep 15 19:31:11 MET DST 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

About ordering _Jubilation_ (CD or vinyl) from the web page:

I am not affiliated with them at all. I put a link to that page because the official "inthestudio" web site for The Band and _Jubilation_ (the guys that did the Band web chat) listed them as the place to order. As far as I know they are OK. Sorry to hear about delays, but I can't do anything from here. Hope you get your copies soon.

Tue Sep 15 19:00:19 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset, UK

Post-script: as I implied, Capitol in contrast are doing a great job here - lots of 'Very Best of …' + back catalogue available. Odd how different it should be - though of course different people are running the different arms of the company.

Tue Sep 15 18:58:01 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Greetings . . .

It's great to hear that people are finding JUBILATION in the stores! From what I know, PGD does a pretty good job of getting the product where it needs to be, so if anyone finds a store that doesn't have at least one copy, please let me know and I will pass the information on to the sales staff.

In case some haven't figured it out yet, "Spirit of the Dance" remains the closest thing to a "title cut," since the word is used in the song.

And since there seems to be interest in the "inner workings" of this project, I will share with you that Rick is headed to NYC later this week to do interviews with a couple of major syndicated radio services, SW Networks and MJI, as well as ABC Radio, as well as several publications. I realize some of you believe more "advance work" should have been done, but at least now when The Band is covered, the new product is available. It's just a different way of marketing. Remember, it's not the new Hole or Alanis Morrisette album.

Call your local radio stations and ask for JUBILATION! And keep those wishes coming to The Band -- people in the organization do keep up with this site, believe me.

Thanks, Jan, for your work -- this is the best "unofficial" music site I've ever seen!

Tue Sep 15 18:57:40 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset, UK

Bill Paige: Yes, the words of "Grapevine" seem applicable to the JUBILATION situation in Europe - "I guess you’re wondering how we knew …"

I was half hoping yesterday as I walked into the record store (Monday is UK release day, not Tuesday) that the words ‘It took me by surprise … ’ would apply, but sadly not so.

I appreciate your direct and straightforward input. We understand that River North isn’t a major, and that Polygram is the distributor. That makes it available to anyone who wants to order it. The playing field for smaller labels is much more even than it used to be. There is a whole book out there waiting to be written on the problems that "mature artists" have in getting a record deal in 1998, and it’s great to see a company with faith in the artist.

Take a look at the new Virgin "All Time 1000 Albums" book. When they add up the cumulative votes of 100,000 "Fans, experts & critics" The Band come out as "33rd most popular artists of all time" - admittedly this doesn’t entirely indicate commerciality (surprisingly, Captain Beefheart and the VU are above them), but then again Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Queen & The Grateful Dead are below. This is being widely trumpeted as the largest survey of popular music taste ever conducted. Of course this kind of survey becomes less and less accurate as it moves down the scale - broadly the useful results are nearer the top end, and show The Beatles rapidly gaining in long-term popularity ("so far ahead that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever being able to overtake them" according to the author), Dylan dropping slightly, Elvis dropping dramatically. The poll was done in the UK and USA only. This year I’ve kept answering people in the USA seeking unavailable Capitol albums by The Band - they’re all available in the UK, where the "Classic Albums" video originated. "Jericho" was six weeks later in the UK than in the US, and because importing has taken out the hard-core Band fans, impact was lessened. I think the point is that though we’re all delighted to hear that River North is doing a great job in the USA, it really couldn’t be worse here! (Roger Woods agrees by the look of it)

I bought (and kept) every Rolling Stone from around 1969 to about 1984. It has rarely been worth keeping since then. One critic said things started to go wrong when they began juxtaposing ads for the Marine Corps with reviews of The Grateful Dead - he wasn’t saying there was anything wrong with either, but the editorial perception that failed to see the difference was a problem.

Tue Sep 15 18:49:44 MET DST 1998


From: Ft. Wash, PA

I just went out and bought two copies of Jubilation at Rainbow Records. The album was prominently displayed in the new release rack in the front of the store, and was on sale for $12.99!

Tue Sep 15 18:13:52 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Thank you Bill Paige for responding to several points raised here recently about the marketing of _Jubilation_. The mere fact that you took the time to fill us in with these details is proof that you indeed care about this album's success. That you recognize the value of this web site that Jan works so hard at to maintain is admirable, especially in light of the fact that the group's management has generally chosen to ignore this resource. I for one appreciate your input, honesty & integrity.

This brings me to the next point. Mr. Paige & River North have proven that they are sensitive to opinions of the fans of The Band as expressed here. This is certainly more than a big label such as EMI / Capitol has done. Even though River North may be a small outfit, I'll bet that here in the States at least you'll be able to find more copies of _Jubilation_ than any of the earlier Capitol albums in many stores.

That said, let's continue to spread the word about the new album. I think it's important that we try & "turn on" as many younger music listeners as we can to this new album. Hopefully we can maintain as well as broaden the fan base of this great Band. Let's see if this musical tradition can be passed on to future generations. "Go out yonder, peace in the valley..."

Tue Sep 15 18:11:31 MET DST 1998

sander conron

From: union, nj

WOW, JUBILATION, Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick's bass sounds awesome! It's great that the lp title was changed from 'Spirit of the Dance'(as the stickers in Coconuts stores have that as the title). Rick, Levon, Garth, and all involved deserve hearty thanks for great work. Hope they play a lot of gigs in the ny/nj area to promote it. The Band is KILLER PHYLLIS DILLER!!

Tue Sep 15 18:08:09 MET DST 1998

tiny M.

From: out west

For all you overseas Band fans that want "JUBILATION" I would recommend ordering it from VILLAGE RECORDS ( These guys are fast (mail order) and have a good selection of music to choose from. They produce a great monthly mailer with lots of rare Steve Earle,Lucinda Williams,Son Volt,Bob and Townes stuff. They know where it's at! Good Luck and enjoy. By the way Bill Paige I prefer to call you friend, not "the record guy", so lets hear your top ten for "98", actually, maybe we should wait for the new Son Volt "Wild Swing" record before we go there! As far as "97" goes I'll say this (Time out of list, hmmm). Just one more thing, "JUBILATION" was by far the better album title.

Tue Sep 15 17:57:30 MET DST 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

One more thing, I was just reading the liner notes and I see Jan was listed in them. It is good to see this site recognized.

Tue Sep 15 17:51:03 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Jubilation indeed!!!! What a wonderful offering. Many thanks to River North Records and all the folks there, to The Band, and to everyone else who helped with the recording, especially Aaron Hurwitz who couldn't have produced a "truer" album than this one. Let's hope Jubilation is but the current album in many to come. And Levon, your vocals approach the heroic!! You did yourself so proud!! To all those who visit Jan's site, tell your friends, Email your favorite broadcast and print (for publicity) outlets. Let Jubilation abound. What a joyful noise!!

Tue Sep 15 17:49:09 MET DST 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

I just picked up my copy of Jubilation. I am listening to it now. It is great. It is also great to see this web site listed inside the cover. You are doing a great job Jan. Most of the record stores in Cincinnati have some copies of this CD. It is great to hear the guys putting out this great sound.

Tue Sep 15 17:25:15 MET DST 1998


From: New York

The Band rules!!!! Their songs are great and are definately one of my favorites.

Tue Sep 15 17:08:24 MET DST 1998

Tired Of Waiting

From: New York

Jan: Do you know if is a reputable company? Seems that alot of folks have purchased the new Jubilation CD, and those of us who pre-ordered it weeks ago are still waiting. Any idea why?

Tue Sep 15 16:36:51 MET DST 1998

Andy Arnold

From: Tennessee

I just now purchased "Jubilation" and am listening to it as I write this. It has to be the best album out of the three newest one. It is fantastic, especially "Book Faded Brown."

Tue Sep 15 15:59:10 MET DST 1998

Band Fan

From: NY

Just wondering. I ordered the new album and tape from from the Band site three weeks ago. Have not received it. Has anybody received their copy from them. How long did it take. Is this a bogus company?

Tue Sep 15 15:46:13 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur + Paramus

JUBILATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good news. I purchased the new cd at Compact Disc World in Paramus at 10:15AM, they have at least 20 copies of the album !!!! Also WFUV FM 90.7 played it all day yesterday (Local NYC,North Jersey indie station)......

Tue Sep 15 15:43:11 MET DST 1998

Roger Woods

From: Moseley, Birmingham, UK

JUBILATION - and FRUSTRATION Thanks, Bill Paige for the regular contact and your willingness to listen. It doesn't help us here in the UK however. Anyone got any good ways of getting hold of Jubilation? The music stores can't import it (even if they'd heard of it) until some import agreement is reached. Virgin Records told me this could be between 3-12 weeks! So, anyone going to the states?

Tue Sep 15 13:29:30 MET DST 1998


From: Madison,Wisconsin.
Home page:

Bill Paige; all I have to say is that my hats off to you and "RIVER NORTH RECORDS" for bringing "JUBLIATION, by THE BAND", to Madison Wisconson, positive energy feels so good, DOESN'T IT!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Tue Sep 15 13:06:35 MET DST 1998

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

This past week I went back home to Niagara Falls for my mom's 80th birthday. I missed Danko's show at Nietzsche's on Friday, but my nephew's and I went to St. Bonaventure, in Olean, to see The Tragically Hip. They put on a great show, particularly for this 44 yr old geezer. However, the highlight was 'Bobbycajan', pardon my speeling. The bass player introduced the number by saying "We want to dedicate this next number to our musical inspiration, The Band." It was great.

Tue Sep 15 08:46:19 MET DST 1998


From: Philadelphia

Bill Paige - Thank you for your post. It was very informative. I would also like to thank you for putting out Jubilation. I hope that the market response is worthy of your considerable efforts and your taste in music.

Tue Sep 15 05:12:01 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records

Well, JUBILATION is out in the U.S. this day, and I thank all of you fans of the Band for taking the time to share your reactions to the music, as well as your mostly well-taken comments regarding the methods of publicity and promotion and distribution -- or perceived lack thereof -- that should be employed.

As "the record company guy" I realize I must take the heat for things you think are less than perfect about the way JUBILATION is marketed. Some of this may be my direct responsibility, yet there are areas that are relatively out of my control.

So I will say that I will try to absorb your criticisms, civil or otherwise, and do what I can to correct the situations I can, and learn from the things I cannot change. It should go without saying that River North Records wants JUBILATION to succeed, but as every music fan knows, there are too many factors at work today to ensure that only *good* music becomes *popular*. It's great when that happens, but how many of you relish your private musical relationships with artists who might only generously be considered *obscure*? More than a few, I would wager, present company included.

There are a few short points of interest that I wanted to share with visitors to this site:

  • River North is distributed by PGD -- Polygram Group Distribution -- which was recently purchased along with the rest of Polygram by Seagrams. They have solicited and sold the album as they do for many other labels, at least in the U.S.
  • Internationally, JUBILATION is officially scheduled to be released in Canada (via distribution by Intersound), Australia and Germany. I have just started working with the German distributor to help him with promotion.
  • I called a Tower store tonight and they had it listed in their database as going on sale at Midnight. I plan to report the repeated CDWorld and Borders problems first thing tomorrow.
  • The pre-release version of JUBILATION -- which does contain a couple of errors, including crediting "Book Faded Brown" to Rick Danko instead of its rightful author, PAUL JOST, and Allen Toussaint's "You See Me" is mistakenly titled as "Blind Fool's Love" -- has been mailed to "AAA" and "Americana" radio stations around the U.S. and approx. 300 music writers and other media. Another mailing of the *real* album will be going out momentarily to another 700 or so critics, etc. Should we have gotten these out earlier? Perhaps. Was it possible? Not really. At least now when a song gets airplay or a review DOES run (and I am hoping for a People "Picks" in a week or three), it will definitely be in the stores for people to buy.
  • The album was called "Spirit of the Dance" for about two seconds one week sometime back; just goes to show ya, you can talk to the right person at the wrong moment and have things etched in stone.
  • RE: Rolling Stone -- What can I say? That this publication would ignore a one-time *core* band is unforgivable to me as both a 25-yr subscriber to RS and a 30-yr Band fan. We'll do our best, and I considered the mention something of a moral victory, but if you look at the last 100 or 500 albums RS has covered, you will see very little Band-era music there. Puts a whole new *spin* on the old RS ad campaign, "Perception:Reality."
  • While Clapton may get a few people to check out JUBILATION, my personal feeling is that radio will especially gravitate to "Bound By Love." Hiatt has many, many fans in radio, and an unreleased song of his that he performs with the Band may prove irresistable. Ask for it early and often. You can force their hand if there are enough calls.
  • David Powell and John Donabie, thanks for your thoughtful *defense* posts. RNR is still an indy label with limited resources, but we are spending a great deal of money to get JUBILATION in the retail pipeline, played and promoted. But please, check out the culture today and consider the difficulties in creating a situation where *everyone* would know about the new album. I'm not making excuses, but media is still largely AUDIENCE driven, since that's what advertisers want, so what can be done about media gatekeeper s who fail to recognize the Band's historical/musical import?
  • As for those who might say things they don't really know about, well, just recall the lyrics to "I Heard It Through The Grapevine."
  • Tiny Montgomery, I hope others follow in your discovery of the fine band Whiskeytown. The vibe on David Ryan Adams is that he is a moody artiste who has changed band personnel frequently, but the songs on STRANGERS ALMANAC are searingly honest and beautiful. It was on my personal Top Ten last year, if anyone cares.
Time for bed . . . tomorrow is another day of trying to get the rest of the Free World to listen to JUBILATION.

Tue Sep 15 04:20:26 MET DST 1998


From: Madison Wisconsin.
Home page:

David Powell, good post, and it has always got under my skin how different"Rolling Stone Magazine" has turn its back on what to me is important in music. Fact is the personel is not the same, just like "MTV" is not what it use to be. I watched the awards the other night, and I just want to comment about the entity that IS Marilyn Manson. Long since proven to be nothing but a marketing gimmick, Manson's shtick was starting to grow old. He's reinvented himself... apparently as a woman. Bright red hair, freaky contacts, and ass hanging out,Manson has transformed himself into a Ziggy Stardust-like androgenous rocker. He truly knows the power of the disenchanted teenager's dollar, and he's going to exploite it for all it's worth. I respect Manson for being different. I don't respect him for preaching that it doesn't matter what you look like, then making himself as ugly as posible to sell records. Anyway, thank the higher power that I was born when I was, and that there are still Rock-n-roll veterans like "THE BAND" to keep my sanity!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran. P.S. "THE BAND" already has a following(BANDHEADS) so go buy the CD, IT'S A BEAUTY!!!

Tue Sep 15 00:51:46 MET DST 1998


From: Philadelphia

I (as all of you) are eagerly awaiting the release of Jubilation tomorrow. I have not been able to find mention of it on some of the web pages such as Wall of Sound. AMG Music guide ( has it listed as Sprit of The Dance. What gives?

Tue Sep 15 00:48:15 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Pete Rivard, your citation of Frazier's "Cold Mountain" struck a chord, and I just went back to find the bookmark I left in my copy, on page 112. And I quote: "The sun was long gone below the ridgeline, the light falling fast. The mountains stood gray in the dusk, as pale and insubstantial as breath blown on glass. The place seemed inhabited by by a great force of loneliness. Even the oldtimers talked of the weight that bears down on a person alone in the mountains at that time of day, worse even than full dark on a moonless night, for it is at twilight that the threat of dark makes itself felt most strongly." Or to put it in other words, "don't leave me alone in the twilight. Twilight is the loneliest time of day."

Jubilation's a joy. Book faded Brown and Kentucky Downpour are things of special beauty. God bless the boys in The Band, and special prayers go out for Levon.

Tue Sep 15 00:46:01 MET DST 1998


From: you know where

Pete Rivard: I for one have NEVER "couched"(?!)my postings here, I 've always stated my business and opinions openly...... and got attacked from all directions by people in different stages of brain development. No more..I do not need the hassle. So what you suggest is very naive. Viney does not hold anything back I don't think. Only inarticulate people fumble and embarrass themselves. I mean the ones who do not read and digest the real meaning of a well written posting... fly off and respond with drivel. As Jan has often suggested : Think before you write.

David Powell, I adore your entries..They're the best, with Viney's a close second.

See, no hard feelings :) I like Jubilation very much. It's growing on me slowly, more with each listening.

Mon Sep 14 23:56:36 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I'm distressed to hear all these solo Danko shows in October when Jubilation is about to come out. Why? Levon's health? I cannot wait until tomorrow. Wow! An album from Robbie and the Band in the same year. We have been very fortunate.

Mon Sep 14 22:30:54 MET DST 1998



"Everybody wants to be my friend but nobody want's to get higher, long distance operator, I believe I'm strangling in this telephone wire." Richard had a very special vocal style. Simply put, he was the best.

Mon Sep 14 21:54:02 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

It's a shame that so many of the thoughtful contributors to this site, Viney, et al, have to couch their postings in language designed to give as little offense as possible to the flamers who afflict this site. I say, state your business or opinion plainly, and have done with it. The flamers are gonna take umbrage anyway, because that's how they get their yucks. As far as Levon's voice and his present troubles, well, that's the legacy of five decades of cigarette smoking. We're all distressed, but that doesn't mean the topic's taboo. As Popeye the Sailor once opined, "Youse buttered your bread, and now youse hafta lie in it."

On an unrelated topic, for anyone who hasen't had the pleasure of reading Charles Fraser's 'Cold Mountain', it features one of the finest passages on the redemptive power of music that I have ever read. If there's interest, I'll post the passage in question, which is about two pages long. If you just want to scan the passage at your nearby Borders, look around page 232. You'll end up buying the book just on the strength of those 3 or 4 paragraphs.

Mon Sep 14 19:27:52 MET DST 1998


From: MA

It's great to hear Levon sing on the new album. My favorites are "Kentucky Downpour," and "You See Me."

While I hope Clapton's involvement on "Last Train To Memphis" helps boost sales, his work gets lost in the mix and you hardly notice his playing.

Levon talks in his book, about his heroin use at one time. He says there's no point in quote "soft peddling this." In that spirit, I'll be blunt. It's great to hear him. Let's hope it's not the last Band album featuring his lead vocals. Knowing that he is ill makes me appreciate his performance all the more. He does not, however, sound like he used to. I won't "soft peddle" this. His voice isn't what is used to be. It's just a fact. Now please re-read the very first sentence.

Mon Sep 14 18:48:38 MET DST 1998


From: New Mexico

I spent hours this weekend driving around the state listening to the new record and I like it more every time I hear it. Just a little hard to keep it in the seat on a few numbers.

I think it's a triumph. The songs are delightful, the music is gorgeous. and Garth is brilliant. Rick's voice tears me up (almost) like Richard's used to , and while I miss that low-down, lusty growl that I hope to hear again when it heals up, Levon's vocals have a sweet, wise quality that has its own appeal.

Congratulations to all concerned: you guys are just the best.

I will personally make sure NM music critics and radio stations hear it, and as for my friends, I'm already going door-to-door. Now, in addition to calling down good health for Levon, let's all focus on bringing about the right conditions for a tour. Would that be swell or what.

Mon Sep 14 18:40:20 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

David - You said it!!

Mon Sep 14 17:43:48 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Hi to all [including River North Records if you are listening]. I went to my local "Borders" to see what was up with the new release. I wanted to buy it from a "normal" retail outlet rather than directly order it hoping that it might raise the awareness of the retailer to have someone actually ask for the CD. The gentleman at the music counter had not heard of the new release but went to a computer to try to track it - nothing listed. He then looked up River North Records - nothing by The Band listed. I then asked: "Hey, mister, can you tell me where a man might order it from Borders. He just grinned and shook my hand, 'No!' was all he said."

Please it together, River North!

In response to a recent post asking who we are: We are fans that know that if the records don't sell there won't be anymore. We love the Band's music - the old stuff and the new stuff - and we don't want it to stop until the "boys" are ready to stop. Then we'll thank them and say it was a nice ride. But we don't want the music to be "too soon gone."

Mon Sep 14 16:56:28 MET DST 1998


From: Virginia

Greetings to all from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many thanks to Jan for all his hard work. I've yet to hear "Jubilation" but hope to receive my copy today or tomorrow. Does anyone out there know how to forward best wishes directly to Levon? I wonder if Levon truly knows how much his music and his dogged determination in the face of hardship have meant to people. At his time of need, I'd like to be able to relay some thoughts, prayers, and thanks.

Mon Sep 14 16:53:01 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Let me get this off my chest with my "vent" for today on the eve of the official release of _Jubilation_.

That _Rolling Stone_ makes little mention of The Band's new album is no great surprise. That magazine long ago abandoned its devotion to the celebration to great music in order to cover "pop" culture in general. Where great writers like Ralph Gleason & Robert Palmer once graced its pages with meaningful articles about music, now lap-top lackeys now pander to the latest musings of cross-dressing punks whose attitude exponentially exceeds what little talent they may truly possess. Flash in the pan disposable music for those with short attention spans.

This is the antithesis of what The Band is about. After four decades or so this group is still playing music that is vibrant & meaningful for a large segment of us. Through ups & downs, it's been a long hard row to hoe. Sure the new album might be hard to find, but it's out there & it's good.

Jubilation! Oh ye of little faith; seek & you shall find a true revelation. Rejoice & celebrate the spirit of the dance. In an age when so many truly have so little, let us be grateful for what we have. And brothers & sisters we sure got a lot in _Jubilation_.

Mon Sep 14 01:29:26 MET DST 1998


From: New Jersey

Yesterday I listened to "High on the Hog" for the first time in a year or so, to compare it to "Jubilation". The playing and singing was fine, but the songs were a bit less than inspired. I don't know why they used the same version of "She Knows" that had recently been on the box set, and the last track "Ramble jungle" has never made much sense to me. After listening to this I played "Jubilation" again and I'm beginning to think that this is their best recording since at least "Northern lights" and maybe even "Stage fright". I'm sure everyone is gonna enjoy this very much.

Mon Sep 14 00:50:29 MET DST 1998

Danny Lopez

From: Iowa

Thank you Pete Rivard. May the good Lord bless Levon with a speedy recovery. Amen.

Sun Sep 13 23:40:51 MET DST 1998


From: NS

The above page says the Dylan/Band cd "Live 66" will be released Oct 13! It also gives a track listing

Sun Sep 13 21:55:52 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Plato; please elucidate. What is the 'High on the Hog' route? I have an opinion, but am interested in what yours is.'High on The hog' has almost never been out of stock in even medium-sized British stores - so distribution was fine. I think publicity wasn't. Is that what you're getting at? The album had at least one bummer - namely the Dylan track 'I Must love You Too Much; but putting on an unreleased Dylan must have been irresistible, even though it's about the worst song he ever wrote. 'Free Your Mind' is a matter of taste. I think it was a brave try. There are great moments too. So, do you mean quality? publicity? distribution? Or simply the lack of public appreciation? This is not supposed to be aggressive. By elucidate, I meant just that.

Sun Sep 13 20:10:18 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Hey, Danny Lopez, Levon Helm is by all reports battling throat cancer. There's been numerous cancelled concerts reported on this site recently involving Levon and the Crowmatix and apparently a concert where Levon drummed but did not sing.

Sun Sep 13 18:20:28 MET DST 1998

jeff whiteaker

From: montana
Home page:


Sun Sep 13 17:27:58 MET DST 1998


Good gracious how reality, facts and truth hurt. Once these are accepted one feels so much better.

Sun Sep 13 17:18:30 MET DST 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

Maybe Plato meant Playdough since that's how little kids communicate. He needs to take THOTB pledge.

Sun Sep 13 16:01:01 MET DST 1998


From: Moonlight in Vermont

Hey Plato, guess you need to remember that this web site in not for bashing other people. E-mail ME if you have a problem. The web site is for comments on the Band or the site itself. Thanks Cosmo for setting things straight.

Sun Sep 13 15:13:02 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

as an american of greek ancestry, i know a little bit about the greek philosopher plato. "plato's writings,mainly in dialogue form,deal with mathematics,politics,beauty,the laws of thought,education,love,friendship etc. but he never treated any specialized subject for its own sake:all are subordinated to his central interest, the Good, or virtue." guestbook plato- i know plato- and you're no plato. peace to you anyway brother! cosmo

Sun Sep 13 03:33:47 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

Rolling Stone gave The Band one sentence this month while the Marilyn Manson CD gets loads of coverage. Do the record labels PAY magazines for coverage? Aren't they supposed to be like music reporters? I can't believe that people really listen to Marilyn Manson.

Sun Sep 13 03:30:45 MET DST 1998

Danny Lopez

From: Iowa

I just read comments by Ben from New Jersey and he mentioned the poor quality of Levon's voice on Jubilation. I entered a query last week seeking info on Levon's health. I'm sure that one of you Band experts out there know. Would you be kind enough to inform a concerned and sincere Band fan?

Sun Sep 13 02:47:47 MET DST 1998

Dr Ugg

From: Quincy ma

Can any 1 tell me why I see two different titles for the musical journey we all are about to take? My bags are packed & I'm ready to float & drift away.As the colors change outside,they to shall change inside.I just bought a brand new set of earphones (big chedder).thats how I get ready for the new one. Any input on how you folks get ready for the 15th? good luck A BROTHER IN BAND

Sun Sep 13 02:08:12 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

For the Canadians ...HMV in downtown Toronto had an October 6 release date for Jubilation.

Sun Sep 13 00:40:27 MET DST 1998

Ulf Johansson

From: Sweden
Home page:

Dear friends, Can anyone fill me in with more information about Michael McLure, appearing on The Last Waltz. I would be much grateful for any information I could get.

Sat Sep 12 23:48:39 MET DST 1998


hey, David hit the wrong web site. This band site belongs to Jan Hoiberg of Norway. Landy has nothing to do with it, except using space to hustle his well worn 30 year old photos.

Francie, Garth Hudson is also an original member of the Band. Also,if Robbie's voice "eats through your soul" you need an ear enema, or get some compassionate person to help you discover what a real singing voice sounds like. Not one smothered in syrup.

Get used to it folks, Jubilation is doomed to go the High on the Hog route. You all know the reason deep down.

Sat Sep 12 22:39:59 MET DST 1998

john donabie

The end of paragraph TWO should READ.... I think some people are throwing stones at the WRONG folks.

Sat Sep 12 22:36:44 MET DST 1998

john donabie

I notice many people getting angry with River North re: Jubilation. The release date is Sept. 15th. Here in Canada you can't buy a CD until the actual release date. Those who have promo copies are fortunate.

River North appears to be a small label who use the large conglomerate Polygram to distribute. A common practice. River North's job is to make sure Polygram has product. It is Polygram's job to rack it and promote it across North America. I don't know about Europe. I think some people are throwing stones at the rock folks.

River North obviously cared and did some funding to bring our favorite boys back into the stores and into our living rooms. Call the big guys if your pissed. Have your record store get in touch with their Polygram salesman. I know here in Canada there has been no decision made to release it at this time. I spoke to a Polygram rep and the bottom line is SALES. With Universal buying Polygram worldwide, everyone seems to be watching what they release. Fair? No! Reality in the 90's....Yes!! I believe it will come into Canada as an import. That may have changed over the last few days. Let's just hope it gets a world wide release.

Sat Sep 12 17:21:42 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

In my life, "BOB DYLAN" entered first, then, years later, "THE BAND" busted in. With "TIME OUT OF MIND" DYLAN'S newest CD, and "JUBILATION" THE BANDS newest CD, it seems to me that all the glory that DYLAN'S CD got, cuz it has that "old time Bob Dylan quality sound", of the 60's, that I'm sure that with The Bands (back to that old time sound they had in the late 60's and early 70's)new CD that it will be a smash!!! It's a trip to witness both "THE BAND" and "BOB DYLAN" come to such a neck n neck music abilitys at same same time frame,its something I've waited for, for a long time, I LOVE IT!!! My last wish before I die is that they(with Robbie) do one more album "together".

Sat Sep 12 16:31:44 MET DST 1998

Ragnar Brekke

From: Bergen, Norway

Do I have to order _Jubilation_ myself from USA? I have phoned several record stores here in Norway, not _one_ of them have heard about any new album from The Band yet. Jan, can you help? The Band is still considered to be one of the most important groups in rock music over here, and it is a shame if a new CD is not made available.

Sat Sep 12 12:52:14 MET DST 1998

David Marks

From: Durban, kwaZuluNatal, South Africa

Just want to congratulate Elliot Landy on a great site & for keeping the 'spirit of Woodstock' alive. I had the privilege of working (for Hanley Sound) in '69 & the highlight of my weekend was seeing/listening to THE BAND - we in south Africa had been blown away by THE BIG PINK in 1968, so you can imagine my feeling standing right behind Levon Helm a year later, throughout that amazing set in '69. Another great moment was meeting Elliot at last year's ('97) reunion on Max's farm (with Roy & Jeryl). Had the the honour of playing there last year with my HIDDEN YEARS BAND. I understand that personal messages are not allowed, but Elliot, I passed on your Woodstock Vision book to the office of president Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela - the one politician in the world who truly embodies the 'spirit of Woodstock.' Thanks for the memories, peace in the present & strength to the future. DAVID MARKS (3rd Ear Music in Durban)

Sat Sep 12 04:25:36 MET DST 1998


From: New Jersey

I work in a 'Borders' book store in the music department. The new CD is listed in our database as "Spirit of the Dance" with a 9/15 release date. Polygram is listed as the distributor and I have been trying to get in touch with a label rep for some promo stuff. I actually found an advance copy in a used record store and have been playing it all week. At first I was a little dissapointed, Levon's voice is pretty shot. But after a few listens it has really grown on me. It's a big improvement over "High on the Hog". We got an advance copy of "Contact" probably a month before it came out and it sold fairly well. But noone seems aware of this CD here except for me.

Sat Sep 12 03:54:48 MET DST 1998


From: Moonlight in Vermont

Just listened once again to "Contact..." It seems that Robbie's search for his history landed a moving tribute to all Native Americans. I'm ashamed of the injustice our nation has done. Through Robbie's soulful voice, I'm troubled by the pain we "americans" have caused. I saw "The Band" perform a couple of years ago. I was disappointed by the performance and by the fact that only Levon & Rick were the only original member's. I'm glad Robbie, that you are still making sweet music. I've been a fan for many years - your voice eats through to my soul.

Sat Sep 12 03:43:57 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

I know one thing for sure, I'm lucky to have show to talk and promo "JUBILATION" and truly have fun in doing it, but cuz of the show, I also have connections to all media rock and roll newspapers such as Maximum Ink; which goes to all citys and small towns in Wisconsin, plus select locations in Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN...and more. I'm going to do a CD review on "JUBILATION" in the next issue OCT.15TH, 1998.If all of you would like see my review when I do it, heres where you can visit it: Also, I would be "very" happy to have each of you(you know who you are)put your own two cents into this review too.I want this to be the best CD review the midwest has ever read while the leaves turn colors, and fall!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran. P.S. e-mail me, and of course, I'll send a copy too!!!

Sat Sep 12 01:39:49 MET DST 1998

Dave Besterman

From: Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

I have a small suggestion to make to all who are looking forward to hearing The Band's newest album release: When playing the CD for the very first time, play only the first song, Book Faded Brown. Then repeat the first song and play the second song, Don't Wait. Then play the first three songs, and so forth. I did this when I first listened to Jericho and believe me it takes great restraint! However, listening to the album this way is kind of like watching a beautiful flower slowly unfold its petals and blossom before your eyes. It will certainly enhance and prolong your listening pleasure and is well worth the effort....Enjoy

Fri Sep 11 20:49:07 MET DST 1998


From: Paramus NJ + Decatur NY

This is an open letter to any record company executives who are connected with the 9/15/98 release of "Jubliation". I split my time in Paramus, which is in northeast Jersey and Decatur, which is in central New York by Oneonta, Cobleskill and Cooperstown. I have contacted several record stores at both locations regarding the availability of the new cd. Cd World stated they THINK it will arrive in the store sometime before the end of September, and Tower Records had no listing of the album on the new release list -They think it does not exist !! This is a disgrace !!!!! Get with it... These are major store chains, who should have the specific release info !!!! The squeaky wheel gets the oil !!!! Make some noise about this album....

Fri Sep 11 16:44:01 MET DST 1998

Tim A

From: The Maritimes

I know this has been brought up before, but does anyone know if Jubilation will be released in Canada on Sept 15th? If not, when? I emailed Paige but I guess he's busy promoting the new CD.....

Fri Sep 11 15:27:41 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

With the street date for the release of _Jubilation_ approaching next week, expectations among long-time fans of The Band are running high. However, as recent comments posted here have pointed out, there is still an uphill battle ahead.

Small independent labels such as River North don't have their own distribution networks that the major labels have. They must rely on outside arrangements to get their product into the stores. These contractual arrangements are usually territorial-based, so distribution will vary from country to country. The small labels also lack the money to "grease" the wheels of the publicity machines. Realistically all they can do is try to get as much of the product in as many outlets as they can, hope that the demand will build so the retail stores will re-order more copies of the album, and then get additional copies shipped out through the distribution network.

Hopefully demand for _Jubilation_ will steadily build. That's where we can help by just spreading the word. Maybe it will get some radio airplay, favorable print reviews & exposure in the music trade magazines.

As Dale Hartis previously mentioned, having a song placed in a movie soundtrack is significant exposure nowadays. One look at the current Billboard magazine's top 25 reveals six soundtrack albums listed. While I was listening to _Jubilation_ this morning it occured to me that the song "High Cotton" would be perfect for a soundtrack. Is there anyone in Hollywood reading this? Who knows, maybe Robbie could "return a favor" on the next soundtrack he works on for Scorsese or whoever. Stranger things have happened. The other Saturday while I was shopping for groceries in my local Publix supermarket, I heard "Remedy" being played through the piped-in music system. I wonder how many of my fellow shoppers knew who it was?

Fri Sep 11 14:33:14 MET DST 1998

tie-dye tom

From: madcity,wisconsin
Home page:

Hey now, Tie Dye Tom here, I am tie-dyer and set designer for the "TIM SUNDOG SHOW". I've been listening to "THE BAND" for about as long as I can remember. I heard "jubilation"when Tim got it in the mail the other day,and WQW MAN another masterpeice! I don't tie-dye for a living,but if you need one don't be shy! My website is It's hard to get the old 'SUNDOG' off the computer but, I'll put in a few kind words when possible. If you're a dyer I'd love to here from you. Mabey we could throw some ideas around. PEACE,LOVE,LITE TOM KOTENBERG,"tie-dye tom"

Fri Sep 11 03:48:32 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Yeah Tiny,apparently the Danksters reputation as a tough taskmaster precedes him! I have observed that Rick does not suffer fools lightly,ecspecially a negligent soundman! I remember like it was yesterday a club date in Phila.,the year Richard died,it was the closest i've ever been to RM and he looked like a ghost thin,pale,white hair&beard. Anyway it was a unique evening just Rick,Garth,Richard and the soundman was Andy King{very talented musician and original member of the Hooters}. Rick asked him 3 or 4 times to adjust the mix-a little more guitar andy,higher..HIGHER..too much bass bring it down..down. After the next song which suffered from squeals and feedback an exasperated Danko says:come on Andy get it together,this is your hometown! This mild reprimand worked as the sound was flawless the rest of the show.

Peter I understand where you're coming from with the subsidize deal. Have seen some absolutely magical shows that effected me for weeks afterward and considering the price of admission you could'nt find a better value for your entertainment dollar! On the other hand there have been some shows lately where......oh nevermind I don't feel like getting negative,afterall there's too much JUBILATION in the air!

Thanks Father Time for clarifying the ages. So Garth is the "elder statesman" of the group,but Rick Danko isnt the "Baby" anymore. I'm guessing the youngest is Weider or Carliente,eh?

Fri Sep 11 01:43:38 MET DST 1998

Tiny Montgomery

From: says hello

I was at The Fillmore tuesday night. The headlining band was a band called Whiskeytown. The sound was horrible most of the night, but it was especially bad for the first three songs. The songwriter and main man (or boy I should say, since he is only 23) is Ryan Adams; after the third song he made this comment and I quote him "I wish Rick Danko was here, he'd take care of this and kick some ass!" I can only guess that he was refering to the sound. Ryan Adams comes across with A LOT of attitude, but this kid from North Carolina can write some DAMN good songs. I was left woundering what his relationship is to Rick. Maybe Rick is known to some as a tough guy! I found the whole thing rather humorous.

Fri Sep 11 00:56:38 MET DST 1998

Father Time

Rick is 54 (he'll be 55 on Dec 28), Levon is 58, Garth is 61 and,just in case you care, Robbie is 55.

Fri Sep 11 00:20:43 MET DST 1998

Dale Hartis

From: Charleston SC

The comparison to Van Morrison is intriguing. I personally think Van expanding popularity is due to great placement in movies. My daughter whos 19 and into SKA and alternative came home raving over a Van song she heard in Hugh Grant movie. I know I have had some people ask me about the Bands " The One you got to watch" in the baseball movie a few years ago. There are several of their songs that are naturals and would introduce them to a much younger audience. .

Thu Sep 10 22:23:59 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

In the most recent Billboard magazine(which I received yesterday), RIAA announced that the Best of the Band(Capitol) had just gone gold. A gold record means over a half a million copies have been sold. It also mentioned that this was the Band's fourth gold record, but I thought it was the fifth with Big Pink,Brown album,Stage Fright, and Rock of Ages being the others. With all this talk lately about how to promote Jubilation, it is nice to know that our boys are still selling records on a grand scale.

So to Rick, Richard, Robbie, Garth and Levon---- CONGRATS!!

Thu Sep 10 20:44:52 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

John from Penna: I like your answer! Could never resist a Willie Dixon quote. Yes, I can relate to what you say, and I can relate to the feeling of doing what you want to do nearer home. Thanks for reminding me that life is more than the day job too. I used to travel around a lot in my own work, and no longer have the desire to do so either. I wouldn’t imagine they’d ever want to go back to the stadiums. I also indicated that they’d been there, done that, got the T-shirt. It’s good to play a place where you can relate to your audience, and there is a sense of knowing who the audience are that you can take up to 300 / 400, but not to 2000. I do think if you’re going to take the trouble to get on a plane, you should break even. There’s no way they could have done that in Britain and Ireland in 1996, and they might as well have played slightly larger venues - the same when I saw them in Vancouver (which is nearly as far from New York state) in 1994. I don’t doubt for a moment that they could fill a lengthy well-promoted tour of 2000 seat halls in the US and Canada. I think they could do it for ten days in the UK given the right advance publicity - which would mean association with their classic 60s / 70s albums. I can see that they might prefer not to. But you don’t disagree that they have been subsidizing us (the audience) in the past, do you? BTW, I make Rick Danko (at least, though marginally) closer to 50 than 60. I’d bet he thinks of it that way.

Anyhow, they do need to push JUBILATION harder, at least in Europe. Press releases, promos, press kits, videos, interviews … if you’re going to make the statement (which doing an album is) then have it heard.

Thu Sep 10 15:20:48 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Peter,the Band could tour and easily fill up 2000-3000 seat halls at $20-27.50 a ticket. But at this point of their careers its a matter of 'comfort'. They are more comfortable performing shows at smaller venues and closer to home for several reasons. 1]All the memebers are involved in various projects,offshoots of the Band,solo,support of other artists and studio work. They find this to be challenging,interesting and satisfying. As for extended tours at bigger venues,essentially they have "been there,done that". When they established themselves years ago as a major group it was as 5 unknown guys together,against the world so to speak. They've been to the mountain and down in the valley,then back to the mountain again to stay. Its just a little quieter and less frenetic on the mountain these days. 2]Lets not forget the 3 original members are all around 60 years young and maybe their physical stamina and health does'nt permit them to ride on that rigorous "endless highway" anymore. Doing some more interviews would help the new album,as they are interesting and entertaining in a sincere way. Who knows? Maybe there will be a tour and the media will be bombarded with Band mania. But I doubt it. You see its all about comfort.

Willie Dixon said it best. "This body is built for comfort,not for speed"

Thu Sep 10 15:06:12 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Down here in the South a cold front has brought us pleasant, cool temperatures; a preview of fall ahead. With the harvest in, money's tight because the long hot summer diminished the value of our crops. We'll make do with what we have though, even if we have to scrimp & save what little there is to go around. Next week we'll go to town to buy the new Band CD. It's been a long time coming but well worth the wait. Good music like this is more precious than gold. Maybe the kids will listen to it & like it, even if there's no video on MTV to spoon feed them with the meaning of the songs. Jubilation! In a few more weeks the fall harvest fair will roll into town.

Strange days are ahead in our nation's capital. Perhaps John Hiatt put things in perspective in his last album when he sang: "I'm so easily led when my little head does the thinking." Someone say amen.

Thu Sep 10 10:18:08 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset, UK

"Who are we?" raises a very interesting series of questions. Just further back, Sundog expresses his joy at communicating his enthusiasm to people through his show, and I, four thousand miles away, felt pleased that he’d had that response. Communicating an enthusiasm for a song or artist seems almost an inate part of liking music. Why are we agonizing about the quality of their promotion? It’s their choice. But we do.

I’ve seen the Band with 80,000 others and I’ve seen them with 300 others. As I’ve posted before, it’s a pleasure to be SUBSIDIZED by The Band to see them with a small audience. But how long can they afford to subsidize their audience? Unless the albums reach out, it will not only be albums on Woodstock Records by mail order, it will be strictly gigs within easy driving distance of Woodstock. Those of us in the wider world won’t get the chance to see them, they’ll be a local north-east USA band (from this distance there are strong signs of this already).

So. I know the address of Woodstock Records. I’m in the USA at least twice a year, usually in the north-east. Why should I worry? Look at it this way, The Band had their huge impact, they don’t need to prove anything to themselves or anyone else. I’m sure they’re happy to play their music to small audiences. But small audiences inevitably diminish. With the original line-up, Robbie did the interviews and glad-handing. I don’t think the other guys need to turn themselves into salesmen, though they seem very personable in interviews they have done.

Van Morrison found himself a place where he can fill the 2000 / 3000 seaters at will, and where he can avoid the stadiums. He’s notoriously publicity-shy and unpleasant to interviewers. I wouldn’t think he’s glad-handed anyone ever. I don’t think he’s tried to make hit records since "Domino" or even "GLORIA". Both Dylan and Morrison focus on "smaller halls" of this size, love playing and keep doing it. I’ve seen Morrison around ten times in fifteen years without venturing more than 30 / 40 miles from my home. Morrison’s only problem is that his popularity is slowly, surely, steadily growing as a result, and it’s harder to avoid the larger halls. You need money to transport six musicians and gear. No money, and it’s down the café with solo acoustic guitar. Which is great for those in the café, but you lose the true joy of the ensemble sound. The ensemble sound is expensive to maintain - even an acoustic instruments tour would need a brilliant P.A. system, transport, hotels …. The guys seem to need to play, and they will only play as "The Band" if the venues can afford to pay them enough to prevent them losing money. Otherwise, we get more solo shows - great AS WELL, but not INSTEAD.

This is why we get concerned for their future, none of our business as it is. Reinhard’s concerns about the German release can be echoed all around. No, I don’t expect Levon and Rick and Garth to run round glad-handing everyone, organizing release dates and publicity. But they should have someone doing it for them with competence. I don’t want to run down anyone who’s working hard to get this going, but judging from Reinhard’s post and our observation they’re either careless about the rest of the world or lacking in know-how.

Thu Sep 10 06:28:48 MET DST 1998

Who Are We?

Reading Reinhard's post got me thinking about Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood was the biggest box office draw in the 1970's. He didn't do interviews. Fast forward to the 1990's. Clint Eastwood has done interviews/publicity for each and every movie he has done in the 90's. It's the way it is.

Maybe members of The Band or their managers are naive. Maybe they still have thoughts of Dylan's press conferences in the 60's.

Maybe they are not naive at all, but just want to make good music and don't really care about sales. One of the things I have always respected about The Band is that they never tried to make hit records. They just made good music. It's what makes them unique. It's why I, (and I assume many of you, like them so much)

If however, they opt not to promote 'Jubilaton,' my guess is their next album will be available from "Woodstock Records" through a P.O. box.

Who are we? We're not in The Band. We're not record company people, or promoters. We're fans. It's up to them to worry, or not worry about publicity, air play, and sales of the CD. Me, I'm going to enjoy the music.

Thu Sep 10 00:55:02 MET DST 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island


Best regards to a fellow "Bottom Line" guy and fan of Rick's. Try to get yourself online soon. You are one of the few, sane , nice guys here. Looking forward to seeing you at Carnegie Hall in Spring 99 when the boys promote Jubilation.

Wed Sep 9 23:17:00 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

A BIG thanks goes out to Bill Paige, and RIVER NORTH RECORDS-PLATINUM ENTERTAINMENT Co. I received the promo CD, some history of "JUBILATION", and the video, which I played at WYOU CABLE CH. 4 HERE in Madison Wisconsin, and the phones lit up within one minute of airplay. I played it three times yesterday, with the same response. The most asked questions: Is Levon going to be O.K.? Where did I get the video tape of "JUBILATION"? Where are they playing? WHERE CAN I GET THE CD? This CD takes me back to the time I was 15 years old cuz "BIG PINK" was to me, an Autumn album and all, this CD will be, for me, an Autumn CD. One person that called the station made a comment that really choked me up, its when she said, "if only Richard's voice could be heard on that video". We will be playing the video as much as we can, untill the "Video Faded Brown". We LOVE ya in Madison BILL PAIGE!!! Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Wed Sep 9 21:07:09 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Jon Lyness: Best Wishes and Good Luck! We would like for you to stay in touch if at all possible.

Wed Sep 9 20:07:39 MET DST 1998




Wed Sep 9 20:03:31 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City


it's been so exciting reading/watching the buildup to the new album's release! At last the wait will be over. This is a goodbye of sorts, as tomorrow I will be closing this e-mail account and switching jobs to a new office with no personal e-mail account. I may be able to "lurk" here from time to time, but likely won't be able to post here for some time. Not sure how many of you know me (some of you may remember an occasional review of mine of Rick's solo shows, and Garth's show in May) but I have truly enjoyed all the time spent on this site, whether posting or not. Jan and everyone else who has contributed to this site, it has been a real pleasure, and you have my sincerest thanks.

And rest assured, though I'll miss hearing the discussion of Jubilation -- after September 15 I will certainly be "jubilating" on my own!

Best wishes,


Wed Sep 9 19:33:37 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Fox Broadcasting began its telecast of the historic baseball game between the St Louis Cardinals & the Chicago Cubs last night by playing the opening bars of Muddy Waters singing "Mannish Boy." During the game, broadcast here in the States, St. Louis first baseman Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' single-season home run record by hitting his 62nd of the year ( in the 145th game of the season). It was only fitting that "Mannish Boy" was chosen to honor one of the truly greatest "boys of summer" who plays the sport known as our national pastime. What a Man!

Wed Sep 9 15:05:11 MET DST 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Norway

Moved the entries from the first 8 days of September to a separate file to reduce access time to the guestbook.

Wed Sep 9 07:27:33 MET DST 1998


From: Germany

Wanted to inform you about the German version of "Jubilation". There is a small but respected distributor, more known for eclectic jazz, who is handling the release. They knew about it and had it listed a while ago. Had no info about the vinyl, however. They also hired a guy to do the press and promotion, but things are not exactly going smoothly. I know the promo guy very well and he received his first promo copy (only one!) to work with only last week. He got some more to mail out yesterday, which is a few days from release. No photos yet. As I am running a label myself I can tell you that this is very bad timing. There should have been pressto coincide with the release date, which means the promo guy should have started working the record two months ago. Shops won´t order it in quantity as there is no press. Once there is press in about two months time, the shops might have returned the few records they ordered, because not even the die hard fan (without internet resources) knows about its existence. And a title that has been returned once is not going to be reordered. I don´t want to point fingers, but it is a shame that a good chance of selling a few records in Germany has already been wasted.

Wed Sep 9 04:15:16 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto (Home of the White Cadillac)

I spent 45 minutes this evening listening to my promo copy of Jubilation. I spent 45 minutes earlier this afternoon; doing the same thing. I'll probably spend another 45 minutes tomorrow morning. Like Jack Daniels, it's a fine sipping whiskey. The more you sip..the more you want. The harmonies, arrangements and production interweave gracefully. Hiatt sounds very comfortable mixing with the voices of Rick, Levon and Randy. His duet with Rick is pure heaven. Could have done with a longer version of Garth's closing track.

Wed Sep 9 04:09:41 MET DST 1998


Was in Borders this afternoon. On a CD listening station was Muddy Waters tribute album. It was a thrill to hear Levon's voice on one track. The album is not new, I think its two years old, but it was still great to "discover" it.

Wed Sep 9 02:47:23 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Peter got it right - I did not mean to bash Robbie. I really like "Contact" and have been a fan of Robbie's for a long time, and will always be! I regret any unintended negativity.

Tue Sep 8 22:28:50 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Jonathon Katz is right about the publicity issue when it comes to the new album. We need to do what we can. However, like Ned, I was a little offended by the comments that implied we should bash Robbie's major label efforts in order to bolster Jubilation.

Tue Sep 8 22:19:42 MET DST 1998

Danny Lopez

From: Iowa

I watched the promo video for Jubilation on the web and Levon was obviously in poor health. Then I read Tiny M.'s review and he made a cryptic reference to Levon's health. What's the scoop? Thanks.

Tue Sep 8 18:53:08 MET DST 1998


Peter, thanks Jonathan, If you agree with Peter's comments, then I undertsand now.

Tue Sep 8 18:48:29 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Ned: I think the valid point that Jonathan was making was this. The magazines / stations will have received a large amount of publicity + interviews etc on CONTACT and the album had high-profile publicity from a major label. As they will be aware of this, Jonathan is pointing out that the rest of the Band still exist and are doing great and should be listened to. I don't think anyone is comparing CONTACT v JUBILATION (yet) - just saying that JUBILATION deserves attention and publicity and does not seem (as yet - forgive me River North if I'm wrong) the weight of the major label publicity machine behind it. I guess that next week we can all start comparing and getting angry or whatever - but at the moment this is just a suggestion of ways of drawing attention. Ways we can all help with, a little bit here, a little bit there. Remembering a Robbie interview (where he said the guys deserved a huge success), I think everyone would be happy to get a bit more publicity by reminding editors / station managers of the connection.

Now, everyone - don't use this small comment as a spur to start the comparisons ahead of time! (And why need there be any comparison of music - presumably the point Ned is making)

Tue Sep 8 17:22:25 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

No British listing for JUBILATION yet. I've just ordered one from CDX in Cardiff (+44 1222 842878) and Spin in Newcastle are also expecting some (see Mojo or Q). Still can't understand why European release is slow - there are a lot of us over here (embracing Norway, Holland, Germany etc as well as the UK). All these other countries add up! Surprised to see there's no Canadian listing yet either - they should be able to sell quite a few in Canada!

Tue Sep 8 16:32:09 MET DST 1998


Jonathan Katz, why should letters to music magazines compare Jubilation and Redboy? I don't see the point. The only real connection is that both albums are works by members of the original Band, and thus topics for this website. Why can't you write to magazines based solely on the merits of the current Band and the excitement we feel for the release of Jubilation?

Tue Sep 8 15:25:24 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

One overall initial impression I have, after listening to _Jubilation_, is that Rick Danko has really stepped up to rise to the occasion on this album. His singing on "Book Faded Brown," "High Cotton," & "If I Should Fail," as well as his duet with John Hiatt on "Bound By Love," is outstanding.

The promo copy of the CD, like most advance copies, lacks detailed notes as to who played what on the album. It is apparent, however, that Rick played a lot of acoustic bass on the recordings, providing a nice solid bottom in conjunction with Levon & Randy's percussion.

Although his voice is the exact opposite, Rick's choices in material sound like songs that Johnny Cash could have performed. For instance, "If I Should Fail" is a perfect gunfighter ballad, and of course the late Carl Perkins, Mr. Cash's close friend ever since their Sun Records' days, did record "Book Faded Brown."

Tue Sep 8 10:11:51 MET DST 1998

Roger Woods

From: Moseley, Birmingham, UK

I was listening to "When I Paint My masterpiece" on the drive in to work today. The bridge part - "...Sailing round the world in a little Gondola..." doesn't feature, as I recall, on any other version than the Band's. Was it their addition? Still no promo for Jubilation in the UK. I've asked at shops and found confusion over the retro collection "The Shape I'm In". Unless River North get going here a major opportunity will pass them by.

Tue Sep 8 04:10:07 MET DST 1998


Not that we d\need to debate this to death, but I think I was right when I posted that it was Robbie's natural father who passed away many years ago. And I've always understood that Mrs. Robertson is full-blooded Mohawk.

Tue Sep 8 03:22:37 MET DST 1998

Brian Martin

From: Long Island, New York

Excellent Web site! I have always been a fan of the Band..but recently I have been listening to the more often, and they're slowly becoming my favorite.

Tue Sep 8 02:53:00 MET DST 1998


From: That's the way it was.

Anowara..I made a slight error before. Robbie's bio. dad passed away in Toronto ( not Belleville )in the Spring of 1997 I believe. His name was Jim Robertson. He was married to Dolly when Robbie was born. Jim and Dolly split up. Dolly was 1/2 or 1/4 Mohawk native. Robbie did visit the reserve on occasion near Brantford Ontario. After Robbie's bio. parents split up, Dolly remarried a man ( don't know the name ). This is the guy who got shot etc...if you are to believe the tales Robbie weaves..As the saying goes :"B.S. baffles brains". Robbie pretty much neglected the Robertson clan ( hid dad's side of the family ) after the Hawkins days. Never showed up to the funeral. But that's his business.

This is the way it was and is. Trust me. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Mon Sep 7 21:36:52 MET DST 1998


From: MA

I'm all for making this work for Jan. I would assume though, that the photo prints, the art prints, and the sculptures will yield at least some sales. Assume Jan gets a cut because otherwise Landy for example wouldn't sell any prints. I'd hope this is the case.

Mon Sep 7 21:33:06 MET DST 1998


From: MA

Anybody have any info on album sales? How Jericho did compared to High on the Hog, how those two did saleswise, to the early albums? Anybody know, or know where this info might be available? Thanks

Mon Sep 7 20:52:16 MET DST 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York City

Saw JIM WEIDER last Friday up in Woodstock New York. It was an excellent show with LEVON HELM playing drums on the first set, he didn't sing. They played most of the songs on Jimmy's excellent solo album as well as 300 lbs. of joy and LIFE IS A CARNIVAL.They played till 2:00 am. If you get a chance to see JIM WEIDER AND THE HONKY TONK GURUS do go. There were many moments of magic from Jimmy, Richard Bell, and Randy. Check out JIMMY"S WEB SITE. I think its or there is a link on this site in Jimmy's bio. Very disappointed to have missed RICK DANKO last night but I'm sure Rick will be in NYC soon.

Mon Sep 7 19:45:24 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Several people have noted that The Band, their management, and the record company need to do more to promote the new CD. I agree. We can also do some things: 1) write/call your local radio stations to request play, 2) ask for it in your local record stores [particularly the indies], 3) write a letter to the editor of your favorite magazines [e.g. Rolling Stone, Goldmine, etc. and particularly the less established ones] maybe comparing "Jubilation" to "Redboy." Say something like this: "While Robbie's/Capital's publicity machine rolls on with his new-found roots, the Band [those old pals of his] are still making great music in the tradition of their roots..." or whatever; and 4) talk it up to your friends and relatives.

On another note: I sprung for the Japanese remixes of Big Pink and the Brown album. The packaging is great - there like ~5" versions of the originals [with all of the artwork]. I haven't listened to them too closely yet but hope to post more details when I can.

Mon Sep 7 16:15:09 MET DST 1998


From: Richmond,VA

Mon Sep 7 16:11:41 MET DST 1998

Private property

From: Here, there and everywhere

There's been a lot of ill will of late and and lot of silly comments. Let's get real.

Mon Sep 7 15:47:47 MET DST 1998


From: the deck

Atlas Rex the mood. Again.

Mon Sep 7 15:34:58 MET DST 1998

Atlas Rex

J.Croce, I know you mean well but your entries are getting a little too gooey. Just put your arms around your monitor and give it a sloppy wet kiss. Give us a rest.

Mon Sep 7 15:21:23 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

To friends new, old and renewed on this day. It is a "labor" of love and certainly not the hard kind, made a little bit better by the music that means so much to us. That music includes The Band of course. While not quite the state of Jubilation I am smiling today and wishing you all the best.

Mon Sep 7 15:14:04 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I never knew about Robbie's father. (Plato - please take it easy on me, ok? I'm careful about what I read, but I haven't been reading up on Robbie. Come on. This is my education on the subject. I can't find stuff on this topic - nor do I have the time to read these archives - so I'm relying on the kindness of you Band folk to help out. I come in peace.) If my typos are going to be graded - then I'll keep myself in the background.

Sun Sep 6 23:52:45 MET DST 1998


I thought that Robbie's was shot to death when Robbie was 2 years old. After that, his mom remarried a man named Robertson. I never heard anything about his stepfather or what happened to him. I have heard and read some time ago that Robbie's mother, Rosemarie, lives near him in LA. I don't know what happened to her husband/Robbie's stepfather as I have never heard anything about him other than he and Mrs. Robertson used to work in a jewelry factory. That would have been a long time ago. Since he apparently adopted Robbie and gave him his name, I'm a little surprised I haven't read anything else about how or where he ended up. Maybe he's the one who passed away recently. If so, my condolences to Robbie and Mrs. Robertson.

Sun Sep 6 22:10:21 MET DST 1998

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

Jan, what a wondrous site-thanks for all of your hard work. A lot of feistyness in the guestbook, but great music produces great passion.

Like many I was floored when I first heard Big Pink, and it still floors me today. Saw The Band many times 69-76, and have tried to catch them (group or solo) since as often as possible. New record doesn't seem to be in the stores around here yet - hope that changes soon!

I don't think anyone before or since has come close to the rick/levon/garth/richard/robbie line-up. 5 great instrumentalists, 3 great singers, 1 great songwriter - what other band has such assets? That plus the ensemble nature of their playing - there was always alot of breathing room in The Band's music - these guys knew when to stand back and let the other guy have his say. Just the opposite of most bands where everyone is screaming for attention.

For my money, King Harvest is the finest 3 minutes and 35 seconds committed to tape - everytime I listen to it I hear something new. Richard, r.i.p. - long live The Band!

Sun Sep 6 21:28:53 MET DST 1998

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

Sun Sep 6 21:15:00 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

Hey Plato - I assume you must be a Native American that's feeling exploited. Funny you seem to be the only one. Any other Native Americans out there who feel exploited because Robbie Robertson has brought attention to Native Americans through music and television? Heaven forbid that he should actually be SUCCESSFULL at it. I would love to see The Band's new album be a great success.I'd like to see them make a bunch of money so they can make a bunch more records. I'd like to see the record companies give Jan a bunch of money to keep up this web site and quit his day job. Why should you have to be a martyr to get respect?

Sun Sep 6 19:05:50 MET DST 1998


Trikywu, you have to pay attention to what you are reading.. and typing..( New Yorik ?! ) The guestbook has been here since early 96....

Robbie's bio. dad passed away fairly fairly recently in Belleville, Ontario. Robbie chose NOT to show up for the funeral as I understand it, like he chose to have a flu to miss Richard's. Maybe he just can't cope with those things. Finding one's roots is great. I am glad he did. We all need something meaningful to cling to and exploit.

Sun Sep 6 15:06:58 MET DST 1998


From: New Yorik

I've been visiting this site for months now, but finally found this guestbook..(duh!) My local station has been airing "Making A Noise". It's absolutley wonderful. I really like his new work. It's great to see him get in touch with his roots. However, I'm curious about the other side of Robbie. His father was jewish- does anyone know what his relationship with his father was like? I suspect it was estranged, since he does not seem to recognize his other background. (Of course, spending summers on the Six Nations Reservation would provide a more solid feeling of family - but he can't deny his other blood). Just wondering.

Sun Sep 6 01:04:05 MET DST 1998


From: Uncasville

Jan: There are many of us that care about this site. Please, before its too late, lets do what it takes to keep this site ALIVE. Keep Rockin!

Sun Sep 6 00:07:26 MET DST 1998

Dee Generated

The Band rulez! Danko über alles!

Sat Sep 5 16:50:34 MET DST 1998

Kevin Balmer

From: Portland, Oregon

Thanks for the tip about VH-1, Buddy. Nice Saturday morning viewing....

Sat Sep 5 14:35:33 MET DST 1998


From: VA

"The Last Waltz" is being shown on VH-1 as we speak. What a great film, especially the 20th anniversary edition with comments from Scorcese and Robbie R twenty years later. I have two questions about the movie: 1) What is it that Robbie reaches over and takes a toke of right after that informal version of "Old Time Religion" and 2) Why is Emmylou Harris's segment filmed so surrealistically in a relatively empty barn-like studio? Roy

Sat Sep 5 12:13:52 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Just looking through some September UK magazines - no one yet has any mention of 'Jubilation' or its release (except ISIS notes that Dylan isn't on 'the forthcoming Band album'). You can't sell it if no one knows about it. And for River North: do you have a British label / release date yet? I checked the computer at my local shop (again) today and it still isn't listed as a an upcoming release.For comparison, The Beach Boys rarities album has reviews / mentions / ads everywhere - newspapers, rock mags, general mags.We've been talking about it and anticipating 'Jubilation' so much on this site, but does the world know? I've told a lot of people I know and it was news. In fact, the September issues should already be carrying reviews in advance of release. Nothing there. These UK magazines are also widely available in the USA. What's happening?

Fri Sep 4 21:59:57 MET DST 1998

Mike Nomad

From: Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.

Thnx to Eddie Hodel re Joyous Lake. One of these days my travel plans are going to coincide with one of these posted band dates. Util then, I appc hearing about them from youse guys ''in the vicinity.'' Thnx again.

Fri Sep 4 21:40:09 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

For some reason my whole message did not appear in the previous posting. I just wanted to comment on the fact that Paul's original work is long over due for Band fans. He's also has found the character of each member.

For those who did not grow up in southern ontario, you missed the fine work of Paul's brother Gord. He was organist with David-Clayton Thomas & The Shays and Jericho. He played a superb B-3. He was an ORIGINAL. May he rest in peace.

Fri Sep 4 20:56:42 MET DST 1998


From: Nova Scotia

Just being a Band fan means that everyone of us has great taste in music. We don't listen to music because it has an easy to remember catch phrase and we don't buy cds because they are number one or because they play them at the local dance club. No,we listen carefully and have found that this Band can really do it! It was almost as if they could (and still can) read each others minds.

What a great time to be a fan of The Band. "Jubilation" and "Bob Dylan Live 66" are both guaranteed classics. Just seeing the cover art for "Royal Albert" was enough to make me drool.

Thank again to Jan for this site. Also thanks to all you who post on a regular basis with reviews and opinions.

Fri Sep 4 20:43:18 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I think the Fleming portraits are wonderful! It is nice to have something entirely original to this site. Thanks to Jan and Serge.

Fri Sep 4 18:44:39 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur + Paramus

A sincere thanks for all the reviews of "Jubilation". I think David Powell's contribution is one of the best reviews of music I've ever read.....Quite moving !!

Fri Sep 4 17:47:10 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

I was fortunate to receive an advance promo copy of _Jubilation_ through an old buddy who works in the "music business." However, I will not only purchase a copy of the CD for myself when it is released, but will also purchase additional copies to give to friends as gifts.

River North / Platinum Entertainment should be commended for their support of The Band. Unlike so much of the music marketed by the major labels, the music of The Band has heart as well as soul. This is deep-rooted music that blends the traditions of the past with the energy & technology of today. The group's playing is as vibrant today as it was thirty years ago when _Big Pink_ was released.

A big part of the appeal of _Jubilation_ is the sense of cohesiveness conveyed by the group's ensemble approach to recording. The contibutions of "newer members" Jim Weider, Randy Ciarlante & Hawk veteran Richard Bell are outstanding. Aaron Hurwitz's production work is superb. The recording & mix presents an accurate sonic tableau of essentially acoustic instruments; so true to life that the listener can almost picture the group in the room as one listens to the album.

I'm amazed at the wealth of original material presented on this recording. In addition to the contibutions of Bobby Charles, John Hiatt, Eric Clapton & Allen Toussaint, songwriters Kevin Doherty, Tom Pacheco & Marty Grebb prove to be ideal creative partners with the individual Band members.

Excuse me now as I play _Jubilation_ yet again; it's one of those recordings that just gets better with each listen. I'm afraid I've already said way too much. As John Lennon once said: "Writing about music is like writing about f*****g."

Fri Sep 4 15:24:27 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

Sat 9/5 7am (est) VH1 Rock & Roll Picture Show will repeat the anniversary showing The Last Waltz which includes the interview with Martin Scorcese & Robbie Robertson.

Fri Sep 4 14:21:26 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Paul Fleming's paintings are original pieces of artwork, and they give me daily pleasure. I love the Elliot Landy pictures too, but I have the albums, I have Woodstock Vision too, if I want to look at them. Paul Fleming has gone beyond straightforward rendition, and to me expresses a lot of spirit in the paintings. All power to him, and I'd look forward to seeing more of his work. I think we're priviliged to have someone contribute a piece of original art to the site. Thanks, Paul.

As for Charles Atlas: I think Charles that you're kicking the sand in people's faces somewhat! Liking the Band does not preclude liking The Beatles - as many 'Band hands' (our equivalent of DeadHeads) showed in their top tens last month. Levon & Rick have played with Ringo on album, on tour and (all of them) on The Last Waltz. Harrison has been one of the Band's staunchest supporters, and The Beatles were vociferous in their approval of The Hawks (in the days when their support counted). I don't see any reason to feel they are polar opposites, though they are very different.I recall a Robbie interview, maybe 30 years ago where he was led by the interviewer into mildly disparaging remarks about a Beatles album, but hell, we were all so much younger then, we're older than that now … oh, sorry.Not as poetic as the original.

Fri Sep 4 13:08:54 MET DST 1998

John Donabie


I've noticed poeple asking about the Japanese Import copies of the Band. I cannot comment on the "new" Japanese imports that are now being talked about; but I can comment on the Band recordings from Japan in the past.

Long before Stage Fright and Northern Lights were released in North America, I sent away for Japanese copies; after reading they were available there. The sound was brilliant. This leads me to the point of my posting. Recently I finally bought the DCC version of Stage Fright; which indeed is Fa-a-a-r-r-r-r- superior to any North American Release.

I then went to compare it to my original Stage Fright; which quite frankly over the years, I had forgotten was a Japanese import and not a North American release. I've got to tell you that the sound quality is so close; it's hard to tell the difference.

I have always found that the Japanese way of putting out vinyl in the old days (only releasing so many copies from a Mother Master etc) have always been superior. I only wish the fat cat record companies over here would give CD releases the same care.

Fri Sep 4 12:40:40 MET DST 1998

Just a Thought

From: A Friend

I may be way out of line here (and I'm sure someone will tell me if I am), but maybe there's something all of us can do to really show Jan how much we appreciate his hard work here. I propose a "Jan Hoiberg appreciation day". Jan can name the day and post an address, and all of us who frequent this site can dig into our pockets and do something nice for him. Just a thought as I said, but I think it would be good gesture toward the man who has given us so much.

Also, I'd like to add a comment about the "hand of the band". If a logo is going to be created, how about just a handshake? It's simple, but it says it.


Fri Sep 4 12:04:27 MET DST 1998


From: The Cafe

Unsolicited Input. Now there's a new concept, eh?

Now as far as input that was asked for, I am very impressed with Paul Flemings prints on the homepage. Incredibly unique and very touching. The Landy photo (albeit it classic) has been done. Nice to see something with so much thought and talent behind it. Thanks again!

Fri Sep 4 02:38:47 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

I really have no Bone to pick with the man from Connecticut. I think Robbie is an extremely talented writer and guitar player but can't and shouldn't sing Dixie. This is opinion not flame.

A logo for the concept of "The Hand of The Band" is a natural and could help Jan raise some funds. I offer it to him free of charge.

As for Lester Atlas, shouldn't you be at the Jimmy Buffett website? Me thinks they would likely send you to Tampico

Fri Sep 4 00:57:52 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

Here's a about everyone emailing Capitol Records on Jan's behalf to get some sponsorship for this site. Go to and let's see what happens! Re: the Fleming paintings...I like them and it's always nice to see a change on the main page, though I do REALLY like the classic Landy photo.

Thu Sep 3 23:36:26 MET DST 1998


From: Stonework

Since input was asked for, I think Fleming's paintings are great, especially Garth's portrait. However, I (personally) still miss the front page showing ALL of the Band members, including Ranch, Richard Bell and Jim W.

As for this "Hand of the Band" movement, I think being civil to each other is great, but why do we need a logo for it? Still, it's a good sentiment.

Please note that Jim Eppard and Mike Dunn, who last year were playing in Norfolk, Ct. as part of the Band, are playing in Ct. on Sat nite: the Georgetown Saloon (203- 544-8003).

Thu Sep 3 22:18:17 MET DST 1998

[guest photo]

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Generic Bar
Home page:

Powell is indeed a poet. Serge, I absofuckinglutely love the paintings of The Band. Painted by an ex-Hawk ... almost ubelievable. Lester dude, you are all wrong about the Manuel portrait, believe me. I saw Beak many times after the Waltz, on good and not-so-good nights. To me, the painting reminds me of the good ones, when you could feel and hear this incredible talent that was there behind the pain and the uncertainty.

Thu Sep 3 22:13:06 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To J.Croce(hand of the Band): I'm not sure if I understand this "hand of the Band" thing. Am I to assume from your post that is okay to flame Robbie as long as we do not flame each other? Isn't he one of the reasons that we are on this site?

Thu Sep 3 21:50:01 MET DST 1998


From: London, Ontario

Thank you David Powell for the great review of Jubilation..

Lester(Atlas?) if you can contribute something better and more original than the Fleming portraits to this page please do so. Until then crawl back under your rock.

Could we perhaps have some opinions here from "Band fans" as to Fleming's work.?

Thu Sep 3 21:49:21 MET DST 1998

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York

At The Joyous Lake in Woodstock New York this weekend has Jim Weider on Friday and RICK DANKO on Sunday. It is a nice little club in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

Thu Sep 3 21:48:40 MET DST 1998

Johnny Rotten

Dear Mr. Busy B, I sure have seen a lot of crap on this site (mostly yours) but you are without a doubt the biggest jackass I've seen. A better monicker would be F. Face. I just speak the truth. Yuk, yuk, yuk

Thu Sep 3 21:43:49 MET DST 1998


From: Madison,Wi.
Home page:

Hey now Jan and Kris, I've been visiting this website for a short time now, and I haven't gotten into any trouble from no one...yet!!! I just got an E-Mail from Bill Paige of RIVER NORTH RECORDS, and he asked for a snail mail address, does that mean... could it be... do you think he'll send a copy of The B.... new promo VHS tape!!! If so, I sure hope the tape is durable cuz it will get a hell of alot of "replays" on the air, FINGERS CROSSED IN MAD TOWN !Peace, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Thu Sep 3 20:25:36 MET DST 1998


Jan, you are our hero for your work. Peter, you are right on. As a resource for learnign about RR's life and work, Capital Records' site pales in comparison with this one which amazes me when you think that they are a wealthy corporation and Jan is a lone hardworking honest Norseman.

Thu Sep 3 20:17:20 MET DST 1998


From: Woodstock, GA

Does anyone know anything about some limited edition Japanese pressings of The Band's CDs? They are in an LP size cover and are "digitally remastered." Has anyone heard them? Is the sound truly an improvement over the currently available Band CDs (especially Stage Fright)? Any information on these would be greatly appreciated.

Thu Sep 3 20:08:56 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

Geez - Now see what happens when you try to type too fast! Sorry for the typos people - wouldn't want Noah Webster on my back!

Thu Sep 3 20:06:37 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

I have to say I'm with Peter on this one too - Jan you DESERVE more thank just a pat on the back. I wouldn't mind if the site had some sponsors. I don't know how much they pay, but it's gotta be better than what you're making now!!

BTW David, I enjoyed the scenario (for lack of a better word) you painted for us. Will that train be stopping by my depot anytime soon? I guess in a couple weeks in will. Can't wait!

Thu Sep 3 19:14:01 MET DST 1998

Buzzy B

From: The Cafe

Lester Atlas: So misinformed, so sad. I'll tell you what though. I'll personally pay Jan to keep you off this site. In fact, I'll bet I could actually get folks to donate to the cause. How's that??

Thu Sep 3 19:10:03 MET DST 1998


From: Jupiter, Fl

Re: Peter Viney I couldn't agree more with your last post. Several weeks ago my brother asked me to find concert dates for various artists inc The Band (together & individual. I came across this web page and since have purchased 5 cds and have 1 on order based on reviews and observations from this web site alone. I will purchase Jubilation 9/15. Other than this web site, I've seen no advertisement or promotion for this CD other than the web chat which was also announced here.

Thu Sep 3 18:29:56 MET DST 1998

Lester Atlas

Oh Yeah, nice piece you composed here Mr. Powell. My advice to you David is to stay away from attempting any more parables like that one from a few weeks ago-it was really weird and non-sensical.

Thu Sep 3 18:24:49 MET DST 1998

Lester Atlas

From: You got a deal I'm there.

As a long time observer of this site a few comments if you please. 1)Don't like the home page paintings even a little bit.Manuel looks like an Indian Swami! Bring back the classic photo.2)Enough with the band/beatles connections. Totally ridiculous. To me the Band is the anti-beatles,thank goodness!3)J. Croce is a fraud,phony and hypocrite,not to be believed or trusted.Hey JC why don't YOU pay Jan Hoiberg to display your hand of the band logo.

Hell don't be mad at me,I'm just an old truth teller,haw,haw,haw

Thu Sep 3 16:50:07 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Thanks David for a wonderful piece - it's like the script for the interactive CD-Rom! This sort of contribution (hope Jan adds it permanently to articles) is the reason we all so value Jan's work. With the number of hits, wouldn't it be worth letting an advertiser delay us for 10 seconds on the way in? I for one would be very happy to put up with that if it helps Jan get SOME recompense for his enormous efforts. It's not just compiling stuff - everything that goes on has to be reformatted with the clarity that is a hallmark of this site. I reckon that River North could contribute something - loads of free publicity here for JUBILATION. In spite of the flame wars it caused, Robbie got a lot of exposure for CONTACT, as did Capitol (as they own the stuff) for 'Very Best of The Band' and other compilations. For all of these the site provides an invaluable service, and they could weigh in with a bit of support. Especially EMI/ Capitol - the vast majority of stuff on the site is theirs. They pay to maintain their 'Hollywood & Vine' sites and this is way, way better at no effort from them.

Thu Sep 3 15:37:10 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

jubilation 1: an act of rejoicing : the state of being jubilant 2 : an expression of great joy.

Get on board the train with The Band on a ride down south to New Orleans. We'll stop at stations along the way where you can get out, stretch your legs & breathe the warm, moist air as we take on more passengers. Down in Kentucky a sudden rain shower cools you off in the middle of a hot Southern night, as you stand on the platform drinking a cold bottle of RC-Cola.

Back on the train, you sit in the dining car as the boys begin their guitar pullin', exchanging songs with winks & nods all around. You just sit back & enjoy, occasionally staring out the window as the cotton fields, small dusty towns & cities fly by. The ringing sounds from guitar, bass, dobro & mandolin strings echo out from the wooden sound boxes to mix with drums, accordians & harmonicas. Every once & a while someone picks up a horn to add a lonesome wail to the sound. From the back, Eric lets loose a few notes on his electric guitar, turned down low so as not to disturb the other passengers asleep two cars back in the Pullman. Brother John joins in singing as a young couple dances a pas de deux down the aisle.

When the train rolls into Memphis there's an hour layover & you tag along with Levon, Rick & Garth to take a spin with Ronnie & Bobby in a Cadillac. They crank up the volume on the radio to hear the King sing as you speed by Graceland. "Train I ride, sixteen coaches long." You look out the back window of the Caddy at the trailer towed behind where guitars, amps & equipment are rattling around. As they speed down a two lane blacktop onto a gravel road shortcut back to the station, you notice the big hawk painted on the side of the trailer as it careens wildly. There's just enough time to help the fellows kill off a twelve pack of Dixie beer. You make it back just in time as the train's pulling out; the guys are laughing so hard that they almost fall down as you jump back aboard the train.

On the last leg of the ride down to the Crescent City, you stare wistfully out the window while the fellows play another round of songs. Once, after Rick sings, you let out a nervous laugh, hoping to distract attention as a tear falls from your eye. As you listen to Levon sing the next one in that familiar weathered voice, you realize how much emotion Lee can still convey in just a few well crafted lyrics. There's a lived-in quality to the songs that lets you in on that comfortable feeling the guys share when they play together.

To soon it seems the ride ends. Mr. Toussaint is standing on the platform waiting as the trains pulls into the station in New Orleans. He's brought along a new song for the boys to try out when they get to the hotel in the Quarter. Later on that night you watch The Band join in at a jam session down at a club. Afterwards, exhausted you go back to the hotel to sleep. All night long the songs you've heard haunt your dreams.

Late the next morning as you drink your coffee & chicory at a sidewalk cafe, a couple of beautiful creole girls walk by. You find yourself whistling that last song that Garth played the night before as you smile that smile, knowing how fortunate you are to have been along for the ride.

Thu Sep 3 14:20:00 MET DST 1998


From: Norway

Have to test a little more. Server trouble again. Someone pay me for this. Please. I am running out of time and dough...

Thu Sep 3 13:59:51 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

TO TIM,of Nova Scotia Canada, my prayers go out to your city, and to all the people living there that have to deal with your situation on Fight 111, but most of all, my prayers go to the souls and familys of that accident. Peace,Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Thu Sep 3 13:38:24 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Norway

Just a little test. Please ignore.

Thu Sep 3 08:16:41 MET DST 1998


From: USA

Pardon this but it is something I need to get off of my chest: Levon Helm I adore you! As a drummer, an incredible singer, a wonderful musician, and a very talented actor! I loved you in the movie "End of the Line". I loved your book and found your description of growing up in Arkansas in that time period very interesting as my Dad was right there with you. I think you are an exceptional human being! There I've said it and can now go on with my life. Thanks

Thu Sep 3 07:29:34 MET DST 1998


From: Madison, Wi.
Home page:

Hey now,thank you Kris P. I e-mailed Mr. Bill Paige of RIVER NORTH RECORDS and took him up on the video promo he was offering to real TV stations such as ours here at WYOU CABLE ACCESS CH.4 It would be fantastic if this really happens, and it would get alot of airplay here cuz after all, this is "BAND" TERRITORY!!! Peace, Love, and Light, Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran.

Thu Sep 3 07:26:08 MET DST 1998

David Keith

From: Bastrop, Texas

Many thanks to whoever put this web site together. I've been going through all the history, the video clips, and recordings for a couple of hours now. The information is fantastic,and the music poignant. This is a great archive for the greatest of bands.

Thu Sep 3 00:49:27 MET DST 1998


From: The Brokerage

I appreciate the positive words of those who have gripped The Hand of The Band. I hope that Jan will get on board with the pledge and that a suitable logo can be created.

The WLIW special on the history of The Band was incredible. Lots of early photos and a good history of the group. Garth, Richard, Levon & Rick got some airplay. Levon held back tears about Richard's passing.

Hour two listening to Robbie sing "Dixie" made it clear as a bell why they turned his mike off and how Levon made the song.

Finally all credit due to Buzzy B for inspiring "The Hand of The Band".

Wed Sep 2 23:24:17 MET DST 1998

Buzzy B

From: The cafe

I'd just like to thank Bill Paige - aka "the record company guy" - for dropping by to keep us informed. It is very much appreciated!

Wed Sep 2 22:27:16 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Segue for his review. It sounds great! If Moondog Matinee is considered Richard's album and Northern Lights-Southern Cross is Garth's album, then from what I've read, Jubilation sounds like Rick's album.

Wed Sep 2 22:16:56 MET DST 1998

Stefaan François

From: Kortrijk Belgium

Greatest band in the world.

Wed Sep 2 21:44:36 MET DST 1998


From: MA

My two cents. Appreciate Tiny M's comments. Not my intention to copy him, but thought I'd offer my thoughts.

Book Faded Brown:
Perfect way to open album. Rick's best work in years, maybe EVER. A quiet song. "another autumn night it's gettin chilly, birds are gathered round it's gettin ready, moon and sun are both so heavy, barely off the ground, he's steering the wheel's of his daddy's plow, sowing the land that's been handed down..."

Last Train to Memphis:
opens with Levon calling "All Aboard!" As others have said, "old timey" feel.

Kentucky Downpour
You are in an old truck, with flat windshield, divider down the middle. Wipers going as fast as they can but it's not enough. Levon's behind the wheel and your in the front seat with him on a dark night. "Night wheels rolling, on a cold black road, got an uneasy feeling, hauling a heavy load, Ease up on the hammer, it's gettin pretty thick, it's startin to rain and it's gonna get slick..."

If I Should Fail:
Another great Danko story. "I look down the canyon, I can see their fires. All of my companions, captured, or 'expired.' And if I should fail, on this fearful trail, surrounded and alone and still pursued, If I don't prevail, if you get this mail, the last thing that I think of will be you.

A Blind Fool's Love"
can't get this song out of my head. Sing it to myself at work. In my opinion, it might be the one that's most likely to get airplay.

Where Did All The French Girls Go?
Perfect end by Garth. It's only 2:07 though. Every album should have a Garth composition. Garth should think about putting out his own album. Just let him go! Why hasn't this happened yet!?

This is NOT a dig at those songs I didn't mention. I like them all. These are just MY favorites. Rick sounds great. Levon does too. (some people won't say this, but Levon on some songs, doesn't sound quite like he used to) but he sounds great, and it's a treat to hear him sing so well, while he does his thing at the drums. Just my two cents.

Wed Sep 2 21:42:53 MET DST 1998

Peter Shaw

From: Chicago, IL

Ye Gods, Richard was absolutely right. I was a bit tired as I wrote my post this morning. Certainly "Muswell Hillbillies" stands out in my mind as the signature Kinks album, or at least Ray Davies'. It pretty well sums his mindset up the way I suspect The Band does Robbie's in terms of storytelling. As a side note, Ray and Dave Davies are both touring, and if anyone out there wants to see some vital work still alive, you should check these gigs out. Dave's is certainly the more rocking one, but both are fine. the thing I find best about both The Band's and The Kinks' work of the late 1960s early 1970s is that while they delve into these past places that have probably never really existed beyond consciousness, they are still very real in feeling. I suppose that is a pretty good definition for timelessness.

Wed Sep 2 20:11:06 MET DST 1998


From: North Carolina

I thought Peter's comments about the Kinks most perceptive. I would add that my favorite Kinks album came a year or two after "village Green" and is even more Band-like even while retaining that Ray Davies quintessentially English thing: "Muswell Hillbillies." Indeed the kickoff track "20th Century Man" (...but I don't wanna die here) seems like a UK version of the Band's (unspoken) manifesto of the Big Pink-Brown Album era.

Wed Sep 2 20:07:27 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I was interested in this posting:

Jacques Radisson From: Shewinigan Quebec "Pasquinel, I find you phoney baloney. You no french guy.A real coureur des bois would never speaks like this. I find what you say a little sour, like a "lime", the tone is "whiney" leaves awful taste in a mouth, like after roast beef. Ne t'occupes pas des affaires d'autrui!"

The references to 'whiney' (ha ha), lime (limey) and now 'roast beef' have been seen before, plus a translation of previos comments. And innacurate 'mock non-native speaker talk'. I assume SOMEONE thinks that the Quebecois posting was me - it certainly was not me. If that someone now claims to be a group of hotels, so be it! But nothing to do with me. Promise. I'm following J. Croce's advice - extend the 'hand of The Band' or whatever. Therefore no names, but let Pasquinal and Radisson fight it out. I am in no way involved with either!

Paix and jubilation.

Wed Sep 2 19:22:48 MET DST 1998

Bill Paige

From: River North Records
Home page:

I hope the *regulars* don't mind the *record company guy* dropping in with some info . . .

With regards to the "Book Faded Brown" confusion: Sometimes we have to come up with info fast and early and it turns out being wrong or incomplete. This is a song Rick was doing before the Band recorded High on the Hog, and we were initially told he wrote it with someone. Turns out it is PAUL JOST's song, recorded previously by Carl Perkins in 1991. Now you know...the rest of the story!

RE: VIDEOS -- This is a tough issue to address. with an unlimited budget, a *real* music video could be a useful tool, even though there are probably only a handful of outlets that would give it any kind of regular airplay. VH-1 is certainly not a "given" -- they are as restrictive as any formatted radio station.

But we aren't dealing with unlimited budgets, and videos, for better or worse, cost A LOT of money. You can't get much for $25K, little more for $50K, and you don't want to know what the majors spend on their top artists!

As it is, the promo video we are making available, technically called an EPK, or electronic press kit, cost thousands of dollars to shoot and produce. It's a good sales tool, and I think the piece we created is quality. If anyone wants to e-mail suggestions on who might be able to use a VHS copy of it, let me know. Legit media only, please!

If there is a consensus radio song from JUBILATION, and it is receiving strong airplay, we will give great consideration to creating a music video for the song.

That's it -- two weeks minue one day to go until JUBILATION!

Wed Sep 2 17:40:59 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

The Band and The (former) Beatles 1973

The members of The Band, minus Richard, appeared on Ringo Starr's solo album _Ringo_, released in 1973. With Rick on fiddle, Levon on mandolin, Garth on accordian & Robbie on guitar, joined by George Harrison on background vocals, they backed up Ringo on the cut "Sunshine Life for Me (Sail Away Raymond)."

This album also marked the first time all four of the former Beatles, albeit through separate contributions, had appeared on an album together since their breakup.

And of course there is a page for "Ringo" at this web site, complete with cover painting of The Band members and a sound sample from "Sunshine..." :-)

Wed Sep 2 16:57:26 MET DST 1998


From: Sweden
Home page: No Band page

Huge base for Band-fans!!! Thank you.

Wed Sep 2 15:34:24 MET DST 1998

Peter Shaw

From: Chicago, IL

Regarding Ryan's essay on The Band as the Smithsonian of American music, it is a very fine job. But, in the opening paragraph, he includes The Kinks as one of the bands doing the power chord scene. In fact, they had largely given that up by 1967 with their subdued "Something Else By the Kinks." I find their work in this period to be similar to The Band's. It rocks, but it is also thoughtful, and it hardly adheres to the feelings in America at the time. Their next album "the Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society" which was conceived by Ray Davies in 1966 and released around the time of Big Pink, has that same conservative overtone of looking for something in the past to make sense of the present, and like The Band early stuff, it finds the youth present of 1968 to be a fad. Of course, it sold like shit. What else is to be expected from a 1968 album whose title track, anthemic at that, has the line "God save little shops, china cups, and virginity."

Wed Sep 2 12:06:26 MET DST 1998

Jacques Radisson

From: Shewinigan Quebec

Pasquinel, I find you phoney baloney. You no french guy.A real coureur des bois would never speaks like this. I find what you say a little sour, like a "lime", the tone is "whiney" leaves awful taste in a mouth, like after roast beef. Ne t'occupes pas des affaires d'autrui!

Wed Sep 2 06:05:10 MET DST 1998


K. Jamieson - Thank you for the news about Chief Jake Thomas. My grandmother was from Six Nations and some of my relatives knew him. Did you know Chief Thomas? Would you mind relaying Robbie's comments that were published? Thanks!

Wed Sep 2 04:17:59 MET DST 1998


From: Quebec

Horace: I find you amusing.

Little John: I find you a man of good sense who has written many worthy posts in this guestbook. Well done.

Jan Hoiberg: I find you a man who has given much. We trappers often say, "Jan Hoiberg knows how to catch the beaver. He can be trusted."

Wed Sep 2 03:01:29 MET DST 1998


From: Phd.

Little John I detect a touch of hypocrisy in your last paragraph? You are ready to take a pledge of goodwill in one breath, then want to give some a "back of the hand" in another. ??? Are you sucking and blowing at the same time? Which is it? As to Danko perhaps "Sippin'" again, are you not glad that someone pointed out that anomaly to you way back. It now permits you to make "clever" remarks, doesn't it !? Please come up with something "original".

P.S. I care about you a lot.

Wed Sep 2 01:58:00 MET DST 1998

Blind boy Grunt

From: Liverpool England. L11 1DZ

Took me to another world without paying the price

Wed Sep 2 01:41:05 MET DST 1998


From: Toronto, Ontario

On August 17, 1998 the people of the Six Nations lost one of our elders, Chief Jake Thomas, who had worked with Robbie on the latest disc. Robbie was in London, England at the time and sent a much appreciated message to the people, which was printed in the weekly paper. I would like to say Nya Weh to Robbie, for he is a person to be proud of .

Wed Sep 2 00:58:13 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Like all of you, I'm really looking forward to Jubilation, and greatly appreciate having the audio clips available on this site to whet my appetite. Thanks a lot, Jan.

I'm a little confused about some of the info on the Jubilation page, though. The record company's notes refer to "Paul Jost's 'Book Faded Brown'" but under the track by track listings, Rick Danko is given writers' credit for this song. What gives? Hope no one's been "Sipping the Wine" again, if you know what I mean.

I note also, with interest, how many of the songs on Jubilation give writing credit to "The Band" as well as to individuals. I guess Levon, Rick and Garth may have learned something from working with Robbie, after all.

Finally, I like your idea J.Croce, and I'd like to take the pledge, but having been watching this site regularly for over a year now, I know that there are several other regulars who richly deserve "THE BACK OF the Hand of The Band".

Tue Sep 1 22:51:55 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I was reading the liner notes of a CD called Home by the BoDeans released in the late '80s. Robbie is mentioned twice in the notes. First, they thank him and Daniel Lanois for their help, and, secondly, they mention that one of the songs was written and inspired in New York while playing with Robbie. I think Band fans would like this album.

Tue Sep 1 22:35:39 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I agree with David Powell on retrospectives and look forward to Ray Charles and Randy Newman. Looking back, sometimes they get it right - The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds Sessions' is superb, as are the three Elvis box sets 'The Essential Masters: 50s / 60s / 70s'

Not only is it possible, but The Beach Boys set is EMI / Capitol. One consuming aim in box sets is usually 'leave something essential off to preserve future sales' - hence the recent Motown 'Ultimate' collections - The Temptations one misses 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep' and 'Smiling Faces Sometimes'. The Smokey Robinson solo misses off 'Vitamin U' and so on. Look at the page for the Time-Life '36 All Time Greatest' for how NOT to do it. (Across The Great Divide is another example, down to wildly inaccurate notes).ONE DAY The Band will get the collection they deserve!

Tue Sep 1 22:33:21 MET DST 1998


From: Myth

C'mon Lars, you're an intellect..say that in Latin !

Tue Sep 1 19:51:12 MET DST 1998

David Powell

From: Georgia on my mind

Here's my "vent" for today:

What's with this recent spate of reissues of music from The Band? EMI / Capital seems content to keep reissuing or licensing the same set of "greatest hits" over & over again without concern for selection or sound quality. Why can't they properly remaster the material & dig into the vaults for previously unreleased songs? I'm afraid they're just out to make a quick buck, with little or no concern for the group or their fans.

I was just looking at Rhino's website ( for information on upcoming releases and found two good examples of a music company that's reissuing music with care & attention to both quality & detail.

On October 27th Rhino is releasing _Ray Charles: The Complete Country & Western Recordings (1959-1986)_, a 4-CD set that includes many tracks remastered from first-generation tapes by Ray himself. Also included is a new interview with Brother Ray, extensive liner notes & photos taken during the original recording sessions.

If that's not enough to whet your appetite, on November 3rd Rhino will be releasing _Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman_, a retrospective featuring 105 tracks on 4 CDs. Discs One & Two will contain studio recordings. Disc Three will include demos, live material, "rarities" & previously unreleased cuts. Disc Four will feature Mr. Newman's film scores, compositions & arrangements. The set will also include photos from Mr. Newman's "personal archive", original sheet music & liner notes written by editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine, Timothy White.

This is the way reissue packages should be done. Is anyone at EMI / Capital paying attention?

Tue Sep 1 19:14:56 MET DST 1998


From: bijou

Happy B-Day "john". Its been labor day every day for your mom since your birth. As the Simcoe Sensation as told us-don't worry its all "scientific". Boxcar Willie shares this day with you.

The Dankster will include some tunes from the new Band album in his solo shows this weekend.

Tue Sep 1 17:00:19 MET DST 1998

Tony M.

From: London, UK

Thanks for the sound clips from the new CD. I'm ordering mine now.

Tue Sep 1 09:58:24 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Norway

Just a little test after moving August's guestbook entries to the archives.

Tue Sep 1 06:06:07 MET DST 1998


From: ny

someone else on this site called my attention to this, but a reminder, tonight 9/1 WLIW ch 21 8pm Documentary, 9pm classic album (thanks to whoever first posted this info)

Tue Sep 1 06:01:41 MET DST 1998

Jeramiah Brown

From: Horton, KS (Kickapoo Res.)

Tue Sep 1 03:07:43 MET DST 1998



Tue Sep 1 02:39:41 MET DST 1998


From: Ohio

I, as a child, enjoyed listing to Mahalia (hope I spelled that right) Jackson sing Rusty Old Halo. Where can I get the words?

Tue Sep 1 02:21:00 MET DST 1998


From: NY

I'm not sure what pfc Jackson meant by that, but just to get involved in this argument, I'd like to quote Jack Nicholson, "Poultry is just another name for chicken."

Tue Sep 1 01:01:44 MET DST 1998


From: pennaThis

This quote is attributed to the 'real' HORACE and it certainly applies here.

"Concordia Discors"---Harmony in Discord. Ain't that true Rapid Roy,you bad bad stock car boy.

Tue Sep 1 00:30:09 MET DST 1998


From: Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem

That may be Jackson, but: "Canada capta ferum victorem cepit!" And furthermore your post is a " Gratis dictum "and is " Ex parte " and give it time "Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo".

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