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The Band Guestbook, June '98

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from June 1998.

Tue Jun 30 23:40:53 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Incidentally, thanks to Scott for his mention of the Los Lobos CD. I'd love to hear some other recommendations from people on "Band involvement" albums or songs -- maybe another Top 10 is in order?

Tue Jun 30 23:33:20 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

I wanted to recommend a CD to any fans of the 2 Danko/Fjeld/Andersen albums (and I assume most of us are fans of those albums!) -- Eric Andersen's Stages: the Lost Album (from around 1991, I believe). I feel it's quite underrated -- this is one of my favorite "Band involvement" albums, and could almost be thought of as a companion piece to the 2 DFA albums. It's got 10 tracks that Eric recorded in the 1970s, plus 3 "new" tracks recorded around 1990 with Rick and Garth backing up. All of the material is truly heartfelt and lovely the way the DFA songs are. I like many of the 1970s tracks, but 2 of the 1990s tracks are particularly stunning and are the highlights of the album for me. The first is "Make It Last (Angel in the Wind)", which features gorgeous instrumentation and great backing vocals by Rick and Shawn Colvin (then relatively unknown, I presume!). The vocal arrangements of the chorus are superb -- there's one line of each chorus where the lower-pitched voices drop out and you clearly hear Rick's high-pitched voice harmonizing -- the effect is just amazing. The other is "Soul of My Song", written by Jonas Fjeld; great soft vocals by Eric and beautiful accordian by Garth akin to his work on DFA's "Blue River". You'll also hear the original versions of "Baby I'm Lonesome" and "Lie With Me", which were redone for the DFA Ridin' on the Blinds album. If you can find this CD, it will probably be quite cheap, and is well worth getting -- anyone who appreciates DFA should enjoy it. Just my two cents!

Tue Jun 30 22:35:35 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur NY/Paramus NJ

Thanks for the feedback here and via email........ I just purchased the Los Lobos cd "The neighborhood" and much to my suprise Levon plays mandolin and sings on a track called "Emily", and sings on "Little John of God"... It was released in 1990 on "Slash" records... worth putting out the coin for this cd........

Tue Jun 30 21:27:32 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Pat Brennan for his return. Pat, we needed to get back to the greatness of the Band and away from this Robbie-bashing.

Band fans need to watch again the Classic Albums video. Robbie spends the majority of time talking about how great the other members are, and, as I recall, they do not even mention his name. Like Pat said, we need to appreciate the time the Band stayed together. Sixteen years is a long time for a band. Instead of blaming Robbie for the break-up, let's glorify the time they were together.

Jan, thanks again for this wonderful site. Only on this site can you read a great discussion about the link between the Band and Mildred Bailey

Tue Jun 30 21:10:44 MET DST 1998

Gunter Brehm

From: Germany

My first "straight to the heart"-movie about music in was 20 years ago "The Last Waltz". I remember I was in a extremely emotional mood after seeing the movie, saying to my son, that I want this video in my coffin. I am with The Band since that days. Great music, real American music in a positive way. And "Music From Big Pink" is one of the greatest records of all time. A landmark for everyone, who is interested in music.

Tue Jun 30 19:36:19 MET DST 1998

[guest photo]

Dave Lane

From: Canton, MA

Sorry about the formatting on that one, I hope I do this better. :^( Scott on WebTV wrote:

> he did it again. 
>I watched the Ed Sullivan program on VH-1 tonight. 
>One of the segments featured The  Band playing "Up 
>on cripple creek". Prior to the song there was a 
>short interview segment with RR and he actually 
>said "When I hooked up with Bob Dylan etc, etc...." 
>What happened to Rick, Garth and Richard (Just 
>the backup group I guess) 

I think you're reading too much into what he said. Dylan initially hired only Robertson, who later convinced him to hire Helm as the drummer for the infamous Dylan-goes-electric period, with Al Kooper and Harvey Brooks. They then talked Dylan into bringing the rest of the Hawks into the fold.

Tue Jun 30 19:34:18 MET DST 1998

[guest photo]

Dave Lane

From: Canton, MA

Scott on WebTV wrote: > he did it again. >I watched the Ed Sullivan program on VH-1 tonight. >One of the segments featured The Band playing "Up >on cripple creek". Prior to the song there was a >short interview segment with RR and he actually >said "When I hooked up with Bob Dylan etc, etc...." >What happened to Rick, Garth and Richard (Just >the backup group I guess) I think you're reading too much into what he said. Dylan initially hired only Robertson, who later convinced him to hire Helm as the drummer for the infamous Dylan-goes-electric period, with Al Kooper and Harvey Brooks. They then talked Dylan into bringing the rest of the Hawks into the fold. --Dave

Tue Jun 30 14:09:31 MET DST 1998


From: New Jersey

Didd anyone see Robbie Robertson on Charlie Rose back in April.....and did anyone happen to tape it????? back if ya did

Tue Jun 30 12:13:03 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Really enjoyed the VH1 special on the Ed Sullivan Show last night. A magical time when The Band was still The Band. They looked great, sounded great, and that grin on Garth's face just about said it all. Sad in a way to see that though. Truly makes you realize you can't go home again.

Tue Jun 30 05:51:39 MET DST 1998

Dr. Pepper

John, No you should know I am not Richard Bell because he would have your sides hurting from laughter he is such a funny guy. His email is I believe. Ask him when he is going to saunter back into Syracuse with Big Daddy Paul Laronde (bass palyer with the Gurus)! And I was not poking fun at accordians... a friend of mine is a traditional Ukaranian...bought land on the Balck Sea...had an arranged marriage with a Ukranian girl...and plays the accordion....and thank god the pierogi did not have any of that hot mustard on it when it hit me in the head. Just watched the Robbie thing..boy were Levon's and Ronnies brief appearances a sigh of relief....made me feel like everyone touched back down on earth momentarily and I hope to hell I never hear Robin Williams inhale helium and do an impression of Scorcese.

Tue Jun 30 05:32:34 MET DST 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Hello all. Nope, I'm not dead. Only overburdened by writing deadlines, work, etc. First of all, thanks to everyone who emailed regarding my absence and the Band tribute of a month ago. Rather than answer individually, I thought I'd post here. The gig was amazing. A big crowd of a couple of hundred showed, full age range, very cool. Songlist: Don't Do It, King Harvest, Look Out Cleveland, It Makes No Difference, Weight, Share Your Love, Stage Fright, Mystery Train, Dixie, Chest Fever, Shape Im In, Georgia, Ophelia, I Shall Be Released. To say it was a big night for me is an understatement. It was nerve-wracking but well worth it. The Dylan set also went well. Maybe again in October. Second, genius is a funny thing. When its a team effort, it can come and go with little rhyme or reason. I'm watching the evident breakup of my beloved Chicago Bulls, but rather than gnash my teeth over the loss of a truly great team, Im thankful for the years Ive had with them. My love of the Band is much the same, as are my feelings toward their breakup and subsequent efforts. For everything RR gets lambasted for, he has remained amazingly true to his reason for leaving the group, that being his disgust with the road. Neither myself nor anyone else can fault him for that. When you see their subsequent travails, you can understand his fears. We can't possibly want them to get back together, because with Richard gone they can't. Their genius was in their shared maturing process, and the evidence of that genius is their albums. That genius can never be duplicated, and whatever has happened since is just the way of the world. But we do have those albums.

Tue Jun 30 04:35:07 MET DST 1998

jamie swanton

From: fishers, indiana

Anyone seen the BBC/VH1 video on the Bands second album? Finally a retrospective practically devoid of backbiting and just about the music! The soundboard samples were great and the isolation of the various techniques required further listening to the c.d. for more insight. It's on Rhino, check it out. swans

Tue Jun 30 03:43:35 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur/Paramus

Hey Andrew, he did it again. I watched the Ed Sullivan program on VH-1 tonight. One of the segments featured The Band playing "Up on cripple creek". Prior to the song there was a short interview segment with RR and he actually said "When I hooked up with Bob Dylan etc, etc...." What happened to Rick, Garth and Richard (Just the backup group I guess) I know Levon split after getting tired of the booing from the audience. I think the words "we, us, they, collaboration" are missing from RR's dictionary...... On a positive note, they played a great version of the aforementioned song. It was fun seeing them from that era.....

Tue Jun 30 03:31:04 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Robert and Peter you're on the right track about Mildred Bailey. i used to have the sheet music and the one line was-old rockin' chairs got me. As far as the concept of the Bands Rockin' Chair, whoever wrote it was probably also influenced by Howlin' Wolf Rockin' Chair album as far as the idea for the song,dontcha think?

Found some interesting facts about Mildred. Bing Crosby credits her with creating his first big break into the biz. Al Rinker was a member of Bing's group at the time 'The Rhythm Boys' was Mildred's Brother. When they went to L.A. she called some club owners to give them a shot. Mildred was singing with Paul Whiteman Orchestra at the time. She also sang with Eddie Lang,the Dorsey Bros,Bennie Goodman,etc. As for Hoagy's great songs don't forget Skylark and The Very Nearness of You.

Tue Jun 30 00:58:35 MET DST 1998


From: philadelphia

To Ann - You asked on what song Richard plays drums on 'Big Pink'. According to Hidecki Watanabe's excellent web page, he doesn't on that album. Jan has provided numerous links to that page where he has a site "Who Played What". You might want to check it out.

I have been very busy. However, I did manage to catch the VH-1 showing of the Last Waltz with Marty and RR (I missed the behind the music special, am still looking to see it). A few thoughts about the TLW. First, it is a beautiful looking film and in the concert footage it does the Band justice (when it is not tranfixed on the heavily made up and lip synching RR). Second, Marty did not know the song Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters???? What the F&@#. He probably did not have a chance to hear it, he was too busy blocking the Neil Diamond segment. Also, it seems that time doesn't change things. Did RR or Marty mention any of the other band members? I do not recall hearing about them.

While wathcing RR pleasure himself with the sound of his own voice, I was thinking that the very night before, while watchin the Late Late Show with Tom Synder, how upset I was having to suffer through 40 minutes of Suzanne Sommers droning on about her elephant friend before I could see RR. It suddenly hit me. Ol Chrissy was trying to tell me something, I should have went to bed because nothing that this self absorbed dweeb could say would enhance any of the positive qualities that he has. All he could talk about was I, I, I, I , Marty, I , I , Eric, I , I and I. The man is sufferring from terminal egomania (with a healthy dose of brown nose syndrome).

One other thing, anyone still listening to "Contact, blah blah blah Red boy".

.........I didn't think so.

Tue Jun 30 00:27:16 MET DST 1998


From: hankins ny


Tue Jun 30 00:17:29 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

I love accordians, no offense intended. I worked in a music store in Plainfield, New Jersey, many years ago, which had some old European accordians in the basement, a maker I don't remember. I could have purchased one of them from the owner of the store for a few bucks. It needed a few reeds repaired. I opted for a busted Fender amp instead. I still regret passing that accordian up.

Tue Jun 30 00:00:20 MET DST 1998


are you sure, peter viney, that rick is sings on "breakin the rules". and although robbie has done some great solo stuff but even i admit that "crazy river" is nothing more than a decent beer jingle, one that makes you cringe after time. i like when he says "did you hear that" he must have farted.

Mon Jun 29 23:59:35 MET DST 1998


From: Cleveland

Little John Tyler: You're right, they can't all be winners, but I'll only submit one loser, okay two, "The Moon Struck One" ain't so good; but "Free Your Mind" makes my colon clench.

Mon Jun 29 22:48:38 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Robert from NY: intriguing point about ROCKIN’ CHAIR. I’m going to try and track it down and give it a listen. The Guinness Encylopaedia of Popular Music gives this information. Mildred Bailey (1907-1951) was the first white female singer to deserve fully the term ‘jazz singer.’ In 1932 she had a massive hit with Hoagy Carmichael’s Rockin’ Chair and thereafter was known as ‘The Rockin’ Chair Lady.’ She sang with a fragile sweet-toned voice which belied her exceedingly ample proportions, handling even the banalities of some 1930’s lyrics with underlying tenderness. Carmichael wrote Stardust, Georgia on My Mind, Lazy River and Lazybones as well. A connection figures!

Mon Jun 29 20:13:48 MET DST 1998


From: NYC

Re: ROCKING CHAIR As a "lurker" of several years standing, hereabouts, I open my mouth for the first time now, with great "trepidation," a word recently used here, I think. The other night, as I was half-listening to a local NYC "nostalgia"-music (i.e., Big-Band, Swing, etc., mainly 1920s-1940s) radio show (Danny Stiles on WNYC, to be specific), I happened to hear a song, by a female vocalist named MILDRED BAILEY, entitled OLD ROCKIN' CHAIR'S GOT ME--the first (and, I think, last) line of which is, actually, "I believe Old Rockin' Chair's got me!"--this could NOT be a coincidence. Perhaps someone else can help out with who, when, etc., was Mildred Bailey, but I'm quite sure that's the name, and the song, I think, dated from the 1930s, but I'm not sure of that. All of which isn't too surprising, considering the quotation from "Darktown Strutters' Ball" that adorns the backside of 'the Brown Album', that's quite consistent with this, both period-wise and genre-wise, no? Thanks, to various people, for the great reports on shows, etc., that you post, there is good reading here, dependably. --Rob PS: One person who I am reasonably certain would be OFFENDED by ACCORDIAN JOKES is named, uh, Garth Hudson--so, proceed with caution, I guess...

Mon Jun 29 19:42:42 MET DST 1998

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

The Towne Crier's phone message says that the 7/4 Levon & the Crowmatix show has been "postponed", and that Tom Pacheco and Jim Weider will be performing that night instead.

Mon Jun 29 19:11:32 MET DST 1998

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Before, we get off the subject of accordians (and as both a banjoist and accordian player I'm about the most vilified species of musician on the planet) I gotta say that I don't think there is a more versatile accompaniment instrument than the accordian. Cajun, Celtic, Tex-Mex, rock 'n roll, straigh ahead folk, it's all possible with a single axe. Mine happens to be a '29 Hohner three-row button accordian that I found in a flea market by someone who didn't know what they had and wanted to get rid of it in the worst way, so I picked up for $75 what is easily worth $750. And what a tone. Try and play "Rockin' Chair", "The Weight", "Atlantic City" with just a guitar and a bass, and then try them again with someone with a decent accordian, and see which version you prefer. I also get my share of session work with this axe, and get called up on stage when I go to see other acts frequently if the accordian's in the car. By the by, someone who's a regular on this page threw a Band tribute night and I'm interested in hearing how that went. I'd also be interested in helping to put one together in Minneapolis/St. Paul if there are others in this area so inclined.

Mon Jun 29 19:02:06 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Thanks Dr Pepper,could hane sworn you were keyboardist extraordinare richard bell. Been wrong once be wrong again. The Dankster and I share common roots-Ukes Unite!

Q: whose the patron saint of the accordian A: our lady of spain. Q: what do you call a group of topless female accordian players. A: ladies in pain. Ouch!

Mon Jun 29 18:41:05 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Peter Viney for his response to Woodstock Native. Now I don't claim to know what Robbie did on the business side of things, but he clearly wrote the songs that have his name on them. Granted, we are talking about a band; therefore, we are talking about a collaboration. If Levon decides to do his licks half-time, that may make or break the interpretation of the song, but it does not change authorship. Interpretation differs from creating. Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr,Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and George Harrison all made invaluable contributions to those legendary groups, but they do not receive song credits.

Also, one thing that Mr. Viney did not mention is the fact that Robertson is still out there writing his own songs. Personally, I'll take the Band's version of "Atlantic City" over Robbie's "Makin' A Noise" any day of the week, but at least Robbie is still creating and I hope it will continue.

Mon Jun 29 17:52:08 MET DST 1998

Plantar Fasciitis

From: lithuania

If needed would like to sign on with Col.Hackworth he's my kind of leader. Was a member of the 1st grendaliar battalion of lithuania in the 5o's. Was also an advance scout for Levon and the Cate Bros.,back in 82'.

Mon Jun 29 14:21:00 MET DST 1998

john donabie

For those who have never seen the clip. Tonight at 10:00 pm Eastern time on VHI it's The Band on the Ed Sullivan show. The show where they had them playing around a bunch of bales of hay. For your archives tonight on VH-1 10:00 pm Eastern.

Mon Jun 29 07:19:31 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

How could I forget Rockin' Chair? It's about my favorite of all Band tunes. It invites me to sing along in my pinch, strain harmony. Love it.

Leo Kottke tells this accordian joke: Accordian player on his way back from a wedding gig stops his car and parks in a Wal-Mart lot. He has to get some toothpaste. He's worried about his accordian in the back seat, exposed. "Who would steal an accordian," he thinks, and proceeds with his errand. Sure enough, he comes back and the window is busted out. Three more accordians were placed beside his in the backseat.

Mon Jun 29 01:43:56 MET DST 1998

Dr. Pepper

The only time I ever had my hands on an accordian was a at the Ukranian Social Club int the West End of Syracuse and I got hit in the head with a piece of pierogi. Don't screw with the Ukes and their accordians...the Dankster will tell you that! To answer another question: The Danko page was created to help Rick and his family out while he was on the Orient Express. I am enjoying reading the postings about Robbie. So what percentage native American is he? I am about 1/16 Dutch and i wouldn't consider that to be going back to MY roots!

Mon Jun 29 01:03:43 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate NY

Greg Windley: I hate to go through the guestbook on this, but I can't get my e-mail address to you.

No, I don't have the honor of being Swedish, but we have an exchange student from Linkoping, she's been with us since last August. She's going home soon with a year of fond memories of the US and a VAST exposure to Band music. I gave her a cd of their music to take home.

To the Crows: I coulda sworn you said we were doing it in "high c"- sorry.

Mon Jun 29 00:33:19 MET DST 1998

Colonel D. Hack.....

From: Headquarters of the Righteous

One pathetic lonely man's satire is everone else's shit! A true soldier never discusses ammunition capability with the enemy.

Out in the field it was accurately stated that rick danko's performance at the bottom line barracks was 1st class and nearly flawless and was wearing the regulation uniform. Initial reports place the vince from an earlier post as vince chrissafora,previously involved in project support on the Jerihco album.

Sun Jun 28 23:07:42 MET DST 1998

Private Parts

From: About 30 km from ground point zero

To Major Major Major (BTW, isn't your middle name "Major" too?): Received info. Gen Wayne is concerned that Milo Minderbinder will take the cd's he cornered the market on and put hamburger on them at the mess hall.

Hackworth, you may consider yourself under house arrest pending a formal hearing. But if by chance you are a real veteran of the warfare you've described, you know as well as me you don't pull your rank over a piece of satire. There are some things you don't do, and one of them is to brag about how you've seen more shit than another man. By the way, can you tell me what vt non-frag is?

On a more pleasant note, the intelligence reports of the Crowmatix concert in Gardiner, NY were a good time was had by all, especially Little Elmo. Levon was not there.

Sun Jun 28 22:31:09 MET DST 1998


Hi all! On Big Pink: what song does Richard play drums on? (if any) And if he does, what does Levon play?? Thanks ! Ann G.

Sun Jun 28 21:35:40 MET DST 1998

Greg Windley

From: Utah

LARS IN NY: Thanks for the info on Max E. One more question: är du Svensk?

Sun Jun 28 20:46:00 MET DST 1998

Major Major Major

General Wayne, sir! Coded message follows. Minderbender has aquired the Robbie Robertson CDs you requested sir. Suggest high level saturation bombing over all offending areas. The British burned the White House in 1814 sir, but remember they are now our allies (I think). They only burnt it a bit, and the replacement was an improvment. Also, sir, as Sergeant Johnny Horton says, they ran through the bushes and ran through the briars in New Orleans, sir. End of message. Sorry, sir, Forgot to press the encode button.

Sun Jun 28 20:24:18 MET DST 1998


From: fl.

What is the Rick Danko Fund? why does it exist?? It says that all proceds of CD's and shirts (on Rick's pade) will go to his family. Just wondering why that is....... Sarah

Sun Jun 28 20:10:11 MET DST 1998

Colonel D. Hackworth

From: Headquarters for the Righteous

From a real soldier who has fought in 3 wars and has earned medals on the field of battle too numerous to discuss,bug-off Wayne you phony imposter wannabe. Your only battles were in the movies! We have Serge right where we need him,close by ever vigilant and ready willing and able to engage at a moments notice. God bless America,Canada and of course Norway. Don't make me activate Lt.Marchinko,Cp.Mason and Ret.Adm.Leymann. As a fake General you probably don't know who these fine men are. Cease+Desist!!!

Sun Jun 28 18:11:23 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Hello friends: Looking for tapes of Band shows/unreleased rec from the 1990's, early 90's especially.... I have an enormous collection of Bob Dylan "tapes" and a growing Van Morrison collection. THanks, Matt

Sun Jun 28 17:55:20 MET DST 1998


From: New York

I went to the 7:30 show last night at the Danko concert at The Bottom Line.....Rick was in good form.....I think the highlight was "This Wheels on Fire".....also sung: "Blind Willie.....Blue River.....there was also some famous person in the audience named Vince? Rick kept conversing with him and alluded to the fact that he was a songwriter?? ANyone know who he is?

Sun Jun 28 17:10:02 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: en route from Aruba

As I read about all the bad blood between some of the older Band fans and RR, I feel a serge of pride that some things are not ever forgiven, not meant to be forgiven, and should never be forgiven, which is part of the Hardass Credo I discussed in my memoirs. We must keep the hatred alive, pass it down to the next generation.

I wasn't in Woodstock in the late 60's, but I WAS at the Alamo in the mid 30's. To this day I will not let up on the Mexicans, I despise burritos And the British burnt the White House in 1813(?), THAT still bothers me. And Pearl Harbor, I don't think I can even discuss it.

Yes, the TRUTH IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, and it serges through us, even when we wish it would go away. So, coming to the point, we've decided to run one more series of bomber raids on London, Ont. in order to knock out Amused's cablevision. We'll be using VT non-frag in order to not upset the neighbors. And we're just doing it because we LIKE grudges, we have to keep the faith.

Sun Jun 28 16:52:23 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur NY+Paramus NJ

Went to the 10:30 Rick Danko concert at The Bottom Line, NYC last night. It was about the 15th time I've seen him live. He seemed to be in a extremely good mood which reflected in his music. He was in top musical form. Aaron Hurwitz (The Band producer) played piano with Rick. He made several interesting comments during the show. He said that Woodstock records is going to release live solo shows from his and Levon's concerts over the years, the release date for the new Band cd is 9/15/98, He said somthing about The Band doing a live televised performance and I don't know if he was pulling are legs , but when asked the audience to sing he said the show was being recorded. My favorite song was Blue River, he took that song to heaven last night. I think this might have been the best performance I've seen by Rick. I am not going to give you a song list or the names of the other musicians who played, you can get that information from a previous guest book entry. After the show I humbly went up to Aaron who was talking to a few folks at the back stage entrance and asked him if I could get Rick to sign my Dank,Fjeld,Anderson cd booklet, he told me to go back stage and get it signed myself ! As soon as I walked into the back I ran into Rick, he was very kind and and friendly, signed my cd thanked me for coming to the show, I managed to fumble a few words of thanks to him and that was the end of my great night at The Bottom Line.

Sun Jun 28 16:11:06 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

WOODSTOCK NATIVE: I’m assuming that Woodstock Native is not a citizen of that delightful Oxfordshire town which is home to Blenheim Palace. I don’t think that Woodstock Native is claiming membership of the Esopus tribe (mentioned in Levon’s autobiography) either, as this says they didn’t live there, but used it as a place to bury their chiefs. It’s pretty clear that RR isn’t flavour of the month in that area. The bitterness doesn’t seem to go away. What I will point out is that both MUSIC FOR THE NATIVE AMERICANS and CONTACT FROM THE UNDERWORLD OF REDBOY seem very fair in their sharing of credit with Native American artists such as Kashtin, Ulali, Jim Wilson, Douglas Spotted Eagle, Coolidge, The Silvercloud Singers, The Six Nations Womens Singers etc. Robertson has brought these artists to well-deserved wider attention, and I see no reason to doubt his sincerity in this nor to calculate fractions of ethnicity. We all discover or value our roots differently at different stages in our lives. My uncle was born in Wales in a largely English-speaking area and found a burning desire to learn the Welsh language when he was in his seventies. As for the "can’t sing" jibe, the same thing has been said of both Bob Dylan and Neil Young, in both cases unfairly, though I know people who can’t stand Dylan at various periods or who find Neil Young’s lead voice grating (my wife finds his lead singing excruciating. I think he’s very powerful). I would place Robertson with Dylan and Young among the most important rock composers … ever. Robertson has had the sense to complement his interesting voice with singers like Peter Gabriel and Neil Young, and more especially female voices which contrast with his voice ( … but I love to hear him talk …). We all know that he’s not a "natural singer" like Richard, Levon and Rick, but he’s used his voice to good effect and created tracks where the voice and music combine to create a mood, a story. I’d love to hear Levon and Rick together on ‘Soap Box Preacher’ (perhaps retaining Neil Young as a third (& Canadian)voice to recreate that early Band mood) or Rick’s voice lead on ‘Breaking The Rules’ (which seems as perfectly tailor-made for him as ‘It Makes No Difference’)– the material is better than what they’ve been finding recently. However, if you think about ‘Somewhere Down The Crazy River’ neither of them would have done it as well as Robbie.

Sun Jun 28 15:55:24 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

Peter Viney has raised a very good point. In looking back over the legit re-issues and even the box set.... I don't believe that EMI or anyone else has really given us a Proper history that would include outtakes, studio banter and true rarities. Heck...I've be pleased with a mint version of the studio version of Don't do It.

I'm glad Amused is gone or he'd be after me on this one. When Rob Bowman put together his pkg. he told me that did not have any access to the Cahoots material. I had been fortunate a few days earlier to be talking to "the man" for re-issues, in my mind, Bill Inglot. Mr. Inglot is the man who has put Rhino on the map. Why? He doesn't stop until he has exhausted himself in finding the original masters. He doesn't accept much else. They put him to work on the Atlantic re-releases as well. Anyway...Bill had told me that while he was working on Todd Rundgren material in Bearsville, he discovered the old Cahoots tapes. I told Rob Bowman. He then had access through Sally Grossman who was wonderful about the project. I was admit I was hoping for a thank you on that pkg.; but hey, life ain't fair.

I would like to see an Inglot be allowed to investigate the archives as well as anything Garth may have left from his treasures after the fire. I've heard stories that Capitol got rid of a lot of old masters ( if that is true shame on them);but I believe that friends, the guys themselves and someone like a Bill Inglot could do the job. There have been two good attempts; but it is time for a true Proper pkg. Hell, we're Band fans. I'd love to hear tracks of Garth laying out arrangments for songs. I'm sure they excist. If Capitol are worried about getting their mony back...I think we all would buy an all-out finale box set, warts and all. I have to say it; but if the Major labels put a little more love into it, like some of the better "boots".....we would probably be happy. By the way Bowman is currently working on a Booker T. & the M.G.'s box. After his book and astounding work with should be great.

Sun Jun 28 10:49:30 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Just finished reading Johnny Rogan's great bio on The Byrds (Timeless Flight Revisited). This set me thinking about the eight Remastered Byrds CDs - they're an object lesson. Beautifully remastered. Bonus tracks. Studio chat. Someone worked long and hard. Why haven't The Band ever had this treatment? The CDs of Big Pink & The brown album are both done in a desultory way. Steve Hoffman did a proper job on the gold DCC STAGE FRIGHT. Why haven't they done it for the other albums? The vinyl remastered brown album knocks spots of the CDs, which don't even sound as if they're from original masters. Are we to believe that there really are no bonus tracks available? Did EVERYTHING get wiped, and did they really only record what they used? There is stuff for bonus tracks like the studio GET UP JAKE and DON'T DO IT. There must be other stuff. Versions of WE CAN TALK circulated on tape. Didn't they ever record LITTLE BIRDIES? Whatever, they should supervise a carefully thought out remasters series. Use The Byrds as an example of how to do it. (NOT Van Morrison whose remasters give you nothing extra, except a lift on the bass and cymbals!)

Sun Jun 28 09:09:38 MET DST 1998

a few BAND questions.......

a few questions that I'd love to know the answers to..... 1) Does Robbie play on "Rag Mama Rag"? I know, Levon on mandolin, Rick on fiddle, Garth on Piano, and Richard on drums. but i don't think that there's any guitar on it. (the studio version i mean) 2) On the back of "The Brown Album", it says that Levon plays guiatr too. what song is it?? 3) On Rock of Ages, is Bob Dylan on it? what song?? Thanks!! Ann

Sun Jun 28 08:14:13 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Hi al =O) Well, i finally did it! I saw, and met (!) Mr. Danko! So happy now! i just got home a few minutes ago from seeing him at the Bottom Line in NYC. While my and my friends were outside having cigerettes, Rick walked out of the club with his wife (hope it was his wife, lol) I had a huge smile on my face. but when he was walking back into the club, i extended my hand to him, and told him it was a pleasure that i was meeting him. And he told me that it was his pleasure to play for us! Very cool huh? Too bad i couldn't have a "normal" conversation with him, but i ain't complainin' =O) I missed his first set (damnit!) but his second set was absolutly amazing!! He had so much fun on that stage, and it was pure. Such a sweet fella. Here the setlist (the best i can recall it, being that i didn't know the titles of a few songs. So, i'll write down what i guessed they were.......) Crazy Mama, Blind Willie, StageFright, Wheels of Fire, Sunny Side of Life(?), Long Black Veil, Makes No Difference, Love You the Best(?), [have no idea what this one was called], Next Time You See Me, The Weight (with Rick letting the crowd take lead ) Then he brought out Kate Ruso out. She plays a mad violn! She's kind of a mix between Jimi, and Janis. =O) heh... They did The Sky is Crying, with Kate on vocals, it was great! Amazing blues voice. I could marry her with that voice!, anyway... Then she sang Janis' Mercedes Benz, with Rick singing a little back up. Then the opening act, Tandy, came up and they all did The Shape I'm In(!). Great great show!!! The entire night Rick was with an amazing piano player (his name escapes me at the moment, but he had "Professer" in his name) Ahhh...who eles went there tonight?? Rick also talked a little bit about The Band's new album =O) Someone from the audience said something bad about Robbie, and Rick said in return "Hey, don't talk about Redboy like that." I was loving that one! Also, Rick is starting a new label with will release vault solo concerts! Can't wait for those!! Well, I've rambled long enough....thanks for reading ! See you all! In a great mood, john P.S. Thanks Rick!!!! and to the staff at Bottom Line for being so cool! except for that fight outside (blah blah blah) P.S.#2 Hi Mary! =O)

Sun Jun 28 03:10:27 MET DST 1998


From: richies haven.

for what its worth the instrument the guy next to garth was playing on letterman the other night is a HURDY GURDY. inspiration for one of my hits. also used to stash your hash for more hits. peace and stay mellow.

Sun Jun 28 03:07:56 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Does anyone have the Band setlist from the original (1969) Woodstock concert?

Sun Jun 28 01:54:07 MET DST 1998

The truth is out there.

I am here to pat "Woodstock native" on the back for telling it like it was to all you gullible people out there. Thank you man. As Ronnie Hawkins said publicly " Levon never liked to attend those business meetings. Just wanted to play good music. Robbie from Cabbage Town ( a section of Toronto ) with hardly a high-school education wanted to be a star at any price.." He certainly did it on the shoulders of and behind the backs of his buddies of 15 yrs. or so. Then dropped them all to exploit his pretty boy a la Scorsese image..Didn't he look pretty in TLW..arms flying..teeth clenched..directing the orchestra.?? You all should have been there to see it live. As to his character..the guy just happened to catch a flu shortly before Richard's funeral. When all so called beefs should have been pushed aside he chose to be absent, did not deliver a eulogy, and never got to join the others in carrying Richard's casket out of the church. He never showed up at his biological father's funeral either last year in Belleville Ontario it was I believe.. Now he's discovered " his roots ". His mother was a distant 1/8 Native American from the Six Nations area in SW Ontario..and RR discovered a mission and a captive audience to keep himself in the public eye. Good luck to him. Without his old cronies..he sucks. Now let's have all nasty the responses. But if you don't know how it was.. keep your traps shut. Your comments are meaningless. And don't accuse me of being who I am not...I am close to the facts, as is " Woodstock native".

If RR's pap turns you on.. great..knock yourselves out. Like in politics, a little balance of power is badly needed here to equalize things. Keep listing your top 10 Band faves.. it's fascinating reading. I have a new one you all can debate : What is your favorite shirt that Danko has worn in concert..and describe it. Or do you like Levon with or without a beard..?? Do you prefer Danko to be to your left on stage like he used to be..or do you prefer him on the right these days.? Good stuff for you to answer with "trepidations". Maybe LUIS can entertain you all with a pic. of his beautiful ex- model wife, so we can all appreciate how lucky he is.

Like intelligent contributors such as David Powell, Pat Brennan, Jill Howland etc.. who seem to have deserted this place for good reason, I fade away.

Sat Jun 27 22:53:17 MET DST 1998

woodstock native

From: duh...woodstock, ny

watched robbie on vh1. enough is enough. i was there. i knew albert. he talked robbie into robbing lee and garth and rick and richard. all you have to do is LISTEN to robbie's solo work. listen to "robbie robertson", "storyville", (yuch), "music for the native americans", and "contact..". then try to tell me that the guy who is only able to come up with this "oh-so-mythical" "sorry-i-cant-sing-so-i-talk" "hope-these-famous-guys-will-cover-for-me" "no-melody-only-rhytm" "gee-howie-b-is-hip" crap is the one that should be given ALL THE CREDIT for songs that we all know and remember because of what LEVON, RICK, GARTH, and RICHARD put into it? robbie should apologize and pay them what they deserve. i was there and i know for sure that a song like THE WEIGHT was indeed a song that they all worked on. albert is to blame, i am sorry to say this about someone who is no longer here to defend himself. albert made robbie cheat the other guys. it was the beginning of the end for the greatest band of all times.

Sat Jun 27 22:36:35 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Jennifer-I hail from the Northeast. You should also try a used CD/record store,they almost always have a selection of Band stuff. Bootleg stuff too,if your into that. Personnally I'm not.

Mary K. thats a really good point you made about the boys empathy for old folks re: rockin' chair. Made me think of the respect for the wisdom and the comfort given by grandparents in 'When you Awake'. And the compassion shown for an old man in 'Hobo Jungle'. These guys semed to know the importance of family values from an early age. Must of been their upbringing.Eh?

By the by,Dick Pepper,does Garth let you play his accordians?

Sat Jun 27 21:07:15 MET DST 1998


From: Pennsylvania

Thanks to John from Pa (which part, by the way?...i'm in the north west), John from NY, and Freddy for all the good advice on what to buy all have been a great help...thanks again.

Sat Jun 27 20:22:33 MET DST 1998

J. Valthersson

From: V-stad, Sweden.

This site is absolutely great! Contains needful information both of the Band & mr Bob Dylan. Dylan & Helm for president! So long, folks!

Sat Jun 27 19:33:31 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

Interesting idea posed earlier today (Sat. 01:03) by J.Croce, in reponse to all the Top Ten lists posted here lately: That one couldn't possibly come up with a Bad, or, Bottom 10. Perhaps not, but still there are some lesser lights in The Band's recorded history. Among them (in my humble opinion, fully appreciating the genius of the group and each members' role in the Pantheon of American popular music and yada-yada-yada) are:

My Bottom 10

1. The Moon Struck One, from Cahoots. So sappy and melodramatic. The fact that I've taken my internet nom de plume from this cut, earns it the bottom-most spot.

2. The Saga of Pepote Rouge - "...A golden spaceship with the mother of the earth...The Queen of Avatars?..." Robbie, what the hell were you thinking?

3. Stage Fright from the Danko Live CD. The players never quite get it together here, and we've all heard at least 3 or 4 better versions.

4. Move To Japan. It wasn't a good idea when they first sang about it on Jericho. An even worse idea after Rick's adventures there in '97.

OK, so I could only come up with four. And before I start getting bashed let me reaffirm my sincere fanship. I just happen to think that these few were not up to the highest standards Band fans have come to expect.

Sat Jun 27 17:34:03 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I just followed WHAT'S NEW to the VH1 Last Waltz site and from there found the Robbie Robertson site. The bulletin board lacks the verve, pace and humour of this one by a mile. But it gave me an idea. Serge should try it. He'll find a lot more to get angry about there (see the comments on Levon's autobiography for instance). He'll have fun. We'll have peace.

Sat Jun 27 17:12:38 MET DST 1998

Mary K

From: new jersey

I'm glad Jon Lyness singled out for special attention my favorite Band song: "Rocking Chair". They were 20-something when they created this poignant masterpiece. To be able to sing with such authenticity an old man's lament was a feat of empathy as well as musical virtuosity. That middle aged mom in the mini-van singing her lungs out: that's me. the tape i made for myself of favorite Band tunes sounds just like the albums, one song after another, because that's how i first heard them. After I've listened to "We Can Talk", for instance, my ears are primed for Rick and "Ten years ago/on a cold dark night/" And I figure the way they programmed the songs is the way it ought to be. Here's an idea for another "My Favorite..." contest: moments on "live" albums that really give you goosebumps. Mine is the moment on "Rock of Ages" in "W.S. Walcott" when, after the great horn vamps from Garth and "the best horn men in New York", Levon swings into the last verse: "you'll see Miss Brer Foxhole she's got diamonds in her teeth". I always get chills. and then the crowd goes wild. Was anyone there?

Sat Jun 27 14:24:21 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor


:-} Roy's got the Bluz. Erol's The Com. mander. To Nick Asara wherever u b, better sleep with one eye open & When You Awake You Will Remember Everything. Good luck tonight Rick D. Relax & Sip the Wine.

Sat Jun 27 14:09:44 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Jennifer: You must get the "brown album". Also Moondog Matinee. For a live recording look for "live at watkins glen" and "before the flood". On BTF the songs are split between just the Band and the Band backing Bob Dylan. Don't know if you like Dylan,but an excellent studio recording of Dylan/theBand is "Planet Waves". If you like blues music try Muddy Waters "The Woodstock Album". It only has 2 members of the Band on it-Levon Helm and Garth Hudson. But because of the distinctive drumming of Levon and the organ,accordian and saxophone of Garth this really "sounds" like a band album.

Try Tower Records or Best Buys stores here in Pa. Give a holler if you have any questions and good luck!

Sat Jun 27 13:53:32 MET DST 1998


From: poolside

Freddy Fishstick: Watson's on the job. Roy from Virginia might be the guy you're fishin for. He can run - but he cannot hide!

Sat Jun 27 11:22:36 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Jennifer from Pennsylvania

I trust you are not John from Penn/Dave in disguise. In any event pick-up Northern Lights Southern Cross and Jericho.

Sat Jun 27 08:15:07 MET DST 1998


From: NY

hiya Jen from Penn. Across the Great Divid is a great box set! Wonderful! If you're wondering what album to get next, it should without a doubt (IMO) "The Band" (the brown album) Such a perfect piece of work. Need i say more? =O) Your list of Band albums that you already have is great! Right now i'm listening to "Don't Do It" =O) Enjoy Jenn! Let me know when ya get it! ~john

Sat Jun 27 07:47:24 MET DST 1998


From: Pennsylvania.

I'm kind of new to the band scene and i was wondering which cd's i need to add to my collection...i already have "music from big pink"(of course),"across the great divide"(the box set), "rock of ages", "stage fright" and "The night they drove old dixie down"...which other ones would be a good addition to my collection?...well, i'd like to own them all one day, but for now, i can only buy so many cd's at a time.....anyway, any suggestions would be so appreciated.....thanks everyone.

Sat Jun 27 06:29:26 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

Oh yeah, the song Jericho. This is a Band classic, with that almost sour harmony, the the horns, and the pathos. And the story line is delivered in nice pieces that fit the music. The only drawback is the simplicity of the chorus. Still a great song with lots of drama.

Sat Jun 27 06:17:11 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Saw the movie Seven Days and Six Nights, Harrison Ford and Ann Heche. TAJ Mahal was in it as a Calypso lounge singer. He wore the same kind of island flowered shirt that he wore on Letterman the other night. I was looking hard for any other members of the Largo band but to no avail.

Anyone who saw Freedom Rider performed on Letterman: was that a hurly gurly or a harmonium or something of that nature that a guy was playing? It was a cylinder like thing that he turned with a handle. Didn't Ben Franklin patent an instrument like this?

More Band favorites of mine: Twilight, Holy Cow, I Ain't Got A Home, Resurrection, Java Blues, Don't Ya Tell Henry, Gimme A Stone ... and of course ... Side Four of Rock Of Ages (I know I'm obsessed)

Sat Jun 27 01:03:36 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

More important than anybody's top 10 or 20 Band list is the fact that you can't come up with a BAD 10 or 20 list. That's how great these boys are. Wake em, bake em & shake em, Rick!

Sat Jun 27 00:39:33 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

Sorry, make that Crossing The Great Divide.

Sat Jun 27 00:38:07 MET DST 1998

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

To Just Wonderin' I have seen copies of Across The Great Divide in Toronto at Edwards (Yonge St. north of Eglinton) and Replay (Yonge St. south of Bloor). Hope this helps. BWMcT

Fri Jun 26 23:41:50 MET DST 1998

Randy N.

From: The south

Best music site I have seen. Get well soon, dear Levon. RN.

Fri Jun 26 23:24:01 MET DST 1998

Yoko Minagawe

From: Okinawa, Japan

For a top 10 list of Band and Band solo, I prefer:

1. The Weight (with Staple Singers), 2. Between Trains (Robbie Robertson), 3. The Rumor, 4. Acadian Driftwood, 5. Share Your Love (I love Richard Manuel), 6. The Genetic Method (Rock of Ages), 7. Hurricane (Levon Helm), 8. Move to Japan :-D, 9. Jupiter Hollow, 10. In A Station,

This was difficult. I like all The Band's albums, except for High on the Hog, that was Ok but not more.

Please excuse my English, it is very difficult for Japanese to express feelings and what we mean in this language.

I have visit this web pages for many years. Before I end I must thank Mr.Jan-San for the very good work he do here.

Some day Band must return to Japan, where so many people love you. Please.

Fri Jun 26 22:57:19 MET DST 1998


From: Anon

Serge: For your own sake Serge, get some help.

Fri Jun 26 22:43:34 MET DST 1998


From: L.I.,N.Y.

All songs of the band are great. Anyone going to see Rick tonite @ the Bottom Line? Have a great Fri. all.

Fri Jun 26 21:43:44 MET DST 1998


From: Louisville, OH

Since we're talking about favorite Band songs of all time, I'm curious what your top songs of all time are (no matter the group or genre)?

Fri Jun 26 21:19:03 MET DST 1998


From: Louisville, OH

My favorite band songs are as follows: 1.The Weight 2.Bessie Smith 3.Katie's Been Gone 4.Sleeping 5.Life Is a Carnival 6.Saved 7.The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Rock of Ages) 8.It Makes No Difference 9.She Knows 10.Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Fri Jun 26 21:16:38 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Peter Viney: Great solo list! How about these three songs:Sign of the Rainbow(RR), Even a Fool Would Let Go(LH) and New Mexicoe(RD).

To Just Wonderin': Thanks for the Leonard Peltier/Robbie Robertson information. I wish that I could attend.AHROOO, are you going?

To Serge: I see that you are back and hot on the trail of one of the guestbook participants.What about the Band?

Fri Jun 26 21:13:46 MET DST 1998


From: out west

JUST WONDERIN' Try this number (650) 571-0440. Hope it works out for you! Let me know

Fri Jun 26 21:08:50 MET DST 1998


From: Toronto

Re: The Band CD Rom

I did a little research and this is what I have found out so far: Purplefridge Communications (based here in Toronto) is currently producing the CD Rom Interactive of The Brown Album. They are going to be doing CD Roms of all the episodes of the Classic Albums TV series. Right now only the Jimi Hendix one is finished. The guy in charge of the Band one is unavailable until next week. I will call him then to get the scoop and I'll let all of you know. Also, the CD Roms are cross-platform compatible!

I think it might be almost impossible for me to name my top ten Band songs.....almost as hard as choosing 100 best films of all time. But anything sung by Rick is definitely up there. I've got a real special spot in my heart for him!

Fri Jun 26 20:28:57 MET DST 1998

john (again)

From: NY

Thanks to everyone for sending me your Top 10 (11, 12, 13....) List =O) It was very intesresting to say the least! Again, i have a question for all of you.....What does the song "Unfaithful Servant" mean to you? Thanks! ~john

Fri Jun 26 20:25:15 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Alright!! Danko playing NY tomarrow night! See you there! ~john

Fri Jun 26 19:36:41 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur+Paramus

AHHHHHHHH.... I am obsessed with the list !!!! I forgot : King Harvest. I promise this is my last "list entry", sorry......

Fri Jun 26 19:28:22 MET DST 1998

Serge D.

From: London Ontario

Just so everyone knows: The idiot who posed as me June 24 (01:10:49} is the same moron aka as NICK ASARA ( a phoney name? )from Tuxedo Park NY (!?)who posted the Band put down June 2 (14:36:40 ) to which Nick Tovo replied. His AOL email address is false..He does use an IBM NY ..isp..That helps. A little more detective work should get a pin point on the flake. Nick ASARA or whoever you are, do a little tossing and turning at night. You went a little too far. A flag will go up next time you attempt to post on this site.

Fri Jun 26 19:20:01 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur+Paramus

After further review of my list, here is the b squad: 1.Jawbone 2.Look Out Cleveland 3.Back To Memphis(High On The Hog) 4.Back To Memphis(Watkins Glen) 5.Christmas Must Be Tonight 6.Knockin Lost John 7.Blind Willie Mctell 8.Ophelia 9.Volcano 10.It Makes No Difference 11.High Price Of Love 12.Blues Stay Away From Me 13.The Genetic Method/Chest Fever..... This was a fun idea!!

Fri Jun 26 19:06:31 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur NY + Paramus NJ

Here are my top 10 Band and then solo lists : (1)The Rumor (2)Sleeping (3)Caledonia Mission (4)Tears Of Rage (5)Up On Cripple Creek (6) The Caves Of Jericho (7) Where Do We Go From Here (8)Don't Do It (9) The Weight (10) Dixie (10b)Life Is A Carnival (10c)Remedy / (1)Blue River,DFA (2)Milk Cow Boogie,LH (3)Driftin Away,DFA (4)Sick And Tired,DFA (5)Dance Me Down Easy,LH (6)Goin To Main Street,LH (7)Somewhere Down The Crazy River,RR (8)Once Upon A Time,RD (9)Java Blues,LH+C (10)Keep This Love Alive,DFA (10b)All Creation,DFA.....

Fri Jun 26 18:41:23 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

Recently the words "BAND CD ROM" have risen again. I would really like to know if (a) It really exists. (b) Is is part of the Classic Band Rhino pkg. or (c) Fiction.

I have never seen a final answer to this one. Thanks

Fri Jun 26 18:39:32 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Tiny Montgomery: I just called that phone number and a recorded message came on and said it was no longer in service. Is 1 800 571-0460 correct. Maybe it is a number not accessible this far north! Love to get my hands and ears on that cd!

Fri Jun 26 17:21:14 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

I forgot 'Back to Memphis' from HIGH ON THE HOG which is my favourite recent piece. Inexcusable. With trepidation I enclose my list of MY PERSONAL FAVOURITES from the solo performances. I do this with trepidation because I do not want to revive the Robbie versus the Rest war, so let's list these things without knocking anyone else's preferences nor slagging off any of The Band. Can we do that? Because you have to spread it, I couldn't get less than twenty. 1) Somewhere Down The Crazy River (RR) 2) Fallen Angel (RR) 3) Soap Box Preacher (RR) 4) Breakin The Rules (RR) 5) Twisted hair (RR) 6) Driftin' Away (RD) 7) One More Shot (LH version) 8) Garth's Largo (GH) 9) Small Town Talk (RD) 10) Gimme A Stone (LH) 11) Between Trains (RR) 12) Twilight (RD + GH, Mountain Stage) 13) Sweet Peach Georgia Wine (LH) 14) Lucrecia (LH) 15) Blue River (RD) 16) Many Rivers To Cross (JW) 17) Lean On Me (LH, Staying Together) 18) The Sound Is Fading (RR) 19) I Finally Got You (LH & The Crowmatix) 20) Sacrifice (RR) Now can we do this (restricted to ten) WITHOUT getting nasty?

Fri Jun 26 17:09:07 MET DST 1998


From: out west

Hey Just Wonderin, Call this phone number 1-800-571-0460. They have one copy left of "Crossing the Great Divide" and they offer mail order to anywhere you might be! Ask for Tommy! That set is a must have, for any Band collector! Good luck! We'll talk after you have had a few days to listen! I would suggest taking a couple days off work upon it's arrival!

Fri Jun 26 17:07:03 MET DST 1998




Fri Jun 26 14:04:57 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Forgot one more thing! Can anyone tell me where I can find a copy of CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE. Preferably in Toronto area. I have no idea where to begin to look. THANKS!

Fri Jun 26 13:57:25 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Sorry in the previous post I said the link to Leonard Peltier was in the SONGS section. It is actually in the BIO section. Shows you check your facts before you type!

Fri Jun 26 13:47:25 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

For anyone interested: There is going to be a demonstration in support of LEONARD PELTIER IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE on Sunday June 27,98 from 12:00 to 5:00 pm. Various native speakers will be there. There will be drumming , music and Robbie Robertson will perform. More info can be found at the Official Leonard Peltier website which you can get to through RR's site at If you go to discussion on the songs to "Sacrifice" there is a link to Leonard's website there.

Fri Jun 26 05:53:17 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Thank you everybody for all your answers =O) it'as great to know other people opinions on such wonderful matters. To Phil from Tulsa: Great mix of songs, my friend =O) The Brown album CD Rom?? is it still out? Thanks again everyone =O) ~john P.S. a special high five to all who said Bessie Smith. I don't know, that song gets me big time. =O)

Fri Jun 26 05:04:48 MET DST 1998

Dr. Pepper

I am dismayed that some use this as a vehicle for one on one nonsense chatter when telephones and email is available! Lets skip the posturing.

Fri Jun 26 04:16:14 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

I can't resist putting in my 2 cents [other than #1 in no particular order:

1.King Harvest

2. Rockin' Chair

3. Dixie

4. Unfaithful Servant

5. The Weight

6. Tears of Rage

7. Whispering Pines

8. Get Up Jake

9.Daniel And The Sacred Harp

10. Tie: Volcano; Acadian Driftwood; It Makes No Difference; Share Your Love With Me; Stage Fright [Oh, is this cheating?]

Fri Jun 26 04:08:07 MET DST 1998

The Eternal Pessimist

From: down here

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but anyone planning on seeing the Crowmatix at the Town Crier on July 4th should give them a call to confirm. Word has it that Jim Weider will be playing in their stead, but I could be wrong. It still should be a good performance, Jim is a fine player.

Likewise, better check with Bodle's Opera House because Garth is supposed to be doing something else on July 10th. I think Bodle's tape (which says Garth & the Crowmatix are coming that night) may be in error. Sorry.

Fri Jun 26 03:50:10 MET DST 1998



In response to the question about one's favorite 10 Band songs, I would like to respond by saying that a couple of years ago, after having completed my full set of Band cds, I took it upon myself to produce the "Best of The Band II". In doing so I have a cassette tape that I wear out to say the least. Here is my song list: Side 1: Forbidden Fruit Christmas Must Be Tonight Rag Mamma Rag W.S. Wolcott Medicine Show Acadian Driftwood Mystery Train Side 2: King Harvest Change is Gonna Come Chest Fever The Rumor Jupiter Hollow I Shall Be Released I'd like to think that my song list has a nice flow to it. Of course, it obviously had to end with "I Shall Be Released."

Fri Jun 26 03:38:02 MET DST 1998


From: pennaI

Jennifer-you're right its hard to pick 10 top songs,heck i'm hard pressed to select 10 that i don't like!

Another thing about Taj Mahal: its not just his charisma and exuberance thats so admirable,but that he's still out there doing it after 30+ years. More than 200 mostly sold out shows a year and still recording new music that is still fresh and happening. I mean the man can do and has done so many different things. Scored the music and acted in film,tv,and theater. He even has a Doctorate in Agriculture to fall back on! He is like Ry Cooder a roots and world music musicologist. But he chooses to hit the road and bring music to the people. 30+ years! Amazing! Maybe its just in some peoples blood,the need to create while performing. I think it is for Rick,Levon and Garth. Taj Mahal has been known to tell young musicians "Stick to your roots. Don't forget,your DNA knows!"

Fri Jun 26 01:59:37 MET DST 1998


From: Toronto, Ontario

I have a question for anyone who has the CD Rom of The Band Interactive (Brown Album). Is it for PC or Mac or both? I'm a Mac user myself and I was also wondering if other Band fans are also Mac fans. Might be interesting to find out what computers we are all using!

Fri Jun 26 01:38:06 MET DST 1998

John Doe

From: London, Ontario

Mr.Daniloff, I know who you are as I live nearby and I love The Band and Garth. Please don't stop writing here just because people are as rough on you as you are on them. Would love to hear more about The Hawks as you remember them in 62-63. Please? Hug.

Fri Jun 26 00:32:37 MET DST 1998


Too much taxfree booze, too jet-lagged to sleep ... here we go:

  1. Ain't No More Cane
  2. Acadian Driftwood
  3. The Weight
  4. Bessie Smith
  5. Twilight
  6. Whispering Pines
  7. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  8. The Shape I'm In
  9. The Stones I Throw (Will Free All Men)
  10. Blind Willie McTell
ehm...wait a minute, I need to have "It Makes No Difference" in there, plus all the songs from the first three albums and from NLSC, plus most of Cahoots, and then "Christmas Must Be Tonight" and a few more from Islands, not to mention assorted cuts from Jericho, and loads of stuff from Rick's and Levon's solo efforts, all of Garth's LA tape and then these songs from Robbie's first and third albums ... etc ... etc

Thu Jun 25 23:59:11 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

I don't have time to figure out all 10 -- though no doubt I'll be obsessing over it later! -- but one of my very favorites is unquestionably Rockin' Chair. Such a uniquely written song & point of view, and such beautiful singing by Richard, harmonies by Levon and Rick, backing by Garth -- everything in this song just _works_. As with many of The Band's songs, the emotion in their voices is powerful and personal enough to enrich and even transcend the literal meaning of the lyrics, too. So poignant. Richard sounds especially haunting on the live version in the "Crossing the Great Divide" set. "Oh, to be home again..."

Thu Jun 25 23:13:39 MET DST 1998


From: penna

What a pleasant surprise to see Garth Hudson on Letterman last night. He was really cookin' on the ole' squeeze box throughout the whole tune{I wanna be your rider?} and you could tell was really enjoying himself! Dare I say he even did a little jig at one point? Anyone else notice this? Garth wearing his customery black hat and dudes,Taj Mahal in his hawaian shirt and just flowing with good vibes and energy really stood out. This is a good sounding band! There were-Taj and Joan Osburne on vocals,Rob Hyman keyboards,Eric Brazilian on-a big brown watermelon? Gourd? What was that thing? Guitar& bass-don't know. Ever notice that Eric B resembles Robbie. During the song he even looked skyward a couple of times like Robbie and Rick did in the Last Waltz during Helpless-looking for 'the big bird in the sky'.

Thu Jun 25 22:35:01 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Oh, OK. I was hoping to avoid this, but it's inevitable. 1) King Harvest 2) The Weight 3) Daniel & The Sacred Harp 4) Jupiter Hollow 5) The Rumour 6) Chest Fever 7) We Can Talk 8) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 9) Atlantic City 10) It Makes No Difference - every time I've seen Rick singing it live. Otherwise, all the original studio cuts. Does that say something? It hadn't occurred to me before. Bubbling under: The Stones You Throw / Twilight / Like A Rolling Stone (Manchester) - or doesn't that count?. No, I've changed my mind … oh, no point. I'll stick with it.

Thu Jun 25 22:23:24 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To John from NY: I have spent way too much time thinking about this top ten list but here goes:

1-Acadian Driftwood

2-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down(Live Last Waltz version)

3-The Rumor

4-Ain't No More Cane


6-The River Hymn

7-It Makes No Difference(Live Last Waltz version)

8-King Harvest(Has Surely Come)

9-All La Glory

10-Don't Do It(Live Rock of Ages version)

I always love the ones like Rumor, Acadian Driftwood and Aint No More Cane when all the vocalists go after it.

Thu Jun 25 20:39:29 MET DST 1998


From: Bombay

Listening to the Counting Crows songs "Omaha" reminded me so much of Van Morrison and The Band, it's funny... sat and listened to the rest of that album and it's uncanny how well they 've absorbed & emulated the multi-instrumental approach (well, the accordion playing is tasty and that has a lot to do with it!) Heard that Robbie was an advisor to C-Crows during the making of the album (they've thanked Robbie on the credits).

Thu Jun 25 20:36:02 MET DST 1998


From: NJ

Top Ten? 1. We Can Talk about It Now 2. Whispering Pines 3. Unfaithful Servant 4. Katie's Been Gone 5. Time To Kill 6. Long Black Veil 7. Bessie Smith 8. Sleeping 9. When I Paint My Masterpiece 10. Right as Rain/Living in a Dream

Thu Jun 25 20:17:10 MET DST 1998


From: Fayetteville, N.Y.

TO DR: PEPPER: Hey bud.. just got off the phone with Harry in New Mexico; he mentioned that the Yankees look pretty good (at this point). He said it looks good for the LEAR come this OCTOBER should Yanks continue to excell.. He would fly in and pick us up and we'd go wherever the playofffs are taking place.. I mentioned that it would be kinda neat ta ask Danko if he'd like to go to a SERIES or an American Leaque Playoff game; (bet hes never done either). Harry said it will be the 12 seater so sure.. Of course Octobers a long way off but HEY! YA NEVER KNOW?? We can get Ricks idea of a 10 song bracket.. Bet he will think thats a pretty ridiculous quest..

Thu Jun 25 19:47:04 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

1. The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down

2. When I Paint My Masterpiece

3. Sip The Wine (I know, it's Danko)

4. Too Soon Gone

5. (It) Makes No Difference

6. Shape I'm In

7. Life is a Carnival

8. Genetic Method/Chest Fever

9. Evangeline

10. The Weight

Thu Jun 25 17:04:45 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Greg Windley: I tried to respond to your question by e-mail, but it didn't go through.

"The Desiderata of Happiness" was written by Max Erhmann shortly after WWll. I only put the beginning of it in. I just wanted to slow down some of the hostility in the guestbook, sort of a minor version of Garth playing the rain away at Watkins Glen.

If you want to read the whole thing, it's at html.

Thu Jun 25 16:48:20 MET DST 1998

Maria Maruschka

From: Skillinge, a fishingvillage in south of Sweden

Thank you all who responed to my question about Robbies lyrics! You all made me very happy:-)!!!

Thu Jun 25 16:18:57 MET DST 1998

Diane Fishkin

From: New York

I know this is short notice but Rick Danko is playing the Bottom Line this Saturday. Two shows one at 7:30 and one at 10:30. Everyone who can make it should come!!!!

Thu Jun 25 15:54:30 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: Halden, Norway

The guestbook entries from the last two weeks have been moved to the guestbook archives. Just going through 400+ e-mails here, please be patient if you have sent me any mail during me very enjoyable %-) stay in New Orleans.

Thu Jun 25 15:44:06 MET DST 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Caught the 'Largo' band on Letterman last night, Garth was there on Accordian and he was excellent as usual. Taj Mahal and Joan Osbourne sang lead and were the only two who were introduced by Dave. He didn't seem to know (or care) who Garth was. Garth was in top form and even raised his head once or twice so we could all see him smiling. (Man he looks like Santa Claus) This band was very tight and Garth used his accordian in his typical fashion, punching in during breaks in the music, not showcasing, just knowing where and when to come in. Sure sign of Musical Genius, as if we didn't allready know that.

Thu Jun 25 15:19:05 MET DST 1998


From: DC

I couldn't get it less than 11 either, including Hawks & Squires:


To Kingdom Come

King Harvest

He Don't Love You

Yazoo St. Scandal

Long Black Veil

The Weight

Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Out Of The Blue

Don't Do It

It Makes No Difference

Thu Jun 25 14:35:18 MET DST 1998

Paul Schoninger

From: the bluegrass

john: my top ten at this point in time: 1. Tears of Rage -if only 'cause it was the first song 2. Strawberry Wine 3. Jupitor Hollow 4. High Price of Love 5. Across the Great Divide 6. Just Another Whistle Stop 7. Let the Night Fall 8. Jemima Surrender 9. 4% Pantomine 10. Shine A Light; and 11. The Rumor (Live at Watkins Glen) because its hard to stop at 10. Later

Thu Jun 25 14:09:48 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

My top 10 band songs are River Hymn, Time to Kill , Acadian Driftwood, Evangaline, Out of the Blue, Rock and Roll Shoes (although it's a cover) Christmas Must Be Tonight, Right as Rain, Georgia on My Mind (love Richard's voice!) Long Black Veil. These change hourly according to which disk I'm listening to but I tend to like songs that evoke times past which is what the Band tends to do. I am looking for the word to RR's song HOLD BACK THE DAWN. The words are on the disc liner notes, but that song has a last stanza not included. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Thu Jun 25 12:35:32 MET DST 1998

Richard Whelan-Stevens

From: Berkeley, CA

For what it's worth, my top ten list at the moment would have to be, in no order, (1)In a Station (2)Caledonia Mission (3)Tears of Rage (4)I Shall be Released (5)Whispering Pines (6)King Harvest (7)The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (8)Across the Great Divide (9)Sleeping (10)Accadian Driftwood (11)Rags and Bones (12)The Weight (13)Ain't no more Cane. That's more than ten but that's the most I could cut it.

Thu Jun 25 06:46:36 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

That top ten list should be songs that don't make those Best Of CD's. I would include Jawbone and Look Out Cleveland. I also find myself singing Time To Kill quite often. Perhaps that's because an English teacher in 10th grade introduced me to The Band by playing in class.

Oh, and The River Hymn. Garth's intro is beautiful on this number.

Thu Jun 25 03:43:07 MET DST 1998

Rebel Payne

From: Atlanta, Ga.

Levon, You change your phone number to fast, I tried to call, and the number had been changed. Let me know the new number. Call me at 770-445-2281 Rebel,

Thu Jun 25 03:39:09 MET DST 1998


From: nowhere in particular.

John- top ten band can't pick just ten...that's impossible.

Thu Jun 25 03:38:46 MET DST 1998


From: nowhere in particular.

John- top ten band can't pick just ten...that's impossible.

Thu Jun 25 02:31:25 MET DST 1998


From: earth( a show of support for luis)

Hey John, I'll play! Here goes, but in no particular order..... stage fright- chest fever- dixie- king harvest- holy cow- ophelia- jemima surrender- jupiter hollow- tears of rage- where do we go from here. that's today, tomorrow could be different! throw every song they recorded in a pot and i swear you pull out magic. Bravo Luis. Now on a more serious note, Gen. Wayne and Lt. Flood, please make contact from the underworld!!!! peace my friends(Luis).... Cosmo

Thu Jun 25 01:40:04 MET DST 1998


From: NY

Hello everyone! ok....I'm always interested in hearing other peoples opinions about what their 10 favorite Band songs are. Please feel free to EMail, or post right here (or both) your favorite 10! Merly intested in what others think =O) Seeya...... ~john

Thu Jun 25 01:24:06 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

Here is my response to Miles;

See what you've done Miles? you asked for it.

Cosmo, this is the e-mail that was sent upon reading his entry.

Hi Miles; I've always dug that name, brings up images of Miles Davis. I'm not pompus. I'm not defending my entries but I'm definitely not pompous. I've been on this list for over a year. What is REALLY amazing is the massive egoes and insecure personalities that plague the site. It's ridiculous but harmless. I have no need to prove anything. I really really don't. If you're going to read and be a regular contributor, a heartfelt (seriously) suggestion for you, get a thick skin. Be well, Luis P.S. I happen to work in the Information Services industry so I stare at 6 computers, 9-12 hours a day and at least one of them is tuned into The Band site the whole time... you're right about not having any friends tho... :-)

Thu Jun 25 01:18:10 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

Hey Cosmo: I got a big kick out of Miles' post actually. I e-mailed him privately. You know what tho, I think I'll post a copy here, just for fun... Hi Miles; I've always dug that name, brings up images of Miles Davis. I'm not pompus. I'm not defending my entries but I'm definitely not pompous. I've been on this list for over a year. What is REALLY amazing is the massive egoes and insecure personalities that plague the site. It's ridiculous but harmless. I have no need to prove anything. I really really don't. If you're going to read and be a regular contributor, a heartfelt (seriously) suggestion for you, get a thick skin. Be well, Luis

Thu Jun 25 00:50:59 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Hello Miles! Go easy on Luis, he has contributed mightily to the guestbook for quite some time. As for the guitar talk, that was me asking and him responding. GUITARS are after all one hell of a peice of the puzzle. Some of us may get a little fruity once in a while, but that is just to lighten things up when THE WEIGHT gets too heavy!!! So stay a while Miles and enjoy the ride. Gen. John Wayne is a modern day version of Robert E. Lee. Peace and Love to you all. Luis- try to forgive.

Thu Jun 25 00:33:51 MET DST 1998

Greg Windley

From: Utah

Max Ehrman, Enjoyed your thought. Pardon my ignorance, but would you mind sharing the author, or was it you?

Thu Jun 25 00:32:40 MET DST 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

John from Penn

Regarding your post of 6/24. How is it that the man responsible for getting the chat room shut down has the nerve to call names? You will hopefully be banned shortly from both the book & the chatroom. Strange that someone outwardly normal never provides an e-mail.

Can someone confirm Rick @ The Bottom Line?

Wed Jun 24 23:14:11 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Paul Smith: HOME FROM THE FOREST – the two LPs Rock & Roll Resurrection / Giant of Rock & Roll are on a Sony ‘2 on 1’ CD from 1996 (One Way A26610). It’s on the latter. It’s also on a 1992 Japanese 2 CD import, ‘Rock Legend’ (X Zero XRCN 1025), and a 1989 Canadian Polygram compilation ‘Greatest Hits – Rock & Roll Favorites’ (Polytel 847 051-2) plus a further 1989 Canadian Polytel release ‘Then & Now – A Legendary Performer’

Wed Jun 24 23:00:56 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

John Donabie: Sorry to hear about the surgery. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Just sit back and listen to The Band for a few days …

Wed Jun 24 22:59:12 MET DST 1998

Lost John

From: UK

If this site is a reflection of the health of the Band then I guess it's R.I.P. Why do so many fans have to be so abusive about Robbie or the rest of the guys? I bought all Robbie's stuff and all the new Band stuff. Each album has good and bad. But don't forget: cahoots had some rubbish on it too and so did Islands. As for Rock of Ages being greatest live etc., I prefer Live at watkins Glen (great version of The Rumour and Don't ya tell henry). High on the Hog has good (walking Back to memphis) and bad surely! Why be so black and white? I also love all the Dylan/Band collaborations: Planet Waves has such lyrical Band music on it: it's full of joy to me.Other faves: She's your lover now on Dylan Bootleg and Ballad of a Thin man on Before the flood: that organ sound! If RR or The Band were just going thru the motions, I agree with whoever said that was 70's music, but there's still quality in their latest music, still elemnets of that timelessness, still some magic... I have the Albert Hall bootleg on my tape: it used to go like this, but now it goes like this.. Love to all true Band fans (even the vagabonds)

Wed Jun 24 22:48:30 MET DST 1998

Miles Colbert

From: Eugene Oregon

After having finally found this site I have been observing this forum for a few days. Amazing how a person trying to render this place diverse is put down by what looks like a clique. Then others ( gen. wayne!?)and most of all this Luis person who seems to have all the time in the world on his hands, or has no friends, hogs the guestbook in rapid succession with no less than 8 lengthy entries full of pompous statements, blows his own horn, about things totally unrelated to the Band.. such as his guitar collection, and about how hip he is..Amazing. Too bad. Where's the balance? This could be a nice place to visit.

Wed Jun 24 22:33:17 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Maybe someone can help me with this. I've just finished listening to "Crossing The Great Divide." On it there are outtakes from "Rock Of Ages" that do not have horns. I vaguely remember reading that the horns were introduced later in the concert and that not all of it was done with the horn section. Can anyone tell me if that was what happened.

Also, when talking about "Planet Waves," don't forget the electric guitar work on "Going, Going Gone." Its fantastic.

Now [I hesitate to say this but], I will miss Serge. Not his angry tone, but his input into the discussions.

Allegedly, Joan Baez used to put valium into Dylan's coffee to calm him down. Maybe if all of the rabid guestbook contributors did this it would help.

Wed Jun 24 21:57:39 MET DST 1998

Maria Maruschka

From: Skillinge (a fishing-village), south of Sweden

Hi! This is more a question for and about Robbie himself than about The Band: Why aren´t the lyrics from Contact To The Underworld Of Red Boy in the cover? Does ANYONE have them?! I miss them very much...

Wed Jun 24 21:52:05 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Luis, that sounds like a mighty impressive lineup of guitars! I bet they have made some beautiful noise. Dan Blood- I agree!!!!!! peace,cosmo. p.s. Luis- sitting in the stands of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin...........

Wed Jun 24 21:34:02 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate NY

John Donabie: I'm distressed to hear about all that pain you're going through. Will say a prayer for you. Hang in there, bro'. The worm will turn. LARS

Wed Jun 24 21:09:07 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

John Donabie: get well soon! Jeramiah Profit: Great post...very creative!

Wed Jun 24 21:01:46 MET DST 1998


From: Earth


Be well, feel better...

Kicking H;

I'll tell ya something Son, I'm one of the luckiest men in the world. Fortunate and grateful too! And you want to know something else? My wife is a former Jean-Paul Gaultier model! Any other comments? Too good huh? I thank God, I remember to be a "Grateful Humble Servant". Karma is a beautiful thing baby, a beautiful thing...



Wed Jun 24 20:57:22 MET DST 1998

Paul C Smith

From: Victoria BC Canada

Hi, Is there anyone that can tell me if the song "Home From The Forest" which Ronnie did in 1970 is avaialble on CD? Thank you, Paul C Smith

Wed Jun 24 20:13:08 MET DST 1998

Jeremiah Profit

And Behold so it came to pass that the Disciples began to squabble amongst themselves. Some score and two years after The Last Waltz, and some score and ten years after the sacred Weight pulled into Nazareth they had fallen into a Great Divide or schism. All were agreed that the original Divinity had presented itself in All La Glory in five manifestations. Like the Trinity indeed, but this time it was the Quintet. This is the shape it was in. There was the Man with the Long White Beard seated upon a Throne; the Fallen Angel with the golden voice; the Man of the People; the Jolly Jester and the Scribe. After The Last Waltz, the Scribe was sorely afflicted with Stage Fright and thus he fled across the Crazy River. The followers of the Four became known as Fundamentalists who hung on to their old beliefs and held that in the beginning there was the riff and that the values of the riff were unchanging and immutable. They established themselves in Jericho and dined High on the Hog. As time passed the followers of the Scribe began Breaking the Rules of the Game and erected new temples, whilst some amongst the Fundamentalists quoted scripture, according to the Fallen Angel, referring to the sighting of a Golden Calf pointing down at them (later known as The Holy Cow) and casting aspersions upon the Scribe as a mere Soap Box Preacher, and an Unfaithful Servant, destined to eke out his days in Hell’s Half Acre. And in those later days a hellfire preacher did rise amongst the Fundamentalists, rending his serge garments, tearing out his hair and cursing all about him, but especially the disciples of the Crazy River who were sore afraid. This was too much for the Fundamentalists (for indeed they were people of good will) and they cast him out into the wilderness as if he were Driftwood up Cripple Creek without a paddle. There was a Day of Reckoning. A few felt that the schism might now be healed and wrote the verse "We Can Talk About It Now – it’s the same old rhythm from the start to the finish" upon the walls. And they sang The River Hymn and played the Sacred Harp in all the missions from Caledonia to Lake Charles, accepting that it was the Scribe who had first written of these things, but that only the force of the indivisible Quintet had made them come to pass. Rumors were dispelled. And they saw that all were of one good intent.

Wed Jun 24 20:10:28 MET DST 1998


From: Land of the " TONKA "

TO LUIS: Sounds too good LUIS; If this was the setting I was fortunate to find myself in I'M sure it wouldn't be too long before my wife started barking like dog, oinking like a pig, meowing like the cat, neighing like my horse (scalded hoofs), braying like a mule, laughing like a hyena, mooing like the cow, and making numerous other animal noises which are unrecognizable in an effort ti disturb my inner feelings of contentment and peace. In the midst of this my neighbor (walking wounded) would show up singing off key, bouncing a basketball, drumming the walls with his hands,, eating a smelly lunch with his fingers and displaying a rotten, molded, stuffed head of a long dead tonka.. This would probably snap me out of my trance and I would once again be aclled upon to rejoin the real world.. Don't get me wrong though the picture you paint sure sounds fine..

Wed Jun 24 20:00:44 MET DST 1998



I am attempting to sit here long enough to type this post. I had major surgery this week and I am dealing with lots of pain and other things to gross to describe. When something like this hits you without warning...the whole Serge...Amused... henpecking thing....sure seems unimportant. This is a site dedicated to the finest musicians to form a band and together we have that bond. Today I am just happy to have lived during their time. God Bless. God has only one d I Believe. Sorry. Too many pain killers.

Wed Jun 24 19:59:27 MET DST 1998



I am attempting to sit here long enough to type this post. I had major surgery this week and I am dealing with lots of pain and other things to gross to describe. When something like this hits you without warning...the whole Serge...Amused... henpecking thing....sure seems unimportant. This is a site dedicated to the finest musicians to form a band and together we have that bond. Today I am just happy to have lived during their time. Godd Bless.

Wed Jun 24 18:56:33 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

John from Penn...

What can I say. This list is one of two that I read/contribute to periodically. The other is Suzanne Vega. Talk about day/night - black/white differences in the postings! Jeez! I guess I kinda go into it expecting to HAVE to be on the defensive. My apologies, no slight intended. I'm a passionate guy about my musics...

Man, you don't know how good a bong sounds right now, nice icy water with a couple of cubes floating in it... Some of my best Acapulco harvest in the bowl, "Across the Great Divide", Stagefright (24K Gold Edition) and JEFFREY GAINES GALORE :-) on the CD changer, nice big tumbler of Johnnie Walker Red and my wife playing with our new kitten on the couch. Ahhhh...


Wed Jun 24 18:44:33 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Tonight{weds.}on David Letterman music from the Largo CD will be performed. Don't know if Garth will be there.

Luis- You mentioned J. Gaines like 4 times in a couple weeks,so it was a legitimate question I asked. Relax dude you seem stressed out. Meditate,fire up the bong,pick yer guitar,but just cool out dude.

Dan Blood- totally share your like of RR work on Dirge and the rest of the album is a splendid display of RR's guitar prowess. Planet Waves is one of my favs for RR tasty fills,riffs,rhythms,solos. I really miss hearing this type of playing,RR's "electronica" style of playing just doesn't cut it.

Plays me a little gitar now and then. Have sold more than I now own:1972 martin d-28,65 tele,74 tele thinline,57 strat reissue,94 epiphone sheraton.

Wed Jun 24 18:06:19 MET DST 1998


From: New York

New Rick Danko Concert Date: This Sat 6/27/98 The Bottom Line, West 4th and Mercer St. Manhattan. 7:30 and 10:30 PM See You All There

Wed Jun 24 17:46:41 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Although we have all read that Robbie and Scorsese had to push the other members to do the Last Waltz interviews, the ones that made it in the film are wonderful. Richard, Levon, Rick, and Garth all come out great in the movie.

I'm not sure how I feel about "The Genetic Method" comments. Ofcourse I would like to see all of it, but I can say that about everything in the movie. Garth does get a little tribute about what a fantastic musician he is, which Robbie and the others do not get.

Wed Jun 24 17:28:03 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

John from Penn...

No, I'm not on Jeffrey Gaines' payroll. I don't know if you were being serious, funny, facitious, sarcastic, who knows anymore on this guestbook. I'm not on his payroll but I ALMOST feel a responsibility to bring my own gardens' harvest to the table...

You see my brothers and sisters, I used to be a sinful man... a womanizin' drunkard wakin' up in street gutters before I was SAVED by the Church of Wheels on Fire...

Nah man, we all have our Masterpieces to Paint. Don't be so Goddamned cynical if that's what it is. If Jeffrey Gaines is good enough for Garth Hudson to record with, he's MOST certainly good enough for me to spend $15.99 on. He and those like him happen to be what we're SUPPOSED to be about in here. It's about the music that we love and their offshoots, admirers, copiers, detractors, waifs and naifs.

Cosmo; I'll talk guitars 24X7. My most meek and humble collection includes 6 guitars. 1. 1972 Martin D-28 (Once played by Rick Danko) 2. 1987 Martin D-12-28 3. 1978 Fender Stratocaster 4. 1987 Fender Startocaster Eric Clapton Signature Model (7-Up Green, damn ugliest thing you ever saw). 5. 1968 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst ("It looks a lot like the one used by Jimmiy Page, it's like a relic from a different age, ooh-wee, could be). 6. 1990 Ovation Custom Legend Cutaway Acou/Elec.

Yup, I ain't got much in this world by I got me a couple of gitars...



Wed Jun 24 17:05:16 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Side Four of Rock of Ages over? Are we gonna put on Judy Collins or Joan Baez now? Geeze, John and Anon., I was kinda of enjoying the GERERAL and COSMO.

Cosmo, I don't speak the language of electric guitars, been playin' acoustic guitar all my life. Electrics are too hard to play. Started my playing when a buddy took his Yamaha on a campout in the local mountains near MT. Palomar, Calif. He played some beautiful thing in a tuning as we sat around the campfire. (he coundn't of done that with an electric!)

Anyone share my like of Robbie's acoustic work on Dirge from Dylan's Planet Waves?

Wed Jun 24 15:02:20 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southewestern Ontario

Just another comment on the RR thing. It bothers me to think that the man's family could potentially read this slander. It is one thing to direct it at him...he can choose to ignore or rebute it himself, but if you are a family member this venom could be very hurtful. Hope they all have thick skins!

Wed Jun 24 05:21:44 MET DST 1998


From: N/A

I think that we have to put the Amused/ Gen. John Wayne episode behind us. No more talk about "getting" Serge, he's gone now. And he left us with a question: can we have an intelligent, interesting guestbook without him? I believe we can, the last time he left, the guestbook did very well without him. I hope some of the regulars like David Powell and Pat Brennan return. I also hope that Tracy and Carol can come back.

I think we need to prove that we don't need an abusive authority figure to make us toe the line. We can make this book an open forum for all to share. We all share a common bond: we love the Band and it's music.

Wed Jun 24 04:48:44 MET DST 1998


This whole "Serge" thing is a fake.

It was boring and stupid the last time you did it, OK, we get it, Ha Ha, that's great, you are the definition of Humor itself, now just shut your trap.

Wed Jun 24 03:37:46 MET DST 1998


From: penna

I agree with Serge about the flakes and the nonsense that is spewed on this site. Passonate disagreements about the Band and their music is one thing,but this other crap-general wayne,l'il abner,morons from margaritaville,ecetera,ecetera,is just plain ridiculous. With all the professed Band lovers here in the u.s.a and canada none of us had the interest,ambition or the talent to create and maintain a web site about them. But thanks to a man from Norway a place in cyperspace exists paying tribute and offering information about a group that has enriched our lives. STOP WASTING JAN H. TIME AND SPACE WITH LAME ATTEMPTS AT HUMOUR! Serge will be back. He has and will continue to contribute to this site.

Luis: Does Jeffrey Gaines have you on his payroll? Saw Jeff perform twice years ago{doc watson's pub}and has a good voice and okay stage presence. I had either his 1st or 2nd album and to tell the truth I only liked 2 or 3 songs the rest were forgettable.

Even ya don't mind I'd like to plug my own current favorite new CD. All you Band fans will just love Delbert McClinton's-one of the fortunate few. Delbert wrote or co-wrote 7 of the 10 tunes. Every track is a killer! Its all here-uptempo r+b,blues,a ballad and humorous good time music. Delbert is 60 years young and the powers of his talent are undimnished. In fact his voice never sounded better and of course he playes the harmonica{del taught john lennon how to play}.Just an incredible effort by D.M. I'll even go so far as call ol' Delbert a "National Institution"! Not that he needs any help,but there is also some terrific appearances from-Mavis Staples,B.B.King,John Prine and Bekka Bramlett{daughter of Bonnie and Delaney} Buy this! You won't regret it!

Wed Jun 24 03:35:04 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

anyone out there care to talk guitars? i know there are some guitarists out there. luis? i'm especially partial to the beautiful sound of a telecaster, especially robbies telecaster!!! the solo on rock of ages unfaithful servant is pure beauty. peace,cosmo.

Wed Jun 24 02:46:49 MET DST 1998


From: bunker hill

General Wayne, permission to regroup with Lt. Blood and chase that amusing coward across the border? - cosmo.

Wed Jun 24 02:30:42 MET DST 1998


From: London Ontario

Just to make it clear that last entry using my name WAS NOT BY ME..But I can promise you that the idiot who eneterd that post will never post again as soon as Jan is back and traces the moron. Keep talking in circles.

Wed Jun 24 02:01:25 MET DST 1998


From: My Easy chair

Serge: In the immortal words of Richard Manuel, "How can I miss you if you don't leave?"

Wed Jun 24 01:33:15 MET DST 1998


From: Hudson, NY

We BELIEVE you, Serge. Farewell. Adios.

Wed Jun 24 01:10:49 MET DST 1998

Serge D.

From: Canada

I've had enough of all of you. I'm thoroughly sick of all of you hiding behind false names and your petty bickering. I'm leaving for good and for ever.

Tue Jun 23 23:58:45 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Just wanted to chime in on the last several posts re: the Last Waltz, having now seen it for the first time. I couldn't agree more that Richard and Garth were underrepresented. I don't think it's entirely the fault of Robertson/Scorsese -- it's clear that Robbie had to push the other members into doing even the most minimal of interviews, and Richard clearly wasn't at his peak. But I couldn't agree more with Luis, leaving out Garth's "Genetic Method" is inexplicable, and inexcusable. Surely a few minutes of Robbie talking could have been edited out to make room for a few minutes of Garth playing. Garth is shown so little in the film that someone unfamiliar with the Band could be forgiven for thinking that he was a producer, or a stagehand.

On balance, given what Robbie and Scorsese had to work with in terms of the other Band members' interviews/performances, the Last Waltz seems like a fairly good piece of work. But what's ultimately disappointing is that it stands as _the_ video document of the Band's original lineup. Judged twenty years later as a balanced, "definitive" representation of the Band itself, or as a visual/aural explanation of what really made them such a special group, I think it can't help but fail.

Tue Jun 23 23:16:45 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

I've read somewhere that Richard was not all that well during the Last Waltz and JRR did not want to show him in a bad light. Richard was VERY THIN at that time so I tend to believe this.

Tue Jun 23 22:57:25 MET DST 1998


From: melrose(10 miles north of boston) ,ma.

Bones, I agree with your comments regarding Richard's slopiness on the complete last waltz.But going into the studio to overdub his own guitar solo's gave JRR something to hide behind. Just a thought. Cosmo.

Tue Jun 23 22:32:35 MET DST 1998


From: jupiter hollow

LUIS- I'm in your corner 100% on The Last Waltz remarks. The fake vocals by JRR are a little bothersome to say the least. You never would have known that Richard and Garth were in THE BAND. living in another world, living in another time.... Cosmo( nickname that family and friends have called me for 20 years)

Tue Jun 23 22:25:10 MET DST 1998


From: Earth


I am SO glad you brought up Slowhand's strap falling off. Did you catch that JRR said he felt protective because he had embarrased and made a foll of himself? I certainly did! I just happen to play guitar. I've been playing so long that I myself have had a few straps come loose and fall off. It's an accident.

the tone in how he said sounded so demeaning and superior. I LIKE JRR. I really do, he just comes off with SUCH negative vibes man!


Tue Jun 23 22:19:46 MET DST 1998


Tue Jun 23 22:09:48 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Luis: I always enjoy reading your posts. However, I dont think that Robbie left Richard off The Last Waltz for anything other than musical reasons. If you listen to the "complete" tapes, a lot of Richard's songs were not at his usual awsome level. There were some forgotten verses where other Band members would sing Richard's line. I think Robbie actually did justice to Richard's wonderfull legacy by not showing these performances.

Rick and Levon used to do a great job in later years of knowing when to back-up Richard. In the interview Friday night on VH-1, Robbie and Scorsese talk about leaving Clapton's strap problem in the movie. Robbie said that Scorsese had to talk him in to it because Robbie felt protective of Clapton. Even if Rick and Levon backed-up Richard just like Robbie backed-up Eric, I do not think Robbie was going to let any member of the Band look bad.

As far as the Neil Diamond/ Muddy Waters issue is concerned, Robbie appears to have no excuse. Although he now acknowledges that Muddy's performance is a highlight in the movie.

Tue Jun 23 22:08:45 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Gen. Wayne, THANK YOU for the promotion!! Lt. Blood,I've had to lay low for a little bit but I am now in position to cover your right flank. p.s ROCK OF AGES is the greatest live album ever released p.s.s I am a very simple man. The way things are structured in 1998, I Would simply rather spend an evening with Levon than Robbie. Just my opinion. Nothing more. A connection with the soul one might say. Major? Cosmo.

Tue Jun 23 21:06:15 MET DST 1998


From: Earth

Lt. Dan

Isn't that the name of Gary Sinise's character in Forrest Gump?

Anyway, TAXI DRIVER is my all time favorite film. As a Film Maker, I think that because he [Scorcese] IS an admitted THE BAND fan, he was star struck. He let JRR get away with murder, c'mon man, let's face it. He (JRR) talked about "my dear friend Richard" and trying to save him... Hey Robbie, was this before or AFTER you deleted him from TLW? Garth's solo. How could Scorcese allow JRR to remove that? It's a defining moment of a Band concert for Christ's sake! Is it me that's nuts here? JRR wantee Neil Diamond in and Muddy Waters out?!?! What the hell is that?

Don't get me wrong. I actually ran across deNiro and Scorcese fairly often in NY. I subleased a loft at Duane and Hudson, in the TriBeCa area of lower Manhattan. Scorcese and deNiro had or have an editing lab in the apartment next door to the one I subleased for 2 years. Scorcese comes across as the brilliant man that he is in person. I think that because he IS a man, human that is, he didn't make the film that he wanted to make. Just my opinion.

I STILL cry during the last performance. The 5 boys playing The Last Waltz on their string instruments with the big shadow against the rear wall... It gives me chills. No words, just 5 guys doing what they do best...


Tue Jun 23 20:51:35 MET DST 1998



Luis: I don't share your opinion of Raging Bull Scorcese and Redboy. Scorcese is quirky, hard to watch cause he won't sit still! Anyone who is fond of The Band can't be all bad.

Time for us all to put on Whispering Pines now that Side Four of Rock of Ages is done.

General Wayne: I thought you was a John but you're a Newton aren't you? Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning?

What cd are you talking about?

Tue Jun 23 20:31:31 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

I don't have anything heavy to relate, just a little anecdote about some Band music.

I have five daughters who's taste in music ranges from the Hansens to Michael Jackson to the Barney theme song. No way to make everyone happy, lots of squabbles and button pushing on the radio.

So imagine my surprise when, on Father's Day, they all sang together to "Acadian Driftwood." Sounded really good, too. On a far different subject, the Crowmatix are playing a private party in Ulster County this weekend. I'm lucky enough to be going. Gonna sit under the big tent and drink some cold brew and scream out "300 Pounds of Joy" until they do it. Life is good.

Tue Jun 23 20:05:41 MET DST 1998

Luis (Real Name)

From: Earth

And another thing!

Hey General Wayne, Do you mean ADJUTANT as opposed to ADJACENT? It's funny ONLY if you get it right!

I threw a comment in yesterday that I thought might or could get some talk about Scorcese's and Robertson's arrogance and pretentiousness. I guess other topics are more important and significant.

There ain't much left to talk about, let's face it, THE BAND as WE know and love them left the bldg. years ago, BEFORE High on the Hog. That's right, ME, a diehard fan can acknowledge certain undeniable truths.

I remember watching the VH-1 specials over the wekend and actually thinking, "I can't wait to get on the net and see what kind of debate these shows stir up". Now I see.

Anyone ever notice that in schools the most troubled and troublesome children get the most attention? It's pathetic and disgusting if you ask me. I've fallen into the trap myself a few times. Lets talk about Jeffrey Gaines. His new album is in stores TODAY! Go buy it, let me know what you think...


Tue Jun 23 19:54:39 MET DST 1998

Luis (Real Name)

From: Earth


Do you PROMISE to stay the hell away and NOT return in some other Amusing form?

Tue Jun 23 19:40:33 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Just to enlighten you Serge, maybe the reason why so many people use nicknames in here is because of disrespectful comments from the likes of you. And um - don't worry. We'll do just fine without you.

Tue Jun 23 18:48:46 MET DST 1998


From: Git - Cche - Goo - Mee

Serge: I am Kicking Horse. Me know use any nic - name. My name stands for Horse that Kicks and I'm fairly confident that you know what this feels like although its still questionable that you know what side of a horse you are suppose to get on. I'm sorry if all of this sounds disrespectful but we take our names very seriously and mine was handed down by my grandfather ( also exploited by the whites) "Laughing Horse". My father, "Rocking Horse" was the first to inspire in me a love of music so it was a natural transition to gravitate to the BAND.. They are a sum of all their parts and like an Indian Tribe can truly only work well when they are working together ( a nation divided can not stand and all of that). I will seek council in my tribal comminity and we will sit and smoke in the hope of clearly understanding what the great Creator has in store for you.

Tue Jun 23 17:57:27 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Serge: Jan set this up to allow insight and conversation about the Band. Your last post did nothing but attack someone who happens to be a big fan of one of its members. Why? What is it about the Band that you like?

Tue Jun 23 17:37:17 MET DST 1998


I find all you cowards hiding behind nicknames nauseating and disrespectful of Jan and this site. I came back hoping to learn something new from people who love the Band like I do. Is the constant bickering over nonesense more "productive"?? What is also booooring and wasteful is the constant rehash of the same topics mostly by the same incognitoes and "guinea pig raising" flakes.. Have a nice time. Let's see how productive, enlightening and entertaining you can make it here..Like the Band, I'm gone. No applause please.!

Tue Jun 23 15:19:55 MET DST 1998


From: St. Marie amongst the Iroquois

Dennis: I agree, you should be done with that dude and Marshall is gone.. Not sure what ya mean "is AP in da house"? Heard he wa sin the nieghborhood Sun. nite. Unfotunately I was unable to go and visit with him we were in the middle of our annual summer solstice ritual.. This is a ceremony of deep significance to the Native Americans of Cental New York State in that if the great creator sees that we are appreciaitive of all he has given us we are assured of a good growing season.. Ceremony involves getting a good nite sleep after celebrating all nite then getting up and smoking with your fellow warriors and getting rather mystical in the process.. Whew! this weekend long ceremony gets harder every year.. Anyway, I am sure I can get the neccessary permits to allow for successful hunt later this summer in Dakaota Territiory. Fat Bear says he will lead us to a small but full of spirit heard of buffalo. Our limit will be one. Let me know. K.H.

Tue Jun 23 15:13:04 MET DST 1998

Gen Wayne

From: r & r in Aruba

Lt Blood: At this time we here in CIC don't feel that surge protectors are called for. The Amused Army is strung out on the road to Hudson Bay and the coalition bombers have been hitting them with high concussion invectives. We don't feel the need to hit him when he's down. If we're not careful, we're going to end the only war we've got.

On a different matter, Lt., do you want that cd or not? Give my adjacent your address.

Tue Jun 23 14:35:49 MET DST 1998


From: My Easy Chair

Serge: Your disrespect for Jan and for anyone who voices an opinion that differs from yours is truly nauseating. Take your hostilities elsewhere. Noone here cares.

Tue Jun 23 14:31:38 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: a foxhole


Tue Jun 23 14:02:55 MET DST 1998


From: Hudson, NY

I would have to agree with Lars Pedersen that the guestbook was more productive when Mr. Daniloff took his leave of absense some weeks ago. Since his return, I'm reading more insults than insights. It almost seems like Serge NEEDS to get a flame war started, only then is he happy. Go away, Serge.

Tue Jun 23 13:50:43 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Serge, Sounds like you have an ax to grind with Mr. Robertson. Why don't you leave Tracy alone and go after him? Email him or write him a letter.

Tue Jun 23 08:37:30 MET DST 1998


From: Middle America

Here are my thoughts on the VH-1 Special. In my opinion The Band was one of those magical once in a lifetime groupings where the perfect people come together at just the right time and its magic. Lets face facts neither the new Band or Robbie Robertson solo come close to what they were together. It is just a little sad in a way that instead of just quiting The Band when he was ready to quit The Last Waltz was organized putting all 5 members out of work, 4 of whom maybe werent ready to quit. But then again the music in The Last Waltz is The Band at its best. The way Levon sings "The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down" was powerful. Richard Manuel's rendition of "Shape I'm In" was terrific. Garth's keyboard solo's great. Robbie Robertson's guitar playing wonderful and Rick Danko's vocal's on "Stagefright" and "It Makes No Difference" are beautiful. Thats not even mentioning the guest artists. Thank God someone captured this on film. But everytime you get to the talking parts in the movie it really is The Robbie Robertson Show. They really did need each other though to reach the level of exellence that they achieved.

Tue Jun 23 06:10:57 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: The trenches

General John Wayne, Sir. Permission at once to distribute surge protectors, sir!!

Tue Jun 23 06:07:46 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

That's it, Luis ... it WAS Steely Dan, Reeling In The Years. Great song, huh?

This guest book is kinda like side Four of Rock of Ages. Everything is peaceful and placid and harmoniuos and then all hell breaks loose: CHEST FEVER!! Then the next day when the furry settles, THAT'S A BUNCH OF SHIT!!

Tue Jun 23 05:22:45 MET DST 1998

Dennis Banks

Kicking Horse, I am down wit that dude. Is AP back in da House? Marshall Tucker died for Redboys sins!

Tue Jun 23 05:00:06 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Upstate NY

SERGE: I don't think this is fun at all. I come in here to share the fellowship of people who, like myself, love the Band. You, on the other hand, seem to come in here to cause as much trouble and insult as many people as possible.

I think the best days this guestbook has ever seen was when you went into self imposed exile because everyone had enough of your nonsense and told you off. Maybe if enough people stand up to you you will go away again. I've had enough of you and your arrogance. Get a hobby. Plant some dahlias. Make some friends (highly unlikely).

Let us talk about the Band without your constant criticism. Live and let live.

Tue Jun 23 03:55:43 MET DST 1998

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon - USA

Jan Hoiberg (especially) Goodness, your gracious guests on the guestbook can certainly rile a sane thinker. I find I have to really get myself steeled to read some of the comments! It does, as they say in Ory-gun,"get me all het up"! After watching 'Behind the Music' finally, a clear-cut, friendly and NOT cutting comment from Robbie Robertson about the break up of The Band. I have read, heard and seen jillions of interviews with RR and he has never been nasty or put down anyone. His only fault may be that he avoided answering. Finally, he must have felt that it was time to answer. He said Levon was "like a brother to me". He mentioned how much Levon did to help him, and how close they were. Now, I read Levon's book two years ago...and I recall reading a rancorous, mean-spirited, down-right nasty blast leveled right smack dab in the middle of Robbie's heart over and over. Why can't folks feel privileged to have seen and heard The Band when it was great and go on enjoying the music they left us? Richard could have as easily died in a bad car wreck..he had enough of them! Rick could have died of a bad dose of heroin..thank God he did not! And Levon, well, he is just a good ol' boy...a little bit redneck and an average guitar picker but a heck of a drummer! Garth does defy any labels. He is one of the best. Give Robertson his due. Creative, innovative, ambitious, a fantastic lyricist, witty and wise. Please stop all this fighting and biting comments and return the guestbook to a place of class as Jan intended. Allow people of differing opinions to state their minds. Do, as Tracy suggested, allow others to have a differing opinion if you do not agree with them and quit degrading yourselves by showing your ignorance.....please? Thanks! Jolene

Tue Jun 23 03:52:34 MET DST 1998


Isn't this fun.? After being away for months, I am glad I came back. As someone said, this guestbook is the best entertainment on the web. Please write to me Trace, but only if you're over 18. I want to be sure that the unbelievable is possible and that you actually exist. And please tell me why you choose to butt into discussions that don't concern you. You asked for everything you got.

Tue Jun 23 03:14:20 MET DST 1998

Barb Byers

From: Buffalo

I'm looking for information about where to buy The Last Waltz video tape. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Tue Jun 23 02:49:21 MET DST 1998


From: Paris

Mr. Viney. Robbie DID say on VH1 that he had already written Fallen Angel when he heard of Richard's death. As for Robbie's first solo, I was always troubled by Testimony which contained something like 'Those golden days On Smokey mountain Playing guitar in a one man band, that's right'. Way to testify, RR.

I grew up listening to Big Pink and the Band - I stole the cassettes from my older sister - and their spirit and cohesiveness got me in a way that no other group has, before or since (although early Bruce and the Allman Brothers came close). I unfortunately never got the chance to see them all together, a victim of being a late boomer. So I appreciate the Last Waltz, and RR, for that. But the Neil Diamond thing, RR's fake singing, his arm flailing away, wanting to bump Muddy Waters, where was Richard?, etc. sours the movie for me. And, some of his comments on VH1 just about made me gag.

That said, RR had every right to leave The Band, be with his family, shack up with Marty, do movie scores, wear leather pants, whatever. His choice. His right. No doubt. He sure (co)wrote some great songs (lyrics) and played some memorable licks, but I's still take either of the Danko Fjeld Andersen cds, Hog or Jericho over any of his solo works.

Tue Jun 23 01:35:38 MET DST 1998

tiny Montgomery

From: out west

"throat cancer" anyone care to update me on these awful rumors! My God, I don't even think I can discuss it!

Tue Jun 23 01:32:39 MET DST 1998

Tracy (that's a.k.a. AHROOO to you- illiterate!)

From: far away from London, Ontario (thank God!)

Oh, you've been visiting porn sites Serge? Well, I'm glad to see that you've found a different hobby. Tripod is not a porn site. Sit back and have a Molson. Why don't you simply say that you are "KING OF THE GUESTBOOK." Oh, I don't think you have visited my home. I wouldn't want you to. I don't think you can be kind to people without putting them down. Your snide remarks amuse some but others don't want to even come here and hurt your poor little feelings and your overblown ego of yourself. You menace people, you give people nasty e-mails if someone does not agree with you. Stop being so arrogant and listen to people instead of putting them down. ACHOOO? Is that the best you (your genious self) can come up with? ::laughing::: Oh, you're loosing your touch with the insults. I don't even find you challenging anymore. Your whining bores me. ::yawn:: I'll let you keep YOUR guestbook to yourself even though I don't know who appointed you as the owner of this guestbook. Toodles. BY ALL MEANS DON'T STOP THAT SENSE OF HUMOR! LOL!!

Tue Jun 23 01:10:21 MET DST 1998


Miss Tracy ACHOOO, even Viney found some humour in my post, and replied in kind. Quit embarrassing yourself with idiotic comments, and go worship RR's glossy 8x10 that hangs by your bed...Regarding the URL you give as your web page, someone told me that WWW.TRIPOD.COM is an xxx rated site. Say it isn't so Tracyyy!! By the way my Email was included in my entry of 21:18:05..Write to me anytime. I'll tell you bed time stories about RR.

Tue Jun 23 00:22:55 MET DST 1998

Private Parts

From: E-3 at HQ

To Mr. Viney: Gen Wayne has instructed to tell you that we have no plans, at this moment, of invading Seattle, Wash., although you would be well advised to give London, Ontario a wide berth.

To Serge: the general says that he did NOT repeat hearsay about Levon, he merely confirmed that Bodle's Opera House has announced Garth Hudson will be taking Levon Helm's place with the Crowmatix. He also said that you're just pissed about all the dog hair on your roof.

Mon Jun 22 23:43:55 MET DST 1998


From: Mexico

hey Dan... I believe that was Steely Dan, "REELING IN THE YEARS". Sound familiar anyone... Anyone... ANYONE?



P.S. Does anyone else besides me think that Martin Scorcese and Robbie Robertson are THE most pretentious and egotistical bastards in the world? Just curious...

Mon Jun 22 23:43:26 MET DST 1998

Pete Shaw

From: Warwick, NY

I don't much comment on such guestsites since I think they tend to be filled with folks who have too much time on their hands. Which is not to criticize them, but rather, to be envious that I do not have such time. However, I do teach high school and make it a point to tell my kids about music they may not know. With that in mind, I tell them of The Band but usually stipulate that they listen to them when they were the five piece with both Robbie and Richard. The current version is not slouch as a rock band, but I think what made them so good was that you could never classify them as a rock band. That distinctive catch and release is nearly extinct, and Garth's playing is neither as innovativeind, I tell them of The Band but usually stipulate that they listen to them when they were the five piece with both Robbie and Richard. The current version is not slouch as a rock band, but I think what made them so good was that you could never classify them as a rock band. That distinctive catch and release is nearly extinct, and Garth's playing is neither as innovative nor important as it was. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but it is in some way sad to listen to Rock of Ages or The Last Waltz (however different those live performances might be) and then see them now. As to Robbie being a complete genius and the rest of The Band his foil, that is wrong. I think Robbie was an excellent songwriter and still can write some great lyrics. I don't like the way he makes music, but some of those songs translate wonderfully on an acoustic guitar. He certainly was a great guitarist. Backing Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan, he was one of the great rock guitarists, but he put that aside to author that style which helped make The Band so unique. But he could not have done those songs alone. I also think Richard Manuel's tunes are just as vital as any of Robbie's. I saw some guy once say that just as much as Levon, Richard, Rick, and Garth might have been another bar band without Robbie, he could have been just another struggling singer and songwriter without them. A different subject, addressed to Peter Viney. Are you British? I page quickly through this stuff, and it seems some xenophobia was directed at you. Anyways, if you are British, or for that matter if anyone here is, do you find a connection between the early Band records, especially Music From Big Pink and The Band, and The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society and other such Ray Davies' classics which looked for an England of an earlier time, one which in all likelihood never existed. I find them thematically simlilar in some ways, although The Band albums are much more earthy because they are not the persona statements Ray Davies was making in the aforementioned album and Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). By the way, if any of yous don't own these albums, along with Muswell Hillbillies and Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part 1, I suggest you grab them (For that matter, nearly any Kinks album holds up nicely)--most are really cheap now ($9.99) because they have been remastered in Europe and will soon be released here. They are worth every penny.

Mon Jun 22 23:09:34 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

To Peter Viney: Thanks for your posts. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who loves the Band and Robbie Robertson. I still don't understand why that has to be an either/or proposition. Thanks also to Dan Blood who appears to feel similarly.

To Serge: As a man of your word, it surprises me that you have returned to the guestbook. You used to be very fond of asking people to go back and re-read earlier posts. You might want to try it yourself. Nonetheless, I am glad that you are back.

Mon Jun 22 23:04:34 MET DST 1998

Tracy a.k.a. AHROOO!!

From: away from Ontario

A speech impediment? British? Mr. Daniloff, I suggest that you remember where The Band newsletter "Jawbone" comes from. I hope Mr. Gabites sees this. Stop sounding like a racist. You've proven that you hardly like anyone who doesn't share YOUR opinion. Also you have an impediment. The man's name is Viney V-I-N-E-Y, not Whiney. I see his posts and it's with a V, not "Wh." You sir have a spelling impediment! So, you should "bone-up," and perhaps go back to school and have someone teach YOU MANNERS as well. Go ahead and attack me, I will be waiting. I at least have the courage and the backbone to give my e-mail address and it IS real. BTW, do you have any other job besides personal attacks? "To each their own." ;)

Mon Jun 22 22:43:33 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

General Wayne, I have to come clean on the duck. I was a lonely soul crossing the great divide in search of a loving hand to guide me through to the promised land. And in a desperate state, I, well you know. Heck, it was only one time! I assure you I am currently fit for duty. I am ready to do whatever it takes to put that matter to rest! PEACE TO ALL MY BAND MATES!!!!! Cosmo

Mon Jun 22 22:36:06 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Serge. Thanks for pointing out that the spelin cheka (©) in HELPFUL ON-LINE OFFICE ASSISTANT had failed to put a wavy line under ‘exeception’. I think it’s called a typo. But who spelcheks e-male? HELPFUL ON-LINE OFFICE ASSISTANT will soon have the new "re-fact" plug-in module enabling anyone to change facts as well as spelling and grammar. For example, we will soon be able to have everything on the web-site altered to eradicate any mention of RR and to state that there were four members of the Band.I’m intrigued to find out that you already have the newer version (OFFICE converting text on the web to speech. Go to the ACCENT menu. SPEECH IMPEDIMENT will be checked. Delete that instruction. Go to REGIONAL VARIATIONS, de-select LONDON, ENGLAND and scroll down to select LONDON, ONTARIO (you will find it’s the next one in alphabetical order, as O follows E). Is that better? And Peace. I will close HELPFUL ON-LINE OFFICE ASSISTANT. :)) General Wayne: A question. ON-LINE ASSISTANT tells us that its software cannot be used for nuclear warfare. In the light of your possible reaction to this, would you advise it safe to visit the Seattle area in the near future?

Mon Jun 22 22:28:30 MET DST 1998


Viney, I do know what an "exeception" is..It's the same as an " annoucement" :))

Mon Jun 22 21:19:33 MET DST 1998

Paul Goodall

From: Sommerville, NJ

Hello. I have been a silent reader of the Band guestbook for awhile. I can no longer keep the silence. I must at this time whole hearteldy agree with Nick Asara's true reporting of the Band as they are today, which you dickweeds out there probably won't agree with, but they are nowhere. Jericho was lame. High on the Hog was an embarassement. All you Band fans should stop all this yea saying and look at the facts. Robbie was and still is a lyrical genius. The Band without Robbie are strictly re-issue material. Wake up and smell the coffee. Band fanatics: this is the 90's NOT the 70's wise up!

Mon Jun 22 21:18:05 MET DST 1998


From: The true north strong and free...

McKenna, you have no right repeating unsubstantiated hearsay about anyone..least of all the state of someone's health, until something "official" is annouced, if there is anything to announce.. A ticket peddler knows nothing. You're as bad as the flakes from Wisconsin that had their entry pulled. You're lucky Jan is not around. He'll deal with you later I'm sure.

Wayne, your attempt at being a comedian is getting old, dumb and boring. Don't give up your day job at the fish market..and stop repeating hearsay..

Whiney, I got bored after the second sentence of your long post. What were you trying to say anyway?? Was it all in British ? You people with that speech impediment really have to bone up on communicating here. And by the way what's an "exeception" ?? (your last sentence)

Kicking should know... Right on !

Mon Jun 22 21:17:12 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur and Paramus

RR the creative force behind The Band ??? Look at his solo albums. The songwriting is average at best, the singing is awful and creativity is nowhere in site. VH-1 was a shameful farce.....

Mon Jun 22 20:41:50 MET DST 1998

Tracy a.k.a. AHROOO!!

From: the den
Home page:

I would really like to address something on this forum (since it doesn't seem to be a guestbook). Why can't people have their own opinions on this site? If one individual doesn't like it, why do they have to say "ignore the individual?" Boy, if anyone says ANYTHING bad against Levon, Rick, or Garth, people jump down others throats or send the unsuspecting person hate mail. If it's Robbie they dislike, it's FINE that they pick on him. Are some of us forgetting that Robbie WAS part of The Band? Gee, the last time I checked my music encyclopedia there were FIVE members of The Band. Why dismiss him? Because you think you know everything there is to know about them? If I want to defend someone, or attack someone I have every right in doing so. Only I'm not. Viney has an opinion and I respect that......I think others should (IMHO) respect that. Not everyone is going to agree with what others say. Everyone takes sides, it is bound to happen. There are solo Robbie fans and there are simply Band fans. Why can't we just leave it at that without the personal attacks? Why does everyone NEED to fight? I don't care if I get attacked either because I have an opinion of my own. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. I think we are all adults on here.....aren't we? Viney, you have a thick skin and keep on posting that great stuff. Let us all not be shy to post on here because SOME people want others who don't share THEIR feelings to shut up. The last time I checked, this was Jan's site and guestbook. Thank you. Also about that "Behind The Music" special. Um, that was profiling on Robbie Robertson if I remember correctly, not on The Band.

Mon Jun 22 20:22:57 MET DST 1998

Gen Wayne

ADDENDUM: I can confirm Garth Hudson's gig at Bodle's (see last entry). I AM NOT confirming anything about Levon Helm's health. I didn't ask, no one told me.

Mon Jun 22 20:05:55 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: USMA

Mr. McKenna: I called John Stein of Bodle's in Chester, NY and he confirmed that your information is correct (and, to me, somewhat of a surprise): Garth Hudson will be taking Levon's place when the Crowmatix come to town on July 10th.

I am praying for Levon's safe return to the Crowmatix.

Cosmo, we are still trying to confirm your commission, but you had a skeleton in your closet that you didn't tell us about. We know about the duck.

Mon Jun 22 18:47:30 MET DST 1998

Rob McKenna

From: Middletown, New York

I ordered tickets to Levons show at Bodles in Chester NY and I got a phone call from them saying Levon has throat cancer and Garth would be filling in. Has this been verified yet?

Mon Jun 22 18:23:26 MET DST 1998

Kicking Horse

From: LaFayette N.Y.

DENNIS BANKS - Glad to learn you made in back from Otisco fiasco; I wasn't sure you had it in you to make that perilous trip. I was unable to follow suit and was forced to take to the water with two warriors and two squaws. It was cold but the stars were shining bright.. This made the younger squaw comment that it seemed more like an August sky than a June sky. I agreed with the assessement. It wasn't until teh wee hours that we returned to base camp and I was able to retire. The bigger warrior was ready to dance around the fire alnight! I think its a good idea that you keep the preasure on Mr. Robertson. Being white he already has a slight reputationn for exploitation of native American music while feathering his own nest. Too bad wwe can't get him to ride a horse alone on a ridgetop above ROSEBUD CREEK. In any event should he choose not to respond to your request for assistance for the Iroquois Lacrosse Team his reputation will only be perpetuated. I will speak to you later this month at the next Crazy Horse Monument dedication. Perhaps we can still go on that Buffalo Hunt up on the Little Elk??

Mon Jun 22 17:05:24 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Lest any think my previous post either aggressive or curmudgeonly, may I add that I do usually feel moved to SOMETHING by Serge’s posts. They are not dull. They are not bland. They keep the interest going. As he said, ‘is that enough fodder to get things rolling …"

Mon Jun 22 16:56:20 MET DST 1998


From: Boston, MA
Home page:

Just caught VH1 doing the Last Watlz 20 year later show and it was a wonderful piece of work. I didn't know that many of the Band's songs, and it was like hearing/seeing them for the first time. It was really and eye-opening expierince. Keep rockin- Dave

Mon Jun 22 16:23:06 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

Hah ha hee haw har har hee haw. Geeze, what a disadvantage using CLARIS WORKS 4.0. Multiple choice for me too! Bill Gates thinks of EVERYTHING.

Mon Jun 22 16:10:02 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

I sure hope that if RR deigns to read this website that he has a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR AND A AMAZINGLY THICK SKIN. He needs it!!

Mon Jun 22 16:09:38 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

I sure hope that if RR deigns to read this website that he has a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR AND A AMAZINGLY THICK SKIN. He needs it!!

Mon Jun 22 15:56:10 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

Wow. These on-line assistants in Office 98 are comprehensive. I thought that Serge might be Amused by this quote: GUIDELINES FROM YOUR HELPFUL ON-LINE ASSISTANT ON SUBMISSIONS REGARDING THE BAND AND OFFSHOOTS We hope you find these templates useful. 1) To express an opinion, simply type (e.g.) "I think RR (is / is not) a (significant / talented / competent) (guitarist / human being)." Type PERIOD. OPINIONS need no REASONS (see below). 2) To express an opinion more effectively, type (e.g.) "I think RR (is / is not) a (significant) ( guitarist) BECAUSE ( At this point type in a REASON) 3) To express an opinion most effectively, type (e.g.) "I think RR (is / is not) a (significant) (guitarist) BECAUSE ( At this point type in a REASON), for example, listen to (At this point type in a REFERENCE, preferably a MUSICAL REFERENCE). OPTIONALLY: You could add a SUPPORTING QUOTE, for example: ‘As (Levon Helm / Greil Marcus / Barney Hoskyns / General Wayne) says in (BOOK or ARTICLE TITLE or GUESTBOOK POSTING) 4) To support your opinion fully, type in a NAME and E-MAIL NUMBER. Your opinion of RR’s significance and ability will carry more weight if you are one of the following guitarists with both proven COMPOSING ability and a STRONG TRACK RECORD: Ry Cooder, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, J.J. Cale, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, The artist formerly known as Prince (the latter should type in SYMBOLS), George Harrison, Roger McGuinn. Applications are invited to fill the positions sadly vacated by Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Lowell George. 5) Try to avoid comments along the lines of ‘those who know’ / ‘we know’ / ‘those who don’t know / X doesn’t know’ These suggest the existence of a secret freemasonry of arcane Band knowledge unless supported by a REASON or a REFERENCE (see above). While such a society may indeed exist and even have secret handshakes, the existence of such unshared knowledge will not help the GENERAL READER. The exeception to talking about KNOWING is for postings by Carlos Castaneda, where a specific meaning has been assigned to KNOWING

Mon Jun 22 10:36:37 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

Dan Blood, I'm 100% behind you on the guitar angle. As a struggling guitarist myself (cement fingers) I know if I could play well it would be with a certain sense of grace ala Robbie. Speed never impressed me. As a loyal soldier I implore you to rethink your position on Gen. Wayne. I assure you I would go through hell for that man! That's all for now. From deep inside the bunker of love, Cosmo.

Mon Jun 22 06:35:29 MET DST 1998


From: long way from anywhere

i thought the robbie robertson behind the music vh1 thing was interesting...but um...yeah...i'd say he's a bit unappreciative of what the rest of the members of the band ever did for his career...sure, he may have wrote the songs...but without the voices to carry them...they may have well stayed on paper forever.....i think perhaps that he needs to come down from "planet hollywood" and remember the rest of the band.....sure, they had some turbulant times...but damn...they made some great music that should always be remembered...they can forget about the bad times...but just remember the music...that's all that matters.

Mon Jun 22 06:34:13 MET DST 1998


From: long way from anywhere

i thought the robbie robertson behind the music vh1 thing was interesting...but um...yeah...i'd say he's a bit unappreciative of what the rest of the members of the band ever did for his career...sure, he may have wrote the songs...but without the voices to carry them...they may have well stayed on paper forever.....i think perhaps that he needs to come down from "planet hollywood" and remember the rest of the band.....sure, they had some turbulant times...but damn...they made some great music that should always be remembered...they can forget about the bad times...but just remember the music...that's all that matters.

Mon Jun 22 05:51:52 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

I do this often ... have another two cents to add. Who was it that said, "you wouldn't know a diamond if you held it in your hand?"

Serge: that clean air is BAD for U.

Mon Jun 22 05:45:48 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Cosmo and John Wayne wannabee: youse guys are ok but stay away from Randy Newman and those big ideas.

RR is a FANTASTIC guitar player!!

Remember, that he figured out how to play that thang and fit in nicely with the piano, organ, horns, mandolin, fiddle, clavinet etc. For The Band, no other "style, temperment or ego" would have worked. Furthermore, many lead guitarists cannot play rythym guitar. Robbie seemed to handle both easily.

Lastly, I like a guitar player who doesn't play guitar "cliches". Cliches aren't genuine expression. I wanna hear somebody say something different and unique. RR does that always.

Mon Jun 22 03:00:42 MET DST 1998

Jim the General (the real general)

From: the house next door

I second the opinion expressed ny Tony LoBue about the upcoming CD and tour, if any. Let's face it---if these guys feel like I do in the morning (I'm the same age), they are well entitled to perform as little or as much as they like. They owe us nothing at this point, having given their all for so many years. I'll be grateful for any crumbs that fall off their table at this point.

Mon Jun 22 02:55:44 MET DST 1998


From: the freedom trail

General, I asure you I am not a commie, spy, sierra club member or neil diamond fan. But I must confess I have been known to sing along to FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS! I am open to any and all methods to have that one and only black mark weaned from my system. I await your intelligence unit and their investigation. READY TO LOCK AND LOAD AND ROCK AND ROLL,COSMO.

Mon Jun 22 02:30:21 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: West Point Officer's Club

Cosmo: (if that's your real name, we're running a check on you now even as we speak) It would make me proud to serve with you providing you're not a spy, dirty commie, Sierra Club member, or a Neil Diamond fan.

Our life consists of maintaining a status quo with the Amused Army from the north. If they say black, we say get the idea. He really ticks us off, so we get him back by leveling his doghouse in his backyard, stuff like that. We have just received word that he bought a cat.

If you pass the blood initiation, you too can be one us blood thirst morons with a finger on THE button.

Mon Jun 22 01:50:32 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

to Peter Viney: I agree with you that RR is a distinctive guitarist and whether you like the guy or not you gotta give him that. I'm not a musician myself but over the years I have always been able to pick up his playing on a disk before I read the credits and not once been wrong. To Train: CBS Sunday morning was interesting because Robbie took Cassandra Wilson back to Big Pink which is now a record or book store. They walked around the basement and talked about the setup of the instrumental settup all those years ago. Also they showed part of the upcoming documentary "Making a Noise" Great stuff!

Mon Jun 22 01:26:07 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

In regards to your call to arms General John Wayne, are you in the need of volunteers? I am experienced in all facets of jungle warfare and stealth like infiltration. If you decide that nukes could harm innocent civilians, feel free to depend on my services. It would be an honor to serve under your command! But first and formost I hope that all peaceful negotiations be examined. If all else fails - nuke em all ! hoping for peace and love, cosmo

Mon Jun 22 00:23:52 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell

Wayne, I received your unbelievable list, I am impressed, E Mail me and I let you know what we can do, just received the new Van, Philosphers Stone, Quite a gem Don

Sun Jun 21 23:39:43 MET DST 1998


From: London...the one in Canada, where the air is clean!

Mr. Crow...I agree with every single word you said in your last entry. You should know! Don't pay any mind to Viney's opinions. He just doesn't know, and ignorance is bliss. My personal thought about RR is that there's nothing sadder than a middle-aged man who refuses to grow old gracefully (like a good wine), but chooses to carry on like a buffoon and attempts to impress the guillible for the sake of a buck.

Now, is that enough fodder to get things rolling on this web site, and get some fresh blood to participate..???

Sun Jun 21 22:40:54 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

I agreed with much of what 'the crow' said. BUT I would take issue with these lines: " Robbie as a guitarist? C'mon, he's a talented musician, but certainly not a significant guitarist." This is the fourth or fifth time in a year I've heard guitarists making similar comments. They seem to think that because they can technically reproduce what Robbie does, then they're on the same level. Many fine actors have interpreted the "to be or not to be" speech from Hamlet, but that does not make them Shakespeare. How are you judging Robbie? He's not as fast as Alvin Lee or John McLaughlin (or at least he hasn't tried to record himself in a notes per minute contest). He's not as innovative as Hendrix, but what's that got to do with anything? As Robbie has said, he'd got all the killer solo "jockstraps and feedback" stuff out of his system before they even started BIG PINK. Robbie is a totally distinctive guitarist with an instantly recognisable sound. The strength of his guitar work with The Band was that it was always complementary to the ensemble. If you look back at the stuff with Hawkins and Dylan you can catch him while he was young enough to care about showing off. Ask Eric Clapton or George Harrison if they think Robbie is a "significant guitarist"- their praise has been public. FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD or WHO DO YOU LOVE? is there for those who want demonstrable soloing. For myself, I'm going to listen to his version of CRAZY LOVE with Aaron Neville instead. You immediately know it's him. It's under-stated. Restrained. Andy Gill reviewed it as his "death by a thousand cuts" guitar playing. And you all know the Dylan quote too well for me to type it again.

Sun Jun 21 20:15:27 MET DST 1998


From: Austin

Missed CBS Sunday Morning today (6/21). Anyone wishing to post a run-down, their opinion, etc., of what was presented about RR would be appreciated. Have a great day!

Sun Jun 21 14:53:52 MET DST 1998

Tony LoBue

From: Long Island

The Band’s new CD is coming out soon. I spoke with Rick on Friday, according to him it has a tentative release date of Sep. 15th. From what I have learned (not from Rick) there will not be a full blown tour. Maybe Carnegie Hall, just talk at this time. The new CD will have high profile TV and Radio coverage and they may tour some of the local venues they have been playing in for the past few years. My personal feeling is that they are just not up to big tours. Both Levon and Rick are doing what they want and after 30 years I think they deserve it. I for one will take The Band any way I can get them either one at a time or all of them. I think most of us feel that way. How about the extraordinary talent of Maria Spinosa and Aaron Horwitz, they both add something very special to the organization as well as George Lembesis behind the scene.

Sun Jun 21 11:26:30 MET DST 1998


From: New York

How come no talk from the talk house? Would love to hear how Rick's show went there Friday night. And Long Islanders out there want to tell a former Long Islander what she missed?

Sun Jun 21 07:02:08 MET DST 1998

Cassidy Taylor

From: Atlanta, GA

Wonderful coverage on VH-1 last night. I've always been a fan musically, but had not seen Robbie Robertson for a few years....nice to see he's still extremely good looking.

Sun Jun 21 05:26:43 MET DST 1998

Dennis Banks

From: Onondaga Nation Reservation

Robbie, I bet you dont even know who I am! I think you are milking the cow of the Native Americans as a trendy thing to do. Contact Ron Doctor in Skaneateles, NY and help him out with the cause for the Iroquois team!!! Maybe you could do the right thing!

Sun Jun 21 05:01:38 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House next Door

Nice post from "The Crow." Let it be the final exclamation point on our Robbie/Levon speculation for a while. Crow, if I read correctly through your thinly disguised alias, you're a fine guitar player in your own right, and a significant contributor in recent years to the ongoing saga of The Band and it's offshoots. How's Levon's health? Don't want to pry, just want the man to know a lot of us care about him out here. And you take care of yourself and keep up the great work. Thanks for the Souvenir

Sun Jun 21 01:28:59 MET DST 1998

the crow

From: ulster county. ny

Phew...the old guestbook is gettin' kinda' warm again. Thats a good thing I think. I'm glad people have strong opinions about this subject, I do too. What makes a band a band? I think it's when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This was definately the case with the original band. for whatever reasons, these 5 people at that time were able to create some of the most heartfelt and enduring music ever recorded and I applaud them for it. The new band with Jimmy, Randy & Richard Bell is somewhat derivitive of the old sound and thats fine. Jaime seems to want to distance himself from his real musical roots and I think thats fine too. I'm not a fan of his new stuff but it's healthy to streatch one's musical imagination in new directions. Robbie as a guitarist? C'mon, he's a talented musician, but certainly not a significant guitarist. Someone said a while back that He sounded soulful on the old Band tracks. The soul of a band is a difficult thing to measure. I have always felt that if a group of musicians sounds better together than they do individualy, there is something intangible there that is beautiful. I think this is the case with the original Band. The whole was definately greater than the sum of it's parts. I've worked as a professional musician for 28 years and I know how rarely this occurs and how difficult it is to hold on to it. I for one, will always be glad that I was able to experience their music and have it effect my life in a positive way. The past is over. Levon and Robbie's "feud" is their own personal business and no amount of conjecture or backbiting or whatever is going to make one iota of diffrence in the big picture. As far as who really wrote the songs? I don't know ,but I'm glad someone wrote them because they left the world a richer place. God bless The Band. in whatever configuration.

Sun Jun 21 01:18:35 MET DST 1998


From: ny

Jan, where's the chat room????

Sun Jun 21 01:17:22 MET DST 1998


From: ny


Sun Jun 21 01:11:49 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

yo j.croce- i'm greek and i swear i'm not hairy ! although i must confess i know a few who are !!!! hey john , did you get my email ? let me know my friend . levon vs. robbie , here we go again ! ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE , cosmo

Sun Jun 21 00:48:59 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Regarding the comments of one Nick Asara of Tuxedo Park. Consider the source. On June 18th he posts to the site hinting that The Band will be at Carnegie Hall on 8/22. I think this same hairy Greek started any earlier false rumor of The Band @ Carnegie Hall.

Sat Jun 20 23:35:58 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

Didn't see the vh1 special in question, but a thought comes to my mind (Amazing!) While the cat's (Jan) away the mice (some of us?) will play!

Sat Jun 20 23:25:18 MET DST 1998

Captain Courage

hey partners what's this about the Band to the RnRoll Hall of Fame about? Could someone explain that please. THis Helm/Robertson feud is sure heating up. People take this very personal. Anyway, great site. Anyone have the Band at woodstock 69? (the full set).

Sat Jun 20 20:14:14 MET DST 1998

Typically Canadian

Nick Asara:

I tried to send this to you privately but your email address is either a typo or a fake. Using a fake name m myself, I have no place to judge, but my email address is real:

Well, I hope your entry on the Guestbook served the purpose you had hoped for. I, for one, am not angry, I feel sorry. Now, you will say that the guestbook entry was your opinion and you are entitled to it, and, yes, you are right. I just wonder why you would feel it necessary to express such a negative opinion on the g.b. of a site dedicated to The Band. I would have posted this on the Guestbook, but I thought it was best to email you privately. Don't bother responding.

Sat Jun 20 19:52:38 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA.

Got a whole new range of pimples on my bottom due to 4 plus hours in front of the VH-1 specials on the tube last night. Commercials alone exceeded an hour!! The whole thing was darn near as long as the Last Waltz itself.

My wife's comment was, you already know all of this a 1000 times over.

We do, don't we, but then there's always that little tid bit of something extra that we didn't know, and we watch and wait for it. Last night offered plenty of that.

I liked the way Dylan was put into the Robbie special, how they sat down and wrote together.(Wonder if Robbie thinks he should get CREDIT for some of those songs?) Robbie said that nobody but Bob, NOBODY in Bob's camp, liked the idea of The Band backing Dylan, but Bob himself.

Didn't know about Leah Hicks Manning being dead and the way she died being questionable. I love her song that opens Redboy. And I wondered what she was singing in the lyric. She is singing about walking by a mountain stream.

Robbie's comment over the copyright debate: the guys helped interpret the songs he wrote, that was their JOB as musicians. The atmosphere back then was loose and collaborative, but I believe Robbie when he says all the songs with his name on them were written exclusively by him. All you have to do is listen to the rest of the boys speak and you'll know that they couldn't articulate a good lyric the way RR could, and still does, by the way. The core melody and chord changes of those songs could have either been written simultaneously, prior to, or after the lyric and this could be that 'grey' area in dispute.

Martin S., the film maker, could hardly get a word in edgewise while the two sat in easy chairs and recalled behind the scenes stories about the WALTZ. (I was pretty tired of Robbie's voice by the end of it!)

Of interest, Martin said that Woodstock defined rock movies, and that what he was looking for in the WALTZ were close ups of all the communication nuances that take place between musicians on stage.

I haven't seen the WALTZ in a while but it appeared to be re-edited, scenes were switched around. Am I wrong?

Also, therer's a lot more of Rick and Levon in it than I remember but still not enough Richard or Garth.

Twenty years is long time. A lot of living and dying can be done in that time. The WALTZ is a fantastic record/documentary/celebration. And it was a great idea to get RR and Scorcese to elaborate about it's making.

Sat Jun 20 19:31:18 MET DST 1998

Dave Mason

From: Cody, Wyoming

Where has all the really good music gone? The Band is truly one of the all time best! Remember visionaries thunder man will sieze the day. The lie - many on its pathway.

Sat Jun 20 19:22:54 MET DST 1998


From: Ft. Wash, PA

Re my previous post. I really don't think Robbie is a punk. It's just very annoying to watch him diss The Band by omission. Maybe I identify with the Levon/Robbie split too much since mt ex-bestfriend and I have spoken in eight years. Best to all, can't wait for the new album.

Sat Jun 20 19:22:52 MET DST 1998


From: Ft. Wash, PA

Re my previous post. I really don't think Robbie is a punk. It's just very annoying to watch him diss The Band by omission. Maybe I identify with the Levon/Robbie split too much since mt ex-bestfriend and I have spoken in eight years. Best to all, can't wait for the new album.

Sat Jun 20 18:17:15 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Peter Viney: Thought your post was well thought out, but because you said you didn't catch the VH1 special, I'd like to mention one thing. Robbie Said that "Fallen Angel" was not written for Richard. He had already written the song and was in the process of recording it when he heard about Richard's death. Anyone who saw the special can attest to this. Just thought you'd like to know

Sat Jun 20 17:58:13 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: Pentagon

Just a thought, but I believe we could strafe, nape and level Tuxedo Park, not impact the lake or the laurel, and all be home by supper.

Sat Jun 20 17:40:44 MET DST 1998

john cina

Ok, ok.....First and foremost, Robbie, Levon, Garth, Richard and Rick are Human Beings. Human beings make mistakes. How would you feel if someone pointed out all your mistakes and judged you coldly for it? It would not be pleasent in the least. Let them make their own mistakes, without slapping them in the face for it. They ALL got into music for the joy it gave them, and in turn, gave us. Let's enjoy that. And use this guestbook as a tool to converse with each other, rather then argue. Don't mean to be preaching, but seriously....... I too (as previous posts will tell you) have also gotten into the judging their mistakes, and so forth. Sometimes one can't help but share their feelings about a certain subject. But this constant back and foth bickering is pointless. C'mon, let's talk about the music for once, huh? Thanks for your time..... ~john.

Sat Jun 20 17:32:41 MET DST 1998

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

A little context re; Robbie's no-show at Richard's funeral might be helpful for some newcomers here. Mr. Robertson wasn't just expected to attens, he was being counted on to deliver the eulogy. No, I don't know the man. Wouldn't ant to.

Sat Jun 20 17:00:57 MET DST 1998


From: melrose,ma.

nick- i'll give you one example of creative inspiration- LEVON ! no LEVON , no THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN . the song never would have been written . i'm sure you don't understand that but i know my fellow BAND brothers and sisters do. and how about robbie's fake singing at the LAST WALTZ ? i'm not knocking lost robbie but i'll take the current BAND lineup and it's MUSIC over robbie's repetetive talk singing any day . i love robbie for his songwritting , rick levon and richard for their wonderful singing and garth for his beautiful musicianship . five EQUALS all unique and contributing to the greater good . a true TEAM in every sense of the word ! don't for one second discount the other four members .

Sat Jun 20 16:41:04 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

Ah. The Guestbook’s getting hot again, with the usual topic inflaming opinions. Thanks to Lars Perdersen for an intelligent, reasoned response, coupled with a very telling simile about two friends fighting. The polarization issue is one I’ve often mentioned. You can see the allegedly rival camps in two previous TV programmes later issued on laser disc. "From The Band to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" is the version according to Robbie, while "The Authorized Video Biography" is the Gospel According to Levon. I missed the VH1 piece. Those who are Robbie’s age or approaching Robbie’s age could look at it this way. The last Band involvement he had was in the LAST WALTZ film. That came out TWENTY years ago. Look back on your life. Surely the last twenty years have to be the most personally relevant? For Robbie Robertson, twenty years of filmscores and solo albums stretch back. He has participated in programmes and radio interviews focussing on The Band, but he’s had his own independent creative life too. I’ve never seen why so many of us take up positions for one perceived side or the other. I repeat what I posted months ago. The story of bands tends to come down to two individuals in conflict – Jagger v Richard; Lennon v McCarney; Stills v Young; Crosby v McGuinn; Ray Davies v Dave Davies; Simon v Garfunkel … right up to Noel Gallagher v Liam Gallagher . It seems that we (the consumers) like to impose this template wherever we can. The Band were five individuals, not two conflicting ones, Robertson v Helm. Their greatness, it goes without saying, is a combination of five, not the sparks of a duel. And I’m not going to set myself up as judge and jury on why a man I’ve never met didn’t attend a funeral. We don’t know and it’s not our business. He surely wrote a superb and moving song about Richard, and performed it with the assistance of Garth Hudson. That was his public message for our consumption. "I don’t believe it’s all for nothing It’s not just written in the sand Sometimes I thought you felt too much And you crossed into the shadowland" …and "If you’re out there, can you touch me? Can you see me? I don’t know If you’re out there, can you reach me? Lay a flower in the snow."

Sat Jun 20 16:38:52 MET DST 1998


From: Ft. Wash, PA

Well, RR showed his true colors last night. He never met a camera he didn't like. As fantastic a guitarist as he is, he's been a Hollywood wannabe punk for the last 20 years. Watching him pretend to conduct the Band at the Last Waltz make me sick. The musical director for The Last Waltz was John Simon - who does he work with now? Levon, Rick & Garth, not RR. And I know RR wrote some great songs, but does anybody believe HE wrote Chest Fever.

Sat Jun 20 15:27:09 MET DST 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Upstate NY

Nick Asara: I know I could answer your last entry by private e-mail, but since it was transmitted throughout the world via Jan's website, I thought an open rebuttal was in order.

First of all, I think you are out of order in telling us "Bandheads" what we should do and how we should think. And I, for one, like to visit the past and remember the Band when they were young, bound together by their music, and one of the best bands in the world. And I enjoy watching the present Band and their individual configurations (the Crowmatix, the Gurus, Danko & Hurowitz) whenever I can. To me it's all one musical entity not to be missed.

I've always been puzzled why people feel the need to trash the very people who give us so much pleasure with their music. This includes Robbie. They are ALL good people who gave us all they could give. In your own life, Nick, if you had two good friends fighting, would you want the first one to kill the second one, or the second one to kill the first one,.....or would you just want them just to stop fighting?

I have no venomous remarks for you, Nick. I just don't agree with you. And I hope the boys don't "hang up their rock n roll shoes" for a long time. God bless the Band.

Sat Jun 20 15:15:57 MET DST 1998

Nick Tovo

From: Italy

Nick Asara- You are truly a horses ass and epitomize Idiocy. You prove this in your ignorant comments. If you can't realize that Hudson, Danko,Helm and Manuel were vital contributors to the excellence of the Band, then you're even stupider than you sound. I've never written this page with so much uncontrolled venom until I read your comments. Your the one who needs to get real, put on "Jericho", and then ask yourself what's what. I'll bet you have'nt even listened to it. I've listened to both that and robbie's overproduced slop and the answer is obvious: The Band as a unit are better than RR solo. Oh yeah and Richard Manuel could sing his ass of until the day he died, hoarse throat and all. Don't you ever forget it Asara, you moron.

Sat Jun 20 15:10:48 MET DST 1998

My opinion again

From: A Band Fan

Mr.Asara: The gospel according to whom? Most of that VH1 joke last night was about the past. I have no problem with the "new" RR if that's your thing, but since he chose to talk about the past, I think he could've at the very least been fair. There were 5 members of The Band, all of equal value and importance. It never was just Robbie and the boys.

Sat Jun 20 14:36:40 MET DST 1998

Nick Asara

From: Tuxedo, NY

My 2 cents: I think all you "Band Heads" should get real. What JRR said about him being the creative force behind the Band is the truth, la veridad, the gospel. Let's look at the rest of em, (Poor)Richard a great voice but a druggie. Rick a FAT convicted druggie. And as for the collective bunch they haven't done anything of any quality since THE LAST WALTZ. As the Beatles said, "Let it Be." Maybe these has beens should just "hang up their rock n roll shoes." While JRR is a bit arrogant, at least he has a cause and is being true to his music -- good music too. The rest of em, the so called "band" are just waitin. And as for ou Bann Heads my advice to you all is stop living in the past. Be here now. Peace.

Sat Jun 20 13:54:40 MET DST 1998

Just My Opinion

From: A Band Fan

I too was very disappointed in the VH1 Behind the Music special last night. In my opinion, Robbie came off as very self serving and full of himself. There are 4 very important reasons why anyone even knows who Robbie is. Richard, Rick, Levon, and Garth. I got the impression he's all but forgotten that.

Songwriting genuius and guitar playing aside, I find it hard to respect a man who has no respect for where he came from. The previous posts that refer to his absence from Richard Manuel's funeral very much make me wonder about just how sincere this man really is. Can any of you Robbie fans enlighten me as to the justification for his blatant act of selfishness there? And please don't tell me he "had the flu". If he cared at all about Richard, he would've been there no matter what. The small tribute to Richard, a man who deserved so much more, was way too little, way too late.

Sat Jun 20 12:29:49 MET DST 1998

Jake Holman

From: San Pablo

VH1 Behind the Music

Another puff piece, self tribute to the man, the legend in his own mind Robbie Robertson. He couldn't get Rick or Garth to say a few kind words, forget Levon. Robbie doesn't explain his failure to show up at Richard's funeral.

Everybody else was coked up but old Robbie. They held him back.

I said it before but it bear's repeating now that the Hollywood millionaire is slumming and rediscovering his roots; you did a hatchet job on the boys. You owe an apology to all of them. Hope the boys applied for unemployment insurance after their employer fired them since The Band was merely Robbie's house band.

Sat Jun 20 11:45:24 MET DST 1998


From: My Easy Chair

John Cina: It seems to me that Robbie gave the ultimate "F.U." to his former Band mates when he didn't show up at Richard's funeral. "Bad Bad move. Poor judgement".

Sat Jun 20 09:31:55 MET DST 1998


From: KY

Very entertaining site....Maybe I can find some genuine sympathy here--my cable company replaced VH1 with some vomitous channel called MUCH--(should be called MUSH!)--just in time to cheat me out of seeing the Robbie/Band/Last Waltz special! I feel SO cheated! I feel this "replacement" must compel me to go "with satillite", can I get an amen? Anyway, when I recover from this unfortunate act of timing/insensitive cable-weasle programing, I will slide Robbie into the CD player to "fog the mind and stir the soul"..........S...........

Sat Jun 20 07:35:44 MET DST 1998

JoHn cInA

From: New York

I have to agree with Tracy. VH1 did an amazing job on the R.R. Docu. Very much a deeper look into life that surrounds all those involved with The Band and beyond. First time I've ever seen Robbie share his feelings about the death of Richard. Also, i have to say that, with ALL respect, but Levon is being a baby. Huh?? not showing up at the RnR Hall of Fame?? Bad, bad move. Poor judgment. A big "F.U." to his former band mates (differences with Robbie or not) and to his fans. But with that aside, i respect the guy on the highest level. Great job VH1! Thanks for opening up Robbie! (heh) ~john

Sat Jun 20 05:22:05 MET DST 1998

Brian H

From: Long Island

Can anyone Help me locate Rick Danko"s concert location for august in Hicksville Ny.There is no listing for Hicksville Commons anywhere ,thanks in advance. Brian

Sat Jun 20 05:07:53 MET DST 1998

Brian H

Can anyone Help me locate Rick Danko"s concert location for august in Hicksville Ny.There is no listing for Hicksville Commons anywhere ,thanks in advance. Brian

Sat Jun 20 02:53:48 MET DST 1998

TD Bear

From: Joshua's

Nick don't be a di..k. No Band 8/22. Hey RR, why you no show for Richard's funeral?

Sat Jun 20 02:51:54 MET DST 1998


From: (from the den)
Home page:

Just finished watching VH-1's "Behind The Music-Robbie Robertson." Let me just say, I am in awe (yes, I'll wait for your hate mail.) This was very indepth. I didn't expect to see this as a Band documentary (tomatoes anyone?) This covered everything! The pictures were great! The given testimony from Jonathan Taplin who IS an insider to all that happened was compelling. (Thinking of this, if Robbie were to come out with a book on his time with The Band, Taplin would be the perfect person to help him. ::::waiting for more tomatoes::: This documentary showed how human Robbie is. I really admire Robbie and Dominique for staying together for the time that they have. The footage of the FBI shootout on Leonard Peltier and testimony of John Trudell talking about the tragedy of his late mother in-law, Leah-Hicks Manning, along with his wife and children was something in itself. (I actually got to meet Mr.Trudell at the NAMAs) Robbie is a GREAT musician, songwriter,.....and most of all human being. This is an absolute must for fans of the guitarist. Chock-full of wonderful footage from beginning to end. Of course they showed a little bit of Levon. Definately a GREAT documentary! VH-1 did wonderfully with this one! I thank my cable company for letting me have VH-1! Also just to let you know, will have Robbie as their feature artist from June 20th to July 3rd. Look for my link to the den over there! Bye-bye!

Sat Jun 20 02:45:52 MET DST 1998


From: My Easy Chair

I have to agree with Jake Holman about Robbie Robertson's VH1 appearance. What kind of self righteous, pompous stuff was that anyway? Anyone else notice how he managed to depict the other Band members as nothing more than drunken, drugged out morons - incapable of making a move without his guidance? Frankly - he makes me sick.

Sat Jun 20 01:19:16 MET DST 1998

Jake Holman

From: San Pablo

Pardon the pun but one helluva hatchet job , Robbie. As a musician/songwriter a genius; as a human being, you suck!

Sat Jun 20 01:06:34 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

For RR fans: The movie Carny is on Bravo (Toronto) tonight at 9 pm. Sorry this is such short notice but I just found out myself!

Fri Jun 19 23:30:09 MET DST 1998

Angelo Ruiz

From: Brooklyn,new york city

LUV the band since i was at that watkins glen concert i came to see the dead and the allman brothers but was nicly moved by there music i cant wait to see the reuion of the night hawks with ronnie hawkins and the return of robbie robertson....peace and god luv the BAND

Fri Jun 19 23:19:46 MET DST 1998

Mike Nomad

Sorry for the errors in the preceding post. I guess I shouldn't QuarkXpress fonts for quotations marks and the like.

Fri Jun 19 23:10:03 MET DST 1998

Mike Nomad

From: Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.

Watching Robbie on the Snyder show Thursday night, I was struck by what I perceived to be his ³de-Canadianization² over time. I refer to his use of the U.S.-style ³reservation² for ³reserve;² declining to geographically locate Six Nations for Snyder¹s TV audience (somewhere in Montana, I guess) and never completely identifying the city (Toronto) that beckoned to him as a teenager, even when invited to do so by Snyder. On the show, Robbie recalled how the Hawks would perform the honkytonk nightclub circuit from ³Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.² Canada, eh? Gee, that covers a lot of ground. But I assumed that was simply the Malibuized Robbie, the Scorcese-ized Robbie, or whatever. I know, I know. I¹m being a little supercritical here, and I¹m sorry. I sure hope, however, that Robbie squares all this in that PBS documentary later this summer.

Fri Jun 19 22:11:04 MET DST 1998

John Cina

From: New York

Hello to everyone! Can't wait to see the VH-1 show tonight, and i bet you all can't wait either. I have a quick question...... Does anyone have "The Complete Last Waltz"?? If so, i will GLADLY pay for ALL expences of sending blank tapes to you, and back to me, if someone would pleeease tape it for me. Dying to have it! Thanks....bye everyone =O) ~john

Fri Jun 19 21:57:24 MET DST 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Thanks to everyone for the heads-up on the VH-1 Last Waltz showing tonight. Being VCR-less, I've been waiting for years for this to come around on TV. Can't wait! I was just reading some of the Last Waltz interviews on the VH-1 site that David Powell brought to our attention. I found this excerpt from Rob Fraboni's interview particularly fascinating:

The live album was mixed at Shangri-La. So, what was going on was we had four studios going. At the concert, the Wally Hyder remote truck hooked the power up to the wrong place, and they hooked up to where the lights were hooked up and every time that the lights went up full, the voltage dropped to the truck and certain tracks started to hum and it happened to be the organ tracks. So Garth had to redo his part. What Garth did was he. . .he. . . he actually went in and charted out note for note everything he played. Listened to the live tapes, wrote out everything he played and played it again. Took him two months to do what he did in five hours.

Amazing, isn't it? And if it took a genius like Garth "two months to do what he did in five hours", just think how long it would take us ordinary mortals! Have a nice weekend, all.

Fri Jun 19 20:12:49 MET DST 1998

Kris Pancoast

From: PA

To coattail on what Philip from from Tulsa wrote on 6/18, John Hiatt is a very under-rated singer/songwriter. Actually, he & Nanci Griffith are gonna be doing a show near me on 8/1 (along with Jimmie Dale Gilmore - who opened for the Band when I saw them @ 1994, The Radiators, Dar Williams and more). I'm really looking forward to that show. Also, I must agree with Luis - Jeffrey Gaines is also well worth your time. I may get his new album, but "Hero In Me" is a must-have. ("Headmasters of Mind" is a great song!)

I've seen recent guestbook entries mentioning a lot of newer names (ie Patty Larkin, Jeffrey Gaines). It's nice to see that there is so much new good music coming out (with or without any of The Band members guidance). Please, don't get me wrong - I LOVE THE BAND!! It's just nice to see other people noticing some of the new music I'm into too!

I also saw the Late Late show with Tom Snyder last night. Why did they let Suzanne Somers ramble on about an elephant, taking up some of Robbie's time? Too short, but it was a nice interview. Looking forward to tonights VH-1 special. Thanks John Donabie & David Powell for the web address to read more about it.

Just wanted to say Thanks to Serge, John Donabie, Chris & Gail Bell and all the others who've shared their remembrances with all of us. (Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone - just going off the top of my head). I've been a fan for a long time, but don't know nearly as much as you do about them. It's great to hear all the stories. Well, I've rambled on enough now. Peace.

Fri Jun 19 17:41:21 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Robbie Robertson confirmed last night on the Late Late Show that the Makin' A Noise PBS special will be aired on August 14th. Great interview last night, but unfortunately, there was no time to go to the phones.

Reminder: Martin Scorsese and Robbie will be telling stories tonight about the Last Waltz during VH-1's 20th anniversary showing of the movie. There will be an hour special on Robertson which will air befor and after the movie. Happy Father's Day!

Fri Jun 19 14:21:13 MET DST 1998

Freddy the Funk

From: "Waters much Dried Away" (Iroquois)

TO PEPPER: Thanks for the accolades but I'm not Fred Funk the golfer. Im Fred Funk the fisherman.. My instrument of choice would be ZEBCO not TITELIST.. Although I have aspired on many occasions to meet the Band I haven't to date. I do know a couple of guys that have at times been close to the band.. I am fascinated with your discussion with BUNDY on the topic of the great creator.. Could this really be Robbie?? I was under the assumption that it was most likely Rick.. On the other hand it also could be Bill Clinton and we do not yet know "he whole story".

Fri Jun 19 08:25:59 MET DST 1998

tom brand

From: amsterdam the netherlands

I very much enjoyed the article on the comlete last waltz. My compliments, does anybody now if it is available in the netherlands ? Please let me know. Greetings, tom Brand

Fri Jun 19 08:24:31 MET DST 1998

tom brand

From: amsterdam the netherlands

I very much enjoyed the article on the comlete last waltz. My compliments, does anybody now if it is available in the netherlands ? Greetings, tom Brand

Fri Jun 19 02:41:09 MET DST 1998

Tony LoBue

From: Long Island

I was just checking out the VH1 site and reading all about The Last Waltz special. I have been following The Band since 1970. I was under the impression that Levon, Richard, Rick and Garth were also there but I must be wrong because there is no mention of them by Robertson, Scorsese or VH1. hm....................... Hope to see all of you at The Talkhouse tomorrow night. (Danko Show)

Fri Jun 19 01:38:18 MET DST 1998


From: the northeast

To my dad (marvinGarden) on fathers day!!! Hope this year will be great!!! Love Your Daughter, Michelle P.S. Remember "It makes no differnce" A will always love u

Fri Jun 19 01:28:05 MET DST 1998


Hope my dad (Marvin Gardens) has a wonderful fathers day Your daughter, Mush P.S. "Lets move to Japan"

Fri Jun 19 00:54:30 MET DST 1998

tiny Montgomery

From: out west

Robbie on The Late Late Show w/Tom Synder. This could be highly entertaining! Maybe The Hawk will call in!

Thu Jun 18 23:28:58 MET DST 1998

DicK Pepper

From: The North Forty

John, thanks for story...I heard it before too but obviously from a different person than you. Your version was defintiely not the "Gospel according to Rick version". Let's switch the topic to Keith Moon (who in his words, "was the best Keith Moon style drummer in the world). There are some funny KM stories from the days in Malibu. Fred Funk is a helluva golfer by the for his name....and up and comer! Maybe the Jimmy Weider of golf!

Thu Jun 18 23:27:17 MET DST 1998

Rob Ambrosino

From: Paramount Pictures
Home page:

The band is cool. The time is now.

Thu Jun 18 22:57:51 MET DST 1998

Nick Asara

From: Tuxedo, NY

Is there any truth to a rumour my friend told me about that has the Band playing @ Carnegie Hall on August 22nd?

Thu Jun 18 21:27:37 MET DST 1998


From: East of Syracuse; West of Chittenango

TO BONES: On behalf of Dick Pepper and Freddy the Funk the simple fact that you can even understand half of what we're talkin about is an amazing feat. You are truly gifted...

Thu Jun 18 21:01:36 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I posted some information a few days ago that is worth repeating: the new Band album is currently scheduled to be released on Sept. 15 with John Hiatt guesting.

To John Donabie and David Powell: Thanks for the info on the Robbie Robertson/Last Waltz VH-1 website. We have missed hearing from you, David. Sorry for your computer troubles.

Thanks also to John from Penna for the funny Mae West/Rick Danko story. I had never heard that before.

To Dick Pepper, Bundy, and Freddy Funk: Your posts are fascinating, but I don't understand half of what you're saying.

Thanks also to Barry Drake for clearing up the "Jabberwocky" thing.

Thu Jun 18 20:24:38 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto


John, "I ran across something that might be of interest to you regarding the Last Waltz. In conjunction with the showing of its Robbie Robertson special followed by The Last Waltz this coming Friday, VH-1 has put an interesting web page on line at: Included are interviews with Robertson & Scorsese and most interesting of all, an interview with recording engineer Rob Fraboni who worked on the movie soundtrack. Fraboni reveals a lot of information about the set up at Shangri-La studios, the filming of the movie & the various problems encountered in preparing the soundtrack for release. According to Fraboni, he also helped Robertson compile & fix up the Basement tapes for official release. Great inside stuff. You may want to pass this information along to others via the guestbook-I'm still unable to post entries there." David has been having trouble with his server at work and can only read entries & not post them.

Sony Music just that their convention in Greece and I understand that the Dylan Manchester Live Concert could be delayed by one month. The good news is that Bob is looking at re-releasing his first four albums with tracks that have not been heard officially before; or maybe not at all.

Thu Jun 18 19:52:59 MET DST 1998


From: Afghanistan

Soeaking of Ringo Starr, did anyone catch the LAMEST interview EVER on Larry King Live last night? Jesus! What the hell is Larry King doing on television?


Thu Jun 18 15:47:54 MET DST 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto


Thu Jun 18 15:38:40 MET DST 1998


From: penna

RE: Mae West and the Band. True story about Rick Danko meeting Mae. A meeting of the minds?

There was a party at Ringo Starr's house and Mae was sitting in a room on a pedestal shaped piece of furniture. This party occured soon after Mae made the movie Myra Breckinridge with Danko buddy Keith Moon. Well Rick tells someone he'd like to meet Mae and next thing you know some guy starts yelling at Mae,"This is Rick Danko and he's a great musician,singer and cook". Mae starts groaning to herself and at this point Rick becomes extremely embarrassed to say the least! Rick the funny and lovable guy that he is,drops down to one knee,kisses her hand and says "What are you doing next Tuesday night?" The guy who introduced them yells to Rick "You have to speak up,she's hard of hearing!"

It must have been a hoot,but then maybe you had to be there,eh? If you don't beleive this story,I suggest if you get the chance ask the "Simcoe Sensation" himself!

Thu Jun 18 14:59:55 MET DST 1998



TO: DICK PEPPER: Isn't it true that a famous and venerable member of the band used to live bt McQeen and Moon in Malibu? And isn't it also true that this same band member used to be prone to insomnia and that one night he looked out his window in respose to a perceived raucous and discovered Ali McGraw swimming in his pool scantly clad with a fella by the name of Thomas Yager who had a reputation for womanizing??? Wasn't the entire incident captured on film by a guy named Furn who used to hang at Joyous Lake with Lee Marvin?? Wasn't Lee so inspired by the story as related to him by Furn that he went immediately home and wrote that classic, "IWAS BORN UNDER A WANDERIN STAR" ? Didn't this same song sell millions of copies and inpired numerous musicians and guitar players for the next 20 years including the FAITHKEEPER himself HANDSOME LAKE??? I JUST DON"T KNOW!!!

Thu Jun 18 04:53:51 MET DST 1998

Barry Drake

From: Fleischmanns, NY
Home page:

I'd like to comment on the Band's discography and the misinformation on the 45 RPM single "Jabberwocky" Capitol 2041. That is not a single by The Band but a group called The Bards who recorded the song for Picadilly Records in 1966 and re-released it on Capitol in 1967. Also the correct title of the song is "THE Jabberwocky". I think it was supposed to be a new dance craze???

Thu Jun 18 04:17:43 MET DST 1998


From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Noticed some recent comments about John Hiatt lending vocals and a song to the next Band album. Great! At least "around these parts," Hiatt is one very underappreciated singer/songwriter. His voice will add a nice blend to whatever song he sings with the Band. ( This may be a stretch but his vocal style may be a pleasant reminder of Richard Manuel's incredible voice. ) While on the topic of backup vocals to Band per- formances, outside of Emmy Lou Harris on the "Last Waltz" ( On Evangeline ) I cannot think of any other female vocal. If that were to change in the near future, I think that a vocal from Nanci Griffith would fit just right. Just a thought...

Thu Jun 18 03:52:24 MET DST 1998

Dick Pepper

From: ditto

illigitimate not illiterate..wheres that spell check when you need it!

Thu Jun 18 03:48:34 MET DST 1998

Dick Pepper

From: South of Ontario and North of Woodstock

Joyous Lake was the illitimate daughter of Handsome Lake and French Betty Dupuis. I believe Keith Richards wrote a song about this after stopping in the club named after her in Woodstock. French Betty was a distant relative of Mae West's who used to hang out at Ringo's place in Malibu. Mae used to keep Steve McQueen and Keith Moon up all night while visiting at the house in between them. Now you know the rest of the story!

Thu Jun 18 03:23:45 MET DST 1998

tiny Montgomery

From: out west

Just Wondering: I am talking about "Crossing the great Divide" The Genuine Bootleg Series Take#3 from Scorpio Records! Not the Official Band Box set which was a bit of a dissapiontment as far as rare tracks or unreleased cuts are concerned! The boys are definitely holding out on the good shit! i.e. Port Dover (which I still have yet to find, Pink outtakes which I know exsist and Little Birds Studio '69 plus so much more! There is no reason to hold out when your releasing a box set! So once again the bootleggers come through with the shit for the DIEHARDS! There is nothing like bootlegs, they are the best! Only the COMPLETEST will buy them and these people already have all the "official albums" so the only way the artist lose money is by holding out! I'm sure this comment will start an interesting discusion.

Thu Jun 18 02:36:22 MET DST 1998

stephie stone

From: washington d.c.

does anyone know when the new band c.d. will be out ..... also, any word about when the Cromatix will be in the wash. D.C./Maryland/Virginia areas? glad you are all out there....

Thu Jun 18 01:28:02 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontario

To Tiny Montgomery: Are you refering to "Crossing the Great Divide" or "Across the Great Divide"? There is a 3 cd set available at which is terrific! (59.95 canadian).

Thu Jun 18 00:56:22 MET DST 1998


From: Guaymas Sonora Mexico

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Good evening... Back in '91 or '92, our resident genius and Mountain Man Garth Hudson lent his genius to a young, immensely talented poet/songwriter by the name of Jeffrey Gaines. The results of those sessions are on "Hero in Me", Jeffrey's first record for Chrysalis. I've stayed in contact with Jeffrey since leaving New York and about 3 weeks ago he sent me an advance copy of his new record "GALORE".

On Tuesday, June 23rd., RYKODISC is releasing Jeff's 3rd. effort, "GALORE". Although our Garth is not on this record, David Sancious ("E" Street Band, Sting) is, as are Reeves Gabrels, Gail Ann Dorsey, and Zachary Alford (from David Bowie's touring band.

I would like to ask ALL of you to go out and buy the record, support this artist. Of late, quality poetry, artistry and musicianship have gone out the window when it comes to most of "todays artists". Not so with JG. Give it a listen. If you buy it and you genuinely just don't like it, e-mail me privately, I have a message for you.



Wed Jun 17 22:07:51 MET DST 1998

tiny Montgomery

From: out west

At long last some details are finally escaping from the the "official" Band camp! Sept. 15th, now that's cause for celebration! Just a brief reminder that 'Crossing the Great Divide" is now out of print! If you don't have it yet there is only one copy left a Vinyl Solutions in San Mateo, Ca. (they do mail order) don't miss the boat on these extremely collectable 3 disc set! The Rock of Ages outtakes say it all!

Wed Jun 17 18:58:30 MET DST 1998


From: Farther Upstate than Upstate

TO: Dick Pepper, HOW!! How do you get all of this Iroquois info.? Have You been hangin at SMOKE SIGNALS again? Nedrow Hotel.. WHATS A FAITH KEEPER? I thought all the visitors to this site were faithkeepers??

Wed Jun 17 17:49:10 MET DST 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

Thanks for the recent enquiries Dan Blood, Lil Abner, Jan et al. I'm still here, and still reading the Guestbook, but I've been away for two weeks doing the day job and I don't have a laptop. I'll comment when I feel the need, but nothing has fired me to supply information or comment in the last few weeks. I am enjoying General Wayne and Lil Abner as they appear though. For myself, I've been wondering where David Powell, Pat Brennan, Bill Munson, Chris and Gail Bell and Luis were – I've missed their valuable input. Glad to see John Donabie's still around. There's been an absence of heated argument over recent weeks, but also an absence of healthy debate. But maybe there's just been too little happening to comment on. And at least no one's getting flamed. Here Comes Summer (as Jerry Keller used to say). LARGO is still essential listening here, but I'd urge you all to try out KI YA GRIS GRIS from the new Dr John album, ANUTHA ZONE. Also, the site is very slow and keeps stalling today. My server or the main computer?

Wed Jun 17 15:54:36 MET DST 1998

just wonderin'

From: southwestern ontarioT

Things are very quiet without Jan on this site! Maybe he'll be happy to know he was missed!

Wed Jun 17 14:11:49 MET DST 1998

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Bones: thanks for that exciting news about John Hiatt's involvement in the next CD. The Band has a great history of guest artists (like Van Morrison's duet with Richard on "4% Pantomime") and Hiatt is a perfect match. I've seen John and his band twice in the last year and there's nobody better at writing or performing.

Wed Jun 17 13:23:15 MET DST 1998


From: Boston

What is it -- a full moon????

Wed Jun 17 11:54:31 MET DST 1998


From: My Easy Chair

Anybody ever notice that each time Jan leaves, several key figures are also missing from this guestbook. Coincidence?

Wed Jun 17 07:22:43 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

Where's Viney?

Wed Jun 17 04:32:46 MET DST 1998

Dick Pepper

From: Upstate NY

Actually Oren Lyons is the Faithkeeper not the Chief and Sid Hill who was a member of the 1994 Iroquois World team is the chief. And no I am no Iroquois Lacrosse player (I played against em though). I can get in touch with team representative Bill "King" Solomon or the coach Ron Doctor if Robbie is ready to write the check from all the Native American Music royalties. This is a nice chance to make a nice gesture! I think I will post this just once so as not to annoy people..hint...hint

Tue Jun 16 22:05:49 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I just got the word that John Hiatt will lend vocals and a song to the new Band recording. This is a great match! Hiatt has always claimed that Richard Manuel was one of his favorite singers. On a VH-1 special a few years ago, Hiatt said that the Band's second album is one of the top five albums of all time.

The Hiatt-penned song will be called "Bound By Love". The album still has no title, but it is due out Sept. 15. There will also be a tie-in to the 30th anniversary of the release of Music From Big Pink. Great news!

Tue Jun 16 20:48:10 MET DST 1998


From: Down South and almost anywhere

To Dick Pepper: Maybe, I'll have to check with my accountants; see how well the latest musical effort is doin.. Just a questtion is "handsome lake" any relation to "joyous lake"?

Tue Jun 16 20:47:19 MET DST 1998


From: Down South and almost anywhere

To Dick Pepper: Maybe, I'll have to check with my accountants; see how ell the latest musical effort is doin.. Just a questtion is "handsome lake" any relation to "joyous lake"?

Tue Jun 16 20:38:21 MET DST 1998

Mike & Furn

From: Just Down the Road a Piece

Hi Dick. Is this request to Robbie made on behalf of Chief Oren Lyons or Shennendoah or is made on behalf of yourself because there hasn't been any BAND concerts and won't be in teh immediate future? Sounds like a direct solicitation to us. In any case c'mon down to Kingston and we can catch another fabuluos poetry reading session up at Tinker St..

Tue Jun 16 15:22:50 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

P.S. General John Wayne: I used to know John Wayne and you're no John Wayne.

P.P.S. Anyone watch Session at Studio 54 late Saturday night? Saw a woman named Gillian Welch an acoustic guitar player/songwriter and her partner. Next day I was obsessed, had to buy her cd Revival. Her big influences are the Stanley Brothers and R.E.M.

Cool combo.

Tue Jun 16 15:11:50 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

For those of you who might know who John Scofield is, jazz guitar player that began his career playing for Miles Davis, he is playing a club in LA Wednesday night to promote his new cd "A Go Go". Gonna go and tell John that he'd do fine by letting Garth Hudson play on his next cd.

Tue Jun 16 15:06:01 MET DST 1998

Tommy (BUNDY) Moore

From: Fayetteville, N.Y.

To: Dick Pepper: Youre no Iroquois Lacrosse Player! Iknow Iroquois Lacrosse players.... and youre not an Iroquois Player!!

Tue Jun 16 15:05:05 MET DST 1998

Tommy (BUNDY) Moore

From: Fayetteville, N.Y.

To: Dick Pepper: Youre no Iroquois Lacrosse Player! Iknow Iroquois Lacrosse players.... and youre not an Iroquois Player!!

Tue Jun 16 03:39:51 MET DST 1998

Robert Shepard

From: The back Woods of Pennsylvania but no residing in West Virginia

What can you say, they are not called "The Band" for nothing. Their style, talent, voices and the dues they paid allowed them to compile and still perform music like no other musical group since Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, Elmore James, James Brown and those bums from England. Long Live their music

Tue Jun 16 02:04:24 MET DST 1998

The Soup Nazi

No soup for you!!!!!

Tue Jun 16 01:40:18 MET DST 1998


Test Test, oh, I guess it works. Well, then it is just really quiet in here. I just saw a seinfeld episode where The Soup Nazi would kick out anyone who didn't order their soup properly. Did anyone else see it?

Sun Jun 14 22:32:05 MET DST 1998

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon

Hi all fans of Robbie Robertson AND THE BAND! News! June 18 - Late Late Night with Tom Snyder, Robbie Robertson.. June 19 - VH1 8-9 P.M. (PDT) is "Behind the Music" featuring Robbie Robertson. Following that! "9-Midnight (PDT) is "The Last Waltz"! featuring you-know-who! June 21 - CBS Sunday Morning with a feature on Robbie Robertson. Sorry, gotta go, to the tape store. (oh, my extra copy of The Last Waltz is in my safe deposit box) the one I use is at home, but shouldn't I have a spare????? Actually, I have to roll tape for my friend Dave Besterman who is in England! Kind regards to all Bandmates! Jo Hej, Jan!

Sun Jun 14 15:49:17 MET DST 1998

Gen John Wayne

From: just outside the Oval Office

Staff Sgt Barnes: How did it go, sir? Gen Wayne: We have a "go", but with some conditions. Staff Sgt Barnes: Such as? Gen Wayne: We have to miss Lansing, after all it's an election year. And he wants to be sure to miss Toronto because he knows Donabie. Staff Sgt Barnes: We could handle that. Gen Wayne: ....and we can't hit any innocent civilians, and the power lines and infrastructure of London must be kept intact.... Staff Sgt Barnes: How the hell.....? Gen our recon photos have given us the perfect target. Look at this. Staff Sgt Barnes: It....looks like a dog house, sir. Gen Wayne: Not just ANY dog house Sergeant. This is where Mr Amused's Lab Retriever lives. This is our target. Staff Sgt Barnes: I'll flush out the bombers, sir.

Sun Jun 14 15:16:16 MET DST 1998

The Oval Office

From: Washington, DC

Pres Clinton: General Wayne, you're looking well. Please have a seat. Gen Wayne: Yessir. Pres Clinton: So I trust all is well with our gallant troops? Gen Wayne: Actually, sir, we have a serious morale problem. Pres Clinton: Ah....I'm sorry to hear that. I am prepared to stand by our forces no matter what. How about a USO show? Gen Wayne: I don't think... Pres Clinton: the Beegees, Neil Diamond, you name it. Gen Wayne: Sir, that could be misconstrued by the Amused army as a sign of complacency. We need to make a show of force to show them that we're tired of being trifled with. Pres Clinton: Whatja have in mind? Gen Wayne: Sir, with all due respect,

Sat Jun 13 22:38:50 MET DST 1998

Jim Martinez

From: Yorba Linda,Ca.USA

Great Web site!What happened to the chat room?

Sat Jun 13 22:38:02 MET DST 1998

Jim Martinez

From: Yorba Linda,Ca.USA

Great Web site!What happened to the chat room?

Sat Jun 13 21:20:08 MET DST 1998

john donabie

Just another comment that "just wonderin" made me think of. Since the advent of the CD...the dropping of artwork, tracks etc. has always put me off. We all remember the first release of Rock of Ages leaving out "The Genetic Menthod". They finally had to re-release it as a double. On the rhino Johnny Rivers greatest hits....Rivers does a pretty fine version of a "Whiter Shade of Pale". On the vinyl you hear an orchestra tuning prior to going into the song. They dropped it. There was an early Joni Mitchell album; where something was dropped from the CD version. Whenever I have complained to a record company I am usually told that it was for "time".

If a record company is going to release a classic album that is remembered by vinyl fans...then let's hear it the way it was recorded. When I called Capitol records after the first release of Rock of Ages I was told that if would not be "cost effective" to release a double. wrote it and voila! Finally...I must be showing my age when I say that I don't miss the pops and ticks of Vinyl...but I sure miss the warmth of the recording...the artwork and above all...Liner Notes I can read without a magnifying glass.

Sat Jun 13 18:10:40 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Just purchased a cd copy of "Big Pink". Good reason NOT TO DUMP VINYL...the is no picture of everyone on Ricky's family farm. Kinda ruins the atmospere don'tcha think?

Sat Jun 13 15:40:53 MET DST 1998


From: Florida

Great website. Keep up the good work. Someone mentioned a VH1 program about The Band; any details as to when it will be broadcast?

Sat Jun 13 13:41:06 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

Thanks for all the info on the picture from Big Pink. Another question...Robbie is often seen wearing a scarf around the time of the Last Waltz. He's wearing a red one while playing in the film. I've seen pictures of the same type of scarf that don't look like waltz pictures. Anyone know if the scarf has special significance?

Sat Jun 13 13:10:12 MET DST 1998

jouke jensma

From: balk, holland

Since'71 I'm a Band fan.I'm looking for the genuine basement tapes.Can anybody help me?Lee, thank you for Jawbone. Is there a chance the Band is gonna play in Europe?

Sat Jun 13 04:35:05 MET DST 1998

Scott M. Pordon

From: Decatur NY + Paramus NJ

Just purchased Largo and it's a creative effort but I was disappointed with the short contributions from Garth + Levon.(Greedy Band fan), yes it's true !!! You know if it was not for this website I would not be aware of at least 10 albums I've purchased that are directly or indirectly connected to "The Band".

Sat Jun 13 03:24:48 MET DST 1998


From: Fair Haven, NJ

Moondog Matinee is my favorite album. Mystery Train sounds like a locomotive. It is my favorite song. The Band has never stopped playing great music, whether it be written by Robbie Robertson or someone else. Bob Dylan's best music is with The Band. Moondog Matinee is an album of covers and it is great. The new Band albums are great. Rick and Levon, who I have seen about 15 times over the last three years, are energetic performers, who can't resist playing these great songs.

Sat Jun 13 03:18:50 MET DST 1998

Brown Davies

From: Philadelphia, PA

Last time I saw Levon, his voice was a bit hoarse, but he warmed up quickly and belt out many, many songs and played the drums with Randy. I don't think there is someone who enjoys playing music more than Levon. That is why he is an icon. My favorite song is Jupiter Hollow. Garth's organ blows me away.

Sat Jun 13 03:16:05 MET DST 1998


From: Hoboken, NJ

Why does Levon sing "Rag, Mama, Rag" at every concert he plays at. In the recent VH-1 video, he goes on and on about he expected it to be a number one song. The film cuts right to Robbie, who said that he never expected it to go anywhere. Not once in the film did any of them appear together. Anyway, I hate Rag, Mama, Rag. It is my least favorite song. Only because Levon overplays it.

Sat Jun 13 03:13:05 MET DST 1998


From: Harrisburg, PA

Milk Cow Boogie is now my favorite song. The Crowmatix CD that I just purchased is from the best place there could be to see a concert. It was about a year ago. In Clinton, NJ there is a huge red sawmill on the banks of the Raritan River. There was also a quarry there. There is a huge cliff face of some sort of grey rock. The Crowmatix set up in front of this cliff and played the version of "Milk Cow Boogie" that is on the CD. The sun was setting over the river early in the concert. I was hoping that Levon would wail, "Well, good eeeeeee-v-en-ing, Don't the sun look good goin' down!".

Sat Jun 13 01:32:38 MET DST 1998


O.K. some of these people I am doing from memory, others I know for sure.

Standing to Rick's immediate right is his younger brother Terry Danko; who for the past number of years has been playing with Ronnie Hawkins. He was also on Columbia records as part of Atkinson, Danko & Ford....later changing their name to Bearfoot.

In front of Ricky in the fedora is one of the more colorful characters in the life of The Hawks. His name is Freddy McNulty. Freddie should I say it...slow. He was known as The Hawks mascot. Freddy worshiped the guys. They would buy him nice suits from Lou Myles (where the hawks got their stage clothes as well as Bill Cosby & Bob Hope when they were in town)and were known to play a few practical jokes on Freddy.. However they kind of "adopted" Freddy. I was with Levon the day we found out that Freddy had died in a half way house in Toronto.

Way in the back are (lady in gray hair) Mrs. Danko Sr. & her husband (2nd one on right) and I believe Rick's brother Jr. This is the part I'm not sure of..whether Rick's dad is behind him or in the back with Mrs. Danko. The picture was shot on the Danko farm in Simcoe Ontario.

I once saw this duplicate pictue with everyone named; but I've lost it along with Terry Danko's number. If I can reach him...we'll know who everybody is.

Sat Jun 13 01:26:37 MET DST 1998

Dick Pepper

From: Upstate NY

It would be great if Robbie was willing to make a donation to the Iroquois National Lacrosse Team who are interested in hosting the Lacrosse World Games in Syracuse, NY and will be participating in the World Games this summer in Baltimore. This is something that the Great Creator and Handsome Lake would both approve of. I understand that Steven Seagal (another former guitar player for The Band has already made a "handsome" donation! Thanks Steven! Looking forward to hearing from Robbie!

Sat Jun 13 01:16:10 MET DST 1998


sorry about the double entry

Sat Jun 13 01:15:07 MET DST 1998


BONES....It is my understanding that they couldn't be there for the shoot. They were both alive at the time of the picture.

Sat Jun 13 01:14:40 MET DST 1998


BONES....It is my understanding that they couldn't be there for the shoot. They were both alive at the time of the picture.

Fri Jun 12 23:46:18 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

Serge and Just Wonderin' got me interested in the Next Of Kin photo from Music From Big Pink. I think I read that Levon's parents are in the corner(not in the picture). Was it because they could not make the trip to Canada or had they passed away? Who are the other non-Band people in the photo? Have a nice weekend!

Fri Jun 12 21:45:07 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Thanks you guys and gals. Because of this guestbook I've been having a great time listening to Howlin' Wolf. There was some discussion a while back about his guitarist, Hubert Sumlin; his style and the influence on Robbie Robertson. Just yesterday I picked up an obscure LP of Sumlin's w/o the Wolf that has some nice guitar work on it at my favorite "used" record store. I would have passed by this little gem if it had not been for discussions in this guest book.

Let's try to keep the discussions in this place the kind that foster appreciation of the music rather than the back-biting and sniping that sometimes goes on here.

Fri Jun 12 14:52:43 MET DST 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Halifax
E-mail: Typically Canadian From: Halifax

Very excited about the upcoming Band album and video!! After a long winter of rumours and whispers of illnesses and discussions of whether or not the boys were still together we get this news that they are back in Woodstock doing what they do best!! It sounds like it's going to be a great album. I can't wait, I think I'll hitchhike to Woodstock this w-end to hang out in the studio. I'll be like that guy in the John Lennon "Imagine" movie:

"So, Levon, like, when you, like, sang, um, Jemima Surrender, um, were, you like, thinking of someone, cause, like, it sounds like my life, man, I mean, 'Ain't no pretender, gonna ride in my canoe'. That's me, man!"

Fri Jun 12 12:47:46 MET DST 1998

Jan H.

From: I wonder myself at times...

Just testing a little here, after moving the guestbook entries from June 1-11 into the archives. See you guys in a week or two. Please behave, ok?

Fri Jun 12 12:16:10 MET DST 1998

Michel from Marseille

Thank you for the wonderful pages about The Band. Levon Helm _is_ rock'n'roll!

Fri Jun 12 07:23:06 MET DST 1998


From: Pennsylvania

I think that it's as cool as hell that people have a guestbook that does nothing but discuss The Band...usually when i ask people about The Band, like if they have ever listened to them...the response i get is "The Band...who are they?"...and i just shake my head and tell the people what they are missing...i guess it just takes a certain kind of person to dig The Band...well...that's all for now...i'll definitely be back...every day, i think i learn something new about The Band by reading the new entries...i can't wait for the special about The Band that's going to be on VH1, it's about time they put someone worth while on that channel...

Fri Jun 12 03:41:36 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

To Serge: Thanks for your quick response. That clears up some of the mystery!

Fri Jun 12 03:13:10 MET DST 1998

Slightly Disoriented

From: The Chat Room

Jan: We, the regulars in the chatroom are starting to find it difficult to exist in there. It's getting way out of hand. Maybe you should stop in there and start throwing some people out. We all enjoy this site, and would appreciate it if you didn't let one or two unbalanced individuals ruin it for the rest of us. Thank you.

Fri Jun 12 00:57:12 MET DST 1998


Wondering : The lady in the blue pant suit and hat, next to Garth (inside cover Big Pink is Robbie Robertson's mother. Infront of Garth and to his left are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hudson his parents. The lady at the rear, far right... No idea.. sorry. Perhaps someone else can help.

Fri Jun 12 00:35:52 MET DST 1998

Just Wonderin'

From: Southwestern Ontario

I'm wondering about the identities of two women on the inside cover of the Big Pink album. The first being the lady standing beside Garth in the navy blue pantsuit and hat. Also the lady standing behind Rick but at a distance in perhaps a black coat or jacket. I've wondered about this for a long time if anyone knows I'd surely appreciate the answers! Peace!

Fri Jun 12 00:31:52 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur NY + Paramus NJ

Exciting press release regarding the new album and Video. I wonder if the video will actually be for sale to the public ?? I was just thinking that the group has been very prolific in the 90's. The Band has released Jericho, Live at watkins glen, and High on the hog.(I am aware of the fact that LAWG is an old conceret). Rick has the 2 DFA cd's and his live cd. Levon just released the Cromatix disc, and Jim Weider has his solo cd. Plus they play, sing and produce on about 12 various artists projects. They are an extremely productive bunch !

Thu Jun 11 23:34:32 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I am so excited about the new Band album and video. I just hope that we get to see a large portion of the ten hours of film used while the Band was in the studio.

Thanks to AHROOO for the Robbie information, but I have a question. What special on Much Music? I enjoyed your website.

Thu Jun 11 23:24:51 MET DST 1998

Sandra M. Putney

From: Lisbon, New York (near the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve)

I'm Atsiaktonkie's adopted sister and have heard great things about Robbie and the Band, especially how encouraging Robbie is to new artists. Thank you. Atsiaktonkie's new album is being released by Canyon Records about August, keep your eye out. Can't tell that I'm a proud big sister can you? Sandy

Thu Jun 11 16:33:38 MET DST 1998


From: san francisco

i'm headed to kentucky today and it all gets me thinkin' about bluegrass and mandolins and coal miner's daughter which gets me wonderin' about levon which starts me to hummin' rag mama rag and atlantic city and now i'm wishin i was on the road right this minute instead of flailing behind this desk....

Thu Jun 11 03:00:46 MET DST 1998

Henry Lipkins

From: Murfreesboro

To Billy Preston, I really admire as a legondary, artist, musician, and songwriter. I'm curious to find out what was it like to be a musician for the late Mahalia Jachson? I am a big fan of both gospel music and r&b. Perhaps, one day I will meet you in person. I also enjoy watching you on the t.v. sitcom "Good News." Keep up the good work. Sincerely Yours, Henry "Jimmy Joy" Lipkins Middle Tennessee State University's Gospel Radio Announcer.

Thu Jun 11 01:53:58 MET DST 1998

stephie stone

From: washington d.c.

old timer on the band net site...been absent for awhile and glad to see we are still bantering back and forth...for whatever it is worth. hello to butch, lauren and all my old buddies.

Thu Jun 11 00:12:53 MET DST 1998

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

To Cap: You might want to go to Cherry Street. It's a short street near the lake in the east end of town. I don't know if any of the Hawks actually hung out there, but it appears to be the site of the cover painting for Moondog Matinee. You will see a couple of old stores that look like they might have been the Juke Joint in the picture. I wouldn't bother with HMV unless you want to buy a CD.

Wed Jun 10 23:00:50 MET DST 1998

Tracy a.k.a. AHROOO!!

From: the states
Home page:

Okay, I'm attempting to INFORM not INFLAME on this site. Robbie will indeed be profiled on VH-1's "Behind The Music" at 8pm. EST followed by "The Last Waltz" at 9pm. on June 19th. Furthermore, he will be slated for the "Late Late Show With Tom Snyder" on June 18th. I myself am looking forward to a special on him that one of my friends taped for me on Much Music from this past Monday. See ya! Hope all is well. (........and now back to our regularly scheduled program.)

Wed Jun 10 21:36:54 MET DST 1998


From: Max Erhmann

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are a vexation to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Wed Jun 10 19:59:16 MET DST 1998


From: DC

I've asked this question here before, but I thought I'd bring it up one more time: I'm a huge Band fan travelling to Toronto next week for work. I'd love to look up any Hawks-related venues or anything of any interest to an old Band fan while I'm there. I remember being told by someone on this site a while back that the Le Coq D'Or on Yonge Street is now an HMV. Too bad. I might swing by there anyway. Any other tips from you Ontario-based guestbook frequenters?

On another note, I finally tracked down the Japanese-import version of Robbie's new album with two new tracks and the re-mix of Making A Noise. I love the re-mix, it grooves more than the original track and sounds a little less heavy. The other two are also excellent, very exciting the way Pray evokes lyrics and images from Ghost Dance (on The Native Americans album) but incorporates sounds and themes from the new one. Can't imagine why it was left off the original release...

Wed Jun 10 15:37:34 MET DST 1998

Tim ***

From: Fall River, NS

I was just listening to "American Son" and realizing how it is a better album then "Islands","High on the Hog" and possibly "Nothern Lights". Lets hope if The Band puts out another one that they tap into the energy Levon did with "Watermelon time in Georgia" or "Hurricane".

I doubt that was the real Danko in the guestbook, I would hope he would have more to say then that. Hey Jan, how about letting us know if that was a fake or not? Keep up the good work, even without a guestbook this site would be an incredible piece of work.

I hope I didn't have too many gramatical errors, I wouldn't want Serge to get upset. He is the Gramatical Warrior don't you know. I didn't know we were being graded Sergee, thanks SO MUCH for the guidance.

Wed Jun 10 04:10:33 MET DST 1998


Lame attempt at justifying your first entry Butch. You're scrambling and grabbing at straws. I know who Lambesis is...I take "photos" too. As to your second paragraph, I don't know what you're talking about. As a matter of fact, I think that you know little about anything. Learn to read and digest what is really said in an entry here.

Wed Jun 10 04:03:13 MET DST 1998

Mammy Yokum

From: Dogpatch

Ooooo-Weeeeeeeee. Looks like it gettin' good agin on the old web site. Serge be a writin more Amusing than ever. Bring on the moonshine. Lil' Abner sure misses Viney; but with Serge a gettin' weird agin. Ooooo-Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wed Jun 10 03:17:48 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate NY

Serge: I can't answer the question you posed to me because I simply don't know who manages the Band, I'm not that close. But surely someone as close to the Band as yourself would know that "Geoge Lembesis and the Band management" was a joke (George is the Band photographer).

As for the name I use, that's none of your business. And you're the LAST person on this site who should be talking about others using their real name, eh, Amused?

Wed Jun 10 02:00:37 MET DST 1998


From: Florida (formerly Ulster County NY)

To Butch: I have seen my share of message sites similar to this and they always have some "bad vibes" sometimes BUT there are luckily some "good vibes" that come and stay for a while to keep an eye out, it's bound to get better around here! To jenta mi: Are you okay? To franko: Thanks for the good news! To anyone: Is PDH online yet or what? I have been checking for the last year and a half--still no go, what gives? Wishing The Band and everyone else who reads this Good Health and Happiness :) Christine

Tue Jun 9 23:22:37 MET DST 1998


Butch..feel free to use any handle you like here. What Band management are you talking about exactly ?? Ron Rainey on the west cost?? Naw! That ended with Danko's oriental odyssey. Or are you talking about Skyline?? Is there anything left to manage Mr Butch. The boys seem to have drifted in many directions..Maybe that's good. They all have a lot to offer as talented individuals?? Or are you referring to self appointed "managing" spokesmen and hangers-on?? If you're that close and YOU CAN TELL US all as you say, why don't you ask "whoever" to acknowledge this site.??

Maybe people just got tired rehashing the same stuff here ad nauseum. Some people entered a litany of what "they" heard for chord progressions on given Band tunes..everything from diminished flatted fifths to castrated and suspended minor 7 th's flat 9's etc..Who cares. If it sounds good.. you like it... Great! Period. I mention this because I found that hilarious. Or set lists..or as you put it: " Nice JOB", "good JOB". You "kinda gotten"(sic) overboard with your spiel. But you are right on one thing.. Unsubstantiated rumours as contributed by the Eric/Laura team are dangerous and stupid. That's why Eric's entry vaporized maybe.

Now let's see who's first to get on my case..

Tue Jun 9 23:01:09 MET DST 1998

Rick Danko

From: Woodstock, NY

Thanks for having The Band on the web, fellas.

Tue Jun 9 21:09:37 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate NY

I said I wouldn't be using this name any more, I guess I was wrong.

Just want to wish the best to all the Band people out there. And I'm at a loss why this guestbook has gotten kinda strange. Some weird entries lately, almost like there's a bad vibe in the air. Maybe it's the reaction of a lot of people being turned off by Jan's closing the 'book a while back. Or maybe people are worried about Levon and all the bullshit rumors. Or maybe people are beginning to feel left out because management hasn't paid any attention to this guestbook. I don't know, I'm only guessing.

But I CAN tell you that George Lembesis and the Band management are on top of the situation and they often talk about this website. Maybe they should tell Jan how much this site means to them.

On a different note, I was at Orange County Park this weekend and saw Ricky and Louie. Nice job, especially when Jimm and Little Elmo went up to play along. I was also impressed by the performances of John Stein, John Hall, Patti Larkin, and Charles Lyonhart (esp.). WPDH deejay John Tobin hosted the benefit for mental health. A good job by all.

Tue Jun 9 18:52:32 MET DST 1998

jenta mi (probably means fool)

From: the depths of depression

Just want to wish good health and happiness to all the boys in The Band. I gained alot from being a frequent visitor to this site, but have lost a whole lot more. I won't be back. Thanks to all my "chatroom buddies" (You know who you are) for making me laugh and letting me unload on you at times. I won't forget you.

Jan - Maybe someday you'll find whatever it is you're searching for. You'll never know how close you came. Watch out for those stars hon- they really hurt when they come crashing down without any warning. I know.

Tue Jun 9 18:41:58 MET DST 1998


From: Over here

Serge: Leave Eric and Laura alone. They love Levon. They're concerned. They didn't crawl out of anywhere. What's wrong with you? Jennifer: You're not a moron. You're one of us now. You're a Band fan. You rule. You're right Robbie is an amazing songwriter and guitar player. The man wrote a Waltz, he's brilliant. And Levon is a terrific drummer and vocalist, Richard, there are no words for Richard's talent. Beautiful musicain. Rick is a great bass and fiddle player. Garth is amazing beyond words. And they ALL are great songwriters.

Tue Jun 9 15:55:38 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

VH-1 has just announced that Robbie Robertson will be the subject of a Behind The Music Special which will air on June 19.

Tue Jun 9 15:32:10 MET DST 1998


Hello again hello I just called to say hello I couldn't sleep At all tonight And I know its late I just couldn't wait Hello my friends hello I just called to let you know I think about you every night When I'm here alone And your there at home Hello Lately it's been crazy Maybe I'm to blame Wont you put your heart above your head We've been thru it all and you love me just the same And when your not there I still need to hear Hello again hello Its good to need you so Its good to want you like I do I feel this way when I hear you say Hello Hello my friends hello Its good to need you so Its good to want you like I do I feel this way when I hear you say Hello

Mon Jun 8 22:20:28 MET DST 1998


From: boston

Recent guestbook entries aside,I had my heart set on seeing Levon & the Crowmatix in Brockton, MA, 6/19. I called the club today and learned that the show has been cancelled. Now, for the good news. The owner told me the show was cancelled because the (new) club is still under construction and won't open 'till July. He has already re-scheduled Levon for sometime in August and hadn't heard anything about poor health.

See you in August, Levon.

Mon Jun 8 18:17:04 MET DST 1998

Easy Ed

From: Bamberg,Germany

Thanks again Jan for provideing such great source of info, on the Band. just wanted to comment on Dylan show 31 may at Rock im Park in Nurnberg.Bob played for about an hour and half with a lot of energy sounding strong and reminded me of Dylan in his younger days.I was really surprised how many young fans were in the crowd.Bob was the highlite of the 3 day event playing his old favorites tangled up in blue, silvo everybody must get stoned,just to name a few. it was just great to see Bob on stage smileing and sounding great! if you get a chance to see Bob do it!

Mon Jun 8 13:41:51 MET DST 1998

Paul Anderson

From: Sweden

I'd be most grateful if someone could be of any assistance in my pursuit of "Eat the Document". If so, I wont let the deal go down.

Mon Jun 8 08:30:27 MET DST 1998

Bob Thomas

From: Columbus, Ohio

I just can't get over you and the flame still burns. Thanks for the web page. My wife just got me Across the Great Divide for my 45th birthday. I always told her and my kids that The Band was the best I ever heard. Who else ever opened the door to a great party and said "We found all this stuff and you might enjoy it too. We can play and sing some too, so you might want to stick around." I took Sue to one of their concerts in the eighties and made a bunch of my friends go too. Have you ever tried to explain a feeling you had to a bunch of people and have them say, "Now I know what you were talking about?" Right as rain. When I die open the best bottle of bourbon you can find, sit on the porch, and put Levon's, Rick's and Richard's voices on the jukebox. And sing along with them. Please. Somehow they always left room for another voice. Thanks again. I miss you young fellers something fierce. We're all in the same boat.

Mon Jun 8 04:29:17 MET DST 1998


From: Pennsylvania

I just wanted to correct my entry...that should say "been into the band" not "BE into the band"...sorry about that s;o)

Mon Jun 8 04:26:33 MET DST 1998


From: Pennsvylania

I have only "be into" the band for about a year and a half...(please take into consideration that i am only 19 years old)...i recently got the box set "across the great divide"...i LOVE it...i listen to it all the fact, i have only been listening to the band for the past month...their songs are just so geniune and real...robbie robertson is one of the best song writers ever, in my mind.....well, now that i have made myself sound like a moron...i just want to praise the band...and maybe one day they will get together and have "the last waltz, part 2" for their newer generation of fans (i wasn't born when they had the original last waltz!)...

Mon Jun 8 01:51:13 MET DST 1998

Diane Fishkin

From: New York

There is no Superior Diane. Since questions were asked if I had written about Levon being ill and since it was not me -- I don't want to be confused with someone else. That is all.

Sun Jun 7 18:15:52 MET DST 1998

E. Mack

From: Black Dirt Country, Orange Co., NY

What do you all know 'bout mud wrestlin'?

I took a day off from the farm (my onions all got ruined anyway) and I went to watch Rick Danko at the mental health benefit. He was very...round. He put on a good show. I used to sweat like that when we were haying and I got stuck up in the loft. I liked his "Twilight" (first song) and Aaron's "The Next Time You See Me." I thought Charles Lionheart and Patty Larkin were very good too. And I enjoyed the Crowmatix coming up and helping with "The Weight." Thank you Rick, please don't pay no attention to my "round " remark. You're doing all right. Kid.

Sun Jun 7 14:49:26 MET DST 1998


From: melrose, ma.

call me an optomist, but how could levon be adding tour dates if he is so ill? especially an illness in the throat. it doesn't make sense to me.i suggest to the few gossipers out there to listen to the last track on stage fright.peace to all.

Sun Jun 7 14:31:46 MET DST 1998

plantar faciitis

From: lithuania

How about a mud wrestling match to determine who is the superior Diane. Professor goodhair would be the referee. 5 rounds,hair pulling and eye gouging allowed>

Sun Jun 7 13:34:27 MET DST 1998

Diane Fishkin

From: New York

I feel I need to set the record straight . There are two Diane's who know the Band and I am tihe other one. It seems that I have been confused with the Diane from hot mail. Diane, I would appreciate if you would give more than just "Diane" when wirting on this page to end the confusion.. And to Rick, Levon and George from "Big D", It's not me!!!

Sun Jun 7 05:06:32 MET DST 1998


From: Cocoa Beach

Just stopped by to express my renewed appreciation for The River Hymn. Levon lets loose with an impassioned heartfelt vocal that resonates in my soul while the Band masterfully evoke a simpler time, far removed from the pressures and neuroses of the present age. The song conjures up a sense of communion with nature that is medicine to the souls of those of us who feel constrained by urban landscapes. Rock of ages indeed.

Sun Jun 7 03:23:48 MET DST 1998


From: Decatur NY

Just purchased The Band "Classic Albums" video. It's great seeing the clips of them live and in the studio from that era and listening to the current reviews of "The Band" by Levon,Rick,Robbie,John Simon and comments by various musicians and writers. Even if you recorded the original VH-1 show this video has additional segments. It cost $20.00 and is 75 minutes in length on Rhino home video..........Please stop the Levon rumors !!!

Sun Jun 7 01:18:16 MET DST 1998

John Mitchell

From: Watergate

Just caught a few tracks from TLW. Call me Crazy from Crazyville, but doesn't Coyote steal the show?

Sat Jun 6 22:14:49 MET DST 1998

Mr. Amalgamation

From: Everywhere

Christine, I loved your post. Thanks.

Sat Jun 6 22:11:47 MET DST 1998

Mr. Amalgamation

From: Everywhere

An idea for another controversy: Does Rick wear boxer shorts, jockeys, or is he a 'swinger.'

Sat Jun 6 22:01:06 MET DST 1998

The Passenger

From: Around
Home page

Just stopped by this, i was looking for Siouxsie & The Banshees site and found a link to here. Very nicely set-up site.

Sat Jun 6 21:01:13 MET DST 1998

Johnnie Walker Ref

From: Tricksville

The first time I heard the band I was about 11, I was sitting int he backyard with my borther and his friends and one of them was playing "the night they drove old dixie down" on his car radio, an eight track player I beleive. They were all singing right loud too and knew all the words. I was so excited that i stole the eight trak, and played it all the time. I believe that was one of the smartest things I ever have done. I hope Levon Helm is allright and gets better. Maybe he just has Strep Throat. Rock on Band-Fans!

Sat Jun 6 17:00:15 MET DST 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Skokie USA

Favorite show? Watkins Glen. Favorite boot? Palladium '76. Favorite Robbie Solo? Unfaithful Servant, Rock of Ages. Favorite Garth solo? Stage Fright, Before the Flood. Favorite Levon vocal? Dixie, anytime, anyplace. Favorite Rick vocal? When You Awake, The Band. Favorite Richard Vocal? Every single one. BTW, be concerned but give them their privacy.

Sat Jun 6 16:47:00 MET DST 1998

Matt Bieber

From: New York City

Hello friends, Does anyone have any idea how I can retreive a copy of 1) The Band is Back on vhs video and 2) The Band Live from Japan??? Thanks everyone!

Sat Jun 6 16:45:26 MET DST 1998


From: Upstate NYer transplant in Florida

I would like to thank Jan for this page. I just found it but I will definitely be back and read all of it and catch up on news about The Band.

My husband and I were both born in the mid-60s so we were very young when The Band was in it's prime. He introduced me to "The Band" when we were first married about 10 years ago. I had always been familiar with their music but never really followed them. We were browsing the rental video tapes our local library in Middletown New York when he spotted "The Last Waltz". We went home on that rainy, cold Sunday and watched it. From then on I was a fan. CDs were new then and we immediately refilled our music collection with The Band albums along with a lot of other 60s music.

A couple of years later I consequently won two radio contests, from two different radio stations within a month's time (if you are the 10th caller you will win…. type of thing) What were these prizes? Both were tickets to see The Band. It was two separate concerts with two different venues so I lucked out big time! It was an omen. Of course, they did not fail in their performances and I honestly can't say which one I enjoyed more. Although I have to say I only remember the name of one and that was at a little place called "Tickets" in Modena, New York. We had to travel over the river on a beautiful, clear moonlit night with snow on the mountains. Very picturesque.

When we arrived it was very crowded so we squeezed all the way up close to the stage and I put away my foolish vanity and wore my glasses so I could get a real good look at them. I swear Levon looked right at me but he may have been noticing the lights glistening off my gold-framed spectacles. They put on a great show and I had a wonderful time. The sounded great with the new members; Richard was very much missed and no one can replace his soulful voice. (only the good die young) At one point during an instrumental solo when every one was rocking and putting their heart and soul into their performances (as always). Levon setting the pulse on the drums and Garth doing what he does so well at the keyboard, we saw Garth fall off his stool and I swear his fingers didn't miss a key. My husband and I joked later that he was like an absent-minded professor-he is that proficient in his music! Afterward as we headed out of the bar we noticed them getting on their bus. We were mad at ourselves for not bringing something for an autograph. I wanted to go up and shake their hands but my shyness got the best of me. A very big regret for me.

Their music and story has truly touched me. I later read Levon's book and wrote him a letter and sent him a bookmark with musical notes designed on it that I had made to show my appreciation. I don't care that he probably didn't keep it or anything, I just needed to do something. Actually, I hope he gave it to someone who would use it and spread the good wishes with which it was given.

We have since moved to hot, sunny, Florida and that one cold, winter, musical, and magical evening stays in my memory a lot these days. It still amazes me that I grew up no more than 30 miles from Woodstock and totally missed out on that whole experience but it's never too late to appreciate good music, and that indeed, is The Band!

As a fan, I am concerned... but as a human, I respect their privacy.

Sat Jun 6 16:02:21 MET DST 1998


From: Boston

Good Grief!.....................and that's all i have to say today.

Sat Jun 6 14:33:12 MET DST 1998


From: New York

PLEASE... Let's all stop expecting the worst and hope and pray for the best here. Let's give Levon our strength. The post by Eric and Laura has shaken me right to the core. Sorry, but in MHO - it was completely out of line and un-called for. Thanks Serge for saying it. if you hadn't, I would've.......

Sat Jun 6 14:29:10 MET DST 1998


From: The Woods of NY

I have to agree with Serge on this one. Levon's personal and health problems are not meant to be published in a world wide format for all to see. If bad news is coming (and I sure as hell hope it's not) we'll hear about it when we're supposed to.

On a more pleasant note, Danko is playing a benefit in Montgomery today. They broke part of the stage last night, but someone lined up Bubba James to hold it up during the concert, so the show will go on. If you see him, try not to talk about nukes or Neil Diamond, he gets very upset.

Sat Jun 6 14:06:56 MET DST 1998


From: London Ontario

Laura and Eric E...Stop it ..right now! Who do you think you are ? Where did you crawl out of ?

Sat Jun 6 00:41:51 MET DST 1998

Virgil Cohen

From: Long Island (South Shore)

Guess I have to agree with John of Penna. Suprised such a well reasoned & thought out post doesn't get attached to an e-mail address.

If Levon has news to share then the news will be released; otherwise let's leave the rumors and bad vibes in the chatroom where they belong ,eh John?

Fri Jun 5 22:41:25 MET DST 1998


From: penna

J.D. Levon might cherish his privacy but he does earn his livlihood in a public forum. And fans want to know somethings about their favorite and admired public figures,as it makes them feel closer and as if they know them a little bit. Not just as a movie or recording star.

For Diane and others who feel they deserve to know more,this just may not be realistic. The Band and its management have not contributed to this site as far as I know, so we can't expect anything regarding this subject.

I think we should all avoid speculating and spreading innuendo as John Donabie as said. We all know how much the guys feel about rumours don't we. Small town talk. Rumours. Lets just let it be. When and if the powers that be release info,then we can comment.

Fri Jun 5 22:37:09 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Mr Donabie: Please re-read my previous post. I said that privacy and dignity is understood (as well it should be). I just feel that in light of what has been surfacing, some kind of comment from the Band camp would be helpful. You are right in saying that they don't "owe" us anything, but acknowledging the fact that we are here and concerned shouldn't be too much to ask.

Fri Jun 5 21:51:47 MET DST 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

RE Diane's Comments

Diane writes "I think Jan and all of us here deserve some kind of acknowledgement" re Levon's condition. We don't "deserve" anything. Levon is a very private person and doesn't owe any acknowledgement of any kind; but to his family and whomever he chooses. I have found in my experience that southerners in particular are very private people. IF and I say IF anything is wrong...we'll find out when it's time for us to find out... and they may not happen.

Fri Jun 5 21:00:00 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Just read Laura's entry about Levon being seriously ill. I too, have known this for some time now - and am angry that there has been no "official" comments made from The Band camp to this site. We all understand that there is a privacy and dignity issue involved in this sad situation, but I think Jan and all of us here deserve some kind of acknowledgement as we hold Levon close in our thoughts and prayers. Does anybody agree with me here?

Fri Jun 5 20:30:04 MET DST 1998


From: wilmington de

Just found out about a recently added Danko show in the Philly area. Rick is to replace the JGB(this configuration still baffles me) in a show with Smokin' Grass and Jazz Is Dead at the Keswick Theater on Tuesday night at 7:00. Tix are $27.50. Call (215-572-7650). JGB???? Weekend at Jerry's!!!! Prop him up and let him jam. Just kidding everybody!

Fri Jun 5 20:25:28 MET DST 1998


From: LaCrosse, WI

for ticket info to Mt. Taber June 20 th at "at the Tabernacle" call (973) 983-8346. They don't take credit cards. address is At The Tabernacle P.O. Box 42 Mt.Taber, NY 07878. I will be there, exicted to see Rick, but deeply saddened to miss Levon. Laura

Fri Jun 5 20:20:08 MET DST 1998


From: laCrosse, WI

Good news, and Bad news.....first the good...Rick is playing June 20 at Mt.Taber, NY. I was told "Levon is seriously ill, it's his throat" so Rick is playing instead....sadness... Levon -love , good luck and a speedy recovery. whatever is going on I hope you can overcome it--you are loved my MANY. Laura

Fri Jun 5 16:26:15 MET DST 1998


From: New York

Would just like to say thanks to "Jan's little helpers" for all your hard work in helping him with this site. All of us appreciate very much the time and effort that goes into making this site the best on the net. Again, thanks.........

Fri Jun 5 14:57:34 MET DST 1998

Jan's little helpers (again)

From: Halden, Norway

We just improved Jan's home page a little, with a clickable imagemap and such. Hope you fans like it, now you can access the members pages directly by clicking on each person in Landy's photo.

We are not Magnus, by the way, but two students helping out a little with this page. Keep on posting, everybody here are impressed by the traffic Jan generates with this web site.

Fri Jun 5 06:23:38 MET DST 1998

Chynna Kristine

From: Los Angeles

This is for Mike Scott:

  1. Robbie Robertson can probably sing better than you.
  2. Contact is far from techno. The group Prodigy is techno.
  3. If you don't like the album, don't bitch about it. There's no point.
  4. He has more respect than you'll ever have.
  5. At least he has his shit together, unlike most.
  6. He's still a god damn genius for being nearly 60. I'm sure he could kick your ass in a guitar/ songwriting competition.
Dragon Child: I agree.

Fri Jun 5 06:08:45 MET DST 1998



JOHN>>I wasn't directing that statement to you, I was just letting you know I am not a male. All of my statements are directed at a few certain people that can't seem to understand what it really means to like The Band. AHROO knows who I'm talking about. Especially that certain person who made fun of her name. (I will not mention his name) If someone can tell me how I might obtain a copy of Eat The Document I'd be very much obliged. I'd also be interrested in a Robbie Robertson press kit.

Fri Jun 5 03:35:51 MET DST 1998

J. Croce

From: The Brokerage

Jan the Man

Thanks so much for restoring Search capability to the Guestbook. In lookin back at the faces I've been I would sure be the first to say, I wouldn't a done it any other way. Joe Hill March 28 1998 c'est moi.

Fri Jun 5 02:17:22 MET DST 1998

Typically Canadian

From: Just North of Peggys Cove
Home page:

Once Again, Just Because. From Levon's book, quoting himself from a 1978 Rolling Stone article: "We never played no fruit rock, no punk rock. We never wore dresses onstage or put no paint on our faces. We never blew up any bombs onstage. We didn't suck off any snakes onstage. We didn't wear tight pants or them big turquoise rings. We didn't take a piss onstage or throw any TV's out the window that I can remember. But today the music business has gotten so it's like Vietnam: a few guys making a lot of money, some guys getting cut up, and in five years ain't much of it even gonna be worth a pinch of shit."

Fri Jun 5 01:33:40 MET DST 1998


From: penna

The May 1998 issue of EQ magazine has a article with Robbie Robertson. he talks about the creative spirit, the long house of his ancestors and the Seneca prophet Handsome Lake.

The first record he engineered was the basement tapes and most of the brown album. Producer John Simon was his 1st teacher and he took the mystery out of it and simplified the engineering process for him. Simon basically told Robbie not to be intimatrd by all the controls,knobs and that its just a bunch of the same thing over and over again{tone&volume controls}.

Robbie revels the guitar effects pedals he uses on the current album. The Wobulator,Big Cheese,Brown Source,Doppelganger and the Meatball. They are made by some guy named Vlad and are called LoveTones made in England.

Thu Jun 4 23:26:02 MET DST 1998

john donabie

As we talk about favorite shows

Sometime I would love to read Serge and his memories of The Hawks in the early days; playing in London Ontario. That must have been wild. I envy those who saw them here in southern Ontario during that period. I was about 5 years too young to get into the bars then. My buddies from Oshawa who saw them in Peterborough and the old Concord sure can hold my attention, when they talk about that time. The best I could do was stand outside and listen. In retrospect...I should have snuck in.

Thu Jun 4 23:19:02 MET DST 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

TO STAN: You made me think about that Winters night in 1970. Seeing "The Band" as "The Band" I would be in total agreement. As "The Band" that was indeed the best I have seen; with Jesse Winchester opening. Another night was in the green hills of Vermont at an outside concert in '75. The moon was full and when you watched the shadow of light behind Garth; it was quite magical.

Thu Jun 4 19:15:58 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

In an interview a few years ago, Robbie Robertson said that it makes him sick to his stomach when he thinks about Capitol Records throwing out a bunch of original Band tapes (with unreleased tracks) in a massive house-cleaning project. This has always depressed me as well. Obviously, some tapes still exist. At the end of the Classic Albums program, an unreleased version of Richard singing "Whispering Pines" is playing while the credits are rolling.

What tapes do they still have? JVC had to recently cancel its XRCD release of The Band(second album) because they could not locate the master. Does this mean Capitol does not have it or JVC could not get it?

Thu Jun 4 18:30:59 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Sister Brooke: And i'm sorry you lack the sense to tell when someone agrees with you. Read my post again carefully. But to save you the confusion,i'll be sure not to respond to you in the future.

Mike you are not alone in your thoughts.

"Little" Magnus Rules!

Thu Jun 4 16:45:18 MET DST 1998

Steve Spencer

From: Waterloo,IL
Home page:

Great site, needs a little more Dylan content.

Thu Jun 4 16:35:16 MET DST 1998

Mike Scott

From: Chicago

Best music web site I've seen so far, Of course it helps that I'm a major fan of Rick and Levon. Whoever is responsible for all this: PLEASE keep it up. Wonderful sound samples and videos. Am I the only one thinking Robertson's latest CD (Contact..etc..) sucks the big one? He still can't sing. And that techno stuff is embarassing for a soon 60 year old guy that once was the greatest guitarist and song writer in rock. Anyway, once again congrats on a wonderful home page. Mikey

Thu Jun 4 14:42:20 MET DST 1998

Jan's little helper

From: Halden, Norway

A separate search page for searching the guestbook archives is now available. You owe me one for the Perl coding, Jan.

Thu Jun 4 13:44:29 MET DST 1998

Me again

From: Same place

Great site you have here. Anyone have Robbie's e-mail address?

Thu Jun 4 12:51:18 MET DST 1998


From: Here

Long live The Band. Levon rules.

Thu Jun 4 11:06:30 MET DST 1998

Greg Wall

Saw Bob the other week. He did a great "This Wheel's On Fire." One of the best versions I've ever heard. Obviously, it made the show for me.

Thu Jun 4 06:25:44 MET DST 1998



HEY JOHN: THAT'S SISTER BROOKE. I'm sorry if you can't understand that I love The Band. I don't care what happened in 1976. That's 22 years ago. What happened between the members of The Band is none of my business. It's really none of anyone's business but theirs. That's why it's not cool to bash any of them. Why say anything about the situation when no one really has the right but Levon, Robbie, Rick and Garth. I love their music with a passion. Whether they're solo or as The Band. I just find it difficult to judge anyone when it has to do with a situation that does not concern me. The Band is The Band. If you can't like them for their music, don't listen to their stuff. Think about it. That music would not exist if any member of The Band would have had no part. No Big Pink, No Brown Album, No Stagefright, No Cahoots...Come on. Let it go.

Thu Jun 4 06:17:19 MET DST 1998

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

To Murph

My suggestion is to start with "Big Pink" and "The Band." Then go to "Moondog Matinee" and "Stage Fright." Follow those with one of the greatest live albums ever: "Rock Of Ages." "Northen Lights/Southern Cross" would also be a good choice. But, You can't really go wrong with any of them.

And, if you like Dylan, "Guitars Kissing..." is the other greatest live album ever, and "Planet Waves" is no slouch. I would stay away from the hits collections because the original sequencing is lost on these.


Thu Jun 4 01:38:40 MET DST 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London Ontario

Pretty lame attempt at being funny Lil Abner. Don't give up your day job. Comedy is not your style. This site is alive and well. It was never intended to look like Kansas. It originates in Norway, about 3500 miles from the USA where no one had the interest, the guts, the patience and the talent to put this FREE site at your disposal for your dumb comments. Viney and Brennan will post if and when they choose I am sure.

Thu Jun 4 01:28:59 MET DST 1998

Stan Landau

From: Toronto

This is in reply to John Donabie's comment about the Dylan concert he attended in Toronto. Unfortunately I missed that one. I know that John was at the January 17, 1970 Band concert at Massey Hall in Toronto which was far and away the best concert of any kind I've ever been at so the Dylan concert must have been incredible. The January 1970 concert was The Band at their absolute best. I saw the original line up perform many times after that including Watkins Glen, the Festival Express tour later in 1970, and The Dylan/Band tour of 1974 but I never saw anything like the intensity, dedication and mutual admiration they displayed on the stage that snowy winter night. They did about half of the songs on The Band and most of the great songs from Big Pink. Each song sounded better than the record. It was a concert that changed my life and made me a dedicated Band fanatic.

Thu Jun 4 00:28:56 MET DST 1998

Lil' Abner

From: Dogpatch

Ooo Weeee. Things shore have slowed down here in Dogpatch since the road closure a few weeks back. Mayor Viney and Deputy Brennan....where are they? This don't look like Kansas any more.

Wed Jun 3 19:18:52 MET DST 1998


From: Belgium

Excellent website of an excellent (B)band.....keep up the good work.........

Wed Jun 3 15:14:00 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Dan Blood: Pretty cool idea playing Largo for your class. This is an excellent alternative to the over-prescribed drug Ritalin used as a quick fix for our kids these days. Had a 11th grade history teacher that would play Theolonius Monk records. Even though it was very foreign to what we normally listened to, it changed the whole vibe of the classroom. Our attention spans and interest levels were definately enhanced. I would have benefited from more teachers like this{you}I think. I have used the powers and wonders of music to great effect on my own brood.

Anyone read the terrific book-The Mozart Effect-by Don campbell? Maybe you more literary types out there could write a book titled-The Band Effect. For sure there is plenty of healing,life affirming power in their music!

Wed Jun 3 15:00:40 MET DST 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

TO DON PUGATCH: You are right Don. That is Mickey Jones on drums. After Levon left; because he was tired of the booing and stuff, two drummers at different times took his place. One was Sandy Konikoff, a friend of Stan's from Buffalo and the other was Mickey Jones who would go one to be the drummer for Kenny Rodgers and the 1st. Edition. I interviewed Mickey in '73 and I have two full tapes of his memories of that tour.

He told me that during that performance that particular night, Dylan was not only angry at the crowd's reaction; but hurt as well. In Mickey's words, "We all kind of just looked at one another and we knew that this one was for Bob." You hear Robertson giving the charge just before Mickey hits that blistering rim shot into Like A Rolling Stone. I saw the concert in Toronto. My friend Robert and I had front row seats. It was a night I will never forget. Dylan sat right in front of us at the piano, singing Ballad of a Thin Man. Nathan Cohen who was entertainment writer for the Toronto Star at the time, referred to The Hawks as a "3rd rate rock and roll band. I remember being so pissed reading the paper the next day. I believe to this day that it was the best concert I have ever seen.

Wed Jun 3 13:55:08 MET DST 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Always willing to trade with other Band fans, contact me via e mail, and we can decide what we want to go with. Have lots of standard Band, Van Morrison CD's, and some special Boots and VHS tapes. On another note, with the new release of the Bob Dylan/Hawks package, did you notice that Levon is NOT the drummer, it is Mickey Jones. I must go back to Levon's book, but if I remember correctly, that was the time he left because he could not take the negative fan response at the concerts, but let me check.

Wed Jun 3 06:31:26 MET DST 1998


From: Los Angeles

Hello all...

I'm proud to announce that I am one of the newest Band fans around. I was converted (to the Band faith, from the former Who/Zeppelin faith) by a PBS (KCET here in L.A.) documentary that just aired last weekend - anyone catch it?

I turned off the TV after seeing that PBS was showing some crappy James Taylor (is that his name?) show, but as I was about to hit the sack, my mom comes in and tells me to check out PBS -- that there's a documentary on The Band that's really good. I had heard of The band -- knew they were Dylan's backing group (what exactly does that mean, anyway?) -- but had never heard any of their stuff, so I turned it on for curiosity's sake.

WOW. What amazing music. My favorite bands are probably Zeppelin, The Who, and CCR, and instantly, after watching perhaps 15 minutes of the documentary, I was an instant Band fan. I was especially impressed by that Levon guy -- the good ol' boy drummer. They had him in the studio for much of the documentary, and he along with some arranger were seperating each track from various songs to display some of the abnd's musical genius -- they'd isolate the drums and vocals, for instance, or that crazy keyboard thing on "Up On Cripple Creek."

Anyways, the drummer guy had some awesome rhythm -- I agree 100% with whoever said the Band made them want to get up and dance... I'm a huge John Bonham fan myself, and this guy ain't as good technically, but he showed off some amazing stuff during the documentary. Then they cut to Robbie Robertson, and he was talking about one night when he sat scribbling lyrics and whispering them quietly because his newborn baby was in the next room. Just after that, they show he and the other guys singing "The Night, They drove ol' Dixie down" THAT's what instantly converted me. I'm a Civil War enthusiast (studied it extensively this year), and this song is no doubt the most poignant song written about this era. Man, I was blown away.

Anyways, as a beginner Band fan, I'm wondering what CDs people would suggest I pick up... I was considering the best of thing (1CD), or perhaps the newer 3CD set. My mom kept on saying "God, what a GREAT song" every time they played another song on the documentary, so I think I'll like most of their stuff. The only thing I have now (besides what I remember from the documentary) is an mp3 of Up On Cripple Creek I downloaded. Man, another great song.

Oh well, just offically declaring my Band fanship...

Wed Jun 3 03:30:36 MET DST 1998

Dan Blood

From: CA

As some of you may know I am a 7th grade math teacher. Today, after lunch, the class I was teaching got to hear Garth's Largo on my portable CD player because I neglected to turn the machine off when class started. So during my lecture about balancing each side of an equation (simple algebra) they were 'deeply' transfixed by Garth's sax and accordian and the haunting horn arrangement of the Dvorak tune. Their faces were incredibly peaceful and profound for the 3 minutes. I could play that regularly and improve my teaching.

Tue Jun 2 23:55:58 MET DST 1998


From: Chester, NY

This is in response to Frances Vandyke's experience in Saugerties. A fairly recent article in a local Hudson Valley newspaper said that the house was sold to a fan of The Band who said that she was going to keep the house Pink. The article didn"t mention anything about a museum.

Tue Jun 2 20:50:31 MET DST 1998


From: Connecticut

I just got a copy of the Dylan/Band compact disc Live at the Hollywood Bowl. It is a soundboard recording, so it is better than normal. I believe this was Dylan's third "electric" concert. It was also the second and last time that Dylan would play with Al Kooper on organ, Harvey Brooks on bass,Levon on drums and Robbie on guitar. Unbelievable!!

Tue Jun 2 19:19:31 MET DST 1998

frances vandyke

From: the netherlands

dear band-fans, just visited Woodstock, Bearsville and West Saugerties. The latter because I was informerd that the 'Big Pink' was now a BAND-musuem. None of this is true. The neighbor of the 'Big Pink' had also heard of it but told me that even if the 'house' was still there it was closed by the owner and that it didn't even look pink anymore. No-one in the area was really interesed in this once-known as recording place of Dylan and the Band. To bad, would have been nice to have a glance of this famous house.

Tue Jun 2 18:40:54 MET DST 1998


From: penna

Amen brother Brooke, I believe your preaching to the choir. The negativism occurs when someone insists on extolling the virtues of a particular band member as superior to and at the expense of the others. Really you said it best. Praise the lord and spare the ammunition!!

Tue Jun 2 16:29:41 MET DST 1998


From: DC
Home page:

I was browsing through the Van Morrison website (I put the address above) reading an old interview from 1970 when he was living in Woodstock, and read that Van was planning at the time of recording an album of Ray Charles covers with Richard Manuel. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this before, being such a big fan of both of them. He also mentions being inspired by Bobby Bland, who was of course also a huge influence on the members of The Band. I recently picked up Bobby Bland's Two Steps From The Blues on CD, it is phenomenal. Really too bad that Van/Richard collaboration never happened...

Tue Jun 2 12:50:03 MET DST 1998

Joe Frey

From: Albany, NY

Hi, I'm interested in purchaing the new Band interactive cd-rom. If anyone knows how to get that cd-rom through the internet or mail order, please email me. thanks

Tue Jun 2 07:18:47 MET DST 1998

Colonel Curt Capricorn

From: Capricorn country

It is about time that the Royal Albert Hall shows were released. that phase of Dylan has never been fully appreciated. its quite a juxtapostion to the Band's current incarnation. anybody have access to the complete Woodstock 1969 show? I will trade. post a quick note.

Tue Jun 2 06:40:10 MET DST 1998



I love The Band. I respect The Band. I respect ALL members of The Band. I can't believe how many people rag on certain members of this brilliant compilation of musicians. Think about it for a minute. These guys put out some incredible music. Respect ALL of them for that. Let go of what happened 22 years ago. Sometimes it's best when even the greatest things come to an end. Kick back and listen to "Music From Big Pink" or "Stagefright." Listen to that sound. That's what it's all about. Not picking out a member and trashing him. There wouldn't be The Band without any one of these guys. So I say it now. I respect Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel for the music. It's made me a much happier person. To hell with all this Band member bashing bullshit.

Mon Jun 1 21:43:32 MET DST 1998

Robert Bourgeois

From: Shediac-Bridge, New Brunswick, Canada

I'm an Acadian and so obviously, I like the song Acadian Driftwood, but I like the Band for reasons far more profound. Simply put, when I listen to the music of the Band, I groove. I want to get up and dance. No other rock band has quite the same effect on me. I will listen to the Band forever.

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