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The Band: Compilations and Best-of Albums

[cover art] = Cover art included on album page
[text only] = Album page is text only
[sounds] = Sound samples included on album page

On each album page, clicking on a higlighted song title will give you the lyrics for that song. If there is an audio file available for a song, the song title will be marked with a speaker/audio format icon and the audio file size. You can download and listen to a little sample from the song by clicking this speaker icon.

[text only] Milestones 1973
[cover art] Masters of Rock 1975
[cover art/sounds] The Best of the Band 1976
[cover art/sounds] Anthology 1978
[cover art] Stage Fright (Japan) 1980
[cover art] The Band Story 1983
[text only] Il Rock 5 1988
[cover art/sounds] To Kingdom Come 1989
[cover art] Pop Classics 1989
[text only/sounds] The Band Gift Set 1989
[cover art] The Capitol Years 1990
[cover art/sounds] The Collection 1992
[cover art] Super Best 1994
[cover art/sounds] Across the Great Divide 1994
[cover art/sounds] Best of Across the Great Divide 1994
[text only] Band & Friends 1994
[cover art/sounds] The Most of The Band 1994
[cover art/sounds] The Weight 1996
[cover art] The Collection 1997
[cover art] The Greatest 1998
[cover art] The Shape I'm In 1998
[cover art] 36 All-Time Greatest Hits 1998
[cover art] The Best of The Band, vol II 1999
[cover art] The Band - Greatest Hits 2000
[cover art] Superstars Best Collection 2000
[cover art] The Very Best THE BAND Album Ever 2002
[cover art] The Moon Struck One 2002
[cover art] Original Artist Hit List 2003
[cover art] A Musical History 2005
[cover art] The Best of A Musical History 2007
[cover art] The Collection 2007
[cover art] Platinum 2008
[cover art] Three of a Kind 2011
[cover art] Collected 2013
[cover art] Opus Collection 2013
[cover art] Capitol Rarities 1968-1977 2015
[cover art] The Capitol Albums 1968-1977 2015
[cover art] Testimony 2016
[cover art] From Bacon Fat to Judgement Day 2024

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