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The Band: Soundtrack Albums

The soundtrack albums, featuring The Band or members of The Band, are listed in chronological order. The Band's songs have been used in many films, this page only lists officially released soundtrack albums. For more soundtrack information, see the Internet Movie Database.

[cover art] = Cover art included on album page
[text only] = Album page is text only
[sounds] = Sound samples included on album page

On each album page, clicking on a higlighted song title will give you the lyrics for that song. If there is an audio file available for a song, the song title will be marked with a speaker/audio format icon and the audio file size. You can download and listen to a little sample from the song by clicking this speaker icon.

[cover art/sounds] You Are What You Eat 1968
[cover art] Last Summer 1969
[cover art/sounds] Coal Miner's Daughter 1980
[cover art] Raging Bull 1980
[cover art/sounds] Carny 1980
[cover art] Kent State 1981
[cover art] Best Revenge 1982
[cover art/sounds] The King of Comedy 1983
[text only] Firstborn 1984
[cover art] The Right Stuff/ North & South 1985
[cover art/sounds] The Color of Money 1986
[cover art] Scrooged 1988
[cover art] New York Stories 1989
[cover art/sounds] Staying Together 1990
[cover art/sounds] More Songs from The Big Chill 1991
[cover art] The Best of Tour of Duty 1992
[cover art/sounds] Little Big League 1994
[cover art] Born on the Fourth of July 1994
[cover art] Jimmy Hollywood 1994
[cover art] The War 1994
[cover art] Casino 1995
[cover art/sounds] A Future to This Life 1995
[cover art] Phenomenon 1996
[cover art] Larger Than Life 1996
[cover art] Prefontaine 1997
[cover art/sounds] River of Song1998
[cover art] Patch Adams1998
[cover art] Forces of Nature1999
[cover art] The '60s1999
[cover art] Wolves 1999
[cover art] Girl, Interrupted2000
[cover art/sounds] Any Given Sunday Vol. II2000
[cover art] The Center of the World2001
[cover art] Shrek2001
[cover art] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation2002
[cover art] Gangs of New York2002
[cover art] Masked and Anonymous2003
[cover art] Starsky & Hutch2004
[cover art] A Home at the End of the World2004
[cover art] Ladder 492004
[cover_art] Lightning in a Bottle 2004
[cover art] Easy Rider Deluxe Edition2004
[cover art] No Direction Home 2005
[cover art] I'm Not There 2007
[cover art] Here Is What Is 2008
[cover art] Taking Woodstock 2009
[cover art] Observe and Report 2009
[cover art] Shutter Island 2010
[cover art] True Blood Vol. 2 2010

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