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The Band: Various-Artists Albums

The various-artists albums, featuring the Band or members of the Band, are listed in chronological order. See also the list of soundtrack albums.

[cover art] = Cover art included on album page
[text only] = Album page is text only
[sounds] = Sound samples included on album page

On each album page, clicking on a higlighted song title will give you the lyrics for that song. If there is an audio file available for a song, the song title will be marked with a speaker/audio format icon and the audio file size. You can download and listen to a little sample from the song by clicking this speaker icon.

[cover art] Miller / Quicksilver / Band 1969
[cover art] The Music People 1972
[cover art/sounds] A Tribute to Woody Guthrie 1972
[cover art] Nuggets 1972
[cover art/sounds] The Legend of Jesse James 1980
[text only] Vintage Rock 1981
[cover art] We Are the World 1985
[cover art/sounds] Stay Awake - Music from Disney films 1989
[cover art/sounds] The Best of Mountain Stage Volume 1 1989
[cover art] American Children 1989
[text only] The Attack of the Killer B's 1989
[cover art] The Songs of Bob Dylan 1989
[cover art] Rainbow Warriors 1989
[cover art] Nobody's Child 1990
[cover art] One World, One Voice 1990
[cover art] Legends Of Guitar - Rock: The '60s, Vol. 2 1991
[cover art/sounds] The Ed Sullivan Years, Born to Be Wild 1991
[text only] The Greatest Hits of 1970 1991
[cover art] The Bob Dylan Songbook 1991
[text only] East Coast Rock 1991
[cover art] Weird Nightmare - Meditations on Mingus 1992
[cover art/sounds] Can We Go Higher? 1992
[cover art] Protest Rock 1992
[text only] Guitar Heroes Volume 4 1992
[text only] Great Jukebox Hits of the '60s 1992
[cover art/sounds] Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert 1993
[text only] Totally Rock Guitar 1993
[text only] Earth Day 1993
[cover art] The Rolling Stone Collection 1967 - 1969 1993
[cover art] Upfront! 1994
[cover art] Let There Be Drums, Vol. 2: The '60s 1994
[cover art] Woodstock 25th Anniversary 1994
[cover art/sounds] Woodstock Diary 1994
[cover art/sounds] Bring it on Home Vol. 1 1994
[cover art/sounds] Bring it on Home Vol. 2 1994
[cover art] Where Woodstock Lives 1994
[cover art] Borrowed Tunes 1994
[cover art] Harley-Davidson Road Songs 1994
[text only] Twenty Five Years of Rock & Roll: 1970 1994
[text only] Easy Rider 1994
[cover art] Beach Music Anthology1994
[cover art] Grooves Premiere Volume 1994
[text only] The Best Country Album in the World - Ever! 1994
[cover art] American Heartbeat 1994
[cover art/sounds] Till The Night Is Gone 1995
[cover art] 1995 Grammy Nominees 1995
[cover art] Winter, Fire & Snow 1995
[cover art] World of Noise 1995
[text only] The Blues 1995
[text only] Acoustic Freeway 1995
[text only] 1970 - Back in the Groove 1995
[text only] Strange Brew 1995
[cover art] Ben & Jerry's One World/One Heart 1995
[cover art] Global Divas 1995
[text only] Classic Rock Volume #6-Rock 'n Folk 1995
[cover art] Not Fade Away 1996
[cover art] Grooves 13 1996
[text only] Earth Day 1996 1996
[cover art] A Tribute to Fats Domino 1996
[cover art] Oh What a Feeling 1996
[cover art] For Our Children Too 1996
[cover art] Bearsville Box Set 1996
[text only] Rock Classics of the 60s 1996
[cover art] Trance Planet Vol.3 1996
[text only] Welcome to Transatlantic Country 1996
[text only] I Love Rock & Roll... 1996
[cover art] Doin' Dylan 1996
[cover art] Celtic Woman 1996
[cover art/sounds] Pebbles, Vol.10 1997
[cover art] Sweetfish Records Sampler 1997
[text only] Every Day is Earth Day 1997
[cover art] A Time To Remember - 1968 1997
[cover art] Moods: A Contemporary Soundtrack 1997
[cover art] A Time To Remember - 1970 1997
[text only] Daytrippers 1997
[cover art] Survival Sounds 1997
[text only] ChEMIstry - A Hundred Years of EMI 1997
[text/sounds] Confederate Tales 1997
[cover art] Radio Free Music Vol.1 1997
[text only] Reel Music 1997
[text only] Hippydip 1997
[text only] 20 Hits from 1968 1997
[text only] 20 Hits from 1970 1997
[cover art] Good Morning Vietnam 1997
[cover art] Goodnight Saigon 1997
[text only] Time Passages 1997
[text only] The Sounds of a Generation 1997
[text only] Soft Rock Classics 1998
[text only] Hi-Fidelity Holiday 1998
[cover art] Sweetfish Spring Sampler 1998
[cover art] Revvin' It Up 1998
[cover art] Disraeli Years 1998
[cover art] And The Times They Were A-Changin' 1998
[cover art/sounds] Largo 1998
[cover art/sounds] River of Song1998
[cover art] What's That I Hear?1998
[cover art] Much More Music1998
[text only] American Pie 1998
[cover art] The '60s1999
[cover art] Heart Beats1999
[cover art] Moods II1999
[cover art] Native Voices1999
[cover art] Now That's What I Call Music! 19881999
[cover art] Summer of Peace Vol. 31999
[cover art] Beach Music Anthology, Vol.21999
[cover art] Treasury of Folk Music, Vol.41999
[cover art] Hunter S. Thompson - Where Were You...1999
[cover art/sounds] Tangled up in Blues - Songs of Bob Dylan1999
[cover art] Rock.n Roll Greats1999
[cover art] Millennium Box Set 1999
[cover art] Powerage Rock1999
[cover art/sounds] At the Club 1999
[cover art/sounds] White Mansions/Legend of Jesse James 1999
[cover art] Freedom - Il Rock... 1999
[cover art] Country Rock - La Musica ...1999
[cover art] 1970: Take Two1999
[cover art] FM Rock1999
[cover art] FM Rock II1999
[text only] Wow! That was the 60s 1999
[cover art/sounds] Blues Cube1999
[cover_art] Feels So Good 1999
[cover_art] Frett'n the Blues 2000
[cover art] Positively '60s2000
[cover art] Mystery Train2000
[cover art] Life After Dark2000
[cover art] Chicago Blues Masters 2000
[cover art] Hoagyland 2000
[cover art/sounds] Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 14 2000
[cover art] City Folk IV 2000
[cover art] Love Ballads 2000
[text long] Singers & Songwriters: The 1960's 2000
[text long] Singers & Songwriters: 1964-1969 2001
[cover art] The Complete Collection 2001
[cover art] American Bandstand 2001
[cover art] Chillout Moods 2001
[cover art] A Nod to Bob 2001
[cover art] Open All Night 2001
[cover art] Goin' South 2001
[cover art] Uncut Cover Disc 2001
[cover art] Down the Dirt Road 2001
[cover art/sound] Labour of Love 2001
[cover art] Are You Ready for the Country?2001
[cover art] Beyond Nashville2001
[cover art] Vietnam: Songs from a Divided House2001
[cover art] Oh What a Feeling 2 2001
[text only] 17 Greats from the States2001
[text only] Rock, Ballads, Anthems and Indie2001
[cover art] Jersey Jams, Jersey Cares2002
[cover art] Walking In Memphis2002
[cover art] Music of the Games2002
[cover art] Mines to Vines2002
[cover art] Delta Blues Masters2002
[cover art] Hard Rain2002
[cover art] A Taste of Blues Harmonica2002
[cover art] Artist's Choice - Lucinda Williams2002
[cover art] Capitol Records 1942-20022002
[cover art] Born to Run 2003 Volume 1 2003
[cover art] Rock & Roll with Piano Volume 6 2003
[cover_art] Now This Is What We Call Blues 2003
[cover_art] Artist's Choice - Sheryl Crow 2003
[cover_art] Gospel Brunch Classics 2003
[cover art] Superstar Rock Festival2003
[cover_art] Etown Live Vol.III 2003
[cover_art] May Your Songs Always Be Sung 2003
[cover_art] Strange Currencies 2003
[cover_art] Highway 60's 70's 2003
[cover_art] All Night All Stars 2003
[cover_art] Bird Up 2003
[cover_art] Live from the Bardavon 2004
[cover_art] The Ultimate Blues Collection 2004
[cover_art] Lightning in a Bottle 2004
[cover_art] A Sense of Place 2004
[cover art] Artist's Choice - Norah Jones2004
[cover art] Easy Rider Deluxe Edition2004
[cover art] Music That Matters2004
[cover art] Across the Great Divide2005
[cover art] Elvis Costello: Artists' Choice2005
[cover art] 100 Essential 1980s2005
[cover art] Into the West2005
[cover art] Inspired by Genius2005
[cover art] Elton John's Christmas Party2005
[cover art] Super Rock Festival2006
[cover art] The Harry Smith Project2006
[cover art] Martin Scorsese, the Director's Cut2006
[cover art] Can Be Heard2006
[cover art] The Golden Age of Rock & Roll: Bubbling Under2006
[cover art] The Who Jukebox2006
[cover art] Tribute to Haruomi Hosono 2006
[cover art] Endless Highway 2007
[cover art] This is Truck 2007
[cover art] Goin' Home... 2007
[cover art] Four Decades of Folk Rock 2007
[cover art] Tribute to Haruomi Hosono 2007
[cover art] Now Hear This! 2008
[cover art] The Imus Ranch Record 2008
[cover art] Northern Songs 2008
[cover art] Keep Your Soul 2009
[cover art] Red, Hot and Regal 2009
[cover art] You Heard Them Here First 2009
[cover art] Record Day 2009 Sampler 2009
[cover art] The Imus Ranch Record II 2010
[cover art] Bo Diddley is a... Songwriter 2010
[cover art] Late Night Tales: Midlake 2011
[cover art] The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams 2011
[cover art] Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon 2011
[cover art] The Beautiful Old 2013
[cover art/sounds] Woodstock - Back to the Garden 2019

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