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The Band: Articles

Below are some articles about The Band available from this site and other places on the net. The articles are sorted by topic.

More articles on The Band are available from Rock's Backpages. See also David Besterman's extensive index to magazine articles and books about The Band.

Articles by Topic

General Articles about The Band

Bally, Ron:
"The Band Plays On"
This article about the current state of the Band appeared in the Tucson Weekly, June 1996.

Berkely, Ann:
"Now It's The Toronto Sound"
The Windsor Star, September 1969.

Bowman, Rob and Tamarkin, Jeff:
"Life is a Carnival/Postscript"
Appearing at this site as the multipart history of the Band. Originally from two articles that appeared in Goldmine record collectors magazine in July 1991. Reprinted with permission from the authors and Goldmine magazine.

Clinton, Ryan:
"The Smithsonian of American Rock & Roll"

Cober-Lake, Justin:
"The Band: A Musical History"
2005 Band bio. and review of the box set A Musical History.

Cocks, Jay:
"Down to Old Dixie and Back"
This article about The Band was the cover story in Time magazine, Jan 12, 1970.

DeCurtis, Anthony:
"The Band Is Gone, the Waltz Plays On"
From the New York Times, April 2002.
Eder, Bruce:
"A Brief History of the Band"
At this site, originally from the Internet All-Music Guide

Fowler, Pete:
"The Band - Big Sound from Big Pink"
From Radio One's Story of Pop, UK, 1973.

Gehr, Richard:
"Band on the Rerun"
From My Generation Magazine, February 2001. Includes a nice painting of The Band.

Gill, Andy:
"Back To The Land"
From a 2000 issue of Mojo Magazine.

Glover, Tony:
"A Wonderful New Group"
From Eye magazine, issue 7, November 1968.

Gold, Mick:
"The Band: A Tree With Roots"
1974 bio from Let It Rock.

Holland, Bill:
"The Band"
Program notes for a Band tribute concert, 2005.

Hoskyns, Barney:
"Heart & Soul: The Band"
1994 Band bio from Mojo.

Kelton, Jim:
"Save the Last Waltz for Sonny Boy"
From Blues Revue magazine, no. 72, November 2001.

Kot, Greg:
"`Waltz' bittersweet for many, but not Robbie Robertson"
From The Chicago Tribune, April 2002.

Logan, Nick:
"There's Still Togetherness"
About the state of The Band. From Hit Parader, December 1971.

Lydon, Susan Gordon:
"The Band Shuns the Bandwagon"
From the New York Times, May 1969.

Marsh, David:
"The Weight"
This article appeared in the Boston Phoenix after the Band compilation Anthology was released.

McMahan, Larry:
"The Band plans to rock Knoxvillians..."
From The Daily Beacon, June 1994.

Nyman, Jake:
"The Band"
Finnish 1979 chronological article about The Band, from the rock encyclopedia Rocktieto.

Poppy, John:
"The Band: Music from Home"
From Look magazine, August 25, 1970.

Rogovoy, Seth:
"The Legacy of the Band, Part 1-3"
These articles caused some debate when they were posted to the newsgroup early in '96.

Singer, Jonathan:
"The Band - Where From Here?"
From Hit Parader magazine, December, 1972.

Tunis, Walter:
"The Band Picks up Beat for '90s"
From the Kentucky newspaper Lexington Herald-Leader, May 1997.

Viney, Peter:
"Once Were Brothers"
Review of the 2019 documentary about Robbie Robertson and The Band.

About the possibilities for a properly-done The Band box set.

"Walk on by"
Transcript/summary from a BBC2 TV Broadcast, 21.04.2001

Williams, Richard:
"Melody Maker band breakdown: The Band"
An article published in the British magazine Melody Maker, May 29 1971. Including among other things one interview with Robbie Robertson and one with Rick Danko.

Wilonsky, Robert:
"Do Look Back"
2002 article about the break-up of The Band in 1976.


Baer, Joshua:
"The Band - The Robbie Robertson Interview"
From Musician, 1982. Extensive interview, also with comments from Helm and Danko, a Band bio and discography.

Baron, Josh:
"Playin' in The Band with Robbie Robertson"
2006 interview.

Blue, Buddy:
"Burrito Grande"
2004 Garth Hudson interview/bio.

Boucher, Caroline:
"The Band -- Or When The Booing Ended"
Originally published in Disc and Music Echo in the UK, 29 May 1971.

Caraway, Steve:
"Rick Danko - Robbie Robertson"
1976 interview/guitar talk with Rick and Robbie, from the December '76 issue of Guitar Player magazine.

Denberg, Jody:
"Interview with Robbie Robertson"
From KGSR FM Radio Austin, May 2002.

Caillouet, Linda:
"Arkansas runs deep in Levon"
Interview/review from the Arkansas Gazette, May, 2005.

Considine, J.D.:
"Robbie Robertson"
Interview promoting the 2005 The Band box set.

Doerschuk, Bob:
"Garth Hudson - Legendary Organist with '60s Supergroup The Band"
From Keyboard Magazine, 1983.

"Rick Danko - The Last Interview"
All-Music Guide interview with Rick, 3 days before his death.

Feins, John:
"Jubilation - The Band & A Way of Life"
Interview with Rick Danko, from the January 1999 issue of the National Academy of Songwriters newsletter.

"Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante"
Interview with Weider and Ciarlante, from the January 1999 issue of the National Academy of Songwriters newsletter.

Flans, Robyn:
"Levon Helm"
1984 interview with Levon Helm in Modern Drummer.

Fletcher, George A.:
"10 answers to 9 questions"
July 2001 interview with Garth Hudson from Rhythm & News Magazine.

Gabites, Lee:
"A Conversation with Levon Helm"
Interview from October 1996, from the Band Fanzine in England.

"Boogie to Woodstock with Jim Weider"
1997 interview with the Band's guitarist, from the Band fanzine Jawbone.

"Randy Ciarlante on The Band, The Woodstock All Stars & The Crowmatix"
1997 interview with the Band's "new" drummer, from the Band fanzine Jawbone.

Galli, Raffaele:
"Garth Hudson"
Interview from Buscadero magazine, January 2005.

Gill, Andy:
"The Q 100 Interview: Robbie Robertson" (PDF)
From a 1995 issue of Q Magazine.

Girouard, Bob:
"Levon Helm -- The Classic Drummer Interview"
Modern Drummer, August 2008. PDF-file.

Gould, Mark T.:
"Jim Weider & Randy Ciarlante: The "Remedy" for Playing in The Band"
2002 interview from Sound Waves Magazine.

Harris, Craig:
"Rick Danko Rides On"
1992 interview from Dirty Linen magazine.

Harris, John:
"Mixing up the Medicine"
2003 interviews with Robbie and Levon from Mojo magazine.

Hollander, Brian:
"Genetically Speaking"
March 2003 interview with Garth Hudson, from The Woodstock Times.

Hoskyns, Barney:
"Levon Helm"
1998 interview by Band biographer Hoskyns.

James, Paul:
"A Radio Interview with Rick Danko"
CBS Radio Network interview with Danko from September 17, 1998. Rick talks about the current state of The Band and its members, and their future plans for books, albums, and concerts.

Jordan, Scott:
"Fest Focus '94: The Band"
Levon Helm interview from Louisiana music magazine OffBeat, May 1994.

"Backtalk with Levon Helm"
This interview with Levon Helm first appeared in the December 1998 issue of the Louisiana music magazine OffBeat.

Kamer, Gijsbert:
"Robbie Robertson: "I've always looked for some kind of brotherhoods..."
From Dutch newspaper deVolksrant, August 2020.

Kaufman, Marjorie:
"On the Tracks - An Interview with Rick Danko"
August 1996 interview with Danko, plus review of The Band's concert on 08/16/96. From the Bob Dylan fanzine On the Tracks.

Krewen, Nick:
"Robbie Robertson - Interview With A Legend"
2002 interview from Canadian Music Week.

Lewis, Matthew:
"The Band's Rick Danko Revs Up Legendary Career"
Interview from March 1997, from Variety.

"Rick Danko - Too Long In Exile"
Interview from the May 1997 issue of the Singapore-based BigO Magazine.

Lopate, Mitch:
"He Shall Be Levon..."
2002 interview with Levon, from the Southern music magazine Gritz.

Lyness, Jon:
"An Interview with Garth Hudson"
Excerpts from an interview Garth Hudson gave to the weekly newspaper Woodstock Times, before his show with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic at the Studley Theatre, New Paltz, NY, May 9, 1998.

Morse, Steve:
"Rick Danko Playing It Low-Key"
Interview from the Boston Globe, February 1988.

Muir, Ross:
"Magic Keyboard Tour 2004"
2004 review/interview with Garth and Maud Hudson.

Musgrave, Corinne:
"The Band's out of hibernation and it was worth the wait"
1974 article with interviews with Garth Hudson and Ronnie Hawkins.

Orr, John:
"It's a Matter of Hearing the Chords"
2002 interview with Garth.

Ransom, Kevin:
"The Band"
May 1995 interview with Robbie and Rick, from Guitar Player Magazine.

Rønning, Øyvind:
"One Way for Danko"
Interview/article from January 1999, originally appearing in Norwegian in the newspaper Dagbladet.

Roybal, Kay:
"'Waltz' Among Best Rock Flicks"
From the Albuquerque Journal, December 2002.

Schneider, Jason:
"The World According to Garth"
Interview/article from the Toronto newspaper The Globe and Mail, July 2002,

Spencer, Ruth Albert:
These interviews with all five members of The Band appeared in the weekly newspaper The Woodstock Times in 1985:
"Conversations with The Band - Richard Manuel"
"Conversations with The Band - Garth Hudson"
"Conversations with The Band - Robbie Robertson"
"Conversations with The Band - Rick Danko"
"Conversations with The Band - Levon Helm"

Taylor, Brian:
"Interview with Rick Danko, May 8, 1996"
Transcript from a radio interview.

The ToneQuest Report:
"The King of Tone"
Jim Weider interview, cover story of the guitar magazine ToneQuest Report, December 2002. The article is a PDF-file, you need a PDF-reader (Adobe Acrobat) to see it.

Weinberg, Max:
"Levon Helm"
Interview/bio from the 1984 book The Big Beat: Conversations with Rock's Great Drummers.

Wilonsky, Robert:
"The Great Divide: Levon Helm, the heart and soul of The Band, looks back in anger. "
Interview/article from February 1999, originally appearing in The Dallas Observer.

Concert Reviews

"The Band Comes Back to California"
Concert review from the Los Angeles Times, November 1971.

Alexander, Jeff:
"Burrito Deluxe"
Burrito Deluxe with Garth Hudson in Nashville, September 2004.

Andreassen, Johnny:
"Hudson/ Fjeld/ Andersen/ Andersen, Norway, May 2001"
Review from a Norwegian newspaper of a concert with Garth Hudson, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen and Sari Andersen.

Atkinson, Todd:
"Levon's Midnight Ramble"
Review of a January 2004 concert at Levon Helm's "barn", with his band Uncle Remus and the Whole Show.

Bernstein, Carl:
"The Band"
Ecstatic 1969 gig review from the Washington Post.

Betley, Adam:
"The Midnight Ramble - January 21, 2012"

"A Celebration of Richard, Rick & Levon"

Blunt, Emily:
"Levon Helm & the Barn Burners"
Review of a 2000 concert.

Brown, Peter Stone:
"Levon in Philly"
February 2008 review.

Cannon, Geoffrey:
"The BAND"
Review of a concert with The Band in Paris, summer of '71. From Melody Maker.

Cordtz, Kay:
"Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble"
2005 review from Blues Revue magazine.

"The Midnight Ramble Lives On"
2007 review from Blues Wax magazine.

Cowles, Chris:
"Rick Danko and Friends"
1988 review of a concert in Boston with Danko, Sredni Vollmer, Buddy Cage and others. From Relix magazine.

Dixon, Nancy:
"Rick Danko 2nd Annual Tribute Concert"
Review of the Danko tribute in Simcoe, Ontario, August 2007.

Eck, Michael:
"Helm's Delta Blues Delights"
Review of a concert with Levon Helm and the Barnburnes, in Albany, NY, January 15th, 2000.

Fier, Amanda:
"The Band answers all questions Monday night"
Review of The Band's concert at the C.Y. Stephens Auditorium, April 22, 1996, in Ames, Iowa. Published in The Iowa State Daily, Wednesday, April 24, 1996.

Grogan, Emmet:
"The Band's Perfect Goodbye"
This article on The Last Waltz first appeared in Oui Magazine, 1976/77.

Hermes, Will:
"Home Is Where the Fans Are"
New York Times review of Levon's Midnight Ramble, December 2005.

Hilburn, Robert:
"The Band's Final Gig?"
Review of the Last Waltz concert. This article appeared on Saturday November 27, 1976, in the Los Angeles Times, a day after The Last Waltz was over.

"Problem With Sound Mars Band's Efforts"
July 1970 concert review.

Hislope, Robert:
"Levon Helm and the Barn Burners Ignite the Van Dyck"
Concert review and interview from the Concordiensis, the student newspaper at Union College, Schenectady, New York, on May 3, 2001.

Hruska, Stu:
"Report from a Visit to Levon's Cafe in New Orleans"
About Levon Helm's Cafe in New Orleans, and The Band's concerts there on New Year 1998/99.

Jahn, Mike:
"The Band Breathes Fresh Country Air Over Fillmore East"
May 1969 concert review.

"'The Band' Rocks With Hillbilly Ease"
December 1969 concert review.

James, Haven:
"No Special Guests"
A review of the March 7, 1998 performance by Levon Helm & The Crowmatix at the Tinker Street Cafe in Woodstock, from Hudson Valley Music, March 1998.

"Cause for Celebration"
About Levon Helm's 1999 "extended" Blues Band project. From Hudson Valley Music, July 1999.

Jones, Tim:
"Levon in Arkansas"
May 2005 concert review.

Katz, Jonathan:
"Rick Danko - Columbia, MD, June 1999"
Review of Rick Danko's concert at the Columbia Festival of the Arts, June 1999.

"Legends in the Cellar"
Hudson/ Fjeld/ Andersen in Norway, 05.10.2001.

Lacey, Liam:
"The Band beats odds to delight fans"
A review of a Band reunion-concert in Toronto, Canada. Published in Globe & Mail, July 6 1983.

Lenois, Christopher:
"Regards for Everyone"
Travel report/review from a visit to Levon's Cafe in New Orleans, New Year 1998/99.

Lyness, Jon:
"Garth Hudson with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic"
Review of Garth Hudson's performance with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic at the Studley Theatre, New Paltz, NY, May 9, 1998.

"Levon & friends at the Beacon Saturday night"
The Levon Helm Band in NYC, March 2008.

MacCash, Doug:
"My Little Woodstock"
Review of Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, from The Times-Picayune, July 2005.

Malachowski, David:
"Bluesy Helm Makes Summer Memories"
Review of the July 3, 1999 concert with Levon Helm and the Classic Blues Band at Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock.

Marcus, Greil:
"We Can Talk About It Now"
Review of their first concerts as The Band, at Winterland in 1969.

McLaughlin, Jeff:
"A Joyous Return to Watatic"
Review from the Boston Globe, July 1984.

Morse, Steve:
"The Band: Reunited and Recharged"
Review from the Boston Globe, October 1983.

"The Band Plays on after Manuel's Death"
Article from the Boston Globe, March 1986.

"For The Band and Its Fans, Channel Concert Therapeutic"
Review from the Boston Globe, March 1986.

Ordon, Tom:
"Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, Saturday, September 23, 2006"

Robinson, Kevin:
"Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus with Tom Pacheco"
A review of a rockin' night at Bodles Opera House, 11/13/98, from Hudson Valley Music, March 1998.

Roybal, Kay:
"Levon Helm & The Barn Burners with Bob Margolin "
Review of a concert in Woodstock, NY, August 2000.

"The 2001 King Biscuit Blues Festival "
Report from a blues festival in Arkansas, including a review of Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.

Selvin, Joel:
"And The Band Played On ..."
Review of the Last Waltz concert. This article appeared on Saturday November 27, 1976, in the San Fransisco Chronicle, a day after The Last Waltz was over.

Shaw, Patricia:
"Levon Helm & the Barn Burners"
Review of a 2000 concert.

Strong, Allan:
"An evening with some good ole' boys"
Review of a concert with Rick Danko and Levon Helm at Fryfogles, London, March 3, 1983. From The Interrobang.

Sullivan, Jim:
"Rick Danko Came to Party"
Review from the Boston Globe, October 1980.

Thompson, Matt:
"Levon Helm & the Barn Burners"
May 2000 concert review from Flagpole magazine.

Todd, Chris:
"Burrito Deluxe in York, UK"
July 2004 concert review.

Tofft, Henrik:
"A Rock Legend in Lund"
Garth and Maud Hudson, Lund, Sweden, May 6, 2008.

Tucker, Clark:
"Midnight Ramble"
Review of Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, 09.24.2005.

Various writers:
"Massey Hall, Toronto, January 17th, 1970"
Five articles that appeared in Canadian newspapers the days before and after The Band's concert at the Massey Hall in Toronto, Saturday January 17th, 1970

Viney, Peter:
"The Band, Vogue Theatre, Vancouver"
Concert review from 1994.

"The Band, Cambridge Corn Exchange"
Concert review from 1996.

"Garth Hudson & The Crowmatix - March 1st, 1999"
Review of the Garth & Crowmatix/Mercury Rev concert at the Forum in London, UK, 03.01.99.

"Garth and Maud Hudson with Goldrush"
Garth & Maud Hudson in the UK, July 2007.

Wigo, Bob:
"Ridin' that Train"
Review of the Festival Express concert film.

Articles about Albums

"Stage Fright / How to Become Clairvoyant"
From The Band guestbook, April 2011

Brennan, Pat:
"Crossing the Great Divide"
Review of the 1997 The Band bootleg Crossing the Great Divide.

"Watkins Glen"
About the origin of The Band's Live at Watkins Glen album.

Brown, Peter Stone:
"Revisiting The Band"
About the 2000 re-issues of The Band albums Music from Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright and Cahoots.

Childs, Andy:
"The Band: Islands"
1977 album review from ZigZag.

Cocks, Jay:
"The Half-Breed Rides Again"
1987 article from Time about Robbie's first solo album.

Cordtz, Kay:
"Dirt Farmer"
Review of Levon's 2007 solo album.

Dansby, Andrew:
"The first great American rock group"
About the 2005 box set A Musical History, from the Houston Chronicle, September 2005.

Donabie, John:
"The Sea to the North"
Review of Garth Hudson's 2001 solo album.

Edge, Al:
"Music From Big Pink: Another View - The Band's Best "
From The Band guestbook, December 2002

"The Sum of the Parts"
From The Band guestbook, March 2011

"The Band's Gift; Dixie and Beyond"
From The Band guestbook, April 2011

Farber, Philip H.:
"Big Foot Delivers Hot Rockin' Electric Blues"
Review of Jim Weider's solo album Big Foot from Hudson Valley Music, March 1998.

Greenwald, Matthew:
About Music from Big Pink. This article first appeared in "Record Collectors" (Japan) in the March 1998 issue.

Gold, Mick:
"Bob Dylan and the Band: The Basement Tapes"
1975 review from Let It Rock.

Goldstein, Richard:
"'Big Pink' Is Just a Home in Saugerties"
1968 review of Music from Big Pink from the New York Times.

Gould, Mark T.:
"The Sea to the North"
Review of Garth Hudson's 2001 solo album.

"Playing "Out" of The Band: Levon Helm Remains The Voice of America"
Review of Electric Dirt. From Sound Waves, August 2009.

Hilburn, Robert:
"For the Band Fans, the Long Wait is Finally Over"
Review of Northern Lights -- Southern Cross from the Los Angeles Times, December 1975.

Himes, Geoffrey:
"High on the Hog"
Review from New Country Magazine, June 1996.

Höglund, Hanna:
"The Last Waltz Not Yet Over For The World's Bumpiest Band"
Swedish article about the 2005 Band box set A Musical History.

Hopkins, Dave:
"The Band Remasters"
About the 2000 re-issues of The Band albums Music from Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright and Cahoots.

"The Band Remasters, Volume II"
About the 2000 re-issues of The Band albums Rock of Ages, Moondog Matinee, Northern Lights - Southern Cross and Islands.

Hoskyns, Barney:
"Liner notes for The Band 2000 remasters"
Band biographer Hoskyns' original, unused liner notes for the 2000 re-issues of The Band albums Music from Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright and Cahoots.

Howland, Jill:
Very personal review of The Band's fourth studio album, from the Usenet newsgroup, 1995.

Jackson, Blair:
"The Band is Back (And Boy, Are They Good!)"
Recording notes from the technical magazine Mix, on how the album Jericho was recorded. Published April 1994.

Johnson, Pete:
"Band Album Mines Dylan Vein"
1968 review of Music from Big Pink from the Los Angeles Times.

Katz, Jonathan & Warschawski, Dror:
"LP and CD Versions of the Last Waltz"
Comparison of three different releases of The Last Waltz, with emphasis on the 4CD bootleg set The Complete Last Waltz

Katz, Jonathan:
"Classic Masters - Robbie Robertson"
Review of 2002 Robbie compilation.

Kaufman, Gil:
"Robbie Robertson Taps Into Native American Roots"
About Robbie's 1998 solo album.

Levine, David:
"The Band - Across the Great Divide"
Review of the box set Across the Great Divide, and more.

Lydon, Susan:
"The Band: Their Theme Is Acceptance of Life"
1969 Review of The Band, from the New York Times.

Marchesseault, Andrew:
"Masterpieces in the past, dogged press in the present, Band partied to stay sane"
Review of Stage Fright, written in 2005.

Marsh, David:
"Waiting For The Punchline"
1972 review of Rock of Ages.

Mitchell, Wu:
"Information on the Band's A Musical History box set"

Persson, Lennart:
"The Most Secret Record in Rock History"
Very speculative article about a "secret" 1970 predecessor to Moondog Matinee, supposedly recorded with several guest stars and without Robbie Robertson.

Rogovoy, Seth:
"High on the Hog - Song by Song"
Review of The Band's album High on the Hog, originally appearing in the newsgroup in February '96.

Rollason, Chris:
"Levon Helm: The Ties That Bind"
Review of the Australian 1999 Levon Helm compilation The Ties That Bind, originally appearing in the newsgroup in November '99.

Rucker, Leland:
"Big Pink in Retrospect"
2003 article about The Band's 1968 debut album.

Rønning, Øyvind :
"Over The Edge"
Review of Professor "Louie"'s 2000 album, featuring Rick, Levon and Garth.

Salvo, Patrick ("Willie Boy"):
"'Rock of Ages': The Band Breaks Its Leafy Silence"
1972 article from Circus.

Tappenden, James:
"Islands review"
Detailed review of The Band's album Islands, including a song-by-song survey, originally appearing in the newsgroup in January '96.

"High on the Hog - Preliminary Impression"
Review of The Band's album High on the Hog, originally appearing in the newsgroup in February '96.

"On the Bobby Charles album"
About The Band's involvement in Bobby Charles's 1972 album.

"Recommendation/Review: Levon's American Son"
Detailed review of Levon Helm's great 1980 solo album, originally appearing in the newsgroup in December '95.

"Review: Let It ROCK!"
Review of Ronnie Hawkins' 1995 album.

Viney, Peter:
About The Band's fourth studio album.

"Moondog Matinee"
About The Band's great album of cover versions.

Long review of the Band's 1998 studio album.

"Live on Breeze Hill"
Review of the 1999 live album with the Rick Danko band.

"The Sea to the North"
Immediate impressions from Garth Hudson's 2001 solo album.

"Whispering Pines"
Review of the Richard Manuel live album released in Japan in 2002.

"A Phoenix-Like Rise"
Review of Levon Helm & the RCO All-Stars live album, recorded in 1977, released in 2006.

"Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer "
Review of Levon Helm's 2007 come-back roots album.

"Electric Dirt by Levon Helm"
Review of Levon Helm's 2009 album.

"Return to Big Pink 2011"
From The Band guestbook.

Waddell, Ray:
"Reissue of Band Catalog a Labor of Love"
About the 2000 reissues of the classic Band albums.

Wilonsky, Robert:
"The Band"
About the 2000 re-issues of The Band albums Music from Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright and Cahoots.

Articles about Band Songs

Katz, Jonathan:
"Don't Wait"
About Levon Helm's wonderful song from The Band's 1998 album Jubilation.

Lewis, D L:
"Shape I'm In"

"Ferdinand the Imposter"

Viney, Peter:
"The Weight"

"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

"Caledonia Mission"

"King Harvest (Has Surely Come)"

"Chest Fever"

"Shoot Out In Chinatown"

"Long Black Veil"

"Tears of Rage"

"Jupiter Hollow"

"The Unfaithful Servant"

"When You Awake"

"Christmas Must Be Tonight"

"The Saga of Pepote Rouge"

"Daniel & The Sacred Harp"

"Whispering Pines"

"Up on Cripple Creek"

"This Wheel's on Fire"

"Acadian Driftwood"

"We Can Talk"

"Rockin' Chair"

"Bessie Smith"

Articles about Band Members

"Robbie Robertson: From The Hawks To The Band"
Short bio from the 1979 book The Legends of Rock Guitar.

"Richard Manuel, 42, Dies"
Obituary from the Washington Post, 1986.

Alexander, Gary:
"Rising Sun Sage"
About Rick Danko, from the Woodstock Journal, August, 1997.

"Rick Danko, 1942-1999"
From the Woodstock Journal, December, 1999.

Andersen, Eric:
"My Dear Amigo, Rick"
Goodbye Letter to Rick Danko, December 12, 1999

Betley, Adam:
"Garth Hudson's Diamond Jubilation"

Blackburn, Doug:
"The Beat Goes On"
Article/interview from January 2000, about Levon Helm's new blues band. Levon also talks about his health problems over the last years.

Brown, Peter Stone:
"The Other Side - Richard Manuel"
Artist and writer Brown's 1986 article about Manuel was written on the night he found out about Richard's death.

"Rick Danko"
Article from Usenet, written Dec 10, 1999, the day Rick Danko died.

Byers, Tom:
"Must be some way to repay you"
About Richard Manuel, from a local e-zine in his home town, Stratford. Contains directions to Richard's grave.

Caffin, Carol:
"Rick Danko - Authorized Biography"
The official and authorized Rick Danko bio. by his long-time publicist.

"The Flame Still Burns: A Dedication to Rick"
Written 10 years after Rick left us.

Charlesworth, Chris:
"Danko-solo, but not alone"
Article from Melody Maker, October 2, 1976. staff writer:
"The Fiery Ecstasy of Being in The Band"
Rick Danko memorial from an Internet music store.

Connelly, Rick:
"Last Thoughts on Rick Danko"
In memory of Rick Danko. From Renaissance Online Magazine, January 2000.

Cordtz, Kay:
"Reading, Writing & Rhythm"
2006 article about Levon's commitment to local young musicians.

Durkee, Cutler:
"Levon Helm's Rock Lead to a Role"
1980 article about Levon's role in Coal Miner's Daughter.

Flanagan, Bill:
"The Return of Robbie Robertson"
From Musician magazine, September 1987.

"Rick Danko on The Band - New Albums, Old Wounds"
From Musician magazine, December 1993.

Guarino, Mark:
"Up On Cripple Creek -- A Legend Rediscovers His Voice"
About Levon Helm, from Paste magazine, November 2006.

Gould, Mark T.:
"The Faithful Servant"
In memory of Rick Danko. From Sound Waves magazine, January 2000.

"Rick Danko - He Made a Difference"
From Sound Waves magazine, January 2000.

"Garth Hudson's Journey to "The Sea to the North"
2001 Garth Hudson interview/ bio.

"I Wanted to Be There, When "Garth" Started Playing"
About visiting Garth Hudson.

"Levon Helm Sings!!"
From Sound Waves, August 2006.

Haché, Trevor:
"The Forgotten Legend"
About Rick Danko, from his hometown newspaper The Simcoe Reformer.

Hawkins, Ronnie:
"Rick Danko"
Short article by The Hawk himself, written after Rick's death in December 1999.

Helm, Levon:
"The Music"
Self-biographical article from Razor magazine, 2004.

Homier-Roy, Rene:
"Rock & Cool"
Article about Robbie Robertson a year after the release of his first solo album. Published in the Canadian magazine Via 1988.

Horning, Ron:
"The Moving Shadow of Richard Manuel"
Very dark and somewhat speculative article about Manuel's difficult life.

Howard, Aaron:
"The Rock of Aged "
Levon Helm bio./interview from January 2001, focusing on his blues band the Barn Burners.

Höglund, Hanna:
"Richard Manuel"
Swedish article written 20 years after Manuel's death .

Høiberg, Jan:
"Rick Danko, 1942-1999"
From the Norwegian BEAT magazine, March 2000.

Hollander, Brian:
"A Vital Entity - Garth Hudson Looks Forward"
Article about Garth from the Woodstock Times, August 2001.

James, Clive:
"Robbie Robertson -- In the Shadow of The Band"
From Creem, 1972.

Jisi, Chris:
"Rick Danko - The Next Waltz"
From Bass Player, 1994.

Johnson, Brian D.:
"The Wizard"
Garth Hudson bio/interview, from Maclean's, July 2002.

Jung, Daryl:
"Danko and Linden double the pleasure"
An article about the collaboration between Rick Danko and Colin Linden. Published in Now March 17 1988.

Kubernik, Harvey:
"Across the Great Divide with Robbie Robertson"
A portrait of Robertson, published in Crawdaddy magazine, March 1976.

Kiersh, Edward:
"Robbie Robertson of The Band"
From the 1986 book Where Are You Now, Bo Diddley? The Artists Who Made Us Rock and Where They Are Now.

Levin, Martin:
"The Lonesome Death of Richard Manuel"
From Toronto Life magazine , 1996.

Matteo, Steve:
"Redemption Songs"
About Levon Helm's work with the band The Last Hombres. From The Long Island Press, January 2003.

Mosnes, Terje:
"The Patriarch of The Band"
Garth Hudson, bio/interview, from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, May 2001.

Pareles, Jon:
"Richard Manuel, 40, Rock Singer and Pianist"
Obituary from the New York Times, 1986.

Quill, Greg:
"Down from the mountain"
Garth Hudson, bio/interview, from the Toronto Star, July 2002.

Rorick, Baker:
"Levon Helm of The Band - Way Back Up in the Woods"
About Levons Helm's studio in Woodstock. From Home Recording magazine, October '99.

Roybal, Kay:
"Blues Group Brings 'Something Real' to Santa Fe"
Levon Helm and the Barn Burners bio. from January 2001.

"The Band's Hudson Is Back with Solo Disc"
From the Albuquerque Journal North, November 2001.

Salvo, Patrick William:
"Playing in the Band - a conversation with Robbie Robertson"
From Melody Maker, October 7, 1972.

Scherman, Tony:
"World According to Garth"
A review of a concert held by Garth Hudson & Friends in St.Ann's church, NY. Published in Musician June 1990.

Smith, Pehr:
"Robbie Robertson's Guitar Technique"
About Robbie's "secrets" and "tricks".

Staudter, Thomas:
"The Beat Goes On"
Article about Levon Helm, from Hudson Valley magazine , June 2003.

Thompson, Matt:
"The Jubilant Levon Helm"
About Levon Helm & the Barn Burners, from Flagpole magazine , May 2000.

Toombs, Mikel:
"The Band's Jim Weider Steps out with Big Foot"
About the solo album and the career of The Band's guitar player.

Twine, Tinker:
"Sonic Vistas of the Hudson"
A review of a concert held by Garth & Friends at St.Ann's church, NY. Published in Woodstock Times April 12, 1990.

Vecsey, George:
"Olympian Hero Worship"
About Robbie's performance at the 2002 Winter Olympic opening ceremony.

Wandrup, Fredrik:
"Silence in Woodstock"
This article about Rick Danko appeared in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet on December 14, 1999, 4 days after Danko passed away.

Wilonsky, Robert:
"Divide and Conquer - Robbie Robertson Throws History into the Bonfire"
Article from May 1998, originally appearing in The Dallas Observer.

"This Land Is His Land"
1994 Robbie Robertson article from the Dallas Observer.

Yates, Elizabeth:
"Remembering Rick"
Canadian 2006 article/bio, promoting a Danko tribute concert in Simcoe, Ontario.

Articles about Influences on The Band

Viney, Peter:
"Influences on The Band: Ray Charles"
British writer Peter Viney on the connection between The Band and the king of soul and R&B.

"Influences on The Band: Chuck Berry"
About The Band and Berry.

"Van Morrison & The Band"
About the collaboration between Van the Man and The Band.

"Influences on The Band: Blues Artists"
Connections between The Band and various well-known blues artists.

"Influences on The Band: Soul Artists"
Connections between The Band and various well-known soul artists.

"Influences on The Band: Elvis Presley"
Connections between The Band and the King.

"Influences on The Band: Jazz Connections"
Connections between The Band and jazz musicians.

"Influences on The Band: Country Connections"
Connections between The Band and country music.

"Influences on The Band: Folk Connections"
Connections between The Band and folk music.

Articles about Dylan and The Band

Corcoran, Michael:
"Dylan and Band debuted in Austin"
From the Austin American Statesman, September 2005.

Gill, Andy:
"Dylan and The Band - Obviously Five Believers"
From a 2000 issue of Q Magazine.

Glahn, Bill:
"Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix"
Review of a 2CD bootleg from the famous Dylan/Hawks concert on May 17, 1966, from the Live! Music Review web site.

Goddard, John:
"When Dylan Got Rocked"
From the Toronto Star, November 2000, about when Dylan teamed up with Levon and the Hawks.

Howells, John :
"The Genuine Basement Tapes Volumes 1 - 5 "
Review of the 5 CD bootleg set with Dylan and The Band. From John Howells' Bringing It All Back Homepage.

Marsh, Dave:
"Review of Dylan/Hawks 1966 Live Recording"
From Creem Magazine, 1971.

Schwachter, Jeff:
"Somers Point '65"
2005 article about how Dylan hooked up with The Band.

Sleen, Harm van:
"The Basement Tape: Mixed Up Confusion?"
An attempt to categorize what Basement Tape songs are currently in circulation, and to determine if some of the tracks that are generally credited to the basement tape actually were recorded in Big Pink.

Smith, Patti:
"Masked Bawl"
1974 review of Planet Waves from Creem.

Wilentz, Sean:
"Mystic Nights: The Making of Blonde on Blonde in Nashville"
From Oxford American Magazine, 2007.

Misc. Articles

"Comeback Kid"
Transcript from a news story about Levon Helm, December 2005.

Barnett, Chris:
"In Celebration of Angels"
About the 1980 art exhibition where Garth Hudson wrote the music that became known as Our Lady Queen of the Angels.

Brown, Douglas:
"Catch A Cannonball"
2003 review of the 2nd edition of Barney Hoskyn's Band bio Across the Great Divide.

Brown, Peter Stone:
"The Last Waltz revisited"
About the 2000 re-issue of The Last Waltz movie.

Caillouet, Linda:
"Anna Lee -- famous and yet obscure"
About the "real Anna Lee" in "The Weight, from the Arkansas Gazette, May, 2005.

Caffin, Carol:
"Eric Andersen talks about Rick Danko, Festival Express, and DFA"
BandBites #1, the first in a serious of Band-related interviews, from 2007.

"Playing in The Band: Jim Weider Talks About The Old Days and His New Music"
BandBites #2, from 2007.

"Steve Forbert Talks about Wild as the Wind (and the verse that didn't make it into the song)"
BandBites #3, from 2007.

"Eric Bazilian Talks About The Band, The Infamous Sony Deal, 'Atlantic City,' and Largo"
BandBites #4, from 2007.

"Ronnie Hawkins Talks About 'The Boys' -- Then and Now"
BandBites #5, from 2007.

"Goin' Electric: Mickey Jones Talks About Dylan's 1966 World Tour and His (Mostly Fond) Memories of The Band"
BandBites #6, from 2007.

"D.A. Pennebaker Looks Back"
BandBites #7, from 2007.

"A Conversation with Jonas Fjeld"
BandBites #8, from 2007

"An Interview with Jonathan Taplin"
BandBites #9, from 2007

"David Fishof talks about The Band, the Ringo Starr tour, and the Columbia Records deal"
BandBites #10, from 2007

"An Interview with Colin Linden"
BandBites #11, from 2007

"A Brief Chat with Jorma Kaukonen"
BandBites "outtake"

"A Chat with Terry Danko"
BandBites #12, from 2008

"John and Bill Scheele Talk About The Band..."
BandBites #13, from 2008

"Remembering Rick -- Today and Always"
Rick Danko tribute from 2007.

"Terry Danko"
Bio about Rick Danko's brother, from 2007.

Calbillo, Adela:
"Go Out Yonder"
Three young Banddandys meet through the Internet, and embark on a pilgrimage that takes them from Big Pink to Richard Manuel's grave.

Charone, Barbara:
"Eric Clapton: Farther On Up The Road"
1976 Clapton interview from Sounds magazine, mentioning The Band and Richard Manuel.

Cochran, Robert:
"Long on Nerve"
October 2002 interview with Ronnie Hawkins, published in 2006.

Cullingham, James:
"Woodstock on Wheels"
About the infamous 1970 Festival Express Tour

Demaria, Paolo:
"Where Do We Go From Here?"
Three young Banddandys meet through the Internet, and embark on a pilgrimage that takes them from Big Pink to Richard Manuel's grave.

Dougherty, Steve:
"A Haunting Suicide Silences the Sweet Soulful Voice of The Band's Richard Manuel"
From People, March 1986.

Emblidge, David:
"Down Home with The Band: Country-Western Music and Rock"
Academic analysis of The Band's music, from 1976.

Fikes, Marianna:
"The Eternal Mysteries of The Band" hopes of eliminating every last one.

Howland, Jill:
"The Many Roads I've Covered"
Three young Banddandys meet through the Internet, and embark on a pilgrimage that takes them from Big Pink to Richard Manuel's grave.

Gabites, Lee:
"An Appreciation of John Simon's Solo Career"
About the music of the "sixth member of The Band."

"The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth"
An interview with John Simon.

Israel, Steve:
"Beating the Drum for Music"
About the Levon Helm band's performance at Onteora High School in Boiceville, NY, 05.06.2006.

Jackson, Blair:
"The Band's 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down'"
Technical article about the Band's '60s recordings. From the October 2001 issue of Mix magazine.

Jackson, Blair and Michie, Chris:
"The Last Waltz: Recording, Mixing, and Remaking the Music"
Technical article about the audio production for The Last Waltz. From the September 2002 issue of Mix magazine.

Joseph, Donald:
"Review of Carny -- the movie & the album"
About Robbie Robertson's first major film project in 1980.

"Review of Man Outside"
About the 1986 movie starring Levon, Garth, Rick and Richard.

Lewis, Matthew:
"Music from Big Pink's Neighbourhood"
About Borderline's 1972 album Sweet Dreams and Quiet Desires. From the Singapore-based BigO Magazine.

Marsh, David:
"The Heart of Rock and Soul"
Band-related excerpts from the book The Heart of Rock and Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made.

Merril, Sam:
"Mason Hoffenberg Gets in a Few Licks"
1973 Playboy article/ interview about author/drug addict/alcoholic Hoffenberg from Woodstock, NY, mentioning members of The Band.

McRae, Earl:
"Last Boogie in Sturgeon Falls"
Interview/history of Ronnie Hawkins at 41, from The Canadian, March 27, 1976.

Morse, Steve:
"Shocked's Show Goes on, Despite Disputes
Article from the Boston Globe, October 1992.

Nigohosian, Stephan S.:
"Drumming & Singing"
Article from Modern Drummer, September 2002, mentioning Levon Helm.

O'Conner, Rory:
"Albert Grossman's Ghost"
Interesting article/bio about The Band and Dylan's manager, with comments from Garth and Rick.

Orr, John:
"The Last Waltz"
2002 review of the remastered film and CD set.

di Pietra, Maggie C.:
"Diamond Teeth Mary"
About the real "Miss Brer Foxhole" from The Band's song "W. S. Walcott's Medicine Show."

Ridley, Jim:
"Blue Moonlighting: Making film and music history simultaneously"
About the Band's 1996 involvement in the upcoming album and documentary from Scotty Moore and D.J.Fontana, guitarist and drummer for Elvis Presley's 1950s backing band, the Blue Moon Boys. Includes details about The Band's jam sessions with Keith Richards and others.

Severn, Stephen E.:
"Robbie Robertson's Big Break"
Critical 2002 analysis of The Last Waltz.

Sullivan, Mary Lou:
"The Notorious Byrds Brothers"
1985 review of a Byrds "reunion" concert featuring Rick Danko and Richard Manuel.

Thomas, Chris:
"Rick Danko Gets His Due"
About an August 2006 Rick Danko tribute concert in Simcoe, Ontario.

Viney, Peter:
"One Too Many Mornings"
On the 1966 and 1999 versions of the Bob Dylan song.

"The rumours - the unsubstantiated sessions by Band members "
Notes on the rumours of Band involvement with various artists.

"Festival Express"
Review of the 1970 concert/tour footage relased as a film in 2003.

"Music From Big Pink by John Niven"
Review of the 2005 novella about a drug dealer meeting The Band in the '60s and '70s.

"Band Demos"
About '80s and '90s demos from the reunited Band.

"The Band: Album Ratings and Chart Placings"

"Richard Bell Discography"

"Van at The Last Waltz"

Worsfold, Kerrin:
"Garth's Gear - The Classic Years"
About Garth Hudson's keyboards and other instruments.

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