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The Band bootleg discography, including albums with Dylan and the Band, is far from complete yet. Please note that this site does not support bootleggers. We have no information available about where or how to buy bootleg albums.

[cover art] = Cover art included on album page
[text only] = Album page is text only
[sounds] = Sound samples included on album page

Levon and the Hawks

[cover art] Crang Plaza 1964
[cover art] Old Shoes
[cover art] Port Dover 1964

The Band

[cover art] Academy of Outtakes
[cover art] Across the Endless Highway
[cover art] After the Flood
[cover art] After the Waltz
[cover art] And the Band played on...with Robbie Robertson
[cover art] The Band plays on
[cover art] At Woodstock (2000)
[cover art] At Woodstock (2004)
[text only] The Best of the Band / Jethro Tull in Concert
[cover art] Blind Boy Grunt and the Hawks: The Basement Tapes Vol. I & II
[cover art] Birth
[cover art/sounds] Blue Highways
[cover art] Central Park in the Dark
[cover art] Central Park New York City 1971
[cover art/sounds] The Complete Last Waltz
[cover art/sounds] Crossing the Great Divide
[cover art/sounds] Down in the Basement
[cover art] Down South
[text only] Forbidden Fruit
[cover art] Friends and Other Strangers
[cover art/sounds] From Winterland 69
[cover art] Isle of Wight
[cover art] Isle of Wight Festival 1969
[cover art] Into The Texas Flood
[cover art] King Biscuit Flour Hour
[cover art] Last Waltz - Eric Clapton, The Band & Friends
[text only] Life is a Carnival
[cover art/sounds] Live at the Hollywood Bowl
[cover art] Live at the Hollywood Bowl 07-10-70
[cover art] Live Band #1
[cover art] Live in California
[cover art] Live in California #2
[cover art] Live in Copenhagen
[cover art/sounds] Live in Washinton D.C.
[cover art] Live USA
[cover art] Musical Legacy
[cover art] New York 1985
[cover art] Night At The Palladium
[cover art] Odds & Ends and Other Rarities
[cover art] Old Dixie
[cover art] Old Shoes
[cover art] Ophelia (King Biscuit Flour Hour)
[cover art] Real Old Time
[cover art/sounds] Roosevelt Stadium
[cover art] Roosevelt Stadium 2
[cover art] Royal Albert Rags
[cover art] Syria Mosque 1970
[cover art] Take a Load for Free
[cover art] Tears of Grief
[cover art] The Roxy, March 1978
[cover art/sounds] This Wheel's on Fire
[cover art] Twilight in Concert
[text only] Watkins Glen
[cover art] Whatcha Want Mama
[cover art] We Will Set You Free

The Reunited Band

[cover art] At the Fast & Cool Club
[cover art] Club Quattro, Tokyo 1994
[cover art] The Joint
[cover art] The Last Moving Shadows
[cover art] Life is a Drunkard!
[cover art] Live in Tokyo 1983
[cover art] Ophelia
[cover art] The Starry Night Club
[cover art] Tombstone
[cover art] Woodstock 94

Rick Danko

[cover art] Christmas Must Be Tonight
[cover art/sounds] Danko/Manuel live at O'Tooles Tavern
[cover art] Endless Highway
[cover art] R & R Live
[cover art] Small Town Talk
[cover art] Troy Music Hall
[cover art] Twilight
[cover art] Uncle Willies '87
[cover art] The Roxy, March 1978

Levon Helm

[cover art] The Reel Stuff

Richard Manuel

[cover art/sounds] Danko/Manuel live at O'Tooles Tavern
[cover art] R & R Live
[cover art] The Getaway, December 1985

Robbie Robertson

[cover art] Double R Is Back In Town
[cover art] Live in Italy

Bob Dylan with the Band/Hawks

(There are many more Dylan/Band bootleg titles, web pages for these coming later)

[cover art] 1965 Revisited
[cover art] The Alternate John Wesley Harding
[cover art] 1974 Anthology
[cover art] 7 Years of Bad Luck
[cover art] A Tree with Roots - The Genuine Basement Tape Remasters
[cover art] A Tree with Roots - The Original Basement Tapes
[cover art] A Week In The Life
[cover art] Acetates on the Tracks Vol.1
[cover art] Acetates on the Tracks Vol.2
[cover art] After the Crash Vol.1
[cover art] After the Crash Vol.2
[cover art] At the Flood
[cover art/sounds] Back at Wolftrap
[cover art] Ballad of a Blue Poet
[cover art] Before and after the Flood
[cover art] Before the Crash Vol.1 & 2
[text only] Bittersweet
[text only] Blowin' in the Wind
[text only] Bob Dylan
[text only] Bob Dylan in Concert
[text only] Bob Dylan Live (63-66)
[cover art] Bob Dylan Live (66)
[text only] Bob Dylan Live with The Band, Al Kooper And Mike Bloomfield
[cover art] Bob Dylan's Dream: Historic Live Performances Vol. I & Vol. II
[cover art] Bob Dylan/ The Band
[text only] Daddy Rolling Stone
[text only] Day & Night
[text only] Down To The Earth
[cover art] Drunken Minstrels
[cover art] Electric Black Nite Crash
[cover art/sound] Even Harder To Find ..
[cover art/sound] First Time Around
[cover art] Folk Rogue 1964-1965
[cover art] Forever Young
[cover art] Forever Young: The Secret History
[cover art] Fort Worth 1974
[cover art] From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in LA
[cover art] From the Reels - Complete Basements
[text only] Genuine Basement Tapes I-II
[cover art/sound] The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol.1
[cover art] The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol.2
[cover art/sound] The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol.3
[cover art] The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol.4
[cover art] The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol.5
[cover art] The Genuine Bootleg Series
[cover art/sounds] The Genuine Bootleg Series, Take 2
[cover art/sounds] The Genuine Bootleg Series, Take 3
[cover art] Genuine Live '66
[cover art] Get Loud!
[cover art] Give the Anarchist a Cigarette
[cover art] Gonna Let You Pass
[cover art] Great White Wonder
[text only] Great White Wonder Vol.2
[cover art/sounds] Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix
[cover art] G.W.W. - A Thousand Miles Behind
[cover art] Hard to Find
[text only] Hear the Document
[cover art/sounds] The Hurricane Carter Benefit
[cover art] In the Garden
[cover art] Into the Flood
[cover art] Isle of Wight
[cover art] Jewels and Binoculars
[cover art] Knight of the Hurricane
[text only] Leicester '66
[text only] Like A Rolling Stone
[text only] Little White Wonder
[cover art] The Live Dylan with The Band
[cover art] Live In England, May 1966
[cover art] The Lonesome Sparrow Sings
[cover art] Long Distance Operator
[cover art] Love Songs for America
[cover art] Manchester Prayer
[cover art] Melbourne
[cover art] Melbourne, Australia
[cover art] Million Dollar Bash
[cover art] Minstrel Boy
[cover art] More Music From Big Pink
[cover art] Most Likely You Go Your Way
[cover art] New York Madison Square Garden
[text only] Oh, You Know Tom Thumb
[cover art/sound] Paint The Daytime Black
[cover art] Play Fucking Loud!
[cover art] The Poet and the Players
[cover art] The Prophet and the Clown
[cover art] Rhyme Beyond Reason
[cover art] Royal Albert Hall 1966
[text only] Royal Albert Hall London May 26, 1966
[cover art] San Franciscan Nights
[text only] The Session
[cover art/sounds] Snack!
[cover art] Spider's Web
[cover art] Squaring the Circle
[cover art] Super Golden Radioshows #27
[cover art/sounds] Tales of a Mexican Painter
[cover art] Ten of Swords
[cover art] Thin Wild Mercury Music
[cover art] Troubled Troubadour
[cover art] TV Guide
[cover art] VD Waltz
[cover art] We Had Known a Lion
[cover art] You Don't Know Me, 30 Years in the Life of the Poet, 1962-1992

Eric Clapton with The Band

[cover art/sounds] Happy, Happy Birthday Eric
[cover art] It's Robbie's Birthday
[cover art/sounds] The Slowhand Masterfiles
[cover art] No Reason To Cry Sessions

Ringo Starr

[cover art] Rarities

Gene Clark

[cover art/sounds] A Star for Every Stage
[cover art] Live at the Steamboat

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