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  • Garth Hudson plays keyboards on the new Sneaky Pete Kleinow/ Burrito Deluxe album Georgia Peach.

60 years ago, on December 29, 1942, Rick Danko was born. The music will live forever.


  • The Weber Brothers, who played with Garth and Jeff Healey and are part of the present-day "Hawks," are having their first CD release party in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday, January 11, 2003. Garth Hudson will sit in with them to celebrate the release of their first CD. Garth and Maud will also do some of their own material and join in with The Weber Brothers for the concert at the New Plaza Hotel in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada on January 9. See the concert list for details.

  • New photo of Maud and Garth Hudson with the Weber Brothers, October 2002.

  • The Woodstock Times has a new article about Levon's blues band and their New Years concert at Bearsville Theatre.

  • Added a scan of the November 1988 cover of the L.A. music mag Bam, featuring Robbie Robertson. Contributed by "Brown Eyed Girl."

  • There's a Rick Danko bio available at the Norfolk Historical Society's web site

  • The Last Waltz is one of the albums presented in episode 18 of the online music show All Songs Considered on National Public Radio. The NPR people must be good guys, featuring The Band and Ryan Adams' wonderful Gold CD in the same program, and also including a link to the official web site for The Band.




  • Added a few video clips from the May 1981 Canadian SCTV comedy show, where Levon Helm and the Cate Brothers Band were musical guests. Thanks to Dag Braathen for digitizing the video.

    The video clips are large MPEG-files that will take a long time to download. Can someone point us to a free/shareware MPEG->RealVideo or MPEG->ASF converter, so we can provide you with video streams instead of downloads?

  • The Jeff Alexander/ Larry Thurston/ Levon Helm CD School for Fools can be heard on the internet blues radio show The Blues Net. Show host Paul Fields will play the entire album during the weekend of 28th and 29th of December, at 7 PM Eastern time on the 28th, and 1 AM and 3 PM Eastern time on the 29th.


MOVE OVER OZZY: Rockabilly king Ronnie Hawkins, shown with his wife Wanda, is coming to television in a new reality-type production, which may hit the small screen in the spring. Wanda and other family members will be featured, too. Enough footage has been shot to turn it into a series like MTV's hit reality show The Osbournes, starring Ozzy Osbourne (photo and caption from The London Free Press, 12.17.2002).


  • Looks like the rumors about an Osbournes-style reality show featuring Ronnie Hawkins (and members of The Band) may be more than just rumors, see today's article in The London Free Press. Thanks to Serge Daniloff for sending us the information.

  • According to Marianna Fikes, these are "The Eternal Mysteries of The Band."


  • Added two new/improved scans from Serge Daniloff's archives of 1963 photos of Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks/ Band at the Brass Rail Tavern in London, Ontario:

  • Included a 1993 photo of Ricky at Sully's Roadhouse in Dearborn, Michigan


  • Now what?:
    Fri, 13 Dec 2002 00:04:14
    Subject: Ronnie Hawkins/ Ozzy
    From: sluggo`d that grab you for a subject line...? I was just driving around , picking up a few what nots and never will bes as Xmas gifts all the while listening to the good folks on the telefunken when what do they announce but apparently television crews have been hanging around the Hawk`s nest up on Stoney Lake near Peterboro Ontario for the past while[or a few whiles] and come the spring there will be a new reality television show starring Ronnie Wanda [his wife] son and daughter comers and goers , members of his band and AND members of the Band ..apparentely Robbie has dropped by and they hinted that there might be others...Levon was up around here not that long back so perhaps he had a chance to drop in also..that`d be nice.. Ronnie is recovering from a couple of nasty bits of bad health..has been able to play much in the past two years but is now ready to hit the stage again..attaboy Hawk..long live the Hawk !!


Rick Danko, 1942-1999.
Too soon gone.


  • There's a great article about Paul Butterfield, with several references to The Band and Band members, at the Blues Access web site.

  • New photo from November 2002 of Levon Helm with Bruce Bruno. Bruno was the lead singer with Levon & the Hawks for a while in the '60s.

  • Ho-ho-ho! Our own little Santa is back at The Band web site:

    [Christmas Must Be Tonight]

    What is he up to this year?



  • Check out the new, critical article about The Last Waltz in the Albuquerque Journal.

  • The cover story in this month's issue of the guitar players magazine The ToneQuest Report is a Jim Weider article/ interview, focusing on the Fender Telecaster. The article is now available from The Band web site as a PDF document (you need a PDF-reader like Adobe Acrobat to see it). Thanks to David Wilson of The ToneQuest Report for sharing this one with The Band community.

  • According to Mr. Kenny Nemes of EMI music, the new DVD-Audio version of Music from Big Pink will be in stores (U.S.) on 1/28/03. The disc also includes complete lyrics on screen, photo gallery and discography. Produced by Robbie Robertson.

  • Added a photo of Levon w/Hubert Sumlin, David Johansen and Jimmy Vivino, from the Blues Cruise in New York, August 2002. Contributed by Emanuele "The Beard" Marchiori.

  • Levon Helm was in a Nashville studio in November, doing session work for John Hiatt's new album together with Sonny Landreth and the Goners. In December, Levon Helm, Sonny Landreth and Bobby Keys will record with Carl Carlton & The Songdogs.

  • Added a 1994 Levon Helm interview from the Louisiana music magazine Offbeat. Contributed by Bruce Tsiknas.



  • Garth and Maud Hudson will appear with Ronnie Hawkins on the Toronto-based morning TV program Canada AM today, Wednesday December 4th. The Hawks will do an interview and Garth and Maud will perform 2 songs, one at 8:50am, one at 9:50am. Tomorrow, Thursday December 5th, Ronnie, Garth and Maud are guests at the TV show CH Morning Live in Hamilton, Ontario, before the Ronnie Hawkins tribute concert/ CD release party at the Hamilton Convention Centre in the evening.

  • Garth Hudson guests on the soon-to-be-released CD The New Song from Philly band Townhall.

  • New concert dates for Professor "Louie" & the Crowmatix.



  • Added a video clip (1.1 MB QuickTime file) from a GAP commercial, featuring Robbie. Thumbs up to Johnny Gundersen for sending us this one.

  • Included a photo of Band fans at the Last Waltz event in London, UK, last week.

  • Press release:
    CD Release Party! Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks: Still Cruisin

    Be a part of Canadian music history as Ronnie releases his latest CD - Still Cruisin at the Hamilton Convention Centre on Thursday, December 5th, 2002. This will be a fantastic evening of music and dance featuring such greats as:

    • The Hawks
    • Garth Hudson
    • Maud Hudson
    • The Partland Brothers
    • Goddo
    • Robbie Lane
    • Rita Chiarelli
    • Domenic Troiano
    • George Oliver
    • Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy
    • Dave "The Professor" Murphy
    • Cayley, Atkinson & Fray
    • BW Pawley & Plum Loco with John Till featuring Dick Redmond
    • emcees George Chuvalo and Frenchie McFarlane
    and many more artists that will perform as a tribute to Ronnie. For additional information, please call Chris at 1-800-350-5987, ext. 23.

  • There's a transcript from a Robbie Robertson radio interview done in May this year available from the KGSR web site in Austin, TX.


  • This web site will probably not be updated until the end of next week. We're going to London, UK, and then Kongsberg, Norway, with no other net access than what we may find at internet cafes and such. Y'all behave now.

  • New concert dates for the Jim Weider Band.





  • New photos by Bob Pierce of Garth and Maud Hudson with Professor Louie & the Crowmatix, from Bryn Mawr, PA, October 25, 2002.

  • Added scans (cover and article photo) from the 1984 Modern Drummer interview with Levon Helm. Contributed by Jonathan Katz.

  • New concert photos by Todd Atkinson of Levon Helm & the Barn Burners, from Pine Plains, NY, June 29, 2002.

  • Canadian singer George Olliver, who credits Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks for giving him his first breaks in the '60s, now has his own web site at

  • Anybody know what this is?


  • The Santa Fe Film Festival will be showing the new version of The Last Waltz on Friday, Dec. 6, 8:45 pm, at the Lensic Performing Arts Center. Robbie Robertson will be present at several of the festival events on Friday 12.06 and Saturday 12.07, see the festival program for details.


  • On Saturday night November 16th, 2002, Bob Reichers from WOMR-FM in Provincetown, Massachusetts, will be featuring "an evening with Bob Dylan & The Band" on his show "Nighthawks". The entire three hour program will be dedicated to the music of Dylan and The Band, as a group and solo. "Nighthawks" is on WOMR-FM on Saturdays, 10:00pm-1:00am PST / 1:00AM-4:00AM EST. You can also listen live from anywhere in the world by going to the web site and hit the "Live on the net" button. During the show, requests can be called in toll-free anywhere in the US, Canada and the Carribbean by calling 800-921-9667, or e-mailed anytime this week to:

  • Howard Gladstone, author of the 1969 Robbie Robertson interview from Rolling Stone, has just released a Band/Dylan-influenced CD of his own music entitled Sunflowers Light The Room. See the Howard Gladstone web site for more information about this album.


  • Artwork and MPEG-3 audio added for the 1974 Neil Young album On the Beach, featuring Rick Danko and Levon Helm.




  • Even more photos of Levon Helm with Little Feat in Washington, 10.13-14.2002, once again sent to us by Southern Belle Amanda Johnson.

  • The Jim Weider Band will be playing at the The Bottom Line in New York on Saturday November 9th (not November 11th, as we reported earlier).



  • Included information about Emory Joseph's new folk/roots album Labor & Spirits, featuring Levon Helm on drums and vocals.

  • Press release:
    UJ Screens World Premiere of Dylan Film 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies and Stages Recreation of Dylan's 1966 Manchester Free Trade Hall Performance

    The University of Judaism's Department of Continuing Education will screen the world premiere of 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies, a documentary about Bob Dylan's legendary tour when the performer "went electric," on Saturday, Nov. 16 at 8:30 p.m., in the Gindi Auditorium. Mickey Jones, Dylan's drummer during that tour will host the screening. Highway 61 Revisited, the world's only Bob Dylan tribute band, will then recreate Dylan's controversial show at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.

    During the spring of 1966, Bob Dylan embarked on a tour that would shock the rock'n' roll world. It was during these concerts that Dylan played electric rock for the first time, enraging many fans who saw it as selling out and abandoning the folk formula that had propelled Dylan to fame. In the most dramatic event during the tour, a heckler screamed "Judas!" over a raucous crowd at a concert in Manchester, England.

    Drummer turned actor Mickey Jones brought along his 8 mm color "home movie" camera and documented the tour that changed rock 'n' roll forever. 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies, is an insight into Bob Dylan, the famous tour, and shows Dylan and his band on stage, in hotel rooms, taxis and buses and walking the streets of Europe. Narrated by Jones and featuring music by Highway 61 Revisited, the documentary offers a firsthand account of the booing, slow hand-clapping and foot-stomping that greeted Dylan each night from Hawaii to London.

    Following the film, Highway 61 Revisited, will reenact the infamous concert in Manchester, England. With stunning authenticity, the band will perform the same set, dress in the same style clothing and even use Mickey Jones' original Ludwig drum set from the 1966 Bob Dylan world tour.

    This historic film presentation and live stage show will take place on Saturday, Nov. 16 at 8:30 p.m. at the University of Judaism's Gindi Auditorium, 15600 Mulholland Drive, Bel Air, CA 90077-1519. Tickets are $20. The UJ is located in the Sepulveda Pass, just east of the Mulholland Drive exit of the 405 Freeway. Parking is free. For tickets or information, call Gail Leventhal at (310) 440-1547 or visit


  • For those UK fans going to the Last Waltz screening/ Barney Hoskyns speech/ Band party thing at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, London on Thursday November 21st: The doors open 5:30. Some fans and GB'ers are planning to meet at the nearby pub The Freemason's Arms an hour or so before that. See you there?

  • Added two more photos of Levon Helm with Little Feat in Washington, 10.13-14.2002. Contributed by Amanda Johnson.



  • Added another photo of Levon Helm playing with Little Feat in Washington, 10.14.2002. Contributed by Amanda Johnson.

  • Review and MPEG-3 sound sample added for the 2001 compilation Labour of Love, featuring Levon Helm on mandolin. Thanks to Johnny Gundersen for sending us the MPEG-3.




  • Added an MPEG-3 file (1.4MB) with The Band doing "Little Birds," probably from The Band's first concert as The Band, at Winterland, San Francisco, 04.19.1969. "Little Birds" is a traditional song that they learned from Levon's father. Thanks to Luke W. for providing the MPEG-3. It's a pity that there seem to be no better recordings out there.


  • New photo of Levon Helm playing with Little Feat in Washington, 10.14.2002. Contributed by Amanda Johnson.


  • New photos by "Brown Eyed Girl" from the concert with Garth & Maud Hudson at Jeff Healey's Nightclub in Toronto, 10.10.2002.

  • A vinyl re-release of The Last Waltz will be available from Rhino Handmade in February 2003. The limited-edition three-record set has been remastered from original master tapes and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Each copy is individually signed by Robbie Robertson and includes many extras, like replicas of posters, tickets and backstage pass, photos of performers and a guitar pick.



  • Levon Helm played with Little Feat on Tuesday October 15th, see the review in the Washington Post.

  • Robbie Robertson will be on the Captain America show show on Virgin Radio in the UK this coming Sunday (20th Oct), talking about The Last Waltz DVD. It's on from 10pm-1am UK time. The station broadcasts online and Captain America sessions are usually archived.




  • Cover art and more info. added for the 1983 Dylan/Band mini-LP Electric Lunch.


  • New concert dates for Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.

  • Check out this article about Robbie receiving a Les Paul award recently.

  • Looks like Robbie Robertson & Ronnie Hawkins will be attending Garth Hudson's gig at Jeff Healey's Club in Toronto, Ontario, tonight. Someone bring a recorder in case of a jam session...


  • Added more photos, by Mark Makin, from the legendary Dylan/Hawks concert at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, UK, 17th May, 1966.

  • Included the new album Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Vol. 3 from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the list of albums with cover versions of Band songs. The 2-CD set includes a version of "The Weight", "hidden" after the last track on disc 2.




  • Check out this good Ronnie Hawkins article/interview from last Saturday's edition of The National Post.

  • Press release:
    On Thursday November the 21st Various Promotions, in conjunction with and, are proud to present an exclusive screening of Martin Scorcese's legendary film documenting The Band's farewell concert The Last Waltz. The film will be shown at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead (London, England) on 21st November, with an introduction from esteemed music journalist and The Band biographer Barney Hoskyns. Followed by a party upstairs at the lifthouse afterwards with the Rock'n'roll soul club dj's who will be playing music in the spirit of the film.

    By buying a ticket for the event you will automatically be entered into the prize draw that will take place at the screening. Where you stand a chance of winning one of 5 soundtrack box set's, 25 official last waltz film posters, a years subscription to and a Robbie Robertson autographed ltd. edition Last Waltz poster. There may be more prizes on the way.

    Tickets are on sale from Friday the 4th of October and cost 12 or 10 concessions. To book tickets simply pop downstairs at rhythm records 281 Camden high street London NW1 and ask for Tom. Or send a cheque made out to Josh Rinkoff at 44 Deansway, London, N2 OJE with your address and your cheque guarantee card details. For any extra information call Josh on 07779219206 Monday to Friday 10-6.

  • A rock/techno group in LA called A.I. - Pablo Manzarek, the son of Doors' legend Ray Manzarek, is their keyboard/bass player - just released their first CD titled Artificial Intelligence on the DreamWorks label. Robbie Robertson is credited as Executive Producer. DreamWorks is also pushing the new Dana Glover album Testimony harder. Robbie has been travelling to various markets with Glover lately, to help her get her name out there in front of radio people and such.

  • There's an unedited radio interview with Ronnie Hawkins available from the Toronto-based Pulse24 web site (scroll down a bit to find it - the video is in ASX format). Ronnie talks about his recovery from surgery and the Friars Tavern.



  • Garth Hudson will be sitting in with Jeff Healey at Jeff Healey's Night Club in Toronto on Thursday, October 10th. Also, Garth has been invited by Lance Anderson to participate in a few recording sessions while in Toronto.



  • On October 12, 2002, the Black Bear Film Festival in Milford, Pennsylvania will be showing the newly restored print of The Last Waltz. The screening will take place at 7:30 at the Tri-State Theatres Drive-In at 1025 Pennsylvania Avenue (Route 6/209) in Matamoras, Pennsylvania. The theatre is just off Interstate 84 at Exit 53. This is the point where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet, 1hour and fourty minutes from New York City. A great opportunity too see a great print of a great film on a really big screen under the stars. Admission is only $10 per car. For information call 570-409-0909 or on line at

  • Included photos by Jaime Martorano, from a recent trip to the Woodstock, NY, area.


  • Mickey Jones, who played drums on the famous 1966 world tour with Bob Dylan and the Hawks/Band after Levon Helm left the group, is releasing his own 8mm film footage from the tour on VHS and DVD. The title of the video is World Tour 1966, The Home Movies:
    1966 World Tour, The Home Movies is an insight into Bob Dylan, his first electric tour, and a behind the scenes look at the making of the film "Eat the Document". Mickey Jones' never before released home movie footage features Bob Dylan and The Band - Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, and Mickey Jones - traveling through Hawaii, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, France, England and Ireland in the Spring of 1966. Also featured are "Eat The Document" filmmaker D.A. Pennabaker, Howard Alk, Albert Grossman, Victor Maimudes, and Bob Neuwirth.
    See the World Tour 1966 Home Movies web site for more information.

  • Added an article about Robbie Robertson from the '70s book The Legends of Rock Guitar. Scans from Jonathan Katz.




  • There's a good Jim Weider bio/interview available from the Allman Brothers-related Hittin' the Web site.

  • Added a review from Vintage Guitar magazine for Jim Weider Band's newest album Remedy.

  • Levon Helm & the Barn Burners played Jeff Healy's club in Toronto Thursday night, September 19th, with former Band member Richard Bell on keys. Sir Bob Geldof (!) stayed for both sets and Jeff Healy sat in all night. While in Toronto, Levon also visited the Hawk - Ronnie Hawkins.

  • Here are some of the guests that will play at the Ronnie Hawkins tribute/benefit concert in Toronto's Massey Hall on October 4: Kris Kristofferson, Kevin Hearn of The Barenaked Ladies and his band "Thinbuckle", The Tragically Hip, Michael Burgess, Garth Hudson of The Band, Maud Hudson, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Tom Cochrane, Jeff Healey, Domenic Troiano, Sab, Tom Wilson (Junkhouse), Kelly Jay, Partlan Brothers and the Hawks, the 13 piece house band. If you would like to be at this event, tickets for the concert go on sale today, Saturday September 21st, at noon, and are available through Ticketmaster outlets, by calling 416 870 8000 and through

  • It's been reported that Arista cancelled the re-release of Rick Danko's 1977 solo album, but claims to have the CD (with live bonus tracks, released 9 September, 2002) available for purchase...


  • There will be a star-studded Ronnie Hawkins tribute concert at the Massey Hall in Toronto on October 4th - "Ronnie Hawkins Day." Members of The Band will probably be there... Ronnie will receive a star earlier the same day on the Walk of Fame in front of the Le Coq d'Or on Younge Street, where he used to play with Levon and the Hawks way-back-when. See this 09.17.2002 article from the Toronto Sun for more.

  • Ronnie Hawkins' current situation is also discussed in this article from the Ottawa Citizen.





  • Levon Helm & the Barn Burners will be playing with Jeff Healey at Jeff Healey's Night Club in Toronto, Ontario, on Thursday September 19th. They also play in Ontario on the 18th and 20th. See the concerts list for details.


  • Garth Hudson is supposed to back up Linda Thompson on the Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night, Thursday September 12th.

  • Added the new album How Sweet It Is by singer Joan Osborne to the list of albums with cover versions of Band songs. How Sweet It Is includes a version of "The Weight."





  • Levon Helm will be one of several special guests playing with Little Feat at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington Univ., Washington DC, on Oct 14th (Columbus Day). The concert marks the 25th anniversary of Little Feat's double live album Waiting for Columbus. Little Feat will perform this brilliant album in its entirety at the concert, at the same venue where the original Waiting for Columbus was recorded. See for more info. This should be a good one.


  • More photos, by "Brown Eyed Girl," from the Howlin' Wolf tribute at the New York Blues Cruise in August, featuring Levon Helm.


  • Garth Hudson will give a very rare solo concert at the opening of the new Wolf Performance Hall in London, Ontario, on Sunday September 8th. From the concert ad.:

    "He reaches all the way back to the ancient beginnings of music and incorporates all that embraces the music of the future."

    GARTH HUDSON of "The Band" is visiting his hometown of London.
    And he's gonna show you somethin'... Different!

    Here is a virtuoso, who has invented a plethora of sounds and a style that you can hear in most genres of music today. Juno Hall of Fame (1989), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1994), and Canada South Blues Society's first Lifetime of Achievement Award (2002). Garth comes from a lineage of musical ancestors who were a part of the foundation of London Township. Sunday evening, September 8th, Garth Hudson will present an intimate solo concert for the City of London... in celebration of the opening of the new London City Library's Wolf Performance Hall. His wife, Maud, will join him with an offering of vocals that are sensitive with the nuances of Garth's improvised adventures... and they both have surprises for you!

    Here's a chance to catch a very rare solo performance by one of Canada's most brilliant stars. This is what you've been asking for... an evening of pure GARTH HUDSON.

    Ticket info: 519-661-4600. 521 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6H-2P3
    Showtime: 7 PM. Limited Seating. (from outside Canada: 519-661-5121)

  • There are some serious Band fans somewhere in Germany... check out the "Tin Pan Alley" Last Waltz celebration project!

  • Read more about Ronnie Hawkins in this article from the Ontario newspaper The London Free Press.


  • Ronnie Hawkins is out of hospital and planning to perform again soon, according to an article in the Toronto Sun.







  • Garth and Maud Hudson will perform at the opening of the new Wolf Performance Hall in London Ontario, at September 8th, 7pm.

  • New photos by Joy Munsey from the concert with Levon Helm & the Barn Burners in Annapolis, MD, 08.14.2002.


  • Added a 1971 Rolling Stone article about the Woodstock music scene. Thanks to Jeff Newsom for scanning and transcribing the article.


  • New photos by "Crabgrass" from the concert with Jim Weider, Randy Ciarlante and various rockabilly legends in NYC on August 11.


  • Several visitors to this site have received virus-infected e-mail from the address "". Please note that these messages do not come from this site or from the Hudsons or anyone affiliated with them. The e-mail address belongs to the creator of the Garth Hudson tribute page at, who registered the "garthhudson" hotmail account a long time ago. He has been notified and will hopefully disinfect his mail system.

  • New concert dates for Professor Louie & the Crowmatix.



  • All e-mail addresses have been removed from the Band guestbook archives, due to abuse from spammers and computer virus distributors.

  • Levon Helm & the Barn Burners will be playing at the Mariner's Harbor in Kingston, NY on September 17th. See the concerts page for details.

  • There's an article about Ronnie Hawkins' health problems in yesterday's issue of the Toronto Sun.


  • Levon Helm & the Barn Burners with special guest Shannon McNally(!) will be playing at Tribeca Blues in NYC on Friday, August 16. See the concerts page for details.

  • Press release from Ronnie Hawkins' Family:

    Ronnie Hawkins will undergo surgery on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at the Toronto General Hospital for the removal of a tumor on his pancreas. Ronnie and some of Canada's top specialists in the field are very optimistic that the Hawk will enjoy a full recovery.

    Ronnie is in high spirits (no pun intended!) and thanks his many friends and fans for their good wishes and prayers.

    "Keep on Rockin'!" says the Hawk, who plans to tour this Fall with his new CD, "Still Cruisin'", which will be released August 27, 2002.

    For more info:
    Mary McGillis (705) 876-7670 at Ronnie Hawkins Promotions




  • Garth Hudson will be playing at the Bottom Line in NYC on August 9th, with Professor Louie & the Crowmatix, Tom Malone & the Rock of Ages horn section, Michael Falzerano, Larry Packer and others. See the concert dates page for details.


  • Happy birthday, Garth Hudson! Hugs and all the best to Maud and yourself from us at The Band web site. Hope to see y'all again soon.

  • Ronnie Hawkins is in hospital undergoing surgery, according to an article in the Ottawa Sun.


  • Garth Hudson was interviewed by Pulse24 in Toronto on July 15. An unedited version of the interview is available on the net, both as standard modem and high bandwidth video streams.


  • Track list added for the new Robbie Robertson compilation Classic Masters.


  • There will be no more updates of The Band web site for a couple of weeks. See y'all in August.




  • Added a photo of Garth Hudson with long-time friend (and Band web site contributor) Serge Daniloff, at the London Blues Festival on Sunday.

  • The Toronto Star had a very good article about Garth Hudson on July 14th.


  • Great gig last night in London, Ontario, by Garth Hudson with Paul London and the Crowmatix, according to a review in the London Free Press. Here's a photo from the gig, scanned and e-mailed to us by Garth's friend Serge Daniloff.


  • Before the gig at the Hard Rock Cafe's Club 279 (279 Yonge St.) in Toronto tomorrow, Monday July 15th, Garth Hudson will be doing interviews with CFTO TV and City TV, for their 6:00 p.m. news that day. The same two TV stations will also film parts of the concert (and the sound check) for the 11:00 news the same night. In addition, the MuchMoreMusic channel will interview Garth and film the gig for a future episode of The Loop news show, and Umbrella web TV is doing an interview with Garth that will air later in the week on their site. Also, check the MapleMusic web site for more about Garth's current performances in Canada.

  • Added a RealAudio sound clip with jazz singer Norah Jones doing a nice cover version of The Band's "Bessie Smith", recorded live at the House of Blues, Chicago, IL, April 16, 2002. Copied from the Nora Jones web site.

  • Friday, July 12, 2:PM-3:PM in Detroit, Garth and Maud Hudson and Paul London did a WDET-TV (NPR) interview with Martin Bandyke. Garth played the piano, talked a bit... even told some accordion jokes. He and Paul spoke about the history of The Capers and Detroit. Maud and Paul sang one of their hit songs "Sugar Baby." Maud also sang her new version of "Blind Willie McTell" and they finished the show with "Breakers" from The Sea to the North. (The Band web site was also mentioned in the program, thanks to Maud for promoting it.)


  • More photos from the concert at The Bottom Line in New York City, 06.28.2002, with Garth Hudson and friends

  • Added the article "The Band - Where From Here?" from Hit Parader magazine, December 1972. Thanks to Bruce Tsiknas for scanning the article for us.


  • There's a new interview with Garth Hudson in Eye magazine, where Garth talks about future solo albums.


  • New photos of Garth Hudson, from the concert at The Bottom Line in New York City, 06.28.2002.

  • Garth and Maud Hudson, with Paul London (singer with Garth's early group the Capers), will be broadcasting live on WDET-fm in Detroit on Friday, July 12th from 12:Noon until 3:PM. They will be interviewed by Martin Bandyke on his show and Garth will play a few songs on their piano.

  • Before the concert with Garth and Maud Hudson and friends in Windsor, Ontario, on Saturday July 13th, Dino Casagrande, president of the Canada South Blues Society, will present Garth Hudson with their Lifetime Achievement Award at 8:PM onstage. It is the first award that they have ever presented. They felt it was most appropriate to present it to Garth first because he was born in Windsor on August 2nd, 1937.


  • There's a good article about Garth Hudson in yesterday's edition of the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

  • Rick Danko's first solo album is re-released by Arista in August 2002. The new CD has been remastered and will have three live recordings ("The Weight," "This Wheel's on Fire" and "Stage Fright") as bonus tracks.


  • Added a video clip (27MB(!) MPEG-file) from the Classic Albums documentary, with Rick Danko singing "When You Awake." This one's for Diamond Lil. Happy birthday, my friend!




  • New web server statistics created from the log-files for a week in June 2002. We're approaching an average of 150.000 file requests per day to The weekly amount of data transferred to users is around 25 Gbytes.

  • Created a new bar chart showing the development of the traffic in the guestbook at The Band site from 1996 to 2002. You'll find it in the guestbook archive

  • Added an article about the 1980 art exhibition where Garth Hudson wrote the music that became known as Our Lady Queen of the Angels.

  • Garth is playing at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock, NY, tomorrow Saturday, July 6th, at 10:30PM (two sets). He is performing with "Boomdaddy": Admission $15. Information call (845) 679-1107.

  • Garth Hudson and Tim Moore did an interview with John W. Barry about the Joyous Lake gig for todays Enjoy! section of the Poughkeepsie Journal.

  • Levon Helm will be playing with The Last Hombres and JJ Cale at the Stephen Talkhouse on Wednesday July 10th. 161 Main Street, Amagansett, NY (Eastern end of Long Island), phone # 631-267-3117.



  • Garth will be performing with the Big Blue Big Band tonight, Wednesday, July 3 at 7:00PM (two sets). On the grounds of the Vanderbuilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY. It's free to the public! Bring a picnic. It's on the Hudson River.

  • On Saturday night July 13, 2002, Bob Reichers from WOMR-FM in Provincetown, Massachusetts, will be featuring the new Richard Manuel CD Whispering Pines on his show "Nighthawks". Sometime during the show the whole CD wil be played complete and uninterrupted. "Nighthawks" is on WOMR-FM, 10:00pm-1:00am PST / 1:00AM-4:00AM EST, July 13. You can also listen live from anywhere in the world by going to the web site and hit the "Live on the net" button. The show is on right after a program called the "Golden Age of Radio."

  • Added sound samples from the new CD Flyin' High from Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix, featuring Garth Hudson.


  • The Woodstock Records web site, where you can buy all the latest releases from Garth, Levon, Rick, Professor Louie & the Crowmatix and other Band-related acts, has been redesigned and updated. For some reason I like it a lot :-) Well done, Tom!

  • New photo of the current line-up of Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.


  • More cover art added for the album Mirrors (John Hammond, 1967), featuring Robbie, Levon and Garth. Scans by Jonathan Katz.




  • Added the 26-CD Dylan/Hawks box set Jewels and Binoculars to the bootleg discography.

  • Replaced the artwork scans for the new Richard Manuel live album Whispering Pines, the colors should be correct this time. Contributed by graphics artist Jack Durieux (of Milk Graphic Design in Bruxelles, Belgium) who designed the new CD.

    The original portrait illustration used for the Whispering Pines artwork is for sale from Mr. Durieux, framed, signed and dated with a certificate of authenticity. If interested, please contact the artist by e-mail at


  • A Howlin Wolf tribute band, with Levon Helm (drums), Hubert Sumlin (Wolf's long time guitarist), David Johansen (vocals), Jimmy Vivino (guitar) and Mike Merritt (bass), will play in New York (Blues Cruise) and in NJ (The Stone Pony, Asbury Park) on August 23 and 24. See the concert listing for more info.

  • Added more cover art for the new Richard Manuel live album Whispering Pines. Scans by Jonathan Katz.


  • The new CD Seaworthy from Lucky Man Clark, featuring Levon Helm and Garth Hudson, is finally out. It's interesting to note that the group's leader, Joe Welsh, got in touch with Levon and Garth through The Band web site.

  • For those interested: There are some photos available on the web from the trip to Levon-land that Lee Gabites and yours truly did in April.


  • The Band web site has been off-line for several hours today. Some genious with a steamshovel tore off the main cable between us and our net provider in Oslo this morning.


  • New video clip (MPEG-1 video, 31MB!) with Rick Danko, Gary Busey and Paul Butterfield on Saturday Night Live, March 10 1979. This a large file that will take a long time to download over your standard modem or ISDN net connection. We're planning to add MPEG streaming to the Band server soon, so you can watch videos like this one without having to download everything first. Btw, we now have a bunch of rare Band and Band/Dylan digital video on CD-ROM here, including the complete Eat the Document in MPEG-1 format... Watch the video clips index for updates in the near future. And thanks to our Australian and Norwegian friends for sending us video clips.

  • Included photos of Robbie Robertson's childhood home. Contributed by "Brown Eyed Girl."



  • Reuniting with Martin Scorsese on a new film project, Robbie Robertson serves as music supervisor on Gangs Of New York (Miramax), which features an ensemble cast that includes Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Slated for release some time in 2002, the film tells the story of New York City's early corruption and gang wars.

  • A Robbie Robertson compilation called Classic Masters is being released by Capitol in the next two months.

  • The Jim Weider band and many others will be playing a free outdoors concert at the Lincoln Center in New York on August 11th. See the concert listing for more information.

  • New photos of Levon Helm at this year's Memorial Day Parade in New Paltz, NY, plus some pics from the concert with Levon's blues band & friends at the Thomas Bull Park, Montgomery, New York, June 1, 2002.



  • Garth Hudson's solo album The Sea To The North will be officially released in Canada on July 9th. Distributed by/available from O.P.M./Woodstock Records/EMI.

  • Garth and Maud Hudson will perform w/Professor Louie & the Crowmatix and Paul London (the Capers) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, Monday night, July 15th. The same lineup are playing the previous two nights at the Windsor Bluesfest 2002, where Garth was born (Saturday July 13th,) and the London Bluesfest 2002, where Garth grew up (Sunday, July 14th). See the concert dates list for more info.



  • There's a good article about Garth Hudson in today's issue of the London, Ontario, paper The London Free Press. Garth and Maud Hudson will perform at the London Bluesfest in July.

  • New photos by "Crabgrass," from the concert with the Jim Weider Band, New York City, 05.31.2002.

  • Added a transcript from a 1996 radio interview with Rick Danko. Contributed by Brian Taylor.


  • The new album from the Jim Weider Band, Remedy, is now available in USA and Europe. See the page for Remedy for new cover art, sound samples and ordering information


  • New concert dates added. Note the concert with Garth, Professor Louie, the Crowmatix and the Jim Weider band at the Woodstock Playhouse, Woodstock, NY, 08.03.2002.



  • We've had problems with The Band web server. A disk failure on Friday stopped the interactive services (chat room and guestbook). It should be OK again for now, but we've lost a few days of guestbook entries. The disk is still unstable. My radiolink to the internet at home is malfunctioning too (faulty antenna), so if the disk crashes again it may take a while until it is fixed. The main problem is that the site traffic is very heavy and the disks close to maximum capacity. Will try to get someone to cash out for new, faster and bigger disks soon.



  • New 2001 photo of Garth Hudson at the piano. Thanks to the editor of the Woodstock Times, Brian Hollander, for sending us the scan.
Jack Wingate


  • Garth and Levon's good friend Jack Wingate from Garth's hometown London, Ontario, (see Levon's book p. 235) died yesterday. Rest in peace.


  • Danko/Fjeld/Andersen's album One More Shot was released in the US (and all territories except Sweden, Norway and Denmark) on May 21, by the Pennsylvania, USA-based label Appleseed Recordings. The new version has different packaging from the original Norwegian release. It can be ordered directly from the Appleseed Recordings web site


  • There's a good interview with Garth Hudson and a review of The Last Waltz DVD and CDs available from John Orr's Triviana web site.

  • Included a page for the new Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks compilation The EP Collection. Thanks to Peter Viney for scans and album info.

  • There's an article today (available online) in the Daily Freeman about tonight's screening of The Last Waltz at the Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock, NY. Both Maud and Garth Hudson, who will be there for the first show at 7:00pm, are quoted in the article. The Woodstock Times also write about this event today, they no longer seem to have a web site, though.


  • WOMR-FM in Provencetown, Massachusetts will be featuring more Band music on their June 1st "Nighthawks" show, hosted by Bob Reichers. Reichers did programs about The Band and Garth Hudson some weeks ago, and simply ran out of time -- there was a lot more to feature. On this upcoming show, about 1/2 the show will be spotlighting the solo work of the Band. The program is on from 10:00pm-1:00am PST / 1:00am-4:0am EST. It can be heard anywhere in the world by going to WOMR'S website and clicking on the "listen live" button.

  • There's an article by Bill Wyman (no, not that one) on The Last Waltz at the web site.

  • The 2001 Norwegian 2-CD Danko/Fjeld/Andersen set One More Shot has now been released in the US. Available from e.g.


  • New photos by Robert Pierce, from the concert with Garth Hudson, Professor Louie & the Crowmatix and friends in Bryn Mawr, PA, April 2002.


  • The May 24th Last Waltz opening at The Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock will have two shows, at 7:00PM & 9:15PM. Garth and Maud Hudson will be at the first show, and they hope to see many of you there!

  • John Orr has written a good article about The Last Waltz DVD in the California paper The Mercury News. Interesting comment from Garth about Robbie's microphone... Band fans may also want to check out John Orr's Triviana web site. And thanks to Maud Hudson for sending us the URLs.

  • New concert dates for Garth Hudson and Professor Louie & the Crowmatix.

  • There's an interview (RealAudio) with Robbie Robertson available at the American Routes web site.


  • Yours truly had his 10 seconds of fame on Norwegian public TV tonight. A program called Stereo did a little blurb on the re-release of The Last Waltz. The program is available in streaming video from the NRK (aka Norway's BBC) web site. TLW thing is at the end of the show.


  • The opening for The Last Waltz at the Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock, New York, has been changed to May 24th.


  • Included a link to the website for The Last Hombres in the list of related artists. Levon Helm drums on all tracks on their new (and recommended) album Redemption. The photo gallery at the Hombres site has several good pics of Levon and even some with Rick Danko and Professor Louie.

  • New photos by Brian Sz, from the J&R music store in NYC, where Robbie Robertson signed CDs and DVDs on May 10th.

  • Check out Todd DeFeo's review of The Last Waltz in the Leaf-Chronicle (Clarksville, TN).




  • New photos of Garth Hudson & friends on stage at the Bottom Line, NYC, 05.04.2002.

  • Robbie is doing a promo for The Last Waltz at a New York music store today:
    Appearance & Autograph Signing
    May 10, 12:30 pm at Pop Store, 23 Park Row
    The legendary guitarist & songwriter for The Band will be autographing copies of the DVD The Last Waltz, which documents the 1976 final performance of an illustrious career which first gained notoriety backing Dylan & later produced hits such as "Up On Cripple Creek" (download it here). This newly cut version of the Martin Scorcese directed original, generally considered rock music's finest film, features never-before-seen footage, not to mention great performances from Dylan, Joni Mitchell & more!
    --from the J&R web site

  • Robbie Robertson will be signing copies of the Last Waltz DVD and box set in Sherman Oaks, California, at the Sherman Oaks Galleria mall, May 16th. Must buy DVD or box set to recieve a wristband to stand in line for autograph. No guarantees...


  • From Jim Weider:
    Hello everyone! Just a note to let you know our new album Remedy is going to be pressed up this week and made available by the end of May. We have changed the name of the band to the Jim Weider Band, and to reach us our e-mail address is changed to Btw, the Lakeside Blues Festival in Finland is June 29th. Both Randy and I thank you for all your support over the years and hope you enjoy the new band members and our new album Remedy. Take care from JWB.

  • New concert dates for Garth Hudson/ Professor Louie & the Crowmatix and the Jim Weider Band.


  • The CD Mines to Vines is a new compilation put together by Nenad Bach that soon will be available for purchase to help demine the earth. Garth Hudson has donated the title track of The Sea To The North to the new CD. On May 7, 2002, Maud and Garth Hudson will be attending a "Mines to Vines" luncheon at the United Nations in the Delagate's Dining Room. They will be there to honor the leadership of Nobel Prize winner, the Secretary General, His Excellency Kofi Annan with the UN Global Compact and The Roots of Peace, who have already been enacting the "Mine to Vines" program.

  • Added a scan of a concert poster from The Band's concert at the Borough of York Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, August 21, 1971. Thanks to Tony Sloggett for donating the original poster to The Band web site.

  • The June 2002 issue of UK music mag Uncut comes with two Dylan tribute CDs titled Hard Rain Vol. 1 & 2. The Band's version of "When I Paint My Masterpiece" is included on the the first CD. Thanks to Peter Viney for review, details and cover scans.

  • There's a nice article about The Band and the Hawks in the Ontario newspaper The Hamilton Spectator.

  • Included a photo of Levon Helm with George Lyne in Batesville, AR, 04.15.2002, in the Band fans section of the photo gallery.


  • Added a wonderful photo of Garth Hudson by John Scheele. Thanks to Maud Hudson for sending us this one.


  • New session photos of Levon Helm from the recording in Dubway Studios, NYC, for Jeff Alexander's new album Blues to Go.

  • GARTH HUDSON live stream webcast featuring his first solo CD The Sea To The North in it's entirety, including an interview! Bob Reicher's "Nighthawks" show at WOMR 92.1fm is broadcast this coming Saturday night, May 4th, 10:00 PM to 1:00 PM Pacific/1:00 AM to 4:00 AM Eastern (Sunday morning). Log on during the broadcast to listen live on the internet. Toll-free call in line during broadcast: 800-921-9667.

  • The UK-based Captain America Radio Show, broadcast each Sunday at 10pm across the UK, will do a special feature on The Last Waltz this week. You can also listen to the Captain America program live on the internet from the Virgin Radio web site.

  • KCRW 89.9FM did a 30-minute interview session with Robbie Robertson on the "Morning Becomes Eclectic" show that aired on Tuesday April 30, 2002. Robbie talked about The Band's history and played some favorite songs and tracks from The Last Waltz. The whole radio show in RealAudio format is available on the internet. Thanks to Ray Pence for the update.

  • Included some information about the radio promo sampler CD for the Last Waltz box set. Thanks to John Donabie for doing the cover scans.







  • Paul London, who played with Garth Hudson in The Capers before Garth joined the Hawks, will perform with Garth and Maud Hudson at the London and Windsor blues festivals in Ontario, Canada, in July.

  • There's a Last Waltz trivia contest at the web site, where you may win a DVD copy of the film.






  • Included photos of Rick and Richard from 1975, by John Scheele.

  • Added Patrick Burke's photos from The Band's concert in Westchester County, NY, 13 July 1976.

  • He-hey! A new web award! This time from the nice people behind the LivinBlues site. Their Gold Award and induction in the Blues on the Web Hall of Fame is given to sites that "make the Web a better place." Thanks fellas.


  • An April 12 radio presentation of The Last Waltz, including comments from Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese, is available from the National Public Radio web site. Interestingly, at the end of it Robbie hints at possiblilty of working with Levon & Garth again...

  • New concert date for Garth Hudson/ Professor Louie & the Crowmatix.

  • Check out the new and official John Simon web site.





  • There's a new AP article out there, about the re-release of The Last Waltz. Includes a link to this site.


  • New concert dates for Garth Hudson & Professor Louie and the Crowmatix.


  • MGM has now put up a page with video trailers (in Windows Media format) for their DVD re-release of The Last Waltz.

  • Apropos the recent discussion about who sings lead vocal on the studio version of "Holy Cow" from Moondog Matinee: We have added an MPEG-3 file (3.7MB download) with The Band doing a live version of the song in Chicago, IL, 01.03.1974. The sound quality is muddy, but to me it sounds like Ricky doing most of the lead vocals here... Thanks to Susan Hill for sending us CD-Rs from Tour '74.

  • The country-rock trio The Last Hombres have released a new album titled Redemption, featuring Levon Helm on drums on all tracks.

  • New concert dates for Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.

  • Added some photos by Joseph Stevens from Woodstock '69. Scans by "Rollie."

  • Included a photo of Dylan and Robbie at the 2002 Academy Awards.


  • The web master will be at his Internet-free log cabin up in the Sølen mountains for the rest of the week, skiing and enjoying the Easter holiday. There will be no updates or maintenance done at this web site until he's back. Please behave. Thanks.



  • Added the 1973 UK article "The Band - Big Sound from Big Pink", from The Radio One Story of Pop. Thanks to Amanda J. for sending us the original magazine article.

  • You'll find positive articles about Robbie Robertson's appearances at the SXSW festival last week at the CDNOW and the Austin Chronicle web sites. Also, you can listen to critic Glenn Gamboa's comments about Robbie's keynote address at the site.

  • There's a new article about the Last Waltz reissue at the Rhino web site.


  • Included a RealAudio sound sample of the Pointer Sisters' 1979 cover version of The Band's "The Shape I'm In," from the album Priority. Audio sampling from vinyl single and RealAudio formatting by John Donabie.

  • Added photos of Robbie Robertson from an article in Aboriginal Voices, November 1996. Thanks to "brown-eyed girl" for sending us the scans.

  • An update from Garth Hudson's wife Maud:
    Thought you'd like to know that last Friday Garth and I were recording at Bearsville Studios with Purna Das and his son, Dibyendu "Chotton" Das (Babu's brother). It was short and sweet. The line-up was:
    • Purna Das - Vocals & Khammak
    • Dibyendu Das - Vocals & Dotar
    • Ashraful Hassan Bulbul - Percussion
    • Garth Hudson - Keyboards
    • Maud Hudson - Additional Vocals
    • Mark Dan - Bass & Guitar
    • Steve Gorn - Bamboo Flutes
    • John Holbrook - Engineer
    It was a great honor and fun-filled night! Sally Grossman (owner of Bearsville Studios) made this impromtu session possible. Purna and Chotton stopped by Woodstock/Bearsville on their way to Los Angeles and Michigan for this session. Then they go back to India after returning to NY. We wish them all a safe and joyous trip. We are thrilled that we were all able to share music with each other.
    --Maud Hudson


  • You may now add a "Subject" header to your guestbook entries. This should make the GB sort of semi-threaded.


  • Check out Jim Derogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times' article about Robertson's opening of SXSW in TX yesterday. Robertsonians may want to re-read the press clip instead...

  • New concert dates for Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.

  • Robbie Robertson gave the keynote talk at yesterday's opening of the 2002 South by Southwest conference/ music festival in Austin, TX. Video clips from Robbie's speech are available from the SXSW web site. See also this press clip from the event.

  • Added a color photo of Dylan and The Band at the Isle of Wight festival, 1969, and several black & white photos by Elliott Landy. Scans by "Comrade Trotsky."

  • According to Jim Weider, his new album Remedy has not been distributed outside Japan yet. A limited number of copies, with new cover art, should be for sale in the US in a month or two. Watch the Jim Weider web site and this site for updates.

  • There's currently a heated discussion about who sings lead in the song "Holy Cow" going on in the Band Usenet news group


  • Added two new Japanese albums: Remedy from Jim Weider & the Honky Tonk Gurus (sound samples included) and the Rick Danko compilation A Memorial Edition.

  • "Two Old Friends," a song from the upcoming Neil Young Album Are You Passionate? has a nice and kindly little tribute to The Band:
    "Back when The Band played Rock Of Ages
    In their prime
    And the old juke joint was rockin'"

  • New photos by Brian Sz of Jim Weider & the Honky Tonk Gurus in Garwood, NJ, March 2002.


  • Levon Helm will be live on the air (by phone) with host Dennis Elsas, today Tuesday March 12th, 2-6pm, during the Band tribute on 90.7 - WFUV Fordham University, New York City. Web broadcast available from the WFUV web site (requires a version of the Windows Media Player, see the WFUV help page if you have problems listening to their web streaming).

  • Added the new album Belly of the Sun by jazz singer Cassandra Wilson to the list of albums with cover versions of Band songs.


  • New concert dates for Garth Hudson & Professor Louie and the Crowmatix. Note the concert in NY in May with the Rock of Ages horn section.

  • Added photos by "G-Man" of Jim Weider & the Honky Tonk Gurus in Teaneck, NJ, February 2002.

  • Added some photos by Joe Lore from the recording sessions with Levon Helm for Jeff Alexander's new blues album.


  • Added Mark Atkins' photos of Band memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto.



  • MGM has put up a web page promoting the DVD release of The Last Waltz (video clips "coming soon"). Btw, yours truly is giving an audiovisual presentation of The Band followed by a screening of The Last Waltz, here in Norway on Sunday evening, a free-for-all event at the Student Union house in Halden.

  • From the Eric Andersen web site:
    At the end of October 2001, Eric played a sold-out concert in Woodstock that was filmed for Homespun Tapes. In addition to the show, there was an interview by Happy Traum that will be included. On hand, were musicians Garth Hudson of the Band, the Lovin' Spoonful's John Sebastian, jazz pianist and composer, Marilyn Crispell, and Eric Bazilian, formerly of the Hooters, to join and play with Eric that evening. Garth's wife, Maud Hudson, sang harmonies. The performance video, and companion CD, are looking at a fall 2002 release. Eric performed a soulful version of Fred Neil's "The Dolphins," with John Sebastian providing a bluesy harmonica back-up.
    Thanks to Diamond Lil for the update on Eric.

  • There's a photobook out there titled People of the Dancing Sky: The Iroquois Way that has some of Robbie Robertson's Native Americans lyrics in it to complement the photographer's work.



  • The new article on "Rockin' Chair" has been cleaned up and reformatted to Band-site standard. I couldn't stand looking at that MS-Word-XML-from-hell code any longer.


  • New article by Peter Viney about the song "Rockin' Chair". Thanks Peter, nice one. We haven't had time to do the usual HTML-formatting of the article. What you'll see is an (almost) raw XML-dump generated by MS-Word. Let's hope it's readable for most of you - it looks OK with the latest versions of the Netscape, Opera and (even) Lynx web browsers, and sort of OK with MS-IE. Purists may want to read something else until we find the time to convert it to our standard stripped-to-the-bone HTML.

  • Behold, The Band session discography, version 0.1! Compiled by Luigi Cesari. Additions, comments and corrections welcome.

  • Emanuele Marchiori of the Italian Band-influenced group The Beards have started a Band web site at

  • Added the Italian CD Old Dixie to the bootleg discography.

  • Check out this web page with what appears to be design proposals for the new Last Waltz DVD. Thanks to Ron Wojdyla of Illinois for the link.

  • New photo of Levon Helm with the Governor of New York. Contributed by John Donabie.

  • Added the new blues album A Different Shade of Red - The Woodstock Sessions (Louisiana Red, 2002) to the Levon Helm discography.





  • Two new MPEG-3 files ("Acadian Driftwood" and "The Weight") from the "Tribute to The Last Waltz" concert in Chicago, November 2001. Contributed by Bill Paige.


  • New concert dates for Levon Helm & the Barn Burners.

  • Added an MPEG-3 file with a live cover of "King Harvest" from the "Tribute to The Last Waltz" concert in Chicago, November 2001. Contributed by Bill Paige.

  • Check out Kevin Ransom's interview with Canadian folk musician Garnet Rogers in the Ann Arbor News this week, where Rogers talks about his "relationship" with The Band.

  • Added some video stills from Robbie's performance at the opening of the Winter Olympics.


  • Yet another article about the re-release of The Last Waltz is available from the Canoe web site. We sort of like how they refer to "the authoritative Band fan site" :-)


  • There's a new article about the re-vamped Last Waltz available from the Launch web site. If the information there is correct, we'll have quite a lot to look forward too:
    "...previously unreleased 'jam' footage, featuring the Band and concert guests such as Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Neil Young, the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood, Dr. John, and Stephen Stills. Scorsese and Robertson provide scene-by-scene commentary for the DVD, and there are interviews with surviving Band members Levon Helm and Garth Hudson, concert guests Ronnie Hawkins and Mavis Staples, and various crew members and journalists who covered the event, along with a photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer for the film."

    "The Last Waltz boxed set comes out April 16 on Rhino. Its four discs feature a variety of previously unreleased performances featuring Van Morrison, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, and Emmylou Harris. New liner notes have been written by Rolling Stone magazine's David Fricke, and an 80-page booklet will feature previously unseen photos, notes, and memorabilia."

    Thanks to Diamond Lil (hug:) and Comrade Trotsky for passing on the link to the article.

  • From the Ozark Foothills Film Fest web site:
    Levon Helm on Stage and Screen

    Ozark Foothills FilmFest honors Arkansas' native son, Levon Helm, with this celebrity tribute that spotlights some memorable film roles and showcases his remarkable musical talent with a live concert... The Levon Helm tribute takes place on Saturday, April 13, beginning with screenings of three of his films and followed by a meet-and-greet and book signing. That same evening, Helm will perform live in concert with the Cate Brothers Band at the Melba Theatre.
    See the Filmfest's web pages about the Levon Helm tribute and the concert with Levon and the Cate Bros. for more information.


  • New article from the New York Times about Robbie's performance at the opening ceremony in Salt Lake City.


  • Check out the article about the re-release of The Band's The Last Waltz in USA Today


  • Modern Drummer magazine is currently running a web poll for nominations to their Drummer's Hall of Fame, to be published in July. The current member list does not include Levon Helm...


  • FYI: This web site no longer uses a separate PNM streaming server for RealAudio and RealVideo. Instead, media streams are now delivered by the web server itself, using HTTP-streaming. The old PNM server, a Sun Sparc classic from the early '90s, has become too slow and unable to stream video files fast enough over broadband connections, as some of you may have noticed.

    When is unplugged and returned for recycling, a piece of web site history will be gone. Kark is one of three Sun Sparc machines we bought 10 years ago, the other two were and (Gyda is the wife, Fenris the dog and Kark the little friend of Hagar the Horrible, in the Norwegian translation of the comic strip). has served us with video and audio since 1996, was the Band web server from the start in 1994 (anyone remember when the URL was and the home page looked like this?) up to the spring of 1997, when the site was redesigned and moved to the Linux-based PC aka


  • Garth Hudson will perform at the Dave Van Ronk benefit concert today at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, NY:
    If you have not heard yet, we need to pass on some news about Dave Van Ronk, who was diagnosed with malignant colon cancer late in 2001. He's undergoing treatment and is consequently not performing or generating income. The musical community is coming to his aid in his time of need- he's someone who has given so much, guiding young artists (like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Danny Kalb, & Steve Katz and many others), and is surely one of the most influential folk musicians over the past four decades, and we're now trying to give something back with a benefit matinee concert on Feb. 3, featuring Christine Lavin, Oscar Brand, Danny Kalb and Steve Katz (of the Blues Project and Blood, Sweat And Tears), and possibly other surprise guests. (Yes, it's Superbowl Sunday, you'll have time to help Dave, and get home for the game, or stay here for dinner and enjoy the game at the Cafe. Most of all, of course, we wish Dave a speedy recovery.
    --Phil, Towne Crier Cafe


  • The Last Waltz DVD was at #1 on's "top sellers" list this morning. Not bad for a 25 year old music documentary!


  • The Last Waltz DVD can now be pre-ordered from Release date is May 7, 2002. So far only availabe with Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only).


  • New photos of Levon Helm at the Bronx Zoo, New York, August 2001.

  • The first plaque marking a rock 'n' roll historic site in Toronto was installed this weekend. It commemorates the spot where Bob Dylan first rehearsed with Levon and the Hawks. See the article in the Toronto Star for more.


  • Added the 2001 album The Tribute Sessions by zydeco artist Terrance Simien to the list of albums with cover versions. It has a nice cover of "It Makes No Difference," with a spoken intro about Rick Danko.


  • New concert dates for Garth Hudson and Professor Louie & the Crowmatix.



  • Added a 1989 photo of Levon with Ringo Starr and Jim Keltner. Contributed by "Bayou Sam."

  • Included Peter Viney's review of Robbie Robertson's soundtrack for Martin Scorsese's film Raging Bull.



  • New web server statistics produced from the server logs for last week. The Band web site now has an average of more than 100.000 file requests per day. The weekly amount of data transferred from the server is approx. 15 Gigabytes.




  • New concert date for Levon Helm & the Barn Burners, Piermont, NY, 02.02.2002.

  • Upcoming releases on Rhino Records:
    • Apr 16: The Last Waltz (4 CDs) (Warner Archives)
    • Apr 30: The Band - The Last Waltz (DVD-Audio) (Warner Archives)



  • New photo (by Jon Lyness) of Levon and Garth on stage in New York, December 2001.


  • Added the album In Tiefer Trauer (Juliane Werding, 1972) to the list of albums with cover versions. You may not want to see or hear this... stay away from the "techno version."



  • Updated the pages for the albums Three (Jackie Lomax, 1972, featuring Rick Danko and Levon Helm,), M. Frog (J.Y. Labat, 1973, featuring Garth Hudson), Cupid's Arrow (David Blue, 1976, featuring Levon Helm) and Five Times the Sun (The Dingoes, 1977, featuring Garth Hudson)


  • New photos (by Bob Pierce) of Levon Helm & the Barn Burners, from Lancaster, PA, December 2001.

  • Included the Japanese various-artists album Mystery Train. Thanks to Jon Gershen for sending us the CD.


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