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Garth Hudson: Album Discography

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[cover art] = Cover art included on album page
[text only] = Album page is text only
[sounds] = Sound samples included on album page

On each album page, clicking on a higlighted song title will give you the lyrics for that song. If there is an audio file available for a song, the song title will be marked with a speaker/audio format icon and the audio file size. You can download and listen to a little sample from the song by clicking this speaker icon.


[cover art/sounds] The Best of Ronnie Hawkins Ronnie Hawkins
[text only] Mojo Man Ronnie Hawkins


[cover art] So Many Roads John Hammond


[cover art] Blonde on Blonde Bob Dylan
[cover art] Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl? The Barbarians


[cover art] Mirrors John Hammond


[cover art/sounds] Music from Big Pink The Band
[cover art] Bengali Bauls at Big Pink The Bengali Bauls
[cover art/sounds] You Are What You Eat Soundtrack Album


[cover art/sounds] The Band (the brown album) The Band
[text only] The Steve Miller Band/Quicksilver Messenger Service/The Band The Band
[cover art] Last Summer Soundtrack Album


[cover art/sounds] Stage Fright The Band
[cover art/sounds] Self Portrait Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] Jesse Winchester Jesse Winchester


[cover art/sounds] Cahoots The Band
[cover art] John Simon's Album John Simon
[cover art] Jericho Jericho


[cover art/sounds] Rock of Ages The Band
[cover art/sounds] A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Part 1 Bob Dylan
[cover art] Hungry Chuck Hungry Chuck
[cover art] Bobby Charles Bobby Charles
[cover art/sounds] Sweet Dreams and Quiet Desires Borderline
[cover art] 2nd Right, 3rd Row Eric Von Schmidt
[cover art] The Music People Various Artists
[cover art] Nuggets Various Artists


[text only] In Concert The Band
[cover art/sounds] Moondog Matinee The Band
[cover art] That's Enough For Me Peter Yarrow
[cover art/sounds] Ringo Ringo Starr
[cover art] Maria Muldaur Maria Muldaur


[cover art/sounds] Planet Waves Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] Before the Flood Bob Dylan
[cover art] The Best of John Hammond John Hammond


[cover art/sounds] Northern Lights - Southern Cross The Band
[cover art] Masters of Rock The Band
[cover art/sounds] The Basement Tapes Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album Muddy Waters
[cover art] Head over Heels Poco
[cover art] Hirth From Earth Hirth Martinez


[cover art/sounds] The Best of the Band The Band
[cover art] Put It in Your Ear Paul Butterfield
[cover art/sounds] No Reason To Cry Eric Clapton
[cover art] Beautiful Noise Neil Diamond


[cover art/sounds] Islands The Band
[cover art/sounds] Rick Danko Rick Danko
[cover art/sounds] Levon Helm & the Rco All Stars Levon Helm
[cover art] Blondie Chaplin Blondie Chaplin
[cover art] Big Bright Street Hirth Martinez
[cover art/sound samples] Libby Titus Libby Titus
[cover art] Five Times the Sun The Dingoes


[cover art/sounds] The Last Waltz The Band
[cover art/sounds] Anthology The Band
[cover art/sound samples] Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town Emmylou Harris
[cover art] Masterpieces Bob Dylan
[cover art] Wavelength Van Morrison
[cover art] Life in the Foodchain Tonio K.


[cover art] The Hawk Ronnie Hawkins
[cover art] A Rusty Old Halo Hoyt Axton
[text only] Midnight Run Lowry Hamner & the Cryers
[cover art] Night Eyes Danny Douma
[cover art] Restless Nights Karla Bonoff
[cover art] Recent Songs Leonard Cohen
[cover art] Green Pastures Are Before Me Larry Groce


[cover art/sounds] Our Lady Queen of the AngelsGarth Hudson
[cover art] AmerikaTonio K.
[cover art] You Should See the Rest of the Band David Bromberg Band
[cover art] Thug of Love Dirk Hamilton
[text only] Shangri-La Takuro Yoshida


[cover art] Kent State Soundtrack album
[cover art] El Rayo-X David Lindley
[text only] Vintage Rock Various Artists


[cover art] The Call The Call
[cover art] I Can't Stand Still Don Henley
[cover art] Best Revenge Soundtrack Album
[text only] Thumbs Carllile with Himself Thumbs Carllile
[cover art] Stage Fright (Japan) The Band


[cover art] The Band Story The Band
[cover art] Electric Lunch Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] The King of Comedy Soundtrack album
[cover art] Modern Romans The Call
[text only] Medicine Man Larry Groce


[cover art] Scene Beyond Dreams The Call
[text only] Firstborn Soundtrack album


[cover art] Biograph Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] Southern Accents Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
[cover art] The Right Stuff/ North & South Soundtrack album


[cover art/sounds] Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson
[cover art] Strange Weather Marianne Faithfull
[text only] Things Change Greg Harris
[text only] A Profile of New Hampshire Shaw Brothers


[cover art/sounds] When the Spirit Comes Colin Linden
[cover art] Heavy Nova Robert Palmer
[text only] Il Rock 5 The Band


[cover art/sounds] To Kingdom Come The Band
[cover art] Pop Classics The Band
[text only/sounds] The Band Gift Set The Band
[cover art] Trick of the Light Stephen Smoke
[cover art/sounds] Stay Awake - Music from Disney films Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] The Best of Mountain Stage Volume 1 Various Artists
[cover art] Key Lime Pie Camper Van Beethoven
[cover art/sounds] Last Train South Last Train South
[text only] The Attack of the Killer B's Various Artists
[cover art] The Songs of Bob Dylan Various Artists
[cover art] New York Stories Soundtrack album


[cover art/sounds] The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band
[cover art/sounds] The Best of Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks Ronnie Hawkins
[cover art/sounds] Duets Emmylou Harris
[cover art/sounds] The Wall Live in Berlin Roger Waters
[cover art] Blazing Away Marianne Faithfull
[cover art] Born and Raised Christopher Shaw
[cover art] The Capitol Years The Band
[cover art]Changing Horses Paul Cotton
[cover art] Snow in June The Northern Pikes


[cover art/sounds] Storyville Robbie Robertson
[cover art/sounds] Danko/Fjeld/Andersen Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen
[cover art] Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3 Bob Dylan
[cover art] Milo Binder Milo Binder
[cover art/sounds] Original Soundtrack of The Big Chill Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] The Ed Sullivan Years, Born to Be Wild Various Artists
[cover art] Stages: The Lost Album Eric Andersen
[cover art] Struck by Lightning Graham Parker
[cover art] Now is Heaven Pierce Turner
[cover art] Arkansas Traveler Michelle Shocked
[cover art/sounds] Call Me Hans Theessink
[cover art] Our Turn to Dance Livingston Taylor
[text only] The Greatest Hits of 1970 Various Artists
[cover art] The Bob Dylan Songbook Various Artists
[text only] East Coast Rock Various Artists
[cover art] The Walls Came Down The Call


[cover art/sounds] The Collection The Band
[cover art] Neck of the Wood Jerry Donahue
[cover art] Out On The Street John Simon
[cover art/sounds] Can We Go Higher? Various Artists
[cover art] Jeffrey Gaines Jeffrey Gaines
[text only] Great Jukebox Hits of the '60s Various Artists
[cover art] Protest Rock Various Artists
[cover art] The Best of Tour of Duty Soundtrack Album


[cover art/sounds] Jericho The Band
[cover art] South at Eight North at Nine Colin Linden
[cover art/sounds] Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Various Artists
[cover art] Passion Is No Ordinary Word Graham Parker
[cover art] You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover John Hammond
[cover art] The Rolling Stone Collection 1967-1969 Various Artists


[cover art/sounds] The Most of The Band The Band
[cover art] Super Best The Band
[text only] Band & Friends The Band
[cover art] Upfront! Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Live at Watkins Glen The Band
[cover art/sounds] Across the Great Divide The Band
[cover art/sounds] The Best of Across the Great Divide The Band
[cover art/sounds] Ridin' on the Blinds Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen
[cover art] Grooves Premiere Volume Various Artists
[cover art] Let There Be Drums, Vol. 2: The '60s Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Little Big League Various Artists
[cover art] Woodstock 25th Anniversary Various artists
[cover art/sounds] Woodstock Diary Various artists
[cover art/sounds] Bring it on Home Vol. 1 Various Artists
[cover art] Closer to You J.J. Cale
[cover art] One Day Closer Jonathan Edwards
[cover art] Where Woodstock Lives Various Artists
[cover art] Harley-Davidson Road Songs Various Artists
[text only] Twenty Five Years of Rock & Roll: 1970 Various Artists
[text only] Easy Rider Various Artists
[text only] The Best Country Album in the World - Ever! Various Artists
[cover art] The War Soundtrack Album
[cover art] American Heartbeat Various Artists
[cover art] Beach Music AnthologyVarious Artists


[cover art/sounds] The Roulette Years Ronnie Hawkins
[cover art] Playback Tom Petty
[cover art] High, Wide and Lonesome David Olney
[cover art/sounds] Till The Night Is Gone Various Artists
[cover art] Dr. A's Secret Remedies Four Men & A Dog
[cover art/sounds] Let it ROCK! Ronnie Hawkins/Various Artists
[cover art] Five Miles From Hope Mindy Jostyn
[cover art] From My Hands Frank Christian
[cover art/sounds] A Future to This Life Various Artists
[cover art] Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 Bob Dylan
[text only] Acoustic Freeway Various Artists
[text only] Strange Brew Various Artists
[cover art] Ben & Jerry's One World/One Heart Various Artists
[text only] Classic Rock Volume #6-Rock 'n Folk Various Artists
[text only] 1970 - Back in the Groove Various Artists


[cover art/sounds] High on the Hog The Band
[cover art] Not Fade Away Various Artists
[cover art] Bricks and Windows Bridget Ball
[cover art] That's Fats Various Artists
[cover art] Oh What a Feeling Various Artists
[cover art] Long Roads Four Men & A Dog
[cover art] In My Lifetime Neil Diamond
[cover art/sounds] The Weight The Band
[cover art] Portraits Emmylou Harris
[cover art] Bearsville Box Set Various Artists
[text only] Rock Classics of the 60s Various Artists
[cover art] Larger Than Life Soundtrack Album
[text only] I Love Rock & Roll... Various Artists
[cover art] No Holding Back Graham Parker
[text only] Welcome to Transatlantic Country Various Artists
[cover art] Celtic Woman Various Artists
[cover art] Doin' Dylan Various Artists
[cover art] Grooves 13 Various Artists


[cover art] Woodstock Winter Tom Pacheco
[cover art/sounds] Pebbles, Vol.10 Various Artists
[cover art] All the King's Men Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana
[cover art] Sweetfish Records Sampler Various Artists
[cover art] Real Lies David Olney
[cover art/sounds] In Concert Rick Danko
[cover art] A Time To Remember - 1968 Various Artists
[cover art] A Time To Remember - 1970 Various Artists
[text only] Daytrippers Various Artists
[cover art] Prefontaine Soundtrack Album
[cover art/sounds] Angus Angus
[cover art] The Best of the Call The Call
[cover art] The Collection The Band
[cover art] The Barn Motoharu Sano and The Hobo King Band
[text only] Reel Music Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] I Love Losers Nenad Bach
[cover art/sounds] SouvenirLevon Helm & The Crowmatix
[cover art/sounds] Lilith Boris Grebenshikov
[cover art] Anyway the Wind BlowsJ.J. Cale
[cover art] Early Years/Jazz Singer... Neil Diamond
[text only] Hippydip Various Artists
[text only] Time Passages Various Artists
[text only] The Sounds of a Generation Various Artists
[text only] 20 Hits from 1968 Various Artists
[text only] 20 Hits from 1970 Various Artists
[cover art] Good Morning Vietnam Various Artists
[cover art] Goodnight Saigon Various Artists


[cover art] Sweetfish Spring Sampler Various Artists
[cover art] Revvin' It Up Various Artists
[cover art] And The Times They Were A-Changin' Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Big FootJim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus
[cover art/sounds] Largo Various Artists
[cover art] The Greatest The Band
[cover art/sounds] Bootleg Series Vol. 4Bob Dylan
[cover art] The Shape I'm In The Band
[cover art] 36 All-Time Greatest Hits The Band
[cover art/sounds] JubilationThe Band
[cover art/sounds] Deserter's SongsMercury Rev
[cover art] Memory of the Future Eric Andersen
[cover art] I'm Not Like I Was BeforeHirth Martinez
[cover art] What's That I Hear?Various Artists
[text only] American Pie Various Artists
[cover art] Disraeli Years Various Artists
[cover art] Patch AdamsSoundtrack Album
[text only] A Rusty Old Halo / Where Did All the Money GoHoyt Axton
[cover art] A Perfect Stranger: The Island AnthologyMarianne Faithfull
[cover art] Who's Been Sleeping in My BedMike Reilly Band
[cover art] Seven Days in MayChip Taylor
[text only] Soft Rock Classics Various Artists
[cover art] Looking for EgyptEric Garrison


[cover art] The '60s Various Artists
[cover art] The Ties That Bind, 1975-96 Levon Helm
[cover art] Treasury of Folk Music, Vol.4Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Meetings with Remarkable FriendsArtie Traum
[cover art] Hunter S. Thompson - Where Were You...Various Artists
[cover art] Tangled up in Blues Various Artists
[cover art] Beach Music Anthology, Vol.2Various Artists
[cover art] Rock.n Roll GreatsVarious Artists
[cover art/sounds] At the Club Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Live on Breeze Hill The Rick Danko Band
[cover art/sounds] Come On Now Social Indigo Girls
[cover art] Love Doesn't Ask John Hall
[cover art] The Best of The Band, vol II The Band
[cover art] Powerage RockVarious Artists
[cover art] Freedom - Il Rock... Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Blues CubeVarious Artists
[cover art] Country Rock - La Musica ...Various Artists
[cover art] 1970: Take TwoVarious Artists
[cover art] FM RockVarious Artists
[cover art] FM Rock IIVarious Artists
[text only] Wow! That was the 60s Various Artists
[text only] Feels So Good Various Artists
[cover art] Falling into Place Mike Viola & The Candy Butchers
[cover art] My Own House... David Bromberg
[cover art] Summer of Peace..., vol.3Various Artists
[cover art/ sounds] Anthology/ Jesse Winchester Jesse Winchester
[cover art] Millennium Box Set Various Artists
[cover art] Hits & Assorted Secrets 1983-1993 The Northern Pikes
[cover art] Road to Louisiana Harry & Mac


[cover art] NobodiesTom Pacheco/Steinar Albrigtsen
[cover art] Girl, InterruptedSoundtrack album
[cover_art] Frett'n the Blues Various Artists
[cover art] Best of the Vanguard YearsJohn Hammond
[cover art] Positively '60sVarious Artists
[cover art] The Band - Greatest Hits The Band
[cover art/sounds] Times Like These Rick Danko
[cover art/sounds] Over the EdgeProfessor Louie & The Crowmatix
[cover art] Best of the Vanguard YearsCharlie Musselwhite
[cover art] The Best of Bob Dylan Vol.2 Bob Dylan
[cover art] Kings of the CatnapLeroi Brothers
[cover art] Sky with StarsMichal
[cover art] Millenium CollectionThe Call
[cover art] The Essential Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
[cover art] Anthology Tom Petty
[cover art] Feeling So Fine Hirth Martinez
[cover art] Hoagyland Various Artists
[cover art] Mystery TrainVarious Artists
[cover art/sounds] Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 14 Various Artists
[cover art] On the Border Makoto Kubota
[cover art] Love Ballads Various Artists
[text long] Singers & Songwriters: The 1960's Various Artists


[cover art] American Bandstand Various Artists
[cover art] Don't Deny My NameRick Robbins
[cover art] Live 1961-2000 Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] The Sea to the North Garth Hudson
[cover art] Revolution Avenue Carl Carlton and the Songdogs
[cover art] Goin' South Various Artists
[cover art] JamProfessor Louie & The Crowmatix
[cover art] One More Shot Danko/ Fjeld/ Andersen
[cover art] TidevannJonas Fjeld
[cover art] Are You Ready for the Country?Various Artists
[cover art] So Many Roads - Complete...John Hammond
[text only] 17 Greats from the StatesVarious Artists
[cover art] Beyond NashvilleVarious Artists
[text only] Rock, Ballads, Anthems and IndieVarious Artists
[cover art] Vietnam: Songs from a Divided HouseVarious Artists
[text long] Singers & Songwriters: 1964-1969 Various Artists
[cover art] The Complete Collection Various Artists


[cover art] SeaworthyLucky Man Clark
[cover art/sounds] Remedy Jim Weider Band
[cover art] Best of Both WorldsRobert Palmer
[cover art] Producer's CutEmmylou Harris
[text only] A Memorial EditionRick Danko
[cover art] BluesmanJohn Hammond
[cover art] The Very Best THE BAND Album Ever The Band
[cover art] Mines to VinesVarious Artists
[cover art] A Different Shade of RedLouisiana Red
[cover art] Hard RainVarious Artists
[cover art] Living on the Trail Eric von Schmidt
[cover art/sounds] Flyin' High Professor "Louie" & the Crowmatix
[cover art] Artist's Choice - Lucinda WilliamsVarious Artists
[cover art] The Moon Struck One The Band
[cover art] Capitol Records 1942-2002Various artists
[sound/cover art] Georgia PeachBurrito Deluxe
[cover art] Eye of the SunLarry Packer
[cover art] L.A. SessionsJo-El Sonnier & Friends


[cover art] The New SongTownhall
[cover art] Beat AvenueEric Andersen
[cover art] The Millennium CollectionMarianne Faithfull
[cover art] At The CrossroadsJohn Hammond
[cover art] Limited Edition Hybrid SACD Set Bob Dylan
[cover art] Born to Run 2003 Volume 1 Various Artists
[cover_art] Bird UpVarious Artists
[cover art] Rock & Roll with Piano Volume 6 Various Artists
[cover art/sounds] Diamond Jubilation The Dixie Hummingbirds
[cover art] Original Artist Hit List The Band
[cover_art] Etown Live Vol.III Various Artists
[cover art] Masked and AnonymousSoundtrack Album
[cover art] Shiver Me Timbers!Geoff Muldaur
[cover art] Free FieldHallvard T. Bjørgum
[cover_art] Strange Currencies Various Artists
[cover_art] Highway 60's 70's Various Artists
[cover_art] Artist's Choice - Sheryl Crow Various Artists
[cover_art] Night Light Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle
[cover_art] Flying Saucer Express!!! Welcome Karma
[cover art] Superstar Rock FestivalVarious Artists
[cover art/sounds] A Thousand Years of Peace Nenad Bach


[cover art] Feels Like HomeNorah Jones
[cover art] The RideLos Lobos
[cover art/sounds] The Real ThingPeach
[cover art] RootsGipsy Kings
[cover art] Starsky & HutchSoundtrack
[cover art/sounds] The Howlin' Hill ProjectThe Howlin' Hill Project
[cover_art] The Ultimate Blues Collection Various Artists
[cover_art] Welcome Home Vickie Russell
[cover art/sounds] The Whole EnchiladaBurrito Deluxe
[cover art] A Home at the End of the WorldSoundtrack
[cover art] Dear HeatherLeonard Cohen
[cover art/sounds] Acoustic Jazz GuitarArtie Traum
[cover art] The Space BetweenEddie Baltimore
[cover art] CollectionMiss Marie
[cover_art] A Sense of Place Various Artists
[cover art] Artist's Choice - Norah JonesVarious Artists
[cover art] Easy Rider Deluxe EditionSoundtrack
[cover art] Music That MattersVarious Artists


[cover art/sounds] LIVE at the WOLF Garth and Maud Hudson
[cover art] Martha WainwrightMartha Wainwright
[cover art] These DaysClay Dubose
[cover art] Across the Great DivideVarious Artists
[cover art] Elvis Costello: Artists' ChoiceVarious Artists
[cover art] A Musical History The Band
[cover art/sounds] Rebecca Drive Willy Clay Band
[cover art] Thanks Blueberry Hill
[cover art] Inspired by GeniusVarious Artists
[cover art] At the Movies Keith Emerson
[cover art] Double Plays Mercury Rev
[cover art] Raging BullSoundtrack album
[cover art] No Direction Home Bob Dylan
[cover art] Cryin' Heart Blues Rick Danko
art] Roots'N'Roll Bill Culp
[cover art] Separate Ways Teddy Thompson
[cover art] Cowboy Angel Last Train South
[cover art] Coming To Get You Johnny Society
[cover art] Elton John's Christmas PartyVarious Artists
[cover art] Mary Lou Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks


art] Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Neko Case
[cover art] Angels Serenade Helm, Hudson & McCoy
[cover art] Ten Silver Drops Secret Machines
[cover art] Jonah Smith Jonah Smith
[cover art] Across The Parish Line Terrance Simien
[cover art] In Concert Volume One The Sadies
[cover art/sounds] Kakistocracy The Spicewood Seven
[cover art] Off the Shelf Keith Emerson
[cover art] The Lemonheads The Lemonheads
[cover art] Super Rock FestivalVarious Artists
[cover art] The Harry Smith ProjectVarious Artists
[cover art] The Golden Age of Rock & Roll: Bubbling UnderVarious Artists
[cover art] The Who JukeboxVarious Artists


[cover art] Shadows and Cracks Peter Karp
[cover art/sounds] The North Side HotelYesterday's News
[cover art] Let's Frolic Again Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
[cover art] At the Movies Van Morrison
[cover art] Dogs & Donkeys Christian Kiefer
[cover art] The Best of A Musical History The Band
[cover art] The Well Sarah Perrotta
[cover art] This is Truck Various Artists
[cover art] Picture Book Luke Powers
[cover art] The Collection The Band
[cover art] Tribute to Haruomi Hosono Various Artists
[cover art] Four Decades of Folk Rock Various Artists
[cover art] I'm Not There Soundtrack


[cover art] Here Is What Is Daniel Lanois
[cover art] American Hotel Mike Brown and the Sneakies
[cover art] Terry Blersh Terry Blersh
[cover art] Ronnie Rocks Ronnie Hawkins
[cover art] I Know You're Married... Martha Wainwright
[cover art] Platinum The Band
[cover art] Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile Ronnie Hawkins
[cover art] Mercy Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
[cover art] Temporary People Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts
[cover art] The Lost Cause Billy the Kid
[cover art] Sugar Bird Paul Reddick
[cover art] Northern Songs Various Artists
[cover art] Lose Strife Nina Violet
[cover art] Project Light Paul McKay and The Perfect Strangers
[cover art] Evening Bird Paul McKay and The Perfect Strangers
[cover art] American Boy Duane Carlton
[cover art] We Are All One Michael Falzarano
[cover art] The Columbia Years Colin Linden


[cover art] Alligator Purse BeauSoleil
[cover art] Middle Cyclone Neko Case
[cover art] Unknown Country Broderick Smith
[cover art] Jeffrey & the Free Radikals Jeffrey & the Free Radikals
[cover art] Peace Will Come Hallvard T. Bjørgum & Friends
[cover art] Expando Timothy B. Schmit
[cover art] Red Hot and Regal Various Artists
[cover art] You Heard Them Here First Various Artists
[cover art] Taking Woodstock Soundtrack Album
[cover art] Observe and Report Soundtrack Album


[cover art] The Foundling Mary Gauthier
[cover art] Spirit & Freedom Fabrizio Poggi
[cover art] A A Viberatto
[cover art] iTune Session The Sadies
[cover art] Constant Companion Doug Paisley
[cover art] A Canadian Celebration of The Band Various Artists
[cover art] Bo Diddley is a... Songwriter Various Artists


[cover art] Heaven and Earth John Martyn
[cover art] Coal Mining Blues Matt Andersen
[cover art] Three of a Kind The Band
[cover art] Late Night Tales: Midlake Various Artists
[cover art] Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon Various Artists
[cover art] Cloud Maintenance Kevin Hearn
[cover art] Hawkins at Roulette Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks


[cover art] Joe Flood Translates and Sings Georges Brassens Joe Flodd
[cover art] Last Bird Home Chris Castle


[cover art] The Beautiful Old Various Artists
[cover art] The Ballad of Boogie Christ Joseph Arthur
[cover art] Collected The Band
[cover art] Opus Collection The Band
[cover art/sounds] Bootleg Series Vol. 10 Bob Dylan
[cover art/sounds] Live at the Academy of Music 1971 The Band


[cover art/sounds] Bootleg Series Vol. 11 Bob Dylan and The Band
[cover art] The Malibu Sessions The Cate Brothers Band
[cover art] Strong Feelings Doug Paisley


[cover art] Crazy Things Duane Rutter
[cover art] Capitol Rarities 1968-1977 The Band
[cover art] The Capitol Albums 1968-1977 The Band
[cover art] Bootleg Series Vol. 12 Bob Dylan


[cover art] The 1966 Live Recordings Bob Dylan
[cover art] The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert Bob Dylan
[cover art] Testimony Various Artists


[cover art] It's a Sad and Beautiful World J.C. Hopkins


[cover art/sounds] Woodstock - Back to the Garden Various Artists


[cover art] Woodstock Under the Stars Eric Andersen


[cover art] From Bacon Fat to Judgement Day Levon and the Hawks

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